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Supernatural Boys




Chapter 13- He Loves Me



Weeks had passed, seeming like an endless year. I used every night to completely get the lay of the land, learning every single hall, exit, marker that I could find. I wanted to be sure that when the time came, I would know how to get out.

Every day Pasha sat down and tried to teach me to call upon my power, although she was able to feel it, I could not.

I truly was trying, the sooner I learned what they had to teach me, the sooner I could leave. However, I have never been able to feel my power, it only ever came out when I was angry, scared, filled with rage.

Each time Pasha tried, I fell into a trance for an hour. Each time I could see in her eyes, that she sensed something more than she was saying. The same look Sister Verne had in her eyes, only Sister Verne knew what she was seeing, even though she would not tell me.

I needed some answers, and since Sister Verne was not going to tell me, then I would have to seek the answers out on my own.

I learned that there was a library of books, books holding prophecy. I am heading there now, when I hear someone moaning; only it was not a pleasurable moan.

"Ahh, please stop, please!" a boy shouted.

"That punk thinks he can show up here, and be the new big bad ass. Well I am going to show him, he thinks he can threaten everyone here. I have powers that will bring him to his knees; I am going to do to him what I am doing to you ten times over! Now, shut up you little faggot, and take my cock like the horny little fucker you are, you hear me Ollie?" the man said while shoving his cock in and out of Ollie's hole.

I followed the sound of the angry voice, realizing he was talking about me. He was hurting this kid, because of me; I could not let that happen. I got to the door, to see two people holding down another, while a big person raped his ass.

I ran into the room and grabbed the big guy by the neck, lifting him up and throwing him against the wall. The other two guys came at me; I blocked one guys punch, while kicking the other.

"You've made a big mistake; I'm going to hurt you something fierce!" The big guy said.

"Your voice! You are the guy who said, 'all by yourself', when I first arrived. Give me your best shot, but I warn you, after what I've witnessed you doing here, I will not be lenient with you!" I spoke in the harshest voice I could muster.

He came at me, and I stood there waiting. As he got right in front of me, I sidestepped him, holding out my arm, close lining him. He fell on his back hard, the wind being knocked out of him.

His two friends came running over and grabbed me from behind, they each took one of my arms holding me. I kicked up with my feet, flipping back over them. Then did a flip in the air, kicking them both with my feet as I flipped. They fell right on top of the guy.

I turned to the kid they were hurting, and held out my hand.

"Come on, let's get out of here." I said, helping him up.

"Thank you!" he said.

"My name is Brody, what's yours?" I asked.

"Bradley! If your Brody...then you are the one that called himself the Bringer of Death! You are the one from the prophecy, it was written about you! I can't believe this; I'm actually meeting someone that was written in prophecy!" Bradley said excitedly.

"I don't know about all that, but I'd like to hear what you know. Let's get out of here, before they get up." I said.

"Your not going anywhere, I'm not through with you yet!" the big guy said.

"I don't know what your problem is, but I'll tell you this, you go after Bradley again, I will kill you." I said adamantly.

"You have no idea what I'm capable of, you don't even know how to use your powers. I know all about you, and I'm going to do far worse you to than I did to him." the big guy said.

He started coming at us, so I held out my hand using my power, trying to through him against the wall.

However, it did not work.

He was still moving toward us, albeit he was using every bit of strength to come at us, but it was also taking every bit of strength I had to hold him back. I had never encountered someone who could fight off my power, what does this mean?

"Whatever you're doing it's not working, he's still coming after us!" Bradley said nervously.

"I...I know...ugh...somehow he's fighting my power!" I stammered.

As he pushed on harder, I used every bit of strength, but instead of focusing on moving his whole body back, I focused on pushing back his legs. He fell face first onto the ground, hitting his head hard.

I did not want to be the first one to break the truce, so I knew I could not kill these guys.

I grabbed Bradley in my arms, lifting him off the ground and carrying him out. I ran putting as much distance between them, and us. When I put a large distance between us, I came to a stop setting Bradley down.

"Are you alright?" I asked him, helping him to put on his clothes.

"Thanks to you, I will be." Bradley half smiled.

"They've done this before, haven't they?" I asked.

"Um...Well...Um...Yes, they have." he answered uncomfortably.

"Why haven't you told anyone? They shouldn't be allowed to stay here; they should be kicked out or something." I said annoyed.

"I can't do that, if I told someone Sebastian would kill me. You saw how powerfully he is, I'd never stand a chance against him." Bradley said nervously.

"Don't you have any powers?" I asked.

"Yes, but you don't understand, Sebastian is special. He..." he began.

"He what? Bradley you can trust me, tell me everything I can help you." I begged.

"Come with me, this isn't the safest place." he said, while leading me through some more halls, then down some stairs to what looked to be an underground library.


"Bradley, what is this place?" I asked, as he led me through rows and rows of ancient looking books.

"This is the grand Library of the Palace of the Prophets; it holds every prophecy written in the last three thousand years. Follow me, right this way." he said leading me through more rows of books.

He stopped in front of a wall, leaving me wondering what he was about to do. He put his hand on a plate in the wall, and a hidden door opened into another room. As we walked through into the dark room, he held up his palm and a ball of fire appeared above it. He waved his hand sending the ball of fire out, lighting candles along the wall. The room lit up, showing row after row of more books. The hidden door closed, sealing us in.

"All these books...they're all books of prophecy?" I asked.

"Yes, they are. Only a few of the Sisters are allowed in here, the Prelate of course, and myself." he said.

"I can understand the Prelate, but why only a few Sisters, and why you?" I asked.

"Prophecy is a very dangerous thing, especially to the untrained. The Prelate and some of the Sisters have been trained for hundreds of years. They understand prophecy, the true meaning, and the true essence. I do not know what you have been taught of the difference between each boy here, they have different powers. I have heard that you do not agree with the word Wizard, and I have some understanding as to why.

There are different kinds of Wizard, ranging from simple powered, to War wizards. My specialty is prophecy, I not only know how to read prophecy, but I have visions of prophecy." he explained.

"You mean you're a prophet?" I asked.

"I still have a way to go before I'd call myself that, but more or less, yes." he answered.

"Wow, this place is crazy. I feel like I am in a nightmare that does not want to end. Okay, before I get to some questions that I think you might be able to answer, tell me what you were going to say about Sebastian?" I asked.

"We don't have to talk about him; I can just help you find the answers you're looking for." Bradley said nervously, looking down at his feet.

"Bradley, they were raping you, and it wasn't the first time. Not only that, I heard what he said, he was doing that to you because of me. I'm responsible, and I want to help." I said angrily. My anger was not towards him, it was towards me. Everyone I come in contact with gets hurt, or dies. Here is this boy, I do not even know him, and he is suffering because of me. It makes sense that he who shall not be named, and Sam did not want me around. All I have caused them since I have met them is pain and suffering.

"Why would you want to help me, what do you want in return?" he asked taking a step back from me.

"Bradley, I don't want anything from you, I swear I'm not like that. I want to help you, because it is the right thing to do. I have been at the mercy of a sadistic bastard; I know what its like. Please let me help you." I begged.

"You really are everything Verne said you are, I've never met anyone like you before. You really want to help me, even though you don't know me?" he asked.

"Wouldn't you help someone if they needed it, even if you didn't know them? My parents were murdered, and two brothers took me in. They did not know me, but they came to protect me, and continued to protect me long after they should have. Everyone needs some help, and I want to help you. If you'll let me?" I explained.

Tears began rolling down his cheeks, as he began to sob. I walked over to him, and held him in a tight embrace. I let him cry on my shoulder, gently rubbing his back. I felt so sorry; my heart breaking for him, having a sense of what he is going through. It felt good to hugged, despite the situation. Bradley was about a head shorter than me, his curly brown hair hung down past his ears, with chestnut brown eyes. With his body pressed tightly against mine, I could feel the muscles of his chest through his shirt. I could also feel his cock lengthening, and pressing against my thigh. I pulled away from him, trying to let on that I noticed.

"I'm sorry...I just ruined your shirt. Look at me crying like a baby, you must think I'm pathetic?" Bradley said, as he straightened himself up.

"I don't think you're pathetic, I think the people who are responsible are pathetic. People like that think they can have anything they want, any time they want, however, they want. You are a victim, but that ends now. Now tell me what you were going to say about Sebastian?" I asked.

"Brody, there are things happening here at the Palace of the Prophets, dark things..." he began.

"Dark things, like the Sisters of the Dark, type things?" I asked.

"How do you know about the Sisters of the Dark? Are you with them?" he asked nervously.

"No, I'm not with them; I don't even know who they are. Verne told me that there are these Sisters of the Dark here, and that I should not trust anyone but the Prelate and her. That's all I know, I swear." I promised.

"She was right to tell you, if they knew about you, who you really are they'll take your powers, and they'll kill you..." he started, but I interrupted him.

"What do you mean if they know about me? What do you think you know about me?" I demanded.

"Sorry, that didn't come out right; I'm not really used to talk to anyone. I spend all my time down here reading these books of prophecy, never spending anytime with other people..." he began.

"Bradley, get to the point." I said.

"Right, spending so much time reading these books, I've learned a lot of things. One of the things I learned was about you, that a long awaited boy would come and he would pronounce himself the Bringer of Death. That he would be marked, by the Keeper himself. You've been marked, haven't you?" he asked excitedly.

I did not know if I should say anything, Verne told me not to trust anyone but her and the Prelate. Something in Bradley's eyes, told me that he was trustworthy. He knew about prophecy, and I needed his help. I would have to trust him, if he was to help me.

"Brody, you can trust me, I swear. I want to help you, the same way you want to help Me." he said passionately.

"Alright, I think I'm going to have to trust you, if you're to help me." I said.

I lifted my shirt and showed him the handprint, burned into my chest. His eyes grew wide as he stared at it; he reached his hand out and out lined the burn mark.

"I can't believe this; I can't believe you're real. I mean its one thing to read prophecy; it is a whole other thing to meet someone that prophecy is written about. This changes everything for me, actually meeting a legend." he said excitedly.

"Bradley, what does it say about me in these prophecies, and what does it have to do with the Sisters of the Dark and Sebastian?" I asked.

"You are fuer grissa ost drauka! The Bringer of Death! I must warn you, Brody, you did a very dangerous thing when you first came here, and told all the Sisters that you were the Bringer of Death. That is a well-known, and hotly debated, prophecy. There are Sisters who believe it means you are one who kills. They will try to comfort you. There are others who think it means you will bring forth the dead, call the spirits. They will want to study you. There are others who think it means you will tear the veil, and bring the Nameless One to swallow us all. They might try to kill you." Bradley explained.

As he spoke the words, it was as if everything connected for me. I called myself the Bringer of Death, knowing at the time the words I spoke were the truth.

Verne warned me about the Sisters of the Dark, so I already knew that was coming. Bringing the Keeper, better known as Lucifer, all made sense to me now. Bradley did not know how right he was, but I was not ready to tell him everything.

"I know, Bradley."

"Then why would you let them know you are the one in the prophecy?" he asked.

"Because I am fuer grissa ost drauka. When the time comes, I will kill any of them I must in order to get this collar off. I had to give them fair warning first, give them the chance to do the right thing, and live." I explained.

"Do you fully understand the meaning of fuer grissa ost drauka?" he asked.

I paused for a moment, letting everything sink in, knowing that my eyes had found meaning.

