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It was early Saturday morning about 2:30am. Zach and Cody were cuddled close to each other in their warm bodies. Zach heard the door slam in the living room. He pushed Cody off of him who rolled over and hugged the pillow next to him. Zach walked into the living room to find his mom sitting on the couch drinking a scotch and watching some TV on a low volume.

"Mom," Zach asked?

The blond singer looked back at her young shirtless son in his boxers.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you," She asked smiling?

"No, I just heard the door slam," Zach said.

"Oh, sorry."

Zach sat next to his mom.

"Did you behave today?"


"What did you do," She inquired?

"Homework, which took forever, watched TV, ate some pizza, and that was all."

"Is there any pizza left?"

"Yeah, it's in the refrigerator," Zach said snuggling up to his mother.

Zach laid his head on his mother's lap.

"Well this is something different. You're not usually like this, usually it's the other twin."

"I've just been doing a lot of thinking. Some of them dealing with relationships."

"Someone special?"

"Yeah," Zach said carefully, not to give away his secret.

"That's good."

"So, how was your day," Zach asked?

"Tired and long. I've never done so many concerts in my life. Five in one day, at least we got a good pay. I got the tickets and we have some money left over," she said placing her hand on her son's bare stomach.

Zach gasped a little as his mother's soft touch reverberated off his skin. Zach's little penis rose in his boxers. He tried to ignore it, but his breathing increased.

"Are you ok? You're breathing a little heavy," she asked looking at Zach.

She giggled.

"What are you laughing at," Zach said looking up.

The singer looked down at her twelve-year-old son's little cut cock.

"MOM," Zach said jumping up and covering himself! 

She sat up and beckoned him over. She put her hand on his arms gently.

"There's nothing wrong. It's easy for a boy to get a hard on. It's not like have I haven't seen it before. It's just bigger since I last saw you in the tub when you were five years old. Well look at the time. It's time for you to get some sleep."

"It's Saturday though," he said.

"You still need sleep."

Zach kissed his mother good night and headed for bed. As he left his mom was pouring another scotch. Zach locked the door behind him. Zach looked at Cody in his bed. He started at Cody's cute boy feet. Zach walked over and ran his hand up Cody's feet and along his legs, around Cody's waist, up his warm chest, and to his cheeks. Zach kissed his twin on the cheek and pulled him in tightly. He could feel Cody's butt rubbing against his boyhood. He fell asleep holding his twin. A loud bang woke the sleeping boys up. They got up and peeked through the door. They saw their mom moaning on the couch. Zach looked up and saw that the brand new scotch bottle was totally empty. Their mother was drunk. They opened the door and walked to the couch. Their mother, a beautiful blond haired woman was naked on the couch. Her finger was buried deep into her pussy. Cody had sported a boner looking at this site. Zach and Cody looked at each other. They walked over to their mom and helped her up. They walked her over to her bed in the next room.

"You know what boys," she asked them?

"What mom?"

"You are the hottest boys in thiiis hotell," her voice slurred.

She sat down and looked up at Cody who sat next to her. She grabbed Cody and sat him on her lap. Her wetness soaked through his boxers to his boy butt. She reached into Cody's boxers and started to tickle her son's little balls. Zach was shocked as he looked at the view of his drunken mother feeling his twin up. She pulled her hand out, and stood her son up. Cody's mind was fogging over, his brother Zach couldn't stand to see their mother like this. He snatched Cody and the bolted out of the room.

Zach picked up the scotch bottle and trashed it as Cody picked up his mom's dress and placed it on the couch. They grabbed each other's hands and walked into their bedroom and locked the door behind them. Cody turned to his brother and started to kiss his neck.

"Cody, no," Zach said.

"I need to I'm so in the mood," Cody said, continuing to kiss his brother's neck.


Cody looked hurt.

"This sex and stuff is fun to do, but I love you, and I don't want to always do this. I want use to love each other, sometimes I just want to sit and hold you," Zach said.

"When did you think of this," Cody asked?

"I thought about it last night."

Zach said situated is pillows, and pulled Cody on to him. Cody lay on Zach's chest and listened to the same heart beat the beat beneath his chest. Cody reached down to grab a hold of Zach's cut boy tool, but Zach grabbed his hand and pulled it up to his chest.

"I said, no."

"How come you've changed," the younger twin asked?

"Cause I love you, and all I want to do is be with you all the time. When I'm not near you or with you, I feel that a part of me is missing. You are my only brother," Zach said looking into his brother's beautiful eyes.

