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Supernatural Boys




Chapter 16- Sins of the Parents







`So this is the power of love, this is the love and loyalty humans struggle to fight for. You are not the only one that was offered a deal with Azazel, but you are the only one that has fought to protect her family. I will not lie and say I comprehend fully, but I will say I have never in all my unholy existence met one equal to you, who truly understands what love means. You would sacrifice yourself for a child, when you could easily have another to replace the first. But you didn't. You could turn your back on what you know is to come, but you don't. You could run and hide from what's to come, yet you continue to fight to find a way to save your child, your family.

For the first time ever, I have found a human worthy of my respect. Thank you for answering my questions honestly, and for helping me to learn how the power of love, the power of a mothers love could change the world.

You don't know what you have done, how you have changed prophecies, how your actions now will change the future forever. You don't know the battle that you have started, and the price your family will have to pay for it.

However, the one thing I have learned today is that, if you did know, you would still do it all over again in a heartbeat. In addition, that only makes me respect you more.

I have not ever, nor do I think I will ever meet the likes of you again. I fear I will never see the eyes of a true Angel such as you are again. In addition, for a demon with no soul, I burn with sadness at knowing that you will die in this quest. That the light in those amazing glowing green eyes will fade from this world, and take away the first true beauty I have ever beheld in them. To know those green eye will be extinguished forever, burns me to the core of my being. Creates a pain inside me, I never knew I was capable of feeling.

I told you I did not want to fight you, only to ask you questions. However, I know the future, and know what is to come from the road you have chosen to take. If I were a smart demon, I would kill you now and save myself the grief that will come later.

Not to fear, I swore no harm would come to you by my hands.

Some of us demons are capable of being honorable, I will keep my word to you, especially since you are the first human to touch me so deeply, in ways, I never thought possible.

There are blind spots to what I can see, but I intend to see this child of yours. I intend to find out how the power of the love of his mother will give him the strength to battle Lucifer himself, the strength to kill the demons including myself.

However, you must know that you must guard him well, for if I or any other demon finds this child of prophecy we will kill him. For he will be the end of us as well, for he will be the end of life as we know it. Moreover, I just happen to like life as it is. More so my life as it is.' I said, as she went to attack me, and I used my powers to hold her in place.

`You bastard, you leave my family alone, or I swear I will come back from the dead to kill you with my bare hands.' she screamed.

`Fear not, I did not say I am going to kill him, I only said I would try. For you, because you have touched me so profoundly, I will do everything in my power to find away to stop him, without killing him. But that is the only promise I can make to you.' I said

`In turn answer me one question then, it seems only fare since I answered yours.' she asked.

`You may ask.'

`Will my family come together, will they fight side by side and protect each other at all costs...Will they live...?" she cried, not being able to finish her questions.

`Your family will be the stuff of legends; their surname will inspire fear into any demon that crosses paths with them. They will make their mother proud, in ways even you cannot imagine. The road for them is unlike the road you have known as a Hunter. Their battles will be beyond your wildest nightmares, but they will be together, they will fight together, they will make you proud.

Thank you for your time, thank you for helping me to understand. I have much to think about, I only hope I will be able to honor you, and not have to kill your child. Goodbye and good luck.' I said as I vanished before her eyes, but not before staring into her glowing green eyes, seeing past them into her soul, her heart."

"So are you here to kill me, or what?" I asked.

"I'm a demon Brody, what do you think?"




"I know what your thinking boys, but it wont work...maybe if you had the Colt, you just might have been able to stop me...but alas, you don't have it, so that leaves you at my mercy. Right now, I do not have any mercy for a family that has caused me more turmoil, than any other has. If not for those beguiling eyes, Brody would not still be breathing." Crowley began, as he ran his fingers through my hair.

"If you're going to kill me, get on with it. I am tired of watching over my shoulder, tired of watching the clock `tick tocking' away, bringing me that much closer to my death at the hands of that bitch Lilith. So get it over with, damn you, put me out of my misery, and spare my friends pain of growing even more attached to me than they already are.

KILL ME DAMN YOU, JUST DO IT! KILL ME!" I bellowed in rage.

