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ChapteR ThReE




We had been on the bus for about two hours, I looked over at Justin who was on the phone his, or should I say our manager now. He was defending me for the show I put on yesterday night.

"Who cares if he did it? The crowd like it ... (pause) ... so just because he picked up a guitar and sang a few harder numbers people won't believe he is the same guy that is on his CD ...(pause)... that's bullshit and you know it!" he yelled as he looked over at me and rolled his eyes. "Yes I do have to use that language because this whole conversation is dumb and you know it ... (pause)... that's more like it. Yea, I'll talk to you later," he said as he flipped his phone shut.

"Everything ok?" I asked as I looked up at him on the other couch under the TV.

"Yea, you know suits. They have to be walked through some things. You wanna watch a movie?" he asked.

"Yea sure, you pick," I said as I went to the cabinets and grabbed a bag of chips and 2 cokes. I went over and sat on the couch. After he was finishing picking a movie, he came over and sat down too. He looked over at me and wrapped his arm around my waist, and pulled me in close.

I looked over at him, "Better?" 

"Much," he smiled and then put his finger to his lips. "Movie."


We arrived in Vegas and we had a few hours to kill before we had to be the venue. I had just gotten back from the stylist. I had my streaks redid. I got rid of all of them except a few highlights in my bangs. I also got my hair trimmed so my layers were choppy. Over all I liked it. So over all I was pretty happy with my hair.

I came into the suite and the music was playing. So me being in the mood I was in, I started to hum and move my hips a little bit. Before I knew it I was dancing and singing to the song.

"It's alright/ if you feel boy/ you can feel this feeling all around the world/ it's ok/ if you feel it/ forget everything and everybody/ boy let's just have a party/ me and you." I sang moving my hips around the room.

I thought I was alone until I felt another pair of hips flush with my body begin moving with me and then a pair of hands on my hips. "You're kinda hot when you're dancing," Justin whispered in my ear.

I moved away from him pretty quickly, "What?" I asked confused not sure if I heard him right.

"I just said that you were a hot dancer," he said as he looked at me like I had just grown a second head.

I looked at him for a second. "I gotta get out of here," I said as I went for the door.


After that night I avoided Justin as much as I could and the more I avoided the closer I got with Jeff. He came out to see me a few times; we had been a month into our tour when I got a phone call that shook me to the core.

The powers that be, thought we needed a break. Of course they gave it to us in the weirdest place, well it wasn't that weird. Minneapolis wasn't a weird city. But moving on...,


I was walking through downtown Minneapolis, in my public gear. My bucket hat and sunglasses admiring the city I grew up in and trying to keep off the subject that had been plaguing me for a month now. The mixed signals I was getting from Justin. I had no idea what I was supposed to be getting from them. I tried to block the whole idea out of my head. When my cell rang, I looked at the caller id and it was Jeff.

"Hey babe," I said into the phone.

"Who is this?" a woman said.

"Excuse me?" I asked and stopped in mid step.

"This number was in my husband's cell phone but there was no name on it. So who is this?" she said near tears.

I knew what she was feeling and I was near tears too. "I am so sorry." I said above a whisper.

For a second I thought she was going to flip. "You didn't know," she asked, even though it sounded more like a statement.

I shook my head and then remembered she couldn't see me "No, I didn't. I swear I didn't." I said as I wiped a tear.

"Ok," she breathed. "I am sorry for bothering you and I'll make sure he doesn't call you again." The line went dead.

I stood there in the middle of Nicollet and 9th street trying not to break down. It was then when a bodyguard grabbed me and took me back to the hotel.


I was sitting in the suite when I heard Justin and the bodyguard talking.

"What's wrong with him?" Justin asked referring to me.

"I am not sure. He was walking and everything was fine until he got a phone call. He answered it and that's where things went wrong."

"Ok," Justin said and then came into the living room. "You ok DJ?" he asked me.

"No," I said as I looked off into space.

"You wanna talk?" he said as he sat on the coffee table and made eye contact.

"What good is it going to do?" I said as I stood and went to the balcony.

"Dakota, what's going on?" he asked me when he stepped onto the balcony.

I turned to him. "Did you know Jeff was married?"

His eyes widened. "You're shitting me?"

"Nope. His wife called me today. I was walking down the street thinking to myself how confusing the mixed signals you've been sending me have been when my phone rang and it was Jeff's wife," I said as I put my hands on the stone railing.

"Wait kid. You're being confusing what's going on?" he said as he shook his head.

"It doesn't matter because no matter how I try to explain it, I'm either tossed aside or the other `woman' and I end up alone. So if you'll excuse me." I said and pushed past him.


I was standing on my private balcony when I head the door opened.

"Yes?" I asked looking over downtown Minneapolis.

"What did you mean about being tossed aside earlier?" Justin asked.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Nothing, I really don't wanna talk about it." I said shortly.

"You know something?" he said closing the gap between us and turning me around. "That's your problem! You never let anyone in. You're always holding someone at arms length..." I cut him off.

"Fuck You!" I said with so much venom Justin stepped back. "I did let someone in and he turned out to be a fucking cheating married ass! So don't you dare judge me or my actions," I said as I took a step towards him. "Plus, what about that kiss Justin?! Hmm?! And then add to it you've been pulling me close and then pushing me back all the time. What is that? At least I am consistent with what I am feeling!" I said as I pushed him. "So now I'm done with you! After this tour I am so done with you!" I said as I walked past him.


I kept my word too. For the reminder of the tour I didn't speak to Justin unless I had to. Wherever he was, I wasn't. The bus rides were a little rough but I made it. I don't think my shows lagged at all and neither did the critics because I got rave reviews. Also my band was mentioned too. They said,

`The mini show after Timberlake's performance was full of energy and that band is going to go places, not because of Dakota Jamerson's name, but because of the talent possessed by each of the members.'

