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Supernatural is owned by the CW network. I do not own their characters, only the ones I create. This is a gay story, involving sex between men, if you are underage, you know the rules.



P.S. This is my first crack at Supernatural, I hope you enjoy, please let me know what you think..




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Story by



Supernatural is owned by the CW network. I do not own their characters, only the ones I create. This is a gay story, involving sex between men, if you are underage, you know the rules.



P.S. This is my first crack at Supernatural, I hope you enjoy, please let me know what you think..




I have other stories if your interested...Heir of the Amazon, Alexander the Newest of the X-men, The Batman, Titans, The Charmed Sons, and Lucian the Vampire Slayer...Feel free to check them out, and let me know how you like them.





P.S. Let me know what you think, and if you want me to keep going with this story.



Please read this, it is of interest to you!

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Supernatural Boys


Chapter 11- Watersports, Collars, Almost a kiss, oh my!






I tried to wake up; I could feel Dean patting my head, with a cold wet cloth. Sam was sitting on the opposite side of Dean.

"Come on kid, wake up! I've had enough of you being knocked out." Dean said.

I saw the visions of everything that happened to the pain, the burning, the smell, and me. I started screaming, thrashing on the bed. Dean held me down, as best he could.

"Brody, your okay, it's over with, your safe here with Sam, and I. Wake up kid, just wake up, the nightmare is over." he said, trying to comfort me. I cringed back from their touches, and moved my whole body back against the back of the bed, wrapping my arms around my legs, burying my head in my knees as the tears came pouring out.

My breath quick, my heart pounding in my chest, sweating like mad. Now I understand what my father meant, I would not so easily escape the pain Lucifer caused the fear, the agony, and me.

"Brody, you're alright, we're here, your safe, I promise!" Dean said.

"I'm...I'm sss...ssoorryy." I stuttered.

"Your allowed kid, you've been to hell and back. Just take it nice and slow, and know we're right here." Dean said.

"Guy's I'm scared, I've never been so scared in my life." I said not lifting my head up.

"You have every right to be, Brody no one can blame you for being scared." Sam said.

"No, you don't understand, I'm not scared for myself. I am scared for the two of you. I'm dangerous, I'm a danger magnet, and I'm going to get you guys killed." I explained.

"Brody that's nonsense, we've been doing this for years now; we almost get killed on a regular basis, and have actually died a few times anyway. We know that this is part of our job, this is our life, and it is the way it has always been. You can't think like that, remember you said it yourself, we're stronger together." Sam said.

"But if anything happens to either of you, I just don't know what I'd do, or not only that, I'll be alone. I don't want to be alone, I've lost everyone that's ever mattered to me, if I lose you guys, I'm done, and I won't be able to handle it." I confessed.

"Listen to me kid, we've made it this far, we'll make it all the way. You'll never be alone; we'll always be with you." Dean said.

"That's what my real father and mother said, but it doesn't change the fact that they're dead. The only way I get to see them is to almost be dying myself, it is not enough. I do not understand who I really am, who they are, where I come from, what makes me who I am.

Neither do you guys, what happens if Lilith and Lucifer do get there claws on me, what if I am the final weapon that brings everything down, and in the process kills the two of you.

Maybe I should leave, hide somewhere, isn't there a spell or ritual so that they can never find me?" I rambled, my body shaking in fear.

"You're not going anywhere, your not evil Brody, your good, 100% good. You cannot let them scare you, you cannot believe anything they say, they are Demons, they lie, cheat, they do anything to get their way. They know how we all feel about each other, and they will use that to scare us, to try to separate us, because in the end they are scared, because together we are more powerful. So I don't want to hear you talking like that again, we're a team, we will stay together, stand together, fight together, and live and die together, do you understand me?" Dean's voice was filled with authority, he was not just comforting me, he was ordering me. Why? Is it really, because we are stronger together, or is there more to it?

Why am I even thinking about that, Lucifer was right about something's, I'm trying to turn Dean gay, and come in between Sam and Ruben. I have to stop this, I can no longer interfere in their lives that way, I can no longer lust after Dean, and while pondering on feeling the love Sam gives me, or wants to give me.

"Come on Brody, you've been asleep for 10 hours straight, what you need is a nice hot shower, and something to eat." Sam said.

I tried to move, because I knew he was right, but my body just would not budge.

"Come on, don't make us undress you, and through you in!" Dean said smirking.

I still could not move, I do not know what was wrong with me. I realized I was only wearing a tee shirt, and my boxers, someone must have taken off my clothes at some point. Jerks!

"Ok, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. You can get up on your own, or we can throw you in the shower?" Dean teased.

