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The door was cracked as Zach overheard the conversation between Maddy and his mom.

"Thanks for watching the boys," Zach's mom asked?

"Not a problem, they were perfect little gentlemen," Maddy said heading for the door.

"So who you taking to prom," the tall blonde singer asked?

"Well there's this guy, but I don't know if I should ask him, because there's this age difference," Maddy said playing with her purse.

"So since there's an age difference?"

"Well there's about a three year age difference," Maddy said shyly.

Zach's 12-year-old boy's eyes widen and a smile broke out on his cute face.

"Well does that effect how you feel about him?"

"No," Maddy said.

"Then you should ask him."

Zach closed the door with a smile.

"I need to practice my kissing," Zach looking at his twin brother Cody.

Cody was a slightly smaller version of Zach. Like Zach, Cody was 12 years old, and blonde as well, but his frame was much smaller, and he was one and half inches shorter than Zach, and his personality was much different as well. Non-the less, the rest of them were exactly alike.

"Well don't look at me," Cody said.

"Well who am I going to practice with," Zach asked inquisitively?

"Go practice on your teddy bear or better go practice on mom," Cody said.

"Come on be serious," Zach, said.

Zach needed to practice, and Cody was the only one who could help him.

"I'll tell you what. I'll do your chores for the rest of the week," Zach said.

"Heck no. It's going to be more than that. Three weeks of all my chores, including yours," Cody said.

"Come on, what about homework."

"Hey," Cody interrupted. "You want help, it this or nothing."

"OK, ok," Zach, said impatiently.

Zach was smiling underneath. Not only did he want to kiss Maddy, but also he secretly had feelings for his brother, Cody. He had feelings since they were comparing their underarm hair. Zach had noticed how cute his brother was, and if he was cute, then Zach knew he was.

The boy's mom came opened their door saying, "Boy's I'm going to the grocery store, I'll be back in an hour, don't go down in the lobby, and mind Mr. Mosby. Zach your tux is on the couch. Remember you need to be down their at 7pm, it's 5:30 right now. So don't leave the hotel, be good," she said closing the door.

"Ok, bye," Zach said anxiously.

The door closed.

"So how do we do this," Zach asked Cody?

"I guess we just put our lips together," Cody said.


Zach and Cody both closed their eyes and pushed their lips together and broke apart.

"Well there ya go," Cody said wiping his mouth.

"Come on, how do you expect me to get with Maddy with a kiss like that," Zach said upset.

"You figure it out."

"Come on I'm doing three weeks of your chores, help me out here," Zach pleaded.

"Ok. ok. I heard some of the boys and seen some of them kiss. You have to open your mouth and suck on their tongue. You do that to each other."

"Let's try it again," Zach said.

Zach and Cody closed their eyes and pushed their lips together. Cody moved his tongue into Zach's mouth. Zach couldn't believe that he was kissing his brother. He knew how to kiss because he made out with one of girls in the runway show. He was playing his younger brother, just like he always had. Zach moved his tongue inside Cody's mouth. Zach moved his hand up and pulled Cody tighter. Cody pushed away.

"What the hell you do you think your doing," Cody said angrily?

"I'm kissing, what does it look like."

"Bro, I'm not gay or anything."

"That's fine, but I like it," Zach said honestly.

Cody looks a little disturbed.

"Guess, what," Cody said quickly to cover.

"What," Zach asked?

"You need to get ready,"

"I guess your right."

Zach left the room with Cody on sitting on the bed with left over Zach spit in his mouth. Cody stood up and realized that his 12-year-old boyhood was hard. Had he gotten hard from Zach kissing him? Was he attracted to his older brother? These thoughts flashed through his mind. He got up and started to practice his mime routine to forget about the whole thing. At least he was chore free for three weeks.

In the other room, Zach took his tux and went into his mom's room. His mom's room was much bigger than the boys. It had it's own bathroom, and king size beds. The boy's had to twin size beds in their one room. He laid the tux on the bed; he kicked off his shoes and socks. He wasted no time taking off his shirt, shorts, and green boxers. I walked over to his mom's long mirror. He looked at his young body. His whole body was smooth, not one hair on him. His brownish blonde hair was tussled from pulling his shirt off. He ran his hands of his chest, and his stomach. He was skinny like Cody, but he didn't have a gut either. He was a little on chubby side, but just enough to make out his stomach. His 4-inch cut penis was still hard from kissing his brother. He looked at the clock next to the mirror. He had to be downstairs in the less than five minuets. Where did all the time go?

Zach walked into the Tipton Ballroom. It was decorated with balloons, banners, confetti, and young adults. Zach spotted Maddy walking in. His little cock bounced to attention in his pants. Maddy was hot. He thought. He scoped out her entire body. She had a beautiful face. His eyes stopped at her 15 year old breasts. He became harder. As she turned around to go talk to Mr. Mosby, Zach snapped back to reality. Mr. Mosby walked over to Zach.

"Well just don't stand there, pick up a try and start serving," Mosby said.

"I'm not here to serve, I'm here with Maddy," Zach said.

Mosby looked questionably at Zach. He called Maddy over.

"Mr. Zach, seems to think that you're his date tonight Maddy."

Maddy looked at Zach.

"Aww Zach. Listen. You are a very handsome boy, but I'm not here with you. I'm here with someone else. You do look nice tonight though," Maddy said walking away.

Zach's heart sunk to his stomach. He couldn't believe what he heard. He sat down at a table. He had never felt so alone. Tears weld in his eyes. For half the night, he sat, until Mosby plated a tray of tooth-picked franks and mustard in his face.

