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"NO," Cody screamed sitting up right!

Beads of sweat poured of the young boy's body. His older brother, sat up quickly.

"What's wrong!?"

"I had the worst nightmare in the world, and a nice dream."

Zach wrapped his arms around his younger brother's body.

"It's ok. What happened," Zach inquired?

"Mom came home drunk and started to rub me."

Zach shuddered, "ok, what was the good part?"

"I tickled-tortured you," he said giggling.

Zach chuckled.

"I need to go the bathroom," Zach said getting up.

He walked to the bathroom, pulled out his young cock and let the built up pressure in his bladder empty in the porcelain seat. The five cokes that he drank before bed had finally emptied out of his young bladder after four minuets. He couldn't remember peeing for so long, except for when he drank that big gulp from 7-11 coming back from Yankee Stadium. He flicked the remaining drops off his small mushroom shaped head and shoved his young tool back into his boxers. On his way back to the room he grabbed a small hand towel out of the closet and turned off the light. The suite was quiet and the only thing that could be heard was the gently snores of his mother in the next room.

He walked into the room, shut the door, and locked it. Cody had fallen back asleep. Zach climbed on the bed, took the hand towel and began to gently wipe the sweat that covered his brother's body. Cody has had so much pressure from school. Unlike himself, Cody was in some of the upper classes, except for one, gym. Cody was sprawled out on the bed taking up most of it. Zach didn't mind one bit. He pushed his brother's leg aside and crawled up next to him. He kissed his brother gently on the cheek and rested his head on his brother's chest. He listened to his brother's gentle heartbeat.

They awoke the next morning. Their bodies warm and cool. A knock on their door made them jump as they opened their eyes.

"Boys it's time to get up," she said.

"It's Saturday," they both said.

Zach was lying on his side. Cody turned on to his, their faces meeting.

"Sleep better," Zach, asked?

"A lil' bit," Cody said.

He leaned in and gave Zach a gentle kiss. Their soft lips met and didn't stay together long. Cody wasn't too big on "morning breath kisses". They boys got up, they slide of their boxers rummaged through their clothes drawer and changed. As the left the room, the suite phone rang. Their mom who was drinking coffee watching the morning news answered the phone.

"Hello? Oh, hey Max. Yes the boys are up," she said looking at them.

They motioned that they didn't want to talk and that they were busy.

"They're getting changed. Yes. Oh they do, do they. Uh huh. Uh huh. You can come over this afternoon; I have to be at a show tonight, 5 o'clock. See you then."

She looked at the boys. Their faces with a questionable, but scared look on their faces.

"So you have a project that is due on Tuesday," she questioned?

Cody looked at Zach, "I knew we were forgetting something."

"Well, you'll remember it now, because Max will be over this afternoon to start the project, I will be at a show that starts at 5:30 and I will be back at 9:30. After this weekend, you will come home and work on the project this week till it is done, no video games and no TV after Sunday."

"But," Zach started.

"No buts," she said.

They boys sat at the kitchen table eating their Coco Puffs cereal. Their mom stepped out of the room, and Cody turned to Zach.

"I think it would be fun, if we could bring Max into our little games, or even Tapeworm," Cody said.

Zach's eyes widened.

"It would be fun," he thought to himself.

But he only wanted to be with Cody. He was always open to try something new, so he just agreed with his brother.

"What are you two talking about," Carey asked?

"The project," Zach said snapping back to reality.

Carey was dressed in light blue jeans that outlined her figure with a pink shirt that had "superstar" written across her breasts, a sparkly black sequenced belt and black high tops. She sat back down on the couch to finish her coffee. She looked over at her boys who were talking quietly amongst themselves. She loved her boys so much. They had all been through a great ordeal. The boys had been without a father for most of their lives; when she gave birth, when they lived in a van, and now in a suite. Carey was gifted with a beautiful voice which Mr. Moseby discovered when he was at a friend's wedding. She looked back over at her boys. This was the suite life. She finished her coffee as the boys were putting their bowls into the sink.

"So what are you boys going to do today," she asked?

"We were thinking about going to see a movie before Max came over," Cody replied confidently.

"Need a ride?"

"Sure," Zach said.

They walked out of their hotel suite, down the elevator, into the parking garage, and into the family's van. The ride to the movie theater only lasted about fifteen minuets, but before the boys could get out, they're mom stopped them and handed them a twenty dollar bill.

"That should be enough for the tickets and a drink for each of you," she said.

"Thanks mom," Cody and Zach said.

"I will be back in two hours to pick you up," she said.

They walked up to the counter, Cody sliding the twenty through the window.

"Two for Batman Begins," he said.

"10.50," the box office attendant said. "Out of 20.00, 9.50 is your change, enjoy your show."

The quickly went to the snack counter, ordered their drinks and headed for their movie theater. They walked in the theater, they walked up the stadiums seating stair and slid into the back row. No one could see them. They looked down recognizing Tapeworm with some friends, and a girl that looked like Max, but not Max. The movie began after fifteen minuets of previews. They sat forty minuets into the movie. Cody ran his hand along Zach's legs. Cody's hand slide up Zach's shorts leg and began to massage the inside of Zach's thigh. Cody pulled his hand out and began to undo Zach's shorts. An older teen was watching them through the corner of his eyes. Zach lifted his butt carefully to slide down his pants and his boxers half way. Cody leaned to Zach's lap and began to anxiously lick Zach's head. The teen watching became instantly hard. He slid his hand into his pants watching the youngest twin suck his older brother. Zach's body jumped as he shot his boy load into his brother waiting mouth. Without making noise or drawing attention to anyone, Zach pulled up his shorts and Cody pulled down his boxers and jean shorts. Zach quickly returned the favor. Cody looked over to see the teenager with his eight inch dick out jerking off but only six seats away. Zach quickly sucked down Cody's juices. Cody whispered something to Zach. He looked over, and saw the monster in the teen's hand. The boys carefully walked over to him sitting on either side of him. Thank god they were in the back row, everyone was down front watching the movie that Zach and Cody thought was ok for a movie. The teenager reached in his pants and pulled out the monster. Zach and Cody couldn't believe it. They have never seen a dick that big before. Zach looked up into the eyes of the teen for approval. The teen grabbed Zach's hand and placed it on his dick. Zach took the thick cock and began to stroke it up and down. Cody, not wanting to be left out, grabbed the teen's hunky balls and began to roll them in his hand. Both boys looked at each other and began to lap around the head of cock. Their tongue ran along the head, the shaft and across each other's tongues. Zach continuously pumped the teen as Cody played the big balls in his small hands. The teen shot his tick creamy load all over the faces of the boys. Strings of jizz were dangling on their cheek and chin. They scooped up the trails of cum and licked it off their fingers. The teen reached into their pants and began to fondle the twins. Within minuets, both boys had cum again, this time soaking the hand of the teenager and their shorts. They sat next to the teen and watched the rest of the movie.

"Our mom is coming to pick us up," Zach said.

"Thanks. You guys are great. What are your names," He asked.

"Za..," Zach started.

"Jim and Tim," Cody finished.

"Ok, that's ok. You can just call me Ace then," he said, wiping the blonde hair out of his eyes.

They left the theater, and met their mom at the front of the parking lot.

"So how was it boys," She inquired?

"It was ok," Zach said smiling at Cody.