"I have killed demons, Bradley. I am the bringer of death in that sense. That is the first meaning of drauka. I have called the dead forth, called the past into the present. In that way, I am the bringer of spirits. That is the second meaning of drauka. As for the third meaning, bringing forth the underworld, I have reason to believe that I may somehow be connected in bringing for Lucifer, or as you know him the Keeper, or the Nameless one. That is the third meaning of Drauka." I explained.

"I can't believe this, you are the walking prophecy. I have lived for over two hundred years, and never once did I ever think that I would meet the stuff of legends. So what are you going to do? How can I help?" he asked excitedly.

"I don't know what I'm going to do yet, all I know is I can't be here to do it. I need to get this collar off, and I need to get back to my world. Okay, what would Sam and his brother, first thing first, tell me about Sebastian? What does he have to do, with the Sisters of the Dark?" I asked.

"I've been doing some snooping around and well...I kind of followed Sebastian to one of the Sisters rooms..." he began.

"Its okay Bradley, you can trust me remember." I said trying to calm him down.

"Right...I heard one the Sisters, I don't know which one, welcome him in. I did not think anything of it at first; I was about to turn and walk away. That is when I heard whimpering coming from in the room, so I listened.

I then heard the sister tell Sebastian, that is was time for him to collect two more powers. I had no idea what they planned to do, so I went around the room to the back, where the windows are...What I saw next scared the life right out of me...Sebastian savagely raped the guys...It was horrible, I can still hear their muffled screams.

The Sisters back was to the window, so I could not see her face. She stood there watching, laughing..." Bradley began to tremble, tearing rolling down his cheek. I hugged him, holding him tight.

"I'm sorry Bradley, I'm so sorry." I said comforting him.

"That's not all, after Sebastian was finished, the Sister placed some kind of object on first one boy, who began to glow...somehow it sucked the life force right out of the boy, and the power from the boy went into Sebastian.

The body turned to dust, right before my eyes. Brody, they just killed them...for their powers. How can anyone be evil?" he asked, wiping away the tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Bradley, to witness true evil like that, it's harsh. I promise you, I will put a stop to this, I will. Why haven't you told anyone about this?" I asked.

"I didn't know who to trust, I never saw the Sisters face, so she could be anyone. I was afraid, if I told the wrong Sister, they'd come after me next." he answered nervously.

"I understand, you're not alone in this anymore. I also think we can trust Verne, because if she was a Sister of the Dark, she would have tried to kill me, she has had plenty of chances. What about the Prelate, what do you know about her?" I asked.

"There is no way that the Prelate is one the Sisters of the Dark, she has been the Prelate for close to a thousand years. Everything she does, all that she believes in, is helping all the Creators children." he answered.

"Then we'll have talk to Verne, and have her talk to the Prelate. In the meantime, you need to stay clear of Sebastian and his goons. I'm going to check out his room, see if I can find out what they're up too." I said.

"I'll go with you, I'll show you were his room is...please...I don't want to be alone." he cried.

"Alright Bradley, we'll stick together then. Come on, let's go find Verne." I said.

"You really are going to fulfill the prophecy, aren't you? You have been the center of great debate, which the bringer of death would come to rid the Old World of evil. While the other side would side, that you would come and deliver the Old World to the Keeper. I believe you are here to save us, to stop the Sisters of the Dark and protect us from the Keeper. Your one of the good guy, I know it." he beamed.

"I don't know about that, I'm just a farm boy trying to do the right thing. Let's just hope everything Sam and he who must not be named have taught me enough to get through this." I said.

"Why do you do that, why do you call him, he who must not be named? Your in love with him, aren`t you?" he asked.

A lump grew in my throat, as the memories of the last time I saw HIM, played in my head. His words echoed in my mind, the harshness of his words, telling me to keep the collar, to stay with the Sisters. Tears welled in my eyes, as my heart began to break all over again. I can still see the look in his eyes; feel my world crashing down around me as he told me to prove I loved him. How could he not know I loved him, both of them?

"A few months ago my parents were murdered by...a yellow eyed demon. Two brothers came to protect me, their demon hunters, I have been with them ever since. We have grown real close in that time, they are two of the most amazing guys I have ever met. They have been helping me figure out who I am, not to mention the fact that the three of us are supposed to stop Lucifer, or as you call him the Keeper, from escaping Hell, or the Underworld as you know it. Sam and his brother have taught me a lot, about demon hunting. In that time, I have learned a lot about myself, and them. The day I met Verne, Sam's brother was about to kiss me. The thing about that is, he is not into guys, at least he was not before he met me.

We were attacked right as he was about to kiss me, so I do not know what would have happened. The next thing I know I have a collar around my neck, Dean...I mean he told me to run and hide, I did. Verne found me in the woods, and told me to come with her if I wanted to live..." the pain in my heart became unbearable, the second I said his name. I did not mean too, I was caught up in the story, and before I knew it, I was saying his name. Tears began to flow, before I knew it I was sobbing. The overwhelming pain of all I had been through, the feeling of being alone, and worst of all the betrayal I felt.

"I'm sorry Brody, I didn't mean to make you upset. If you don't want to talk about this, I'll understand." he said passionately as he put his hand on my shoulder.

"No its okay, I've been holding this in for so long, maybe it'll do me good to get it out." I said, wiping the tears away.

"So I don't get it, it sounds like Dean really cares about you, and you said he was about to kiss you. So why can't you say his name, what happened?" he asked.

"Shortly after I met them, we stopped in a town were teenage boys were being kidnapped and murdered. I saw a boy go into the woods, he was in trouble. This demon, called a Windlow demon. His soul purpose is to find a mate, torturing and killing boys until he finds the right one. In saving the boy that I saw, Master Remy took me instead. He used my powers against, and took me captive. He tortured me for a long time, before I figured out how to kill him. Shortly after I arrived in the Old World, Verne and I were sleeping, when I suddenly found myself back in my world. I was back at the Roadhouse, in His room.

I was so happy to see him, I thought he had figured out a way to save me, a way to get this damn collar off me, but I was wrong. He used everything that happened that Master Remy had done to me, to make me leave him and stay with the Sisters, and keep this damn collar on. He didn't want me anymore, he didn't want me anymore..." I cried.

Everything poured out of me in that moment, all the pain I had tried to suppress came bubbling over. Bradley hugged me, and I cried into his shoulders, thinking of the man I love, and how he did not want me.


The Ander Park Cemetery-

As Dean and Sam were digging a grave, trying to find a way to get into a hidden Catacomb. Dean could not stop thinking about how he had to trick Brody, into keeping the dreaded collar on and staying with the Sisters of the Light.

A tear began to roll down his cheek, as he thought of Brody never forgiving him. He could not blame Brody for feeling that way, for hating him.

He Betrayed Brody.

He thought to himself about the almost kiss, that he was about to give Brody. Wondering what it all meant, but now he would never find out. He felt he screwed up everything, he was supposed to protect Brody, and all he did was let him down.

"Dean it's going to be okay, this is going to work. We'll get Brody back, and this time we won't let anything happen to him." Sam said wiping a tear from Dean's eye.

"I'm tired Sammy, I'm so tired, of demon hunting, of losing people, of making mistakes. I have failed Dad, I have failed you and now I have failed Brody. I'm just so tired of all of this, I just don't know anymore." Dean cried.

"Dean, you can't do this to yourself, you're not perfect none of us are. Dean you are my big brother, there is not anything I would not do for you. You have risked your life to save mine so many times; you sold your soul to bring my back to life. Dean you are the most selfless person I have ever had the honor of knowing, so please, I beg of you do not ever think you failed me, or anyone else.

You do the best you have, with what you have every time. Brody is a smart guy, deep down he knows you did what you did to protect him. All we have done since we met him has been to try to protect him. I know it in my heart that he knows the truth of the matter, and you have to believe it too." Sam said confidently.

"When did you grow up to be so smart? I hope your right Sammy, I hope your right." Dean said.

"I am right, I'm always right, you just never listen. Now, come on let's...Wait, Dean Look, I've broken through the ground." Sam said, finally breaking through the ground into the hidden catacomb.

They crawled through the hole in the ground, into a passageway. Using flashlights they headed west, through the dark, damp, dirty passageway. Sam needed to duck down, to make through the low ceiling. The walls were covered with dirt, dust, and damp dirty water.

"Smells like ass down here, it's disgusting. So how long do you think these catacombs have been down here, Sammy?"

"This tomb has been hidden down here, for well over three thousand years. The...Wait a second, is that writing on the wall?" Sam asked.

Dean wiped some of the dirt and dust off the wall, revealing the writing on the wall.

"Fear ye the wrath of the black eyed ones, if thou enter this tomb. Great, so it is just as Angeline said, the second we enter there the demons are going to come out of the woodworks, and Lucifer is going to know what we are doing. Then he's going to go after Brody, damn it Sammy I just served Brody's head on a silver platter, to that evil son of a bitch." Dean panicked.

"Dean, we already knew that was would happen. That is why the sooner we get the relic, the sooner we get to Brody. We have Ruben's knife, we have enough salt rock, and holy water. We will be quick about this, and get back to the Roadhouse.

Dean, I need your head in the game, I cannot do this on my own. Brody needs us, both of us, if he's ever going to get out of this." Sam begged.

"Alright, I'm good, I promise. So, let's call Bobby and see if everyone is in place, since we all need to do this at the same time." Dean said, kicking a rock.

"I'll call, you just do a weapons check." Sam said, dialing the number.


The Palace of the Prophets-

After explaining everything to Sister Verne, we set out to find the Sisters of the Dark, using Sebastian to follow. Sister Verne continued to try to see the Prelate, but was making no head way into that. I was not to keen on trusting a woman, who had ordered Sister Verne to come take me in the first place.

I watched from around the corner of Sebastian room, as Sister Verne led him out. Sister Verne lured him out of the room, faking a test he would need to perform.

Once out of the way, I made my way to his room. The door was locked, so I used the trusty lock pick Sam gave to me a while back to get into the room.

Neat freak much. His room was a lot smaller than mine was, with only a bed, a dresser, and a desk. The room was spotless, the bed was made perfectly, and the desk was tidy.

I made my way over to the mahogany desk, and sifted through the papers neatly stacked on the right hand side. I had no idea what I was looking for, but I was hoping to come across something that caught my eye.

After fifteen minutes of searching through drawers, under the bed, even under the gold pattern rug in the center of the room, I came up with nothing.

I was about to leave, but as I turned around I noticed something yellow on the windowsill. I walked over and kneeled down, wiping a finger across the stuff. I brought it up to my nose, to take a whiff.




Saint Barnabas Church-

It was a normal Sunday afternoon for the lovely church going folk, until Lilith arrived. Using her powers, she sealed the doors not allowing anyone to escape. She circled the room repeatedly, causing the people trapped inside to panic more and more.

Father Andrews stood at the podium, praying to God to help his congregation, and himself.

"What do you want with us?" the Father asked Lilith.

"You already know the answer to that, don't you?" she answered.

Trickles of sweat ran down the Fathers forehead, as he tried to swallow past the lump in his throat. He saw Lilith's eyes go white, as she smiled and continued walking around the room, running her hands through the hair of people as she passed by.

"Take me then, leave these good people alone, please I beg of you." the Father begged.

Lilith began to laugh, and evil laugh that caused one woman to faint.

"Now tell me Father, why would I let these kind people go?"

"Why do you need all of them, what do you want with us?" the Father's voice cracked as he spoke.

"Sacrifices, that's what I need all of them for, Sacrifices. Sixty-six God fearing folk make for a powerful sacrifice." Lilith said, stopping in front of the Father.

