Straight Celebs
Chapter 3

This story is a work of fiction and although may be based on real characters I have no idea whether they are gay or not. This story is meant for adults above the age of consent in your area, so if you are  not then please do not read on. This story depicts sex with
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"Sure," Dylan took the bottle from the extended hand.
"So how was your week?"
"Not to bad, same as yours really!" Dylan replied.
Both laughed, Dylan and Tyler were on the set of Teen Wolf, filming the 3rd series. They were currently sat in Tyler’s trailer on a Friday afternoon. The filming had finished for the day and they had nothing planned for the coming weekend.
"No band for you this weekend?" Dylan asked.
"Nope, not this week. Everyone’s busy." Tyler responded. "How are things with you and what’s-her-name?"
"Ok, she is supposed to be coming around tonight, hopefully I can convince her to take care of this," Dylan said grabbing his crotch and winking at Tyler, who just laughed at him.
''Hopefully she can stop you from jerking off every 20 minutes!"
''Hey, I'm not that bad!" Dylan protested.
Both guys sat there drinking their beer.
20 minutes later Dylan’s phone beeped. He took it out his pocket and head the message. His expression changed and he sighed deeply.
"What’s up?" Tyler asked.
"She isn't coming, and therefore neither am I!"
"Sorry dude."
"Ah, It’s been a week! I'm really ready to explode!"
"Well do it in your own trailer please!"
Dylan just smiled, then got up and fetched more beers for them.
"Fucks sake," Dylan exclaimed, trying to get his crotch comfortable, Tyler watched his friend adjusting his erection.
"Why are you hard man?" Ty asked.
"I don't know, it just is!" Dylan sighed. "Fucking thing has a mind of its own!"
"Yeah I know how that feels!"
"I've never seen you with this problem! Fucking thing is so huge that it just gets in the way!"
"Tyler burst out laughing, "ha fucking ha dude! You wish you had a monster in your pants!"
''Fuck off!"
The two boys continued shooting the shit at each other for a bit. ''Ty," Dylan started. "Why don't you have a girl?"
Tyler was a little taken aback, "Oh you know, time, not met the right one."
Dylan paused for a second, "that's bullshit man, you're lead singer in a band and lead actor in a teen drama. Girls get wet just looking at you, and I bet they finger themselves stupid at your shirtless pictures!"
"Dude, do you have to be so crass! I don't want to think about some fourteen year old girl fingering herself!"
"Come on Ty, you know they'd spread their pretty little legs and let you fuck them senseless!"
"Dyl! For fucks sake man!" Tyler protested." You might want stick your cock in a underage virgin pussy, but I definitely do not!"
"Oh come on man. Some hot fifteen-year-old blond. You one end, me the other, fucking the shit out of her, god that would be awesome." Dylan was absent mindedly stroking himself down his trouser leg. Tyler was trying not to watch him doing it, but couldn’t help himself.
"Dyl, please.”
"Man, you make it sound like you don't even like fucking pussy." Dylan paused and starred at Tyler. "You do like pussy don't you?"
Tyler was silent..
"Shit, I’m sorry man, I didn't even think.. I didn't realise you are ga..... You are aren't you? Don’t fuck around with me on this!"
Tyler sighed, "honestly Dyl. I don't know."
'"How can you not know? Surely if you like dick, you like dick. If you like pussy, you like pussy?"
'"'You'd have thought it was that simple wouldn’t you! It all seems so complicated!"
"Complicated? I don't understand."
"I don't know how to explain it. I'm not sure I am gay, but I'm not sure I am straight either."
"Have you had sex with a guy?"
Tyler nodded.
"And a girl?"
"Course I fucking have!"
"Dude don't get so tetchy!" Dylan tried to calm Tyler down. "Which did you enjoy more?"
"Guy, I guess."
"Cool, that s ok, geez Ty, I had no idea, you're like the ultimate manly man, I didn't even think it was a possibility."
"Well, it is, I guess. Dyl, don't tell anyone."
"Of course man, no problem.”
There was silence for a few minutes.
