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"So is there another Dropout album in works?" The Rolling Stone reporter asked me over the dull din over the restaurant.

I took a small drink of my lemonade/sprite mix, "Yea of course. The guys and I love making music together." I smiled and flicked my hair out of my face, "They just need to get used to be famous. So they are taking a break." I answered.

He smiled at me. "What's it like having two debut albums that go straight to the top of the charts in they are released. Your solo recorded went to the top spot after a week of being at number 40. Then you and the boys put out your debut and it's on the top of the charts in the first week out. That's gotta be a great accomplishment, how does that make you feel?"

I thought for a second and then smiled. "It makes me feel lucky. Like I am going to wake up one day and it's all going to be a dream. You know something. I still get excited when I hear a song of mines on the radio; I just hope that the album coming out next week will be just as successful as the others." I said smiling at him.

"I hope it is too." He said reaching for the tape recorder and then stopped. "One more question. There are some really quiet kept rumors that you might be gay, what do you say to those?"  

I was thankful it was a somewhat dim place, because I could feel my face lose its color. I tried to keep my cool demeanor that I had through most of the interview. I let out a convincing fake laugh, "There isn't a man in show business that hasn't had some rumors like that, and it's just that. Rumors." I said smiling at him.

The interviewer looked at me for a second and then a slow smile crossed his face, "I know. Seems like if you're in front of the camera, then you're a homo. It's ridiculous." He said reaching for the tape recorder and pressing the stop button. "Well thanks Dakota. Good luck with the cover shoot tomorrow." He said as we both stood and started towards the door. I made eye contact with my new bodyguard (Justin and Dad's idea) and he stood then took his place at my side.

The reporter left and we waited for the SUV that we were using while we were in Manhattan. "How'd it go?" he asked looking down at me.

"It went pretty good I guess. I mean they all ask the same questions all the time so it's nothing new." I said and then looked up at him. He stood 5 inches taller than me. "So Kyle, what did you have to eat there?"

"I ordered a steak and they butchered it so bad I didn't finish it." he said with a deep laugh.

"Yea, the food did suck." I said laughing, turning, and looking into the plate glass window of the restaurant. I looked closely at Kyle's refection and mine. We could pass as brothers we looked so alike. The only difference was that he was taller than me. His eyes were en emerald green just like mines. His black hair was in the same disheveled look mine is.

"Did you call Justin today?" Kyle asked me bringing me back.

"Yea but he couldn't talk. He was in some sort of meeting." I said thinking of his blue eyes.

"Is it hard being away from him?" he asked.

"Yea, it is. But in this business it just works out that way." I said turning around to see the SUV pulling up.

"What about you?" I asked climbing in.

"What about me?" he said sitting next to me in the SUV.

"Are you seeing someone?" I asked.

"I was, but it didn't work out. There were too many variables we couldn't control in the relationship. So I had to leave his life. I just wish I could have done it in a way that wouldn't have hurt him so much." He said looking down at his hand.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked him. He didn't say anything. I cocked my head and looked at him. I put my hand to his face and nudged it up. "Come on out with it. Looks like you need to talk about it."

"I really can't your dad would kill me." He said.

"I'll worry about my dad." I said. "So what happened?"

"Well... I was assigned to protect this guy and things were going pretty good until a couple weeks into the assignment I realized that I was falling for him. We started talking about things and then decided that we were going to start a relationship even though it was a dumb idea.

"Well to say we had a volatile relationship would be an understatement. It wasn't like it was our fault, but outside forces keeps us from getting too close. So we kept each other at bay so we wouldn't hurt the other one. That was working pretty well until the death threats started coming.

"We were so on edge with those that we fought all the time. We finally broke up and I being his head of security assigned someone else to his detail. But things just kept getting worse. Not on the relationship front but on his safety front. One by one all of his staff was found murdered. It was getting serious pretty quickly.

