Straight Celebs?
Chapter 1

This story is a work of fiction and although may be based on real characters I have no idea whether they are gay or not. This story is meant for adults above the age of consent in your area, so if you are  not then please do not read on. This story depicts sex with  consenting adults. If you are offended by  this then please do not read on.

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Justin Bieber

Sweat was running down his body. The hairless torso, slim but muscled body was heaving as he breathed heavily after singing and dancing for the huge audience that had been at the 02 arena in London. Everyone was congratulating him, slapping him on his naked back. He breathed deeply and went into his dressing room. Once inside he put his back to the door, grabbed a bottle of water and gulped it down, the water spilled out of his lips and down his chin. The water slipped down his neck and then down his pecs, down his stomach, and was absorbed into the waistband of his boxers. Still breathing heavily he moved into the room and looked into the full-length mirror that was there. He removed his jeans, which were already half way down his thighs; they fell down, bunching at his ankles. He kicked of his black hi-top trainers and his jeans followed. He stood their looking at himself in the mirror. He looked good, he knew he was lusted after, the thousands of screaming girls in the crowd and the odd screaming boy! The slightly off-centre cap led down to dark hair, styled to within an inch of its life! His face was pretty, recently he had started to took his age, it annoyed him slightly that he was almost girl-pretty, but the was nothing he could really do about it. From his face he looked down to his chest, amazingly defined, he'd worked hard to get the definition he had, his small dime sized nipples were erect in his current state of arousal. Looking down further to his stomach, completely smooth again, the abs made ridges across his stomach, defining them. He was hot, he loved it!

In only his black boxers he wandered aimlessly around his dressing room, adrenaline pumping through his veins, his heart was pumping his blood around his eighteen year old body at a fast rate. This inevitably led to his cock growing
''Fuck sake." He said to himself as his cock bulged out into his boxers.
He looked in the mirror again, his boxers tenting out. He pulled the waistband down and over his cock and under his balls. He sighed as Justin Jnr was released from its confines. He threw his head back and sighed as he ran his palm and finger along the rigid shaft, then cupping his balls. The six and a half inch's throbbed in his hand. The door clicked open, Justin quickly put his cock away, though he couldn't hide the bulge.
''Hey baby," a female voice said.
"Selena!" Justin exclaimed as he ran towards her, shut the door and pinned her against the door. He pushed his lips against hers; she was slightly caught off guard at his aggressiveness. "You smell so good!"
"Ew, you're sweaty and horny," she protested.
"Take your clothes off!" Justin demanded. He started undoing her shirt.
"Justin stop!"
"Please, I'm so pumped, and need to release!"
"Sit down."

Justin did as he was told, spreading his legs so his bulge was prominent. She took her shirt off seductively, leaving herself in a pink bra, removing her jeans, was the same coloured panties, Justin groaned and touched himself. Selena batted his hand away from his cock.
"Mine". She reminded him. Justin just smiled.
She hooked the boxers waistband under his balls and took hold of his cock.
"Oh yes baby." Justin moaned. She licked the tip of his cock, pushing her tongue into the piss slit.
"Please baby, don't tease me!"
Selena then swallowed his whole cock in one go, right down to the base, nestling her nose in his trimmed light brown probes.
''Fuck yes!" Justin screamed as she slid her lips up and down his shaft.
Selena pulled off her panties so she was just wearing her bra. Licking up the shaft she smiled as she just enveloped her lips around his head. She stood back upright and straddled Justin’s waist. Holding his cock vertically she lowered herself done on him. Her pussy slowly covered the raging cock that was Justin's.
"Fuck yeah, you don't know how much I needed this."
Selena slowly started sliding up and down him.

At that point the dressing room door opened.

"Whoever you are, fuck off." Justin said between grunts.
"Now now Baby-J that’s no way to speak to me." The guy at the door said.
"Usher!" Justin eyes opened wide. "What are you doing here?"
"Oh, you know, checking on my investment, also come to collect my normal fee." Usher said with a smile.
"Not now, please?"
"Now." Usher said. "Off you get honey. You can have him back in a bit."
"Justin, what the fuck is going on?" Selena asked.
"Just something I need to do with Usher, get dressed, wait outside for a bit."
"No honey, don't bother getting dressed." Usher said as he took off his T-shirt, showing off his sculpted, brown body. "Go sit over there, you can watch, you might even like it!"
Selena got off Justin's cock, and still mostly naked, she sat on the sofa.
"Nice, Justin, you lucky boy!" Usher smiled as he looked at Selena s body and shaved pussy." Now come over here Justin."

