Straight Celebs
Chapter 2

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Young Str8 guy wanting to try with a guy – 19

Date: 2012-09-04, 10:21AM PST
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Slightly nervous about doing this – I’m a young guy – 19 – straight – but want to try sex with a guy, free today, am in a hotel in LA. Mail me for more info.

Location: London

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Sent: 04 September 2012 10:35

Subject: Criagslist
Attachment: pic1.jpg

Saw your post – and like the sound of it, I love straight guys, especially if they are smooth and slim. Every straight guy I have had has loved my cock deep inside them!
I’m 34 and can get to you today if you want – do you have a pic? I have attached one of me – I hope you like ☺

Sent: 04 September 2012 10:39

Subject: Re: Criagslist
Attachment: 000321.jpg

Hi, thanks for the mail, I’ve had quite a few but I like you’ve attached a pic ☺ nice body and cock. Im not sure what I want to do – but I’m curious to be with a guy. I have attached a pic of my body; I don’t want to show my face yet ;)

Sent: 04 September 2012 10:44

Subject: Re: Re: Criagslist

Wow, that’s an awesome body, how about I tell you what I’m going to do to that body of yours:
I want to run my fingers over every inch of you, sliding my tongue shortly after my finger, getting into all your corners and crevices. I want to feel your lips sliding up and down my cock, and I want to do the same to you, tasting your sweet precum. Then I want to rim ur ass till you moan for me to fuck you, and I would, I want to feel your tight ass stretch around my thick cock as it enters your body and hits your prostate, I want to hear you moan and cum as I fuck your ass.
Hope you are up for that!

Sent: 04 September 2012 10:47

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Criagslist

Omigod, yes, that sounds amazing. When can you get here? I’m at the Marriott hotel, I’ll leave a key card to my room at reception for you? What’s you name so I can put that on the envelope?
Logan x

Sent: 04 September 2012 10:52

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Criagslist

I can leave now and be with you in 20 minutes, my name is Jamie, but leave the name on the envelope as Doug Hardman :p I’ll leave as soon as you reply to this message

Sent: 04 September 2012 10:54

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Criagslist

Ok, I’m going to reception now – just ask for it. See you soon.

20 minutes later I was in the Marriot reception.
"Hi," I said to the attractive female behind the desk." You should have an envelope for Doug Hardman?"
"Ah, yes sir, Mr Lerman dropped it off for you 5 minutes ago."
I smiled and took the envelope, "Thanks." I turned away and started walking towards the lifts. I opened the envelope; there was a key card and a note - Room 510.
Lerman, why was that name familiar? Logan was his first name. I stepped into the elevator, pulling out my phone and Google Imaged "Logan Lerman."
"Fuck me." I said as the images came up. The stunning dark hair and piercing blue eyes. I searched "Shirtless Logan Lerman." Sure enough there were a couple of images, they kind of matched the photo I had been sent.
"Don't be ridiculous Jamie," I said to myself. "It’s not going to be him. The elevator chimed and doors opened to the 5th floor. I walked down to Room 510, admiring the decor of the hotel. Room 510 was in front of me, I hesitated for a second before putting the keycard in the slot, the light went green and the lock opened.

I pushed the door open and stepped in, closing the door behind me.
I looked into the palatial room, white linen on the bed, red curtains covering the enormous windows, and then I saw a figure, knelt on a rug, a blindfold on, his hands behind his back. He was breathing heavily. I drank in his features; he was naked, bar a jockstrap which was white with lime green straps. His skin was pale; he was beautifully slim, with defined pecs, a flat and smooth stomach. His thighs were slim, with only a dusting of hair, which was dark. Above the blindfold was black hair, messy, but still looking like it had been styled that way.
"Logan, l' m Jamie," I said.
"H.... Hi," he said nervously.
"I know who you are, so you can take the blindfold off."
"I.... I can't, my hands are cuffed."
"Interesting." I walked over to him and removed the blindfold; he blinked a couple of times and then looked at me with those eyes. "My god," I said. "Your eyes are amazing, you must be able to get anyone to do anything you want with them!" Logan smiled.

I leaned down and whispered in his ear, "I want to look into those eyes as I fuck you."
Logan squirmed and a whimper left his lips.
I undressed in front of him, down to nothing. My 7.5 inch cock sticking out as I looked at the stunning boy in front of me. He licked his lips as I brought my cock towards his face. He opened his mouth obediently and I slipped the thick mushroom head of my cock into Logan's waiting mouth. I sighed as his lips closed around it.