"Shut up Brody, you are not going to die, not on my watch." Dean said adamantly.

"Gosh, you are your mother's son. Through and through. She would be proud to know the man you have become, as much as I hate to admit it." Crowley smiled.

"What do you want Crowley, because if you were going to kill him, you would have done so already." Sam asked.

"Simple, I want to make a deal..." he began.

"No deals Crowley, we were warned not to make a deal with the leader of the Crossroads Demons." Sam said angrily.

"True, you really should never make a deal with one. I on the other hand, like you said, am the leader. What I am offering serves all of your best interests. What I'm offering is something; both you and Dean will gladly make a pact for." Crowley's eyes shined evilly.

"Spit it out already, what's the deal?" Dean demanded.

"Dean, you can't make a deal with the devil, you of all people should know that." I spoke between gritted teeth.

"Stay out of this Brody, let me handle this." Dean spoke, his eyes never leaving Crowley's.

"I was told Sam was the one with all the brains in the family, I guess I heard wrong. It is very simple really; it is a choice you have already made once Dean. I have one opportunity to break the deal Brody made with Lilith, and right the wrong. Your soul Dean, for him. You were destined to die, and Brody should never have been able to make that deal. Lilith will ruin us all if Brody is killed, the only chance to save everyone is for you to exchange places with Brody, and have what was destined to happen, be. Your death. So what will it be, Brody's precious pretty boy head, or yours? Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock..." Crowley grinned evilly.

"No Dean! You cannot do this, you cannot. I will not let you; I did not make the deal just to have you die in the end. No way. He is lying, how can he break a deal I made with Lilith. It's a trick, it has to be...will both die...that's it will both die, that's what he wants..." I rambled nervously.

"He's right Dean, how do you know he's not lying?" Sam agreed.

"I don't, but what other choice do I have? I won't let Brody die, the same way I wouldn't let you die." Dean answered calmly.

"You're lying, tell him you're lying. Tell him the truth damn you, tell him you want us all dead. Tell him...tell him...tell him I am not worth it...I am nothing...Dean's life is more important than mine. That so many people depend on him...he can't die...Dean not in this world...would be a world without Sun...I'm worthless...nothing...evil...he's beautiful...good...everything...he can't die damn you!" I cried.

I remembered my sacred weapon, and reached down into my boots to retrieve it.

"Lilith has powers yes, and is a force of nature all her own. Nevertheless, I am the king of the Crossroads, and I can rescind her deal with Brody, but only in exchange for Dean. I promised your mother I would do what I could to spare your life, and I truly intend to keep my word. I have my own personal reasons for wanting it this way, and I fully intend to see my reasons met.

Brody, you may see me as only an evil demon out to destroy you. What you do not seem to realize is, when your mother made the deal she did, she did not know the consequences of her actions. I love this world; it is filled with millions of souls crying out to me. Wanting to sell their souls in exchange for riches, vengeance, love...the powers their souls feed me is beyond your wildest imagination.

If you die, the world dies with you. I love everything. I wont have that, I like things just-the-way-they-are." he enunciated every word.

My anger boiled to heights even I did not know where possible, and it was in the mist of that rage that I found the strength needed to fight his hold on me. Pulling my sacred Dagger upwards, I thrust it deep into Crowley's chest. I roared with the anger inside me, as I twisted the Dagger. Crowley's eyes widened in disbelief, at what I had done.

"YOU WILL NOT TAKE DEAN'S SOUL!" I spat angrily at him.

"Brody! No! What have you done?" Dean shouted.

"I won't let you die, do you understand me? I will never let you die!" I shouted angrily at him.

My rage turned to horror, as I realized Crowley's blood was running down my hands. I looked down to see his clothes, coated in blood. I pulled the Dagger out, and dropped it on the floor of the back seat.

What was I becoming?

A killer?

Since this all began, I have had blood on my hands. My parents, my friends, demons.

Dean and Sam rushed out of the car, with Sam opening my door and pulling me out. My back protested from the pain of being moved, but my mind was numb as I stared at my bloodied hands.

