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ChaptEr FivE



"Ok, can we play that last part back?" I asked the studio engineer.

"Yea sure no prob Dakota." He said as he pressed a button.

The last single for my second album started to play through the speakers. I decided to take Janet's advice and do another one. This single though was a remake. When the label approached me with it I didn't like it at first, but now that I was hearing it I was loving it.

"Ok we have the background vocals laid. You ready for the lead vocals?"

"Yea," I said getting up and walking into the booth. I put the headphones on, looked up at him, and nodded. The music started playing in my ears.

"I won't let you down.

I will not give you up.

Gotta have some faith in the sound.

It's the one good I've got.

So please don't give up on me.

Because I would really, really love to stick around." I sang and smiled to myself.


"So when am I going to hear the last single?" Justin asked.

"Not til the release party." I said smiling down at him.

After dealing with Jeff, Justin and I fell into a comfortable place in our relationship. It has been a little over two months since we saw Jeff at the coffee shop. The label and Janet's advice convinced me to do another album.

I was really into doing this album, so it didn't take me very long to record it. And after seeing my enthusiasm the label made it their priority to get this album out. The album was finished last month and the release date was in a week.

Justin and I on the other hand, have been taking things slow. Well. That's not true. We have been spending every possible waking moment with each other. He met the band too, but this time as my boyfriend. He fit in so well with the guys, it was really cool.

"So wait your boyfriend," he pointed to himself. "Who loves you so much and thinks you're crazy talented, won't be able to hear it until a week from now?" he said as he pouted.

I tried to hold my ground but I was failing miserable. I smiled, "Fine." I said through clench teeth. I stood up and walked over to my backpack. I pulled a burned CD out and went to my stereo.

The music started to play and I looked at his face. The look on his face was perfect, I knew he placed it immediately but didn't know from where. Then my voice came through the speakers. His lips turned up to a huge smile.

"Genius!" he said jumping up and running to me. He arms engulfed me, he held me until the song ended. "I can't believe it. It's amazing!" he said as his excitement bubbled. He cupped my face and gave me a very passionate kiss. "Genius." He said giving me a bear hug.


I was walking through the mall, I was doing some shopping. I always try to go like super earlier, like when the mall first opens. Today was on a mission. I wanted to get Justin something. I was so nervous that people weren't going to like my remake and he sat down and told me that he was just mad he didn't think of it first.

I had just walked into a jewelry store, when I started thinking about where our relationship was. I walked over to the men's rings. At first I went to the low end case and then I realized I was a friggin millionaire. So I moved along the cases until I found something that screamed Justin.

I finally settled on a bracelet that cost me a pretty penny but it was worth it because Justin was more then worth it to me.

I was on my way out of the mall when I past a bookstore. Something caught my eye so I went to the magazine rack. On the cover of one was a picture of my mother and the words "Star's mother decides to tell whole story."

I could feel the color drain from my face. I pulled out my cell and dialed my father's Number.

"Total security inc. this Janice how can I help you?" the receptionist said.

"I need to speak to Jackson McGee." I said.

"Can I ask who is calling?" she said in a sugar sweet voice.

"Just tell him his son is on the phone." I said getting mad.

After a few minutes my father came on the phone. "Hey kid, I'm looking forward to the album release party." He said and I could feel his smile through the phone. I knew my father was proud of me and I knew he'd do anything for me.

"Dad, we have a problem." I said.

"I have seen the magazine and we're working on it as we speak. But kid, things are going to get a lot worse. >From what the magazine said, they already have the story and plan to make it public anyway." He said softly.

"Fuck!" I yelled, then I quieted down. "Everything was going to well." I thought for a second. "Dad could you come out here?" I asked.

"You don't want to wait til the party?" he asked.

"No I need you now." I said.

"I am on the way to the hanger." He said.


My father is head a major security company for the rich. His main client went missing and he is using every resource to find him but he's still come up with nothing. So he's brought on some other clients so that business doesn't go under. But while bringing on other clients, he's opened other offices in other countries, and purchased a leer jet for the business. My father is such a pro at running a business when he is out of the offices things still run smoothly.


I pulled up to the gate for my community when I was blinded by flashing cameras. Reporters yelled questions at me while the guards tried to keep the reporters from getting into the community.

I pulled through the gate and I felt my stomach tighten. This was not going to be a good week. I pulled into my driveway and noticed Justin's SUV was already there. I got out of my car and walked to the door. The moment I put my key in the door swung opened and two hands grabbed me.

"Are you ok?" Justin said pulling me into his arms.

I tried to bite back the tears. "I am doing alright." I said.

"The moment I saw the magazine, I knew I had to be here with you. So I canceled everything I had today and I'm yours." He said holding me at arms length and smiling at me.

"I love you Justin." I said.

"I love you too Dakota." He said kissing me on the forehead. He looked at me again and that's when he noticed the bag. "What's that?"

"Oh yea." I said holding up the bag. "I got this for you."

He took out the box in the bag. He looked at him and then opened the box. "Oh shit baby!" he said as he took he bracelet out. It was smaller in carats than he owned but it was an original piece guaranteed not to be recreated. It was a simple id bracelet in platinum with diamonds around the plate with our initials on it. He looked at it. "DJM?"

"Yea, sorry I didn't tell you earlier. My last name is McGee." I said looking at him.

