The Special Program 

by Roy Davenport.

Authors note: Hi there guy's. Welcome back by season 2 of The Special Program. This first part is called Chapter A. It's not really an chapter which contribute too the story. It's more a reminder of what happened in the 1ste season. And what happened between the 2 seasons. Hope you like it anyways.

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"Last Season on The Special Program"

At the first episode of The Special Program Wesley Crusher received a message from Admiral O'Conner. She say's that her son Sean O'Conner is seriously ill. Sean is Wesley's boyfriend. Till now nobody knows about it but that's going to change. 

Wesley is given the command of a brand new starship based on the work of a lieutenant named Jack Crusher. Jack is Wesley's dad. The official records say's he died during a mission aboard the U.S.S. Stargazer under command of Jean Luc Picard. We learn this is not true. Jack was working for Starfleet Intelligence. He accidentally was shot by one of his own people while eliminating some infiltrators. He worked on some new shielding and some new weaponry. After Jack died the disk with the information had to be hidden. A few months old Wesley Crusher was the best choose.  

However when the Dominion Treat became bigger Starfleet decided to use the data Jack collected on those new shields and weapons. The disk was surgery removed. The Dominion learns about the disk however and they send a team to capture Wesley Crusher. They almost succeed when Wesley arrives at Utopia Planetia but at the last minute before Wesley realized what happened he was beamed away. 

Admiral O'Conner decides to tell Wesley the truth about his father. Or rather she decided Beverley Crusher, Wesley's mom, has to tell the truth. When she arrives she goes directly the Sean's and Wesley's quarters. Wesley who doesn't know this answers the door and as soon he sees his mom standing there he faints. 

When he awakes he is in the infirmary. He hit his head on one of Sean's Skates. Sean feels very guilty but Wesley tells him not too. When Wesley is recovered form his injury he learns the truth about his dad and the reason why he is selected to captain the U.S.S. Crusher. 

He finds out the U.S.S. Crusher is not only equipped with prototype shields and weapons but also has a special crew complement. He will serve with 116 teenage gay boys between age 12 and 21. 

Then the big moment arrives. The U.S.S. Crusher is finished and their crew chosen. It's time for them to start their Mission: THE SPECIAL PROGRAM.

And now on too the next season.


"Crusher to bridge, what the hell is going on Sean"

"We've got 3 Jem Hadar fighters on our port bow sir. I suggest you come to the bridge Immediately" 

"I'm already on my way, Crusher out"

Tjees Wesley thought. We just left Utopia Planetia 3 hours ago and already under attack. Let's see what my ship is capable off. But first off all I have to go to the bridge. But where is that damm't turbolift when you need one? A there it is.

"Computer, Bridge" Wesley ordered and the turbolift was on it's way"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

"Status report" Wesley ordered as soon he reached the bridge.

"Shields at 67% Aft torpedo launchers are down, No casualties yet" Grey Matthew, their Tactical officer answered. 

"Great. Lieutenant Waltz go to attack pattern Omega."

"Attack Pattern Omega Sir"

"Fire their engines Matthew"

"Firing phasers. Direct hit on their starboard nacelle"

"Sir massive energysurch on their starboard nacelle. She's gonna blow" Ensign Daniels reported at ops.

"Waltz evasive maneuvers pattern Delta. Then go to attack pattern Lamba for the nearest Jem Hadar Fighter. Fire at will"

"Acknowledged sir. Evasive maneuvers Delta. Going to pattern Lamba now sir."

"Firing Phasers. Their shields are holding"

"Sir we have a plasma leak at deck 7, Hull breaches at deck 9 through 11. Emergency force fields are holding."

"Load forward torpedo launchers full squad. Fire at will. We have to destroy that ship before it destroys us" Sean Ordered.

"Torpedo's loaded. Ready to fire at your command Sir."

"Then Fire"

"Torpedo's away. Direct hit on their aft shields. Shields are gone. Firing phasers"

"Nice targeting mister Matthew," Wesley said while watching the Jem Hadar fighter explode. 

"Sir the third Jem Hadar fighter is in retreat" Daniels said. 

"Ensign Daniels stand by Red Alert and send a message to Starfleet HQ that our mission is delayed for unknown time. Lieutenant Gray  lay in a coarse for Deep Space 9. Warp 4.  We have to make some repairs first." Wesley said.

"Uhm Sir I think we have another problem."

"What is it Lieutenant Grey?"

"We lost Warp Capability during that fight Sir"

"Damm't. Bridge for Lieutenant Plex."

"Plex here sir. What can I do for you"

"How long before the warp drive is usable again?"

"Give me 4 hours and warp 9 is at your service sir"

"How soon can we go to warp 4 then lieutenant?"

"In about 2 maybe 3 hours sir"

"Very well then. Inform me as soon we have warp 4 again. How sooner we leave here the better. Where a sitting duck right now and I don't want to lose my ship at first day. Crusher Out"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

"Bleeb, Bleeb"

"Bleeb, Bleeb"


"Sir I have the status reports you asked for"

"Ah Sean come in. You know you don't have to be so formal when we are alone you know"

"I know Babes, I know. It's just a little bit strange to report to my lover."

"Yeah I guess it is. I never really thought about that before." But I'm sure we will manage. We always have and we always will"

"Yeah, that's one of the reasons I fell in love with you you know. You always know how to make things work"

"I know babes you told me a hundred times already. Come here." Wesley said while spreading his arms to give Sean a hug.

"Yes Sir" Sean said with a grin on his face. He didn't need to be asked twice. 

"You know Wes" he said while breaking the hug, "I think we have something to celebrate right now"

"Do we" Wes asked confused while Sean walked to the replicator.

"Two glasses of champagene" He ordered. 

"Yes we do Babes, Yes we do. We have to celebrate how well the U.S.S. Crusher handled his first attack"

"Tjeez your right. I completely forgot about that"

"Lieutenant Plex For Captain Crusher"

Damm't Wesley thought. Now what.

"Crusher here. What can I do for you lieutenant Plex?"

"Sir you asked me to report to you as soon we could reach warp 4. We can sir"

"A very well then. Crusher out. Come on Sean we can get on our way again."

"Yes sir Immediately Sir" Sean said making a Salute to his captain. Then he walked out of the door laughing.

Wesley followed him. As soon as he entered the bridge he gave his orders

"Lieutenant Grey you still have Deep Space 9 as heading?"

"Yes Sir helm standing by".

"Then by all means. Go to warp 4 at my command. Engage".

To be Continued:

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