Naked Justin Bieber, crawled on his knees towards Usher. His cock still sticking out in front of him.
"Good boy. You know what to do Baby-J." Usher put his hand on the top of Justin's head and guided him towards his crotch.
"Justin, what’s going on?" Selena asked.
Justin looked up pleadingly into Usher's eyes. Usher just smiled down at him. Justin's hands moved up and undid Usher's belt, unbuttoning his jeans and put his fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled everything down at once. His clothes bunched at his ankles. Selena gasped as she saw Usher now naked, he kicked off his shoes and clothes, and stood there, legs apart in front of Justin. What Selena gasped at was hanging between Usher's legs. The super hot black singer stood there in front of Justin, his cock was swelling up, currently it was hanging down over 8 inches, and was still soft.
"Come on Justin, you know what to do."
Justin glanced over at Selena, then looked at the huge black cock in front of him. He reached forward, lifting it up and wrapped his lips around the massive head.
"Oh yes Baby-J, that’s it." Usher moaned. "Keep going."
Justin slipped his lips up and down the black cock; it was still growing in his mouth. Usher removed Justin's cap and threw it aside and started kneading his fingers through Justin's thick brown hair.

Usher's cock kept growing to its full 11 inches. Justin pulled the foreskin back, exposing the thick glands. The head was as thick as a coke can but tapered back behind the head, but quickly the shaft thickened back to the same width as the head and stayed the same thickness along the whole length until it met with the rest of Usher's body. Selena was having trouble comprehending what was going on in front of her as she watched her boyfriend giving a blowjob to one of the biggest music stars in the industry. Watching his head bob up and down and Usher's muscles tensing and relaxing as he enjoyed the blowjob. It was a very horny sight, she couldn't believe it, but she was turned on watching this. Usher put his finger under Justin's chin and lifted him up. Justin got to his feet.
"You know what to do now." Usher whispered into Justin's ear, Justin just nodded. Justin moved past Usher and bent over the makeup table, lifting his night leg up and placing the knee on the table too. Usher growled as he looked at the smooth bubble but in front of him. Justin s ass was perfect; the crack opened up and displayed his rosebud for Usher to see. Usher got on his knees, placed his hands on the luscious mounds and pulled them apart more. He dove in with his tongue and started licking out the sweaty teenagers ass. Justin could do nothing but throw his head back and moan in pleasure loudly as his sweaty little boy pussy was lapped at and penetrated by the beautiful black man behind him. Usher was enjoying getting back together with his teenage protégé. It had been at least a year since he had last collected. from Justin. The boy that was bent over in front of him had been his best find. Not only from his worldwide success as an artist, but also his damn fine ass and it’s craving for black cock, which never seemed to be sated. Usher stood up and pushed his cock between the beautiful mounds of flesh that were before him. Sliding his cock against the soft, velvety smooth Skin, rubbing against the hole was twitching. Usher looked over to Selena, who had her legs spread and was fingering herself. "Throw me that lube." Usher pointed to the bottle next to her on the side table.

He squirted some onto Justin's ass and fingered it inside. Justin moaned as he penetrated his ass with the thick digits. Usher poured some more lube over his thick 11 inches, readying it for Justin’s ass.
"You've tightened up again, good boy Baby-J." Usher teased.
He held the head of his cook right at the entrance of Justin's body. Justin wriggled his ass in anticipation of being fucked. Usher lined up and pushed. Justin's well trained ass gratefully opened up and accepted the black cock. Justin yelped as the head popped in and his ass snapped behind the flared head. Usher just moaned as the head of his cook was squeezed. The black cock slowly moved further into Justin's body. Justin moaned out loud as his ring was stretched wide open. Usher watched as the teen's hole widened around the shaft of his cock, it looked so out of shape, the pale white boys ass wrapping around the thick black cock. Usher was about six Inches in now, five to go, he knew he would be punching through into Justin's colon soon. Justin was sweating again, the pressure in his ass was extreme, sweat was running down his back and into the crack of his ass. Usher had reached the second set of muscles and they were clamping shut! Usher slapped Justin's ass and punched through the muscles. Justin screamed, but pushed back onto it rather than away.
"Oh yes," Usher sighed." You feel so fucking good Baby-J."
Usher withdrew his cock and pushed it back in. Justin moaned in pleasure as the sensitive walls of his ass were being rubbed away at by the invading monster. Justin's cock was back to full hardness, as his ass was being ripped apart, he started wanking himself off, moaning more, smearing his precum over the head of his cock making it slick and sticky. Moaning as his ass was being plundered by the very sexy black man behind him. Usher was moving quickly back and forth. Loving the tightness of the white boys ass. He stopped right inside of Justin, completely filling Justin’s insides. Usher groaned as he held himself inside, Justin gritted his teeth as the pressure inside him made him feel like he was going to explode! Justin's body started spasming from the inside. Usher felt the spasming, it felt so good he left himself right inside. Justin was yelling in pain, Usher left himself in for another ten seconds and then pulled right out. Justin screamed again as he was left empty. Usher stepped back and looked at the gaping hole in front of him.

