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Gordy and Chris make love at the lake

This is based on the movie Stand By Me and the Steven King book The those of you who are familiar with the story The Body or the movie Stand By Me I am making 2 changes. First I am sending Vern and Teddy ahead so Gordy and Chris will be alone and the second thing is I am eliminating the leaches from the scene. Please write a review of the story after reading it.

Chris, Gordy, Teddy and Vern came up on the beaver pool. You think its deep enough to swim in? Vern asked. One way to find out, Teddy said. Who goes first I asked. Me Chris said. He went running down the bank, kicking off his sneakers and untying his shirt from around his waist with a jerk. He pushed his pants and undershorts down with a single shove of his thumbs. As Chris's undershorts fell past his thighs Gordy couldn't keep his eyes off Chris's butt cheeks. Like the rest of his body they were strong and firm and to Gordy they where a beautiful and rarely seen part of his friend. Chris balanced, first on one leg and then on the other, to get his socks. Then he made a shallow dive. He came up shaking his head to get his wet hair out of his eyes. Its fucking great he shouted. How deep Teddy called back. He had never learned to swim. Chris stood up in the water and his shoulders broke the surface.

Come on in, you chickens. He turned thrashed back. By then we were all getting undressed. Vern was in next then me. Hitting the water was fantastic clean and cool. I swam across to Chris, loving the silky fell of having nothing on but water.

After goofing off in the water for half an hour Vern and Teddy wanted to continue but Chris and I wanted to stay. If we don't leave now well never make it before dark Teddy said. I don't care was what you have to say Teddy. If you want to go so bad then go I will catch up to you later. Alright Chambers if that's the way you want it. And with that Teddy along with Vern got dressed and left the beaver pool.

When I was sure that Teddy and Vern had left I swam over to Chris. For a second I just looked into his eyes then I grabbed him and planted a big wet kiss right on his lips. I backed off and waited for Chris to respond. For a second Chris just stood there with a confused look on his face then he pulled me close and kissed me back. It was a long wonderful kiss. My greatest hopes had come true Chris had the same feelings for me that I had for him.

We moved towards dry land. Once we were on the soft muddy ground I told Chris to lie down on his back. He did without hesitation. I came over and lied in top of him and started kissing him. First a long sweet kiss on the mouth. Then I moved down to the neck whispering I love you all the way. I moved down to his chest taking one nipple in my mouth than the other. This caused Chris to moan with pleasure. I continued down his chest kissing all the way to his belly button. I started kissing Chris's crotch when I noticed that there was a difference between Chris's privates and my own.

For a second I could not put a finger on it. Chris's ball sack was the same scrunched up against his body and his penis was standing erect at about 2 and a half inches and the with was about the size of a roll of pennies. Then I figured it out. Back then I didn't know much about penises. And I certainly didn't know shit about circumcision. Before that moment I knew only what I had seen on myself and figured everyone was the same way. When I saw Chris's penis I explained it to myself the only way I knew how.

My penis (which I had assumed the same as everyone else's until that moment) had a shaft about 2 inches erect. At the end of about one and a half inches there was a rim that separated the skin of my shaft from the pinker skin above it. The rim and everything above it almost looked like an army helmet from one of my El Dio Stories. At the very tip of this pink skin there was my pee hole (I would find out about the other fluid that came out of that hole about a year later). I had considered this to be a normal looking penis. However Chris's was much different.

Chris's shaft was the same 2 inches erect but instead of having a rim and a head the darker skin of his shaft simply extended all the way to the end of his penis stopping just before the pee hole. It looked just like a hot dog in a bun. (I would find out in about a week that Chris did have a rim and a shaft and that the skin at the tip of his penis could be pulled back to reveal it).

After long and hard thought I decided to ignore our differences in penises and go on with what I was about to do before.

My brother had told me many things and sucking dick was one of them. He told me about intense sessions he had had with his friends and told me how to do it. However he refused to do it with me. He told me I should only do it for a friend I really love and that was the end of it. That was a year ago when I was 11. Over the next year I had contemplated about doing it but never felt it to be the right time and never felt the intense emotions of love that my brother said was necessary. That is not until that moment.

I could feel that this was it. The moment was right. I kissed him down his crotch and his nuts then I opened my mouth up wide and swallowed his 2 inch penis. I closed my lips and started moving my mouth up and down almost like when you wanted to get to the center of a tootsie pop as fast as you could. I remember looking up and seeing Chris staring at me with a confused look on his face but when I stopped he told me to keep going.

After a minute of sucking at a steady pace I decided to speed it up. I could tell as I went faster and faster Chris was getting more and more tense however he kept shouting out to keep going and it sounded as though he was enjoying himself. After about 3 minutes of sucking his whole body tensed up and then he went completely limp.

I remember thinking SHIT what have I done. I ran over to his head and started shouting Chris Chris are you alright. After a minute his head popped up and he said dude that was the best moment of my life. I can't explain it it's like every happy feeling I have ever had just surfaced. Dude where did you learn about it?

Gordy's face suddenly contorted into a half sad half dazed look. My brother taught me about it just before he died.

Chris looked at him sympathetically and said oh.

Gordy looked at Chris and said you know my brother told me about something else. It's something that we both do together and will bring us both pleasure. He said it's even better than getting sucked.

Chris looked at Gordy with a longing face and said I'm in what do I have to do.

Gordy looked and Chris and said just squat over there behind me. Chris quickly obeyed. Gordy then got down on his belly and spread his cheeks with Chris's penis barley an inch away.

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