"Brody! Look at me Brody...just breath." Sam said as he laid me down on the ground.

Dean rushed to my side, and grabbed my face in his hands.

"'s okay, you did what you had to do." his words belying what he was really thinking.

"I had to Dean...I couldn't let him kill you...I couldn't..." I said looking into his beautiful eyes.

"I know Brody...I know..." Dean said, holding my head to his chest.

To our utter surprise, we all turned to the sound of someone clapping.

"Well done Brody, well done. Your mother truly would be proud, attempting to kill me just to save Dean's life. To bad it was in vain, it will take a lot more than your special Dagger to kill a Demon of my level. However, you've ruined my favorite suit and that just pisses me off." Crowley said angrily.

Sam was the first to attack Crowley, only to be sent flying back with just a wave of Crowley's hand. Dean quickly moved to stand before Crowley, blocking his path to me.

"Come now Dean, do you really think you could stop me if I wanted to attack the pretty boy?" Crowley asked smirking.

"Doesn't matter, there is no need to attack him. You want my soul in place of his, so let's make this deal and get this over with." Dean demanded.

"NO!" I shrieked.

"Sorry Brody, but this is the way it's supposed to be." Dean spoke without looking at me.

"Dying in the place of someone you love, there could never be more noble a death." Crowley said.

"You bastard! Please just take me...please..." I begged in vain.

"I just can't do it Brody, I made a promise to a lovely lady and I intend to keep that promise. Now Dean, you know the only way to seal this deal?" Crowley asked.

"You've got to be kidding me, you can't seriously expect me you. Dude that's just gross." Dean said making a face.

"Pretty boy, move from that spot on the ground and I swear to you I will kill the Winchester boys! So be a good little pretty boy, and keep your ass on the ground." Crowley ordered.

I could not, there was just no way, I pushed through the pain that was tarring me apart. My back felt like all the wounds were reopened, and someone was pouring salt into them, and taking a knife and cutting deeper into the wounds.

"I WON'T LET YOU DO THIS!" I screamed.

The wind around me began to speed up, becoming like a tornado all around us, I began floating in the air, my hair flapping all around me. Lightning began flowing over my body, until it was coming out of my fingertips. I shot bolts of lightning at Crowley, sending him flying in the air. I continued assaulting him, wanting the taste of blood, his blood.

"Brody, Stop! You have to stop this, this is the way its suppose to be. I made the deal to save Sammy's life; I have to live with the consequences not you. Brody, please listen to me, listen to my voice, and for once do as I say. Do not become a mindless killer, and do not think its okay for you to carry the burden of someone else. This is my choice, you have no right to take it away, to try and own it. I love that you want to, but you can't." Dean tried to reason with me.

"Why the pretty boy does have some major mojo going on, I'm impressed. Still, I told you before it would take more than you to bring me down. Keep trying to play with the big boys, little one, and I'll show you the ass whopping of a life time." Crowley laughed.

That only made my blood boil, rage consuming me, I raised my hands causing him to float in the air. Shooting more shots of electricity at his chest, causing him to bellow out in pain. I held my hand out toward a tree, and brought vines shooting out of them, wrapping them around Crowley until he was completely incased like a mummy.

I moved my hand in a circle, and he began spinning faster than a drill, I lowered him down into the ground and drilled him deep into the ground until only his head was left above ground.

"You will not have Dean's soul, I swear to you the next move I make will kill you. I will peel the skin off your body, until the blood drains out of you, and then watch as I pick apart every part of your body, pulling out each part of your anatomy, before I break every bone and send you on a one-way ticket to hell. Do I make myself clear, Crowley?" my voice sounding like I was in perfect control, while my heart pounded in my chest with fear, that I had no where near the power to fulfill threat I just made.

Next thing I knew, Sam had jumped up on top of me from behind, and tackled me to the ground. Causing me to lose control of the power, I had been wielding.

Crowley had somehow flashed himself out of the ground, and began clapping.

"Wow, and that's only a taste of the true power you really wield. If you only know what you were truly capable of, what you are destined to do. However, enough child's play, its time for the big boys to handle business. So what is it going to be Dean, deal or no deal?" he asked.

