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Supernatural Boys




Chapter 14- Life-Death-And a KISS


The sun shined brightly in the afternoon shy, heating the lake to the perfect temperature for swimming. Dean say at the end of the docks, watching Sam and Brody splashing around in the water. Dean couldn't help smiling to himself, as he watched the two people he cared for most in the world being carefree. He felt in inner calm, finally being able to protect the two most important people in his world. That after all that has happened; the three of them could finally relax and enjoy themselves.

"This is the life." Dean mumbled to himself.

"Dean, jump in already, the water feels great!" Brody shouted.

"Yeah, come on Dean!" Sam shouted.

"I'll be right there, just give me a second." Dean said, as he lazily kicked his feet in the water.

A million thoughts ran through Dean's mind, as he stared at Brody floating on the water. His large chest glistening in the water. His thick muscular legs spreading wide, revealing his large package trapped in his tight blue Speedo's.

Dean ached to touch him, to feel every part of his body. To finally taste Brody's amazingly full, sensuous red lips. To run his fingers through Brody's beautiful hair, wrap his fingers tight, and pull him forcefully into a mind blowing kiss.

Dean's cock began to length in his swim shorts, angling down towards his left thigh, he gently rubbed the shaft. He could feel pre-cum, began to slowly ooze out of the small slit. He gently squeezed the head of his cock, allowing more to escape.

Dean felt an inner pang of regret, for wasting so much time fretting over his sexuality. He could have enjoyed the pleasure of the male body, long ago if he had only given into his inner desires. He laughed softly; as he thought of all the one night stands he's had with beautiful woman. Knowing now that he was only running away from the truth of what he really wanted, what he was really waiting for, the beautiful green eyed boy swimming in the lake before him.

Since Brody came into Sam and Dean's life, Dean had felt empty, lonely, as if their was a large part of himself missing. Brody came into his life, like a ray of light. Shinning brightly on all the darkness in Dean's life, all the pain. Brody began filling a void, making everything seem brighter. Sam filled the void of family; to Dean Sam was everything he had been fighting for in this life of Demon Hunting. Brody gave new meaning to Dean's desire to Hunt, to want to make the world safe for the three of them to live peacefully. Dean needed his brother, but he longed for Brody.

Brody was becoming more and more, the air needed to breathe, to live, for Dean. He was quickly becoming the center of Dean's universe, and Dean couldn't be happier.

What did it matter if he was straight, gay, or bi? Dean was falling for everything that Brody represented, in this world. Brody stood for everything beautiful, love, life, and the pursuit of happiness. Brody's honesty, strength, heart, the embodiment of everything good in man. That was what Dean was drawn to, not the superficial, sexual appeals of the outer body, but Brody's inner personality. Sure Brody had to of had the most perfect male body, Dean had ever seen, but under the layers upon layers of muscles, lay the most selfless, caring, lover of life, Dean had ever had the pleasure of knowing.

That's what caused Dean's heart to flutter uncontrollably, his knees to want to buckle, his palms to become sweaty, that's what caused Dean to forget to breathe in the presence of Brody.

Dean couldn't imagine his life with out Brody, now that Brody was in it, Dean was learning more about himself than he had ever before. He had always lived his life ready to give it up, for the sake of his family. Feeling that his life was worthless, except for the sake of his family. Brody had changed that, made Dean feel like he was worthy of life, and all that it had to offer. That with all the darkness they faced, anything was possible. That life was truly worth living, and not a means to an end.

Brody awakened emotions in Dean, which he had never known existed. Dean wanted to taste, touch and smell everything that life had to offer. First and foremost, Brody.

He had no idea what men did together, sexually, but he wanted to find out, and he wanted more than anything for Brody to be the one he found out with. Dean had sex with more woman than he could even remember to count, so he knew it would be similar in many ways, but he knew it would be mind-blowingly different with Brody.

Falling for Brody was never the plan, but somehow Brody had caused him to do so. Dean couldn't be happier; he wanted to be the kind of person worthy of Brody's love. The kind of man, Brody deserved. Dean knew he would never be with a man, other than Brody. This wasn't a change in lifestyle for him, this was an emotional connection to another human being, and the likes of which he had never known existed.

Something in the pit of Dean's stomach was bothering him. He couldn't quite figure it out, but his instincts had never been wrong before.

He looked behind him, towards the impala, but there was nothing there. He looked up and down the shore, and then into the water toward Sam and Brody, everything appeared to be normal.

Still something felt wrong.

Dead wrong.

"Sam, Brody get out of the water!" Dean shouted, standing up and waving his arms frantically.

"What?" Sam yelled back.

"Get out of the water, now!" Dean shouted the panic rising to new levels.

Suddenly Sam and Brody disappeared into the water, as if they were pulled under in one quick motion.

"Sam! Brody!" Dean shouted, as he dived into the water.

Dean swam for all he was worth; trying to reach the spot Sam and Brody had been in, only seconds ago. Dean dived, searching the water below, frantically trying to find them. He came up, gasping for a breath, then dove back down, resuming his search. He continued to search, but they were no where to be found. Dean swam back to the docks, getting out of the water to get a better look.

The sound of a blood curdling laugh, causing the hair on the back of Dean's neck to stand, echoed over the water.

"No matter what you do Dean; you can never save Sam and Brody. I will have them both, and there won't be anything you can do to stop Me." the sinister voice echoed as it spoke.

"Who are you? Where is Sam and Brody, what have you done with them?" Dean demanded.

"I am your worst nightmare, come to life. I am evil incarnate. I am the death of all you hold dear. I am the everything you hate, and all that you fight against. I am the personification, of all that is evil. I am the father of evil, and I will have everything important to you. I will watch you crawl on your hands and knees, begging me for mercy. But I will never grant you mercy; there will be no mercy for you, no quarter. I will hunt you down, killing everyone you love and all others in my path. I will bring the world into an age of darkness, I will have my revenge." the voice seething with vile, unadulterated evil. Dean wanted to fall to his knees right then and there, to beg for Sam and Brody's life. But he knew it would never be granted, he knew evil doesn't know the meaning of mercy, was incapable of acts of compassion. Evil only knew violence, hate, destruction, and Dean knew he would need to be the right hand of justice, if he were to fight evil.

"Come for me, I'll be ready and waiting. You want to break me, by taking my family, and those that I love. You only strengthen me, giving me the reason to want to end you. Hunt me all you want, because I will be hunting you too. I will stop you with my very last breath, for I do stand against everything you are. You fear me, which is why you wish to break me. You should fear me, you've now given me purpose, a reason to hunt you down and send you back to where you belong, HELL. I will leave no stone unturned, not shadow unchecked. Every time you turn around, I will be there, thwarting your every plan. I will be your nightmare come to wreak vengeance, for everyone I hold dear, and everyone you've ever touched with your evil touch." Dean promised.

"I look forward to making you suffer, you insolent little man. What I have in store for you will be the stuff of legend. I will take out your little army, Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Andy, before I move to your prized positions. Brody I will make suffer unimaginable agony, his torture will make the earth shake violently. What I have in store for Sam will make you wish you had never been born. The time is coming Dean Winchester, when you will know true fear. The time is coming when you will be filled with such sorrow, you will be despondent, and hope will have no meaning for you. You will be left with nothing, but empty, aching, loneliness. You will long for death, you will beg for death, but I will not grant it, I will enjoy watching you suffer with guilt, and pain, for not being able to save anyone. Soon Dean Winchester, Soon!" the violent voice rang in Dean's ears, causing a shiver up and down his spine.

Dean wanted to say a million things, but he could not speak past the lump in his throat. He cared nothing of his own wellbeing, but the pain and suffering of those he loved was what Dean feared most in life.

Lucifer had threatened Dean's world, and his threat was not to be taken lightly.

A world without those he loved was a world without the Sun. A world Dean knew he would not want to live in, for what life did he have without the two most important people to him.

Sam, Brody, was now Dean's only reason for living, without them Dean sought only death.

Soon they may all die, soon Lucifer might have his way, and the world would be plunged into eternal darkness.


Dean woke in a panic, sweat beading his forehead mixed with blood. His body drenched, his heart pounding in his chest. He gasped for air, as he shakily got to his feet. Looking around the room, Dean finally remembered where he was at, the Prelates office.

The room was in complete disarray, the desk smashed into a million pieces, papers scattered on the floor. Bookshelves flipped over, spilling their contents across the room.

Dean remembers Parker appearing, and then flying across the room smacking his head against the wall. Parker didn't have powers, so who was the other player? Dean thought to himself, as he made his way to the door. He had to find Brody, before it was too late.