"Ty," Dylan said.
"Yeah dude, "Tyler replied.
"What sort of guys do you like?"
"Come on, I wanna know more!"
Tyler sighed, "I like guys my age, slim, muscled, tall. Hot!"
''Hmmm, what about me?" Dylan said grinning.
"Dyl, please?"
"Come on Ty! Did me stroking my cock earlier turn you on?"
Tyler blushed, "Dylan."
''Guess that answers that question!"

Dylan found himself chubbing up again at the thought of his best friend being turned on by his actions.
''Fuck," Tyler got up and went into the kitchen area of the trailer. He leaned up against the units and rested his head against the cool wood. Dylan followed him a few minutes later, seeing his friend upset wasn't nice. So he walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around Tyler’s waist.
"Dylan, what are you doing? "Tyler asked.
"My best friend is upset, I'm giving you a hug!"
"I'm ok," Tyler lied.
"Liar," Dylan said. "I know you better than that."
Dylan was whispering into Tyler’s ear, whilst pressing his body right against Tyler’s back. Dylan s cock was pushed against Tyler’s ass. "Dylan, what are you doing?"
"I can feel how excited you are," Dylan whispered. "Can you feel how excited I am?"
Tyler bit his bottom lip and nodded.
"Do you want to have some fun with me?"
"Yes Dylan, but why are you doing this?"
"Because it turns me on knowing you are hot for me."
"Do you like guys too Dyl?"
"I'm not gay, I didn't think I was bi until now, maybe I'm not, but I know I want to have fun with you."
Tyler turned around to face Dylan, Dylan was just smiling at him, and Tyler was still biting his bottom lip. Dylan leaned closer and their lips met.
Fireworks went off in Tyler’s head and his cock responded, getting hard inside his boxers and combats. Dylan grabbed Tyler’s hand and put it onto his cock. Dylan was rock hard, Tyler squeezed the shaft through his pants, Dylan just groaned. Tyler pushed his hand down his trouser leg, feeling the thickness and length.
"My, you are a big boy!" Tyler said as he massaged Dylan.
''Told you! Lets go back in there."
Dylan turned, holding Tyler’s hand and led his back to the lounge area. Tyler let go and walked to the door and locked it.
"Good thinking!" Dylan said as he pulled off his t-shirt. Tyler just stood there looking at his upper body. Dylan had been working out, Tyler knew, but before him now he noticed how amazing Dylan looked. Pale skinned, smooth, bar a treasure trail that disappeared into his white boxers. His biceps bulged slightly, just the right amount that you knew they were there.
His pec's were solid, defined and housed brown nipples. Looking down further, he had a flat stomach, slightly defined abs, his whole upper body was solid, wide shoulders tapering down to a slim waist, his white boxers peaked above his tan coloured combat shorts with a black belt. Tyler just licked his lips.
Dylan sat back down, legs open, smiling at Tyler. Tyler whipped off his own t-shirt, showing off the well-publicised torso, with his tan, tattoo's and large pec's. The smoothness from his Mexican gene's, his beautiful skin colour too. Tyler got down on his knees between Dylan’s legs, tentatively he leaned in and kissed Dylan's stomach, he felt the muscles underneath contract and spasm as his tongue joined his lips. Dylan sighed and put his fingers through Tyler’s long dark hair. Tyler slowly moved over Dylan’s torso, licking, kissing and nibbling as much as he could. Dylan was enjoying the attention he was receiving from his best friends lips.

