The Special Program 

by Roy Davenport.

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"Last Time on The Special Program"

The captains quarters are top priority and I want you to start designing it immediately. The sooner you can live on the U.S.S. Crusher the sooner your safe." admiral O'Conner finished the story. 

"I understand. I start as soon as possible. Can I see the ship first? And where is Sean. I want to design our quarters together. I think he will spending a lot of time there." Wesley said smiling from ear to ear.

"I thought he might. Come on. We've got a ship to show you. And damm't, a ship it is.

And now the continuation

The next few weeks where weeks of hard work. Not only the schematics for the Captain's Quarters and the bridge had to be made but with the ship nearing completion time has come to find a suitable crew. 

Not an easy task. There where 320 candidates and they only needed 114. They had to select the crew on mutual interest and cunnings. After a few day's of discussing this matter they had prepared their list for their senior officers. They decided that Marc Daniels would handle Ops, Danny Walt on Helm, Grey Matthew on Tactical/Security, and Deverax Bor on Science. 

Marc Daniels is an 14 year old human boy. Being the son of one of Earths most promising scientist he was used to travel a lot and following strange orders. At age 12 he was accepted on Starfleet Academy and now he was a second year Cadet. Marc had nice blue eye's with dirty blond hair.

Danny Walt is an 18 year old joined Trill. At age 16 the Symbioses Commission accepted him in the program. 2 month's later he received his symbiont. Normally it would take years of training before a symbiont was given away but they made an exception this time. The Walt symbiont was an level 4 pilot and in about 4 weeks he would graduate as an level 5 Pilot.  

Grey Matthew is an Bajoran. At age 21 Matthew is the oldest on the ship. He served aboard the Federation Station Deep Space Nine. Constable Odo trained him to become one of the best security officers he had. It was at Deep Space Nine he met his boyfriend Olsy Daryl. Daryl would also be aboard the U.S.S. Crusher as Transporter Chief. 

Then last but certainly not least you had Deverax Bor. Deverax Bor is an Klingon. The Second one to join Starfleet. Like all Klingons, Deverax made it a point that honor is everything. It is difficult to say the exact age of Deverax. He say's it does not matter how old he is. His deeds tell enough. The only weird thing about him is that he doesn't talk about his deeds if he don't have too.  

- - - - - - - - - - 

"That still leaves an empty spot on Engineering" Sean said.

"I know. I was thinking about that other Trill. What's his name again?"

"You mean Fitz Plex, don't you. Yes he's okay. I was thinking about Henry Duveux myself."

"Henry Duveux. Isn't he the son of Admiral Duveux?"

"That's right"

"Well he's okay too but a little bit inexperienced if you ask me. Besides he's only 13 years old."

"That's true, I forgotten about that. I think your right. Fitz Plex would fit in a lot better."

"Okay then that's decided. Fitz Plex it is"

- - - - - - - - - - 

Fitz Plex stood in the center of the room. He just received an invitation for dinner from an old friend: Danny Walt. He hadn't seen him in years. Danny and he went to junior school together when they still lived on their home world Trill. After that Danny went to the symbioses commission to have his biggest dream come true: Being joined. Fitz himself went to Starfleet academy to study Engineering.

Now at age 19 he was given a new assignment aboard the U.S.S. Crusher. He still couldn't believe it. He was chosen as chief engineering out of 320 candidates. He was very lucky he realized that. 2 day's ago he was still an last year ensign and now he was Chief Engineer. That's a hell of a promotion. He hoped he wouldn't disappoint his new captain. Danny was also selected as crewmember of the U.S.S. Crusher. He would be the Helmsman. Well that was due to his symbiont Walt. 

And now he was going to have dinner with him together with Sean O'Conner, their new 1st officer and with their new Captain Wesley Crusher himself.  He heard about him a lot and if he was totally honest he was a little bit afraid of him. The name of Wesley Crusher was a respected one at Starfleet Academy. Well being recommended by Picard, Captain of the famous Enterprise-D was enough to have that effect. 

"Computer what's the time?" Fitz asked. 

"The time as 16:15 hours" the response came.

"Damm't" he thought. "Only half an hour to get my sonic shower and dressed. I can't be too late."

He had to hurry. Danny would pick him up at 17:00

- - - - - - - - - - 

Bleep, Bleep.

Bleep, Bleep.

"Who's there? Fitz asked. He was looking for his new combadge."

"It's me Walt."

"Just a second I'll be right up."

he found his combadge, clicked it on and walked to the door.

one last deep breath before he opened it.

"Hi Danny, how's it doing" he said with a nervous voice. 

"I'm fine Fitz, thanx. How are you? Except for being very nervous that is." he answered with a huge grin 

"What makes you say I'm nervous. I'm not nervous. Why should I be nervous" Fitz said.

"Well for example you're wearing your combadge upside down" Danny answered. "Besides I know you longer then just today. You are always nervous if it comes to formal dinners."

Danny was right ofcoarse. Fitz hated formal dinners. He hated to wear his gala uniform and he hated, well he just hated formal dinners.

"Your ready" he asked.

"I am"

"Come on then. We can't let them wait." as he started walking out of the door. 

- - - - - - - - - - 

"Sean are you ready. We can't let them wait too long."