Now more than ever, Sam, Brody and Dean would have to stay together.


The Old World- Near the Cemetery-

More than anything else, more than my own life, I feared for Dean. Leaving him laying on the floor, a large gash bleeding profusely from his head left me frantic to want to run to him. Sebastian had other plans. So did Parker, until Sebastian came out of nowhere stopping him before he could try to kill me. Sebastian wanted into the catacombs, below the cemetery. Parker just wanted me dead.

Sebastian promised Parker he would have his wish, but first he needed me for a greater purpose. Using his powers, Sebastian quickly got Parker to go along with him.

I walked in front of them, Parker holding a gun pointed at my head, while Sebastian used his powers to keep me moving forward. My Dagger, safely hidden in my boot, waiting for the moment I could use it to draw blood. Strength in numbers was my only option right now, and we were headed straight for salvation, mine anyway.

But Dean, the mental picture of him lying there unconscious caused me to stumble on more than one occasion. This only angered Sebastian, causing him to send a jolt a pain through my body.

I just hoped Sam and the others did as I asked, and prepared the devils traps, while laying in wait to pounce.

I started laughing to myself, trying to get a rise out of my captors.

"Do you find marching to your death, humorous?" Parker asked.

"Not at all, what I find funny is the two of you working together. Now, that is something tremendously humorous." I said sarcastically.

"We both have similar interest, mainly you dead." Sebastian clarified.

"So you think. Parker here is a Demon Hunter, and well you Sebastian are a Demon. You work to bring the devils work into the world, your goal being the destruction of life. Parker as a Hunter stands against all things evil, fighting to protect life, to fight against the Keeper of the Underworld." I said, trying to cause tension between the two. Making them wary of one another, hoping they would become less focused on their surroundings, and more focused on each other.

"Is that right? What's your point Brody?" Sebastian asked.

"My point? I wasn't really making a point, just stating a fact. I just wouldn't turn my back on him, if I were you Sebastian. If you want a point that is, that's the one I would make." I smiled to myself, feeling the tension build between them.

We made our way into the cemetery, the both of them right on my heels. Trying to be nonchalant about it, I scanned the grounds searching as best I could for any sign of the others. The only chance I had was trapping Sebastian in a devils trap. I would be free to use my powers on Parker, without worrying about what Sebastian was doing.

Wanting our voices to carry, so that Sam and the others could hear our approach, I decided to get them talking.

"Since I'm going to die anyway, would you mind if I asked some questions?" I asked, trying to play the part.

"I see no harm in it, since you are going to die anyway." Sebastian said enthusiastically.

"It's my understanding that you sold yourself to the service of the Keeper of the Underworld, in exchange for certain rewards. What are the rewards, the Keeper promised you?" I asked, truly curious to know what one sells themselves to the devil for.

"Here I thought you'd be more creative, in the final questions of your life. I would think it's quite obvious, what the rewards would be. Eternal life, power, and come the apocalypse, the right hand seat to the Keeper." Sebastian answered proudly.

"Sebastian, when you want something from someone, do you lie to get what you want?" I asked.

"Of course, Hello, I'm evil!" he answered.

Parker began laughing, catching the trap I had sprung and Sebastian had walked right into. Evil aside, Sebastian didn't strike me as a stupid person. So how could he believe, the Keeper would ever keep his promise.

"What's so funny?" Sebastian asked Parker angrily.

"If you didn't get what you just said, then it is not worth explaining." Parker answered.

"Parker, I understand that you want revenge of Dean and Sam, for something they had nothing to do with, but what did I ever do to you?" I asked.

"You're an abomination, Brody. I know you're one of many sons of the Devil, that demon blood runs through your veins." he answered.

"Just where do you get your information from, because I was born of a man and a woman. Not Lucifer or any other demon." I asked.

"You wouldn't know her, Lilith is an Angel, everything you are not." he answered.

To which Sebastian started laughing.

"What's so funny, Demon?" Parker asked angrily.

"You're a bigger fool than I thought, Parker. Brody is not the son of the Keeper of the Underworld, even I know that. And Lilith, even in our world we know Lilith. She's an agent of the Keeper, and you're just a pawn for her to use." Sebastian answered.

Next thing I knew, a gunshot went off as Parker used his shotgun to shoot Sebastian. I turned around as Parker turned his shotgun on me, ready to shoot. Out of nowhere Dean came running, jumping on top of Parker, bringing him down to the ground knocking the shotgun out of his hands.

I quickly grabbed the shotgun, and pointed it downwards at Parker.

"Stop right there Parker or I swear I'll shoot." I ordered.

"Are you alright, Brody?" Dean asked as he brought Parkers arms behind his back.

"Now that you're here, and I know your okay, I couldn't be better." I smiled. Dean forced Parker up, and looked at me, giving me his private smile that he only ever gave to me.

"Come on, let's get to the others." Dean said, pushing Parker forward.

I followed closely behind, bringing up the rear. We walked deeper into the cemetery, finally arriving at the entrance to the underground catacombs.

We found Sam and the others, as Sam was just finished exercising six of the Sisters of the Dark, which were trapped in the devils trap.

"Dean, what the hell happened, your bleeding? And what the hell is Parker doing here?" Sam asked, as he looked up to see blood running down Dean's face.

"A Demon got the jump on me, while Parker came out of no where holding a shotgun on Brody. I see that you've been busy, nice work Bro." Dean said, seeing the bodies on the ground.

"Prelate, if Sebastian were to be shot by a gun, would he die?" I asked.

"I'm afraid it will take more than that, to stop Sebastian." the Prelate said grimly.

"You've got that right, Prelate. Now, where were we Brody?" Sebastian said.

Before any of us had a chance to move, Sebastian and the remaining Sisters of the Dark used their powers to take us all to our knees. They sent a wave of pain, throughout all of our bodies. I could hear the Prelate, Jo, and Angeline scream, as I tried to fight against the pain that was threatening to swallow me whole.

"Get up Brody, we have work to do. However, first I have a bone to pick with Parker." Sebastian said sourly.

Releasing the pain they were causing Parker, and I, I rose to my feet.

"Nothing against you man, you just pushed the wrong buttons." Parker said standing his ground.

"Nothing against me? Well that changes everything, doesn't it? So this hole in my shirt, from your shotgun...that just happened on accident?" Sebastian mocked.

"How can I make this simple for you? You Demon, me Hunter. I kill your kind, its just who I am." Parker taunted.

"Parker, I think for your own benefit, you should keep your mouth closed. They have powers; you can't even begin to comprehend. Just leave Parker out of this Sebastian, it's me you want, and now you've got me." I said, not caring about Parker, but not wanting him to die. Parker was a fool, who didn't realize that he was merely a puppet, with his strings being pulled by Lilith.

"That's right Parker, be a good little Bitch boy, and listen to your master Brody before I do something you wont live to regret." Sebastian said, as he balled his hand into a fist, squeezing tightly. Parker fell to his knees, clutching his chest.

"Enough Sebastian, you've proved your point, let him be!" I shouted.

"Gosh you're awfully touchy, about someone who wants you dead, Brody. One might say it sounds like you have a little crush on him, say it isn't so Brody, say it isn't so?" Sebastian began laughing uncontrollably.

"You've got to be the bright crayon in the box, aren't you Sebastian? Well don't be jealous, if all else fails, just do what you normally do, rape them." I shot back nastily.

"No need to get testy Brody, and for the record it's not considered rape, when they secretly want you and are too afraid to say anything." he retorted.

I lunged for him, and was sent flying against a hedge stone.

"Temper, temper Brody, if you can't handle the truth get out of the kitchen. Thou, I am starting to see a pattern with you Brody. I think you really want a piece of me; you want to feel my long cock sliding into your tight virgin hole. Yes, I know you're a virgin, nobody can be all wound up the way you are, if you weren't a virgin. I think you're attracted to aggressively dangerous men, such as myself, Parker, and of course your greatest love, Dean. All of us have certain things in common, our tempers being one of them. Dean, Parker and I are all killers, with violent streaks in us. I wonder...hmm, it all makes sense now, Master Remy abuses you, the little virgin farm boy, and now you feel so low about yourself that you can't help but to feel like a lowly piece of dirt. You now think that if someone abuses you, then its love. The only way you know how to feel loved, is being mentally, physically, and emotionally abused. Isn't the right Brody, you worthless piece of shit?" he spoke confidently.

I felt like I'd been slapped harder than I ever could have believed, the sting causing my eyes to water, as I struggled to hold back the bile in my throat.

Who am I?

