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Gordy’s Special Birthday Gift

The night of August 29th into the morning of August 30th was probably the best sleep I had gotten in weeks. It had been nearly a month since the 4 of us had gone to see the body and although in a way all of us would never be quite the same I felt as if I had returned to what I consider as normal as possible. The first week back from our little journey was probably the hardest. Nightmare plagued dreams and a deep depression that put a meaningless feeling to anything I did in my life had set in. And the time the time was the worst. Those long summer days that you long for when you are sitting in a classroom became nothing but idleness in which to think. Think of that dead boy a boy with a future and all the promise in the world just gone like that wiped off the face of the earth. It gave you that kind of worthless felling like you could drop dead right then and there and no one would care everyone could just go on living their lives. That was the worst of it it made me realize how insignificant I was. It made me feel that if I dropped dead right now no one would even notice. I mean what had I done that would even make people want to remember me write a stupid story? But as with anything else the passing of time dulled those feelings and although they will never completely leave me I guess I am back to as normal as I will ever bee. The nightmares have stopped and I seem to be able to enjoy the little things again.

Still snuggled in bed I turned my head and looked out the window. It looked like a beautiful summer day the sun was shining and it seemed to be just the right temperature. I sat up and just looked out the window for a good half minute before finally moseying out of bed. As I got out from under the covers I felt the fresh morning air agents my now uncovered genitals. I had never really liked the constraining feeling of clothes and had always worn well as little as I could get away with. Up until recently I had always slept in my briefs as I all but refused to wear anything else and mom made it clear that it was very inappropriate to be naked except while bathing. However recently even those became to constraining for me. You see my penis (which just a few months ago was only good for peeing) had started to do some very strange tricks. And the most annoying tricks was on I call a stiffie. Out of the blue my penis would harden up and attempt to stick strait out however my briefs would pin it in a down position and create a rather uncomfortable and painful feeling almost like my penis was being forcefully pressed agents my body. Now at first I tried to get my parents to buy me some boxer shorts, however with everything else I asked them for they asked a million questions and being to embarrassed to answer any of them I decided to drop the subject. In the end I decided to just stop wearing underwear day or night. At night I would sleep naked and during the day I would just simply wear pants and no one noticed that I didn’t have anything under them.

I rose from the bed and staggered my naked body over to the mirror. Now while my parents had yet to mention anything about puberty to me I wasn’t completely unprepared. You see unlike my parents who mostly ignored me my brother god rest his soul had almost been like a father to me. He taught me how to play ball how to ride a bike and how to take care of myself and the last serious thing we talked about before he died was puberty. One summer day he just pulled me into his room and started explaining the basics to me. He told me how my body would change and how I would start to think and act differently. He told me that I would start being attracted to girls that I wouldn’t be able to get them out of my head and that my penis would have a certain reaction when I was around a girl I liked. He told me it would be a stressful time but to just stay calm and I would get through it fine. Then he told me that if I had any questions I could come back and ask him. He told me that he would always be there for me. And then a few months later he was gone. The only real father figure I ever had was taken from me.

I looked at my naked body in the mirror. Almost everything my brother had said that summer was coming true. My shoulders where just begging to widen and muscles began to appear on my stomach and leg and my groin muscles seemed to be growing at an equally rapid pace. My balls had dropped down and now spent most of their time hanging low. My penis itself had grown a little bit both in length and width and a few black hairs had begun to grow over it. Yep everything my brother had said had come true everything except the feelings for the girls.

Its times like these I miss my brother the most. Everything he said had come true except the feelings I was suppose to have towards girls. The truth is I didn’t really feel anything towards girls. I still had that same kind of gross feeling towards them. The confusing part is the feelings he explained I should be having towards girls I am starting to have towards guys especially Chris. Ever since the incident at the lake I haven’t been able to get Chris out of my head. I am always thinking about him. And no matter how I am feeling the thought of him brightens up my day. And the most confusing thing is that whenever I think about him I get a stiffie. Is it possible to have the same feelings I am suppose to have towards girls for a boy? Is it possible I can love a boy? Like I said its times like these I wish my brother was still around.

After quickly taking care of my boner I grabbed a pair of blue denim pants from my closet and put them on. Over the past month I had discovered that I liked the feeling of denim agents my bare penis. I couldn’t explain why it was just one of those things that felt right. I grabbed a red shirt from my closet pulled it over my head and headed down the stairs.

