Title:   Summer Vacation 2/2
Author:  Vena
Rating:  NC-17
Pairing:  Chris Osgood and Mike Modano
Plot:  Um, um, um, oh yeah--Ozzie does Mo
Disclaimer:  The following is a complete work of fiction.  It is not intended to harm, humiliate, or discredit in any way the athletes it portrays.
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(Ozzie's POV)

"It's my turn to give the orders this time, Michael," I drawled in his ear.  "Now get your ass up on that bed.  Right fucking now."

How did I end up here?  With him, of all people?  He's such a fuckin' peckerhead!  When he grabbed me in the bathroom, I had every intention of kicking his ass.  Was lookin' forward to it.  He just looked so damn cute.  Gotta stop thinkin' with my dick...Look where it gets me...

Locked in a room with Modano, buck naked, waiting for me in a bed the size of a hockey rink!  Gee, Chris, that's just awful.  You poor boy.  Yeah, yeah.  Whatever.  He's still a fuckin' peckerhead and I still might kick his ass.  After I'm finished with it.

I walked over and dropped down into a chair next to the bed, slowly sliding my fist along my cock.  "I'm gonna wait a while before I let you take care of this for me,"  I said, making sure I had his attention, "Just 'cause I'm such a nice guy and all."

He looked at me, still reeling from the blowjob I gave him, his expression kind of vague and questioning.  Hmmm.  Wonder how far he'll go...Shit.  Let's find out.

"You like the party?"  I asked him.  He nodded slowly.

"You havin' a good time?"  He nodded again.

"You like it here with me?"  Another nod.

"You gonna be a good Mo and do what I tell you?"  I'm probably pushing my luck here.  This is unchartered territory for Mr. Big Shot.

He stared at me, eyes flashing, and slowly nodded yet again.  Just once.

"Up on your knees.  Come on."  He swung his legs under him and came up on his knees.  I don't believe it.  Shit, Ozzie, you hit the fuckin' jackpot.  Never thought I'd see Modano like this.  Never.

He knelt there, just watching  me and not doing anything.  Waiting.  He was actually waiting for me.  My cock started throbbing at the thought and I looked down at his, still half erect against his thigh. An evil grin made its way across my face.

"Make your cock big and hard for me again.  Go on.  You know how.  It's halfway there already.  And I know you like to show off, Michael, so show me."  Damn, I was gonna like this.  I just knew it.  Careful, Chris, take it easy.

Mike reached down and ran his hand over his dick, down under his balls then back up again.  He let his head fall forward while his other hand came up to push the hair back out of his eyes.  And his biceps were about to burst as he combed through the thick damp strands.  Arrogant bastard!  He knew how good he looked and he did that on purpose!  I settled back in the chair and waited to see what he would do next.

He rubbed himself one or two more times and slid his hand underneath til his cock was laying across his palm.  Then his other hand made its way down his chest, his stomach, over the tops of his thighs, until he had his balls securely  tucked inside his fingers.  And he smiled at me.  A slow, sexy, shit-eating grin that made me groan.  Man, Oz, what did you get yourself into?

Mo kept his eyes locked on mine when he drew his thumb and forefinger tight around himself, slowly pulling up and down, hardening a little more with every long stroke.  And each time, he would pause just below the thick ridge, squeezing, and sending the smallest of shudders through his body.  His other hand continued to cradle his balls, kneading at them.  Again and again he stroked and squeezed, daring me to even blink, until his shaft was standing up on its own once more.  And then he stopped and leaned back on his arms, every muscle flexed and straining.  And if that wasn't bad enough, he pushed his hips forward, proudly displaying his perfect cock for me.  Mr. Modano was a goddamn tease.

I was half out of my chair when he wrapped one hand around that sweet piece of perfection and started pumping.  And he had that same sexy smile on his face, too, and I froze.  I couldn't take my eyes off him.  His cock was long and thick and pulsating under his tight grip.  I fell back into the chair practically panting and decided then and there that I could wait a little while longer, after all.  No way was I interrupting this performance.

Mo's fist moved slowly up and down and he thrust his hips further forward, stretching out and giving him even more length to stroke.  Now the muscles in his thighs were taut and hard.  Jesus.  Why am I still sitting in this damn chair?  My cock was jumping against my stomach and I had to take my hand away or else I was going to come all over myself.  And that's not exactly what I had in mind.  Although it looked like Mike was heading that way fast and had no such reservations.

He was still looking at me--right at me--and his rhythm gathered more and more speed.  His cock took on a deep shade of red, and so did his face, as he pounded his fist hard and fast.  It was killing me not to match him stroke for stroke.  His eyes were glowing, his jaw clenched, and every muscle in his body seemed to convulse as cum shot out of his cock and splattered all over him.  And he went right on pumping until every last drop had been drained.  After a few final strokes, he sat back on his legs, panting, smiling, and still holding his dick.  I was about to lose it.  Come on, Oz, get a grip! You're not exactly a kid at the circle jerk anymore!

Mike took a deep breath and slowly let it out.  That got  my attention.  Then he raised his other hand and wagged his finger at me, calling me over to him.  My brain was still watching him jack off, so the rest of me pulled myself out of the chair and walked to the bed.  I stopped when my legs hit the mattress and just stared at him.  He looked absolutely incredible and I silently gave thanks for him not locking that damn bathroom door.