Could Sebastian be right, did Master Remy destroy my life? Is the abuse of man, something I see as love? Dean can be a hot head, and we do always wind up fighting. Sam is the sweetest, caring guy I know, and I know he's interested. Yet, I go for the brother who's rough around the edges, uses girls for one night stands because he doesn't know how to commit. Is that why I want Dean so badly, because I know I can't have him?


"Enough games Sebastian, take the boy down into the catacombs." a Sister of the Dark said.

"What do you mean take him down into the catacombs? I thought, only he could get in there." Sebastian asked.

"I've done some research, and I believe the web-spell protecting the catacombs, is honed into his ability. I believe that if your holding onto him, you'll be able to enter as well." the Sister beamed.

"You believe? Do you know for certain, or is this just a theory? What would happen to me, if what you 'believe' doesn't work?" he asked.

"The web-spell would ignite, and you would be blown to pieces. That won't happen, as long as your holding on to him. If you want to find out the secrets hidden down there, then you're going to have to deal with the risks involved." she said adamantly.

Before she knew what hit her, Sebastian raised his hand sending out a violent bolt of lightening. The sound reverberating in my ears, the impact into the Sister of the Dark ripped through her chest. Being behind the Sister, I could see right through her chest and on the other side stood Sebastian, with a huge grin on his face, as if he was proud of what he accomplished. Black smoke escaped her mouth, in a torrent.

"Watch the others; I'm taking him down into the catacombs. If anyone even twitches, kill them. Brody will be a good boy, or one by one each of the people he cares most about, will be killed." Sebastian threatened.

I knew he wasn't kidding, especially seeing that he's even willing to kill one of his own. I turned to look at Sam and Dean, although they were still in pain, unable to move, they were both staring at me with a look of concern. I had to find a way to get us all out of this; I needed to think of the solution and not the problem.

Sebastian grabbed my hand, as he led me to the entrance of the catacombs. I could here Dean shouting my name, so I broke free of Sebastian and ran to Dean.

"Just give me a second, Sebastian." I said he glared at me.

"You're such a little bitch, running when your new master calls. By all means bitch boy, talk to your master." Sebastian said, as he laughed a bellowing laugh.

While leaning next to Dean, I grabbed my Dagger from my boot, pulling it out without drawing any attention.

"Dean, the Dagger will protect you from their powers, while holding it in your hand. Use the dagger to take out as many Sisters as you can, I'm going to finish Sebastian." I said, sliding the Dagger under Dean.

"No...ugh...Brody...keep the...ugh...Dagger...protect yourself." Dean said, moaning in pain.

"I have a plan, please just trust me. Remember, I was taught by the Sam of course." I teased, trying to put on a brave front.

"Alright lover boy, let's go." Sebastian ordered.

I made my way over to the hole, kneeling down so as to crawl in. Sebastian grabbing on to my foot, followed behind.

Once inside Sebastian threw me up against the wall, and pressed his lips to mine kissing me. His tongue darting out of this mouth, as he tried to pry my lips open.

"What the hell do you think your doing, Sebastian?" I demanded, pushing him back.

"What does it look like, I'm giving you what you want, namely me. Don't tell me you don't want me, I know you do. You love a man that treats you like shit, someone who knows how to abuse you in all the right ways. Just try and deny, tell me I'm wrong." he baited me.

"Can we just get on with it; let's find whatever you're looking for." I said not falling for the trap he was setting.

He used his powers to bring me down to my knees, screaming in pain. He used the time to take his hard cock out, and stand in front of my face waving it.

"Tell me you don't want all eight thick inches in your mouth, telling me your not dying to swallow this beautiful piece of man meat?" he demanded.

He grabbed his cock with one hand, as he grabbed my long hair at the back of my neck, pulling my head back. He began smacking my face with his cock, rubbing the head against my lips, trying to force my mouth open. He began leaking pre-cum profusely, rubbing it against my lips and face. Moans escaping his lips, as he found pleasure in demeaning me.

I wanted to puke, I could feel the bile rising as he continued to leak pre-cum on my face. I wanted to punch my fist through his heart, and rip it out with my bare hands.

"Open your mouth, or the first person I kill with be Dean." he ordered me in a menacing, which sent a stab of pain to my heart for Dean. I couldn't even open my mouth to speak, lest he rammed his thick cock down my throat.

What am I going to do?

The Graveyard-

Dean held the Dagger firmly in his hand, as he pretended to be in pain. The Sisters of the Dark, moved closer to the Prelate, as Dean moved a little closer to Sam and Jo.

"We've got to separate the Sisters, so I can kill them one by one." Dean whispered.

" pain...ugh..." Sam moaned.

"Sammy, I'm sorry Bro, I know the pain your feeling, but you've got to fight it, you've got to partition your mind. I'll do what I can on my own, but I can't distract all the Sisters myself. Just hang in there, I'll think of something." Dean said, as the anger for his brother and friend's pain ate away at him.

"Prelate, you can't begin to imagine my surprise, to find you amongst these trouble makers. We've waited a long, long time to make you pay. I've always wanted to be the one to knock you down a peg, your wholly than thou ways has made me sick, made my insides crawl with total hate for everything good. Hearing your lectures, would cause me to have to go out to kill someone, then bathe in their blood." Sister Elisa said bitterly, as she released the pain to allow the Prelate to speak.

"I always suspected you to be a Sister of the Dark, there was always an evil glint in your eye, since the moment I laid eyes on you. You always cared more about yourself, then doing the Creators work. I had hoped you would out grow your selfish ways, but that hope was in vain. You think you're better than everyone, that people were put here to serve you." the Prelate said, in a calm voice.

"More or less I think they were, you included. You stand there thinking your better than anyone else, that you have the right to work people to serve your own agenda. Yet, I'm supposed to be the selfish one. Now I wonder what does that make you, hmm, Prelate?" the Sister said cockily.

"That makes me a servant of the Creator, doing his bidding. Fighting the good fight, against the Keeper and his minions, such as you. I help to steer prophecy, so those fighting the forces of Darkness, will win the battles. You destroy life and all the beauty there in. Do you hate yourself that much, that you would sell your soul to the Keeper of the Underworld? When the light of the Creator and his rewards are eternal, while the Keeper offers you nothing but false deceptions?" the Prelate asked, keeping her voice calm and soothing.

"The keeper will never lose, for as long as man lives, evil is and always will be apart of man. You can only dream to have the powers given to me by the Keeper, while you struggle in the service of the Creator, you have next to no power. Why serve the Creator, when you can easily see how he has forsaken you, and all your kind." Elisa asked.

"Elisa, what happens to a Sister of the Dark, if she fails the Keeper?" the Prelate asked, stalling for time as she noticed Dean wink at her showing her Brody's Dagger.

"They suffer eternal torment of course, but I don't have to fear that, I've stopped you haven't I?" Elisa answered, more sure of herself than ever before.

"Interesting, you really believe that that is a fair trade. In failing the Creator, I still have nothing to look forward to other than eternal peace. He judges us based on our deeds, on our actions, choices. If we fail in working for the greater good, he will not bring down his wrath upon us. He will simply reward us, for our intent to do his good works. That is the sign of a true Master, one who loves his servants. You have sold your soul, to be a slave to your dark master in this life, the only life you'll ever have, to be a slave tortured in the Underworld, to a master who looks at your work as nothing more than win or lose, and I'm afraid, good always triumphs in the end.

Just look at all the Tyrants that have come and gone, where are they now? Promises from the Keeper for eternal life, yet entombed for all to mock, while his soul suffers eternal torment. You still have a chance to do the right thing, to make a choice to save yourself, and your soul. Renounce the Keepers way, and take shelter in the Creators light, Child." the Prelate explained, moving to stand, so that Elisa's back would now be to Dean.

Elisa's rage boiled at the words of the Prelate, knowing the truth of what the Prelate spoke. Hating her for her faith in the Creator, and willingness to point out that which Elisa knew to be the truth.

Elisa used her powers, to send the most violent form of pain, shooting through the Prelates Body. The Prelate fell to her knees, clutching her abdomen.

"No, mother! Leave her alone you bitch, or I'll kill you myself." Angeline screamed, as her pain for her mother, took away the pain she was feeling.

"You three do a perimeter search; make sure no one comes snooping around. We do have the Prelate after all. Riana, you stand guard at the entrance to the catacombs. It would seem the long thought dead children of the Prelate have returned, and I intended to torture them till the Prelate tells us all that she knows. Now, go!" Elisa ordered.

