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Supernatural Boys


Chapter 10- Like Father Like Son, She really can't be my mother too!

Previously On Supernatural Boys- 

"What's happening to me, why am I seeing these things? What's this all mean?" I asked myself, not realizing I was speaking aloud.

"You are being showed the evil of your ways. All this time, you thought you were helping them, when clearly you were destroying them." the booming voice vibrated through the air.

"What are you talking about, who are you?" I demanded.

"You are in no position to ask me who I am, you are now mine, and you will listen to what I have to say, and do as you are commanded." The booming voice sent shivers down my spine.

"What do you want with me? Why are you saying these things to me?" I asked.

"SILENCE! You were destroying the bond the Winchester Brothers had. Soon, you would have to choose between them, and in turn cause them to separate. Cause them to hate each other, over losing your love, to the other. All the lives that they would have saved will be lost, due to your selfishness.

Your hungers for Dean, to have him in your bed, to have him take your virginity away. You forget that Dean is Straight, and yet you willing to turn him out. To take him to the dark side, just for your own selfish pleasure.

Sam, where to begin, he has given you his heart, he wants to give you his soul. He wants to love you, show you what it means to be truly loved. Yet, you know Ruben loves him, and the two of them are together. Yet you are willing to be a home wrecker, your willing to break Ruben's heart. Ruben the one who spent your entire life, keeping you safe. Risking his life, day after day to protect you. How is it you repay him, you try to steel his true love from him.

What kind of a person are you, you thought you were an honest person, and you thought you were a virtuous, honorable young man.

However, all you are is an evil, life ruining, threat to everyone and everything you come in contact with.

You have been lied to, repeatedly, the evil inside you, is the most powerful form of evil. You were born of two demon parents, yes two demon parents. You have always known, you have always had the answers.

The signs were all there, all around you, but you buried them, because you could not bare to handle the truth. Ask yourself, why would all those that knew who your parents truly were, never shared that information with you? I will tell you, because, I want you to know the truth, I need you to know the truth, if I am to stop you from destroying the world. You mother is none other than Lilith, and your father is none other then Lucifer himself." his booming voice rang violently in my ears. My heart fell into my stomach; I had to fight to hold back the bile that rode up to my mouth. Tears began forming in my eyes, because no matter how much I did not want to believe what he said, something deep down in the pit of my soul, told me he was speaking the truth.

"You're lying, that can't be true, and I met my parents. I saw them with my own two eyes. I spoke to them, I felt it, and I trust that they are who they say they are. I am not the son of that evil, vile, ruthless Lilith, and the Devil himself! If you speak the truth, then why would Lilith, if she were my mother, have me sell my soul to save Dean? Why would she want me dead? If I'm to believe anything you say, why are you hidden from me, why do I only hear your voice, but I can't see you, or even know who you are?" I asked angrily.

"I'll allow you that out burst, only because I know your mortal ways can't help but allow your emotions to get the best over you, especially when it comes to the truth. Lilith is your mother, and her reasons for the contract, is none other than her love for torture, and mayhem. It is her motherly way of giving you, your birthright.

Teaching you through the pain that awaits you, in the pits of hell, what it truly means to be the son of a demon.

As for your father, I know him to be your father because it is my blood that runs through your veins. I am none other than Lucifer himself, I have spawned many a child, but you are the most special, most rare, most precious child of all my children.

You Brody, are mine, you are my son, and much to my displeasure, Lilith's. It is time, for you to take your rightful place at my side, where we will rule he world, above as well as below.

Reach down deep into yourself, and you will know what I speak is the truth. Deny I all you want, but whether you like it or not, you belong to me, we are bonded, blood, to blood, you are mine, now and forever!" the sound of his voice brought me to my knees, the sobs escaping me, were unlike anything I had ever done before. The truth hung there, overwhelming me, consuming me, burning me.

"I don't care, I don't care, you can rot in hell, where you belong, and take that bitch Lilith with you. I hate you, I renounce you, I will never do anything to help you, and I will never stand by your side. I will burn in the fire pits of hell, for eternity and beyond, before I ever work in your service. Do you hear me; you can go screw yourself, and that Bitch Lilith right along with you!" I shouted, between sobs.