Cody grabbed his brother tighter than ever. He was afraid that if he let go, Zach was going to disappear. Zach held on to his brother thinking the same thing. Zach began to sob over his brother. Never have they felt so close to each other.

"Zach," Cody said yawning.


"I never want mom to be drunk again. I don't want her touching me like that again," Cody said.

"I won't let anything happen to you anymore." Zach said.

Cody drifted off to sleep as Zach lay and rethought what had just happened in his mother's bedroom. He loved the feeling, but didn't want it coming from his mother, only his brother. Zach fell asleep. The sun blasted through the curtains into their bedroom. Before they fell asleep Cody's head was laying on Zach's chest, when they woke up Zach's head as resting on Cody's stomach. The suite was still quiet, he peeked into his mother's room, and she was still passed out. Zach walked into the bathroom. He pulled out his limp penis and began to empty his bladder out. Cody came in behind him and joined him at the toilet. Cody peed with his brother before going back into their bedroom. Cody bounced on the bed, and sprawled out. Zach pounced on Cody and began to tickle him. Cody wiggled and squirmed.

"Stopppp, ZaaacchhHH," Cody said laughing.

Zach ignored Cody's plea. He continued to tickle him on his chest, stomach, and under his arms, where Cody was the most ticklish spot. Zach grabbed Cody's arms and held him over his head. He leaned in and kissed his brother.

"Give up?"


Zach let up. Without hesitation Cody bounced on Zach. Zach was on his stomach as Cody straddled his butt. Cody slowly tickled Zach on the back of his neck. Zach's body shivered and went haywire. Cody reached under their bed and grabbed some rope that they tied London, their rich friend up with in a closet in order to help keep Mr. Mosby sain.

"What are you doing," Zach asked still on his stomach?

"Getting some revenge on you," Cody smiled.

Cody tied Zach's wrists to the legs of the bed. Cody was an excellent knot tier from being a short time in the cub scouts that used to meet in the Tipton. Zach as tied up.

"So you like to tickle, well so do I," Cody said grabbing the fake eagle feather from his bookshelf.

He rubbed the feather gently over Zach's lower back, and up his spine. Zach tried to hold his laugh in but couldn't. Cody pulled Zach's boxers down.

"Cody, you'd better not be trying to fuck me," Zach said seriously.

"Oh no," Cody said.

He ran his small fingers across the warm flesh. He took the feather and runned it down the small crack of Zach's butt, down his legs, and to his feet. Cody bended Zach's leg to put his feet at eye level. Cody kissed the underneath of Zach's foot, and ran his tongue long the bottom. The feather brushed against the bottom of Zach's foot. Zach grabbed the ropes tightly. Cody ran the feather up his brother's calves and back.

"Cody please stop, I can't take it," Zach giggled.

"I don't think so, I think you need some more," Cody smiled evilly.

Cody turned his brother on his back, causing the ropes on his wrists to get tighter. Cody took the feather and ran it along the side of his twins tanned thighs. He slowly continued along Zach's balls causing his brother's penis to jump.

"You give up yet," Cody asked?

Zach knew Cody wanted to here him say it.

"No, I will never say it," Zach said gritting his teeth.

"Fine with me," Cody smiled.

He ran the feather across Zach's chest and around the boy's nipples. He wiggled the feather under Zach's under arms. Shrieks of laughter rang out in the room.


"YES! YES!! I GIVE," Zach shrieked.

Cody smiled and put the feather back in the bookcase. Cody pulled off his boxers, and lay on his brother. Cody kissed Zach. Their mouths warm and wet. Their warm small tongues wrestled each other. Their bodies pressed together, Cody began to hump Zach. Their cocks rubbing against each other. Cody ran his hands all the ropes and pulled Zach free. Zach arms launched around his brother. They kissed more passionately now. Their mouths wet with passion and their balls full of boy cum were getting ready to burst. Cody thrusted faster, as the sweat beaded off their bodies. Zach thrusted upward as his cum blew onto Cody, and Cody blew onto Zach. They continue to make out and grind their groins together, spreading the cum along their legs and on their stomachs. They stopped kissing. There chests heaving, their bodies tired, and their lower bodies full of cum.

"We should go get cleaned up," Zach suggested.

They got up, peeked out the door, and walked to the bathroom. They hopped into the shower. They each took turns washing each other's bodies, and washing each other's hair. They stepped out of the bathroom in towels; their mother was standing in the kitchen. Zach and Cody stopped as their mother turned around. All their eyes were locked onto each other. She walked toward the boys, but Zach put out his hand and stopped his mother as he stepped infront of Cody. She stopped.

"Boys, I..," She couldn't find words.

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