Three of the Sisters of the Dark went in opposite directions, patrolling the area. Riana walked a litter further away, standing before the opening to the catacombs. Elisa, using her hands raised the Prelate off the ground, holding her in midair, as she sent violent pain through the Prelates body. The Prelate not wanting to give her the satisfaction bit the inside of her cheek, holding back the scream that threaten to be released.

Riana raised Angeline and Angelo off the ground, slamming the violently back down, face first, and continued to do so a few more times.

"What beautiful children you have, Prelate. It was wise of you to fake their deaths; the Keeper had grand plans for them. It would seem it was a wasted attempt, for all your efforts to protect them; here they are hand delivered to serve for the Keeper nonetheless. I shall be rewarded greatly, for bring these two, to bow down to the Keepers way. But surely a little fun before, won't hurt anything. Well, maybe just them." Alisa spoke with a menacing look on her face.

Making her hand into a fist, she violently moved it upwards, causing Angeline and Angelo's right arm to bend backward. A sickening sound of bone could be heard breaking. The two of them shouted, as the pain took over.

The Prelate spit in Elisa's face, wishing she could snap Elisa's neck for hurting her children. The Prelate gave Dean a look, it was now or never.

Dean jumped up behind Elisa, wrapping his arm around the top of her head, as he sliced her throat with Brody's Dagger. Elisa didn't even have time for a scream, bubbles of blood gurgled out of the opening as she attempted to scream. Blood running down her neck covering the front of her robes, landing in a pool below her. Elisa's dead weight hit the ground, with a thud.

Seeing what happened, Sister Riana ran frantically toward Elisa, waving her hand to send Dean flying, but before she could Dean sent the Dagger flying at Riana, hitting her smack dab between the eyes. With her forward momentum, Riana went flying face first to the ground, burring the Dagger straight through her head, coming out the other side.

Without a moment to lose, Dean went for the Dagger and retrieved it, then back to the others.

"We haven't much time, the others will return, we must take them out." the Prelate ordered.

"Will your powers work against them?" Dean asked.

"We shall soon find out, at least you have the Dagger." she answered.

Angeline and Angelo grabbed their mother hugging her tightly.

"I'm so sorry mother, you were right, you were right about everything. They would have used us; you did the right thing to protect us. It must have been hard for you, I'm sorry I ever thought otherwise." Angeline cried.

"I'm sorry to you my children; please forgive your mother for not making sure you were well taken care of. I should have known better, I should have done more." the Prelate cried.

"Mother, you mean that's the secret you were keeping from us?" Sam asked.

"I'm sorry Sam, Dean, we wanted you to succeed in saving Brody, but we had our own reasons for wanting to find this place, namely our mother." Angeline explained.

"Dean why do you have Brody's Dagger, he'll be defenseless without it; there is no telling what Sebastian will do to him. You should never have left him so vulnerable." the Prelate said angrily.

"He didn't give me a choice, and just like you, I was in to much pain to argue. Do you think I like the thought of him being down there alone, with that psycho no less? Can't we get down there, isn't there away for us to help him?" Dean asked frantically.

"I'm afraid not, if any but him enters the catacombs they would be obliterated." she answered grimly.

"He said he had a plan, do you have any idea what kind of plan he would have? I mean is there something else down there, which could maybe help him?" Sam asked nervously.

"I'm sorry boys, I just don't know. No one has ever been down there, there is no telling what could be down there, or if Brody would even know how to use anything he did find. We can only pray the Spirits watch over him, and guide his hands to saving himself. But this is his test, his destiny to fulfill.

In the mean time, Dean you'd have a better chance at taking out the rest of the Sisters one by one, with the Dagger. Let's not waste any time, I'm going to heal Angeline and Angelo's arms. Sam and Jo, they already know about this devils trap, so why don't you surprise anyone of them that returns with a new one?" the Prelate ordered.

Each went about the task at hand, working as quickly as they could.

Dean used his anger, to hunt any Sister of the Dark he could find. While hoping against hope, Brody would find a way to kill Sebastian, and find his way back to him.

Please Brody, come back to me.


The Catacombs-

"Open your mouth, you little fucking cunt, or I swear I'll kill Dean first." Sebastian order, as he slapped me so hard across the face, leaving my ear ringing.

I open my mouth, as he started to slide the head in; I bit down on his cock so hard. He yelled so loud, as he pounded the side of my face again and again till I finally let go.

"I'd rather die, then have you use me for your pleasure, you sick son of a bitch." I shouted, as I spat out blood.

"Fight all you want you little faggot, I'm going to have that sweet ass of yours one way or the other. I'm going to make Dean watch, as I rape you in the most violent ways possible. Let's go, you little bitch." Sebastian order, between gasping for breaths from the pain in his cock. He never let go of my hair, wanting to keep contact with me at all times.

As he I led him through the corridors, every now and again he would pull my waist back, so that his hard cock slammed into my ass.

Half way through, he reached his hand around unbuttoning the top button of my jeans, and slid the zipper down.

He must have licked his fingers wet, because the next thing I knew he was sliding his wet hand down the crack of my ass.

Finally reaching my hole, he started messaging my ass ring, slowly working a finger inside me.

I'd played with my hole countless times, as I worked my cock over. As much as he disgusted me, his finger worked its way in reaching my pleasure spot. Fighting against the sensation, anger raising within me, my cock betrayed me and began to harden. He reached his other hand around, to feel my hard cock trapped tightly in my boxer-briefs.

"Just as I thought, why do you fight what you know you want? Imagine my long shaft sliding in there, if you think your cock's hard now, you can't begin to imagine what it will feel like when I'm plowing your ass." he boasted.

"I'm a young man, the wind blowing against my cock gives me an erection, so don't flatter yourself. You are the vilest, ugliest rapist I've ever laid eyes on. The only chance you have with me is if I'm unconscious. You're a sadistic, twisted, mental case; you don't know the meaning of real pleasure. You're a scared little boy, who can only feel like a man when you're overpowering your victims. You'll never know the touch of a real man, someone who loves you, and cares for you, someone who wants to please you, because it pleases them. But I promise you this; you'll never have a chance to rape anyone ever again, or the chance to know what love is, because you are going to die screaming, helpless and alone." I spat at him.

He rammed three fingers hard into my ass, urging me forward. I knew I hit a nerve, and he betrayed his anger with his fingers.

Finally making it into the large room I found the Dagger in, it hit me; there on the floor was a devils trap. He was a demon; I needed but to keep him from noticing it, to trap him inside.

With his hand still inside me, I turned to face him, pulling him so his back was to the devils trap.

I grabbed him and started kissing him, I wanted to vomit in his mouth, but I had to use what I could to distract him, for my plan to work.

He pushed me back, looking confused, but a grin forming on his face.

"Come to your sense, have you. I knew you wanted me, it was only a matter of time before you gave in to your desires." he said confidently.

"I can't do it anymore Sebastian; I can't keep lying to myself. When I first say you pounding your cock into Bradley, the only thing I could think were, I wish he was using that beautiful long, thick cock on me. I wanted nothing more than to have this powerful man, using me for his pleasure. You had it all right, everything, I love men who abuse me. Men who want nothing more then to show me my place, on my hands and knees serving them. Please Sebastian, I can't deny my feelings any longer, make me your bitch boy. Use me any way you please, as rough as you can possibly be. I will do anything you say, please Sebastian. I know Dean can never be half the man you are, he could never abuse me the way you could. Take me Sebastian, use my mouth, my ass; please I'll do anything, anything at all, anything to please you." I begged.

He began fucking his fingers in and out of my hole, working my hole over in circles, then back to in and out. He kissed me again, once again wanting to vomit. His kisses were rough, hard, there was no passion; no understand of what a true kiss should be like. It was savage, he wouldn't know the meaning of a kiss, and maybe it had to do with never having the love of a mother or father, to show him the meaning of tender, passion filled kissing.

I ran my hands up and down his back, locking my fingers in his hair and pulling him hard against me. His sloppy tongue moving inside my mouth, out over my chin, like the dog in heat he was.

I reached down and grabbed his rock hard cock, which was moist from leaking profusely. I was completely disgusted, I wanted to jump in a lake and wash away the dirtiness.

Edging him back, little by little, trying to trap him in the devils trap, without him noticing. As we were mere inches for the trap, he suddenly got down on his hands and knees before me, pulling my semi hard cock from the confines of my drawers. To my unexpected surprise, he took the whole length of my cock down his warm throat. Without realizing it, a moan escaped my lips.

I wanted to curse myself, but I know I had never had a blowjob in my life, so how could I not find pleasure in it? Especially since I'd never felt such a wonderful sensation, in all my life.