I don’t know why but for some reason I thought my parents would be waiting for me downstairs, my dad wishing me a happy 13th birthday while mom made eggs on the stove. However when I got downstairs I saw that the kitchen was empty as usual meaning my parents were still in bed. I was kind of disappointed but not the least bit surprised. You see even before my brother’s death my parents had made it pretty clear that he was the favorite child not me. They spent most of their time catering to his needs and I got whatever time was left. While it didn’t seem like much time back then it was an eternity compared to now. Since his death my parents have practically ignored me and I would feel lucky just to know they still remember I exist let alone when my birthday was.

I lit the stove and grabbed 2 eggs from the refrigerator scrambling them in a pan. I poured myself some orange juice and ate my birthday breakfast in silence. I washed the dishes and then headed out the door.

I have to say Chris really was a great friend, any time I had a problem I could always talk to him and he always seemed to have an answer. He was more like a father to me than well my father. As usual he had offered to throw me a birthday party and I accepted.

I got to Chris’s house around 10 am and saw all my friends standing outside. Chris was the first on to greet me he came up to me and slapped me on the back.

“Happy birthday man welcome to the teenage years”

Teddy and Vern chimed in with a “Happy Birthday” too.

“Thanks guys it really means a lot that your hear”

“Well you just going to stand there and get all mushy or are you going to open our gifts?”

“Well I guess I’ll start with Chris’s first.”

Gordy tore the wrapping paper off Chris’s gift and almost jumped out of his skin.

“A bee bee gun no way. Chris how did you afford this?”

“Now you don’t worry about that and just enjoy it and hide it in a place where your parents won’t see it.”
“I sure will.”

I grabbed Chris and embraced him in a tight hug and thanked him for the gift. He responded back “that’s only a pulmonary gift I’m giving you your real gift later” Kind of confused I pulled out of the hug wondering what he meant.

“Finally I thought you to fags would never let go of each other” Teddy said jokingly

“Oh common Teddy don’t pretend like you don’t like watching every second of it” Chris said sarcastically.”

Teddy and Vern’s gifts where okay but in no way matched Chris’s. Teddy got me a big jar filled with be bees and Vern got me a huge thing of cherry bombs. I thanked all of them and we went into town to try out my new gifts.

Our first stop was that store owned by that old hag who always threw us out. We threw a couple of cherry bombs in the back alley behind the store and then ran like hell. Hiding behind the dumpster we watched as the old hag burst out the back door going crazy trying to figure out what was going on. We laughed so hard I thought the old hag would find us for sure.

Our next stop was the wooded area just outside of town. We spent hours there all 4 of us taking turns with the bee bee gun going after small animals. After hours in the woods it started to get dark and Teddy and Vern stated that they had to get home. This left just me and Chris.

“Gordy I planned a surprise for you if you’ll accept. I was hoping you would camp out with me here tonight. I already got some supplies there in the bag. So what do you say?”

I threw my arms around Chris and said “I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to end my 13th birthday.”

“Now that we got that out of the way I’m starving.” Said Chris. “Gordy why don’t you start a fire and I’ll get the food ready.”

Chris went over to his bag and pulled out a white paper package. He unwrapped the package and started making two hamburger patties out of the chop meat inside. By the time he had the hamburger patties all made I had a nice fire going, we stuck the 2 patties on sticks and roasted them until they were nice and brown then we gulped them down like we had never seen food before in our lives.

After dinner we laid on the ground for awhile commenting on how nice the stars where.

“So Gordy you ready for your real birthday present?”

I brought his attention from the stars to Chris’s face. “You where serious about that what else could you possibly have in that bag?”

“This present isn’t coming out of the bag dipshit. Gordy you remember that day at the beaver pool about a month ago?”


“You remember that special thing we did?”


“Well now it’s your turn to be on top.”

“Chris you don’t have to do this you know. It’s like I said before you don’t owe me anything.”

“I know I don’t have to but I want to. I love you Gordy and when you love someone you let them do this to you and hopefully if they love you back they will let you do it to them. I had my turn on the top now it’s your turn.”

I shimmied over to where Chris was laying and planted a big wet kiss on him. I moved his tongue into his mouth and started tongue wrestling. I pulled my tongue out of Chris’s mouth and whispered I love you in his ear.