The huge oak doors to the Church sprang open, knocking two demons standing at the door to fly face first to the ground. Ruben strode through the doors, kicking the demons in the head as he passed by.

"You crazy Bitch, just what the hell do you think your doing?" Ruben shouted, as he made his way towards Lilith.

"What does it look like I'm doing, other than my job of course." she answered, waving a hand dismissively.

"We've got big problems, and your doing what with these people?" Ruben tapped his foot impatiently.

"Did you forget what happens tonight, or something? The blood of these people must run if the plan is to work. This is the only night; the stars will not be aligned like this for another 100 years. So do you want to tell me, what has your panties in a twist?" she asked.

"You know damn well what's wrong with me, what have you done with Brody?" Ruben demanded.

"Your paranoid Ruben, I haven't done anything to Brody." she answered.

"You sent Parker, to capture Brody, didn't you?" Ruben asked angrily.

"I did nothing of the kind, if Parker went after Brody, he did so on his own. Just because something bad happens, that doesn't mean I'm responsible for it." Lilith heatedly.

"Then where is he, where is Brody?" Ruben shouted.

"You need to watch your tone with me, Ruben. I do not know where Brody is, the brat is your responsibility not mine. What did your boy toy have to say, you did ask Sam didn't you?" Lilith asked.

"I didn't have a chance to ask, but they're looking for him too, so I know that he is missing. What I do not know is, why or who. Nothing will go as planned, if something has happened to Brody." Ruben started pacing back and forth, racking his brain to figure out what happened to Brody.

"Just calm down, if he were dead, I would know about it. We can easily find out what is going on, where he is, if you would stop acting human for one second, you would remember the ways we have of finding things out. Now, if you want answers, let's ask Lucifer for them." Lilith explained.

"Fine, let's get started shall we."

"First we sacrifice these lovely people, and then we use their blood to contact Lucifer and get some answers." Lilith said laughing, as Ruben nodded in agreement.


The Palace of the Prophets-

After explaining to Bradley and Sister Verne what I had found, they weren't at all shocked to hear about demons and ghosts, and what Sam and he who must not be named were teaching me about hunting. We decided that it was time to let the Prelate in on what was happening, and what we discovered. Even if she was unwilling to see any of us, I came up with a plan to force her to see me.

We made our way down to the Prelates office, our basic plan was for Bradley and Sister Verne to trick the two Sisters that guarded the Prelate's office door, to leave their post so that I could sneak in.

I waited around the corner, as the two of them put our plan into action, the second I saw the four of them leave, I made my way inside. I opened the door, and stepped into the Prelate's office. There sitting behind her large desk, was the Prelate. She looked to be well into her sixties, but I knew that she was well over nine hundred years old. Her office was filled with books, and antiques, though I wondered how many of them were magical objects.

"Brody, I've been expecting you, though I must say I thought it would have been sooner, rather than later. Please have a seat, and tell me what's on your mind?" the Prelate smiled as she spoke. She stared into my eyes, as if she was seeing straight into my soul.

"You've been expecting me?" I asked.

"Well of course I was, I'm sure you have a lot of questions for me, and I'll try to answer everything that I can." she said, still staring into my very soul. I shifted uncomfortably into the chair. There were a million things I wanted to ask her, but at the moment, all my thoughts scrambled into one, and I could no longer make my tongue work.

"I don't know where to began, I mean there are things going on here, but there are also things going on in my world..." I stammered.

"Why don't we start at the beginning, shall we?" she said, still smiling at me.

"The beginning, right. In my world, there are brothers who I stay with, or travel with I should say. We fight...well they are...okay, this may sound crazy to you, I do not know. They are Hunters, the hunt down demons, monsters, ghost, all the things that go bump in the night, saving people. They came to save me, the night that my parents died, it turns out I am connected to these brothers, by parents, who were also Hunters, at least I think they were. I mean they must have been, since all their friends that I am meeting are Hunters, it only makes sense that they would be.

As the three of us have been searching for answers, we have come to discover that Lucifer, or as you know him, the Keeper is trying to escape Hell, the Underworld. The three of us are suppose to stop him, somehow. We have not figured that part out yet, but I know it is true, well, because Lucifer took me to the underworld and we had a conversation, so to speak. I got away, but not before, he Marked me, here on my chest.

Sister Verne told me not to tell anyway, except you, and well Bradley knows about it as well. The three of us, along with a few other Hunters have been working towards finding out what Lucifer's ultimate game plan really is, and how we can stop him, along with teaching me how to kill demons along the way.

That is until I became a prisoner here, with this nasty collar around my neck like some wild animal. While I've been here, not learning anything, because I don't have magical powers, I met Bradley, or I should say I stumble upon him, being tortured, I wont go into details, as it is not my place to tell his story, by Sebastian and his goons. After talking with Bradley, it would seem that Sebastian is working with the Sisters of the Dark, that he tortured two boys, took their powers, which in turn killed them. I made a promise to Bradley that I would help, in any way that I could.

I went to Sebastian's room, to search it, using the skills I have learned by the brothers. I did not find anything in his room, that would lead us to the Sisters of the Dark, but what I did find was something on the windowsill, that smelled of Sulfur.

Now, I do not know what you know about smelling Sulfur, but the demon that killed my parents, along with other demons, and ghosts, leaves a smell of Sulfur.

I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, as I don't know much about this world, but I feel as if it's all connected somehow." I rambled nervously.

"My, my you've been a busy boy haven't you? Come, walk with me into my garden." she said.

As we walked towards the door, I was suddenly yanked off the ground and thrown against the wall by my collar.

"There you are, how did you..." one of the Prelate's guards began to speak.

"Put the boy down Sister that is enough." The Prelate commanded.

I was dropped to the ground, glaring at the Sister.

"This was my doing, Bradley and Sister Verne had nothing to do with it, I tricked them into tricking you. If any punishment is deserved, I am the one it should be given too. If anything happens to Bradley, or Sister Verne, you will have me to answer to." I said pointedly.

"Their punishment has already been set, and yours is yet to come." the Sister said angrily.

"His punishment? Did I not say that Brody was not to step into my office, Sisters?" the Prelate asked.

"Yes...but...I left shields up to prevent anyone from entering, I don't know how he got in." the Sister said nervously.

"Really, yet here he is, and through your shields. If punishment is to be given, you two are the ones to be punished. The two of you will take the places of Bradley and Sister Verne." the Prelate spoke, giving them a dark scowl.

"But Prelate, you can't do that to us. That would be humiliating." the Sister said.

"Learning humility is a good thing, for anyone. You will not be rewarded for your failure, and they punished. You will take their places, as I'm sure the punishment you ordered will be fair treatment." the Prelate smiled.

"If we don't?" the Sister asked.

"Then I will have no choice but to believe you are untrustworthy, and must be removed from being Sisters of the Light." the Prelate continued to smile.

The Sisters nodded their understanding, and made their way out of the door.

"I hope I'm never at the receiving end, of your wrath. Prelate, I must talk to you, the world is in danger. The end of times comes, and Lucifer, the Keeper will have everything he wants. I need answers, I need your help, and I need my collar off." I said urgently.

"The nameless one." she corrected.

"Prelate, what's the difference?" I asked.

"Calling him by his name, calls his attention." she answered.

"Prelate, it's the meaning of his name that really matters, not the arrangement of letters. Do you think that when you call Lucifer the Nameless One, instead that he would be fooled into thinking you weren't speaking of him? It's a mistake to assume your enemies are ignorant, and you are clever." I said matter a fact like.

A hearty laugh rose from in her chest.

"I have been waiting for a very long time for someone to figure that out."

We walked in her garden until we came upon a pond; she stopped right in front of it, staring out into the water.

"Prelate, what is a pebble in the pond?" I asked her.

"You are one, Brody."

"You mean there are more than one?" I asked.

A small stone floated through the air, up into her hand.

"Everyone has an effect on others. Some people inspire others to do great things. Some take people into crime with them. Those with the gift affect those around them even more. The stronger the gift, the stronger the effect." she answered.

"What does that have to do with me? What does that have to do with a pebble in a pond?" I asked.

"You see all the duck weed floating on the surface? Say that's the other people, the world of life, and this pebble is you." she said tossing the stone into the pond.

"See what happens? The ripples caused by you affect everyone else. Without you, all those ripples would not have happened." she answered.

"So they float up and down, on the ripples. But the stone sank." I said.

"Don't ever forget that." she gave me a humorless grin.

"I think you invest too much faith in me. You don't even know me.." I said.

"Perhaps more than you think, child. And what is it that concerns you about the Keeper?" she asked.

"Something must be done. He's about to escape. The brothers and I have to stop him." I said.

"So you, who was just thrown up against a wall by a mere Sister, want to go off and battle the Keeper. You have been talking to Bradley. A very bright young man, Bradley. He is still young, though. Sometimes he needs direction. Guidance. He studies hard, and loves those books. I think he must know every smudge on them." she said, as she leaned over to smell a rose. As I watched her, I decided I might have thought myself more clever than I was. Bradley too.

"So, what about Lucifer? What about all these prophecies?" I asked.

"The Keeper is not in this world yet, he has not escaped yet, if he did, why does the Keeper not have us? Hmm?" she asked.

"Maybe he's about to swallow us all at any moment." I said.

"Ahh. So you think that maybe he is busy with his dinner, and when he is finished, and wipes his chin clean, he will get around to swallowing the world of the living, so you want to rush off and face him, before he picks his napkin from his lap? Is this the way you think the worlds beyond ours work? In the same terms as this world?" she asked.

I nervously ran my fingers through my hair, not knowing how to answer, or if she really wanted an answer.

"Prelate, he is coming, that much I know. He has demons working to ensure that he comes, Lilith being one of them. I myself was taken over, and a prophecy was spoken from my very lips." I said.

"We are always in danger, Brody. You are an important person, a person in prophecy, but if you go off foolishly, you can cause more harm than good. When the time is right, the opening will present itself to you." she said.

"I hope your right, Prelate." I said, staring off into the water.

Millions of thoughts were running through my head, wanting to know what she knew, about Sam and you know who, and if they were all right. Wondering if I would be there, to help them, when the time came.

"How did your parents die?" she asked.

"Which ones?"

"Your adopted parents?" she answered.

"I came home to find this yellow eyed demon, Azazel torturing them. He wanted me, he did not need to kill them, I would have gladly sacrificed myself for them, but he snapped their necks before me. How did you know they were my adopted parents? I never said that." I said, clearing my throat, trying to hold back the bile that was trying to come up, at the vision of my parent's neck being snapped.

"I'm sorry Brody, your parents were amazing people." she said wrapping an arm around me.

"How do you know that, how do you know them?" I asked, standing there shocked.

"Sit down Brody, you look like your about to fall. You and I are old acquaintances, although the last time I saw you, you were only a few days old." she began.

"You knew my real parents, and my adopted parents?" I stammered.

"Yes, your real parents were wonderful people, who were dealing with great loss. I picked out your adopted parents, knowing they would be the best to teach you, all that you have learned from them. Your real mother would be so proud of the man you have become; she is surely smiling down on you now. She said you were the blessing to balance the curse. You see, Brody, balance is what the world of the living is all about. You are a child of balance. I have much invested in you." she smiled.

"Why?" I asked, my tongue seemed stuck to the top of my mouth, the word coming out in barley a whisper.