Justin was stretched a good two inches across, he was panting.
"On your back." Usher ordered.
Tentively he stood up, got up onto the table and raised his legs, ready for Usher to finish him off. Usher stepped forward, his beautiful body on display for Justin to admire, Justin just bit his bottom lip.
"Cute." Usher said as he walked forward, lifted Justin's legs onto his shoulders and pushed his cock deep in Justin again.
"Oh fuck yes. Usher, harder, fuck me till I cum." Justin screamed out.
''Oh yes Baby-J. You'll get it good."
Usher pistoned in and out of Justin's ass, both sweating profusely, their amazing bodies glistening as they exerted themselves at each other. Usher's body was slapping against Justin's, making loud noises as they fucked. Usher grabbed Justin's cock and wanked him in time with his thrusts into his body. Usher was fucking at least nine inches in and out of Justin, the boy was going crazy as the cock slammed his prostate over and over again. Justin was moaning and groaning in pleasure as his body was wracked with sensations from his burning ass and his tingling cock.
"Ush, I'm gonna, gonna.... " Justin didn't finish his cock fired out shot after shot of cum from his balls. Justin roared as his balls unloaded. The first shot hit him in the face, the second followed, the third and fourth hit his chest, the fifth and sixth on his stomach and the last three dribbled from his slit and down his shaft. His body heaving, the eleven inch cock still imbedded in his ass.
''That’s my boy." Usher looked down at the teen, soaked in his own juices, they were running down his chest, following the natural muscle dips in his body. Still breathing heavily Justin looked up into Ushers eyes.
"My turn." Usher said
He started fucking Justin again, pounding the teen's body. Justin just closed his eyes and let Usher fuck him. Usher grunted, groaned, moaned as he fucked Justin. A few minutes later he announced, "here you go Baby-J."
He pumped in a few more time and then shoved in hard and unloaded jet after jet of spunk into Justin’s ass. As Usher came down off his high he started to pull out of Justin's ass.
"That was great as always Baby-J." Usher panted. "Though you are looking fucking hot now."
"Thanks" Justin said. "That was great, just what I needed after that performance."
Usher stepped back, put his boxers back on, then his jeans, T-shirt and trainers.
"Keep up the good work Baby-J." Usher said as he left, closing the door behind him.

Justin got down off the table and sat on the chair, still breathing heavily, from the side a small whimper came out. Justin looked over; Selena was there with her legs spread and fingers up inside her. She was panting away as the orgasm rocked her body. Justin sat there, cum leaking from his ass as she came down off her high.
''Enjoy that?" Justin asked.
"Unexpected, but hot, how the fuck did that all happen?"
"That a long story." Justin replied.
"How long has he been fucking you?"
"Since I signed for his label."
"Jesus, you were fifteen when he fucked you?"
"But you're straight?"
"Yeah. I think"
"And you get fucked by Usher."
"You enjoy it?"
"I do."
Selena paused thinking. "Where does this leave us?"
Justin sighed, "honestly, I don't know, how do you feel about this knowledge?"
Selena paused again. "I think I'm ok with it."
Justin smiled, "I better grab a shower." He wandered into the shower clenching his ass cheeks to stop the cum leaking out.

Soaping himself up, he rubbed his hands across his smooth body. His cock responded to his touch and he started jerking off. Fingers made their way into his ass. He wanked and fucked himself, moaning until he dumped another load of cum into the shower. He groaned as he missed the big cook that was inside him a few minutes ago. He craved more, and didn't know where he could get more. Although he knew one thing, that Selena no longer did it for him. He needed cook.