"Ok, just like Lance then. His first name is actually James." He said smiling at me and holding out his wrist. "Put it on me."

I took the bracelet from him and put it on him. "Oh yea. My father is coming into town today." I said.

"Speaking of him, I received a phone call from him. Did you tell him about us?" he asked.

"Nope, my father is in the business of knowing things." I said

"Oh. So when are we going to pick him up?" he asked.

"He'll find his way here." I smiled knowing my father will probably show up with a caravan of Black SUVs.

Justin put his arm around his waist. "Let's go watch TV." He said pulling me into the living room.


A few hours later a very frighten Justin woke me up.

"What's up?" I said looking at his face, it was pale.

"Umm, three black SUV's just pulled up and six guys in black suits jumped out." he said. "Should we could the cops?"

I stood up and went to the front door. The moment I stepped out of the house one of the men opened the middle SUV's door and my father stepped out. Once he reached his full height of 6'3, I took off running to him. I jumped and he caught me.

"I missed ya kid." He said into my ear.

"I missed you to daddy." I kissed his cheek.

He chuckled. "I think I scared your boy too."

I jumped down and turned to look at Justin. He did look scared but also confused.

"Justin, come here." I said waving him over.

Justin looked form me to my father and back to me again. He slowly made his way to us.

"Dakota never told you what I did, did he?" he asked.

"No sir." He said looking over at me. "No sir he didn't."

"Please, call me Jack." He said offering Justin his hand.

"Ok. Jack." He said smiling a little.

My father looked around and noticed people looking through their windows. "Maybe we should take this inside." He whispered to us.

I looked around. "Maybe we should." I agreed.

"Ok just let me get rid of the guys." He said walking back towards the uniformed men.

I led Justin back inside. "Why didn't you tell me he'd show up like this?" he whispered at me though he was clearly upset.

"I am sorry baby. Part of me wanted to see your face. But my father is head of a worldwide bodyguard service." I said. "His company handles everyone, from music stars to billionaires." I said as I watched my father come in.

He smiled at us. "So what are talking about?"

"What you do for a living." I said while I guided everyone to living room.

"So Justin tell me about you." My father said as we all took seats. I noticed Justin sat further away from me.

I looked at him funny, sat down, and wrapped his arms around me. "My father doesn't care, I have been out since I was 16 and 6 years later he still doesn't have a problem with it." I whispered to him.

"Umm, well, Jack. I am musician." Justin answered my fathers question and I could tell that my father liked him, which was always a plus.


"Well the boys are on their way." he walking back into the living room. "I know you guys want this old man out of your hair." he said running his fingers through my hair.

"No dad. It's been awhile since I have seen you." I said looking up at him. "Actually you're welcome to stay here if you want."

A look crossed his face, he was hiding something. "No we already have a suite and I have to stuff to work on."

I looked at him carefully. "Dad can I talk to you in private?" I asked standing.

"Sure son." He said. I led him into the foyer.

"What are you working on?" I asked in a tone telling him I wanted no bullshit.

"It's really not important kid." My dad said trying to brush it off.

"Bullshit dad! What is it?" I said.

He eyes turned cold. "It's personal business and last time I checked I was the father here and I don't have to explain myself to you." he took a breath. "Now I am sure the men are here. I'll see myself out." he said opening the door and walked out.


The next day I was sitting in my living room, Justin had a meeting with the label and the rest of *Nysnc about their upcoming album. I had just been watching the TV, thinking about the guys from the band. We were taking a break before recording another album and they we're partying it up somewhere. I had been invited but I decided not to go.

I was thinking about the success that I have been going through in the last couple of months. I wondered if my next album will be as well received as the last and the one with the band.

My thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. I turned and looked at it. I picked up the cordless.


"You little faggot! How dare you tell that magazine about my rehab stay!" the angry bitter voice of my mom came through the phone.

"What are you talking about?" I said trying not to lose my temper.

"I was going to do an interview for Rolling Stones, well until you told them about my stint in rehab. What, do you not want me to be happy?" she screamed into the phone.

"Mom, number one, you were planning on doing more then an interview with them. You were planning on telling the whole world some story that you fabricated to make me look bad. Just because you're bitter about disowning me and now I am more successful then you ever thought possible. Number two, how the hell did you get this number?" I said calmly.

"You're nothing but a stuck up faggot. If it wasn't you then it was you God damn father." she pronounces God "gawd". "He's always trying to protect you, just remember he won't be around forever." She said and with an after thought she added, "Maybe you should read the article in there about Tyler Matthews. You two were best friends when you were little right." She said hanging up.

I thought for a second. What did she mean about Tyler, we were still best friends, I just haven't talk to him in a year, you know with the album and everything. I tried to remember where I put that Rolling Stone at.

I ran to my office and saw it lying on my desk. I picked it up, flipped the pages until I saw a full size picture of Tyler and his family. "Boy Billionaire Mysterious Disappeared a Year Ago!"

I went on to read the article and it told a story about a shoot out in Paris. It also said that found him in a room of the Paris mansion and he was accounted for. It said after he heard the news of a lover/bodyguard death, he just disappeared.

I remember hearing about him and Keith? Kevin? What the hell was that guy's name? Shit. I read further and then came across some disturbing news. My father company was in charge of Tyler security at the time of his disappearance.



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