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Supernatural Boys

Chapter 15- The past, the present and the future!



Dean looked me over, then walked two strides to me, and wrapped his arms around me tightly. His body pressed hard against mine, his hand running up and down the muscles of my back. He pulled his head back, looking into my eyes. My cock reaching full mass, pressing hard against him. I knew he could feel it, there was no way he could not have. However, he did not attempt to move.

His eyes filled with a hunger I had never seen, he looked as if he wanted to say a million things, but no words reached his tongue. His hand reached the back of my head, his fingers knotting in my hair, and he pulled me into him, stopping an inch before his face. His warms sweet breath on my face, intoxicated me, I wanted nothing more than for him to kiss me. To finally taste his sweetness, to feel those luscious lips pressed against mine, to taste his tongue on mine as he forced it into my mouth. I swore I could feel his cock lengthen, pressing hard against me. Every part of me screamed for him, to take me, to have his way with me, to make love to me, to make me his once and for all.

However, that was a dream that would never happen, never!

He pulled harder on my hair, his breathing becoming shallow, ragged breaths. His eyes intensifying, a hunger I had never seen before.

Then he just did it, out of nowhere, he pulled me roughly to him and began kissing me.

The most intense feelings flowed through me, bliss, lust, love, electricity. I had never wanted anything more in my life, then to have this moment with him.

His tongue found its way into my mouth, letting me feel the burning need he had for me. I kissed him just as fiercely, never wanting it to end. His free hand roaming my back, down to my ass, sliding up and down my crack, before he pulled the mounds of my ass harder into him.


I finally was seeing the fireworks. The fireworks I have dreamed of seeing, the ones I knew I would see when I finally kissed the one.

I was so dizzy, my knees trembled, my heart pounded in my chest, I knew he could feel the beating of my heart. I was overwhelmed with glee, I was lost in him. I wanted to die; I wanted to die right then and there.

Maybe I was dead, and this was heaven.

His passion was beyond description; his kiss was beyond this world.

I was lost, in the most unreal moment of life. The moment I have been dreaming about all my life.

I was in love.

I wished nothing more than, for this kiss to never end.

"What the hell do you think your doing, Dean? Get your hands off him, now!" Sam shouted angrily walking through the door, without us knowing.


I stood there, not knowing what to say, or do.

"Sam, relax! When Brody did not answer the door, I came in and found him crying. I was just comforting him, that's all." Dean said.

So it was a pity kiss. That is what he was doing, giving the crybaby a pity kiss? I did not feel bad before, I certainly did now. I huffed, as I turned around to put some clothes on.

I already felt naked enough.

"Comforting him? Dean, I am not blind. I saw the two of you kissing, and HELLO he's naked!" Sam said sarcastically.

"Sammy, don't make something out of nothing. The kid was upset and naked when I came in by the way." Dean said.

Okay, totally not making me feel good.

"I. AM. NOT. A. KID." I emphasized each word, although they both ignored me.

"I'm not making something out of nothing; I'm making something out of the kiss I just walked in on, the one you're not denying. So big brother, is there something you want to share with the class?" Sam asked condescendingly.

"Sammy, what the hell has gotten into you? You sound like a jealous girlfriend, who just caught her man cheating on her." Dean deflected.

"Don't try and pull that crap on me, Dean. This is not about jealousy; this is about you playing with Brody's emotions. Is this just another game to you, see if you can make the gay boy want you instead of me? You know what; I do not even want to hear your rationalization of what you have done, or why you did it. You want to break his heart; you can do it without me here." Sam said, turning around and walking out.

"Sammy, where do you think your going?" Dean shouted.

I walked around the bed, grabbing my shoes and putting them on.

"Just where do you think your going, Brody?" Dean asked, when he turned and saw me putting on my shoes.

"Of the two of us, last time I checked I was the boss of me. Just so you get this right in your head, this kid (I pointed at myself) doesn't need you to comfort him, nor did this kid kiss you, you kissed me old man." I said turning and heading out the door.

"Brody, I'm sorry I didn't mean's just...I mean...we kissed...okay I kissed you, and I know you liked it but that's not the point. The point I'm trying to make is, that kiss was supposed to be between you and I. I'm not ready to make a public service announcement about it, to Sammy or anyone." Dean said adamantly.

"Dean, just give me some space. Plus right now I think you should be going after Sam, instead of making me feel any worse than I already do. Just go find Sam, Dean." I said as I turned and continued walking downstairs.

"Wait Brody, please I wasn't trying to make you feel bad. It's not like I was planning on kissing you, I was caught up in the moment. I'm glad I did though, you have to know that. I was just caught off guard by Sammy, and I wasn't prepared to have to explain anything. Just tell me you understand, and that your not mad? I just couldn't handle that right now, both Sammy and you upset with me." Dean said, his voice breaking.

Inside I felt a little twinge of hope, as he truly spoke from his heart. I knew how hard that was for him to say, I was just over reacting.

"I understand Dean, everything is fine, just go find Sam please." I begged him, knowing how much he was worrying about where Sam went to as well.

"Thanks Brody, I know I didn't handle that well. I hope you let me make it up to you later, kid." Dean smiled my favorite private smile, that he only ever gave to me.

"I'm not a kid, and your going to have to do a lot to make it up to me." I said.

"You'll always be 'Kid', to me." he said, grabbing my head and kissing me on the forehead before running down the stairs.

I was lost in a sea of emotions, not knowing what was going to happen with Dean and I next, and knowing Sam was upset by what he saw.

What am I going to do about these Supernatural Boys?



Ruben's Hotel Room-

Sam knocked on the door to room 314, when he heard the voice on the other side saying come in. Sam opened the door and walked into the room to find Ruben laying naked atop the bed, smiling from ear to ear.

"Straight to the point, Ruben." Sam said looking down at him.

"You've been gone so long, and I have been very lonely with out you. Do you not like what you see, Sam?" Ruben said, as he seductively moved his hand on the bed next to him.

Sam didn't answer, instead he climbed onto the bed and began kissing Ruben. Sam didn't want to talk, he wanted to quench his thirst for Brody. Closing his eyes, he imagined that he was kissing Brody, touching him, about to make love to him. Ruben began moaning as Sam began kissing him all over, moving down his chest and taking his nipples into his warm mouth. The more Ruben moaned, the more Sam realized he wasn't with Brody.

That angered him.

Sam became rougher, flipping Ruben onto his stomach, he spread his ass cheeks apart and stuck his tongue into his hole.

"Wow Sam, you must of really missed me. You should disappear more often, I like it." Ruben said between moans.

Sam began smacking his ass, while licking up and down his ass crack. Sam slid his finger in, first one, then two, then three. When Ruben began moving his ass back, to meet Sam's fingers, Sam knew he wanted to pounded his ass now, hard and rough.

Ripping off his clothes, Sam positioned his naked body behind Ruben. Grabbing his hip with one hand, Sam guided his cock to Ruben's wet hole. Sam spit onto the tip of his cock, and rubbed it up and down.

"Please Sam, pound my ass, fuck me hard right now." Ruben begged.

In one quick motion, Sam rammed his cock deep inside of Ruben.

"Oww Sam, I might be a demon, but I'm still in a human's body." Ruben screamed.

Sam ignored him, and started moving in and out with long hard ramming thrusts. He grabbed Ruben's neck pulling his head back, his other hand still holding his hip as he plowed the shit out Ruben's hole. After a while Ruben realized Sam wasn't going to let up, Sam was in a dark place and he was taking it out on his ass.

"I want to taste your blood Ruben, I want it now while I'm pounding your ass." Sam demanded.

Ruben knew he needed Sam to drink his blood, he knew what he needed to do for his plan to work. Ruben grabbed his pocket knife from the side of the bed, and handed it back to Sam.

Sam took the knife, cutting Ruben on his right shoulder blade. Blood began to trickle down Ruben's back, Sam leaned down and licked it up. Sam began to swallow Ruben's blood, causing a fire to grow in both of them. A hunger that both could feel, as the transfer of demon blood became intoxicating to both of them. Sam began a relentless assault on Ruben's ass, pulling his cock out to the tip and ramming it back in as he swallowed more and more of Ruben's demon blood. The very air around them began to sizzle, crackle, as the power within Sam began to grow from drinking the demon blood. Sam reached around and began milking Ruben's cock, as he continued to pound his ass and drain his blood.

