Ben Affleck, Joseph Fiennes and Rupert Everett are all hot hunks who happened to work together on the real life film "Shakespeare in Love". This story though is purely a work of fiction and doesn't intend to imply that any of these events actually took place -- but damn I'm fantasising they did.

"Shakespeare in Lust" - by The Spunk Hunk

Shooting had wrapped up for the day on "Shakespeare in Love", everyone retired to their separate lodgings. Ben Affleck, Rupert Everett and Joseph Fiennes were all staying in a quaint (and very English) cottage a few miles from the set in separate rooms. Joseph had decided to stay back to work on his lines, leaving Rupert and Ben alone as they arrived at the cottage.

"Great Job today, Ben" said Rupert.

"Thanks, I still don't know if I can get used to these fucking costumes though, there a bit tight"

"Ha Ha, you'll adapt. I've got the shower first".

Rupert went into the bathroom, undressed and got under the shower. Warm thoughts of Ben filled his mind, causing a familiar stirring in his loins. He quickly turned the cold water on spray to dampen those thoughts. After all, the guy is straight, isn't he?. He finished up and stepped out, giving himself a once over in the mirror - the constant workouts he'd been doing for years had delivered him a superbly toned body. The large tool between his legs helped as well. Patting himself dry, he wrapped a towel around his waist and was about to get dressed when he heard a yelp.

Rupert walked into Ben's bedroom where he heard the noise. There was Ben, frantically tugging at his shirt which was covering his head and seemed to be stuck to his neck. Several things struck Rupert, first the humor of the situation, second the well-defined hairy chest Ben was now exposing, third that the shirt over his head was obscuring Ben's view of everything, and fourth the huge package sitting in Ben's tights - "he was right when he said these costumes were too tight" thought Rupert.

"Rupert is that you?"

"At your command sire"

"Very funny, can you help get this thing off me?"

"Hold On".

Rupert walked up to Ben, admiring the young man's physique in the process (while his own cock began to stir) and then concentrated on loosening the shirt collar. With a mighty tug the shirt came free immediately and with such a speed it caused Ben to loose balance and fall, trouble is he grabbed onto Rupert (who wasn't in a very stable position anyway as he worked on the shirt cords) who went crashing down with him onto the floor and lost his towel in the process. Ben was able to move first and sat up, glancing over to the English hunk to see if he was OK and suddenly noticing Rupert was nude - and semi-hard.

"Looks like you had fun falling over" Ben said

A somewhat dazed Rupert looked up, noticed he was nude and quickly looked for his towel to cover himself.

"Hey man don't have to worry about being nude near me" Ben said

"Uhh, thanks" said Rupert. He got up and then thought why not seize this opportunity - "well you've seen me naked, I feel at a bit of a disadvantage. Care to even the score?"

"Why not?" replied Ben who pulled off his tights and jock.

As Ben threw them on the bed, Rupert got a good look at his ass. A salivating sight, buns so tight you could bounce on them like a trampoline. The dark crack very welcoming - god he just wanted to walk right up to Ben and shove his cock into that waiting and oh so juicy ass. Ben turned around, hands on hips and groin out. Rupert looked awestruck at the sight of Ben - the American hunk's semi-erect cook already a thick 7 inches and still look like it had more growing to do.

"Impressed?" Ben asked

"Very" Rupert said.

Ben slowly walked toward Rupert and said "You know I think it deserves closer scrutiny, don't you?". They stood mere inches apart. Rupert swallowed nervously, Ben's eyes smoldering with intensity and lust. Ben continued "And after that, why don't I just give you a once over..." He reached down and began stroking Rupert's rapidly expanding meat. Their faces were almost together. "....Would you like that?"

"Oh god yes" Rupert replied.

"Good" said Ben before slamming his lips against Rupert's in a passionate open mouth toungie which seem to go on forever. Ben's hands grabbed Rupert's ass cheeks and he mashed their two almost rock solid cocks together - forcing out any hint of softness from the large rods.

The pair broke apart panting, both looked down at their cocks. Rupert's 8-incher was now sliding against Ben's fully-extended 10-inch prick.

"God I love uncircumcised men" said Ben, admiring Rupert's foreskin - one thing he didn't share.

"Fuck that, all men are good - especially you" said Rupert before diving in for another kiss. This time Rupert continued down Ben's body, licking his neck, massaging the hunk's pecs, running his fingers through the gorgeous chest hair and finally latching his mouth onto a nipple.

"Oh yeah, suck it baby" said Ben, holding one hand against Rupert's head, the other massaging his own tool. Rupert continued downward and with one swift movement engulfed Ben's tool - surprisingly all the way to the hilt, causing Ben to yell out.