"Say what you want, think as you will, but you are mine, to do with as I please, and you will serve me, or the two people you hold dear to your heart, will suffer a suffering, unlike anything your mind could ever conceive of. Here's a sample, my son, you need a lesson, and you will kneel before me, and bow humbly to your father, now and for eternity." his booming voice made the hairs on the back of neck stand. Fear had a new meaning to me, but I could not let him see it, I would let him see it. I rose to my feet, and I stood there with the most defiant face I could muster.

He laughed a heart-wrenching laugh that made my insides quiver.

My body was struck, with a pain that went through every fiber of my being. I held back the scream that was burning to come out.

The next thing I knew, my body was on fire, literally. From head to toe, the fire consumed my body, there was no holding back the screams, no matter how much I fought to hold them back, they roared out of me. I rolled onto the floor, trying to put out the fire that surrounded my body. The more I screamed, the more he intensified the fire.

He laughed, enjoying every second of my pain. I wanted to die; again, if this was hell, I was doomed. He was in control, I could not hang back any longer, and I could not take it anymore. The more I fought, the more he intensified the pain, and the burning of the fire.

"Now my son, kneel before your father, and swear your loyalty to me! Do it now Son, and I will no longer have to make you suffer, kneel, kneel before your father!" he commanded.

The pain was blinding me, I had never felt, or imagined anything could be so horrible in my life. However, I held onto the picture of Dean, and Sam, and the two I believed to be my real parents.

"NEVER! DAMN YOU! NEVER!" I shouted, as the pain intensified.

"So be it, as you wish my son, it will be my pleasure to break you. You will kneel willingly, and you will swear your loyalty to me! Now, it's time to know true pain, to feel your very flesh burned off your body repeatedly, then your skin will grow back, and I shall do it to you, again, and again. Let it began!" he said.

The torture began, and all I could think of was, Dean and Sam, and that fact that no matter what is happening to me, they are alive. I saved them, I do not care what happens to me, and they are alive.

Then he burned the flesh off my body, and I screamed as I had never screamed before.

God help me!

Now On Supernatural Boys-

The Roadhouse-

Dean had driven like a maniac, trying to get Brody back to the Roadhouse, as quickly as possible. No one had spoken a word, as they were all filled with sheer panic for what was happening to Brody.

Sam held Brody in his lap, sitting the backseat of the Impala. He gently ran his fingers through Brody's hair, as his heart pounded in his chest.

They carried Brody inside, where Bobby and the Seer were waiting

"Damn it, I said to drive fast! Now, hurry, lay him down in the center of the pentagram. We haven't got much time." Bobby ushered them.

They laid him down, in the center of a largely drawn pentagram.

"What are you going to do to him?" Dean asked.

"This is Ezra; she's a Seer from a coven in Ireland. She's been given all the powers of her coven, in order to perform a ritual to save Brody." Bobby answered.

"How do you know it will work?" Sam asked.

"Look, we haven't got much time. As soon as Ezra begins, every Demon and their mother are going to be coming to attack us. Dean, get your whole arsenal from the trunk of your car. Sam, start spreading Salt around every door, and window. Ellen, Jo, and Andy, make as many hex bags as you possibly can, and as quickly as possible, and spread them out." Bobby begins ordering.

"Bobby, I told you already, neither the Salt, nor the hex bags will have much affect on the Demons that will be coming, once I begin the ritual." Ezra said in a thick Irish accent.

"Since when? What are you talking about? What are we dealing with here Bobby?" Dean demanded.

"Long story short, Parker was sent to attack you tonight. He

Doesn't realize he's being played either, but that's beside the point.

Tonight was all about Brody, tonight, is the Equinox, the either of

Two points on the celestial sphere at which the ecliptic intersects

The celestial equator.

Either of the two times during a year when the sun crosses the

Celestial equator and when the length of day and night are

Approximately equal; the vernal equinox or the autumnal equinox.

It's the Autumnal Equinox, were for a period of 34 minutes, the

Of hell are open for that time period. With that in mind, whatever

The Demon behind this whole show is planning to use Brody for, or do to Brody, it's happening tonight. The Seer's been able to see what was coming, and hunted me down to find me and warn me, before Brody fell into the trap. As you can see we they were to late, I'd already sent you into the trap.

With the doors to Hell open, Demons have free reign on earth, normal rules don't apply, so that means, most of our tricks won't work against them, but that's not going to stop us from trying to defend ourselves, as Ezra uses her powers to save Brody.