"You wouldn't?" I said looking up for the first time.

"Oh yes he would, and so will I." Sam said.

"One of you already stripped my clothes off, now you want to throw me in the shower!" I said with a hint of anger in my voice.

"We couldn't have you sleeping in your torn up clothes, don't worry we didn't take a peek at the little mushroom in between your legs!" Dean joked.

"You didn't? You wouldn't?" I asked panicked.

"No, I wouldn't do that to you, well maybe I would do that, but I didn't. Sam on the other hand, I had to fight him off you." Dean answered.

"He's lying Brody; you know I'd never do that to you!" Sam protested.

"Not funny guys, see, this is me not laughing." I said.

"Alright, but seriously you stink like you've been to hell and back, it really is time for a shower. Whether you like it or not, get him Sam!" Dean shouted.

"No!" I shouted.

However, Dean grabbed my upper body, while Sam grabbed my legs. They took me into the bathroom, and put me in the tub, much to my protest. Sam turned the water on, got it to the perfect temperature, and turned on the shower. My tee shirt, and boxers became see through, my 7 inch flaccid cock could easily be seen through my boxers. My face must have turned ten shades of red, but my temper got the best of me.

They did not play fair, so why should I. I used my power to lift them both up, and bring them into the shower with me.

"Two can play at that game!" I said.

"Hey, let go of us, we're wearing our clothes!" Sam said.

"So am I!" I said.

"Your underwear doesn't count; we're in jeans and tee shirts." Dean said.

I raised them up off the ground, and using my powers unbuttoned their jeans, taking them off and dropping them on the floor.

"You were saying?" I said.

If I thought they were hot with clothes on, this was a remarkable sight. Their tee shirts hung tight to their muscled chests, the long cocks could not be mistaken through their boxer briefs. My cock was rising in my shorts; I pulled my legs up trying to hide my growing erection.

"Hey that's cheating, we carried you, and you're using your powers." Sam said.

"I'm only finishing what you two started, how do you like being thrown into a shower?" I asked.

"It's not so bad, maybe a little gay, but not so bad." Dean said laughingly.

"Now do we need to wash you too, or can you handle that on your own?" Sam asked.

"I think I can handle washing myself!" but what I really wanted to say was, if you guys want to stay and wash me, feel free, I wont mind. However, I cannot think like that anymore, I will not destroy them.

"Are you sure, I mean who's going to wash your back?" Dean asked.

"I think I'll manage, I've been showering for quite some time on my own now." I said sarcastically.

"Fine, take all the fun out of it. I've never offered my back washing skills to anyone, your loss." Dean said, with mock hurt.

"Wait, guys will you me a favor?" I stopped them before they got out of the shower.

"What is it kid?" Dean asked.

"Will you stay close by, I mean...just in case you know...I mean...well...I'm not ready to be alone yet." I said embarrassed.

"We'll be right here, we're just going to dry ourselves off. If you need anything we're right in the next room." Dean said.

"Thanks." I said in barley a whisper.

They got out of the shower, Sam first then Dean.

"Brody, I'm right outside this door, if you need anything, just say the word. And if you want me to stay, I will just stay right here, I won't watch, you can do your thing, but if it will make you feel safer I'll stay right here." Dean said compassionately.

"Thanks Dean, that means a lot, but just knowing you guys are here, is enough." I said closing the shower door. I took off my shirt and boxers.

"Hey Dean?" I shouted.

"Yeah?" he answered.

I whipped my shirt and boxers at his face.

"Nice, now just remember pay backs a bitch! Revenge is a dish best served cold." he said.

Next thing I know he flushed the toilet, the water turned cold quickly, I shouted.

"Jerk!" I shouted.

He laughed walking out of the bathroom.

How much I wanted them to stay, the pull was getting stronger, the confusion even deeper than before.

I stood under the stream of the showerhead, banging my fist against the wall.

I need to calm down, last thing I need is for my powers to reek havoc right now. I need to stay in control, just stay calm, and let the water wash away the events that took place.

Inside the other room-

"Do you think he'll be okay?" Sam asked while changing clothes.

"If we help him, I think he'll make it through, I think we'll all make it through." Dean said, turning around and catching Sam naked. Dean stared for a moment, realizing he had never paid attention to his brothers built body before.

Aroused for a moment, he shook his head clearing his mind. That is my brother, what the hell am I doing. Dean thought to himself, as he turned away.

Sam turned and caught his brother stripping naked. Wow I never realized what an ass Dean has before, but then again why would I he is my brother. Still does not hurt to look, and what about Brody, I could see his cock getting hard when he took off our clothes. Damn, now that was a sight.

