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"Last time on The Special Program"

I understand you don't like it to stand aside when something important is going to happen."

"That's right sir, I don't."

"Well you have to this time."

"But Sir" Wesley started to protest.

"I'm sorry captain. There is nothing I can do about it. The U.S.S. Crusher is too important to lose during a battle against the Dominion. That's why I have to order you to go to the Beta Quadrant. There is a lot to be explored there and it will make a great opportunity for you to get familiar with your ship and your crew. Not to mention you can test your new weapons there."

"But sir. A ship like the Crusher is one of the most advanced ship's in the quadrant. Except for the Enterprise of coarse. You just need us."

"That's Right. We do need you. We need you to test the new weapons and shields first before going into battle. We do not know how effective they will be. We can't risk losing a ship like the Crusher just because we failed in testing the new systems. You must know how important that is. After all you served aboard the Enterprise for years."

"Yes sir. I know sir. Very well then. When do we leave and how long will we be gone?"

 "You leave at 07:00 tomorrow morning for about 1 month.

And now the continuation:

When Wesley woke up he found himself to be alone on the shuttlecraft he was in. At first he didn't remembered what happened but then all the memories came rushing back on him: the fight with Sean, the sudden attack, the Warp Core breach, which resulted in the U.S.S. Crusher blowing up. He started to cry realizing he might have lost the person most important to him. Then he drifted off to sleep again totally drained from emotions.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A bleep from his com-consol awoke him again. He was disoriented at first but when he looked out of the window he instantly knew what was going on. He could see some escape pods drifting. Just a few. The few that where not captured by there attackers. Sean wasn't aboard one of them he checked that before going to sleep. He hoped he would be on one of the captured pods but he didn't know for sure. He didn't even know if Sean managed to get of the ship in time. Wesley himself had been too busy helping crewmembers to the escape pods to find Sean. Then when there was no time left he got of the ship himself in the Captains Yacht hoping he would find Sean's escape pod as soon as he had cleared the ship. But so far he hadn't.

He missed Sean. If only Wesley hadn't gotten so angry about Sean's argument. He was only doing his job as first officer after all. A second bleep on his communications consol took him out of his thoughts. He hoped it would be Sean contacting him. But it wasn't Sean. It was a hail from Starfleet command. He had contacted them as soon as he had been within communications range.

"Starfleet Command for Wesley Crusher. Please Respond"

"Captain Crusher here. Go Ahead."

"Sir we have received an message from Admiral O'Conner. She's on her way to rendezvous with you at Deep Space 5. She's requesting your ETA."

"If things go well we will arrive there in about two hours. Tell here I wish to speak with here as soon as we are there."

"Very well Sir. Good Luck"

"Thank you lieutenant. Crusher out."

Wesley wasn't feeling happy. Not happy at all.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Two and a half ours later Wesley was seated in a chair in front of a desk. Behind that desk seated in another chair sat Admiral O'Conner.

"So Captain Crusher. Please tell me. What happened? Why did you arrive here in the Captains Yacht and one quarter of the escape pods? Where are the others? And most important of all: Where is Sean?"

" I know you have a lot of questions Admiral. I do have them myself. I will tell you the whole story from what I know. But it will be a long story so you might wish to order some diner first." Wesley answered to the Admiral's questions.

"That might be a good idea. I take it you would like to have some too."

"That would be very nice indeed. Thank you Admiral."

"It's no problem." The Admiral replied. Then she walked to the replicator and ordered replicator mail 62: two cheeseburgers with French fries and a coke. Then she walked back to her desk again setting both plates on it.

"So now we have our dinner let's start. I want this to be over with."

"So do I Admiral. So do I." Wesley replied and then he started his story:

"After we left DS9 a month ago a lot has happened. The crew started to make friends and all was well. After a few weeks of actually just avoiding other ships as ordered and getting to know the ships systems we got some serious trouble with our Warp Core enhancements and we had to take them offline for 2 day's to check them for viruses or other system bugs. During these 2 days we came in contact with a species called the Trinean. At first they appeared to be friendly and since we didn't have a change for shore leave we invited some of them aboard the Crusher. Of coarse we kept them away from essential systems. After those 2 days we re-activated our Warp Core and we resumed our coarse. We hadn't found anything wrong with it. We waited with the activation of our shields enhancements after we were out of range from the Trinean.

But during our contact with the Trinean another species had detected us without us knowing about it. They had some kind of cloaking ability, which rendered their ships undetectable for our sensors. So when they attacked we were surprised at first but with our new shield modifications and weapons we have been able to defeat them without much trouble. The next few days were tough. A lot more attacks occurred but each of them where deflected, partly due to the great helms work of our helmsman Danny Walt. The species called themselves The Rulers of Space. It might be important to note that.

After those attacks Sean and I decided we had enough data for Starfleet to return home. But while back Grey Matthew detected a Trinean ship following us. We were surprised they had the ability to detect us so we hailed them. There never came a response. They just turned around and disappeared out of sensor range.