Sam was in a zone, his troubles completely forgotten as he threw himself into the fiery passion of sex and drinking.

"I'm going to cum Sam, I'm going to shoot my load, fuck me please." Ruben begged.

Sam began to ram his cock harder, harder than he already had been. Sam's balls smacking hard on Ruben's ass, with each thrust of his cock. Sam worked Ruben's cock, till Ruben began to shoot his load on the bed below him. Sam ran his hands over Ruben's cum soaked sheets, then brought his cum filled fingers to Ruben's mouth, forcing him to lick his hand clean.

Not able to hold back any longer, Sam stopped drinking Ruben's blood. Throwing his head back, holding onto Ruben's hips, Sam pounded his cock in and out of Ruben's hole until he began to shoot his seed deep inside him. Sam shot load after load, feeling like it was never going to end.

After fucking the last drops into Ruben's hole, Sam pulled out and laid down on the bed next to Ruben breathing hard.

"Not that I'm complaining, but what got into you tonight?" Ruben asked.

"Last time I checked, my dick got into you tonight." Sam said with an attitude.

Sam pushed himself off the bed, and made his way to the bathroom. He turned the shower on, and jumped in to wash himself clean. He had never felt so dirty, never.

"Sam I know you, and this isn't you. So do you want to tell me what's going on, why your acting like...Dean?" Ruben asked.

"I'm nothing like Dean, nothing like him. Don't you ever say that again, ever." Sam said angrily.

"Okay, so I take it you two love birds are having a fight, again. Is this about Brody, is something wrong with him?" Ruben asked.

"Leave it alone Ruben, I don't want to talk about him." Sam said as he turned off the water, and stepped out.

Ruben handed him a towel, as Ruben held a wash cloth to his right shoulder blade.

"Sam, if Brody is in trouble or if something is wrong with him, I need to know. I made a promise to protect him, so if Dean and you are having a fight, or your not able to protect him, I need to know." Ruben demanded.

"He's fine, I promise. No matter what's going on, I will always protect him. I care for him too much, to let anything happen to him." Sam said, as he held back the lump that was rising in his throat.

"Sam, talk to me. I've never seen you like this before, it's like you lost your best friend of something. I thought I was more than just someone you fuck when you want to, I thought I was your friend." Ruben said.

"You are Ruben, I'm sorry it has just been a long day. I was angry, and I shouldn't have taken that out on you." Sam smiled.

"Tell me what happened, maybe I can help."

"Its stupid, I had no right to the anger I had." Sam said, as he put back on his clothes.

"So your leaving now, Sam?"

"I'm going demon hunting, Ruben. You know how I get after...doing what we did." Sam said as he walked to the door.

"After you drank some of my demon blood, and plowed a huge load into my ass. You're a big boy Sam, if your doing it you should be able to say it out loud." Ruben said annoyed.

"Later Ruben."

Sam slammed the door as he walked out, and made his way down the street.

What Sam didn't know, was Dean had followed him to the hotel. Dean knocked on the door, wanting to know who was on the other side.

"What did you forget something...Dean?" Ruben shouted as he opened the door, only to find Dean standing there.

"Ruben? Do you want to put on some clothes, dude." Dean said turning his head to look the other way.

"What do you want, Dean?" Ruben asked, completely annoyed.

"What was my brother doing here, Ruben?"

"Why don't you ask him, Dean."

"Ruben, something is seriously wrong with him. If you really do care about him, you'll talk to me."

"I don't know what you want me to say, Dean. He was in a bad mood, angry even. Only he wouldn't talk to me, he wouldn't say what was wrong." Ruben explained.

"Do you at least know where he was going, or if he was heading back to the Roadhouse?" Dean asked.

"He was really angry when he left, he said something about hunting demons." Ruben answered.

"Demon hunting? He told you that, and you just let him leave?" Dean shouted.

"I'm not the boss of him, he's a big boy with a mind of his own." Ruben shot back, getting in Dean's face.

"No your not the boss of him, but your supposed to care about him. When you care about someone, you don't let them run off half cocked to chase after demons...alone. Then again, I wouldn't expect a demon to understand human behavior." Dean said angrily, as he turned around and headed in the same direction his brother went in.

The Roadhouse-

After standing on the steps, watching Dean leave to chase after Sam, I became lost in a sea of confusion. I wanted Dean more than words could ever describe, but was I willing to let things go further between us, to discover what was happening in each others hearts, at the expensive of two brothers fighting each other? I couldn't have that, I could let two brothers who were closer than anything, start fighting because of me.

Sam and Dean have done everything in their power to protect me, and in turn I've begun to create a riff between them.

This isn't right.

Nothing is ever easy.

I couldn't live with myself, or be happy if Dean did truly feel the same way about me, if in the end they wound up hating each other.

Never let a jealous man choose your path, when he has a hot man in his sights.

Passion rules reason.

If one allows passion to blind them of reason, it will only lead to disaster. Sam is blinded by his passion, leaving sound reason in the wind. If I allow his blindness to ruin a chance at happiness, I'll be losing out on the chance of being with my one true love. Could I really pursue my own happiness, at the expense of two brothers fighting?

Nothing is ever easy.

I walked down to the bar, and much to my surprise everyone was up and cleaning.

"I thought everyone was tired, and heading to bed?" I asked.

"We couldn't sleep, surprisingly enough." Ellen answered.

"What about you, after everything you've been through I was sure you'd be knocked out." Ellen asked.

"As much as I thought I would knock out, there is just no way I could fall asleep all wired up like this." I answered as I grabbed a broom and dustpan.

"So do you want to tell us what happened, why Sam left here spitting nails, and Dean had to chase after him?" Bobby asked.

"'s know brother stuff." I half lied.

So not a subject I wanted to talk about, not that I had any clue how I would even explain anything.

"It's because of you, isn't it?" Andy smirked.

"Bite me!" I said, as my anger began to swell.

"Andy, don't start with him, he's been through enough." Jo said.

I decided to use my powers to help with the cleaning, by raising all the dirt of the ground, and waving my hands up sending the trash into the large garbage can in the center of the room.

"Well, that makes things a whole lot easier. Thanks Brody, you just saved us hours of cleaning." Ellen said.

"It's the least I can do, since I'm responsible for all your problems." I said sadly.

"Brody, none of this is your fault. We're demon hunters, cleaning up the messes is par for the course. Brody, talk to us, what's wrong?" Ellen asked, her voice filled with concern.

I explained everything that happened, all that I learned, and everything about the prophecy. Leaving out any details of Dean, and Sam.

"I'm sorry you had to go through all that Brody, but at least there might be a whole lot we can learn from these prophecies." Bobby said excitedly.

"Brody, as much as that information will be helpful. Your still not telling us what's really wrong, what's upsetting you." Ellen said.

"Do you really want to know what's wrong, do you really?" I demanded.

"Yes Brody, we love you and we're always here for you." Ellen said.

"Let's see, all I'm good for is ruining everyone's lives. My real parents were killed because of me, the parents that raised me were killed because of me. I've put all of you in danger, time and time again. I'm causing a rift between two brothers, and have lead them to risk their lives recklessly to save my ass time and time again. I'm a walking time bomb, not knowing what's lurking around every corner. I'm going to get one of the people who have sworn to protect me killed, and ruin the relationships of those very same people. I don't even know what my real damn name is, who my true parents really are, if I might even have brothers or sisters out there. I don't know what the devil, demons, monsters really even want with me. Maybe I'm evil, maybe I'm destined to be on their side, that its only a matter of time before I do everything to help them win, never realizing that that is what I'm really doing. That everything I do is actually helping their cause, instead of hindering it.

I just don't know who I am anymore, what I'm doing, and who I'm going to hurt in the process. I feel like I should get away from everyone here, that the only way to keep all of your safe is to just leave." I rambled on and on as the tears ran down my cheeks.