Dean turned and seen Sam staring.

"See something you like?" Dean asked.

"You should really lay off the burgers Dean, your ass is getting bigger than your head." Sam said.

"You're just jealous because I have a booty-luscious ass, and you don't." Dean said laughing.

Dean's cock started to harden, a mixture of his brothers naked body, and remembering Brody's cock through his boxers. What he would not give to see him fully naked. Dean then stopped dead in his tracts, what the hell was he thinking, he thought to himself. I want to see Brody naked, what is that all about? Why is this happening to me, what is this kid doing to me? No, I like girls, I love the way the feel, smell, taste. I like girls, not guys, just get that out of your mind. Dean fought with himself. However, the pictures flashing through his mind of Brody would not escape, he could not help himself. His cock now fully hard, he quickly put his clothes on before he could be caught red handed.

Maybe it is just the fact that I care so much about, he thought to himself. I think I've read somewhere that guys bond like this, and it's natural, doesn't mean anything, doesn't mean I'm gay. It just means...hell I do not know what it means. Apples, oranges, grapefruit, grandma, old people, dogs, cats. Dean tried thinking of everything he could think of, to remove any sexual thoughts from his mind.

Just as he was about to succeed, Brody walks out all wet, with a towel wrapped around his waist. The towel was too small, and too tight to hide much. Both Dean and Sam stared wide mouth, at the gorgeous boy that stood before them. The lump between his legs, bulging out, his firm pecks, and his quarter-sized nipples, his six-pack abs, his thick muscular thighs. His long wet hair-dripping wet, hanging somewhat over his face, his full lips glistening. His green eyes glowing, with a hunger burning inside them. His muscular arms, flexing as he shook his hair. They were both stunned at the sight they were seeing.

I walked into the room, with nothing more than a tiny towel wrapped around my waist, leaving nothing to the imagination. Not my fault, they did not leave me any clothes to change into, and it was the only towel in the bathroom.

At first I did not think anything of it, with my hair hanging over my eyes, I realized that both of them were wide mouth, staring me up and down. If I was not confused before, I was definitely confused now; the lust in both their eyes was evident.

I suddenly felt completely naked, even with just the towel wrapped around me, I didn't know what to do, and couldn't handle seeing them stare at me like that. So I started to shaking my hair, letting the water shake out. We all could not just stay standing their like this, and I was sure I was red as a tomato.

"Um, do I have any clothes, it's kind of cold?" I lied; I was burning up, the fiery passion burning me up.

" over there, that's your bag." Sam tried to talk.

Dean still stood shocked; it was as if he had never seen a half-naked person before. Hello, how long have Dean and Sam been brothers, haven't they ever seen each other naked before? Didn't they ever have gym class together?

I moved over quickly to my bag, and pulled out a pair of jeans, and a tee shirt, boxer briefs, and a pair of socks.

I did not want to turn around; I did not think I could handle knowing if they were still staring at me. I took the towel, off, and dried the rest of myself off, that is when I caught the reflection of Dean and Sam in a picture in front of me. They were still staring, great!

I bent down and dried myself from my feet up, slowly, making sure not to miss a spot. I realized my bubble but was spread wide for their viewing pleasure, and that my balls were sure to be hanging low enough for them to see. I liked the feeling, and knew that it was wrong all at the same time. However, something took over, and I could not help myself.

I worked my way up, and dried every part of my body, standing there fully naked, before I slowly began to put on my clothes, shirt first, then socks, finally boxers briefs, as I still watched them staring through the reflection in the picture.

I smiled to myself, for even if I could never have either of them, it was nice to know I affected them in the same way they affected me. Dean was more the surprise than Sam was. I could not be happier to see the look of lust in Dean's eyes; it was more intense then when he would look at a girl he would see at a bar, or on the street. Maybe Dean did have a little man-to-man fantasy going on in that beautiful head of his.

OMG, stop it, you hear Lucifer, I am ruining their lives having these feelings I need to stop.

I finished getting dressed, and walked in front of the mirror, and put a little hair cream in my hair. I stood there staring at myself, and realized for the first time, maybe I was not that bad looking.

Maybe I did not have to die a virgin, if I was going to hell in six months anyways, maybe it was time I went out there and had the confidence to lose my virginity. Sure, I wish it could be with Dean and Sam, but I knew better.

Why didn't I have any confidence in myself I wondered, maybe it was all my years of hiding out on the farm. I was not used to being around people, and surly not used to being around people that I was attracted to, or never realized if someone was attracted to me.