A few days later Marc Daniels detected a second Trinean ship. This time we ignored them but when the problems with our Warp Core started again we discovered a strange carriage wave on a theta band frequency. It was originated from that Trinean ship. Fitz Plex discovered that that some frequency disrupted our Warp Core. After we found a way to disrupt the frequency our Warp Core problems where over. For the second time that day we resumed our coarse back to DS9. Sean told me he disagreed with my decision about resuming coarse. It was in his opinion we should check out why the Trineans where following us. I disagreed and we got a fight. Sean left the bridge to check Engineering and I stayed on the bridge. Shortly after we 4 Trinean ships where detected in an intercept coarse. As soon as they where within weapons range they attacked us. Their first wave destroyed our deflector and we lost shield. The second wave hit our Warp Core, which was offline again due to that strange carriage wave. I had to give the order to abandon ship. After that I activated the autodestruct. We where defenseless and I had strict orders to not let our technology fall in enemy hands. I barely had the time to download our research in the Captains Yacht computer core before leaving the ship. I haven't been able to check if Sean made it off before the ship blew up. Several escape pods where captured by the Trineans. Me on the captain's yacht and several other pods managed to get away in time. Those are the pods that came back with me. Sean wasn't aboard on any of them. I just hope he was on board one of the pods that have been captured. If not I'm afraid he's dead."

After that Wesley started to cry. Admiral O'Conner walked to Wesley and put an arm on his shoulder.

 "Wes baby don't worry too much will ya. I've got something to tell you."

"What is it? Something about Sean" Wesley asked confused. The last few days have been very rough and he was very tired.

"Yes honey it's about me" a second voice sounded.

 Wesley looked up. Was he imagining this or was it really Sean standing in the doorway.

 "Sean, Sean is that you? Wesley asked.

"It's me Wes. It's me. I'm alright really."

"But how, what. You weren't on any of the escape pods that where with me. How can you be here?"

 "The Trineans brought me."

"But they attacked us. They made me destroy our ship."

"No they didn't."

"I don't understand. They were Trinean ships weren't they?"

"Yes they where. Let me explain."

"After I heart the klaxon for abandoning ship I knew things were bad. When I was near the transporter room to see if I could beam to the Captains Yacht we where hit again. I lost consciousness when my head hit a bulkhead. Ensign Olsy was there with me and he dragged me to the nearest escape pod. And by doing so he saved my life.

When I woke up I was being held prisoner. I knew we where attacked by 4 Trinean ships so I was surprised to see our captors belonged to The Rulers Of Space. I noticed there where over 50 survivors of the U.S.S. Crusher on board but when I couldn't find you I was afraid you didn't make it of the ship. Lieutenant Grey wasn't there either, so I had to help Olsy handling with his loss and he helped me with yours. The crew was scared and they turned to me for help. Luckily Fitz Plex was with me and we found a way to disable the force fields that where holding us captured. When we were trying to retake the ship we where attacked again. This time by the real Trineans. We managed to take a hold on the bridge and we contacted the Trineans offering them their ship back. We explained them how we got there and they offered us a ride back. We haven't been able to locate you or the other Escape pods before we arrived here."

"But how did the Rulers of Space gotten there hands on those Trinean ships" Wesley asked.

"I'm not sure. The Trineans wouldn't say. But the important thing is we are here. And I heart you have been able to save our research so our mission has been a success. Even with the U.S.S. Crusher destroyed now we have something to fight the Dominion with."

"I'm not sure about that" Admiral O'Conner stepped in. "We might have the data but I'm afraid we can't implant them on the older ships. And it takes time to implant them in the new ones. Time we don't have with this war going on."

"So our mission was in fain? A ship lost, Crewmembers lost. All for nothing?" Wesley asked.

"No Wes, your wrong about that. It wasn't in fain." Admiral O'Conner said.

"Then what have we gained from it?"

"I'm not sure yet. But for the record: No one was lost. Al the crew of the Crusher is here on the stations. The ones brought by the Trinean and the ones who where with you in the escape pods."

"And what is going to happen with us?" Sean asked.

"Honey I was hoping you would ask that. You will be given a new command. It's not a ship like the old U.S.S. Crusher, as you can understand given the circumstances. But I'm sure you will like the new U.S.S. Crusher as much as the old one."

"You mean there is a second U.S.S. Crusher?" Wesley asked.

"Yes there is. It's not quit finished yet. But she will be within three weeks. During those weeks your crew will have shore leave here on Starbase 5. I'm afraid you and Sean have to get to work immediately. There's a lot to decide in it's final stages and we need her Captains' help to make them."

"Ay, Ay Sir. May I ask which class it is?"

"Of coarse you may. It's a Steam Runner Class. I'm sure you will like her."

"I think we will. If you would excuse us Admiral, Sean and I have things to talk about."

"I'm sure you have. You're dismissed.

And with that Wesley and Sean walked out of the Admirals office. They walked into another mission with a new ship but the same crew. I wonder what time will have in mind for them.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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