"Let go of me Sam, you of all people shouldn't want to let Dean lose his soul, even more than I." I said.

"Brody, we swore to protect you, this is what we do, and this is what being apart of this family means." Sam said, though I could still hear the pain in his voice. He did not want this for Dean, and he felt responsible, if it were not for him Dean would never be in this situation.

"Let's get this over with sicko!" Dean said.

"Watch what a real kiss is like pretty boy, not a child's kiss." Crowley teased.

"Please Dean, don't do it, please...please...I beg of you please...Dean!!!" I cried harder than I had ever cried before.

Crowley grabbed Dean by the hair, as he pulled him in for the kiss. Dean stopped him.

"The deal Crowley, the deal. My soul for Brody's, no going back on it, not Lilith switching my soul for his. This is it, the final deal, the last deal. My soul for his and his soul is to never be touched again. Deal?" Dean asked.

"Deal, now time to seal it with a kiss." Crowley said.

"Make this quick, or I swear I'll puke in your mouth." Dean said.

"No, no, no, no, no, Dean, please," my voice barley more than a whisper.

Crowley grabbed him again, his eyes never leaving mine, as he kissed Dean passionately. Dean tried to pull back, but Crowley held on tight, enjoying the torture, he knew he was causing me. I wanted to turn my head away, but I could not. My love, my life, my everything, was kissing his soul away. Kissing his soul away just to save mine. Dean kneed him in the nuts, and Crowley finally let go, keeling over grabbing his nuts in pain.

"You sick fuck, its one kiss, not a make out session. Get your jolly's off on someone else, I am not into demons. The deal is done, not get out of here Crowley, you've done enough damage for a life time." Dean spat out angrily.

"Oh this is far from over, I'll be seeing you soon pretty boy, we have many things to do together, much more important things then just Dean's soul. Goodbye Winchesters, oh and Dean, you have one month left until your soul goes bye, bye. The time does not start over; it stays the same as the original time you made the pack. Say goodbye to your loved ones, cause the place in hell that is waiting for you...well, let's just say, there isn't a horror movie out there that could give you a glimpse into what's in store for you. To bad really, you Winchesters are so interesting, I would keep you around for the shits and giggles of it all. Goodbye for now Winchesters, and do not forget Brody, I have major plans for you; we are going to rock this world, and bring in a new order. Till we meet again, TA, TA..." Crowley said disappearing.

Sam finally let me go, I could feel the blood running down my back, the pain threatening to tare me apart, but the pain in my heart, the pain in my soul was more than anything physical.

I pushed myself up with all my might, struggling the whole time. When I finally got to my feet, I looked from Sam, to Dean, the pain in my eyes were so tangible you could taste it. I turned and began walking away.

"Brody, where are you going? Brody, we need to talk about this, Brody come back." Dean shouted.

I did not turn around; nothing could make me turn around. I could not look at either of them, not then...maybe...not ever...

They continued to shout for me, and finally came running after to me, stopping me from moving any further.

"I have nothing to say to either of you, nothing!" I said not looking at them.

"Brody, your not being fair, this wasn't a deal you should have ever made. I made the deal, it was mine to fulfill, never yours. I am sorry Brody, I know you meant well, I`d never forget what you did for me, but I was never going to let you be the one. Ruben and the rest of us already had plans on how to stop this, Crowley just made it easier. So let's go back to the Road House, clean your back up, and rest till we figure out our next move, and what Crowley meant by what he was saying." Dean explained.

"I'm done talking, nobody listens to this 'kid' anyways. I am tired of this all, I am tired of everything, and I am not going to stand around and watch you die in a month. I'm out of here, for good!" I said.

"Brody be reasonable!" Sam said.

However, before either of them knew it, before I even know what I was doing, I had willed myself out of there. I found myself in the middle of the Road House, with Ellen, Bobby, Jo and Andy staring in shock, before I passed out on the floor in the center of them.





An abandon Church-


"You are so lucky this worked, had Brody's full powers been released, all our plans would have been for naught." Ruben said.