"Because you are the pebble in the pond. Now, you listen to me. You are causing me a great deal of trouble. You are like a bull that keeps knocking down fences and trampling the crops. Too much is at stake to have you acting without knowing what you are doing. I know you think you are doing right, but so does the bull. Your problem is lack of knowledge. I intend to give you an education. Though you will not believe some of what I have to tell you, you had better come to accept it, or you will be in that collar a good long time, because it cannot come off until you accept the truth." she said sternly.

"I was told the Sisters took the collar off." I said.

"Only when you accept yourself, accept your ability, your true power, will it come off. You put the collar around your own neck. We do not have the power to take it off until you can help us, with your own power. The only way you can do that is to learn, and to accept who you are.

The Keeper would like to swallow the world of the living, to triumph. To do that, he must use those with the gift, and his minions in the world of life. Your power has not been seen in the world, for over three thousand years, that makes you an extremely dangerous person, Brody.

You have the power to mend, or destroy. You have the power to bring the Keeper into this world, or banish him. There are good people who, if they knew of your power, would kill you in a twinkling for fear you might destroy us all, if not deliberately, by accident." she explained.

"And you, are you one of those people?" I asked.

"If I were, I would not have helped your parents all those years ago." she answered.

"Just for the sake of argument, let's say I have all this power, what is my power for?" I asked.

"Most with the gift have a talent that leans in a particular direction. Some are healers, some make things of magic, more rare are prophets. The most rare are war gifts. There has not been one born in over three thousand years. Until you." she said.

"I don't like the sound of that." I said, as I wiped my sweaty palms on my pant legs.

"War gifts has two meanings which balance each other, as in all life, everything must have balance. The first meaning is that they can tear the veil, bring destruction and death-war. In addition, the second is that they have the power needed to fight against the powers of the Keeper. Being a war gifted does not mean you are evil, Brody. Many who fight do so to protect those who are defenseless, to protect life. It means you have the capacity to care enough to fight, to defend the innocent." she explained.

Which made me remember a prophecy I read, in one of Bradley's books.

"Lest he who's born true can fight for life's bond. And that one is marked; he's the pebble in the pond." I quoted.

"For one who professes to scoff at prophecy, and is not willing to accept who he is, you seem to know some of the more pivotal passages. You have been Marked, you are the pebble in the pond, Brody." she said lifting an eyebrow. I could feel the scar burning on my chest.

"Are you saying that my life is already marked out? That I'm just meant to live it out, as it has been preordained?" I asked.

"No, Brody. Life is not predetermined. The prophecies mean only that you have potential. You have the ability to influence events. That is why it is so important for you to learn. Of most importance is that you learn to accept yourself. If you do not do this, you will harm the most vital part of yourself, your free will. If you act without understanding, you could cast yourself into the chaos. Once the seals that lock the Keeper beyond are broken, then the true test begins. There are 600 seals, which still hold him. We must struggle to keep the other seals intact until the day when one such as you can restore the seal, while there is still time. Meanwhile, the Keeper gains strength here. His minions struggle to break 66 seals. There are many ways to free the Keeper, and his minions struggle to find the ways. No one can guard 600 seals, and only 66 need be broken." she said.

"Are you sure about me, I mean maybe..."

"You proved it just tonight, by walking through the shield into my office. Our shields are made to keep anyone out, especially those with the gift. No one in three thousand years has been able to penetrate those shields, until today, when you did." she smiled.

"But still maybe...maybe I'm not what everyone thinks me to be." I said, looking down.

"The last people born with the power you have, invested the Palace of the Prophets with their powers. The prophets of that time knew one would be born again as powerful as they were, a war gifted, and so they created those shields in the Palace, so we would one day know that you have finally arrived. They created special shields, in the catacombs under the Palace, that only a true war gifted one would be able to pass. There is a weapon below the Palace, that was created for you. It is an aid, much as prophecy is an aid, sent down through time.

You must seek out that weapon, and it will help you to battle the minions of the Keeper, and then the Keeper himself." she said.

I stared off thinking of all that she had just said; still not sure, I believed I am the one.

"Prelate, why does Lucifer want the world of the living? What will it gain him? What is the purpose?" I asked.

"Death is the antithesis of life. The Keeper exists to consume the living. His hatred of life has no bounds. His hatred is as eternal as his prison of death." she answered somberly.

So many thoughts were running through my head, most of them about Sam and his brother. Wondering what would happen to them, if I were not with them.

"What is this weapon, that is below the Palace?" I asked.

"That is the twenty-four million dollar question, Brody. It has been the topic of debate, for three thousand years now. The only way to know is for you to seek out the weapon." she answered.

"What about the Sisters of the Dark, and Sebastian?" I asked.

"Ah, yes the Sisters...I'm afraid you have part of your theory right. You see these Sisters of the Dark, they made a deal with the Keeper of the Underworld. In exchange for gifts from the Keeper, they sell their souls, to serve the Keeper for all time." she explained.

"Then why haven't you done anything to stop them, Prelate?" I asked annoyed.

"Sisters of the Dark don't walk around with a sign on their foreheads. They have kept hidden all my years, here at the Palace. That is part of the reason you are here, right now in this time. You are destined to free us, from the evil that walks the Palace. To thwart the Keeper, in yet another way." she said.

"What if I can't, what if I'm not who you think I am? Prelate, what if my powers don't come from good, what if they're evil?" I asked.

"Brody, the only one able to create gifts like ours, is the Creator of all mankind. I know how you received your powers, I was there remember. It does not matter, the where or how you received them, what matters is what you, and the man does with them. You are a good person, a rare person, to the core of your being. Your parents raised you well, giving you everything you would need to fight the darkness that lies ahead. Trust in yourself Brody, trust in all the people who have sacrificed their lives to give you a fighting chance.

Brody, Dean and Sam need you; the three of you are destined to fight the greatest evils of the world. The only way for you to succeed, is through this...hmm...trial run, so to speak. Dean and Sam have taught you a great many things, its time for you to use what they have taught you, and believe in your abilities to do the job you were meant to do. I believe in you, for that matter I have believed in you 500 years before you were born. You can do this Brody, trust me." she said passionately.

"You know about Sam, and his brother?" I asked.

"Of course I do, I knew them as well when they were really young. I have also kept tabs on them, all these years since. I also know what Dean sacrificed to get you here, and how you feel he's betrayed you." she said, lifting an eyebrow at me.

I was beginning to think that she could read minds, truly.

"How do you know this, do you have a looking glass of something? He who must not be named didn't want me, that's all there is to it." I said, turning away from her.

"Brody Winchester, you listen to me! Whether you say Dean's name or not, nothing, and I mean nothing will change how much you mean to him. Dean sacrificed his own feeling, just to keep you safe. He was told all the horrible things that happened to you, when the Windlow demon took you, and tortured you. He was told what would happen to you, if you did not have that collar on. He said, and did everything to keep you safe, and alive, at great cost to himself." she said adamantly.

"How can you even know that, how?" I demanded.

"Brody, when you live to be as old as I am, you have ways of knowing these things. You're just going to have to trust me, and trust in Dean." she said smiling.

"You've given me a lot to think about Prelate, I guess I'd better get going and find out where this weapon is." I said.

"I think you'd better go see Bradley, and Sister Verne first, by now I'm sure Bradley had found some information that should be quite useful to you. Brody please remember, you are a very special person to all of us. Not just, for what you are destine to do, but also for the meaning, you have given to all our lives. Time is running short, you must trust in yourself and your gift, if your to destroy the Sisters of the Dark, and remove that collar from your neck, and return to Dean and Sam." she said with great concern.

"I'll do my best Prelate; I hope your faith is worth it, I really do. Thank you, for everything...I think." I said trying to smile.

"I will always be there for you Brody, whenever you need me. I know you will do your best, just like your parents before you sacrificed their lives fighting the evil of the world, I know you will do no less. Now go, and may the Creator be with you, always." she said, taking me in her arms and hugging me.

I was halfway back when it hit me. I froze in my tracks, my mouth hanging open. In the stillness of the night, my shaking fingers circled the ring on my finger. The lights of the Palace flickered; the rooftops shimmered in the moonlight. Distant sounds of the city drifted out to me at the edge of the hills.

I stared at Dean's ring.

"If you really love me, you will do this." That was what Dean had said to me.

In a flash of understanding, it all came to me. The jolt of comprehension took my breath away.

Dean had not been sending me away; he had been saving my life. The pain of having doubted him took me to my knees. It must have broken Dean's heart. How could I have doubted him?

The Collar.

I had been so afraid of the collar I had been blinded to it. Dean loved me. He did not want to be set free; he wanted only to save my life.

He loved me.

I threw my arms open and turned my face up to the sky.

"He loves me!" I shouted.

I knelt; staring at Dean's ring, he had given me to remind me of his love. In my whole life, I had never felt a sense of relief this great. The world came back to life for me.

My mind swirled in a confusion of conflicting emotions. I felt heartsick that I doubted him, and scared that I hurt him.

In the end, joy won out. As much as I wanted more than anything to throw my arms around Dean, hug him tight, and tell him how much I loved him, I couldn't. I was still a prisoner of the Sisters, but I would study, and learn, and get the collar off. I would get the collar off, and return to Dean and Sam. I knew without a doubt that Dean would be waiting for me. He had said he would always love me.

I made my way down to the libraries, to find Bradley and Sister Verne waiting for me. I explained everything that happened, all that the Prelate had told me.

"Much of what the Prelate told you is true, that much I've discovered in some of the books of Prophecies. There are other things too; you have till the coming Winter solstice before all hell breaks loose." Bradley said grimly.

"What does the Winter solstice have to do with anything?" I asked.

"The longest night of the year. Longest night, most darkness. You see, the Keeper has certain times when he can exert greater or lesser influence in this world. His is the world of darkness, and when we are in the period of the longest darkness, he will be able to do the most harm. The final seal will be broken, and he will be freed." Bradley explained.

"The Winter Solstice, that's not that long after...Dear God, that's when my time is up. Six months to live, and I will be in Hell, I will not be able to help them. That's must be why Lilith wanted to make the deal, to save Dean's life." I said.

"Another thing, War gifts aren't like others. They instead need to tap the core of power within themselves. You do not direct your gift, you direct your feelings. The Sisters teach the How of how everything is done. This is irrelevant to your power. For you, results are all that are important, because you draw power from within. That is why the Sisters cannot teach you. They use what is around them, the air, heat, cold, fire, water, whatever they need. You use your feelings, anger, rage, fear, emotions.

You will not be able to use your powers willingly, until you accept yourself, until you believe, you will not be able to call forth your gift, your power, except in great anger.

The only thing required to keep the gift from harming you is a bit of instruction, you must bring the gift into harmony with your mind." Bradley explained.

"The two of you must sit down and face each other, and then Bradley will be able to help you bring your gift into harmony." Sister Verne explained.

Bradley and I sat cross-legged in front of each other, as I rested my hands palms up in his.

"You must call forth the anger, the rage, and the power within you. Bring it all forth; focus the rage to the palm of your hand. Feel the power flow; bring it forth into the palm of your hand." Sister Verne explained.

It was not hard to call forth anger, I simply thought about my parents being murdered by a demon, right before my eyes. I thought of Lilith, the devil, and all the horrible things that enraged me. Before I knew what was happening, I could feel a tingling sensation flowing through my body, and bringing it forth to my hand. I could feel my power in my hand, feeling it rise from within, as I called it forth to my palm.

What I did not know, is what do I do with it now that I called it forth. I held my hand away from Bradley, and instead pointed it towards the table sending it flying across the room.

"How do you feel?" Sister Verne asked.

"I feel centered, more in control." I answered.