"Brody, you can't think like that, your completely wrong. You're the best thing to happen to all of us, our hopes and dreams have come to light since you've entered our lives. We all risk our lives for you, because we love you. We've loved you since the day you were born, you've given our lives meaning. You've given us hope for the future, you're a bright light, leading us through the darkness. None of us do anything we don't want to do, and you are such a special person that we'd willingly risk our lives to keep you safe. We don't just love you for what your destiny says you'll do, but because you are an amazing young man. Your so filled with love, with life, with all that is good. You embody everything that is good, and beautiful, your virtue, and willingness to fight a battle you were thrust into is something not everyone would do. It speaks of the amazing person you are, and why all your parents are truly proud of you. You give all bitter Hunters a real hero, someone that makes them feel like everything they've been fighting for is truly worth it. We love you for you, who you are, what you are, your bravery, compassion and capacity for love and life. You are not, nor will you ever be EVIL, please remember that. You are a gift to us, and the world." as Ellen spoke, she grabbed me into a tight embrace.

"Brody, I know I can never replace either of your fathers, but I have and will always think of you as one of my own. If your in trouble, or need someone to talk to, I am and always will be here for you. We're family, since the day you were born and I looked into those amazing glowing green eyes, you've been my family. The son I never had, and always wanted, the son I would die to protect.

We all have our secrets, but know that you don't have to carry the burdens alone, you will always have us to lean on." Bobby said, nearly in tears.

"Why Bobby Singer, I never knew you were such a...Girl..." Andy laughed.

"If you ever repeat what I just said, I'll cut off your balls and feed them to you." Bobby barked at Andy.

"You all are unbelievable, and I've grown to love each one of you. Yes, even you Andy. I appreciate everything you've said, it means more to me than words could ever describe. I've never felt so alone in my life, so much so I sometimes feel like I cant breath. Nonetheless, you all are like a breath of fresh air, giving me hope, and lighting the burden of feeling like I'm alone in all of this.

But, with what's coming, and the role I play in it my love for each of you is going to get you killed. I will not have that, I could not live with myself if any of you die because of me. I've caused enough deaths, of all the people I've ever cared about. I wont allow that to happen anymore, I just can't." I said tears welling in my eyes.

"Honey, we all knew the danger we faced the moment destiny threw us into becoming Hunters. I didn't want this, not for my husband, my children or myself. But destiny has a way of finding you, whether you like it or not. There is nothing you can do to stop death, when its your time, its your time. We're all in this together, we're all we have to relay on. You need to trust in us, we're here to fight these demons on earth, and most of all we've sworn an oath to protect you. Not because we had to, but because we wanted you." Ellen said as she hugged me tightly.

"That means more to me than you will ever know, but I've made up my mind I know what I need to do." I said walking toward the front door.

"Brody John Winc...I mean, never mind what I mean. You will not step one foot out that door, do you understand me. People, many of us, have put our asses on the line in more ways than you could ever possibly imagine. So you will not walk out on us, making your parents death mean nothing. Making the deaths of many other great people who have died protecting you, mean nothing. Do you understand me BOY, or do I have to give you an ass whopping to make you understand?" Bobby asked angrily.

I froze where I stood, many thoughts running through my head. First being, was I acting selfishly in my desire to want to leave? Was I trying to run away from the love triangle I had caused, between Dean, Sam and I? But, something Bobby said stood out above all else, why did he call me Brody John, and I'm betting anything he was about to say Winchester.

"I'll do as you say Sir, but I want something in return. You just called me Brody John, and I'm willing to bet my life on this, you were about to say Winchester. It's time to tell me the truth, what the hell is going on?" I demanded.

"Brody, that is not what I was about to say, well it is but not the way you think. I was about to call you Winchester yes, but only because you are acting just like Dean and Sam. That's all it was, you are becoming more and more like them everyday." Bobby spoke in such a calm voice, giving me nothing to think he was lying.

"Then were did the whole John part of my name come from, I've never had a middle name?" I said with as much attitude as I could muster.

"Because, that is your middle name. Look Brody, enough about your name, the point I was trying to make is your not going anywhere. Now, your tired, you've been through a huge ordeal so maybe its time you go to bed." Bobby ordered.

"No offence Bobby, but I'm way past the age of being told when I should go to bed. I'm going out for some fresh air, but don't worry I give you my word I'm not going to run away." I said, walking out the door as he began to object.

Rage Bar-

Sam entered the bar, his anger blinding his senses. Sam could tell he just walked into a bar filled with demons, a total demon nest for him to take his anger out on. He eyed every corner of the bar, making out every demon in the room. He slowly walked up to the bar, still surveying the room.

"A beer please." Sam ordered.

The bartender eyed Sam suspiciously, as he handed him a beer. Sam took a drink, turning away from the bar.

Sam could smell the sulfur in the air, the strong scent of demons all around. He also knew that he was a Winchester, making him a number one target for demons.

Then it began, slowly the demons around the room circled around him, as Sam calmly took another swig of his beer.

"Well, well boys and girls, if it isn't our lucky day. Of all the bars, in all the cities, the great Sam Winchester walks into this one. To what do we owe the honor, of your company?" the large male demon asked.

"Well, I've got this really bad itch, that's just dying to be scratched." Sam started.

"And just what kind of itch are we talking about, a sever case of jock itch?" the demons laughed.

"Actually it's a much bigger itch than that, that needs to be scratched. I'm looking to waste as many demons possible, and what better way then to come walking into a demon nest, where there is enough of you to heal that itching feeling. You ready to dance, boys and girls?" Sam said cockily.

"Oh this out to be fun, get ready for a world of hurt boy, cause there are twelve of us, and one of you. Remember boys and girls, we can beat him to a bloody pulp, but nobody kills him or old yellow eyes would skin us all alive." the demon ordered.

The demon took a swing at Sam, but Sam blocked it and brought his elbow up smashing the demons nose. Sam spun kicked, kicking two demons in the head sending them flying back into two others. As another demon came charging at him, he used his momentum to flip him over his back. Two demons grabbed him, as another two charged at him. Sam kicked his feet up hitting both in the chest sending them flying back, and used the kick to push himself backward over the heads of the two men holding him. He pulled their two heads, and swung them into each other knocking them to the ground.

"Bored now!" Sam said.

Holding out his hand, he used the power given to him through drinking demon blood. He focused hard, using all his mental energy to pull the demons out of their human hosts. Sam's nose began to bleed, his knees getting weaker, his head beginning to pound. Sam made ten of the demon blow black smoke out of their mouths, but before the last two were completely smoked out, Sam collapsed to the ground.

As the two demons regained control of the bodies they had taken over, they got up and approached Sam.

"Stupid move kid, like I said their were twelve of us and one of you. Now you've gone and spent all the demon power you had, and no big brother to have your back. Time for a true ass kicking, since I can't kill you, I'll make you pay for killing my friends." the demon said cockily.

He grabbed Sam by the back of his head, picking him up and beginning to whale on his face.

Just then Dean burst through the door, cocking his shotgun then blasting the demon in the chest with rock salt. The second demon came charging at Dean from behind, sending him flying across the floor with his shotgun flying out of his hands. The demon charged at Dean, but Dean brought up his legs flipping him over his head. He pulled out Ruben's knife, whipped around and stabbed the demon in the chest sending him back to hell. Getting up just in the nick of time, Dean turned in enough time to try and stab the last demon in the neck, but the demon caught his arm and fought to keep him from stabbing him.

"I think its important we don't rush into things Dean Winchester, I know something I'm sure you'd kill to know." the demon said.

"Really, and just what would that be?" Dean asked.

"As both you clowns were wasting time standing here fighting us, hell hounds are on there way to find the boy your supposed to be protecting." the demon laughed.

Dean pulled harder on his hair, as he held Ruben's knife tight to the demon's neck.

"What are you talking about? I want real answers, and I'm short on patience today." Dean asked angrily.

"The only way I'll give you anymore information, is if you let me walk out of here." the demon demanded.

Dean didn't need time to make up his mind, he knew he couldn't let anything happen to Brody.

"Start talking, I like what I hear and your free." Dean answered.

"And I'm just supposed to take your word for it, you're a demon hunter, you kill my kind." the demon said cockily.

"Yes, normally that's true, but like you said you have the answers to what I need. I'm giving you my word, and the way I see it you don't really have many other choices. I kill you if you don't talk, or my word that I set you free when you do. Now talk, because I wont make the same offer again." Dean spoke in the most confident voice.

"Alright, well the way I hear it is there is this demon..." the demon started.

"Oh give me a break already, of course it's a demon. I want the name, the who, the why, the how...tick tock...tick tock..." Dean said in a menacing voice.