"Don't you dare lecture me, my plan was worth more than that small brain of yours could possibly think of. Without Brody learning more and more about his powers, how well do you think the end game will be achieved? Dean was always going to be the one going to hell, I had it all planned out, but now, now we have a loose canon on our hands, Crowley!" Lilith shot back.

"Slow your roll, both of you. Everything worked out just as planned, Crowley is nothing more than a fly needing to be swatted. Crowley helped us out, without even realizing it. The boys are now at each other's throat, and I know Brody, Brody is going to run off on his own. It is time for me to send in my son. Brody needs a new friend, a friend that can control him, manipulate him, and have him eating out of the palms of his hands. Right now, Dean has more control over Brody than we had ever expected that all changes now. Tom!? Get in here now!" Azazel shouted.

Appearing out of thin air, in a cloud of smoke is a naked man. Standing at 6'3, 225 pounds of pure muscles, washboard abs, blond hair hanging past his lower ears, and the bluest eyes you've ever seen, with an ass made to be eaten, stood in the middle of the evaporating smoke.

"And just who the hell is this? Not that I'm not saying he's hotter than a piece of hot fudge..." Lilith licked her lips.

"This is my son Tom, and he's here to turn the tides in our favor." Azazel said.

"Just, how do you expect that to happen? The Winchesters can smell a demon a mile away, and they've already killed your son once, what makes you think they won't know who he is, and won't kill him... again?" Ruben asked.

"Well first off, he's 100% human, with a bunch of powers that I've bestowed on him. Secondly, this is not the same Tom they once killed; this is Tom Jr., the son of my dead son. He wants his revenge on the Winchesters just as much as I do." Azazel said.

"They killed my father, and I will make them pay for his death. My granddad, who I refer to as father, has bestowed on me everything needed to take down the Winchesters, and I will take them down one by one." Tom said.

"Okay, hold up a second, take them down how? We need Sam alive and well in order for our plan to work. We need Brody to learn and release his powers so he's ready for the final step of the plan, and Dean is already marked for death in a month's time?" Ruben said.

"Ruben, you'll give yourself wrinkles worrying so much. Dean will suffer his last month in torment, before our Hell Hounds tare him apart, and take him to our special place in hell where he will suffer ultimately. As for Sam and Brody nothings changed there, Ruben you're responsible for Sam, as you've seem to have him under your control, somehow...Brody on the other hand, needs TJ here to turn him away from the brothers, and open the doors to his powers, with TJ being in full control of him. Simple really." Azazel smiled.

"What makes you think Brody will blindly follow TJ, instead of Sam or Dean?" Ruben asked.

"Because one of my special gifts is the Pheromones I release, nobody can resist me. Look at the way the two of you are drooling over me, as you stare at me from head to toe!" TJ smiled to himself.

Both Ruben and Lilith looked at each other, and then turned red as they realized they were both staring at him. Checking him up and down, even his long flaccid cock hung 8 inches with low hanging balls.

Azazel snapped his fingers, and clothes appeared on TJ, covering his beautiful body.

"You better know what you're doing, if this thing falls apart than I swear I will make hell far worse than the nightmare it is really meant to be. I swear old yellow eyes; I will eat out your brains and have your balls for desert if your plan fails in the least." Lilith threatened.

"Don't worry your pretty little head, I freed you didn't I, I've been working this plan since the 70's, nothing can go wrong. Now, we've been here to long, TJ you know what to do, get to it son, and make me proud." Azazel grabbed TJ's shoulders and looked him in the eyes.

"I will not fail you father, I will have Brody eating out of the palms of my hands." TJ gloated.


The Road House-


"He's been thrashing for hours now, maybe we should wake him up?" Ellen said, her voice filled with concern.

"He used way to much power, powers we didn't even know he had, his body is just adjusting itself. Let the kid sleep, it will be better for him." Bobby said.

"What about them two, they've been sleeping on those chairs all night, should we not wake them up?" she asked.

"No, no, they won't leave his side if we paid them to. They'll stay there awake, or asleep until Brody wakes up." Bobby said, looking at Sam and Dean sleeping in chairs next to Brody's bed.