"Brody, I've never felt anything like that before. I do not know how to explain it, the power was unreal, it is not like our gift at all, and it is not like anything I have ever known. I don't think even you know the powers that you have, I don't think you've tapped into all of it yet." Bradley said.

I was not sure if that made me feel better, or worse. Was he feeling the fact that my powers come from demon blood, or the power itself? I had no way of knowing, and now was not the time to figure it out.

"I have to seek out the weapon, in the catacombs below. I need the two of you to stay put, I do not know how I know, but I know you are in danger. This is going to sound crazy to you, but I need for you guys to get salt, pore it across every threshold, and every window. I need you to seal yourselves in, the demons, Sisters of the Dark, wont be able to cross over the salt. I know what your thinking, but you have to trust me." I explained.

"Salt? I do not understand, these are powerful Sisters, and Sebastian is no walk in the park. What is salt going to do against them, Brody?" Bradley asked.

"I don't have time to explain, just trust me on this, demons hate Salt. I have to go, I need this weapon the Prelate told me to find, if I'm ever going to stop these Sisters, and Sebastian." I said.

"Brody, I do trust you, with my life. I do not want you to go up against the Sisters of the Dark alone; we should stand and fight together. You'll need us, we'll be stronger together." Sister Verne said.

"Thank you Sister, believe me when the time comes, I'd really like for you to stand by my side in this fight." I said, giving her a half smile.

"I think I know where the entrance might be, we'll walk you there on our way to get some salt." Bradley said.

Bradley led the way, through the Palace grounds stopping at the kitchen to gather as much Salt as we could find. We followed the outer perimeter of the Palace, toward the backgrounds where the Palace graveyard was contained. I could sense a pull the closer we got, calling me forth, beckoning me. The hairs at the back of my neck began to stand, the closer we got to the cemetery.

"Bradley, how do you know this is where the entrance is?" Sister Verne asked, breaking the silence.

"When I was going over passages from the Prophecies about Brody, I remember coming across something that said, what you seek is buried with the bones. I didn't understand it at the time, but after Brody explained what the Prelate said to him, that sentence stuck out in my head." Bradley explained.

"Good work Bradley; I couldn't have done this without you." I said. Bradley beamed at my words; I squeezed his shoulder trying to show the sincerity of my words.

"I think you would have found it just fine on your own, Brody." Bradley said.

"Maybe, maybe not, but you sure made it a whole lot quicker, and right now time isn't our friend. I don't know if it's the graveyard, but I feel something...I don't's like something is calling me." I said.

"That would make sense, the Prelate said the weapon was left for you, I'm sure the gifted back then cast some kind of web spell that would be tuned into your gift. That means you are exactly where your suppose to be, that the entrance is here." Sister Verne said.

"Then I better go the rest of the way alone; remember what I told you to do with the Salt. It is a great weapon, so do not be afraid to use it. Sister Verne, you still have your silver dagger, which you keep hidden in the sleeve of your robe?" I asked.

"Brody, how did you know?" she asked.

"Dean and Sam taught me a lot while we were together, taught me what to look for, how to be aware of everything around me, and everyone. I saw the dagger the first night we were together, when you went to sleep." I explained.

"You said Dean's name, does that mean you forgive him?" Bradley asked.

"I have nothing to forgive him for; I realized that he did what he had to do to save me, out of love for me. I have been so blinded by the rage I felt about wearing the collar, I could not see what he was really doing, protecting me as always. I've been a fool, and I just hope he'll forgive me." I said, a tear rolling down my cheek.

"He loves you Brody, he'll just be happy to have you back. I'm glad you've come to your senses, I know it's been eating you alive, and it saddened me to see your heart broken." Sister Verne said.

"We've come a long way Sister Verne; I'd like very much to call you a friend now." I said. She hugged me tight to her, as did Bradley.

"Good luck Brody, and may the spirits protect you." Sister Verne said.

"Be careful Brody, we'll be waiting for you." Bradley said.

"Thank you; don't forget what I told you, I'll see the both of you soon." I said, turning and walking away.

I made my way through the graveyard, letting the pull I was feeling guide me through the darkness. The deeper into the cemetery I walked, the stronger the feeling inside burned.

So much had happened in my life, leading me to this moment in time. So many people's lives had helped to shape, guide, sacrifice, to lead me to this point in time. I tried to imagine the gifted so long ago, working to give me thousands of years later, the means to fight in the struggle I now faced.

Both sets of my parents, Bobby, Ellen, the Prelate, mostly Dean and Sam.

A pebble in the pond.

My life causing a ripple effect, to all these people I knew, and those I still did not. It was hard to swallow past the lump in my throat, thinking of all the sacrifices made by everyone.

I just hoped I would live up to, and make proud all the people involved.

I came to a large headstone, and froze dead in my tracks. The symbol tattooed on Dean and Sam's chest, was engraved on the marker. Not one to believe in coincidence, I knew this marker was left purposely. I could also feel the power emanating, from below.

Willing my power forward, I raised my hands, bringing the grave marker out of the ground, and moving it off to the side. I waved my hand, moving the remaining dirt away. Seeing clearly the hole that was left below, knowing that this was the entrance to the catacombs.

Getting down on my hands and knees, I crawled through the opening, and into the hall below. Entering into the dark place, I was about to reprimand myself for not bringing some form of light, when suddenly I heard a whooshing noise, and torches that were spaced on the walls began to light, one by one.

I made my through the labyrinth, following a sense of direction, by the power emanating from somewhere deep inside. Along the walls, sepulcher-containing bones of people long since dead, made shivers go up and down my spine.

Finally approaching a large opening, a room opened ahead. I stood at the arched opening, staring into the oval room. A large alter stood off to the right, torches spread out around the room. On the floor in the center of the room, painted in what looks liked dried blood, was a devil's trap. I was sure I had found the room I was looking for, the power in this room was like an electric current running through me.

I walked over to the devils trap, standing in the center of it. The ground began to rumble below me, a light began shinning beneath me, engulfing my whole body in warmth. A deep rumbling voice rang out filling the dead silence of the room.

"Immortality be upon this one, for he is a sharer of the suns everlasting life. Who will now be of no danger of death, this world will keep him forever." the voice cried out.

"I don't understand, what does that mean?" I shouted in the air.

There was no reply, but the floor below me began to rumble again. Cracks began opening in the devils trap, as the light began seeping through. The light became so intense; I had to cover my eyes from the sight before me.

After a few moments, I removed my hand to look, only to find lying on the floor in the center of the devils trap, the most exquisite dagger I had ever seen. Ruben's knife paled insignificantly, to the blade before me. Intricate designs, ancient symbols all along the blade, and carved into the elaborate wooden handle.

I raised the dagger off the floor, holding it my hand with the blade against my wrist. The feel of it, the power emanating from it left me feeling as if I'd found something I had lost, a part of me that had been missing. I swung my hand out into the air, getting a feel for what it would be like to use it.

I hid the dagger inside the back of my boot, letting the blade slide down to the bottom of my heal, leaving the handle for easy access. I began to make my way to where I entered the catacombs, as the torches began to extinguish. I climbed my way out of the hole, coming back out into the darkness.

"We'll, we'll, we'll, if it isn't the prophecy boy. Make one wrong move, and these two will die." Sebastian said.

I looked up at the sound of his voice, to see Sebastian his goons and a few Sisters of the Dark, holding Bradley and Sister Verne.

"Sorry Brody, they ambushed us." Brody said nervously.

"Everything is going to be alright Bradley, I promise you." I said, taking count of everyone around Bradley and Sister Verne. I saw the container of Salt, partly sticking out of Bradley's robes. I inched my way closer to them, finally taking a stand between Bradley and Sister Verne. I reached my hand behind me, grabbing the Salt and keeping it in my hand.

"What do you want Sebastian? Looking for another person to rape, since you can't find anyone willing to touch you?" I said, trying to distract him from noticing what I was taking out of Bradley's robes.


Sebastian backhanded me so hard; I started hearing a ringing in my ear. I could taste blood in my mouth, feel the sting of his hand on my face. I stood my ground, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.

"Do you feel better about yourself? Do you feel more like a man? Is that how you get your rocks off, huh Sebastian? If you think you're such a badass, why don't you fight me mono-a-mono?" I said, in the calmest voice I could muster considering.

"That would be fighting fair, and you may be governed by those rules, I however am not. Now, I suggest you give me what I came here for, or I will show you the horror of the way I rape someone. Starting with Bradley, then Sister Verne, all while you watch, wishing there was something you could do, but all the while knowing you can't." Sebastian said.

The Sisters of the Dark used their powers, to take Bradley and Sister Verne to their knees. They screamed out in pain, but as I learned from Dean and Sam, do not make a move until you see an opening.

I kept a straight face, trying not to betray the rage that was burning inside. Not letting him see the effect, he was truly having on me, as I had witness Dean Do when I had to rescue him from Meg.

As Dean and Sam continued to cross my mind, I could not help but wonder what they were doing at this very moment. Whenever I have been in a troublesome situation, I could always count on them to save the day. Today, here in the Old World, that was not going to happen. It would be foolish to sit here hoping they would save the day; wishes are just that, wishes. The reality of this situation was that if Bradley and Sister Verne were going to be all right, I would have to save the day myself.

Still, I could not help but wonder what they were doing. Relaxing in a hotel room, or Dean sleeping with some chic he did not even know.

Forgetting about me, while he gets his rocks off.

Was Dean having fun, while I fought for the lives of people I just met, or those that I have never met? Was Dean having fun, while I fought for my own life?

I could only wonder.

But now in the face of dying, all I could think was I will never see Dean and Sam again.


The Ander Park Cemetery-


After Sam cast the spell, opening a doorway through dimensions Dean reached into the light pulling out a box that had not been disturbed in over three thousand years. The second Dean pulled out the box; the room began to fill with demon after demon.

"We've got company." Sam said.

"Stating the obvious much, Bro!" Dean said.

Dean shoved the box in his pack, and pulled the strap over his head for safekeeping. He grabbed his Rock Salt filled shotgun, while Sam was ready with Ruben's knife. Preparing to battle their way out, to get back to the Roadhouse.

They knew that at this very moment Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Andy, and Angeline and her brother Angelo where facing demons as they retrieved their own items, so Angeline could open a doorway to the Old World. They knew each person had to succeed, if they were to get to Brody.

Dean internally beat himself up, for forcing Brody to keep the collar on and sending him back to the Old World. His fear that Brody would never forgive him, for what he did ate away at him. He didn't understand what was happening between him and Brody, and as much as it scared him, he was more afraid that he would never find out where the journey would take them, what it all meant, if Brody never forgave him.

Dean could not understand how this 'Kid' could come into his life, and change everything. He did not understand how one person could change his almost normal life, and completely turn it upside down. Dean considered himself a man's man; he loved football, beer, woman and Hunting. Anything else was a waste of time, and never worth a second thought. However, Brody, Brody was changing all the rules of life for Dean. Brody gave Dean knew meanings to life, new feelings and emotions, things Dean truly did not understand, about the world, or himself. Brody could walk into the room, and light it up like a Christmas tree. His sparkling white smile, the way his hair fell over his glowing green eyes. The was he nervously raked his fingers through his hair, always caused a tingling to run through Dean's body. The way he bit his full bottom lip, caused Dean's knees to go weak.