"Crowley, the demon's name is Crowley...He's not like other demons, he's...well...he's more powerful than most demons. He knows upper level things, things that are beyond the types of demons your used too. He found out what the plan for your little friend is, the boy your supposed to protect and put a hit out on him. He has command of certain hell hounds, that's how upper level he really is. He's not someone you want to mess with, and well he's been waiting here for the kid to return from that other world you were in. Since you're brother and you are here, I'm assuming the kid is back, and well if he's back the hounds are soon to find him." the demon explained.

"What did he find out about Brody, what did he learn that made him want Brody dead?" Dean asked.

"That's the million dollar question, he's completely going against old Yellow Eyes, and Lilith's orders on this. You couldn't incur the wrath of two worst demons, than those two." The demon answered.

Dean had all he needed, and knew there wasn't time left if he was going to have a chance at saving Brody. He trust the knife into the neck of the demon, the demons skin looking like it was on fire, as black smoke escaped its mouth.

Running over to Sam, Dean lifted Sam's head and rested it in his lap.

"Sammy, Sammy, talk to me, say something, Sammy!" Dean panicked, trying to wake his brother.

"What are you doing her, this was my fight!" Sam said, opening his eyes.

"Saving your ass, again I might add. Sammy what the hell did you think you were doing, coming into a demon nest alone?" Dean asked, helping Sam to stand.

"I needed to get away from you, and I needed to let out some anger, is that alright with you?" Sam said sarcastically.

"It's just great Sammy, while your off trying to get yourself killed, Brody is actually being chased after as we speak not knowing that he might be killed. Are you happy now, do you feel better Sammy?" Dean said still holding onto Sam as he lead them to the door.

"Dean, what are you talking about?" Sam tone of voice completely changing.

"That's right, some demon named Crowley has sent Hell Hounds after Brody. That means everyone at the Roadhouse is in danger, namely a sleeping Brody. Come, the car is not that far away." Dean said, helping Sam to walk.

"I fucked up Dean, and now Brody is going to pay for it. No one had ever escaped Hell Hounds, you can't even see them their invisible to the human eye." Sam began to explain.

"How do you know about Hell Hounds, not that I'm surprised." Dean asked.

"Do you really want to know, cause your not going to like the answer." Sam asked.

"Give it to me, I want to know."

"Dean, when you made that deal with the crossroads demon, I researched what happens...the how your soul is taken by them...Hell Hounds." Sam stuttered.

"That doesn't make any sense, why would this demon send a Hell Hound after Brody, if there is only two months left before the six month marker is called for anyway?" Dean thought out loud.

"Unless, Brody dying now, before Lilith has a chance to get claws on him changes the playing field for this Crowley guy." Sam answered Dean's thoughts.

"Demons, they can't even trust each other...Sammy, I'm sorry about everything that happened earlier, I never meant to hurt you." Dean said without looking at his brother.

"Dean, I'm the one who's acting like an ass. You did nothing wrong, I'm in the wrong here. I have no right to Brody, or even to who you want to see, kiss, be with, whatever...I'm sorry." Sam said truly meaning it.

"Yeah, but we're brothers and you know you always come first in my book. I wouldn't let anything happen to you, and I damn sure don't want to be the one causing you pain." Dean said.

"Wow Dean, I'm proud of you, getting in touch with your feminine side and all. Seriously, Brody had a choice and he made it, I have no room to be upset. At least I know you'll protect him, better than anyone else ever could." Sam half hugged his brother as they made it to the car.

"I'll call the Roadhouse, maybe Ellen or Bobby are up." Dean said making his way to the drivers side.


Can someone please tell me why I'm out in the middle of the night, walking around alone? Seen as how the last time I did this, I was taken to another dimension. I just couldn't stay trapped inside, knowing all the secrets and lies, were truly getting to me. I was about to explode inside and out. Not to mention that Dean and Sam still hadn't returned, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to know what happened when Dean found Sam. But, I was sure I wanted Dean to find Sam. The thought of him being out there all alone, and angry worried me way too much.

Wandering streets I didn't know in the middle of the night, was beginning to get to me. All these strange people walking around, or standing on corners looking way to suspicious. Especially for someone like me, someone who attracts all kinds of crazy killing demons. I reach around to the back of my pants, where I had slid my newly found weapon. Knowing I had at least that much protection, made me feel that much safer.

Safer? I think I just jinxed myself. I just had to say I felt safe, didn't I?

Before I knew what was happening next, I heard a few people scream and turned to see what was going on. Across the street from me, a man was being torn apart by what sounds like the fiercest hounding dogs that I had ever heard. People began screaming, and running through the streets, while others ran over to try and help the man. Still hearing the ear piercing howls, but visually still seeing nothing, but the people who were trying to help the man, either being sent flying through the air, or parts of them being torn off.

Dean, Sam, where are you when I need you?

I had no idea what I was dealing with, I couldn't see it, sure I could hear it. But how do I help these people, if I can't see what I'm fighting?

I had to think quickly, what would Dean or Sam do?...

Before I even thought it, my hands went up lifting the people off the ground. I heard more growling, and snapping of what sounded like very large teeth. Probably trying to get at the floating people, but I wasn't going to let that happen. I moved further up the street, away from the area they had been in, before setting them down. The next thing I saw was the car that stood between me, and where the people had been being hit by the invisible enemy. I knew I was in trouble now.

Okay, I saved the bystanders, now its time to save my own ass.

I did the only thing one would do, when fighting something invisible...

I took off running for my life, running as fast as I could, not having a clue as to where I was running, or what was chasing me. I could hear garbage cans being knocked over, while hearing the insanely intense growls right on my heels. Using my powers, I tried waving these things behind me hoping to hit or slow down whatever was chasing me.

Note to self, get a cell phone if I live through this.

As I ran between two cars, heading into the street something sharp, like claws caught the back of my pants. The claws scrapped through my jeans, nicked my ass cheeks as I barley made away with just that. I screamed as the pain felt like searing hot knives, cutting through my jeans and ass cheeks.

This only caused me to run faster than I'd ever ran before, as I turned around the next corner hoping it would lead me back to the Roadhouse.

Hopefully the others would know what to do, or the creature would be able to break through the spells that keep the Roadhouse safe.


The Roadhouse-

Dean and Sam come running inside, as the other were still cleaning up.

"Don't you guys know how to answer your cell phones?" Dean barked.

"Dean, Sam, what's going on, what's the matter?" Ellen asked.

"Where is Brody, he's in danger?" Sam demanded.

"Brody went for a walk, said he needed some fresh air, and wouldn't take no for an answer. What's this all about boys?" Bobby asked.

"Hell Hounds! Some demon named Crowley, he sent Hell Hounds after Brody we need to find him." Sam answered.

"You let Brody leave, you let him go out on his own! Are you nuts?" Dean shouted.

"It's not like he gave us a choice Dean, like the two of you he's just as stubborn." Bobby shot back.

"Sammy, how do you kill a Hell Hound?" Dean asked, while glaring at Bobby.

"I'm sure some Rock salt ought to help, but Dean, Hell Hounds are invisible to the human eye. We will have no way of knowing where one is, let alone be able to be sure we've hit one." Sam explained.

"Great, just great. Alright, we've got zero time to waste here. Everyone, grab your shotguns, and as much rock salt as you can. Split up into two's, and we'll each take a direction, north, south, east and west. Spread out look for Brody, if you find him bring him back here. Ellen, make sure this place is sealed off from letting demons in, with as many hex bags as you have. Let's hope those will stop these Hounds, from getting inside." Dean ordered.

Everyone headed to get loaded up with weapons.


I could see the lights of the Roadhouse up ahead, I was almost home safe. I could feel their breath on my back, and the sounds of more than one of these beasts chasing after me. My heart was pounding in my chest, as I worried about leading these things to my friends, and being eaten without ever seeing them again. I just had to trust that they were true Hunters, and were ready against any kind of demon. That the Roadhouse had protection against such creatures, or we were all going to be beast food.

"Help! Open the door, Dean, Sam, Bobby, anyone help me!" I shouted as I got closer. My legs felt like lead weights, as I tried to move faster and faster towards the Roadhouse.

"Please, somebody help me, please!" I shouted again.

