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Zach was disturbed from his wonderful warm sleep by the sound of a fist banging on his bedroom door.

"Boys, it's time to get ready for school," Zach's mom yelled at the door.

Zach rubbed his left eye groggily wiping the sleep from the corner of his eye, which blurred his vision. Is younger twin brother, Cody, was naked and snuggled up on Zach. His blond head lying on Zach's chest, his arm draped over his waist, and his penis resting on Zach's leg. Zach pushed Cody off of himself slide on his boxers, and walked out of the room into the living room of the family suite.

"Come on. Hop to it, wake your brother up," She said pulling on her shirt.

Zach dragged his feet to the door of his room.

"Cody! Wake up," Zach said.

"I'm going down stairs to talk to Mr. Mosby about your dry cleaning. Why do you dry clean your boxers," She asked?

"Cause it feels good."

Cody walked out of the room in his boxers.

"Take a shower boys, you smell. And don't fight over the shower," she said walking out the door.

"Well mom said don't fight, we'll just go in together," Cody said.

Zach and Cody dropped their boxers, and walked into the bathroom. Zach set the shower to warm, and both boys, naked, stepped in. Cody looked back, and realized that they hadn't been in a tub or shower together since they were five. Cody was standing closest to the showerhead, and Zach behind him. The warm water washed over their young bodies. Zach came up behind Cody and held him tight. Is arms wrapped around Cody's waist. Cody loved Zach, not only as a brother, but his personal feelings for his brother were building.

"Zach," Cody turned to him, their penises touching.


"Do you really think we should be, you know doing this stuff? Are we really supposed to love each other like this? What if mom finds out," Cody asked becoming frantic?

Zach put his hand over Cody's mouth.

"I don't know if we should be doing this stuff, but I like it. I don't think we're supposed to love each other like this. And mom won't find out anything if we both keep quiet. I love you, you are my brother, and you're my twin. I want to keep doing this, if you want to," Zach said softly.

Cody leaned in and kissed Zach on the lips, he slowly and gently pushed his tongue in Zach's mouth as Zach began to suck on it. Zach pulled off.

"We need to hurry or we'll be late," he said.

Zach looked at the clock on the sink, "We have an hour before we need to be out the door."

Zach grabbed the bar of Irish Spring that was sitting on the soap dish in the glass shower. Zach lathered his hands up really good. He cleaned his brother from head to toe enjoying the softness of his brother's skin. He knelt on the ceramic floor the soap had run clean off Cody's little body. Zach grabbed Cody's young boyhood and began to jerk it. Cody pushed Zach's hand away and pushed Zach's head toward his torso. Zach took the hint and opened his 12-year-old mouth and let's Cody's penis slides in. Zach started to slide the penis in and out of his mouth.

"Hold still," Cody said.

Zach kept his head still as Cody pumped his hips to and fro into Zach's mouth. Cody threw his head back in pleasure. Within minuets Cody blew his load into Zach's mouth. Cody was actually the first one to cum, while playing with himself one day. It was Zach's first time last night. Zach stood up, his knees red from kneeling. Cody grabbed the bar of soap and cleaned Zach. Cody cleaned Zach from behind. He washed his hands all over his twin's body. Cody knelt down hand washed Zach's thighs and penis. Cody rubbed his hands down Zach's calves. They were muscular, but more than his own. He looked up at the cute set of butt cheeks that matched his own. He held them slightly and began to rub them. Zach was enjoying the feeling as his brother's small hands rubbed his behind. Cody without think let his hand slide into the crack of Zach's butt, which made Zach harder.

"Come on Cody, we're running out of time, and I really need to shoot," Zach said.

Zach turned around and pushed his brother's mouth to his penis. Cody allowed it to invade his mouth. Zach began to pump faster, after ten pumps into his hot younger brother's mouth. Zach shot is load down his brother's throat. Cody began to continue to suck and swirl his tongue around Zach's penis.

"Uh, Cody that's not a good idea," Zach said his knees weakening.

Cody wanted to see what would happen when...Cody let go really quickly when and unfamiliar taste entered his mouth. He looked up and a golden stream was pouring on him. The stream hit is face, and then lowered to his chest, and down his body. After Zach was done he took his limp cut penis and shook the final drops on him.