Seeing Brody's naked body a few weeks back, sent Dean into a complete state of confusion. He had been so thrown at how much lust rose within him, from the perfect shape of his bubble butt, to his sweet pink puckered hole as he bent down. The way Brody's muscles flexed as he dried his hair, his large pectoral muscles moving up and down, his well defined six pack abs that led down to the V-shape that was barley hidden by the small towel wrapped around his waist. The light dusting of blond hair under his belly button, that led down to his crotch, which was the only hair, he had on the front of his body. The large package the protruded, out of the tightly wrapped small towel leaving nothing to the imagination caused Dean's own manhood to grow to half-length. The way he made the puppy dog look with his eyes, while he stood there before them, his body glistening with water caused Dean's heart to pound in his chest.

All that confused Dean to the point of no return; he had never felt this strange pull to another man. He wanted nothing more to protect him, but feared now that in wanting to protect him, Dean had somehow fallen for Brody.

How could that be if he wasn't gay?

This confused Dean more than anything, it emotionally confused him, mentally drained him.

However, where could this lead, what did he have to offer Brody? If he was trying to protect him from Demons and monsters, wasn't he also to protect Brody from himself? Brody deserved to be loved, by someone who could love him back. Dean knew he loved Brody, but the most he could love him was as a brother, a friend, not a relationship kind of love, because in the end Dean was not gay.

Sam was gay, Dean was not. Dean thought to himself, maybe he could get Sam and Brody together. Sam was his brother, Dean knew him better than he knew anyone. Sam was one of the good guys; he would give Brody the world. Sam is into all that girly stuff, of love, and talking, touchy feely crap. That is what someone like Brody needs, and Sam could give it to him, Dean could not.

Now that Dean started thinking about Sam and Brody being together, a physical pain began hurting him in his stomach. Could he stand by and watch Sam and Brody together, kissing and touching, loving one another?

That is when the strangest emotion washed over Dean.


The thought of Brody with Sam, with anyone caused Dean to become irate with jealousy. Dean had never been jealous before in his whole entire life, that is just not Dean-stir style. He was always a wham-bam-thank you mama, kind of guy.

No, Brody had changed Dean, Brody was bewitching him.

Dean did not know where the road would take them, but it was all a mote point, he needed to get Brody back before he could find out.

He would get Brody back, if it was the last thing he would ever do, he would get Brody back.

Dean strengthened his resolve, the need in him growing to proportions he never imagined. An army of demons standing before Sam and him became nothing but a minor detail in getting Brody back. Dean would kill anyone that got in their way, of saving Brody.

Dean began shooting, lock and load, and blows them all to hell where they belonged.

Dean began laughing at the insanity of it all, the more demons he shot, the more he laughed.

As Sam used Ruben's knife to send the demons back to hell, he looked at Dean confused as to why he was laughing in the face of such overwhelming odds.

"Dude, are you alright?" Sam asked Dean.

"Sammy, I'm just a little crazy right now! Now, let us kill these sons of bitches and go bring Brody back. Die demon bastards, die!" Dean shouted, shooting each demon as they appeared.

Dean was going to get Brody back, if for nothing but to keep the promise of protecting him. The rest did not matter, he was responsible for Sam and Brody, he made promises to protect them, and Dean was nothing, if not a man of his word.


Saint Barnabas Church-

Lilith had killed each member of the congregation, slicing their necks, and draining their blood. She stood in the middle of the room, staring at the massacre she had just caused. She laughed a deep rumbling laugh, which came from the depths of her being as she stared at the sight. Ruben had left to find Sam, after discovering that Brody had somehow been taken to the Old World. Ruben had his reasons for wanting to protect Brody, but Lilith had her own agenda.

As Parker walked into the church, his stomach became queasy from the blood bath before him.

"What the hell happened?" he asked.

"Parker, thank God you're here. I came here to stop this from happening, but it was already to late...these poor people, they never stood a chance..." Lilith began to cry, tears rolling down her cheeks. Parker rushed to her, and held her in a tight embrace.

"It's okay baby, I'm here. Now, tell me who did this, tell me what kind of evil monster could do something like this." he asked.

"Parker, it was so horrible. He...oh God...he used his demonic powers to kill them. He...he laughed while he sliced their necks open, and drained their blood. The woman begged him to spare their children, the men begged him to spare their wives, but he just laughed at them and killed them. Their screams, I can still hear their piercing screams, as they begged him, as they watched their loved ones murdered." she cried.

"Who baby, who did this, tell me?" he begged.

"It was Sam Winchester; Parker Sam Winchester is a monster. He offered them up to the devil; he murdered them for his master. You have to stop him; you have to kill him before he does this again. Please Parker, you have to stop Sam Winchester." she said between sobs.

"That sick son of a bitch, I'm going to kill him ten ways to Sunday. I am going to make that son of Satan pay; I am going to make him scream as I cut him up piece by piece. I'm going to make him regret the day he was born." he said adamantly.

"I heard him say, Dean and him were going to rescue Brody from the Old World. That's where they'll be, you have to stop him, you're the only one who can." she said.

"The Old World, where is that? How do I get there?" he demanded.

"I know how, but there is something you have to get from them. Something very important, something they can't be allowed to have." she said.

"What is it, what do they have?" he asked.

"A weapon that can kill demons, a weapon that those who work for Lucifer fear. They are going to destroy it, because they know it can destroy them. You have to promise me you'll get it, promise me you'll bring it to me, before they destroy it." she said putting her hands on his shoulder, and staring him in the eyes.

"I promise, I won't let them destroy it, I'll bring it to you. I wont fail, I promise." he assured her.

"Good, I know you won't fail, this is to important." she said, turning away from him an evil grin forming on her face.

"This is what you need to do..." she began.

The Road House-

Black and blue, bruised and beaten, one by one Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Andy, Sam and Dean came walking into the Roadhouse. Each carrying the item from their list, and handing it to Angeline. Angeline drew markings on the floor, and began setting each item on the ground in their specific places.

"How does this work, what happens now?" Sam asked.

"Don't worry about the how, your job is to worry about the when. As soon as I open the door, you have one hour to find Brody. I wont be able to keep the door open any longer, and we only get one chance to open the door." Angeline explained.

"If we only get one chance, let's make this count." Dean said.

"All of us can not go, there are demons headed our way. A few of you will have to set up a defense perimeter, all around the Roadhouse." Angeline explained.

"Then, you boys will go, Ellen, Jo, Andy and I will guard the Roadhouse. Whenever your ready, Angeline." Bobby said.

"Thanks, will get Brody and be back before you know it." Dean said.

"Be careful boys, you don't know what your walking into." concern written on Bobby's face as he spoke.

"Same goes for you, if these demons are anything like the ones we already encountered, they wont be easy to handle." Sam said.

"Get ready, I'm opening the doorway." Angeline said.

In the center of the spell Angeline had drew on the floor, a glowing doorway opened. Dean and Sam looked back at the faces staring at them, and then headed through the door disappearing into the Old World.

"Whatever happens, don't let anyone touch anything." Angeline said.

"We won't let anyone in, but if they do, Angelo and you should protect the spell." Ellen said.

"We won't be able to, we...have to go through the gateway. We'll need to be on the other side, if we're to bring them back through." Angeline said, looking from her brothers face, to Bobby's.

"What are you talking about, why didn't you say anything earlier?" Bobby demanded.

"Because, we won't be able to help Dean and Sam, so I didn't want them feeling as if they had back up. They need to do this alone, it's the only way." She answered.

"If your on the other side, why wouldn't you be able to help them?" Jo asked.

"I don't have time to explain it all, but putting it simply, our powers don't work on the other side." she answered.

"If your powers don't work, then how can Brody's powers work?" Andy asked.

"Brody's powers are very different from ours, plus there are reasons Brody was taken to that specific world." she answered vaguely.

"What haven't you told us Angeline, what are you keeping from us? For that matter, what kind of trouble did you send the boys into?" Ellen asked, her voice filled with anger.

"I have no idea what the boys are walking into, although I'm sure whatever it is, they can handle themselves. Just remember, don't let anyone touching anything here, or all of us will be stuck in the Old World. I won't be able to get us back, if this doorway closes." Angeline said, taking her brothers hand and walking through the doorway.

"I don't trust her, something doesn't feel right." Bobby said.

"The Winchester boys can take care of themselves, they'll be alright." Ellen tried to reassure him.

"I hope your right Ellen, we both know what will happen if the boys don't bring Brody back. Plus if anything happens to Brody, and Dean and Sam find out the truth about who he is, it will be our necks on the line. They'd never forgive us, and I just couldn't live with myself." Bobby said grimly.

"What's the big secret, who is Brody?" Jo asked.

"Brody's a very special kid, that's all." Bobby said looking away.

"Dean and Sam need to know what's going on, the three of you will just have to keep this place safe. I'm going to warn them, and to give them the backup they need." Jo said, walking over to the glowing doorway.

"No, Jo we need you here." Ellen said adamantly.

"Mom, you have traps laid out all around here, the three of you will be just fine. Dean and Sam are going in blind, they'll need my help. Be careful, I love you." Jo said walking into the doorway.

"I love you to honey, be careful." Ellen said, as she watched her daughter disappear into the light.

Andy moved to start sealing doorways, and windows with Salt. Bobby started getting shotguns loaded, and holy water ready. A rumbling began to rattle the Roadhouse, as a cloud of black smoke started heading toward the Roadhouse. Just as Andy sealed the last threshold, the black cloud slammed against the Roadhouse, covering the entire building in black smoke.

"Here we go, let's send these bastards straight to hell!" Bobby shouted.


The Old World-

After realizing I wasn't going to answer his questions, Sebastian and the Sisters of the Dark, used their powers to raise me off the ground. My hands raised above my head, as if they were held in invisible shackles, my feet spread apart. Using their powers, they removed my shirt, while Sebastian began flogging me with a leather whip. Knots tied on the end, with metal pieces on the ends, bore into my back. I could feel my warm blood, as it ran down my back.

"Tell me what you discovered down there, or I'll take it up a notch." Sebastian demanded.

"I told you already, I didn't find anything down there. It was dark, I couldn't see anything and I had no light with me. I came back out to get some kind of light, so I could see." I lied.

"He's lying Sebastian, use one of these two to make him speak. He may be able to handle the pain, but I doubt someone so pure and good, would stand by while one of his friends is killed." one of the Sisters of the Dark said.

"Don't say a word Brody, your more important than us." Bradley shouted.

"Someone has grown a pair of balls, since Brody has come into his life, huh Bradley?" Sebastian mocked.

"Brody is my friend, he's taught me about the value of life, and the never ending struggle against the Keeper, and his minions. I used to think I was nothing, that I could be nothing more than someone for you to use as you please. That I had no choice but to be your victim, that my body was made for your pleasure. I know better now.

Your nothing Sebastian, your worthless, you're a slave of the Keeper, nothing more than his little bitch boy. Raping me made you feel like a man, when your nothing but a scared little boy, who needs to overpower helpless people to make himself not feel so scared..." Bradley began angrily.

Sebastian backhanded him so hard, my own face began to hurt from the sound of the smack. I was hoping for a better opportunity to go on the offensive, but they had used their powers to bound my hands. Not before I was able to slip the Salt, back into my pants. I just didn't know what I was up against with the Sisters of the Dark, and I didn't want to take the chance that Sister Verne or Bradley would get hurt in the crossfire. Now, I no longer had a choice, he was going to use them to get me to speak. If I was going to do something, it was going to have to be now.

"Enough Sebastian, leave him be or I wont tell you anything." I snapped.

"So predictable...the good guys, always fall prey to their one weakness. Human life, you value that more than anything, and in the end it is always your downfall. Let him go, if he makes one wrong move, snap Bradley's neck." Sebastian ordered the Sisters.

