The Special Program 


by Roy Davenport.

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"Last Time on The Special Program"

He decided to go back to his quarters to see if Sean was still awake. The Admiral was kind enough to let them share one. 

"Sean, Sean are you awake" Wesley asked carefully not to wake him if he was already asleep. 

"Huh what, is that you babes" Sean murmured back.

"It's me hon. I'm back. go back to sleep okay" Wesley whispered.

He  undressed quickly and then he stepped into the bed, their bed,  and snuggled up to Sean. Man he missed this guy. He was glad he would have him as his first officer on his first command. But first they would have a lot of questions to ask. And a lot of questions had to be answered. Thinking about that Wesley drifted off to sleep. 

Bleep, Bleep. Bleep, Bleep.

Wesley turned around. Who could that be in the middle of the night.

Bleep, Bleep

Yeah, Yeah, I'm up, Wesley yelled to the door.

He putted on his trousers, walked to the doors and pushed the button to open them.

Wesley was surprised seeing his mom standing in the doorway.

Wesley said straight up in bed. Again that same dream he had over the last couple of day's. He still couldn't figure out what it meant. But wait a minute. He woke up before the dream ended. So what could be the reason he woke up so suddenly. Then he heard it again. It was the doorbell ringing.

Bleep, Bleep.

See there it was again. He stepped out of the bed. 

"Just a minute, I'll be right up" he yelled to the person standing on the other side of the door.

Then he looked in the mirror to see if he looked okay and then walked to the door. 

Then he opened the door but nothing could have prepared him for the shock he got when he saw who stood there. 

"Mom" he managed to say before he fainted.

And now the continuation

"hmprf ough ooch" Pain, He felt Pain, What had happened?

Then he heard a voice: "Wes, are you okay babes?"

Sean he thought. He tried to speak but couldn't. Then he heard another voice. He wasn't able to identify that voice but he knew he heard it before. And then everything went black again.

- - - - - - - - - - 

"Mom, is he going to be okay" Sean asked his mom with fear and concern in his voice.

"I'm sure he's gonna be fine honey. He just hit his head very hard."

"Yeah mom I know. And it's all my fault. I should have cleaned my quarters. Then he wouldn't hit his head on my skates and he wouldn't be laying here on this bio-bed and I wouldn't feel so bad"

"Come on dear. You know that it isn't your fault. And I'm sure Wesley says the same as soon as he wakes up".

"Yeah mom, your right" Sean said with a small smile circling around his lips. 

"I better be going now. They need me on the Crusher. They're gonna place carpet on the bridge today. And then when Wesley os better again we're gonna design the bridge interior. I'm so exited you know."

"Yeah hon. I know. You told me about a thousand times by now. Go, or your gonna be late. We call you as soon Wesley wakes up okay"

"Kay mom", Sean said and he gave her a kiss on the cheeks. Then he ran out of the door on his way to dry-dock 001 leaving a smiling Bernice O'Conner behind.

- - - - - - - - - -  

"Bernice, Thank god I found you. I need to talk to you for a minute. Do you have one?"

"For you always Beverley, you know that. I was just on my way to the mess for some lunch, did you have any?"

"No not yet. I'm not that hungry anyways. I'm worried about Wes".

"Yes, I can understand that. The kid has gone through a lot and this mission isn't going to make it easier. Sometimes I wonder if he is the right person for the mission".  

"Yeah me too" Beverley answered. "But he deserves the truth".

"Your right ofcoarse. I only wished we could make it easier for him to handle. Thank god he has Sean to support him when needed".

"So am I Bernice, So am I. I just wished Wesley told me about his feelings toward Sean. I really think they are a great couple."

"They are, aren't they. Sean certainly could have picked someone worse", Bernice stated with a huge grin.

"Sickbay for Admiral O'Conner. We've got a patient asking for you here. Perhaps you should bring dr. Crusher with you too".

"Understood. We are on our way. Admiral O'Conner out. Come on Bev. We've got an appointment with the truth".

- - - - - - - - - - 

"Mom, Why did you lied to me"

"I thought I did what was right for you honey"

"No you didn't. So tell me the truth. Why did you lied to me?"

"Wes, hon, this isn't the place nor the time. Can we discuss this later"

"No mom, We can't. I deserve to know the truth you know?" 

"I said we discuss this later. And that's final." Beverley started to get angry at her son. Why did he have to be so stubborn, just like his dad. This wasn't easy for her. Couldn't he see that.

"Fine. Then why are you still here. I don't need you, you know. I'm a grown up now. I don't need my mom holding my hand anymore."

"No, you don't. You have Sean for that now." She regretted what se said the instant she said it.

"Sorry Hon I didn't mean it that way"

"You know". It wasn't a question. Just a consternation

" I know since the day he left the Enterprise for the first time. Your an open book to me Wes."