"You peed on me," Cody said angrily!

"Well I told you to stop, but you didn't listen," Zach said smiling.

"Oh yeah," Cody said.

Cody pushed his brother against the wall, which made Zach slip onto the floor of the shower. Cody stood over Zach, and began to pee on him. Zach enjoyed being played with this way. The he looked up at Cody as the warm stream bounced off his stomach and chest, the stream rose higher and hit Zach in the face.

"Now, we're even," Cody, said.

After Cody was done peeing, and the smell of urine in the air. They quickly cleaned themselves, scrubbing extra hard, they washed their hair, dried off, threw on their clothes and went out the door.

As the day progressed, Zach and Cody would pass each other in the halls at school smiling at one another. The day was long, and Zach was thinking about this mornings happenings. Maybe they should get up an hour and a half early from now on. He couldn't believe that he actually peed on his brother, but he did warn him to stop. His back was still hurting from Cody pushing him. Cody had never been physical. He thought that if Cody would get angry enough you could do some damage. The bell of the final class rang. Zach and Cody met at the bus ramp, and went to their bus where they sat in the last seat. Zach and Cody pulled out a notebook containing their history notes, their only class together, and pretending to study for a test. Under the notebook, they're hands intertwined and held together by their fingers.

They reached the hotel and were greeted by a bustling Tipton lobby.

"Boys, your mother said go straight up stairs, and do not come down for the rest of the afternoon. Your mom is out singing at a wedding, and then she has to go to another concert. Here's $25.00 to order a pizza. Play video games, do homework, and stay out of trouble. You will be grounded if you stay come down stairs," the bellhop said handing the boys a $20.00 and a $5.00 bill.

Zach turned around and ran into Maddy's 15-year-old chest. Zach quickly backed away and held his face. Zach ran to the elevator, Cody went after him. They stepped into the elevator and press the "11" button. Zach and Cody stepped off the elevator and went into their suite. It was quiet, and there was a note on the table.

"Boys. I'm making some extra cash so we can go to the Yankee's game next week. I'll be home late. Do your homework, watch TV, eat pizza, and stay out of trouble. Love. Mom."

Zach and Cody sat at the table and started in on their homework. They didn't have to worry about going into the lobby because it took four hours to do their homework, it was finally done, and it was 6:30pm. They decided to order a pizza. Their pizza came at 7:30. They sat on the couch and watched TV as they ate their pizza. When it was 8 o'clock. They were already bored. They knew they couldn't go down lobby, or the ballroom, or the weight room. At this time they were usually finding ways to stir up trouble, but they wanted to go to the Yankee's game so bad, and their mother was working so hard for the money, they decided to be bored.

"I'm bored," Zach claimed.

"So am I," Cody said.

"We could always suck each other," Zach said excitedly.

"I don't think so, not after that little thing that happened in the shower," Cody said.

"Hey, I told you to stop, it's your fault, not mine," Zach said to Cody.

"Besides I want to try something else tonight," Cody said.


Cody walked over to Zach and pulled off his shirt, just as the phone rang. Cody jumped.

"Hello," Zach answered.

"It's mom."

"Hi mom"

"Are you staying out of trouble?"

"Yes. We haven't been down to the lobby, or the ballroom, or the weight room at all. Our homework is done, and we're, uh, just watching TV."

"Ok. I'm going to check with Mr. Mosby when I get there. I'm going to be home till 11:00. So you boys have to get yourselves ready for bed."

"Ok mom. Love you."

"Love you. Where's Cody?"

"He's in the bathroom," Zach said as Cody was pulling Zach's pants down.


"Night mom."

Zach hung up as Cody had Zach fully stripped. Zach pulled Cody's pants and boxers down at one time and pulled his shirt off.

"So what are we supposed to do?"

"Lay down on couch on your stomach."

Zach did as he was told. He was so anxious about learning something new, and it was the only time he would let his brother tell him what to do. Cody pulled off the back cushions and stuck two of them under Zach's pelvis and slid their smelly gym towel on top of the cushions. Cody sat behind Zach, his face level with the white boy butt in front of him. Cody pulled Zach's butt cheeks apart, and gently blew a cool breeze against his brother's pucker. The tight hole contracted. Zach moaned in pleasure as he was leaning over the side of the couch with his butt in the air. Cody leaned in and licked the inside of Zach's butt.