While I was busy watching his cum trail down from his shoulders to his thighs, he made his way over to me, still up on his knees.  That's a sight I won't soon forget.  No doubt. And what started out as a quickie to pass the time was turning into the hottest goddamn night I've had in a long time.  Fuck me that it's with Modano...

He hooked a finger in the corner of my mouth and pulled my face closer to his.

"My turn again,"  he said.  Jesus.  His voice dropped two octaves and sent my cock into a frenzy.  And then he leaned in and kissed me, pushing his finger into my mouth, as well.  He slid his mouth away and waited until my lips closed around it, sucking hard, and then pulled it back out, laughing.

That left me bent over, gasping, and reaching for him again.

Mike was still chuckling and apparently having a hell of a time teasing the shit out of me.  I told you he was a peckerhead.  But he was the hottest, sexiest, most infuriatingly erotic peckerhead I ever met.  And yes, dammit, I was having the time of my life.  Maybe I'll kick Mac's ass, instead...

While I was planning Mac's demise, Mike was busy planning mine.  He lifted me by the chin with one finger and dragged another one through a wet trail on his chest.  Still holding my head up, he traced along my lips, spreading cum all over them.  And before I had a chance to react, he leaned in and licked me.  One long hot pass with his tongue.  That was my undoing.  I reached out and yanked him up against me, smearing his wet sticky fluid all over both our chests.  Didn't even really notice.  I just wanted his mouth back on mine.

I sucked my lips into my mouth making sure I licked up all traces of Mike and then crushed his under mine.  I couldn't even think straight anymore.  I pushed my tongue into him just as he tried to suck me into his mouth and we spent several long minutes exploring each other.  His lips were soft and full and I loved the way they felt against mine.  I think I was acquiring quite the taste for Mo.

He ran his hands down my ribcage and over my hips, coming to rest on my ass.  He held me there while he molded himself to me, sucking at my neck.  And then that voice again...

"Aren't you gonna fuck me, Ozzie?  I've waited long enough, ya think?"  He's waited long enough?!  Arrogant sonovabitch!  If I didn't want him so bad I would have smacked him.  And he didn't even let me answer.

"You know you want to.  That's why we're here."  I think I'll kill him..."Now get your own ass up on the bed.  Right fucking now."  After I fuck him...

He turned around and dropped to all fours, waving his ass at me as he crawled to the center of the bed and smiling over his shoulder.  Fuckin' tease.  I dove after him and caught him by an ankle.  Damn, he's got great legs!  Figures.

"Hold still,"  I said and pushed him down flat.  I wanted a taste first so I leaned over and ran my tongue up the back of his leg.  He started laughing and squirming, ticklish as hell.

"Enough!  Please!"

"No way!  You so deserve this, you little tease!"  I was straddling him, dragging my tongue as slowly as I could and stopping every few inches to suck him into my mouth.  He was full-out thrashing now.  Serves him right.

"Stop!  You're killing me!"


"And I'm not little!"

"So true.  Now hold still,"  I was at the top of his thighs and licked along the hollow just under his ass.  A loud moan made it's way out of Mike's throat and he pushed his hips up into my face.  Perfect.  I wrapped my arms around his thighs and pulled him up a little bit more.  Just perfect.  And then I started on his butt.  Thank God that wasn't ticklish, too.  I traced the hard muscles across each side and followed along the cleft in between.  Jesus, even his ass tasted great.  Mo held himself high in the air for me as I thrust my tongue up inside him and I could still hear him crying out even with his face pressed into the quilt.  Hah!  Bet that wiped the smile off his face!  Too bad I couldn't see it.  My cock was dying, soaking wet and throbbing in a decidedly uncivilized manner.  Must have been jealous of my tongue.  Too bad.  Wait your turn.  Okay, Oz, you're losing it here...

My hands held Mo open and I pushed up into him as far as I could, working my tongue all around, getting him ready for me.  He loved it.  His fists were clenched around great big handfuls of bedding and he was shaking, rocking his ass back against my face.  And I think he was hard again.  Jesus Christ, Mo...

He turned his head and looked back at me.

"Get your cock in me, Ozzie.   Now.  Please..."

Well, he did say please...So I pushed his legs apart and moved between them.  And since I was already wet, I just spread it around a little and got up on my knees behind Mike.  As soon as my dick touched his ass, I gave up any notion of self-control and in one long thrust I was completely inside him.  The only sound he made was a long hiss, so I guess I didn't hurt him.

"Damn, Mo, you're so fuckin' tight," I pulled back slow and easy as I said that and his only response was another loud groan, and when I started to push back in, he threw himself against me, driving my cock hard and fast into him.  The heat generated by the friction was fucking amazing.  That worked for me.  I held him motionless in my hands and pounded into his ass, forcing myself a little deeper each time.  He spread his legs as far apart as he could and reached for his own cock, matching the furious rhythm of my hips.  And I don't think it took more than a dozen strokes before I was pumping his ass full of cum and collapsing over his back while he finished jacking himself off.  Again.

When it was over, we both lay there gasping for air, completely spent.  Mike managed to turn himself under me and wind his arms up around my neck.  Mine went around his waist and we held each other until we could breathe again.  And then he kissed me.  A long soft kiss full of promises.  Damn, I guess he wasn't so bad, after all....

The End