However, one thing I was sure of, I was tired of being alone. I wanted someone to hold me, to love me, to kiss me, to wrap myself up in someone. To feel warm, and safe, and loved. To feel them inside me, loving me, with their heart and soul.

However, that was just a dream, would I ever have that?

If I am going to die soon, I do not think I will. Okay, getting depressed, time to change the subject.

"So what's next?" I said turning around to find them still standing there stunned.

"We'll we should get downstairs, and see what Bobby and the rest of them have come up with." Sam said.

"Yeah, that's exactly what we should do, right now!" Dean said, practically running out of the room, as if it was on fire. I could not help but smirk to myself. Is misery made beautiful right before my eyes, mercy be revealed or blind us were we stand. I think I am falling in love with the hardy boys.

We went downstairs to find the group huddled around Bobby, and I suddenly felt like I was an outsider looking in.

Is this how they've lived their lives, as Hunters, watching love ones die, killing Demons, watching innocent people die. I suddenly felt broken hearted for them. However, at the same time realized just how remarkable they all really were.

"I'm sorry to interrupt; I just have something to say. First, thank you all for doing everything you did to save me. Especially when you have no reason to, I mean you do not even know me, yet you have all risked your lives for me. Secondly, I want to say, I do not know how you have all lived your lives being Hunters day in and day out, seeing the evil in this world. Watching innocent people die, watching loved ones die. I hate it, and I have not even been at this for a minute.

My point is, you all are special, important, chosen by a high power, whatever you believe in. People do not know how lucky they are, walking around blind to what is really going on. They do not know how lucky they are that hero's like you exist, saving their lives, at the risk of your own.

I just trying to say, I think you all are the most amazing people I have ever had the honor of knowing. That's all, I'll shut up now." I said, turning away as a tear escaped my eye.

The next thing I knew they were all clapping, I turned to look and they all had smiles on their faces.

"Thank you Brody, that means a lot to us." Ellen said.

"It's just the truth, and I'm sure no one has ever stopped to say thank you." I said.

"Before we all turn into woman in this room, we have work to do." Bobby said, trying to hide the softness of his heart.

"Oh you're just a big teddy bear Bobby!" Ellen said, as everyone began laughing.

"Back to work, we've got a lot to do, and I just have something in my eye is all." Bobby said.

"You doing okay Brody?" Ellen asked.

"I've survived, and I have you guys, so I'm holding up." I answered.

"Well, we just need to go over these books, so why don't you get something to eat, or sit and relax." she said.

They all had gathered around the table, looking through books, and listening to Bobby prattle on about this idea or that, and argued a little.

I did not feel much like eating, so I walked around the bar, not wanting to sit. I saw the stage, some band equipment sitting there, and a beautiful baby grand piano. I walked up on stage, not really paying attention to what I was doing.

I picked up the guitar and started playing, but it did not satisfy me enough, I needed something more. I walked over to the piano, and ran my fingers across the keys.

I sat down, and the music took me over, my mood already being the way it was, the first song to come to mind, was suddenly flowing through my fingers on the piano.

I suddenly found myself singing into the microphone, forgetting that I was in a room filled with people. It was as if I needed something normal, just feel like I was normal, and the way it was on the farm.

"Do do do to, do do do to, ah, ahh, ahhh, do do too, I must be crazy now, maybe I dream to much...but when I think of you, I long to feel your touch. To whisper in your ear, words that are old as time...Words only you would hear, if only you were mine, I wish I could go back to the very first day I saw you, should've of made my move when you looked in my eyes, cause by now I know that you'd feel the way that I do, and I'd whisper these words as you lie here by my side. I, I love you, please say you love me too...These three words, they could change our lives forever, and I promise you that we will always be together, till the end of time. To do do, to do do..So today I finally find the courage deep inside, just to walk right up to your door, but my body cant move, when I finally get to, just like a thousand times before. Then without a word he handed me this letter, read I hope this finds the way to your heart, it said, I love you, please say you love me too...These three words, they could change our lives forever, and I promise you that we will always be together, till they end of time. Well maybe I, I need a little love, yeah, and maybe I, I need a little care, and maybe I, maybe you, maybe you, maybe you oh you need somebody just to hold you, if you do, just reach out and I'll be there...I love you...Please say you love me too...Till the end of time...these three words they could change our lives forever, and I promise you we will always be together...Ohhhhhh, I love you...Please say you love me tooooo...please, please, say you love me too, till the end of time.. My baby love, together, together, forever, till the end of time...I love you...Ohhhh, I will be your light, shining bright, shining through your eyes...My baby...I love you..." I hadn't realized what I just done, it was a reflex, I almost felt like I was back at the farm, and my Ma, and Pa, where sitting around listening to me play, when suddenly the room erupted in clapping, and whistling.