Just as I was about five feet from the door, I felt claws ripping through my shirt, and scratching down my back. With the speed I was moving at, the momentum sent me flying forward sending me crashing through the front doors. I slid across the floor, stopping in front of four pairs of feet. Looking up, I see Dean and Sam standing above me.

"I was screaming for help...these things...these scary howling...invisible things are after me...they killed people...I tried to stop them...I...I...screamed for you guys..." I cried.

All around the Roadhouse the sounds of large, beastly Hounds growled. Their large claws scratching against the building, as they wanted in but seemed not to be able to come through the front doors.

I got up on my hands and knees, slowly trying to get up. Dean gently grabbed me on one side, while Sam helped lift me up on the other.

"We're sorry Brody, we should have never left you alone." Sam said.

"I'm sorry we didn't hear you, I was too busy yelling at Bobby for letting you leave in the first place." Dean said.

"Just do me a favor, both of you, never, ever, never, ever, and I mean, never, ever, leave me alone again. Got it?" I begged.

"We promise!" They both said.

"What are these things, what do they want with me?" I asked.

"Their Hell Hounds, sent by some demon named Crowley to kill you. Don't worry though, we won't let anything happen to you." Sam said.

"I don't understand, I thought I made a deal for six months...I'm suppose to be okay for six months! Why, why are they trying to kill me now?" I screamed frantically.

Dean grabbed my face in his hands, and forced me to look him in the eyes.

"Brody, I swear to you, I will not let anything happen to you. You are going to die, old and toothless in bed. Do you understand me, Brody?" he demanded.

I looked him in the eyes, and saw the truth in them. I saw that he really believed what he was saying, but in my mind I could not doubt the impending doom. I made a pact, to save his life, and I would do it again. Then I heard the loud growling, and pounding against the Roadhouse and I jumped in shock.

"No Dean, I'm sorry...I...I know you believe that, but there is no magical solution to getting me out of this deal. I made a pact with the she-devil to save your life, and I don't regret that not for a second. I would do it all over again, for you, for Sam, but there is no going back. I'm done lying to myself, thinking there was ever going to be a happy ending for me. I'm living in reality now, and my reality is waiting outside those doors to take me straight to hell. Their here for me, they want me, oh God they want me and they're here to take me. Oh God I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm not ready to die! Oh God I'm not ready to die, Dean, I'm not ready to die. I just found my life, I was just beginning to get comfortable in my own skin. Dealing with unrequited love...I was just beginning to be apart of the world, beginning to feel all that life has to offer, but now my time is up. Let's just face facts Dean, all I've really been is nothing but a DEAD MAN WALKING!" I cried, the tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Brody, please Brody, don't cry. We'll get through this, I promise you. You have all of us in this room who care and love you, none of us will let anything happen to you, I swear. But if we're going to make this happen, if we're going to save your life, we need to deal with the Hounds Of Hell out there." Dean said, as he hugged me.

"Oww!" I screamed, as he squeezed the claw marks on my back. The pain was so intense, I thought I would pass out.

"Brody, your back is bleeding! You didn't say they got you, I'm so sorry I didn't know." Dean panicked as he realized my back was all tore up.

"Andy, hurry and go get the medical supplies. Boys, I hate to break this up, but we've got other problems and their right outside our door." Ellen said.

"She's right, don't worry about me right now. Those things are out there, and they're trying to get in here. Oh God, I'm such a fool. After biting your head off Bobby about leaving, because I didn't want any of you to get hurt because of me. I turn around and lead them right back here to you, where you all could get hurt." I said, feeling like such an idiot.

"What do you mean, you were going to leave because you thought it would keep us safe?" Dean demanded.

"Dean, take a look around you. I'm a danger magnet, if there is a demon within a twelve mile radius, than they're probably after me. I'm constantly putting all of you in danger, so I just thought you would all be better off if I wasn't around. Those Hounds of Hell out there, are my proof that I was right." I answered.

"Guys?" Bobby started.

"Are you out of your mind, we've been in danger all our lives. You have nothing to do with that, so just get that thought out of your head. We're here to protect you, and if you leave you will be putting us in more danger. Because we wouldn't stop until we found you, and if that means knocking on every demon door than that's what we would do. Right Sammy?" Dean said passionately.

"Guys?" Bobby said again.

"That's right Brody, you can't think like that. We are a team, we need each other. Sure we may have our fights, but that doesn't mean we break off on our own. We have to be on the same page about this, Brody." Sam demanded.

"Guys?" Bobby said yet again.

"I'm sorry, I promise I won't do it again." was all I could think to say.

"Guys?" Bobby continued.

"What?" We all said at the same time.

"Incoming!" Bobby shouted.

Before we knew it, the windows came crashing in. We heard fierce growling, as tables we're broken by the invisible Hounds. Bobby, Ellen and Jo began shooting at the Hounds. I didn't see the point in shooting at something you couldn't see, but I understood the need to do something, anything to give us a fighting chance.

The front door blew open, and standing there was Ruben.

"I can't come in with this Devil's trap at the front door!" Ruben shouted.

"Can't you see we're a little busy right now, try coming when we don't have our hands full with Hounds of Hell." Bobby shouted, as he continued shooting.

"I can help you, but you need to let me in." Ruben shouted.

Before any of us knew it, Sam had run across the room and scrapped part of the devils trap off, allowing Ruben in.

"Now get back Sam, all of you get back!" Ruben shouted.

"What the hell are you going to do?" Bobby asked.

"Saving your asses, now do as I say." Ruben demanded.

Ruben walked into the middle of the room as the Hounds started breaking more tables heading my way, I could barley believe I was seeing what I wasn't seeing if you catch my drift.

Ruben's eye were completely black, as he threw something onto the ground and began chanting.

"Omnas, Corpus, Prestus!" Ruben shouted repeatedly into the air.

Before the Hounds reached the table in front of us, they suddenly stopped. They continued growling, but began moving in Ruben's direction, I could tell by the pieces of broken table they were stepping on.

"This trick won't last long, they're going to follow me. I'll lead them away, but they're going to figure it out and come after Brody. You've got to get him out of here, find Crowley and kill him. He order this hit on Brody, I don't know why. Do yourself a favor, don't make a deal with Crowley, just kill him when you find him." Ruben explained as he backed up towards the front door.

"Where do we find this Crowley guy, Ruben?" Dean asked.

"What do I look like, the demon yellow pages? Do your Hunter thing, and find him. Brody doesn't have much time, Sam you have to protect Brody at all cost. If you don't everything will be lost, everyone will lose. Brody can't die, not now, not ever!" Ruben shouted. He stared longingly at Sam, before turning and running out the door. The Hounds following behind, crashing out through the door and windows.

"It's non-stop excitement in this joint, that's for sure." Bobby said.

"Ellen, I'm so sorry. Since I've been here, I've practically gotten this place destroyed." I said.

"Honey, don't you dare worry about this old place. It's seen plenty of battles, and still lives to tell the tale. Now, what are you boys going to do?" Ellen asked.

"We've have got to find this Crowley demon, and get Brody out of here." Sam said.

"You guys should head out, I'll do some research and see if I can't find out where this Crowley guy is. I'll call you the second I find out anything, but in the mean time it's best if you boys keep on the move. Keep moving till I call, and that should keep Brody safe for now. Dean, I'm sure this goes with out saying, but I'm going to say it anyway. Keep Brody safe, and whatever you do don't let him out of your sight. No offence Brody, but all your talk about leaving has me concerned." Bobby said sheepishly.

I was about to say something, but decided not to. Bobby was right, at this point I was feeling at my lowest. I wanted this all to be over with, I wanted the nightmare to end. I was tired of putting all these people in danger, and was beginning to feel like I wanted death to have me.

I left the words unspoken, but when Dean's eyes caught mine, I knew he could read in them the thoughts running through my head.

"We'll take the medical kit with us, and Sammy will patch up Brody's back in the car. Call us the second you find anything out, and all of you be careful, please." Dean said, looking passionately into his friends eyes.

They each grabbed one of my arms, wrapping it around their shoulders. They helped me out to the car, where Sam got into the back seat with me.

"Brody, you've got to make me a promise, right here, right now." Dean said, as he looked into the backseat.

"What kind of promise, Dean?" I asked.

"I know what you've been thinking, and I know why. I want you to promise me that from this moment forward, I wont ever have to worry about you running off!" he demanded.