I tried to shake the feelings washing over me out of my head, and focus on trapping him, before his use for me was up, and he killed me.

At the end of the day, that was my reality. Sebastian would seek out what he wanted, and kill me when he was done.

The was a kill or be killed situation.

I wasn't going to die; I had important people that I cared about counting on me.

He was working my now fully hard cock over, with enthusiasm I never would have expected from a rapist. I was so caught up in the moment, it was getting harder to fight my need to trap him, and give in to my need to be satisfied sexually.

How I wish these were Dean's lips wrapped around my cock, playing with my low hanging balls, as he struggled to milk my loud out of me.


What the hell am I doing, Brody, get it together man, what's wrong with you?

I pulled back, as he looked up at me confused.

"I don't want to cum to quickly, I want this to last Sebastian, and I need it to. If you going to fuck me, it would be best if I didn't cum yet, right?" I said gasping for air, my body drenched in sweat, my nostrils filled with the scent of sex.

"Your right, that's a good little faggot, wanting to make sure your new master is pleased. I think I'm going to keep you around after this, for a little while anyway. I want Dean to watch me use you, before I kill him of course. But I want to see the pain in his eyes, the torture of his heart, as the one he loves is used by none other than me. And my friends of course, they really want you bad. I don't mind lending out my personal property, Brody." he taunted, waiting to see my reaction.

"Yes Master Sebastian, I am yours to do with as you please. As I said before, anything you want, your wish is my command. I really want to feel a real mans cock deep inside me, please Master, make me yours, and breed me." I begged, wanting to gag at the role I was playing.

An evil grin formed on his face, with lust in his eyes, he turned me around, spreading the large mounds of my ass apart.

"Now this is a thing of beauty, I've never seen as beautiful an ass as this. This can't even be called a bubble butt, it's far bigger. Your powerfully muscled thighs and gluteus. Your tight pink rose bud, begging to be filled with my monster cock. This virgin hole is mine; I'm going to breed you ten ways to Sunday. I'm going to make you scream so loud, it will wake the dead. I can just imagine the tightness of your hole, clamped around the thickness of my shaft. I've wanted to do this, since the moment you walked into the Palace. You thought you were so high and mighty, so powerful, and cocky. This will be the single most pleasurable fuck, which I've ever had. Time to taste this virgin hole, get it nice and wet, till you beg me to plow my seeds into you." his voice was filled with sexual hunger; he had completely forgotten where he was at, and what he was supposed to be doing.

I was having the same problem.

The feeling of his breath on my hole, gave me Goosebumps. The feeling of his strong hands spreading my large ass cheeks, as I suddenly felt the amazing sensation of his warm, wet tongue sliding up and down the crack of my ass, sent shivers up and down my body. He lapped away, making circles around my hole, then up and down my crack. Against all rational, I was moving my ass back against his face, wanting more. I was moaning so loud, my mouth had become dry. Even if I wanted to, there was no way I could find my voice. I was lost in a world of sexual pleasure, a world I had never known, but wanted more than anything.

I fought to clear my mind, and right when I thought I had, his tongue darted into my hole, burying deep inside me. I screamed in pleasure, pushing my ass back, while grabbing his head and pulling in face in deeper.

He grabbed my hands, putting them on my ass cheeks. Realizing what he wanted, I spread my cheeks apart; as far as they would go I stretched them. Giving him room to fuck my hole with his tongue, causing him to groan with hunger. The more he worked my hole, the hungrier he became. He began using one, then two, then three fingers, fucking me with them, and then removing them to dive in with his tongue.

I went to talk, to beg him to fuck me; I wanted nothing more than to have a cock buried deep inside my ass, pounding me for all I was worth.

Then it hit me, like a bat out of hell.

This was wrong.

Something was wrong.

No matter the pleasure, I would never be able to find pleasure in a sadistic killer, rapist, and slave of Satan.

He was bewitching me, and I had fallen for it.

For the first time since this all had begun, I finally was free of the cobwebs in my head. The lust that I felt was not mine, the touch of him revolted me. My skin was crawling, my stomach turning over, the only need I had now, was for Sebastian to pay for what he's done. To Bradley, to Dean, to all his other victims of past, and the victims that he would claim in the future if he were to succeed.

I was the Bringer of Death.

Sworn to protect the world, the ones I loved, and the ones I would never know.

"Fuck me Sebastian, breed my hole, and mark me as yours. I need you inside me, rape my ass, show me who's in charge. Show me you're my Master, the one I want to serve now and forever. Make me your bitch, do it now, slam your cock inside me, please Sebastian, I need you. I want you. I have to have you." I begged.

"Music to my ears, Brody. It's time I take your virginity, its time I make you mine." his lust filled voice, came in rasps.

He moved up behind me, sliding his glistening cock head up and down the crack of my ass. He aimed it at my hole, ready to slam it into me. I stood up and turned around, his eyes going wide with shock.

"No, Master, please, lie down and let me ride you. I want to look into your lust filled eyes, see the pleasure in your face as you take away the most sacred thing to me. Please Master, let me ride you like the bitch in heat I am, let me give myself to you willingly." I begged.

That evil grin I loathed so much lit up his face, making him look all the more menacing. I had one chance to play this role, to make him believe I wanted nothing more in the world to please hi. To be his little whore, giving to him willing my body, for his pleasure.

All I needed was to have him lie in the devils trap, which he had failed to notice drawn in dried blood behind him.

"Bring that sweet ass over here, and slide it down my cock, now boy." he ordered in a husky, ragged breath.

Noticing that his body wasn't completely in the circle, I got between his legs, grabbing his shaft tightly stroking up and down. I let spit fall onto the tip of his cock, working it up and down his shaft, making it mix with his leaking pre-cum. He grabbed my head, moving it down to his shaft, urging me to swallow. I only needed his legs pushed back a little further, to be completely trapped.

"Would you mind if I try something, Master?" I asked in a seductive voice. Looking up at me, I wore an expression of lust, and desire.

"Just what would that be, my little bitch?" he asked, pleased with himself that I was willingly giving myself to him.

"I've always wondered...never mind..." I acted shy, peaking his curiosity.

Before I knew it, he backhanded me hard, causing me to spit up blood. The rage overpowering me, I wanted nothing more then to snap his neck, after beating him to a blood pulp. But I knew I had to take what he dished out, remaining calm, till he was trapped for good.

"I asked you a question boy, now tell me what your thinking or I'll do far worse. You're trying my patience; I've been leant with you, because you're special. When I would surely have taken what I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted, without a care of your feelings. My pleasure is all that matters to me, but as I said before you are special, I've been waiting hundreds of years for this moment. To have you, the child of prophecy, serving me in every way. I have big plans for you Brody, this is only the beginning. Now talk boy, before I completely lose my temper." his eyes filled with a mixture of lust, and heated anger.

"Yes Master, forgive me. I live to serve you, to please you. All I meant to say was, I've always wanted to know what it would be like to slide my tongue...well, slide my tongue deep into your hole. Bringing pleasure to you, while satisfying my hunger for you amazing ass. I've never seen anything more perfect, not even Dean's ass could compare to yours. Please Master, let me try, let me please you, let me experience all my firsts with you!" I begged, trying to make it sound as real as possible. Only what greater blaspheme is there, that to say anyone had a better ass than Dean. That anyone could hold a candle to Dean, is a lie, with no greater sin than I could think of.

"That's what I'm talking about, I knew there was a dirty, nasty little fag boy buried inside you. All it took was taking that stick, which was buried deep inside you out, revealing the horny little bitch you are. I have a large fart ready just to give the nasty little pig boy what he wants, I've been saving it for the right moment. Now, if you move your face away, and don't inhale deeply my scent, I will do far worse to you than you could ever imagine." he said, sitting up. He turned to get on his hands and knees, raising his ass high in the air for me.

I got up and started laughing, as I stood on the outside of the circle of dried blood, which made up the devils trap.

My plan had worked, must to my surprise. Getting on his hands and knees, caused his legs to move into the circle.

He turned his head looking at me, the violence in his eyes, the rage, would have made anyone jump back. Not me, he was trapped, and he didn't even know yet.

I laughed from the depths of my soul, my head moving back, as I bellowed loudly.

"What do you think your doing, get down here and eat my ass out, before I hurt you in ways, that will make your nightmares seem like a day at the park." he said angrily. His voice filled with such rage, at my insolence.

I took a step closer, and spit in his face, before breaking out into another fit of laughter.

