The Special Program 

by Roy Davenport.

Authors note: Here it is. Part 3 of The Special Program. I know it's a little bit short. Or rather say very short. I'm sorry for that. This part is just an lead in for the next 2 parts. Besides I didn't have that much time for my writing. I'm still a college boy you know :).  Now I'm back and you can see part 4 coming o\up in about one week.  Just for now Enjoy the short part 3 :) 

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"Last Time on The Special Program"

After he familiarized with the ship he decided to get some more sleep in 8 hours he would reach his destination and he wanted to be fit. He was sure tomorrow would be a very exciting and tiring day. At least he would see Sean again. And with the image of Sean in his mind he drifted off to sleep. 

Bleep, Bleep. Bleep, Bleep.

Wesley turned around. Who could that be in the middle of the night.

Bleep, Bleep

Yeah, Yeah, I'm up, Wesley yelled to the door.

He putted on his trousers, walked to the doors and pushed the button to open them.

Wesley was surprised seeing his mom standing in the doorway.

"Hi mom" he said with a big grin on his face while his mom entered the room. Then she stopped dead in her tracks

What can I d....... Wesley continued while his mom entered his room. Only then he noticed the look of shock and amazement on his mothers face. He turned slowly to see what his mom was looking at. He saw a naked kid laying in his bed. It was Sean O'Conner. His face got a look of horror on it. How was he going to explain this.

And now the Continuation.

"Computer, what's the time?"

"The time is 09:00"

Great, Wesley thought, 4 hours had pasted after he woke up from his dream. He still couldn't figure it out. What the dream meant. After half an hour he started to familiarize with the ship again. After hall he would be in command in about a few hours. Now 4 hours had past. It was time for preparing the docking procedures. He already contacted Utopia Planetia to let them know he would be arriving in about 30 minutes. He packed his used stuff. 2 day's in an class 4 shuttlecraft wasn't really an vacation. He looked forward seeing Sean again. How long has it been? 2 or 3 months? He didn't know for sure. It was a long time however. Sean. The kid who stole his heart. Or did he stole Sean's? 

Bleep, Bleep, 

He was being hailed by Utopia Planetia. He arrived a lot sooner then expected.

"Utopia Planetia for shuttlecraft Greener, prepare for docking procedures." 

"Greener here", he answered, Docking procedures prepared. Ready to release helm when you are sir"

"Alright release helm control in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, now"

"Helm control released"

Okay, I have a message from admiral O'Conner here. It say's her son Sean will pick you up at airlock 21. She is expecting you in her office at 18:00 for dinner. Have a smooth right commander, Utopia Planetia out"

"Understood, Shuttle Greener out" Wesley answered.

He would arrive at docking bay 21 at 10:00 latest. It meant he and Sean had about 8 hours for themselves before he had to meat the admiral for dinner. There was one thing he didn't quite understood. The message he received 2 day's ago said Sean was ill. Now he was going to meet Wesley at the airlock. Did he recover that quickly or did the admiral used some code words in her message? He would have 20 minutes before he would dock so he accessed his communications log and replayed the message. He decided the admiral had used code words but he would ask her about it later. Now he was looking forward to seeing Sean. 

"Wes, Wesley, I'm here."

Wesley looked around. He had recognized that voice in an instant: Sean.

"Hey buddy. How's it doing" he asked after they hugged. 

"Fine now your here. Come on I've got lot's to tell you."

"I've got lot's to tell you too" Wesley said and they walked off.

They didn't notice the man and woman with the holocam. They didn't noticed the guard raising his phaser. They where to busy noticing each other. Then all of the sudden they heard a scream. The next second they where beamed away.

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