I wanted to say a million things, and ask a million more, but chose to make this easier on everyone.

"I'll promise, on one condition." I said.

"There are no condition, you'll promise me or I swear I'll lock you up till this is all over." Dean spat angrily.

"It's not a hard condition, it's actually something very simple. All I want from the both of you, is that from now on if you two get into a fight, you wont go running off. I can't handle what happened today again, it was too much. First the thought of the two of you fighting over me, and then the thought of you guys out there alone. Anything could have happened to you guys, and where would that have left me? Did you guys ever stop to thinking about that, huh?" I asked angrily.

Sam swabbed rubbing alcohol on my back, cleaning up my wounds. The sting of it sent tears to my eyes instantly, and I realized they must have thought I was crying. Normally I would have corrected them, but this time I figured I would let them sweat it a little.

"Brody, we're brothers, we're going to have fights. That's just the natural order of things, you can't take it personally. Just know that, no matter what happens we will always come back together. Nothing, and I mean nothing will ever stop us from protecting you, or each other." Sam said adamantly.

"That's right Brody, we're a team and we're going to stick together no matter what. We need each other, okay." Dean agreed.

"I get it, I'm just glad we are all together again. It makes me anxious, when we aren't. So what are we going to do about this Crowley guy?" I asked, looking to change the subject.

"Find him first, then figure out what kind of demon he is, then kill him." Dean said matter a fact like.

"Sounds simple enough, which I am fairly certain translates into, this is going to be a fight for our lives situation. Why do you suppose this particular demon, wants me dead?" I found it odd how easy it was to speak of my mortality now.

"I don't know. It doesn't make a lot of sense for a demon to come after you, knowing that you struck a deal with Lilith. She'll be after any demon that would break her contract." Dean said.

"Plus, Ruben said don't make a deal with him. What if we're only dealing with a crossroads demon, I mean if we are, there is no way he would go against Lilith or Azazel." Sam thought out loud.

Sam finished bandaging my back up, and handed me a shirt. As he seen me struggling to put it on, he took the shirt out of my hands and slowly helped me dress. I saw Dean looking in the rearview mirror, and I couldn't help but wonder what was running through his mind. To bad that wasn't one of my abilities, then again how exciting would life be if you knew what everyone was thinking.

"Brody, why don't you sleep for a while?" Sam suggested.

"I'll try, but I'm not promising anything." I said.

Sam climbed over into the front seat, as I laid on my side with my back facing them. I thought of all the things that could have happened today, and none of them lead me to Dean's kiss. It seemed like the kiss had taken place, a million years ago. The kiss that changed my life forever, changed me forever.

My first kiss, my first love, my only love.

How I would give anything to have had Sam not come into my room at that moment, had he only waited would Dean and I have slept together? Does Dean want to sleep with me, or is this just truly a game of wanting to see if I can get what I can't have?

Life is so complicated.

I finally started dozing off, on and off again. Sleeping in the backseat was not an easy thing to do, and every bump sent a shiver of pain through me.

After a while, most likely when they thought I was asleep they began talking.

"I am really sorry Dean, about everything." Sam said.

"Sammy, I think we are doing the best we can, with what we have. Dad did everything to prepare us, and we are passing that on to Brody. But just like Dad, we are going to make mistakes along the way. Your not perfect, I may very well be perfect, but your just not." Dean laughed.

"Wait a second Dean, that demon said that Crowley had been waiting here for Brody to get back from the other world. That means he's somewhere in town, that's how he knew we were back. He must have been watching the Roadhouse, after seeing the both of us leave he must have knew Brody was inside." Sam explained.

As Sam spoke, suddenly there was a flash of light, and a man appeared sitting down next to me with my head somehow in his lap.

Dean pulled the car to a screeching stop.

"What the hell?" I screamed.

Sam pulled out a gun, and held it to the man dressed in a expensive Armani suit.

Clicking his tongue, he waved his finger back and forth.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, I'd kill him before you could pull the trigger." The man spoke his warning with a British accent.

"Just who the hell are you, and what the hell do you want?" Dean demanded angrily.

"You boys are smarter than the demons give you credit for, I wasn't expecting you to figure out I was still in town so soon. That's okay though, I can work with this." He began.

"Crowley! What do you want with Brody?" Sam said.

"I heard you were the smarter one of the Winchester boys." Crowley said.

"And I'm the better looking one, now answer the question." Dean said sarcastically.

Crowley grabbed me by my long hair, and yanked my neck back as far as he could. I screamed out at he sudden pain, which caused me to jerk up quickly causing a searing pain through the cuts in my back.

"Sass me again boy, and I'll do more than yank the pretty boys hair. Do I make my self clear, Dean?" Crowley said snidely.

Dean gritted his teeth, as frustration over took him. I could see the fear in his eyes for my safety, and the frustration he felt about not knowing how to save me.

"Crystal clear, now let him go." Dean spoke through gritted teeth.

"So it seems we are at a crossroads, both literally and figuratively. I don't know how you managed to survive my Hell Hounds, but I have heard stories of how you Winchester boys get out of tight spots all the time, so I'm not really that surprised." he began.

"We're the original come back kids, now do you want to explain this crossroads your talking about?" Sam asked.

I felt as if my powers were being dampened, each time I tried to release them from deep inside. I had no idea what Crowley wanted, but one thing I was sure of was he'd kill Dean and Sam, without a moments hesitation.

"What do you want from me, why send your Hounds after me if I'm going to be dead in a few months anyway?" I demanded.

"So the pretty boy does more than scream, he actually speaks. Has anyone ever told you what amazingly beautiful, glowing green eyes you have Brody?" It was a rhetorical statement, I was sure. So I gave him the most vilest glare I could muster.

"When I was a kid, maybe no more than 11, I had the lead part in the school play. I played Oliver Twist, it was the first time I had ever sang in public. I was so scared, yet so excited all at the same time. I performed the play, to a roaring crowed, that stood on their feet to applaud me. It was in that moment that I knew I wanted nothing more than to perform on stage for the rest of my life, be it singing, or acting on Broadway. My parents were so proud, I had never seen them beaming with pure joy. Other parents walked up to them, to tell them what an amazing son they had, what amazing gifts and talents he had. My mother cried, while my father felt truly proud to call me his son. The other kids sneered in anger, and resentment. One boy in particular, the school bully. He'd lost out on the lead to me, and had made sure to let me know it every second of the day. As the other parents continued to walk up and praise me to my parents, Billy the bully, stood there listening. Finally not being able to take it anymore, he blurts out, 'if he's your son, how come none of you look alike? How is it he has those green eyes, eyes that look like eyes the devil himself would have? He's not really your kid, he's some demon sent by the devil to beguile everyone he comes into contact with. His real parents knew he was the devils child, and couldn't get rid of him fast enough. While you two losers, who couldn't have kids let those devilish eyes trick you into taking him in. One day your going to live to regret it, one day he's going to be the death of you.'

I turned around, my eyes began glowing eerily, in a way they never had before, as anger burned through me, without thinking I turned and punched him breaking his nose.

Parents began to shout, while my parents grabbed me and headed out of the building as quickly as possible. I was so enraged, that if I could spit fire, I would have.

"Son, you must always remember to control your anger. If someone hurts you, with words or other wise, the best thing to do is turn and walk away. Fighting is never the answer, never." my father said.

"Is what he said true, am I really the devils son? Did my parents throw me out the second they laid eyes on me, did the fear me?" I needed to know.

"Brody, don't you dare talk like that again. You are our son, and no one else's, never, never doubt that for one moment." my mother said adamantly.

"But he's right, I don't look anything like either of you. Plus, my eyes are very bizarre, the kids at school always make fun of my eyes, the way they change, the way they glow. How can I be your son, how? I can do things that other kids could never do. I have unbelievable strength, and I'm only 11 years old. Please, tell me the truth, am I your true son, or that of the Devil?" I asked.

"Brody, you are way to young to even be having those kinds of thoughts. Son, you are the most special child that we were ever blessed with. Kids can be cruel, and say the meanest things, but they really don't know what they're talking about. The day you were born, was the greatest day of our lives. You are the kindest, most loving, caring child a parent could ever ask for. We are the most luckiest parents, to be blessed by the most amazing child we could ever ask for. Never forget that, and never forget, you were given these amazing abilities to do amazing things, you are destined to do amazing things. You are going to touch the world, in such a powerful way, touch it with the biggest heart anyone could ever have. You will be a hero, that will change the face of the world. Never forget that son, never forget. We love you, we will always love you, and you will always be our son." my father said, holding back the lump that had grown in his throat.