We've got a war coming right now, and this Demon who's in charge of this show, is pulling out all the stops, and he's going to be sending everything he has at us, so we're going to do everything we can to let Ezra do everything she can, to save Brody.

If we fail, then Brody will be lost to us forever, and we can't have that." Bobby explained.

"If you'd just tell them the truth Bobby, they'd understand! Either way, I have got to start this, and I've got to start this now. Brody can't fall to the trap laid out for him, he believes what's happening to him, and he believes what he is told, we will lose him to the Demons. Trust me that will be the worst thing that could ever happen to this world, if Brody falls to the dark side, we're all doomed. You have no idea what Brody is capable of, what Brody was designed for, and what Lucifer has planned for him.

Bobby, you really should tell them the truth, this involves them just as much, they have a right to know." Ezra explained.

"What's she talking about Bobby, what aren't you telling us?" Dean asked angrily.

"We don't have time for this, Ezra, you've got to get started, we've only got less than a half hour to rescue Brody. His parents came to your coven, they told you how they tried to warn Brody, but they were banished, before Brody could truly believe what they were trying to warn him about. Dean, the time will come and you will know everything, until then you do as I say, and right now, let's get ready to battle all the Demons of hell, that are going to be coming to stop us." Bobby held a stern face, not about to give up the information Dean so badly wanted to know.

Everyone began working, preparing for the coming battle. Angrily Dean went to the Impala, and began bringing in every piece of arsenal he had. He couldn't help but being freaked out about Brody, wondering what was happening to him, where he was, and what these Demons were doing to him. Were they torturing him? Was he in pain? Was he scared? Was he calling out Dean's name? Then Dean stopped cold in his tracts! Why would Brody be calling out his name, and why would he even be wanting him to be calling out his name? Dean couldn't help but stand there confused, what's happening to him, he wondered to himself. Why did he care for Brody so much? He cared more for Brody, then he'd ever cared for anyone in his life. Besides his family, that is. But this was a different kind of caring, this was a deeper, more meaningful caring.

Suddenly he realized, he couldn't remember his life without Brody. He couldn't remember anyone that drove him crazy, someone that drove him out of his mind, someone he worried about, that wasn't his brother, or parents. Even more than any girl he'd every truly been in love with, which wasn't that many, Dean was used to Wham, Bam, Thank You Mama, then he'd be on his way.

But Brody was having an affect on him, that Dean didn't understand, these feelings were confusing to him, they scared him, they were starting to drive him mad. Who was this kid to him, and what was he doing to Dean? Dean felt like he was being changed from the inside out, like his heart was healing, healing in a way he never thought possible. Brody was making Dean Think; making him heal, heal the wounds caused by losing all the people he ever loved.

Dean had put up these walls, closed himself off to ever letting anyone in, ever letting his heart open to anyone. His fear of losing another loved one drove him into his work as a Hunter. It was easy to him, go in, find the demon, kill it, save the girl, get laid, and call it a day.

But deep down Dean knew he wanted more, he longed for more, he dreamed of more, but his fear out weighed everything else, there was no way he would ever let anyone in, there was no way he would ever love someone, when that meant he would just lose them in the end.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Dean, what the hell are you thinking about? Hello? Brody's a guy, that's Sam's thing, not mine." Dean said to himself.

Dean couldn't help thinking he's going crazy, this kid is changing him; he's opening Dean up to things Dean had locked away forever. Most of all, Dean was sure he wasn't gay, he was sure, or was he?

"Dean, what's taking you so long?" Sam shouted from the door.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Dean shouted back, shaking the thoughts from his head. It's a problem for another day, or never. Dean, thought to himself, I can't go there, it's not me. I'll just care for him like a brother, that's all it is, that's all it will ever be, that's all it could ever be, that's all he'd ever allow it to be.

So then why was Dean constantly teasing Brody, showing off his naked body, taunting him sexually? Making sexual innuendos, every chance he could get. It's just a joke though, Dean thought to himself, I love girls; I love vaginas, the feel of my cock sliding into that warm, sweet, wet hole. The feeling of tits in hands, sucking on her nipples, the feel of a woman's soft skin, the sweet scent of her body.