As Tyler sucked on Dylan’s nipples, Dylan grinded his crotch into Tyler’s strong stomach. The closeness of another body was sending Dylan into orbit. He was groaning, grinding and moaning against Tyler’s body. Feeling more confident, Tyler gripped Dylan’s cock through his clothes. Dylan was so hard! Tyler pulled his lips away and started on removing Dylan's belt, he discarded the belt quickly and then unbuttoned his combat shorts, raising his ass slightly Tyler removed the clothes, leaving Dylan in just his bright white American Eagle boxers. They were tenting obscenely as Dylan was so turned on. There was a wet patch, making the boxes see thru, so Tyler could see the head of Dylan’s cut cock. Tyler couldn't wait any longer, he whipped Dylan’s boxers down and stared at the magnificent body in front of him. Leading down from Dylan’s treasure trail was a patch of neatly trimmed pubes, his cock was large, sticking straight up, eight inches in length and as thick as can of deodorant. The head was cut, mushroom shaped, looking angry and ready for action. Dylan’s balls hung low, they were completely smooth. Tyler leaned in and grasped the meaty cock in front of him, lifting it up and then wrapping his lips around the mushroom head. Dylan sighed loudly as he felt the warm wet mouth surround his cock.
"Fuck, Ty, that feels so good." Tyler didn't reply, he was too busy sucking and licking the cock in front of him.

Tyler licked up and down the shaft, sucking on the smooth balls before going back to trying to suck as much as possible into him. He managed about 5" before gagging. Dylan had his hands on Tyler’s head, kneading the thick dark hair and applying pressure so that Tyler took more and more cock into his mouth. Dylan wanted to feel Tyler’s throat around his whole cock, so he applied more pressure to Tyler’s head. He felt the teen hunk gagging around his cock, but kept pushing.
"Swallow," Dylan ordered. Tyler complied and the last 3inches slipped down his throat.
Dylan felt the tight throat squeezing his cock.
"Oh fuck Tyler, yeah swallow my whole fucking cock. Use you throat!" Dylan jut fucked his friend’s throat, loving the feeling of his large cock abusing the tight space it was contained in.
''Fuck Ty, I'm going to cum." Dylan screamed just as his pent up balls emptied themselves down Tyler's throat.
"Fuck, Ty, yes, swallow my spunk, oh fuck Ty!" Dylan orgasmed. Tyler did his best to swallow the enormous load that was firing into his throat, but there was no way he could cope with the volume. Cum spilled out of his mouth, dripping down his chin, onto his sculpted chest and stomach. Dylan was still thrusting his cock in and out of the now puffy lips surrounding it. Tyler just kept massaging the 8"cock in his mouth, Dylan had his eyes closed, head lolled back and breathing heavily.
''Fuck Ty, that was awesome," Dylan finally said. Tyler war still between Dylan’s legs. "Get your shorts off, your ready for round 2?"
Tyler stood up and removed his shorts, revealing his huge muscled legs, Which were completely smooth. His red briefs were bulging out.
"Take them off too," Dylan ordered. "Then get on the couch, ass facing me, time for me to make you feel as good as you did me."
Tyler removed his briefs and bent over the couch, his perfectly smooth ass cheeks separating showing off a small hole.
"Where is your lube?' Dylan asked.
''Desk drawer."
Dylan walked over to the desk, his cock just hanging heavily between his thighs. He got the lube and went back behind Tyler. Tyler was a little apprehensive, looking over his shoulder at the tool that, he assumed, was going up his ass. Dylan flipped the cap and poured some directly over Tyler’s hole. The cold of the lube made Tyler draw in breath sharply.
"Relax Ty, I'm going to make you feel good."
At that, Dylan inserted a finger into Tyler. Tyler just sighed as his ring was massaged and then breached. Dylan finger fucked him with a single finger, then he added a second. And then a third. Tyler was bucking his hips back on the fingers. Dylan was stroking his cock in anticipation of pushing it deep inside his friend.
Tyler had relaxed around the invading fingers, so Dylan pulled them out, covered his cock in lube and aimed it at the hole in front of him. He pushed, Tyler push back and his head popped in. Both boys sighed at the stimulation received, Dylan pushed forward, his thick shaft disappearing into Tyler’s warm, tight boy pussy.
"Oh fuck Ty, your ass feels amazing,. Fuck the 15 year old girl, I just need this to fuck!" Dylan moaned as his cock pushed deeper and deeper. "Dyl, you’re so fucking big!" Tyler exclaimed through gritted teeth. His ass not quite adjusted to its invader.