"I heard his words, and felt the sincerity of them. Though, somewhere in the back of mind something didn't sit right. Billy the bully's words rung in my head, I went home and stared into my eyes for the longest time. Wondering if they were truly the eyes of evil, or just as my father said, a sign or mark, of the hero I would one day be.

In the end, my parents were murdered because of me, killed right before my eyes while I stood there helplessly. The only thought I had, was of Billy the bully's words running through my head, that my eyes were a telltale sign that I was evil, and could only bring harm to the ones I love. So when I look in a mirror, and see my glowing green eyes, all I see is the devil staring back at me.

So yes Crowley, I've been told how beautiful my glowing green eyes are, and coming from you, it's just another reminder of the evil that my green eyes come from. So say another word about them, or call me a pretty boy again, I will cut off your balls and feed them to you. Do I make myself clear?" I enunciated each word.

"Crystal clear, pretty boy. Don't for a second think you have the power to fight me boy, your merely a child, trying to play a man's game. I could tare you apart, and use your bones to pick my teeth when I'm finished. So don't ever think to threaten me again, or I'll give you pain the likes you've never dreamed possible." he shot back at me.

"I know what pain, and suffering is like, I've been beaten, bruised, tortured, and then some. Do your best Crowley, but I warn you, make sure you kill me, because if I have even one last breath in my body left, I will make sure I use it to hear you screaming as I send you on a one way ticket to hell." I shot back angrily. Feeling like I had nothing to lose, he was either going to kill me, or by some miracle we would be saved, I would no longer hold back my anger.

"Yes pretty boy, you certainly have been tortured, beaten, bruised, degraded, and so much more. Yet, you still carry the burning intensity of hope, and a strong belief in the power of your friends, and the loyalty you have towards them. So much so your willingly to barter your soul, to save Dean, a man you hardly knew. That speaks volumes of the spirit, strength, and love of life you carry inside. Just as your mother did, as her eyes burned with the same intensity of those same green glowing eyes, she believed with all her heart the same as you do, and so she sacrificed her life, for the sake of her children. When she died, the light in her eyes were extinguished, the glowing green eyes fading to nothing more than a burned out fire. When I told you how amazingly beautiful your eyes are, I meant it, I said it because when your mother's eyes burned out, I actually felt a pain inside my chest, knowing I would never see those glowing eyes again. Never see the love of life, and the loyalty of family again. Till I learned of you, and found you in that backwoods, hick town.

I heard whispers that your real parents had you hidden all those years ago, and using my amazing abilities I was able to track a certain demon that knew of your whereabouts. So I followed him, and found you performing Oliver Twist, and I couldn't believe my eyes. I was stunned, but still unsure, so I made myself appear to look like Billy, the bully. I just needed to be near you, to know for sure. I could feel the power emanating from you, powers that were still locked inside you, powers you were totally unaware of. But it wasn't till after the play had ended, and all the parents came to congratulate your parents, on how amazing you were, that I came face to face with you and saw those amazing eyes. Eyes I had only ever seen on one other human, a woman I knew to be dead. You can't began to know the elation I felt, seeing those eyes again, seeing those eyes that lit up my world. There was only one problem, as happy as I was to see your mothers eyes again, they were on a son she should never been allowed to have.

One she desperately tried to hide from the world, desperately tried to protect from the demons. A child of prophecy, a child destined to destroy everything, and everyone. I looked into your eyes, and I saw the future, saw what you would one day do if you were allowed to live. The power you would one day wield, the power that would destroy everything I've spent my entire existence creating.

Still, the eyes of your mother hunted me as I started into yours, and though I knew in that moment it would be so easy to kill you, far easier than if I waited till you fully came into your powers, I just couldn't do it.

That angered me, angered me to the very core of my being, which is why I spoke those words, making you an outcast for the rest of your days in that backwoods town. Parents wouldn't allow their kids to talk to you, the kids at school made fun of you, teachers steered clear of you. Only your adoptive parents talked to you, other then the two of them you had no one.

I watched you for years, heard you crying yourself to sleep, heard you wishing you had a friend, that you weren't such a freak that no one would talk to you. Heard your adoptive parents trying to comfort you, telling you that people were often cruel, which is all the more reason for you to be strong, and never do onto other what is done onto you.

And so you did...Hiding your sadness behind a warm smile, always ready to help anyone in need, no matter the rejection, no matter the way they stared at you as if you were the devil himself come to take their souls.

After catching your so called mother crying to her husband, blaming themselves for the way people treated you, blaming themselves for the pain they knew you lived with everyday. You made a pact with yourself, never to allow them to see the pain you felt, see the tears you cried, hear your screams at night. I almost, and I truly mean almost felt sorry for you, a single tear slid slowly down my cheek. In that moment I cursed the day you were born, cursed the feelings one insignificant human could cause me.

I knew you were the harbinger of destruction.

`And when the day arrives, that a human would cause a soulless demon to shed a single tear, it will signal the first sign of the apocalypse to come.'

So here we are, you the human, and I the demon. A prophecy come to life.

I should have killed you the second I laid eyes on you, I should have killed everyone in that school, and bathed in the blood of all the souls lost that day. Saving myself the trouble in dealing with you now, now that you are older and your powers have become far stronger than even I ever anticipated.

But alas, that was then, and this is now." Crowley explained.

I was shocked to my core, my body trembling as different emotions swirled through my mind. This was Billy the bully. He had watched my tormented childhood, heard the tears I cried, felt the pain I felt, saw my attempt at trying to save my parents the heartache they felt over my pain. Anger was the most pressing feeling consuming me, anger at the misery he created for me and my parents growing up, with his words as he posed as Billy the Bully.

I wanted to rage on him, I wanted to blast him into a million pieces. No that's not right, I wanted to skin him alive, and break each bone in his body, making sure he never went unconscious. Slowly pulling out his innards, and entrails. I wanted to hear him scream in pain from the depths of his soulless self, begging for a mercy I would never grant him.

But, I laid there with a look of shock on my face, my mouth hanging open as I still tried to absorb all he had spoken. The pain he caused my life was one thing, the pain he said he felt for me was baffling, and the fact that he knew who my real mother was, just confused me all the more.

Dean and Sam started at me, their hearts breaking at the words they knew stung my very soul. I was sure they could feel my rage, feel my pain, confusion, and knew how much I wanted to lash out, but saw just how shocked into utter silence that I was unable to.

"I don't understand, if you hated him for the way he made you feel, and if you knew about this supposed destruction he was destined to cause, why didn't you kill him? Why wait till now, when you know his soul was owned by Lilith, and that she's going to be collecting soon enough? She's already going to kill him, why not just wait that short period out?" Dean asked, his voice shaky and filled with sorrow.

"Where is Velma when you need her, seriously what kind of Scooby gang are you? Did you not hear a word I spoke, or did the pain in all your hearts stop your ears from hearing what I said?" Crowley asked mockingly.

"Enough with speaking in circles, my heads spinning enough. Just cut to the chase, tell us why you've done what you've done, and why your doing what your doing. For that matter, if you knew where Brody was all those years, how come you never told Lilith or old Yellow Eyes?" Sam asked."

"Now, that's the million dollar question, isn't it. It's time you know who your really talking to, I am Crowley Alaric Métier Potentate. I am the Ruler of all crossroads demons, and so much more. I allowed Dean to make the deal to bring Sam back, because without the two of you together my future wasn't safe. You both have been the best Hunters I've ever seen, in my very long existence. Not only that, the bond your family has, dating back to the first Hunters in your family, is a stronger family bond than I have never witnessed from any human before. Each one of you is willing to sacrifice yourselves, to save one of your own. I may be a demon, but that is truly a loyalty that I can respect. Demons have no idea what it means to be loyal, they would cut out each others throat without a second thought. It's all about power, and he who has the most, rules. With that being said, I met your mother a long time ago, it was right after she sacrificed something so important to her, just to save the one she loved, even before they were yet married.

