The Special Program 

by Roy Davenport.

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"Last Time on The Special Program"

"Computer show me the specs of the USS Crusher" Wesley ordered.

"File only accessable by admiral O'Conner or Wesley Crusher. Please comfirm identity", the computer responded.

"Computer Identify: Wesley Crusher. Code Wesley one 7 Gamma."

"Identitie comfirmed. Acces granted, and the specs started to appear on the screen."

And now the Continue-ating.

"Wow" Wesley thought, while reading the specs. This ship is state of the art. The U.S.S. Crusher was equiped with Bio-Neurall circuitry (am I spelling this right???), an automatic warpcore mark XXV with an maximum warpcapability of warpfactor 9,995.  2 holodecks, 2 pleasure-decks. Huh pleasure-decks. What's that Wesley never heart of pleasure-decks before. 

"Computer, what is a pleasure-deck??" he asked.

"A pleasure-deck is an entertainingdeck with bar's, a replimat, a swimmingpool, disco, and several other entertainment possibilities. Pleasure Decks are currentley only installed aboard the U.S.S. Crusher. The design is ma....."

"Yes, yes that's enough, thank you".

"Now computer, what is the crew compliment of the U.S.S. Crusher", Wesley asked further.

"The U.S.S. Crusher has a crew compliment of 116 teenage boy's age 16 to 21. They are part of The Special Program ordered by admiral O'Conner."

"Ah. What exactley is that special program Wesley asked" 

"The Special Program is designed to bring 116 teenage gayboy's age 16 to 21 together. The plan is to get them familiar with each other and to encoarage relationships between them. The duration of the mission depends on how the relationships are progressing. The minimum duration is 6 months. After these 6 months a new crew will be choosen. The senior staff will remain on board if they wish too. 

"So I'm going to captain 115 gayboy's of my age then???" Wesley thought out loud

"I do not understand the question. Please formulate different." the voice of the computer sounded. 

"Uhm Never mind computer I was just thinking out loud. Can you show me the names of the crew???"

"The only crewmember known so far is Sean O'Conner. The other 114 crewmembers will be choosen bij Wesley Crusher and Admiral O'Conner as are the rangs and duty's of the crewmembers."

"Wow can I choose my own crew. That's great. I'll ask Sean if he want's to help me so we choose only boy's we both like". 

"Compter can you give me my duty's aboard the U.S.S. Crusher?"

"Please verify Identity"

Damn't not again Wesley thought. They sure did there security job's.

"Computer authorization: Wesley Crusher. Code Wesley one 7 Gamma."

"Acces denied, Insufficient authorization."

"What te hell. Can't I even see what my duty's are.??"

"I do not understand the question. Please formulate different."

"Computer who is granted to view this file?" 

"This file is accessable for admiral O'Conner only."

"Thank you." Wesley said. Then he turned in his chair. What can be the reason I am not alloud to view my duty's aboard yet?? What are they trying to hide here, Wesley thought. He didn't know. 

The rest of the day he kept himself occupied thinking about his duty's and making himself familiar with the ship. Since the ship wasn't finished yet he would have to do with the blueprint. He found out that the U.S.S.Crusher was not named after his dad as he first had presumed. After he had asked after who the ship was named the computer responded: 

"The U.S.S. Crusher is named after her first commanding Officer: Wesley Crusher". 

He was very surprised to hear that. A ship named after him. A class named after him. He wasn't even 19. 

"Computer who named this ship and class??" 

"The ship is named and designed by Sean O'Conner, son of admiral O'Conner and is accpeted by admiral Dougherty, Admiral Hayes and admiral O'Conner herself."

Okay now I understand why a whole class is named after me" Wesley thought.   The U.S.S. Crusher most certainly was a class on her own. It didn't have any of the usual shape used for federation starship. Not even for any starship build so far. If the first testflight was a succes 3 more of this class would be build. The designed was based on an flying soucer. The Warp Nacelles were very special. They would be placed on an disk so they were able to turn 360 degrees. The bridge located on deck 16 in stead of deck one would be located in the middle of the disk. Deck 16 would also hold the readyroom and the briefingroom. In the middle would be the turbolift with her doors opening on the bridge. The bridge wasn't designed yet. Only the place of the viewscreen was set out. The other furniture and equipment  would be designed by: 

"Unable to review this data. This information is only accessable by Admiral O'Conner." the voice of the computer sounded when he treid to review this data  No big surprise.

 Then at deck 15 would be the crewqourters for the senior staff. At the top of this deck would be the disk wich would turn the nacelles. It ment that deck 15 and 16 also would turn in sequence with the Warp Nacelles. In the middel of the entire circle would be the only turbolift reaching decks 15 and 16. Acces to deck 15 and 16 were only granted for senior staff. The rest of the crew had to stay in the upper decks.   Deck 14 and 15 would be used to house Main Engnineering. Deck one was going to be used as a swimming pool. Then at deck 2 and 3 would be the pleasure decks. Deck 4 till 7 were used for crewqourters. The other 5 decks would be used for storage compartments and for workstations. What kind of work Wesley didn't know since it wasn't specified.  He supposed they could be used for making holoprogrammes or for sientific use. After all it was an pleasure ship, that much was certain. 

After he familiarized with the ship he decided to get some mroe sleep in 8 hours he would reach his destantion and he wanted to be fit. He was sure tomorrow would be a very exciting and ti-ering day. At least he would see Sean again. And with the image of Sean in his mind he drifted off to sleep. 

Bleeb, Bleeb. Bleeb, Bleeb.

Wesley turned around. Who could that be in the middle of the night.

Bleeb, Bleeb

Yeah, Yeah, I'm up, Wesley yelled to the door.

He putted on his trousers, walked to the doors and pushed the button to open them.

Wesley was surprised seeing his mom standing in the doorway.

"Hi mom" he said with a big grin on his face while his mom entered the room. Then she stopped dead in her tracks

What can I d....... Wesley continued while his mom entered his room. Only then he noticed the look of shock and amazement on his mothers face. He turned slowly to see what his mom was looking at. He saw a naked kid laying in his bed. It was Sean O'Conner. His face got a look of horror on it. How was he going to explain this.

That's it guy's. I know the chapters aren't that large (yet). In the next part we will meet Sean O'Conner at last. And what does this re-appering dream means. Find out in Part 3 of the Special Program.  

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