Only Brody's body was soft, Dean had noticed, and the way he smelled, sometimes Dean couldn't help put catch himself smelling Brody longer than he truly should have. He couldn't help but notice how well defined his muscled body was, or his sweet bubble ass, that Dean had secretly dreamt about, wondering what it would feel like to slide his nine inch, thick rod into his thick mounds of flesh. And those lips, the amazing full lips, how would it feel to kiss them, to have them pressed hard against his own. Staring into his mesmerizing Emerald Green Eyes, which glowed. Dean felt like when Brody stared into his eyes, he was staring straight into his soul, seeing the true Dean, behind the Mask Dean hid himself behind.

Just who was Brody, and why was he affecting Dean like this? What was happening to Dean, he knew Brody was changing his life, but he never expected anything like this before? The million dollar question is, why did Dean tell Brody he loved him? Dean couldn't help but thinking to himself, what's happening to me?

Dean took everything he got together inside, while the rest had finished getting the rest of the place ready for the up coming battle.

Everyone took their place, around all the exists, locked and loaded. The tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Both Sam and Dean had never been so scare for anyone, the way they feared for Brody.

Dean's heart was pounding in his chest, his anger was rising, and he was ready to kick some Demon ass to relieve his frustration. He needed Brody alive and well, he needed to understand these feelings he was having for Brody.

What the fuck is happening to me? Is this what I've been running away from my whole life? Is this why I though myself into every girls bed, having meaningless sex? Enough Winchester, get keep your head in the game. Brody's counting on you, and the only way you're going to get any answers, is to keep him safe.

Sam paced in front of the window, wearing a hole in the floor. He wanted to scream, his confusion over Brody, and Ruben, was driving him insane. Meanwhile, Ruben was on a mission to help save Brody, even though he knew Brody was creating a wedge between them, yet Ruben was still willing to help. Whatever Ruben's, Duty to Brody was, it was strong enough, to stop Ruben for doing anything to Brody.

Sam knew a time was coming, and a time was coming soon, he was going to have to make choice, one way or the other. To Sam, fighting these demons head on would be a walk in the park compared to the choice he would soon have to make.

Ezra began chanting, throwing sparkling dust all around Brody's lifeless body. Lights of blue and red started glowing, and circling around Brody. (Spoken in Irish)

"Qua phasmatis habito , quod everto velieris in umbra. ego queso vos , solvo is animus."

(Where spirits dwell, and demons hide in shadows. I beseech you, free this soul.)    

Beseech mé na cumhachtaí maith, a chumhachtú Brody, leis an neart le dul I ngleic leis an Demons, agus féach trí bhealaí a n-olc.
(I beseech the powers of good, to empower Brody, with the strength to fight the Demons, and see through their evil ways!)

De réir mar a thagann an gealach hunters chiorcal iomlán, agus na geataí ar ifreann oscailte, beseach tú I Brody, oscailte do chuid súl agus an fhírinne a fheiceáil.
(As the hunters moon comes full circle, and the gates of hell open, I beseech you Brody, open your eyes and see the truth. With the power of this coven, I willingly give them to you Brody! See through their lies, see through their evil. Use the Powers, of our coven, freely given to you.)

Agus an chumhacht seo coven, I willingly a thabhairt dóibh chun Brody duit! Féach tríd a luíonn, féach trína n-olc.    

(Open the doors free his mind, let him see, what the darkness hides!)
Oscail Na doirse, saor in aisce an intinn, a ligean air a fheiceáil, cad iad na seithí dorchadais! Demons, Devils, hearts dorchadais, a chaith tú I gcrích ag an bhfianaise an spéir.

(Demons, Devils, hearts of darkness, I cast you out by the light of heaven. By the powers of light, by the powers of all things good, and holy, Free Brody from the binds of evil, the chains that bind him. Give him the strength of this coven's power. Renounce the evil Brody, Renounce!)

Faoi na cumhachtaí an tsolais, le cumhachtaí na nithe go léir maith, agus naofa, Brody Saor ó chónaisceann an olc, slabhraí an ceangal sin dó. Tabhair dó an neart na cumhachtaí seo a covens. Thréigean an Brody olc, a thréigean!  

Free Brody, a thabhairt dó an chumhacht, an neart, chun ár heed focail, chun an doiciméad a fheiceáil I solas an dorchadais, chun an fhírinne, agus an olc a fhios. Tabhair Brody an chumhacht! Tar ar ais chugainn Brody, ár n-úsáid cumhachta. Lucifer a thréigean, a thréigean olc! An comhrac go beo, troid a aimsiú I bhfianaise an dorchadas.  