"Almost done. be there in about a sec." Sean replied. 

"Just hurry up okay. I want this over with"

"It appears someone is being nervous" Sean said smiling while he stepped out of the bathroom.

"I'm not nervous. Well maybe a little bit." Wesley said. "Aren't you?"

"Well yeah I'm too babes," he said. Then he gave Wesley a kiss on the cheek and grabbed his hand.

"Come one let's go. The sooner we're there the sooner we can leave again. Tjeez I never imagined meeting your new officers could be so so....."

"I know what you mean. But imagine how they must be feeling."

"Yeah I know. Me in their place wouldn't make it at all."

"Yeah you would. I would make you" Wesley said and ducked away right in time. 

"That's not fair" Sean said.

"Nop it's not. Come on we arrived."

"After you my prince and captain, Sean said smiling"

- - - - - - - - - - 

"There they are." Walt said.

"Do I look okay. Everything where it should be" Fitz whispered to Walt.

"Don't worry Fitz you look awesome. You always have so why should you not look  okay now all of the sudden"

"I don't know. Perhaps because I'm nervous as hell"

"Good point. Well don't be. They are only human beings  just like us".

"Yeah but they are the higher rank"

"Don't worry too much Fitz. It's just dinner with our new captain nothing else." He couldn't say more since Welsey and Sean had arrived at their table. 

"Good evening gentlemen's, may we join you", Wesley asked?

"Yeah sure go right ahead." Walt answered. This is Fitz Prix and I am Danny Walt. Pleased to meet you. I heard so much about you two. Is it true what they say about your work with the traveler?"

"Pleased to meet you to Walt, Prix" Wesley answered while shaking their hands. "I'll answer all your questions about the traveler later if that's okay by you Danny. Uhm may I say Danny?"

"Yeah sure go right ahead ........"

The ice was broken and dinner started.

- - - - - - - - - - 

A few weeks have past. Weeks of hard work. The bridge was completed, the crew assigned and everything was ready. Wesley stood proudly watching the view screen. It showed a shuttle preparing to land on their shuttlebay.  It was the shuttle Jack, named after his father. Aboard where Admiral O'Conner and Admiral Paris. They where to inspect the ship and then to give the green Light.

He was sure the ship would make it through the test. He couldn't wait to give the final orders. The  order to prepare for their first launch. 

"A penny for your thoughts" 

"O hi Sean. I didn't saw you entering the bridge. Everything okay in Engineering?"

"Everything is fine Wes, have you eaten yet?" 

"No not yet. I was to busy checking on the auxiliary systems. I want everything to be ready for your mom and Admiral Paris."

"Well you have to eat something. Come on, let's have lunch together. I'm starving."

"I can't. I have to wait for our visitors."

"Nonsense. Their not to arrive in about 45 minutes. So that's leaves us enough time for lunch. I heard they have dilicous pancakes with strawberry jam. Come on my threat."

"Pancakes with strawberry jam? Well that changes everything. Their my favorite."

"I know that's why I asked the chef to bake them for me."

"That's so, so..."

"Sweet? Sean said.

"Low" Wesley finished. "You know I can't say no to pancakes with strawberry jam."

"Come on babes. If you don't hurry up their getting cold" Sean said while walking towards the turbolift.

Wesley followed him in.

"Deck 12" he ordered and the turbolift speeded away.

- - - - - - - - - -

"It's a fine ship you have mister Crusher."

I know Admiral Paris, I know" Wesley answered.

"She's al yours Wesley. Take care of her. Make sure your dad didn't die for nothing."

"Yes Admiral O'Conner. I intend to. Request permission to launch as soon as your back at Utopia Planetia."

"Permission granted". 

"Very well, then that's settled" Admiral Paris said. "If you could spare someone to escort us back to the transporter room we'll leave immediately."

"Yes ofcoarse. Ensign could you escort both the Admirals to transporter room 3".

"Yes Sir I'm on my way. Admiral and Admiral if you would follow me please" he said while walking toward the turbolift.

"We will. good luck Wes. You're gonna need it." Admiral O'Conner said

And with that the turbolift doors closed.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Your ready Wes"

"I'm as ready as I can be Sean. I can't believe we are really leaving the docks."

"Well we are. As soon you give the order to engage that is"

"Yes your right. Lieutenant Walt?"

"Yes Sir?"

"Release the docking clamps."

"Docking clamps released."

"Very well. Ensign Daniels, open a frequency through the ship. I would like to speak to the crew. 

"Frequency Open Sir"

"Hello Crew of the U.S.S. Crusher. This is your Captain Crusher speaking. Go to your stations and prepare to go to Warp. We are leaving Utopia Planetia"

After that a loud applause sounded towards the whole ship. Everyone was very excited. After weeks of hard work and training they would choose empty space.

"Sean would you like to give the commands? Wesley Asked

"Yeah Sure I would love to" Sean answered. 

"Lieutenant Walt. fire thrusters and prepare to go to warp 4 at my command."

"Firing thrusters. We cleared the docks sir. Ready to go to warp at your command"

"By all means Lieutenant. Hit that button"


And with that the stars changed in lines of light. The U.S.S Crusher Was on her way to the Adventure. 

 To be continued.....

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