They released me so quickly, I landed face first on the ground. I slowly got to my hands and knees, as Sebastian grabbed my long hair at the back of my head, yanking it back hard. I looked him in the eyes, while slowly reaching my hand behind me as if to steady myself, but in reality I grabbed the container of Salt ever so slowly.

"No more games, tell me what I want to know." he demanded.

"No Brody, don't tell him anything. You're the only one that can stop the Keeper, our lives don't matter." Sister Verne shouted.

"It's all right Sister Verne, the information will be useless to him. I'm the key to it all, without me he wont be able to do anything with what I say. The only way I'll do your bidding Sebastian, is if you let them go." I said, as I poured some Salt into my right hand, waiting for him to speak.

"I'll let them live, if what I hear is worth the price of their heads." he said.

"Immortality be upon this one. For he is a sharer of the Sun's everlasting life, who will now be of no danger of death. This world will keep him forever." I said.

Sebastian began to laugh, a blood curling laugh. As his mouth was wide open, I quickly brought my right hand up throwing the Salt into his mouth, and hit his chin upwards, as hard as I could causing him to swallow. I took the container of Salt, and threw the Salt at the Sisters of the Dark standing behind Bradley and Sister Verne, causing them to shout as the Salt began to burn them.

"Run!" I shouted.

I pulled out the dagger from my boot, and ran towards the Sisters of the Dark, stabbing the one about Sister Verne. It was as if lightning struck, inside her body as she screamed out in pain falling to the ground in a heap. I grabbed Sister Verne, and Bradley by the waist and lifted them up, carrying them then running back to the safety of the library.

Once in the safety of the library, I set them down and went to the door to seal it with Salt. I quickly went to the windows, and poured Salt along the windowsills.

"Are you two alright?" I asked.

"You saved us, Brody. How did you know the Salt would work, and what kind of knife is that?" Bradley asked.

"I told you the Salt was a great weapon, against the demons. The dagger is what I found, down in the catacombs." I answered.

"What you told Sebastian, was it true?" Sister Verne asked.

"That was a message left for me, I was told it before I was given the dagger. However, I have no idea what it means." I answered, making my way around the room, making sure everything was secured.

"I don't know what that means, but given some time I may be able to find out." Bradley said, moving over to the books.

"Time is not on our side, we can't stay in here forever. I need the full use of my powers, and that isn't going to happen with the collar on." I said.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are." Sebastian yelled from the other side of the door.

We all turned our heads towards the door, as he spoke. They began pounding on the door, though I knew there was no way in for a demon.

"What do we do Brody, they right out side the door?" Bradley asked nervously.

"There are a few things we can do, for starters we need something to draw with. Is there any water down here, I could make some holy water out of it. Other than that, I wish Sam and Dean were here, they'd know what to do." I said.

With those words, the window to the right of me shattered open causing us to jump back.

"Ask and you shall receive." Dean said, as Sam and he came crawling through the window.

I stood there dumbfounded, not believing my eyes. Tears welled in my eyes, as I took in the sight of two angels. Is it possible for someone to look more beautiful, then the memory you held of them? I don't know, all I know is he was a vision of perfection, in a world gone mad. I couldn't speak, I just stood there staring, with my mouth handing open as if catching flies.

Sam and Dean walked over to me, crushing me in the center of a bear hug from both. I basked in the protective shelter of their arms, tears streamed down as their heads pressed against mine. My back hurt with their hands pressed against my open wounds, but the joy of being in their arms was well worth the pain.

"We're here Brody, it going to be okay." Sam said, running his hand up and down my back.

"I...I...thought...I'd never see the two of you again." I stuttered.

"You didn't think it would be that easy, to get away from us?" Dean said.

"In my heart I knew you'd come find me, I just knew you would." I said holding onto them for dear life.

Dean pulled back, taking my face in his hands forcing me to look at him. He wiped away tears from my cheeks, using his thumbs.

"Brody, I am so sorry. I am so sorry, and I hope you can forgive me. I had no choice, I was told what would happen to you if you didn't keep the collar on, and told the only way to get you to do it, and I just couldn't let you die. I beg of you to forgive me, it killed me to hurt you that way." Dean's eyes were filled with tears, and he searched my soul, looking forgiveness he wanted.

"I never needed to forgive you Dean, you didn't do anything wrong. I know how much you, the both of you, really care about me. You hurt yourself, trying to save me. How could I ever be mad at you, for caring enough about me, that you would put yourself through what you did, just to keep me alive." I said grabbing him into another hug.

"Yeah, well, I am the selfless type, aren't I?" Dean said, jokingly.

Sister Verne cleared her throat, causing me to remember where I was and what was happening right outside the door.

"Dean and Sam Winchester, this is Sister Verne and Bradley. They've been helping me, while I've been here." I introduced.

"Thank you so much for keeping an eye out for Brody, he's very important to us." Dean said, shaking their hands.

"Wait, I'm confused. If their last name is Winchester, and your last name is Winchester, does that mean the three of you are brothers?" Bradley asked.

I realized then what Bradley was getting at, he was wondering how I was in love with Dean, if, as he thought, we were brothers.

"Bradley, I just used that last name...well...because I wanted to take strength from it, while I was trying to figure out how to get out of here. The Winchester's are to of the strongest, smartest Hunters, and I thought, I don't know if I used their name, I could take strength from it. Does that make sense?" I asked, embarrassed.

Dean and Sam each put an hand on one of my shoulders, giving it a firm squeeze.

"It makes perfect sense Brody, and we'd be honored to call you a Winchester." Sam said.

"Not to cut this reunion short, but we have problems right outside the door, and no means of getting out." Sister Verne said.

I turned my back on Dean and Sam, to look at Sister Verne, completely forgetting my bloody back.

"What the hell happened to your back, who did this?" Sam asked.

"I'll kill them, every last one of those bastards." Dean said through gritted teeth. While they checked my back out, I tried to ignore the pain in my back.

"Sister Verne is right, the Sisters of the Dark and Sebastian are right outside that door. I believe they want this, it was left for me by men who were just like me, thousands of years ago." I handed the dagger over to Sam, as I spoke.

"This is a thing of beauty, what do you mean it was left for you?" Sam asked, while handing the dagger over to Dean.

"It's a long story, for another time. Right now, we need to stop these demons that are right outside the door. I can't leave the Old World, until the Sisters of the Dark are stopped. Will you help me, destroy these demons?" I asked, looking up into Dean and Sam's eyes.

"Of course will help you, but we have less than an hour to do it. The doorway that brought us here, only lasts an hour. We need to move quickly, if we're going to get these bastards, and get back to the Roadhouse." Dean reassured me.

"Brody, do you know what these markings on the Dagger mean?" Sam asked.

"I was hoping to bring it back to Bradley, to see if he could understand it, because I don't have a clue." I answered.

Bradley walked over, and took the dagger in his hands, looking it over.

"It says, The Dagger of Life. Which kind of goes hand in hand, with the message that was left for you." Bradley said.

The Dagger of Life. I couldn't help but think, what kind of life could I have, being in this collar. If the Dagger was a Dagger of Life, used to stop demons, could it give me back my life? I took the dagger back from Bradley, and handed it to Dean.

"Dean, use the dagger to break my collar." I said.

"What...Brody, we don't know what will happen if we take the collar off." Sister Verne said.

"I don't need the collar anymore, Sister Verne. You've believed in me so far, have a little faith Sister." I said smiling at her.

"Are you sure about this, Brody?" Dean asked.

"I'm positive, just slide the dagger through, and pull outwards." I answered.

Dean paused staring into my eyes, I nodded my head reassuring him. He slid the knife through, and without much effort the collar broke apart. It felt as if I was a million pounds lighter, as if I could suddenly float into the air.

I was free.

"A blade that cuts through metal, I can't believe this." Sam said.

"Brody, I'm so happy for you, truly I am. Now, we've got to get to the Prelate, she needs to know what's going on." Sister Verne said.

"Your right, but first I need to do something." I said, walking over to Bradley and removing his collar.

Dean and Sam smiled, then went back to the window to grab their duffle bag pulling out shotguns, and holy water.

"Brody, I can never thank you for all that you've done for me. You're the best friend I've always wanted, and never had." Bradley said, tears forming in his eyes. I pulled him into a hug, as he wrapped his hands around my waist not wanting to cause me pain by touching my back.

"You've helped me just as much, my friend. Sister Verne, I think its safe to say that using the collars are wrong, and you would be wise to change the rules around here." I said adamantly.

"Don't you worry about that, the first thing I speak to the Prelate about is those horrible, inhumane collars." Sister Verne said with a smile.

"Dean, Sam, can you get us out of here?" I asked.

"Let's kick some demon ass, shall we?" Dean said winking at me.


The Prelate's office-

"What is the meaning of this, who are you?" the Sister guarding the Prelates door asked.

Using her power, Angeline sent the Sister crashing into the wall, while Angelo dispatched the other Sister. Using her power, Angeline threw the door off its hinges, then walked into the Prelates office, her brother following behind her. The Prelate stood at the door, leading out to her garden, hands clasped behind her back.

"Turn around, and let us see your face." Angeline ordered.

The Prelate slowly turned around, keeping her hands behind her back.

"Why? Tell us why, you sent us away?" Angelo demanded.

"I had no choice, it was the only way." the Prelate answered.

"That's not a reason, tell us the truth." Angeline shouted.

Raising her hand, Angeline lifted the Prelate slamming her back against the wall, and holding her raised above the ground.

"Is that why you've come back, to kill me?" the Prelate asked.

"You'd like that wouldn't you, to have your death quick and painless. I want answers first, Prelate. Why did you send us away, to be abused in orphanage after orphanage, by one set of monsters after the other. Did you care more about your precious Creator, your precious Sisters of the Light, then your own children?" Angeline asked, waving her hand sending the Prelate flying into another wall, and then back again, slamming her back into the wall knocking the wind out of her lungs.

"I sent you away, because I love you. The Sisters of the Dark were awaiting the birth of twins, as spoken in prophecy hundreds of years before. Giving birth to twins, such as you, I would be left weakened for one year after, the two of you would be left vulnerable. I worked day and night, before you were born, to discover which Sisters of the Light, actually were Sisters of the Dark. I was not successful, so one week before I went to see a Prophet, to see if there was any hope of protecting you.

He told me the only way to insure your safety, was to take you to the New World. That if I tried to protect you here, the Sisters of the Dark would hand you over to the Keeper of the Underworld. What choice did I have, there was no more time left, you were my children. I would sacrifice my own life, to save yours. I was a mother, who had to give her babies up, in order to keep them from the clutches of pure evil. If that is reason enough for you to kill me, then so be it. If I had to do it over again, I would not change a thing. You have grown up together, into strong, beautiful adults, I could ask for no more." tears began flowing from the Prelates eyes.

"You could have fought harder, you could have done more. You could have stayed with us, protected us from being freaks, in a world that doesn't understand us. When we first came into our powers, they sent us to mental institutions. They thought we were crazy, they separated Angelo and I. They used electro shock treatment on us, they practically fried Angelo's mind, it took me years to find him, and then years to heal him. You have no idea what you did to us, no idea what we've been through." Angeline shouted, while slamming the Prelate into walls, repeatedly.

Jo had followed Angeline and Angelo, thinking they would lead her to Dean and Sam. She stood in the doorway, listening to Angeline and the Prelate. She feared that Angeline would kill the Prelate, if she didn't do something to stop her.

But what?