Before I knew it Chris got up in front of me and started stripping. He lifted his white t shirt over his head rustling his brown hair. Chris already had most of his chest muscles and was beginning to develop a 6 pack. Next Chris pulled of his blue jeans and stepped out if them. Now I thought my briefs where tight but Chris’s looked like they were about to explode. You could even see the outline of his penis begin to stretch out the material.

Chris hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his underpants and slowly pulled them down to his ankles and stepped out. Chris’s penis had grown considerably since the last time I saw it. It hung at about 3 inches with the foreskin still extending to the very tip stopping just before the pee hole. The width had grown tremendously as it was now as thick as an Italian bratwurst. His balls had also loosened up and where hanging low near the tip of his penis. As far as pubic hair he was way ahead of me as he already had a little bush growing atop his penis and a few hairs sprouting from his lo hanging balls. I couldn’t help but stair and take in all the progress that his genitals had made in the month since I last saw them. His butt had grown too. You could see that those 2 perfectly round globes where being dented by the begging’s of muscle.

“Gordy I understand you’re entranced by my amazing body but could you get this show on the road it’s getting kinda cold.”

“Yea amazing for a mouse.” Gordy said sarcastically.

“Alright let’s see what you got”

I hesitantly started to strip. You see I had grown over the past month but not nearly as much as Chris had. My body was still at the very begging of puberty and it was evident that Chris was way past me and even though I knew Chris would never make fun of me for my shortcomings I was still kind of hesitant to show him my smaller body.

I slowly lifted my shirt over my head rustling my own hair. Even though my torso wasn’t very big I could see and fell muscles that where begging to develop and new everything was just around the corner. I unbuttoned my pants and slowly began to slide them down. I felt a chill as my pants slid past my crotch and my genitals hit the night air. My penis had done some growing too since the lake. It hung down at about 3 inches the circumcised pink head topping it off and it was about as thick as a roll of quarters. My balls had dropped and hung at about the same level as the tip of my penis. I had just started to grow some pubic hair and had a few isolated black strands. I watched as Chris’s eyes rolled over my privates and taking in the changes that had happened down there. Unlike Chris my butt was pretty much the same as before which meant it was practically nonexistent. The 2 almost flat bumps couldn’t compare with even Chris’s round prepubescent butt.

“Not bad Gordy I mean not as good as me of course but it looks like you’re coming along. Just one question what happened to your underwear?”

“I stopped wearing them about 3 weeks ago. I just felt they were to constricting you know. I thought about asking my dad to buy me some boxers but lately I’m lucky if I can get dinner without an interrogation.”

“You know that’s ideas not half bad iv been feeling kind of constrained down there to and I wouldn’t dear ask my dad for anything new. I think I’m gonna try that but first get over here birthday boy so I can give you your present.”

Chris laid down on the ground and spread his legs as far as possible. I have to say that at that moment it was incredibly sexy but also scary to see not only a person I loved but the strongest person I knew in such a vulnerable position and I think it was right then and there that I realized how sincere Chris was about his love for me.

I walked over to Chris and laid down on top of him. I started kissing him around his shoulder and neck area slowly I whispered into his ear

“Are you sure about this Chris?”
“As sure as I’ve ever been about anything. It’s like I said before I love you and this is something I want to do for you.”

“I love you Chris.”

“I love you to.”

I slid my body down Chris’s smooth skin until my now erect penis was at Chris’s opening. Very carefully I slid my erect penis into Chris’s ass. At first Chris’s hole was very tight and I could tell he was in a lot of pain but he insisted I keep on going and as I got deeper into him he relaxed and I could tell that the pain was subsiding.

As for me I was in absolute bliss. Chris’s tight ass was like an incubator that was keeping me penis warm and snug which produced a very pleasurefull tingling feeling unlike anything I had ever experienced. As I started to pump in and out of his ass a tight friction agenst my penis was better than a thousand hands. Combined with the tingling feeling this put me in a state of pleasure that I never thought possible. Just riding on pleasure and instinct I continued to pump in and out of Chris’s tight ass and it wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm coming. I got tenser and tenser as the pressure rose up my shaft and as it exploded out the head of my penis I had the most violent and most pleasureful muscle spasms of my life. I laid their for about 5 minutes stuck in my other worldly bliss.

After I had finally come back to earth Chris and I talked for awhile. There defiantly seemed to be a new bond between us and we guessed this was because we had both been inside each other. Whatever this bond came from we could understand each other better than any time before and we both knew that we where madly in love and at least for now it looked like that love was here to stay.

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