(Free Brody, give him the power, the strength, to heed our words, to see the light in the darkness, to see the truth, and know the evil. Give Brody the power! Come back to us Brody, use our power. Renounce Lucifer, Renounce evil! Fight to live, fight to find the light in the darkness.)  

As Ezra finished the last of her chant, demons came crashing through the windows, and the door. Dean was sent flying back, his gun flying inches away from his hand. He began wrestling with the demon that was attacking him.

As Lilith saunters through the front door, as the fighting went on all around. A smile grew on her face, and she began laughing to herself.

"Ezra, still alive I see! Rumors had it you were dead, but then again you shouldn't believe everything you hear." Lilith said, walking toward Ezra, who was still leaning over Brody.

"Still talking out of your ass I see, something's never change. What do you want Lilith?" Ezra asked.

"You already know the answer to that question, but since you not so bright, I'll dumb it down for you. Brody belongs to me, since the beginning, until the very end, he shall always be mine." Lilith said with a smirk on her face.

"If he belongs to you, then why does he fight, you and every other demon he's come in contact with? Winning each battle, I might add." Ezra said, as she threw the last of the golden glitter over Brody's body.

Brody's body, began to glow, different colors, of bright red, yellow, blue, and green, purple and orange, and pink. You could see the panic in Lilith's eyes, as the colors began flowing through, and around Brody's body.

"What's the matter Lilith, never saw the rainbow flag, working magic before? Haven't you ever been down to West Hollywood (West Hollywood, better known as WEHO, is were all gays, hang, live, work, and play), there so much fairy dust down there, it'd make your head swim!" Ezra asked.

"Just what in the Devils name, do you think your doing to him?" Lilith asked angrily.

"Just a little ancient magic I picked up, while I took a spirit ride to the underworld. You'd be surprised how much information, can be found if you know where to look." Ezra answered, buying as much time as she could for the spell to work on Brody.

"Tricks are for kids, or haven`t you read the box? You're messing with powers you cannot even conceive of. No magic can get to where Brody is, not even if you took a trip to hell, would you be able to reach him." Lilith gloated.

"Really now, then what's all the fuss about? Why are all these demons attacking, but most of all, what would be the need for the infamous Lilith to show up?" Ezra asked, as she waved her hand over Brody's boy, while whispering a quick chant.

"What better time to kill the whole lot of you, when your down your most powerful ally?" Lilith answered, laughingly.

"Just what are you planning to do with Brody? Who has him?" Ezra asked, as she spoke the final words of the spell.

"Why his father has him of course, but you already knew that. He's giving Brody a lesson in pain, the likes of which has never been seen on this earth, but is only truly known in hell. For starters, he's burning the flesh off his skin, then growing it back and repeating the process. He's teaching his son the meaning of the word pain, what it truly means, so that he will be ready to rain down destruction when the time comes. Your not even going to recognize him the next time you meet, oh he will be back, and when he does, this world will be plunged into a darkness. That's just the beginning, when I get my hands on my little boy, come six months, the pain he feels now, will pale insignificantly. I'm going to make him regret the day he was born, and make him beg for the day he was truly dead, and there is nothing any of you can do to stop it.

Try as you may, Brody was meant for the dark side, for evil, and now he'll learn what he truly is, and all of you will be the first to die at his hands." Lilith went on.

Dean, Sam, Ellen, Jo, Andy, Angeline and Angelo had there hands full, the room was filled with over fifty demons. They were all running on pure adrenaline, but how much longer they could hold on, was just a matter of one wrong step.

"I have yet to meet a person/Demon, who blows as much hot air as you. No one loves to hear themselves speak, as much as you do. You are the dumbest blond I have ever met in my life, and believe me I have met my fair share of blondes.

You have no power here, and your powers are worthless against mine, now leave before I drop a house on you." Ezra said.

"I'm hardly the wicked witch of the east, but my powers will melt you were you stand. You may think me a blond, but I'm well aware that you've used up all your powers to help Brody. You may talk a good game, but you have nothing left, and it's about time I make the rumors of your death, a reality." Lilith said, as she waved her hand at Ezra. Ezra held her palm straight out, and blocked Lilith's attack.

"You were saying!" Ezra smiled.

Brody's body began to rise off the ground, floating in air. The waves of color flowing in and around him. His face remained pale, as he looked like he had been dead for hours now. His chest didn't move at all, as if he didn't take a breath.