Hoping to find a way to break that contract, she paid for it with her life. Nonetheless, if she had to do it over again, she would have. I went to her after she made that deal, because after that deal was sealed, Prophecies formed, changing everything. Prophesies that lead to the destruction of the earth as we know it, destructions of the demons, and many others.

Some of the Prophecies effected me directly, and I couldn't have that. Besides that, I had to meet this one human woman, that could change the fate of the world with one deal. It just didn't seem possible to me, that some little human could do such damage to even demons as powerful as myself, let alone Lucifer himself. I was intrigued.

So I went to see her, and sneaking up behind her wasn't the best way to introduce myself, to say the least. She turned on me as if sensing I was there, with a fire in those green eyes that took my breath away. She attacked with such force, such power, such rage and anger. It was truly a site to behold, though the ass kicking she gave me isn't something I like to mention.

When I finally got her to realize, that I wasn't a threat to her, she stood in a fighting stance the likes of which I'd never seen before. It captivated me in a way, I still don't understand till this day.

She never let her guard down for a second, and I couldn't blame her.

`As hard as I'm sure this is to believe, I'm not here to hurt you, I only want to talk.' I said, holding my hands up in surrender.

`Right, cause you're the passive kind of demon. The one who coddles bunnies, and stops to smell the roses as he takes long walks. Forgive me if I don't believe you, but if you smell like a demon, look like a demon, you must be a demon.' she said sarcastically.

Normally I would be annoyed by her mocking tone, but instead I found it to be quite endearing, and strangely adorable.

`I'm just here to ask you some questions, so if it makes you feel better I'll keep my distance. I just need a moment of your time, please. And believe me, I never say please.' I begged, something I've never done.

`You have two minutes, before I send you on a one way ticket back to the hell you came from.' she said showing no emotions, as to whether or not she was afraid.

`When you were younger, knowing what you knew as a Hunter, you made a deal to save your husbands life. I want to know why?' I asked.

`What makes you say that, how would you know anything I've ever done?' she asked, still not trusting me.

`I know a lot of things, and I know you save a man you loved, making a deal with devil. Now lets be serious with each other, shall we?' I said, wanting to know her true reasons.

`Okay, I'll play. I was just a kid when my father told me of the world of Hunters, and the demons that went Boo in the night.

Most kids heard fairy tales, when they went to bed. I was shooting guns, and using incantations to fight demons. My childhood was nothing more than fighting the forces of darkness that roamed the earth.

In my teens, I had grown tired of the endless fights, the fears of losing either of my parents. I grew tired of never living life, never knowing what the rest of the real world held for me. I wanted out, I wanted out more than anything.

That's when I met him, this incredible man, strong, kind, caring, and he loved me more than life its self. I hated the world I lived in, I hated everything about being a Hunter.

Okay, that's not fully truthful, I loved it in the beginning, but when I met him, I knew I was missing out on the rest of what the world has to offer.

Before I knew it, he swept me off my feet, and I was head over heals in love with him.

Then, when he asked me to marry him, wanting to take me away from the life of hell he didn't know where hunting me. I couldn't say no, I just couldn't.

So I did what any teenage girl, who's father would kill any man trying to marry his only daughter. I took off with him. Hoping to get away, from my life of Hunting, from my father, from my past.

We made one stop, one final stop to say goodbye to the past, and move on to our future.

When my father somehow found us, only it wasn't my father is was the Yellow eyed demon we thought we'd killed. He killed the man I love, snapping his neck right before my eyes. Before I could even react, the love of my life was laying dead on the ground before me.

He offered me a deal, one chance to save the only man to mean anything to me.

He would give me back my love, on one condition...the life of my son. He would give me back the man I loved, if I would allow him access to my child on his six month birthday.

I had no choice, I was young and scared, and alone. I made the only choice I could in that moment, I saved the man I loved.' she choked up.

`So you made the deal, saved your husband. You then spent all your spare time looking for a way to break the deal.' I began.

`Of course I did! I did what I had to do in the moment to save my husband, but I knew in my heart there was no way I would willingly give my child over to a demon.' the intensity of her eyes seared me.

`So you sought out any and all demons, searching for a way to save your child. Killing those that got in your way, killing others that had no answers simply because they were demons. Yet, you never found a way to save your son. So you did the one thing I truly don't understand, you died to protect him. Knowing Azazel had already gotten to him, knowing it was to late, that whatever he had planned for your child he had already succeeded in doing.' I began.

`Your point?' she crossed her arms over her chest.

`My point is simply...why?' I asked.

`Because that's what a family does, that's what a mother does. A mother will do anything to protect her child, and I could do no less. I knew the loss I felt at watching the man I loved be killed, I knew that pain and lived with it everyday. Looking into his eyes, I remembered what it felt like to lose him. I almost died that day, but he was brought back. I knew that if I lost a child, there was no second chance, I would die. So, I fought to find a way to protect my son, to protect my family.

If you had a heart you would know what it feels like to lose the ones you love, you would know the agony of not being able to save them, not being able to protect them. To feel powerless, against forces so far beyond anything I'd ever faced as a Hunter.' she held her head down wiping away tears.

`So this is the power of love, this is the love and loyalty humans struggle to fight for. You are not the only one that was offered a deal with Azazel, but you are the only one that has fought to protect her family. I will not lie and say I comprehend fully, but I will say I have never in all my unholy existence met one equal to you, who truly understands what love means. You would sacrifice yourself for a child, when you could easily have another to replace the first. But you didn't. You could turn you back on what you know is to come, but you don't. You could run and hide from what's to come, yet you continue to fight to find a way to save your child, your family.

For the first time ever, I have found a human worthy of my respect. Thank you for answering my questions honestly, and for helping me to learn how the power of love, the power of a mothers love could change the world.

You don't know what you have done, how you have changed prophecies, how your actions now will change the future forever. You don't know the battle that you have started, and the price your family will have to pay for it.

But the one thing I've learned today is that, if you did know, you would still do all over again in a heartbeat. And that only makes me respect you more.

I have not ever, nor do I think I will ever meet the likes of you again. I fear I will never see the eyes of a true Angel such as your again. And for a demon with no soul, I burn with a sadness at knowing that you will die in this quest. That the light in those amazing glowing green eyes will fade from this world, and take away the first true beauty I have ever beheld in them. To know those green eye will be extinguished forever, burns me to the core of my being. Creates a pain inside me, I never knew I was capable of feeling.

I told you I didn't want to fight you, only to ask you questions. But I know the future, and know what is to come from the road you have chosen to take. If I were a smart demon, I would kill you now and save myself the grief that will come later.

Not to fear, I swear no harm would come to you by my hands.

Some of us demons are capable of being honorable, I will keep my word to you, especially since you are the first human to touch me so deeply, in ways I never thought possible.

There are blind spots to what I can see, but I intend to see this child of yours. I intend to find out how the power of the love of his mother will give him the strength to battle Lucifer himself, the strength to kill the demons including myself.

But, you must know that you must guard him well, for if I or any other demon finds this child of prophecy we will kill him. For he will be the end of us as well, for he will be the end life as we know it. And I just happen to like life as it is. More so my life as it is.' I said, as she went to attack me, and I used my powers to hold her in place.

`You bastard, you leave my family alone, or I swear I will come back from the dead to kill you with my bare hands.' she screamed.

`Fear not, I didn't not say I'm going to kill him, I only said I would try. For you, because you have touched me so profoundly, I will do everything in my power to find away to stop him, without killing him. But that is the only promise I can make to you.' I said

`In turn answer me one question then, it seems only fare since I answered yours.' she asked.

`You may ask.'

`Will my family come together, will they fight side by side and protect each other at all costs...Will they live...?" she cried, not being able to finish her questions.

`Your family will be the stuff of legends, their surname will inspire fear into any demon that cross paths with them. They will make their mother proud, in ways even you can not imagine. The road for them, is unlike the road you've known as a Hunter. Their battles will be beyond your wildest nightmares, but they will be together, they will fight together, they will make you proud.

Thank you for your time, thank you for helping me to understand. I have much to think about, I only hope I will be able to honor you, and not have to kill your child. Goodbye, and good luck.' I said as I vanished before her eyes, but not before staring into her glowing green eyes, seeing past them into her soul, her heart."

"So are you here to kill me, or what?" I asked.

"I'm a demon Brody, what do you think?"

End Chapter-

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