After that came out The Dropouts were signed to Jive and I wasn't required to make another pop album, which is what I wanted in the first place. It was awesome working with the guys again. In the course of a month the guys and I recorded the album, released the first single and our first video. Both were a success. So was the album too, it was flying off the shelves everywhere. Especially in Minnesota, our home state.

The guys wanted to do a second video, so here we were back at the University of Minnesota, where we all went to college. It was fun to be back there again and to be back to film a music video made it 10 times better. We called our friends and family and made sure they were coming.

We were able to go back to our dorm room and meet the kids who were in there now and to top it off they were big fans of the band. They had posters all over their room. I looked at the posters and remembered all of those photo shoots. For being big fans we signed all of the poster and their CDs,

What the director wanted was just us, on the stage performing and then through out the video there would be a little story with two actors in it. The guys decide to hook everything up and give a free concert while they filmed the video.

After two hours of playing the same song over and over again. We were finally able to leave. I loved playing live it was always so much fun but it was nice to know we had a weeks break before we had to do anything else. The guys still had to unpack their stuff that had been sitting in the new houses they bought so they needed the break too.


I was sitting in my living room with Jason. He was having a hard time adjusting to being famous. There were times when he'd show up at my door stressed about a show we were doing or shaking because he heard us on the radio. I felt for the guy, after all he was my best friend.

He was talking about this girl who recognized him at the mall but didn't freak, just asked him if he wanted to get a cup of coffee and that was over two weeks ago.

"Yea, she's amazing man," he said as he was smiling like a jackass.

"Good. You deserve it." I said as I sat back on the couch.

"Oh!" he said like he just remembered something. "I saw on the news that Jeff and his wife are filing for divorce. What do you think about that?" he asked.

I thought for a second. "I think she's a smart woman," I said

"You think you might..." he started to ask.

"Hell No!" I surprised myself with the force of my voice.

"Ok," he said as he held up his hands. "I was just wondering."

"Sorry," I said as I looked at my hands.

"Is there anyone else?" he asked me.

"There was someone," I said after a pause.

"What happened?" he said sitting on the edge of his seat.

"Too many mixed signals. I didn't know what I was supposed to expect from him," I said as I thought about Justin. I looked at him for a second. "Why so interested in my love life?"

"Because, you worry so much about us that it kinda looks like you're not dealing with your life," he said.

"Yea, maybe you're right." I said.


The next day I went to the dance studio I practice at. I was stretching at the mirror when Chloe came out and greeted me.

"Hey baby!" she said as she ran to me.

"Hey what's up?" I said and then hugged her.

"Nothing much here, just running the place. What are you doing here? Didn't you join the ranks as the new punk/pop movement?" she teased.

"I'm still a dancer numb nuts," I said as I pushed her aside. "So have you been working on anything interesting?" I asked as I stretched on the bar in front of the mirror.

She thought for a second. "Actually I have," she said as a sly smile came over her face.

I missed it. "So let's see it." I said as I walked over.

"Sure give me a second." She went back to her office for 10 minutes. She was all smiles when she came back. "Let's get to it"

For the next hour she showed me the moves and then re-showed me moves. Finally we were at the point where we could put it to music. She put the tape in, the song sounded familiar but I couldn't place it since it was an instrumental.

I watched myself as I went through the routine. It was amazing, the moves were fresh, and the beat to the song was crazy too. After going through it twice we finally took a break.

"So what was that?" I asked her taking a huge gulp from my water bottle. "Who's it for?"

"Me," a soft feminine voice said.

I looked up and made eye contact with Janet Jackson. I nearly choked on my water. "What... who... why?" I stuttered out.

She sat down next to us. "One of my regular dancers twisted his ankle and I have a video shoot coming up, so I need some one to take his place."

"So how do I fit into this?" I asked.

"Well, Chloe told me you have a lot of talent and I should come see you at least perform the dance. I have to say I agree with her. That was quick how you picked that all up. It's a complicated dance."

I was in awe Janet Jackson herself just complimented me. "Thank you," I said in dreamy voice.

"So are you in? It's only a one day shoot and it's here in LA, so no traveling. I'll even give you my regular dancer's fee."

"Yes, when do we start?" I asked.

"Tomorrow," she said.


I drove on cloud 9. I was in the best mood I have ever been until I pulled into my driveway. My smile dropped and my body tensed up as I stepped out of my car and look at him.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I just wanted to see you. It's been awhile," Justin said.

"Yea it has, because I told you it would be." I nearly yelled.

"Dakota," he said as he walked over to me. "I am sorry. I was wrong to say the things I did."

"Yes you were," I said as I walked past him and into the house.

"Dakota!" he yelled at me before I walked into the door. I turned and looked at him.


He sighed. "I love you."

"What?" I said just above a whisper.

"I love you," he closed the gap between us. "I loved you the moment I set eyes on you in the studio. Every time I see you perform I fall in love with you again. I can't stop thinking about you and I just want to be with you," he said as tears welled up in his eyes.

"Then why did you push me away? Why did you set me up with Jeff? I don't get it," I asked as a tear fell.

"I was scared--I was so scared that I wasn't good enough for you," he said as he ran his fingers down along my cheek.

"Oh Justin," I said and pulled him into a hug. "I'm sorry for the things I said," I whispered into his chest.

"Don't worry about it. We've both made mistakes. All I want to do now is just start from here. Can we do that?" he asked hopefully.

"No," I said simply. His face fell, but I went on. "I already know you. I want more. I want to be with you," I said.

"You mean like me and you exclusive?" he asked surprised.

I nodded. "Because I love you too Justin." I stood on my tiptoes and gave him a soft kiss on his lips.



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