"Encore, Encore!" Someone shouted.

"Yeah, play something else." another voice shouted.

Much to my embarrassment, my face turning red, I turned to face them all, standing there, smiles on their faces, still clapping.

I caught site of both Dean and Sam, the looks on their faces were a little different then the others, sure they were clapping, but their faces showed puzzlement, as if they were wondering if I was singing to one of them personally.

Which made me wonder, was I? Was I singing the words, I so longed to say? The words I so long to feel, yet knew I would never experience it.

I quickly got up and walked off the stage, stumbling as I walked down the steps.

"Sorry, I didn't realize, I mean I shouldn't have used your piano without asking. It's just, for a moment there, I felt like I was back home, on the farm, and the music just flowed with what I was feeling." I explained.

"Baby don't you ever apologize for something like that again. You sing just like your mother, and believe me; no one could play the piano better than she could. That was truly amazing, you feel free to do that anytime you want, you're amazing." Ellen said.

"Really, my mother played the piano and sang? Did my father, I mean I know he played the guitar, but did he sing too? Did they sing together...did they do it here...did they use that piano...did they..." I spoke so fast, I was not sure anyone understood what I said, but this was information I never knew. Therefore, that is where I get it from, because Ma, and Pa, could not play to save their lives, nor could they sing.

"As a matter a fact they did once upon a time, they used to bring the house down. It was a sight to behold, it was their passion, and now I know at least they past it down to you." Ellen said.

"Ellen! Enough!" Bobby said angrily.

"Come on Bobby, the kid has a right to know some things about his parents." Ellen argued.

"What's wrong Bobby? What's the damage in Brody knowing a little something about his parents?" Sam asked.

"For what purpose, to cause the kid more pain? To make him miss them more than he already does? Just drop it!" Bobby said angrily.

"Bobby, I understand where you're coming from, I know you want to protect me, but something like this fills my heart up. To know that I am like them in anyway makes me feel happy. I have not felt happy in a long time, so please, I understand you, but knowing these little things, mean more to me than anything; it is the greatest gift you could give me. I already met them, I understand I cant know their names, I'm over it...I wont ask that again, but to know them, to really know them, who they were as regular people, and not just as Demon Hunters. It helps me to know more of who I am, of what I'm made of, so please keep their names, but please give me something that fills the picture of what I want to think of them as." I begged, tears in my eyes. I looked over to see that Dean was seething, he looked like he was about to punch his fist through a wall. I could not tell if it was because Bobby did not want to say their names, or if it was because Bobby did not want me to know more about them. The big secret that was eating away at him. The truth he wanted to know, more than even I did. I do not know what changed, maybe because I have seen them, touched them, the name did not matter to me anymore.

However, each time Bobby did this; it did spark a curiosity in me to know why they were hiding the name from me, or rather Dean, Sam and me.

"Bobby, you want to keep your secrets, then keep them, but don't take away the kid's chance to know a piece of his parents. It's his right, he's been denied enough, don't take everything away from him." Dean said angrily, as he balled up his fists.

"Look, I'm sorry, you're right, just understand, this secret is for everyone's safety, whether you want to believe me or not, it's just the way it has to be. Just remember Ellen, your playing a dangerous game, and it could be the difference between life and death for one or all of these boys." Bobby said backing off.

"Bobby, I was there too, I know when enough is enough, and I know what's okay. This isn't going to make a difference, and it won't break the pack we made." Ellen said.

"I'm sick of this bullshit, I've let you guys get away with it for far too long. Bobby, you know I think of you as a father, and Ellen, you have been like a mother to us all. However, a deal you made all almost twenty years ago, is ridiculous to still keep. We have a right to know, he has a right to know. I know this involves us all, and I am getting sick and tired of this big secret looming over our heads. All these years we have worked side by side, I have always trusted you, trusted you with my life, but you have never kept something important away from us. How do you know this secret wont hurt us if you don't tell us, maybe you were wrong to keep it a secret, maybe the only way for us to win is to know the truth?" Dean said adamantly.

"I wish that were the case son, but its not, you weren't there, you don't know, you can't even imagine what this secret would do. It's a genie that once out, can never be put back in." Bobby answered.

"Hey! Hello! Remember me, the kid you are talking about, yes me, right here in the room, standing right here. I met them, I saw them, I felt their love, and I know their sacrifice. I'm just asking for personality, likes, and dislikes, similarities, scraps, anything." I said.

"He's right Bobby, there is no harm in that." Ellen said.