"OH GOD, oh yes, oh man that feels good. C'mon baby, suck my meat. Yeah, show me how much you like that cock in your mouth."

Rupert's hands stroked the lower half of Ben's dick while his mouth and tongue licked, nibbled and sucked the upper half. Rupert himself was ready to blow, the gorgeous hunk shoving his cock down his throat was almost to overwhelming. Though from the sounds Ben was making, looks like he was going to blow first.

"Oh yes, I'm going to cum" said Ben

Rupert took it out of his mouth but aimed the tool at his face and chest. "Yes, shoot it. I want to see that spunk"

"Well its coming your way.....ah....AHH YEAH"

Ben's cock erupted with thick hot white cum shooting out all over Rupert's face, strands landing on his lips (which he eagerly swallowed) and on his large pecs. As soon as Ben finished coaxing out ever drop he kneeled down and kissed Rupert, licking up his own stray cum drops from the kneeling actor's cheeks.

"Well, haven't you two been busy rehearsing" said a familiar voice.

The pair spun around to see Joseph Fiennes standing in the doorway dressed in his medieval garb which was at this moment sporting a large lump in his pants. They got up quickly and very nervously until they noticed the bulge. Joseph walked up to Rupert, ran his fingers through Ben's seed which covered his pecs, and licked it. He walked right up to Ben.

"I can assume this delicious mixture is your concoction"

"Yeah" replied Ben who seemed to drained to say much of anything, until he gave a sudden jump as Joseph grabbed his still sensitive cock.

"Think that dog of yours is ready for another run"

"He's a bit tired but the rest of me isn't"

"Good" said Joseph and gave Ben a soft but oh so sweet tongue kiss. Joseph spun around and went up to Rupert. "And what about you Mr. Marlowe, I'm guessing you haven't finished your play yet. Care to give the second act another try?"

"Why not" replied Rupert. They both kiss softly.

Joseph's voice suddenly rises in tone "Ben, go, lay down on the bed. Rupert, get that dick of yours ready. We'll show this Yank how to really fuck".

Ben laid down, his back on the bed. Rupert lifted Ben's legs and placed them over his shoulders. His cock ready to enter that 'tunnel of love'.

"You done this before?" asked Rupert

"Of course, what the hell do you think me and Matt get up to all the time. Stick it in now." replied Ben.

Rupert held his cock steady and pressed it in, surprisingly Ben's hole sucked it all the way in to the hilt - yet was still tight enough to causes waves of ecstasy in both actors. Joseph meanwhile had finished undressing, his 9" cock hard and ready. He walked around to the other side of the bed where Ben's head lay looking up and almost off the edge. Ben opened his eyes and saw Joseph's huge uncut tool in his face. He opened his mouth and Joseph buried his prick inside that warm and wet piece of heaven. Ben himself meanwhile was getting his second wind, his cock already hardening again from the sensation of one giant dick in his mouth, another up his ass. The three moved like a well-oiled machine for several minutes. Rupert was the first to go, the telltale tingle moving up his cockshaft warned him as he pulled the tool out, did a bit of a tricky jump, straddled Ben's chest and began stroking it.

"Oh god, yes. Here it cums Benny boy"

Joseph pulled his cock out of Ben's mouth and placed his head just above Bens. Rupert's cock spurted out gobs of hot jizz, covering both their faces, Ben and Joseph eagerly licking up the juice. Ben took a quick suck on Rupert's spent cock.

Rupert collapsed next to Ben who got up, lifted Rupert's legs and plunged his cock deep into the English actor's bowels. Rupert and Ben had now seemed to have swapped positions - Ben fucking the life out of Rupert's ass while Rupert sucked on Joseph's mighty fine meat.

Ben went next. "Oh yeah, here it comes again" was all the warning he gave before his second load of the day sprayed into Rupert's ass - the hot juice filling and almost overflowing the passage. Ben pulled out his cock and laid back down against Rupert.

Joseph was now ready "Ok boys, its about to blow. Get ready for the best cum this side of the Atlantic". And boy was it ever, Joseph's cock spewed forth a torrent of jizz, covering both the faces and chests of Ben and Rupert. After almost 13 spurts the flow died down and Joseph leaned over and began licking his cum off Rupert's face while Ben began sucking it off his chest.

"Jesus man, that load was huge" said Ben.

"I hoped you'd like it. We should do this again sometime, after all I want that massive tool of yours Ben up my ass" said Joseph.

"Hey, get in line" said Rupert and the trio laughed.

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