I let him swirl his tongue around and suck on me. He seemed to be a natural and he accepted more as I pushed into his mouth.
"Oh yeah Logan, your lips were made for this," I moaned as I moved in and out of his mouth. He was comfortably taking 5" into his mouth, I was enough to feel amazing but not enough to make me cum. I let him suck on me for a few minutes before removing my cock from his lips. He whimpered again, an insanely cute noise, as I pulled away.
"My turn to play," I said, helping him to his feet and leading him to his bed. He climbed up, it was the first time I had seen his ass. I groaned as I saw the perfect mounds of flesh, accentuated by the lime green straps of the jock. They we smooth, bar a little dark hair in the crack, I cannot fully describe the beauty of the ass in front of me, even if I tried, I wouldn't be doing it justice! So, it was perfect! He got up on the bed and got into a doggy position, god what an amazing view. Now I was undecided, I wanted to suck his cock, but he looked amazing in the jock! I reached down and rubbed his package, he was hard, I felt along the shaft, a nice sizeable cock, about 6". More than enough for the bottom he was going to be with me! As I massaged his package I realised that the elastic was more than stretchy enough around the pouch for me to get his cock and balls out! I got on my back and slid up between his legs so my face was level with the jock pouch. I pulled it aside and released his aching cock. He purred into the bed as I licked and sucked the cut cock and balls hanging in front of me. He was getting very excited as I deep throated his entire cock, nestling my nose in his dark trimmed pubes and his smooth balls resting on my chin. I swirled my tongue around the head, the shaft and the join of the shaft and balls. He moaned an I sucked on each of his balls, I licked up his shaft and slid my lips up and down the shaft, I knew he was going to cum, I wanted to taste him, I grabbed his ass and pumped him in and out quickly, stimulating as much of him as possible. His moans got louder and his thrusting more urgent, quite quickly though he went rigid and shot copious amounts of teen boy spunk into my mouth. I lapped it up draining every last drop from my teen actor.
Finally I let him out of my mouth. Now it was my turn. Without giving him any respite I slid out from under him and dove my tongue into his ass. I felt his body go rigid as I explored his crack and hole with my tongue. "Oh yeah," Logan moaned. "Oh fuck yeah."
He repeated as I slowly made his boy pussy ready for me to fuck.
"Oh fuck, why does that feel so good?' Logan gasped as I rimmed his hole. He was pushing his ass back to my face, his fingers were flexing and stretching as I pushed in deeper, the handcuffs around his wrists were barely restraining him! I pulled my face out of his ass and knelt behind him, I settled my cock between his cheeks and slid it up and down the crack. He groaned as the tip pushed against his ring.
"This puppy is just right for fucking." I thought to myself.
I grabbed the lube, spread some over his hole and then ran my hand up and down his back. He'd left the key to the handcuffs on the bedside table, I grabbed it and undid his arms. He groaned in relief, l threw the cuffs on the floor. I leaned right over his back, linking my fingers into his.
"Ready little pup?"
Logan just groaned and nodded. I got upright again, lubed my cock and started inserting it. Holding it right at the entrance his hole just relaxed and I slid in easily.
Logan just sighed as I entered him fully. Never had l known such a tight virgin be so easy to get into. It was as though he had given himself completely to me and was completely relaxed about what was happening. It certainly made it more pleasurable for both of us!
We fucked, he pushed his ass back to meet every thrust from me. Every time I bottomed out in him he let out an "Oh", as we speeded up the "Ohs” got faster and faster. Doggy style was my favourite position to start, as I'd never cum in that position. Where as face to face l' d cum in an instant. We switched position, and Logan started riding me, I ran my hands up and down his torso, feeling his beautiful skin as his ass massaged my cock. His cock was firmly standing to attention, the jock pouch still off to one side. It was bright red, angry and swollen, and looked like it was about to explode again, little pearls of precum were appearing and dribbling down the shaft. Logan's eyes were shut and his cheeks flushed, a red glow was coming from his chest too. Cute noises and huffs and puffs came from him as he rode me.
''Oh fuck, fuck, Oh fuck, Oh, OH, OH, FUUUCK," Logan screamed as his balls unloaded all over my stomach. His movements slowed as his orgasm subsided and he collapsed onto my chest. I wrapped my arms around him and rolled. I put his legs, noticing that his lower legs were quite hairy, on my shoulders. I slipped back into him punching through the muscles that wanted to keep me out.