"You bastard, I'll kill you for that, I'm going to tare out your hole till you bleed to death. I'm going to cut your balls out, and feed them to you!" he shouted angrily, wiping away the spit on his face.

"Your nothing but an impotent little man, you have no power here, you never had any power over me. I fooled you, taking you for the fool I knew you to be. You fell into my trap, as easily as a child is tricked with promises of candy. Did you really think I would let something as ugly, degenerate, deranged, psychotic, pure evil, to touch me? I wouldn't let you touch me, to scratch me. You didn`t know it yet, but you were dead the second we came down here." I beamed.

"I control you, my powers are greater than yours, and mine come from the Keeper himself. I'll crush you were you stand, but not till I hear you beg for your life." he said.

He waved his hands, and began chanting, trying desperately to use his powers against me.

"Like I said Sebastian, your nothing but an impotent little man. You have no power here; this is a sacred place, meant for me and me alone. Haven't you noticed, you're not touching me? Yet you still live, the spell protecting this place, which is only tuned to me, hasn't taken you yet?" I asked.

Finally he looked around, then turned his attention down to the devils trapped drawn below him. He looked up in shock, his eyes a mixture of rage, and fear.

"There are so many things I could do to you, so many painful things you deserve to have done to you. But I have something far force planed for you, something that will torture you for all the rest of your short life. I'm leaving you with the worst punishment you could ever suffer, having to face the reality of the choices you've made in your miserable life. As you are stuck here waiting to die, you will have nothing to do but reflect on all the choices you've made. All the evil things you have done to others, while you sweat with the fear of returning to the Keeper of the Underworld, knowing you have failed him. The torture he will have planned for you is far worse than anything I could ever have inflicted on you." I said, with a smile on my face.

"Wait Brody, please, don't leave me here, I'll change, I'll be better. I'll live the rest of my life, making up for all that I've done. I swear; please you're better than me, your pure and good, don't leave me here. Please Brody, I beg of you, don't leave me to the Keeper, and don't leave me here, please." he fell to his knees, begging for his life.

I felt no pity, no remorse, not an ounce of guilt. He deserved far more, and I was sure the Keeper would make all his nightmares a reality.

"You made your bed, now you must lie in it. You've caused more pain to innocent people, far more than even I am aware of, you deserve far more than even the Keeper will do to you.

One more thing Sebastian, I played you for a fool, more than what I did right now, tricking you into stepping into the devils trap. I already found the treasure down here, the first time I came in. Why don't you chew on that, for a while?" I laughed.

"You what, didn't even have anything on you, you only said that stupid message. What did you find, what was buried down here?" he asked.

"A Dagger, a Dagger able to send Demons straight back to hell forever, where they belong." I answered.

"But...but...that's just a myth, it can't be. You're wrong, it's just a myth." he said adamantly.

"I've already rid the world of some of your kind, with the Dagger. It was right under your nose, you just failed to feel me up sooner, and Dean has it now. Knowing Dean, the rest of the Sisters of the Dark already dead, with the aid of the mythical Dagger as you call it." I said mockingly.

"Brody, you don't even know what that Dagger is meant for, for its true power is, and why it belongs to you. I can tell you, I know, why do you think I've been collecting powers, trying to become strong enough to break the spell protecting this place. I can help you, please Brody, listen to Me." he begged.

I wasn't sure if he was lying or not, but I wasn't willing to take the chance. It could easily be a trap, just to get him free. If the Dagger had powers, I would discover it in my own way.

I walked around looking at some of the books, as he finally fell to sobs, knowing I was going to leave him there, to face the Keeper.

Looking through titles of books, I came across books of prophecy, books I was sure Bradley would be overjoyed to read. I grabbed a musty table cover, and dumped as many books as I could on top, turning it into a bag I could carry. I started to make my way to leave, when Sebastian called out my name.

"Brody, please, I swear an oath on my life, to serve you. I will do anything, and everything you tell me. I will tell you everything I know, about the Keeper and what he plans. I will tell you of all the Sisters of the Dark, pretending to be Sisters of the Light. Please I can be of use to you, you can even put a collar on me, to keep me under control." he begged, tears streaming down his face.

"You'd really tell me everything the Keeper has planned everything you know?" I asked.

"I swear on my own life, which is the most precious thing to me. Please Brody, I swear, please have mercy on me. Here, I'll prove it, I'll give you the name of all the other Sister of the Dark, as a token of my sincerity." he desperately grasped at anything, to change my mind.

"You could easily be lying, giving me the name of real Sisters of the Light. You'd have nothing to lose, they're would be no way to prove if you were lying or not." I said, looking annoyed.

"Wait, no, there is a way to prove they truly are Sisters of the Dark. You can go and test it out; if I'm lying you will know. Then you will know how useful, that I truly can be to you. Please Brody, you have no idea what the Keeper will do to me, you have no idea what he does to those who fail him." he begged.

"I will go see test what you have told me, if it works, we'll go from there. For your sake, I hope your telling the truth. If not, when you stand before the Keeper, give him a message for me. Tell him Brody says hello, and that more of his minions are on the way. That I will not stop ruining his plans, I will not stop killing all those that have pledged their services to him. That will my very last breath I will stop, if it's the last thing I do. Now, tell me what his test is?" I said turning away, carrying the load of books on my back.

The Graveyard-

"Dean, we don't have much longer, if Brody doesn't come out in five minutes, the gateway will close. No one will be able to get back, and we left Bobby, Ellen and Andy to fend for themselves, with odds stacked against them." Angeline explained.

Dean's heart pounded in his chest, his anger left his head pounding. The thought of leaving Brody, was ripping his apart. He knew what she said was true, but he could leave Brody, not again, not after all they went through to find him. He looked into Sam's eyes pleadingly, and could see that Sam was feeling much the same as himself. Which also complicated other things; it showed Dean that Sam truly did have feelings for Brody. Things were getting more and more complicated with each passing day, since Brody came into their lives.

Dean wasn't gay, he just wasn't. Sam was, and Dean knew in his heart of hearts that Sam was the better man for Brody, and then he ever could be.

Dean could protect Brody, die for him even, but he's never been able to give his heart to anyone, he just wasn't wired that way. Brody deserved the best; he deserved to be loved from someone who could show him affection, someone who could give themselves completely to him. Dean would never be able to.

He would only break Brody's heart.

Breaking Brody's heart would kill Dean.

Kill Dean.

Dean knelled down and wiped the blood off his hands, as Sam poured some water out of a water bottle. He then cleaned the Dagger off, using the dead Sister of the Dark's clothes.

Sweat beaded his forehead, as he feared time was running out, and Brody hadn't showed up. He didn't know what he should do, they looked at him to be the leader, but how could he leave not knowing if Brody was...he couldn't even bring himself to think it.

Brody had to be alive.

Sam kneeled next to Dean, whispering into his ear.

"Dean what are we going to do, we can't leave Brody here, not after everything. We just can't, Dean, please." Sam begged.

Dean stared into Sam's intense eyes, seeing tears begin to well in his eyes.

"I know Sam, I know. I just don't know what to do, I just don't know." Dean answered.

"Dean Brody knew what he was doing when he went down there; he left you the Dagger to save us, to save you. We need to be practical; he was defenseless against Sebastian's powers. He sacrificed himself, so that we could live to fight another day." Angeline said.

Dean wanted to rage on her, but how could he be mad at here, she was speaking the truth. The truth was the truth, whether she said it, or he thought it, the truth was the truth.

"Brody was willing to risk his life to save us; we have a few more minutes. I will not leave, till there is absolutely not time left. Sam and I have more our choice, we will wait for Brody. The rest of you are free to leave, but Sam and I, we are waiting for Brody." Dean said adamantly.

"I told you to save yourselves, so you could leave this world and be safe. You two are so stubborn, do you know that?" Brody said, climbing out of the hole in the ground. A big grin on his face, and relief that all his friends were safe.

"Brody! I knew you'd kick his ass, I knew you'd make it back to us. I could kick your ass for leaving your only weapon, leaving yourself open to disaster." Dean said, smiling the smile he only ever gave to Brody.

"I couldn't very well have left you defenseless, especially with the Sisters of the Dark. I know how easily you can get beat up by the crazy, evil women in your life." Brody teased.

"Brody, I knew you could do it. You fulfilled prophecy, you are the chosen one. What happened to Sebastian?" the Prelate asked.

"He's trapped in a devils trap, for as long as he can manage to stay alive. Prelate, he told me there is a way for you to tell which of the Sisters, are Sisters of the Dark. You must ask each Sister to swear to the Creator, and kiss your ring. Only the Prelates ring can be used, the will be unable to do so. The Keeper will strike them dead, ripping them out of this world violently, to torture them in the underworld." Brody explained.