"How much more can these boys take, before it becomes way too much?" Ellen asked.

"Their Winchesters, they can handle anything that's thrown at them as long as they stick together." Bobby answered.

"Right, cause we don't know the hell their headed towards! The fact that when they find out they are brothers, that Brody is not just some stranger, like that will just go over like icing on cake. When they find out what they are headed into, the release of Lucifer himself at the hands of one of them. No, I don't think they're in over their heads." Ellen said sarcastically.

"Ellen, we've been entrusted with secrets, and the lives of these boys, and I'll be damned if we fail in that trust. We will help them through, we will prepare them, and we will keep them together no matter what. There is only one-way for this to end well, and that is for the three of them to stand together and face this head on. They were born for this, they will make it, and we'll be there to make sure they do." Bobby tried to reassure her.

"I hope your right Bobby Singer, because I'd hate to face their parents when we die." Ellen shook her head.



Inside Brody's head-


"Mom, dad, where are you, I can hear you but I can't see you, please I need you badly." I shouted into the darkness.

A small light appeared, and two shadows came walking towards me.

"Mom? Dad? Is that you, is it really you?" I hoped.

"Yes baby, it's us, it's really us." Mary said hugging me tightly. My dad grabbing me and hugging me to.

"What's happening to me, what are these powers inside me, I'm terrified." I said.

"Brody, you have to be have to be strong for what's coming, for what's ahead. Your powers are not your enemy, you must embrace them, you must accept them, make them apart of you. You have to be strong, or you won't be able to stop what's to come." my father said.

"These powers are evil, they're destructive, and what if I had lost control of them and hurt Dean or Sam? I can't handle these powers, I don't want them, and can't you take them away?" I begged.

"Honey, you'll never hurt your bro...Dean and Sam, its impossible. You love them too much to hurt them, just as they love you." my mother said wrapping her arms around me.

"If I'd never hurt them, how did I manage to let Crowley get Dean's soul back, he's going to die a horrible death in a month, all to keep me from taking his place. Tell me how that isn't hurting the ones I love, the ones I love more than anything?" I demanded angrily.

"Son, you don't understand, it was meant to be Dean, and it was he who made the deal to save Sam. That is not your responsibility; Dean knew what he was doing. He did what I taught him to do, what I did for him. I saved his soul; I gave up mine to give him another chance. Son, one of the most important things I can tell you is, sometimes things have to go wrong in order to go right." my dad explained.

"Thanks, cryptic is just what I was looking for right now. I am speaking to ghosts of my parents, I have powers I cannot even comprehend, the devil wants me, and Dean just sold his soul, to save mine. Moreover, all you can say is `a sometimes thing have to go wrong in order to go right.' I think I've lost it, I think I've gone insane, this isn't my life, this just can't be my life." I spoke more to myself than to anyone in particular.

"Crowley has plans, plans that include you boys, I know what you think might happen, but it's all going to work out differently than expected. You have to be strong Brody, you have to trust in yourself." my dad said.

"Easy for you to say, you don't have the devils powers running through your body. I do not know if I can do this, I do not even want any of this. I want to be the boy on my family farm, waking up early and doing my chores. I don't want to know this world of demons, devils, a joke...I hate my life, I hate all of this." I cried.

"My baby, we don't get to choose the life we're born into. God knows I never wanted this life for my children, but life seldom works out how we want it too. Please believe me, as long as you boys stick together the road ahead will be bearable, if you separate you will struggle worse than you could possibly imagine." my mom said.

"Children? I don't understand, do I have siblings? Do you have other kids, what are you saying?" I demanded.

Then they started to fade away. They both hugged me quickly, as they continued fading.

"No please, answer me, what were you talking about, do I have family? Please, tell me, MOM! DAD!" I begged.

But before I knew, they were gone.

"Be strong Brody, and you boys will succeed, I promise you. We love you, remember, we love you." they said as they faded.


The Road House-


"Mom, Dad! NO! Please, please, come back, please answer me! Please Mom, Dad, please!" I cried. Not realizing I was waking up from dreamland.