A few thrusts later and Dylan was balls deep in the hot ass of Tyler Posey. Tyler was sweating with exertion already, his ass now sending waves of pleasure along his whole body. Every movement was sending electrical shocks up his spine.
"Oh Dylan, yes, fuck my ass with that big cock," Tyler screamed. Dylan just fucked in long hard thrusts, his cock being squeezed by Tyler’s internal muscles. It seemed that they were every bit developed as Tyler’s visible muscles.
''Harder Dyl, please harder!"
Dylan complied, punishing the hungry hot bottom that was currently engulfing his cock.
"Fuck, Oh Ty, this in amazing, I'm gonna cum again."
"I want to see as you cum." Dylan pulled out, flipped Tyler over, put his athletic legs over his shoulder and pushed all the way into Tyler in one go. "Fuuuuuck!" Tyler moaned.
Dylan pumped in and out, using the whole length to fuck his willing bottom deep. The thrusts got more urgent, more needy, now he was fucking Tyler with short fast thrusts, keeping Tyler completely full at all times.
Dylan then grabbed Tyler’s aching throbbing 6" cock and wanked him, Tyler cried out as his uncut cock was manipulated for the first time that evening. Dylan was distracted slightly from his own pleasure by giving Tyler a good wanking!
"Dyl, stop! Oh god, fuck. Fuck!" Tyler spasmed and shot an impressive load all over his chest and abs. He had made a mighty mess on himself! The spasms inside Tyler sent Dylan reeling and he roared as his second load fired right up inside Tyler’s ass.
"Fuck, fuck!" Dylan roared! He then collapsed on top of Tyler with a squelchy thump. They lay like that for a while until Dylan got his breath back.
"Jesus Ty, I had no idea it was going to be that good!"
Tyler just grinned at him. "You're still hard Dyl!"
"I know, shall we go to your bed, lets see how many times we can cum!"

Dylan withdrew his cock from Tyler’s ass, Tyler instantly felt cold and empty. He got up and went into the bedroom, pulling Dylan with him, he pulled back the covers and got in, Dylan got on top of him. He pushed Tyler’s legs back and slid inside him. Tyler’s mouth just hung open as he was penetrated again. More lube slid the entry to the warm hole. Dylan groaned as he bottomed out. He slid slowly in and out, pressing all the buttons inside Tyler’s body. They kissed, Dylan entwined his fingers with Tyler’s and pinned him to the bed, marveling at the huge biceps of half Mexican he was fucking. Both were verbal and loud in their fucking, urging each other on! The white sheets of Tyler’s bed was positioned so it covered Dylan’s ass, barely, Dylan’s movements were solid and purposeful, Dylan’s goal was not to cum, he'd already done that twice! He was simply drawing pleasure from Tyler’s ass, which was in turn pleasuring Tyler, who was again painfully hard!
"You want to keep going?" Dylan asked.
"Fuck yes, give me everything you've got."
So Dylan did, both boys, covered in sweat and Tyler’s cum, fucked hard. Their athletic bodies really put to the test as every muscle contracted and moved under their motions.

Tyler came again, Dylan shortly after. They were both panting and aching, Tyler’s ass full of two loads of cum. They lay next to each other, sweaty, panting, silent. Tyler turned onto his side, so that his naked body was leaning against Dylan, he stretched his right arm across Dylan's body. Dylan moved and put an arm behind Tyler’s neck, the affectionate move made Tyler sigh and closed his eyes, content. Dylan had a smile on his face, his body completely satisfied, not the way he imagined, but it was just as good, if not better!
Both boys fell into a satisfied sleep. Tyler was the first to wake in the morning. They had moved slightly in the night, Tyler was now on his other side, Dylan was spooned behind him, one arm in the crook of Tyler’s neck, the other rested on his hip, the hand draped near his stomach. Tyler could feel Dylan’s morning hard cock in the crack of his ass; Tyler smiled and closed his eyes again. Dylan was snoring lightly behind him. Tyler sighed, wondering what the morning would bring, but for now he was being cuddled by his best friend and now lover. Tyler drifted into another world again, dreaming of what was maybe to come.