"How is it Sebastian is alive, if he isn't touching you?" Bradley asked.

"There is a devils trap on the floor, which brought the Dagger out to me when I first entered. The floor opened, bringing forth the Dagger. It struck me that the devils trap is a doorway to another place, that that one circle isn't apart of the catacombs, kind of like a piece of another world, trapped within ours. There is a grace drawn in the centre of the devils trap, which is not the traditional way. I learned of the power of the Grace from you Bradley, and something told me that if I trapped him in it, he would live, but be trapped down there forever. So I tricked him into walking right into the trap, till he was begging me to release him.

I also thought I'd bring you some presents Bradley, something I know you'll greatly appreciate. Books of prophecy, books that explain the meaning to a lot of the prophecies you already know. These books are too valuable to be trapped down there, with no way of retrieving them. There are more, but I couldn't carry them all, so I brought the ones I thought would be most important to you." Brody beamed.

Bradley ran up to Brody, grabbing him into a bear hug.

"Brody you are truly a rare person, I can never thank you for all that you have done for me, given me, taught me. For as long as I live, I will never have a truer friend than you. I will miss you more than words can say, it breaks my heart to lose you." tears running down Bradley's cheeks.

"I will miss you too my friend, but I know I leave you in good hands. Sister Verne is the truest friend; one could ever wish to have. Take care of yourself my friend, and do try to stay out of trouble." Brody said hugging Bradley again.

"You are a handful Brody, a handful that I am honored to have known, and fought side by side with. May the good Spirits always watch over you, and protect you." Sister Verne said hugging him.

"I will miss you greatly, you've taught me much, and turned out to be a great friend, and ally. May the Creator always shine brightly over you, and guide you all the days of your life. And good luck to the man that marries a woman like you, you are a woman not to be reckoned with." he teased.

"The Pebble in the Pond, you truly are the child of prophecy Brody. I have loved you since the day you were born, and all the rest of the days of your life. Dark times lay ahead of you, but as you've proven today, you have what it takes to win. Be strong Brody, be true to your beliefs, to fighting for what is right. The three of you must stand together, as you have done tonight, as you've done to find a way to get back to each other, that bond, that bond is what will save your lives, and give you the fighting chance to win this war against evil.

Dean, you will soon have to make a choice, my advice to you is, follow your heart. You already know the answer, and what you must do, trust yourself." the Prelate said hugging Brody, then turning to Dean.

Dean gave her a puzzling look, before asking.

"How did you know...I mean how...I" Dean stammered.

"I've been alive a thousand years Dean, trust me I know. Brody, the Dagger has many powers; all those powers come from within you. Guard it well, and it will save your life. But remember, it is but a tool, what truly matters is the person that wields it. As long as you are pure of heart, and your intentions are pure, this tool will serve you well. May the Good Spirits watch over you, all the day's of your life." the Prelate said, smiling.

"Dean, the burden you carry is one I do no envy, but being the Prelate, I understand the burden only to well. In time you will learn truths, which have the potential to hurt you, in a way you've never been hurt before. You must try to understand the reason behind why certain secrets had to be kept, why it was truly a matter of life or death that those of us that know the secret swore to protect it with our lives. I fear the consequences of this secret, for it seems to me, that in protect Brody, Sam and you have changed what those who placed the secret thought would happen. I'm afraid it's become far more complicated than anyone ever thought, or ever imagined. Life has a demand for balance, and I'm afraid the balance to this secret, might just mean the destruction of all you hold dear. I hate to have to speak in riddles to you, I wish nothing more than to share this secret with you, and spare you the pain that is the truth. But as in every part of life, where there is a will, there is a way. I just hope that when the time comes, and you know the truth, you will make the right decision. That you will chose love, and follow your heart, rather than to walk away, leaving Sam and Brody vulnerable to the evil that hunts them. Their lives are in your hands, as much as all your lives are in each others hands. I have faith in you Dean, just trust your heart and you will succeed. Many of us have died to protect Brody; many more will die protecting Brody, for many will die if Brody is not protected. Sam and you have been given the most precious life to protect, because the two of you are the greatest warriors ever to walk the earth. There have never been, nor will there ever be, two greater hearts and souls, to entrust the life of the rarest person, being Brody, then the two of you Dean and Sam Winchester. The three of you are destined to do great things, for the three of you shall succeed. The world is counting on you; all life is counting on you. The three of you will forever be known, legends passed down from generations, you will always be known as the Brave and bold Winchester Boys. Saviors of mankind." the Prelate beamed.

"If you know the secret, please tell us. Maybe it will help us in this battle, please just tell us?' Dean begged.

"The danger of knowing before the time is right, could cost us to lose everything we've been fighting for. In all due time Dean, you will come to know the truth. For now, I believe you already know some of it, you just haven't spoken it. The heart works in funny ways, and always separate from the heart. Trust you instincts Dean and they will serve you well. Protect Brody, as you have Sam." she answered.

"We've best be going, time is running out." Sam said.

"Angelo and I won't be going with you, but we will return one day." Angeline said.

"Angeline, are you sure...I mean we need you." Jo said.

"Jo, I can never thank you for saving my mother's life. Nor can I ever thank you enough, from stopping me from making the biggest mistake of my life. Tell Ellen and Andy I love them very much, and that I promise to return, when I can. There are books here that if I study enough, I might find things that help the Winchester's win this battle. I really will miss you; you're my best friend Jo." Angeline said hugging her.

"I'll miss you to, please come back when you can" Jo said, a tear running down her cheek.

"Now go, before I start crying. Good luck boys, I'll be back to help as soon as I can, but for now I need to spend sometime cleaning house with my mother." Angeline said.

As they began to walk into the light of the gateway, Parker grabbed Jo's sheathed knife and went for Brody. Dean seeing this, still holding the Dagger, spun the blade toward Parker, slicing him across the throat. Blood shot out of Parker's neck, as Dean cut straight through all the main arteries. Parker clutched his throat, as if trying to stop the bleeding. His face ashen, as the blood drained from his body. He crumbled to the ground, where his body twitched wildly, until he no longer moved. Brody stared horrified, knowing Parker could have killed him, it was no less a shock to see him dead by Dean's hands.

"Go through the gateway, there is no time left." Angeline shouted.

"I love you Brody, I'll miss you, remember me always, as I will always remember you." Bradley shouted.

The four of them disappeared through the gateway, a look of shock still on Brody's face.


The Roadhouse-

Bobby, Ellen and Andy fought for their lives, as the army of Demons found a way into the Roadhouse.

"Time is up, and they're not back yet." Andy shouted.

"They'll be back; they have just have to come back." Bobby said, more to himself than anyone else.

Bobby continued to lock, load, and shoot. As did Ellen and Andy, struggling to kill as many Demons as possible. But for every demon they killed, another appeared in its place. Bodies lay dead all around the Roadhouse, as the three fought desperately to stay alive.

Suddenly a blinding white light appeared, in the spell form drawn on the floor by Angeline. One by one, Dean, Sam, Brody and Jo came walking through. Seeing that a battle was happening inside the Roadhouse, they didn't stop to ask questions, instead began to fight the demons attacking.

"Brody keep the Demons from the gateway, don't let anyone through." Bobby shouted.

Brody had other ideas, ideas that sprang forth to mind, from the words of the Prelate. Dean handed Brody the Dagger, wanting him to protect himself. While Andy threw guns to the other three.

Holding onto the Dagger, Brody called forth the ancient power from within the Dagger. His body rising above the ground, his eyes rolling into the back of his head, his arms spread out wide. The energy of the gateway began to flow into the Dagger, the light blinding all in the room. Brody's whole body began to light up, as the last of the energy, which was once the doorway made its way into the dagger. The spell that had been drawn on the floor disappeared as well; each of the items used to open the gateway suddenly disappeared, returning to their hidden places, where they were once again protected from the demons.

With the power of the gateway now gone, the black smoke surrounding the Roadhouse began to disappear. With cat like reflexes, Brody turned to a Demon lunging at him, ducked, and bringing the blade of the Dagger across the throat of the Demon killing him instantly. Black smoke shooting out of the body, which the demon had possessed.

Sensing the power of the Dagger, the demons began heading toward Brody. Weaving in and out of the Demons, Brody made decisive slashes, killing as many demons without getting receiving a mark on his own body.

With the aid of Dean, Sam, Brody and Jo, the odds quickly turned in favor of Bobby and the others. What had been an hour long battle, seaming like no end in sight, had now turned against the onslaught of demons trying to reach the gateway.