"Please Mom, Please Dad! Tell me how to save Dean, I have to save him...I'm begging you tell me how to save Dean!" I shouted, still thrashing in my bed.

"It's okay Brody, I'm right here. I'm fine; it's just a bad dream, that's all." Dean said, holding my face in his hands.

I opened my eyes to find Dean staring at me, with Sam, Ellen and Bobby looking worried behind him.

How the hell did I get back to the Road House? My back was not stinging at all; it is as if the cuts from the Hell Hounds had never happened. Was it all just in my head, was it all just a dream?

"How did I get here, and what happened to my back?" I asked.

"We don't know how you got here; you sort of just appeared in the middle of the bar and gave us all a heart attack." Bobby answered.

Dean turned me over to get a look at my back, he lifted up one of the bandages to find my back had been completely healed.

"Your back is healed;'s as if nothing ever happened." Dean voice and face was filled with shock.

"Mom and Dad, they must have healed it. I saw them again, and when they hugged me I felt something happening to my back, it had to have been them that healed me." I said.

"Thank heavens for that, those cuts looked something fierce." Ellen said.

"So was it just a dream, or did you really trade your soul for mine Dean?" I demanded.

He looked away from me for a moment, and I had my answer. I grabbed his hands off my face and moved to get off the bed.

"Wait Brody, don't you understand I had to do it, it was my soul they were supposed to take originally, not yours." Dean said.

I got out of bed to find myself standing there in my underwear, if my face was not red from being angry, it was certainly red from embarrassment now.

"Seriously!! My underwear? Does everyone have to know what I look like naked?" I said bitterly, as I looked for my clothes.

"Sorry kid, but we had to get to your wounds, and they ran all the way down your backside." Bobby said.

I grabbed a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, and dressed in a rush.

"What are you doing, Brody?" Sam asked.

"Getting dressed, and getting out of here, if anyone has a problem with that too bad, I don't want to hear it." I said angrily.

"Brody, we've already talked about this, we're stronger together. Every time you've run off, you've found yourself in more trouble than the satisfaction of running off angrily." Dean said.

"I don't want to hear anything from you, you've done enough already, you've said enough. I do not care to listen to anything else you have to say, I do not care to hear from anyone. Everyone, including my parents all say the same three have to stick together...sometimes things need to go wrong in order to go right...Like what the hell does that even mean??? Actually, I do not care to know what it means, whose dead parents comes to them in dreams and talk to them. Whose dead parents keep coming to visit them in dreams and leaving them with cryptic messages, before they disappear? I'm just a crazy person, who has come across a whole group of crazy people, none of this is real, this cannot be my life...Devils, demons, powers, two crazy brothers that seem to have a death wish. Color me crazy, and lock me up in a loony bin, because I think I've hit the jackpot of craziness." I said, putting on my shoes and walking out of the bedroom door.

"Brody, come back here. Look, I was never going to let them take your soul. One way or another I was going to find a way to trade mine for yours, there is no way I was going to let you die in my place. Why can't you just understand that?" Dean shouted as they all followed me down stairs.

"Listen the voices are back again, their saying all kinds of crazy things. Talking about souls, and dying in one another's places." I said sarcastically.

I should really turn around grab him, kiss him, and tell him I could not take it if he died. That he has become the most important thing to me, both him and Sam. How can he be so calm about dying, about going to hell? Damn it how can he be so calm about leaving me, don't I mean anything to him? Doesn't he care at all, about Sam either? Leaving us, leaving me.

"Brody, enough with the dramatics! You are not crazy; we are not voices in your head. This is all really happening, and like always, we will figure a way out of it. We just need to keep our heads together; we will come up with a plan. I promise!" Dean said.

"I'm not a kid, and up until however many months ago, I didn't know any of you. Therefore, the way I see it, you cannot stop me from leaving, unless you plan to kidnap me. And if I'm not crazy, then my powers are real, and I'd like to see any of you stop me from walking out of here right now!" I said, knowing I would never hurt any of them.

"Seriously, do you hear yourself Brody? This is not you talking, your just angry right now. Just calm down, we'll sit down and talk about this and we'll come up with something." Sam said.