"You never told me."

"I know. What should I have said. Wes I know your gay or something. You would have denied"

"Your properly right. Mom, I'm sorry for yelling at you. I didn't mean that. I love you"

"I know you do Wes. It's okay really. And I know these past few day's haven't been easy for you too. They most certainly haven't been easy for me. And I had months to prepare me for this. You didn't have any clue before now. I promise you I tell you anything you want to know. After your recovery ofcoarse.. You look terrible."

"I'm fine mom. Just a little headache. What happened anyway?"

But before Beverley Crusher could answer that question they were interrupted

"Wes, thank god your okay. I feel so bad you know. I should have cleaned my room. then you wouldn't have hit my skates when your fainted. Your okay aren't you. Mom tell me he's okay, O god you have to be okay." Sean felt down on his knees and started crying.

"Sean take it easy babes. It's just a headache." Wesley answered. I'm gonna be just fine. And you know.  I've got you to make me feel better don't I?

"Yeah, yeah ofcoarse you have me" Sean said with a smile on his face. "I won't leave you you know. Not now and not ever."

"I know babes. Neither will I. I love you too much"

"I love you too Wes, I love you too."

"So guy's, now that's settled I think we could al use a drink. Let's go to the Replimat to get some cold drinks. My treat" admiral O'Conner said. 

Ofcoarse they couldn't say no to that. So they got up, left sickbay and headed to the replimat.

- - - - - - - - - -

"So, you're actually saying dad never died on that mission aboard the Stargazer?"

"That's right Wesley. He did got seriously injured but after the Stargazer returned to the nearest starbase they have been able to save him."

"But why do the official records say he died during that attack. Why did it have to be a secret he was alive?"

"You know Wes. Your dad wasn't just an lieutenant like everyone assumed. He was an undercover agent for Starfleet Intelligence. At that time security wasn't what it is now. It was easily to infiltrate some important command structures and your dad had to find the infiltrators. Somehow one of them learned the real identity of your dad and they attacked the Stargazer. And in order to survive and to eliminate the treat these infiltrators opposed to Starfleet and the entire Federation they had to be sure his enemy's would think he had died. That way he could continue his investigation. A few months later he located the base of the infiltrators and Starfleet Intelligence successfully eliminated the threat. Jack didn't survive. He was accidentally shot by one of the attack forces. Starfleet decided not to change the existing records 'cause it would have raised a lot of difficult questions."

"I understand mom. It must have been very difficult for you. But there is one thing I don't understand: What does all this have to do with me commanding the U.S.S. Crusher. Or with the attack when I arrived?" 

"I think this is where I should take over the conversation" admiral O'Conner answered. "If that's alright by you Beverly."

"Go ahead, You know this better then I do"

"Alright then. This is gonna be difficult to explain so I want you to listen carefully. Your dad has been working on some very important Starfleet issues. A few day's before your dad died he learned the location of the infiltrates. He knew he probably wouldn't survive the attack so he recorded a microchip with some very important data. Including some technology he was working on. This chip had to be kept a secret and we needed it to be on a very safe place. He couldn;t have made a better choice. You"

"Me" Wesley was very surprised to hear this. 

"Yes you" Beverley took over.

"I was working as an medical assistant back then at starbase 174. I hadn't seen your dad for 1,5 year then and you where only 3 years old. So you where the perfect solution for carrying the chip. Remember that operation shortly after you  graduated? That's when they removed the chip. Your dad was working on some kind of enhanced shielding which had the same effect as a cloaking device. Shortly after your dad died Starfleet signed a treaty with the Romulans which prevented such technology so we didn't have the need for it. But back then when the treat of the Borg and the Dominion grew Starfleet decided to develop the shield enhancements. And they succeeded. The U.S.S. Crusher is not only a ship for fun but it's also a ship witch is gonna test several new weapons systems and shield enhancements based on the work of your dad."

"Unfortunately the Maquis learned about this chip and they are eager to get there hands on it. They tried to get through our security measures but they failed. Now we believe to have evidence they are trying to kidnap either you or Sean to gain access to the bridge. That's probably why you where attacked when you arrived. To prevent any further attacks we decided you and Sean are going to live aboard the U.S.S. Crusher permanently. They can't gain access to it since they need your  authorization to do so. The captains quarters are top priority and I want you to start designing it immediately. The sooner you can live on the U.S.S. Crusher the sooner your safe." admiral O'Conner finished the story. 

"I understand. I start as soon as possible. Can I see the ship first? And where is Sean. I want to design our quarters together. I think he will spending a lot of time there." Wesley said smiling from ear to ear.

"I thought he might. Come on. We've got a ship to show you. And damm't, a ship it is.

To be continued.....

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