"One wrong word, and then what Ellen, then what, are you really willing to risk their lives. I promise you Brody, in time you will learn everything, but now is not the time. We have a lot of work to do, so please can we just focus?" It was more a command, than a question.

Dean got in Bobby's face, his anger vibrating through his whole body, but before he could do anything, he turned around and walked out the door, slamming it on the way out. Sam went to go after him.

"No Sammy, just give him some time." Bobby said.

"Bobby, I hope you know what you're doing, because Dean is not going to be able to hold back any longer." Sam said.

"I'll go after him, this is my fault, and I shouldn't bring them up." I said.

"No Brody, don't ever think like that. It is not your fault for wanting to know who you parents are, you have every right. I am sorry, it is just too important that we wait, before you know, to much is at stake. I'm sorry." Bobby said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

I walked outside following after Dean. When I got outside he was about to get into his car, I used my power to hold him back from getting in, I could not take the chance that I could not stop a car.

"Dean, wait a second please." I begged.

He did not even turn around; he banged his fist against the car.

"Hey don't take it out on your baby, you love her to much." I tried to joke.

"Just go back inside Brody, I want to be alone!" Dean said.

"So do I, but you never seem to leave me alone, even if I'm half naked, you still wont leave me alone, throwing me in a shower." once again I tried to joke, but it wasn't working.

"Brody please, I don't want to fight, just let me be." he said.

I walked over to him, he would not look up, and I put my hand to his chin and lifted his face, and forced him to look into my eyes. It was that moment that I realized it, I fell head over heals for him.

"Dean, I'm sorry, please, don't be mad, I promise I won't ask anything else again. I don't want you guys fighting over my dead parents, please." I begged.

"Brody, it's not you, you have every right to know about them kid, I just hate that they're keeping this a secret, its tarring us apart, and it doesn't even make any sense. It hurts me, to see you hurting, and I know how much it hurts to want to know about your parents." he said.

"Dean, I met them, I really, truly met them. I talked to them, they held me in their arms, I could smell them, feel them, and I know how they love me. I am good, really, I am good, and I just got excited to know I had something in common with them. I just never thought about it before, and you know me, I get over excited.

I can't stand to see you mad, it hurts me more than anything...well unless we're fighting, then I don't mind it so much." I teased, and he finally smiled my favorite crooked smile.

"What am I going to do with you kid?" he asked.

Oh, I could think of a million things, but I will not say one.

"For starters, you could keep smiling for me, and then maybe even have a girl moment and hug me?" I asked just needing to be held.

He grabbed onto me, in a way that felt different to me, his body firmly pressed against me, his embrace so tight, I felt every part of his body against mine, and I loved every second of it.

"Thanks Dean, this feels amazing."

"Don't get to happy, you might get a hard on or something." Dean said.

"What makes you think I don't already have one?" the words came out before I had a chance to think about what I was saying.

"Kid...I..." Dean began, and suddenly he was leaning in to kiss me, I closed my eyes, and puckered my lips, ready for the moment I'd dreamt of, when it never came, I stood there like an idiot, my eyes closed, my face red, waiting to feel his soft lips pressed against mine. It never came, instead came the voice of the bastard himself, ruining what would have been the greatest moment of my life.

"What a touching scene, but sorry I have to break it up. I don't know what you did to get away, but this time your not going anywhere." Parker said.

"Parker!" I said in shock.

"Not you again, hasn't anyone dropped a house on you yet?" Dean said taking a stance in front of me.

"What's wrong with you, don't you realize how dangerous Brody is alive? The two of you, plus Sam equals ends of times; you've got to be stopped." Parker said.

"Parker, you've been played for a fool, Lilith has been using you, using your anger towards me against you. Parker there is so much more going on here, if you'd stop fighting for a second, and let us explain, maybe we can work together to stop Lucifer and Lilith." Dean explained.

"You think I believe anything you have to say, when the son of the Satan, and Lilith is standing right behind you. You are going to bring about the end of days, and you want me to join you. I do not think so; it is because of you my father is dead. My father died hunting Demons, and from where I stand, the son of all Demons is standing right behind you." Parker said angrily.

"That's a lie, I'm not their son, and I have real parents, human parents. They used you, tricked you into believing I was their son, but it's all a lie." I said.

"Enough lies, your games are useless, I know the truth, I've been shown it. I have been chosen to bring down the son of Satan, and the Winchester Boys. That's just what I'm going to do, boys if you will please." Parker said. Before we knew it, men where coming out of the woodwork. What we did not realize was that there were twenty or more behind us, some came up and snapped some kind of collar around my neck. The pain was so intense in brought me down to my knees screaming.

Dean turned around and began fighting the people around me, but there were just too many.