Angeline alone had powers Jo couldn't even comprehend, but Angeline wasn't alone, she had her brother with her, and their powers together made them invincible.

But Jo had been in enough battles to know, that power alone doesn't win wars.

"Angeline, what are you doing?" Jo said walking into the room.

"Jo, what are you doing here? You need to leave, this does not concern you." Angeline said forcefully.

"You're my friend Angeline, this isn't like you. You've devoted your life to doing good, your not a killer, and I'm certainly not going to stand by while you kill your own mother." Jo was trying to appeal to the side of Angeline, that she knew and loved.

"Jo you have no idea what your talking about, you don't know what my brother and I went through, the pain, the suffering, all because of her. She deserves no less than what we got, so just leave Jo, I don't want to hurt you too." Angeline argued.

"We all go through shit, that's life, deal with it. My father was killed by demons, I lost him when I was just a kid, my brother doesn't even remember him. My mother's heart was broken, she couldn't even take care of us kids, I had to grow up, when I was just a little girl, because she wasn't there to take care of my brother. I could hate her, or I could understand her. I chose to understand her, understand the pain she was dealing with, understand that at the end of the day, she's only human. Parents aren't perfect, they make mistakes, they do the best they can do with what they have. All you talk about is the pain you went through, well what about her?

What about the pain she felt, doing what she believed was the only way to protect the two of you. She lost everything, and a part of herself, all in the name of love, all in the name of protecting the two most precious things to her. All you can do to repay that, is to beat her? To kill her? This isn't you Angeline, I've seen the good in you, I've watched you help strangers like Brody. All the Hunters at the Roadhouse owe you their lives, you saved them one way or the other. That's the woman you should be showing your mother you turned out to be, not the one that's standing before her now, beating her." Jo said heatedly.

Angeline slowly lowered her arm, setting the Prelate down gently. Jo walked over to Angeline and wrapped her arms around her, as Angeline began to cry and let it all out. Dean, Sam, Brody, Bradley and Sister Verne came running through the door. Stopping dead in the tracks, at the sight before them.

"Jo? Angeline, Angelo, what the hell are you guy's doing here?" Dean asked.

"It's not important, we have bigger problems right now. This place is crawling with demons, and they're after Brody." Jo said.

"We know, we came here to warn the Prelate." I said, looking from Angeline crying, to the Prelate rubbing her neck. I turned back to Sister Verne, and nodded with my head. Her getting the point, walked around the desk to the Prelate, and began healing her.

"Prelate, are you alright?" Sister Verne whispered to her.

"Yes, I'm fine Sister Verne. Thank you for healing me. So Brody, since you're here, and all the Sisters of the Dark are after you, I would venture to say that you've been down to the hidden catacombs." the Prelate asked.

I showed her the dagger, to which she looked up into my eyes, and smiled proudly at me.

"Brody, I'm so proud of you. That Dagger rightfully belongs to you, it will serve you well, fighting against the forces of darkness." she said.

"There was also a message, that was given to me, right before I received the Dagger." I started to say.

"I know, and in due time, you will understand the meaning. So this must be the legendary, Dean and Sam Winchester. It's a pleasure to see you once again, your parents would be proud." the Prelate beamed.

"We are pretty legendary, but how do you know our parents, and when did we ever meet before?" Dean asked.

"It was a long time ago, you were only four years old. Thank you for watching over Brody, he means a great deal to a lot of people. He's the only chance you'll have, if your to win the battle that lays ahead. You must take care of one another, it's the only way to ensure the survival of mankind. I see you've gotten the collar off Brody, you too Bradley. I am very pleased to see this, I've always abhorred those things. Beast should be collared, not humans." the Prelate said sourly.

Sister Verne, Bradley and I gave each other a look.

"I hate to break up this little party, but time is not on our side. We have less then twenty minutes to get back to the doorway, and there are a bunch of demons between here and there." Jo said.

"Brody must lead us in this battle, if we are to win. Tell us what must be done, Brody." the Prelate said.

I looked up at her confused, now that Dean and Sam were here, shouldn't they be the ones to take charge? They've been demon hunting far longer that I, they have the experience.

"Shouldn't Dean and Sam take charge, they know all about being Hunters?" I asked.

"I'm sorry Brody, but this battle is yours. We are here to help you, to support you, to aid you, but you must be the one to lead us. You must fulfill the prophecy, it's important to your future." the Prelate said cryptically.

"No disrespect, but that's a lot of pressure to put on the kid. Why don't you just let us do this our way?" Dean said, not looking away from the Prelates glare.

"You aren't supposed to be here Dean, though I'm glad you are, and I'm sure Brody is relieved, he must do this, he must lead us. I know what he must face, I know what will happen in six months time. Brody must learned these lessons, if he's to win the fight against the Keeper of the Underworld." the Prelate explained.

"Dean, trust her, she knows what she's talking about. Brody was brought here for a reason, not just to save his life, but to learn. To learn to do this on his own, to put to use what the two of you have already taught him. To learn his own strength, and how to use his powers. Brody had to learn for himself, that he has what it takes to do what your brother and you have been doing for years. This was the only way, and Brody has to finish what he started." Angeline said.

Before Dean could argue some more, I put a hand on his chest and looked him in the eyes.

"Dean, I have to see this through. Sam and you have taught me a lot, and there is still a million more things for me to learn, but right before you came, other than wishing the two of you were here with me, I was ready to face the challenge. I have to know that I can take care of myself, not that I don't need or want you guys watching over me, but you can't always be there. I need to know, that I know what to do. Because of the two of you, I have saved a few lives, something I never thought I would need to do in my farm boy life. But because of the two of you, I was able to do good, now let me finish what I've already started here." I said passionately.

"All right, since this is so important to you, but Sam and I are staying right by your side." Dean said adamantly, but I didn't answer.

"Jo, you said you saw demons, how many were there?" I asked.

"I saw a group of six, they were all females." Jo said.

"Okay, six Sisters, plus the six that had Sister Verne and Bradley, plus Sebastian. Thirteen total, that we know of. Sam knows how to exercise the demons, so we need to trap them. Jo, Angeline, Angelo, Sister Verne will lead you back towards the cemetery. Draw as many devils traps that you can, I'm going to lead them there. I'm going to have to be the bait, they want me and what I have, so that wont be hard to do. Bradley, you`ll have to go back to the library, and let the Sisters of the Dark see you. They'll be sure to follow you, thinking you'll lead them to me, they'll be wanting to kill two birds with one stone. They don't know how many of us there are, so they'll be walking right into our trap unsuspecting. We'll have the element of surprise, on our side. Sam, you know how to exercise the demons, so you'll be waiting till we get as many of them trapped inside the devils trap." I began to explain my plan.

"What will you be doing, Brody?" the Prelate asked.

I held my Dagger in front of my face, then brought it to my lips.

"Dagger, be true this day. I am fuer grissa ost drauka..." I started to say, but Dean and Sam interrupted me.

"What does that mean?" Dean and Sam spoke in unison.

"I am the Bringer of Death, I'm going to hunt down all of the Sisters of the Dark. Not all of them will follow, until we have them all trapped, so that Sam can exercise them, I have to be out there hunting the rest of them. Plus, I'm the only one that can stop Sebastian. I have to find him, first and foremost. He has to be stopped, he's collected powers from the boys here at the Palace of the Prophets, no one stands a chance against him. The Salt I threw into his mouth, only slowed him down, it didn't even harm him the way it should have." I answered.

"Like I said before I'm going with you, I'm not going to let you face this Sebastian guy on your own." Dean demanded.

"Dean, this isn't a regular demon. He's unlike anything you've faced before, I wasn't even able to stop him with my powers the first time I saved Bradley from him. I can't take the chance that you might try to save me, and wind up getting yourself killed." I said, standing tall above him, staring deeply into his eyes, trying to make him understand that I wasn't about to lose him, after only just finding him again.

"You just said it yourself Brody, you weren't able to stop him with your powers the first time you came across him, your going to need my help. I wont argue with you about this, I'm coming with you and that's all there is to it." Dean said jabbing a finger into my chest.

"I swear Dean, if you get yourself killed, I'm going to bring you back to life just so I can kill you myself." I said angrily.

"If you two girls are finished, we're running out of time." Jo said laughingly.

"Right, everyone knows their jobs, please be careful, and watch each others backs. Prelate, I know you're a woman to be reckoned with, but I'd feel much better knowing you were safe and out of harms way. You are way to important to the cause of the light, to many people are counting on you, need you, that I'm just not willing to risk your life." I said firmly.

"Thank you for your concern Brody, I care deeply about you too. I will go with Angeline, and help prepare the cemetery. I'm sure Angeline, Angelo and Jo will protect me just fine." she spoke with authority, leaving no room for negotiation.

"All righty then, let's move out. We have demons to clean out of the Palace." I said. Sam gave me a hug, before heading out with the others. The Prelate walked over to me, and ran a hand down the side of my face, smiling at me proudly. As I turned to walk out the door, Dean put a hand on my shoulder stopping me.

"What's the matter, Dean?" I asked.

"I just wanted to say...well...I'm proud of you, the way these people look up to you, are ready to follow you, ready to die for you. It says a lot about you...I'm just really proud of you, okay." his cheeks turning redder by the second.

"Why Dean, that sounded like a compliment. If I didn't know any better, I would say your getting soft in your old age." I teased.

"Old age, I'll give you old age when I beat the crap out of you. Hell, I'm only a couple of years older than you. Seriously though, I've missed you. Sure you're a pain in my ass, and your always getting yourself into trouble, and stressing me out. But I've really missed you, I was so scared..." he began, but I put a finger to his lips stopping him.

"Dean, you don't have to say anything. Believe me when I say, I understand that you did what you did to save me. I'm not mad at you, I never could be. I'm sorry you had to do what you did, and I'm sorry you've been stressed out over me. I'm not saying it wont happen again, I'm sure you know better than anyone in our line of work, there are no guaranties. But no more sending me off to some other world, or any where else, please." I said pouting my lips, and batting my eyes at him.

"I promise, no more separating anymore. I want you by my I can keep an eye on you, of course." he corrected.

"Just to keep an eye on me, of course." I mocked.

"Your such a brat, you know that?" he said.

"I know, and you love it. Dean before everything happened...well, you know..." I started to ask about the kiss, but I couldn't bring myself to say it.

Knowing what I meant, he grabbed my face in his hands, looked my lovingly in the eyes. His thumbs rubbing my cheeks, he brought my head down, and kissed my forehead. Still holding my head, he tilted my head back up, looking at me intensely, our lips just barley touching. I could smell his sweet breath on my face, my heart began pounding in my chest. My palms sweaty, my knees weak with anticipation of what he was going to do next.

I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears, my cheeks began burning up as he began leaning in towards me.

Finally the moment I've been waiting for, the kiss that almost was, was finally here.

"Get a room already! Why is it, every time I find the two of you together, your always about to lock lips?" Parker said walking into the room.

Sob of a Bitch!

"Parker, how the hell did you get here?" I demanded.

"I have friends in high places, see your evil, and my friends want you all dead. First you Brody, and then Sam. I'll leave Dean to suffer all the days of his miserable life, living with the fact that he couldn't save the two most important people in his life. Time to die, and this time no one can help you." Parker said.

The next thing I knew, Dean was flying back against the wall, knocked out cold.

"I knew I'd find you here, time to die son of prophecy." Sebastian said, coming in through the Prelates garden door.

I was trapped between the two people that wanted me dead most, while the man I loved was out for the count.

Two almost kisses, and now I'm going to die, before I ever had a chance at a third.




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