Zach's mom came down stairs in a black dress. She watched as Maddy went over to talk to the boy she had a crush on. With in seconds the look on Maddy's face went from happy and nervous, to sad and crushed. She walked over.

"So what happened?"

"He dumped me for his old girlfriend," Maddy said.

"Did he really dump you, or did he refuse you?"

"I dunno. Now I'm having a terrible night."

"Well I know a 12 year old with a tux that's having the same night," she said looking at Zach.

"Listen, I don't know the fat content, just dip the weenie in the mustard and pop it in your mouth," Zach said angrily to an annoying girl.

She stormed away. Maddy came up and tapped him on the shoulder.

"We're out of keish," he said angrily, turning around. "Oh it's you, what do you want?"

"I'm sorry if you thought I was planning on asking you to the dance."  

"But you said you were looking for a guy who would make you happy."

"I was. There's an age difference between us Zach," Maddy said softly. "But if you ask me in a couple years, I'm sure we can work something out."

"You mean when I'm 13," Zach asked excitedly?

"No, try when your 16."

"That's only 2, 156 days. I'm also been doing better at Math."

"Since when?"

"Since you said you wanted a smart guy."

"Well how would a smart guy like you dance with me."

Maddy grabbed Zach by the hand and they danced the last dance. Cody was standing in a corner. He was jealous of Maddy, dancing with his brother. He was jealous of Zach. He went upstairs. Zach walked Maddy to her suite. She bent down and kissed him good night on the cheek, but not before he could catch her mouth and stick his tongue in her mouth. She pulled away, and slapped him.

"I thought you were a cool guy, I didn't want a kiss like that," she said and slammed the door in his face. Zach again became hurt.

It was 12:30am. Zach walked in his suite, kissed him mom good night and walked into his room. Cody was naked as Zach walked into the room. His white butt flashed Zach as he walked in. Cody pulled up his boxers, and turned around. Zach turned on the light. He pulled his jacket off, his tie, shirt, shoes; he pulled everything off so fast and threw it on the chair. Zach sat down on the bed with his hands in his face.

"What's wrong Zach? Why is your face red," Cody asked?

"The kiss didn't work, Maddy slapped me. She wasn't my date, I'm just a loser," Zach said as he began to tear up.

Cody had been deviating a plan. It was now time to put it into action. He went over to their room, yelled good night to his mom, and locked the door. He came back to Zach and sat down beside him, with his arm over Zach's shoulder.

"Well how did you kiss her," Cody asked?

Zach grabbed Cody and planted a kiss in his mouth that caused him to stutter as he pulled away.

"Uhh um, uh, wow," and she slapped you.

Zach rubbed his face.

"Yes. She didn't want a kiss."

"You seem tense, want a massage," Cody asked? "I've learned some new things."

"Yeah ok."

"Lay on your stomach then," Cody ordered.

Zach flipped on his stomach. Cody's small hands worked his brother's neck, working down his soft smooth back. Cody was slowly becoming hard. Cody straddled his brother's legs, and was working the lower back.

"This feels so good," Zach said in a dream world.

Cody decided to take a big leap and moved to Zach's boy butt. Zach just moaned with pleasure. Cody slid his hands up Zach's boxers and kneaded his butt cheeks. Zach became hard. He was aching now that his penis was pushing against the mattress. Cody got off Zach and turned him over. Cody leaned in and kissed his brother. Zach and Cody mad out for what seemed life for 30 minuets, but it was only five minuets. Cody inched down and pulled off Zach's boxers.

"Cody what are you doing," Zach asked?

"Just lay back and enjoy."

Zach did as he was told. He wasn't sure what his brother was up to, but he was enjoying every minuet of it. The desk lamp was on, which allowed Zach to see everything clearly. He watched as Cody pulled down his boxers. His four-inch hard cut penis bounced out. He moaned as Cody grabbed it, and began to fondle and play with it. Zach was in seventh heaven as his was feeling him up. Then all of a sudden he felt a wet warmth down there. He looked up as Cody was bobbing up and down on his brother's four-inch pecker.

"Oh Cody, that feels great," Zach said. "uh, Cody. I've got to pee, you might want to stop."

Cody took his mouth off his brother, and jerked his brother's cock until it exploded with cum.

"Wow! What is that stuff," Zach asked coming down off his high?

"It's jizz or cum. It's what makes babies," Cody said licking it up. "And it tastes great too."

He went down and licked the cum off his brother's stomach, penis, and balls. Cody moved up to Zach and leaned on top of him, as they began to make out. Zach let his hands run over Cody's butt, and back. He pulled Cody's boxers off. Cody's penis was staring Zach right in the face. Cody grabbed a hold of the exact same 4-inch cock and offered it to Zach. Zach grabbed it with his mouth. Zach tried to do everything that he felt his brother do on him. He swirled his tongue along Cody's head.

"Oh Zach, keep going, that's great," Cody moaned sitting on Zach's chest.

Zach was having a hard time breathing. He let go, pushed his brother over, body slammed him on the bed, and eagerly started to suck on his brother's cock. Cody couldn't believe the waves of pleasure over him. Zach was an excellent cocksucker, but he knew that there was still more to do.

"Uh, Zach, I can't hold it anymore. I'm gonnnaaa.."

Cody blew his load in Zach's mouth, which surprised him. He let off, and Cody shot the last one across Zach's cheek. Cody moved up and licked it off of Zach.

"That was great, I can't believe how good you are," Cody said still shaking.

Let's go to bed. I'll show you some more tomorrow. Zach and Cody both feel asleep naked in each other's arms. Thank God their door was locked said Zach falling asleep.

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