Suddenly a gun shot rung through the air, for a moment everyone stopped. Sam and the rest of the gang came out, gun's a blazing.

"Parker this is your last chance, either listen and hear the truth, or die believing a lie." Bobby said aiming his gun at him.

"I made a vow to bring you all down, before you destroy the world, and that's what I intend to do. Attack!" Parker shouted.

A fight broke out all around me, and there was nothing I could do about it. Whatever they put around my neck was not coming off, nor was it allowing me to use my powers. I was helpless to help any of them.

"Brody, you've got to get out of here, I know your in pain, I don't know what they've done to you, but crawl if you have to, please just get out of here." Dean begged.

I did not want to leave, I did not know if I could leave, but the thought of leaving them behind to fight without, was too much to bear.

"GO!" Dean shouted. As he began fighting of these people.

I used every bit of strength I had within me, which was not saying much, and crawled underneath a car, and continued moving, at the pace of a snail, but as far as I could tell, I was not being followed.

All I could hear was screams, and gunshots in the distance, my heart ached to know if my friends were okay.

Where was I going, and frankly, I did not know how much energy I had left to move any further. I found a spot that I felt was secluded enough, and hid there, while trying to get this damn collar off my neck.

I had never realized how much my powers meant to me, until I could no longer use them.

I hope my friends are faring better.


"Where is he, where is Brody?" Parker shouted to his men.

"You'll never find him; our own powerful Witches took him out of here, while you weren't paying any attention. So call of your men, no more have to die here today, you've lost this round, Brody is gone." Dean said, holding a knife to one of men's neck.

"I've got powerful people on my side too; it won't be hard to find him. Especially since the collar he now wears has a homing device built right inside. It's only a matter of time; we'll have him faster than you can say Shazam!" Parker said.

Great Dean thought to himself, he had not thought of that before he sent Brody off on his own.

<Angeline can you hear me?>"Dean asked using his mind.

<Yes Dean, loud and clear, what is going on, I can sense all kinds of distress coming from the roadhouse?> she answered.

<We are being attacked by Parker and his goons; they have put some kind of collar around Brody's neck. Whatever it is, it is stopping him from being able to use his powers, and that is not the worst of it, they have put in a some kind of homing beacon in it. I do not know where Brody went off to hide, but we need to find him before they do. Can you help?> he asked.

<Hold on, let me see what I can do.> she answered.

Using her powers, she focused on Brody as hard as she could, when suddenly the sharpest pain she had ever felt through her flying back.

<Angeline! Angeline, what is taking you so long? Angeline, are you there?> Dean asked.

"I feel like I'm talking to myself!" Dean said to himself.

<Ahh...Dean...whatever that collar is, it has mystical powers, it knocked me off my feet. I could sense him for barley a moment, and all I got was fear. I could barley see a wooded area. I am sorry that is the best I can do, I will get my brother, and we will come right away.> she answered.

<Thanks Angeline, I owe you one.> Dean said.

"Come on guys, will be back for the Winchester's, right now we have a Demon child to kill." Parker said, as he and his men backed out of there, their guns still pointed at the Dean and the gang.

"Let's go after them, what are we waiting for?" Sam said.

"No, they have a device in the collar to find Brody. Therefore, I talked to Angeline, whatever the collar is its mystical, she only got flashes. He is in the woods somewhere hiding. We know the only woods around here, so might be able to beat them to him. Angeline and her brother are on their way. Bobby see what you can do to find out what that collar is, and how to get it off. Ellen you help Bobby, Jo and Andy can come with us. As soon as Angeline and her Brother get here, send them to find us, will need all the mystical powers we can." Dean commanded.

"Sounds like a plan, just be careful, and take care of my babies." Ellen said.



I do not know how long I had been hiding, or what was happening back at the Roadhouse, but I knew I could not stay here much longer. When I suddenly heard footsteps, I stayed as still as I possible could, softly breathing.

"Brody, I know your in there, come with me if you want to live!" a woman's voice said.

I didn't know if it was a trap or not, what do I do?

"Don't be afraid, I'm a friend, I'm here to help you." she said. Something in her voice was truly sincere, but after all the tricks I have been through, what am, I suppose to believe.

"Brody, please there isn't much time left, Parker and his men will be here soon. I've got to get you out of here, trust me please." she begged.

I crawled out on my hands and knees, still unable to get up.

"Who are you? Why do you want to help?" I asked.

"I am Verne, a sister of the light; I've been searching for you for a long time now. I will answer your entire question, but we must leave here at once. First, let me get rid of the pain your feeling through the mystical collar around your neck." she said.