Meanwhile in Hell-

"I renounce you, I renounce you, I renounce you! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Brody screamed, as the flames burned the skin off his body repeatedly.

"I'm so proud of you my son, I have yet to see anyone withstand what I have done to you. You truly are my greatest creation. NOW BOW DOWN TO ME, AND SWEAR YOUR ALLIGENCE!"

"Never you bastard, do you hear me never! I will never to anything for you, I never serve you, I wasn't born to serve you, I was born to bring you down.

I understand now, I get it all now. What my real father was trying to tell me, but you ruined everything. He told me not to believe you, he told me everything you said would be a lie, you would try to deceive me. To think it almost worked, I was seconds away from being broken by you. Seconds from being yours, and doing your bidding.

I don't know what happened, I don't know how, and I really don't care. But it seems to me that someone up there, has bigger and better plans for me, than anything you could think of." Suddenly everything became clear, I don't know how, or why, but I'm glad it did.

Suddenly these lights start glowing all around me, and through me, healing me, helping me.

"Damn you Lilith, when I get my hands on you, I'm going to strangle you to death." he said.

"What's the matter, is your plan failing? Is that why I feel like I'm waking up from a fog, and feeling more powerful than before?" I asked.

"This is far from over my son, far from over. This is just a minor set back. You will bow before me, and you will serve me, whether you want to or not. It's what I created you for, it's what I've planed for centuries.

They might of won this battle, but the war is hardly over. You've learned enough for now my son, but there is plenty more were this comes from. Trust me, I give you my word, you will rule by my side, or you will die by my hands.

You belong to me, then, now, and forever." he said.

"I promise you, I will do everything in my power to stop you, to stop everything you throw at us. I believe in the power of God, and I believe like the parents that raised me taught me, my powers are a force of good, a gift from God, to use against the likes of you. So you give it your best shot, I'll be ready.

You threw your worst at me, you burned me, torched me, ripped me apart, and everything else you could do to me, but here I am still standing. Someone upstairs is watching over me, and that means I'm a threat to you, so I'll be ready, and when the time comes you watch you back, because your going down, and I don't mean your throne here in hell, but down to a place that you were always meant to be." I shouted at him.

He tried to burn me again, but the shinning lights glowing in and around me, blocked out everything he tried, to his utter frustration.

"Will meet again Brody, and the next time we do, the next plan I have for you, will bring you to your knees. You mark my words, I always get what I want, and I will have you, my son!" he said.

"Call me your son all you want, but I don't believe you for one moment, I know who my parents are, and you and Lilith, are far from anything that could ever be my parents. Your blood might run through my veins, but that in no ways makes me your son. Oh, Oh, I think it's time to say goodbye, I can feel myself being pulled away. I would love to say this was a pleasure, but all I can say is, the next time we meet, your going to regret everything you did to me, and by then I will know how to use my true powers, and when I do, you're the one that will feel my wrath." I said smugly.

He began laughing, taunting me.

"I look forward to it my son, I look forward to it. Till the my son, I'll be watching you.!" he said smiling and evil smile.

The lights around me began to consume me, and slowly I began disappearing from my torture chamber, and the evil I faced.

I stopped suddenly, in a lit room, where two shadows took on forms.

"Here we go again?" I said out loud.

"Brody, your okay, thank God, your okay!" My mother shouted running over to me and hugging me. My father following behind.

"Oh thank God, it's you." I said excitedly.

"I'm so proud of you, you heard and listened to everything I said, and used it. You can't believe anything he told you, everything he said was a lie." my father said.

"It didn't at first, I couldn't remember, I could barely understand what you were saying. But after hours of torture, something happened. These lights started forming around me, and through me, the next thing I knew, I was suddenly awaken from the fog.

It was like suddenly anything you said to me, was there in my head, I knew the truth, and I could see through his lies. Wait, they were lies right, Lilith, and him aren't my real parents right?" I asked nervously.

"We are your parents, we are, we have been, and always will be, always believe that son, never doubt it." my father said. I hugged them tightly again.

"Brody, there's no more time, you have to go, Dean and Sam, and the rest of them are in trouble, they are being bombarded by demons, and they only have seconds before any one of them dies. You've got to get to them, you've got to save them." my mom begged.