"Finally we figured out what was happening and we decided to end it there. But before I did that, your father took me aside and handed me a plane ticket back to my home state. He told me that I was going on a vacation for the next month. I argued that this wasn't the time for this, he told me my attachment to my mark was acceptable and that I would either go back to Minnesota for a month or I would be with out a job.

"So I climbed into the town car was off to the airport. Weeks later I found out that they told him I was dead and then I later heard that now he's missing. I can't help but think that I am fucked up royally." He said putting his face his hands.

I sat there and looked at him. Pieces of the puzzles were falling into place now. I was sitting here looking at the "dead" lover of my best friend. "You were in love with Tyler Matthews?" I said just above a whisper.

His head snapped up and he looked at me. The color drained from his face. "How did you know?" he asked.

A single tear slid down my face. "We grew up together and we've been friends for years. He told me about you. He told me that you were everything he wanted and he hoped you guys be together for a long time." I said wiping the tears from my face. "And then I got my deal and I haven't talk to him in a year." I said.

Kyle went to say something but the driver informed us that were at the hotel. He wiped his face and set his jaw and step out of the SUV. And just that quickly the conversation was over.


The next morning I had the Rolling Stone cover shoot. So I was up and out at 6:30 in the morning. The shoot was to be in an old warehouse in the meatpacking district. I was excited. It was my first cover and I was always a big fan of Rolling Stone. The theme of the shoot was rocker chic.

After an hour of makeup they put me in these ripped jeans and a black tank top. They ruffled my hair and put me on a ratty couch. They put me in different positions and told me not to smile.

While they were repositioning me over and over again, I thought about Kyle's confession and my father's part in it. I couldn't hold anything against Kyle and I couldn't honestly hold anything against my father because both of them were just doing what they thought was right.

I tried to look for Kyle while they were setting up the second shot. He was over talking to my assistant. I made eye contact with him and he turn away quickly. I was going to have to do something about that so he didn't think I was mad at him. I liked him, he was a great guy, and he made me feel safe.

"Ok Dakota we're ready for you." The photographer assistant said to me.

The next shot they had me in the same jeans and an old school Aerosmith t-shirt. They had me stand in front of a window and be, again, in various different poses.


After they were finished I could feel something wasn't right. It felt odd, like the way your skin feels when there is a really bad storm approaching. I looked up and then looked around. And then it happened.

I saw him walk in the room. My father was first; he had a weary look on his face like it wasn't ready to deal with something. We made eye contact and I saw fear in his eyes. The next guy walked in the room was a tall blond man. I assumed he was a bodyguard because he was dressed just like Kyle was. The blond man looked around and then nodded to someone outside of the room.

There he was. The richest man under 25, the boy billionaire they call him. He stepped in the room and looked around. The moment we made eye contact I saw his face break out into this huge grin. I prayed Kyle was smart enough to leave the room.

"Dakota!" he screamed as he ran across the room and hugged me.

"Tyler!" I said hugging him back. I looked over his shoulder and saw Kyle walking towards us. I gave him a look that said "Get away!" but he kept coming and I tried to prepare myself for the explosion that was going to result from this.

"Tyler." Kyle said when he was close enough to us.

Tyler's body tightened. He let go of me and made eye contact with me. A single tear came down his cheek.

"Ty?" Kyle said again.

He turned around slowly and looks up at him. "Kyle?"

For some reason the whole place went silent. Even though only a few of us knew what was going on it was pretty obvious a couple important things are going on.

"Hi." Kyle said meekly.

Tyler looked at him for a second and then just snapped. "Hi?" he sneers, "For the last year I thought you were dead and all I get is hi? That's it, nothing more?" Kyle started to say something when Tyler punched him in the face. The whole room gasped. "Fuck you!" he said looking down at Kyle on the floor and then he kicked him. He turned to me, "I am staying at the town home. Come see me later." He said and then just walked out.

The photographer came up to me, "What the fuck just happened?"

I shook my head, "I don't know. But how'd the pictures look?"




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