Her hands began glowing, and she put them around the collar, as quickly as she had touched it.

"Ah, so there is a tracking device in the collar as well, easily solved." she said.

Her hands glowed again, and it was as if something snapped inside the collar.

"Since you have all this power, why not remove the collar?" I asked.

"That is a very good question, and one I shall answer, but for now, we must leave quickly, for they approach." she said.

"What about my friends, we have to get back to them?" I asked.

"Your friends can no longer help you right now, it's time you learn about who you really are, and what you were created for." she answered.

"And you expect me to believe you, to just follow you, and abandon my friends?" I demanded.

"I'm sorry Brody, please forgive me, but this is for your own good. If you don't come with me, you will die, and you are too important to the future of mankind." she said.

As I was about to protest, her hands began to glow and she touched me, and I suddenly found us somewhere far from the Roadhouse.

"Where have you taken me?" I asked.

"Somewhere far away and safe from the Demons that chase you." she answered.

"What do you want with me?" I asked.

"Brody, there is much to teach you, and little time to teach you in, here with the sisters of the light, we will be able to teach you everything you must know, to face the darkness that comes on the horizon. You will die if you do not gain control of your powers, except who you are, and be ready to face what you must. You must choose to come with me willingly, or return to meet your final death." she said.

"Once again, I ask, why am I to believe you?"

"Because in your heart of hearts, you know I speak the truth. I will never lie to you, but this is the only way. Prophecy has been written, and so now, it has begun. Choose now, and choose wisely, for even the ones you love will perish if you choose the wrong path." she said.

"You're a smooth talker, you know all the right things to say, but one thing I'm sure of, if you're giving me a choice, then you truly aren't lying. I can see it in your eyes, and feel it in my bones. However, know this, I have worn a collar before, been enslaved to a lunatic. This collar represents submission, enslavement. I'll go with you, if you remove the collar, for I will not be a slave to anyone ever again." I said adamantly.

"I'm sorry Brody, but I can not do that, the only way to remove the collar is for you to reach the true understanding of your power. For if you don't, you will surely die, and all will be lost." she answered.

"Then know now, that I consider myself a slave to you, nothing more. If you speak the truth, as I feel you do, then I have no choice but to come and learn, if I am to save my loved ones, and the earth. But never forget for a single moment, that I consider myself your slave, and do this all unwillingly. The first chance I get to get this collar off, anyone who stands in my way from getting back to my friends, will die." my voice was filled with rage.

"I'm sorry you feel that way, and I'm sorry this is how it must be done, but it's the only way. You must know, if you try to use your powers against any of the sisters of the light, we will have no choice but to hurt you in a way you have never felt before. We do not wish to, but we must do what is necessary if we are to stop the destruction of mankind." she said.

"Then I go with you for the sake of my friends, to see them live, and if that means being your slave, then I do as I must. However, never forget, I will kill all of you, the second I find a way out of this collar. The moment you try to stop me, you will start a war you cannot win." I knew my words were true the moment I spoke them, I knew she wasn't lying, I don't know how, but I knew if I would die without the collar, but nothing, and I mean nothing would ever stop me from getting back to Dean and Sam.

"I'm sorry you feel that way, I wish nothing more than to be friends, to be a teacher to you, to train and prepare you for what lays ahead. However, you do what you must, as we will do, as we must. Let us hope it never comes down to a war between us, and a friendship instead." her face was filled with compassion, but it changed nothing of the way I felt.

I was a slave once again, and kept away from the ones I loved. Rage was my only emotion now, and I knew it was not going to leave me; the rage would stay until I found a way out of this.

"Then let's get this over with, for I don't know how long I can control the rage inside me. For as long as you keep me as your lap dog, with this collar around my neck, my rage will only intensify." I said.

"Then let us hope you're a quick learner, because the fait of the world rest on your shoulders. When I saw you, I knew this was not going to be easy, when I heard you speak; I was convinced you would be more difficult, than anyone I had ever encountered. I pray to the creator to give me the strength to deal with you, for I know you are going to be a handful Brody." she said.

"You haven't seen anything yet, and I warn you, try to use your powers against me, and I will consider it an act of war. You make the first move, and I will finish it. That is a promise, I intend to keep. Now, one question, is there no way to at least tell my friends that I'm okay, or where I'm at?" I asked.

"I'm sorry Brody, but no, this is for you and you alone to face. You alone must learn, and find your way, for it is you alone that will be able to defeat the Demons that are raging a war against mankind." she answered.

"Fine, let's get this over with." I said.

She began walking and I followed behind her.

Oh Dean, Sam, please be all right, and please, please, please find me.