"Brody one more thing before you go, you have to understand, everything that just happened to you, all that you've endured, you will have to face. It's not going to be easy, it's going to be really hard, your going to go through one of the hardest times of your life. But remember, you have to learn to count on your broth...Dean and Sam, you'll need them now, more than ever. The pain you felt, you'll feel again and again, and your dreams will be harder, because you relive everything that happened to you, you'll wake up in cold sweats, screaming, scared. I'm so sorry, I wish this never had to happen to you, and that you never had to deal with this. I wish more than anything we could be there for you, to comfort you, to take care of you. But we left you with the only two people that could ever do this job better than us, and that's Dean and Sam. Count on them, trust them, you boys must always stick together.

Together the three of you are stronger than anything, or anyone. But only together. Here's one more piece of the puzzle, remember this and make sure to tell them.

The sword of Michael will be the only light in the darkness. At will the first chance and the last chance to destroy Lucifer!" his voice was filled with pain, yet a hint of hope.

"We love you Brody, we will always love you, and always be here for you." my mother said as we hugged one last time.

I began to float again, through darkness, with just the blinding light surrounding me. The next thing I knew, I was back in my body, taking the deepest breath I had ever taken in my life. It was the best feeling I had ever had.

I heard fighting all around me, and the sound of the most evil voice I wasn't ready to hear, Lilith.

I got up, much to the shock of those who noticed, most of all Lilith.

"What? But how, we had you, how did you get it out, it's not possible, how could he have failed?" Lilith said looking at me, shocked.

"I'm so tired of hear your voice, I'd rather hear nails on a chalk board. So Lilith, or should I call you mother? It's time to get rid of you, your stinking up the place." I started.

"So you know the truth huh, that I'm your mother and he's your father? That just makes things sweeter, this is going to get a lot more fun, than I could have ever imagined." Lilith gloated.

"A little help here!" Sam shouted.

"One second, let me just get rid of the trash, the rest will follow." I said.

"You have no power over me!" Lilith said.

"Oh really, Daddy dearest taught me a few tricks, so take this Bitch, there's the door, don't let it hit your ass on the way out, on second thought, let it!" I said.

I balled my hands in to tight fists, and concentrated as hard as I could, mustering every bit of strength I had in my body. I blew Lilith first, out of the wall of the Roadhouse, she flew out screaming.

I turned to the rest of the demons, and using my mind, I destroyed them, causing the black smoke to be released from the bodies they took over, leaving their victims alive.

Dean and Sam came running to me, and grabbed me up into a bare hug, I had never been so happy to see them in my life, and so scared at the same time.

"Before I forget, I have something important to say, my father told me to pass another cryptic message to join the other ones we already know. The sword of Michael will be the only light in the darkness. At will the first chance and the last chance to destroy Lucifer!" I said.

Bobby came over and grabbed me and hugged me tight to him, then ruffled my hair.

"You got to see them again didn't you?" he asked.

"Yes, at first dad tried to warn me what was about to happen, but Lucifer made me forget, before doing what he did to me. But then some kind of light formed around me, and I could remember it all, and who I was, and it gave me my strength back. Helping me to see through his lies, and leave that God awful place.

Where I saw my parents once again, with words of comfort, and not so much. But most importantly they said the three of us need to stay together no matter what, that we will be strongest that way, and it will be the only way to defeat the forces of evil. But like Lucifer said, we might have won this battle, but we haven't won the war." I said.

"That's tomorrows problem, right now, we celebrate, your alive, were alive, and we're together." Dean said.

"Easy for you to say, who's going to pay for the damage to the Roadhouse?" Ellen asked.

"Oh, sorry about that, but that Bitch Lilith deserved it. Wait a second, I think I know how to fix this." I said.

I closed my eyes and concentrated, on the Roadhouse, all the broken windows, the holes in the walls, the torn up bar. I floated in air, and started circling around, holding out my hands. Suddenly the place began fixing itself up, everything being put together the way it was, before the fight broke out.

"I don't know how you did that, but thanks." Ellen said.

"I owed you, thanks for everything you guys did, and thanks for keeping Dean and Sam safe, I don't know what I would do without them." I smiled.

Suddenly, I felt weak in the knees, like I had over exerted myself. I fell to my knees, the room beginning to spin.

"Not again!" I said, as I passed out.


Sorry it took me so long, have a lot of my plate right now, but I promise, it wont be so long next time...thanks for being patient with me, hope you enjoyed the story.