"Open you eyes." I said to Logan, he did as I asked. Looking into the beautiful ice blue eyes I fucked him. I never lasted long in this position, but looking into those eyes it took even less time for me to explode inside him. At least 9 shots of cum fired out of me and into Logan's ass. I held onto him tight, my lips at his neck, still inside him and rocking slowly we kissed. It was the first time we had kissed since I had walked in the room 30 minutes ago. It was passionate, our tongues mashed together, my cock was still hard enough to penetrate him so I kept rocking back and forth feeling the warm slippery insides against his cock.
We kept kissing and fucking slowly, l 'd almost say passionately, like two lovers. Logan’s hands were either side of my face pulling me forcefully into his lips. As we were still fucking he was grunting into my mouth. He broke away for a second, "fuck me again."
How could I refuse such a request? Logan had gone soft after his most recent orgasm, I was still hard inside Logan. So I just started fucking him again, he closed his eyes as I slipped in and out of him. It took a long time for me to cum again, we just fucked, kissed until I came in him for the second time. We both collapsed again, I rolled off him and lay next to the panting teenager. Logan had his knees up, feet flat on the bed. I looked over at him and took in the beauty of the film star next to me, naked, sweaty and cum slowly dribbling from his ass. There were a couple of minutes of silence as
we caught our breaths.
"That was awesome," Logan finally said.
''I'm glad you enjoyed it, I certainly did."
"MMMM," Logan replied. Logan shifted and rolled over, now lying half on me and half off, left arm draped across my abdomen. I looked down again at the beautiful teen body stretched out on me, his ass had two red marks on his cheeks from my hips slapping against them. I smiled as a looked down his body. His ass, his legs the hair on his legs, his smooth defined back.
"So, straight Hollywood actor huh? "I asked.
"Maybe not so straight."
"Good," l said. "So, I guess I should get going."
"Oh, ok."
"You sound disappointed," I smiled.
"I guess, I don't know, I guess I need a shower as well."
"Yup, you smell of sex and cum, which is a great smell for me, but possibly not for au the girls that follow you around."
Logan smiled. "I'll join you from that for that shower, I believe there are still bits of your body I haven't touched!"
Logan smiled again and we walked into the huge bathroom, Logan turned on the rainfall Shower and we got in.
The next part I loved, even though we were both soft after the sex session I just ran my fingers over as much of his body as I could, grazing his skin, using some shower gel, cleaning all over him, under his arms, between his legs, over his torso, across his back and his ass. He was purring like a kitten by the time l'd finished washing him. My fingers tweaked his perky nipples before just wrapping my arms around his torso, letting the water cascade over us.
After a few minutes we got out, dried and dressed.
"Well, that was amazing," I said. "You are one very sexy guy, don't ever change anything! And don't worry, I won't tell anyone about our little rendezvous."
"I wasn't going to ask you not to say anything."
"Ok, well I won't anyway. But I do have one request, for my silence," Logan looked worried, I was just smiling. "That when you are in the UK, you look me up for a repeat session!"
Logan smiled, "Sure, I can do that. Give me your cell."
"My wha... oh right," I realised he was talking about my mobile number! I grabbed a bit of paper and wrote my number down. I handed him the number, he grabbed his phone and started programming it in.
I made my way to the door, suddenly rendering that I still had his keycard in my pocket, I turned around and held the key out to him.
"I'm tempted to let you keep it!" Logan said.
"Well I don't think that would be a good idea," l said putting it in his hand. "I'd turn up all hours of the night."
"I don't see the problem with that," he said with a smirk.
"Think I might have released a horny monster!" I gave him a final deep kiss and then left Logan in his room.
Logan did text me, and we did meet up again for another hot session the time I had with Logan was awesome, he's such a nice guy and as cute as a button, I could easily ravage his body every day and night and swallow his spunk by the pint! But he greatest feature is his amazing eyes. I could get lost in those eyes for hours! I haven't heard from Logan in a while, I must text him and see when he is back in London, shame I'm a bit old for him, as I'd love to be his boyfriend!
The only thing that I regret that hasn’t happened yet, is that I have yet to fall asleep with him, I can imagine him being absolutely beautiful as he slept, another thing to put on my list to see if I can do with him!