The Special Program

by Roy Davenport.

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Chapter 1

Bleeb, Bleeb. Bleeb, Bleeb.

There is an incoming transmition trough subspace a cute female voice announced.

Wesley opend his eyes. "From were" he asked, a little bit annoyed that he was disturbed while meditating.

The message was sent by admiral O'Conner at Utopia Planetia the voice answered. It belonged to the ships computer.

Admiral O'Conner?? Wesley thought. He remembered her well. Or actually he remembered her son verry well. It was a few years ago while he was still 16. The admiral was sent on an mission of peace and the Enterprise had to bring her to the right co-ordinates. She took her 14 year old son with her and since Wesley was the only other kid a board the Enterprise he had to show him the ship. Soon they discovered that they had a lot of the same interest and they became best friends. The last evening abourd the Enterprise Wesley decided he wanted to show the boy his own made program. A swimmingpool in Spain. Only allowed to swim naked there. And  he programmed boy's only so he didn't have to shame for the girls. Well that wasn't the only purpose ofcoarse. Wesley had discovered that boy's exited him more then girls. And seeing them naked was verry exicted for him. He even had programmed 2 boy's in love with each other. Only he had forgotten about that and when he showed the other boy the program he saw them kissing together. A minute later they where kissing each other passionate. The rest of the evening and night they spend together and after the farewell the next day they promised each other they would see each other again. Wich they did. But when admiral O'Conner contacted him it had to be important.

"On Screen" he ordered while taking place behind his desk. "What can I do for you admiral" he said as soon as the face of the admiral appeared on screen.

"Ahh, Young Wesley. Nice to see you again," the admirall answered. "I think I have an interesting proposel to make". 

"Go ahead admiral. I will listen" Wesley answered.

"You know Wes" the admiral started, "I know my son and you became very good friends." 

"Yes we are. Did something happened to him" Wesley asked a little bit frightened for the response. 

Don't worry Wes, it's nothing serious.  He became ill a few day's ago and since then his only wish is to see you. When I asked why, he told me he loved you...... 

..... and that you loved him back," she continued after a little pause. Don't worry tough since I already knew that after our first visit 3 years ago."

Wesley was surprised to hear that altough he didn't say anything about it. "So you want me to come and visit you" he asked.

"Not precisley" the repley came. "I want you to be in command of a very special program Starfleet is setting up for my son. And for other kids in the Federation." 

Wesley looked at here not knowing what she ment with that. He was only 18 years old, 19 in a few weeks. And Starfleet wanted him to be in command of a very special Program. What could that be. 

So he asked: "What kind of program???"

"Ah, I was afraid you would ask me that" the admiral answered. "You already recieved the details, they are in you're database. You can study them on your  way to Utopia Planetia. I expect you to be here in 2 day's. The shuttle Greener will pick you up at 7. That's 3 hours to pack your stuff. I already talked with Captain Picard and with you're mom about it and they agree. Admiral O'Conner out.

And with that she ended the transmition. Wesley didn't know what to do or what to think. He just sat there, starring to the blank  screen. He didn't noticed his mom comming in. 

"Wes, honey are you okay" she asked. "Come on you've got only 2 hours left to pack you're stuff. You gotta get ready." 

Then Wesley looked up at her. "Ready for what", he asked. "What's going to be my mission???? Well I'm going to find out soon enough aren't I." And with that he started packing his stuff.

Chapter 2

After he packed all his stuff he tought would come in handy he said goodbey to all his friends. Then the shuttle Greener arrived and he released the luietanent at the helm. He started the impulse engines and the shuttle left shuttlebay 2. Farewell Enterprise, Farewell my friends. I hope I see you agian very soon.

After he putted the automatic pilot on he decided to get some sleep. He hadn't slept for 18 hours so he was very tired. 

Bleeb, Bleeb. Bleeb, Bleeb.

Wesley turned around. Who could that be in the middle of the night.

Bleeb, Bleeb

Yeah, Yeah, I'm up, Wesley yelled to the door.

He putted on his trousers, walked to the doors and pushed the button to open them.

Wesley was surprised seeing his mom standing in the doorway.

"Hi mom" he said with a big grin on his face while his mom entered the room. Then she stopped dead in her tracks

What can I d....... Wesley continued while his mom entered his room. Only then he noticed the look of shock and amazement on his mothers face. He turned slowly to see what his mom was looking at. He saw a naked kid laying in his bed. It was the son of admiral O'Conner. His face got a look of horror on it. How was he going to explain this.

The time is 07:00 the voice of the computer sounded. Wesley woke up with sweat on his face. Thank god it was only a dream. His mom didn"t know anything about Sean O'Conner. Then he heard the words of admiral O'Conner again: I knew since our first visit to the Enterpise. But if she knew his mom could know it too. Neah, Couldn't be. Wesley was sure she would have mentioned it when he left the Enterprise yesterday. Now he was on his way to Utopia Planetia. He was going to command some kind of special program. That reminded him he still had to look at the program details he recieved yesterday. 

Computer open file The Special Program. Autorization code: Wesley.  Tanga 7 Alpha.

Autorization granted. Opening file The Special Program. File opened.

"So let's see what it say's:" Wesley murmeled.

Mission name: The Special Program Commander: Wesley Crusher. Ship the USS Crusher. Class: Crusher Class.

Weird, Wesley tought, I didn't know they named a ship after my dad let alone a whole Class.

"Computer show me the specs of the USS Crusher" Wesley ordered.

"File only accessablle by admiral O'Conner or Wesley Crusher. Please comfirm identity", the computer responded.

Computer Identify: Wesley Crusher. Code Wesley one 7 Gamma.

Identitie comfirmed. Acces granted, and the specs started to appear on the screen.

And Wesley started reading ....

To be Continued.

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