"Cody, you're licking my ass?"

Cody didn't answer but continued to lick his brother's butt. He tongue probed his into this brother's hole as Zach let out a long coo.

"It didn't taste as bad as I thought it would. Zach obviously kept himself clean down there," Cody thought to himself.

Cody pulled away and stuck his finger in his mouth getting it really wet and soaked up. He slowly pushed his finger into his brother's butt.

"Hey," Zach objected. "It's an exit not an entrance."

"Be quiet and enjoy," Cody said back.

He slide is finger into the first knuckle pulled it out and pushed it in further, with three tried Cody's finger was up into Zach's ass. He continued to finger Zach slowly, after a good ten minuets of fingering. Cody kneeled on his knees and grabbed his stiff boy cock.

"Zach, reach around and pull your cheeks back," Cody asked.

Zach did as he was told. Cody pushed his penis into place.

"Uh, it hurts, Cody," Zach said.

"It didn't hurt when with my finger."

"Your dick is bigger than your finger," dumb ass.

Cody ignored Zach and pushed further. Zach continued to object, but Cody gave a final push and took his twin brother's cherry; a little bit of blood trickled down Zach's ass.

"You can let go now."

Zach let go and wiped the tears from his face. Cody held his penis there and slowly began to hump is brother. Cody held his hand on his lower brother's back and was pulling him in sync with Cody's thrusting.

"God this feels great. OoOoo yes," Zach moaned.

"Mmmm, yeah, you're a good piece of ass Zach," Cody said.

Cody leaned over Zach, placed his hands on the pillows and began to thrust faster. Both boys were moaning with pleasure.

"I'm gonna cum CoOoDddYyy," Zach said in ecstasy.

Cody pulled out.

"Why'd you stop?"

"Flip over and hold your legs up."

Zach did as he was told and Cody pushed his 12-year-old cock back into his brother. He fucked Zach like a rabbit in heat. Both boys were sweating. Zach's legs were now tightly wrapped around Cody's waist. Cody thrusted really hard as he blew three hot loads of boy cum deep into his older brother, Zach shot cum that hit Cody's chest. Cody leaned into Zach and they both kissed. Cody flipped Zach over and hungrily ate his own cum out of his brother's hole.

"My turn."

Zach got up. They changed places. Cody lay on his stomach, but Zach stopped him.

"No way. I want to look at your face when I do this."

Cody smiled his crooked grin and lay on his back.

Cody held up his legs and Zach attacked his hole with his tongue. Zach showed no mercy in trying to pleasure his brother. He got on his knees the thrusted his cock into his brother, which caused Cody to yelp in pain.

"Take it easy there," Cody said.


With a couple of minuets Zach's dick was further into Cody than Cody had put in Zach. Cody put his skinny legs on top of Zach's shoulders. Zach didn't mind the weight. He fucked his brother, good and fast. He wanted to cum again, he closed his eyes, and imagined fucking Maddy. Then his mother popped into his head. He quickly opened his eyes, to see sweat trickling down his brother's forehead. Zach quickened his pace as Cody slipped into a third dimension of pleasure.

"Aaauugg, Aaauuggg. Yes Zacchhh, Givve ittt toooo meee," Cody moaned.

"I can'ttt hol d it anny morree."

Zach thrusted hard one more time and exploded into his brother's hole. Cody had not yet cum. So as Zach pulled out of him. Zach eager sucked on his brother till he came, which didn't take but three sucks. On the second suck he let go and jerked Cody off till his brother's cum flew on his face. They made out for the rest of the night. It was 10:30 when they looked at the clock. They decided to go for a shower, and then head to one bed. They both popped in the shower, washed the cum out of each other's asses, and kissed in the warm water that ran down their 12 year old twin bodies. They quickly came out drying themselves off, and straightened up before their mom got home. They threw their gym towels in the dirty laundry, but on some boxers and a t-shirt and fell asleep on the couch.

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