With the last of the demons killed, the gang dropped to the floor, trying to catch their breaths.

"What took you so damned long to get back here, we could have been killed?" Bobby demanded.

"We just saved your ass, a thank you would suffice." Dean answered.

"It's so good to see you, all of you, thanks for coming for me." I said.

Bobby was the first to come wrap his arms around me. Quickly followed by Ellen, Andy kind just looked at me, afraid of how I would react, especially after the first time we met. So I walked over and hugged him, squeezing his ass for affect.

"I have so much to tell you, so many things I've learned, about more prophecy about the three of us, and so much more." I said excitedly.

"There will be more than enough time in the morning, why don't we get some sleep and talk over breakfast?" Ellen said.

"Sounds like a good plan, I feel like I could sleep for a week." Sam said.

"Where is Angeline, and her brother?" Andy asked.

"They stayed behind with their mother, it's a long story." Jo answered.

"Where did you get that beautiful Dagger, Brody?" Bobby asked as he noticed it.

Brody went on to explain about the catacombs, and how he found it. Along with the prophecy spoken to him, before he received it. Bobby and Ellen shared a knowing look, but didn't saying, which didn't go unnoticed by Dean and Sam.

They said their goodnights, and headed up to their rooms. After entering his room, Broody stripped off all his clothes. His body, covered in Blood and Dirt, ached all over. He walked into the Bathroom, turning on the hot water and sliding in, he let the hot water cascade over his body. Washing away the touch of Sebastian, and the dirtiness he felt from the whole experience. Wishing nothing more than to forget it, wishing more than anything that it was Dean who had touched him in all those ways, so that he could enjoy the pleasures and have need to remember them.

Tears began streaming his face, recalling all the things Sebastian said to him. Wondering if his words were true, and that love was lost to Brody forever, after what Master Remy had done to him.

Love had never been an issue to Brody, he had never given it much thought throughout his life.

His parents loved him, they never ceased to show him he was loved, or how important to them. It never bothered him he was alone, that he might be lonely, his right, sometimes his left hand was enough to satisfy his sexual needs. Sometimes a warm wet finger, added more to his sexual pleasure. Never a lack of another trying to get into his pants, but none sang to his heart. None called to his very soul, none drew him in, giving him and aching need to yearn for them.


Until Dean and Sam came into his life, cause a spark to ignite within his very soul. Taking his breath away, and sweeping this lonely farm boy off his feet. Awakening new sensations within him, cause his heart to boil with desire. The safety of Sam's touch, his words, they way he easily expresses his feelings. He's everyone a man or woman could ever want, but he's with someone, a demon no less. He wants to give himself over to me, but how could I ever separate the perfect man, from a demon who has spent his life keeping me as safe, safe as he could possibly keep me from a distance.

Although I don't trust him, as the man I now know to be my real father confirmed for me. But would that be enough of a reason to break them? Even worse, how could I try to be with Sam, when the enigma that is Dean, weighs heavily on my heart. He proved time and again, that there are no bounds to his desire to keep my safe. But could he be trying to keep my safe, because of prophecy? To protect his own brother? To protect himself?

He's the most selfless person I've ever met, and when it comes to Sam, Dean would torture, maim, and kill. No, no I don't think its to protect himself, Dean would protect anyone he loved. I know we almost kissed twice, but could be he was playing with my emotion? Dean is a game player, he's all about the conquest, finding another notch for his belt of all he's bedded.

He teases Sam to no end, but Sam's his brother.

Who am I to them?

A hindrance?

A chore?


Why does Dean have to be the perfect, hottest, sexiest, unbelievably amazing man?

Why does the way he walk, talk, look, move, attack the enemy, and most of all his intelligence, that is clearly visible in his beautiful eyes, have to be so damned appealing. Why does my heart pound in my chest, my words lost on my tongue, my knees become week, my hands trouble, my breathe gets taken away with the sight of him?


What's the use of feeling head over heals, for a man I can never have. A man who will no doubt break my heart in two, crush my spirit, rip my soul apart, make me lose the reason for living.


I'm such a stupid farm boy, who doesn't know the first thing about love, what it means, how it works, what I'm suppose to do.

What do I have to offer, what's so special about me, that I could ever win the heart, and love of a man who could have anyone, or has already had everyone.

I'm a fool, I've been fool, I'll always be fool.

Worse of all, all I can ever achieve is getting them killed. I've already saw that they were willing to die to find me, and the demons now know the same things. They are likely to use them to get to me, and I don't think that I could live with myself, knowing I was the cause of any of them getting hurt.

Not Sam.

Not Dean.

I've grown to love them, no that's wrong, I fell in love the second I saw them.

I can't stay here, I can't stay with them, they're safer without having to worry about me, they're safer working together as they've always have.

When the final battle approaches, and they need me, I will be there. Till then, I have to keep them safe, and that means keeping the demons on my tail, and away from them.

It's the only gift I have to offer them, for everything they've done for me, it's the only gift I have for them.

I don't, no I can't imagine the world without the two most beautiful people in it, the best kind of people to ever exist.

It's my turn to save them.

I walked out of the shower, realizing there was no towel in the room. I shook my hair, spraying water all over the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, to realize tears were rolling down my cheeks. I didn't even know I was crying, I could feel my heart breaking, no it was already broken, I just didn't allow myself to feel it, I couldn't afford to be weak right now. I had to be strong to do what's right, walk away, and save the two most important people to me.

I walked away from the mirror no longer able to look at myself, I stood in the center of my room wanting to air dry.

I had never heard someone knocking on the door, I was in the shower, then in deep thought.

So before I knew what was happening Dean was barging into the room. We both stood frozen in shock, his looking me over, stopping a little longer at my long shaft, hanging low resting on my low hanging balls.

"Dean...I..." I couldn't find words, there were still tears in my eyes.

"I was knocking, I thought something happened when you didn't answer the door. Are you okay, Brody?" he asked still checking me out.

"'s..." I couldn't find the words. I couldn't bring myself to say what I really wanted to. Dean I love you, Dean I want you, Dean I need you.

"Brody why are you crying, what's wrong, please talk to me?" he begged, his face filled with concern, filled with beauty.

"I's nothing Dean...I'm fine. So much has happened, it all just hit me, that's all. Can you just hold me, just hold me and tell me its all going to be okay?" at least it was part truthful, and I wanted nothing more than to have one last feel of his body pressed against mine.

Dean looked me over, and then walked to strides to me, and wrapped his arms around me tightly. His body pressed hard against mine, his hand running up and down the muscles of my back. He pulled his head back, looking into my eyes. My cock reaching full mass, pressing hard against him. I knew he could feel, there was no way he couldn't have. But he made no attempt to move.

His eyes filled with a hunger I'd never seen, he looked as if he wanted to say a million things, but not words reached his tongue. His hand reached the back of my head, his fingers knotting in my hair, and he pulled me into him, stopping an inch before his face. His warms sweet breath on my face, intoxicated me, I wanted nothing more than for him to kill me. To finally taste his sweetness, to feel those luscious lips pressed against mine, to taste his tongue on mine as he forced it into my mouth. I swore I could feel his cock lengthen, pressing hard against me. Every part of me screamed for him, to take me, to have his way with me, to make love to me, to make me his once and for all.

But that was a dream that would never come to pass, never!

He pulled harder on my hair, his breathing becoming shallow, ragged breaths. His eyes intensifying, a hunger I had never seen before.

Then he just did it, out of no where, he pulled me roughly to him and began kissing me.

The most intense feelings flowed through me, bliss, lust, love, electricity. I had never wanted anything more in my life, then to have this moment with him.

His tongue found its way into my mouth, letting me feel the burning need he had for me. I kissed him just as fiercely, never wanting it to end. His free hand roaming my back, down to my ass, sliding up and down my crack, before he pulled the mounds of my ass harder into him.


I finally was seeing the fireworks. The fireworks I've dreamed of seeing, the ones I know I would see when I finally kissed the one.

I was so dizzy, my knees trembled, my heart pounded in my chest, I knew he could feel the beating of my heart. I was overwhelmed with glee, I was lost in him. I wanted to die, I wanted to die right then and there.

Maybe I was dead, and this was heaven.

His passion was beyond description, his kiss was beyond this world.

I was lost, in the most unreal moment of life. The moment I've been dreaming about all my life.

I was in love.

I wished nothing more than, for this kiss to never end.

"What the hell do you think your doing, Dean? Get your hands off him, now!" Sam shouted angrily walking through the door, without us knowing.