Before anyone could say another word, I had pictured the parking lot in my mind and the next thing I knew I was standing in the center of the parking lot.

"I think I'm going to love this new power!" I smiled to myself.

I started walking out of the parking lot and heading towards the main street, not exactly sure where I was going but it still felt good to...I don't know...zap myself out of the Roadhouse.

Walking in to town, I hear someone yelling for help. I look and see this beautiful boy being chased by demons, with no time to waste I run in his direction. Holding out my hand, I create an invisible wall, hoping to stop the demons, but they continued chasing after him, oblivious to the wall I erected.

There is only one thing to do, run head long into the face of danger, again, and help the guy.

No time to waste thinking about it, I run straight for him, and as I pass him, I flip up into the air bringing my feet down upon the two demons running after him. I kick off their chests and flip backwards as they are sent flying back. I land on my feet, pulling out my special blade bringing it quickly down into one of the demons chest, and quickly spinning around and stabbing the second.

"How did you do that, how were you able to kill them?" the guy said walking up behind me. I quickly spun around, blade still at the ready..

"Why where they chasing after you?" I asked.

"Whoa...hey, why you pointing that thing at me?" he asked, taking a step back.

"I've been tricked, lied to, one to many times to just accept you as a helpless victim. So I ask again, why were they chasing after you?" I asked again, while he looked at me with a look of confusion on his face. Whether it was for what I did to the demons, or asking the questions I could not be sure.

"I don't know who you are, or why you helped me but I don't have to hang around here while you point that blade at me. Deal with your issues before you decide to help somebody else!" he said turning around and walking away.

I should have let him go...hell everything in me was screaming `just let him go'...but I could not.

"Wait...I'm sorry. I know I must seem crazy to you, but if you knew what I have been through in the last few months, you would understand. So why don't we just start over again, hi, my name is Brody." I said extending my right hand.

He eyed me for a moment, before shaking my hand.

"I'm TJ, and thanks for saving my life Brody." he said, still holding my hand in a firm hold.

"So, TJ, would you mind telling me why two demons were chasing after you?" I asked, pulling my hand back.

"They killed my father years ago, and it's been my mother and me ever since. We have been on the run, moving city-to-city, changing names, never staying in any one place long enough for it to matter. What must be the head demon, my mom use to call him Yellow Eyes, has been sending his minions after us trying to get to me. I guess a long time ago, my mom made a deal with him in order to save my father's life, and when I turned 18, he came to collect. However, my mother could not go through with it, so my father, she and I started running. They caught my father, two years ago, and just last month they got my mom. Before she died, she told me to keep running, do not stop, do not trust anyone, and find the Winchester boys, that they would be able to help me. I was on my way to a place called the Road House, where they have been known to be. That is when this group of demons caught up with me, and you killed them. Now we've come full circle, so what's your story?" he explained.

I tried gauging the validity of his words, through his expressions, and though something felt off, the fact that he lost both his parents struck a cord within me, losing my own parents was bound to do that to a person.

"Yellow Eyes killed my parents, and I've been with the Winchester boys ever since. Do you know why he's after you, what Yellow Eyes wants from you?" I asked, already knowing the answer, but wanting to see if he would be truthful.

"Trust works both ways Brody, and as suspicious as you are of me, remember that I to am suspicious of you. My father was slaughtered before my eyes, by to of the vilest men I have ever seen. What they did to him, gives my nightmares to this day. I swore vengeance on the two that killed my father, and nothing or no one will ever stand in the way of fulfilling it. My mother made a deal, not knowing what Yellow Eyes was going to do to me, but in the end she found out, he drained some of his own blood into me, and know I have a certain ability because of it. If he did the same to you, than you know what I am talking about. If you were sent to the Winchester brothers than you know that is the safest place to be, they are protecting you, and my mother told me that they would protect me. I'm going to go to the Road House, and see if they will." he said, turning around and starting to walk again.

I was not ready to face Dean and Sam, but under the circumstance, I had no choice. Either way, in the end Dean was right, every time I take off, trouble always finds me. I have now met the second child of trouble, time to see if TJ is the third. Trouble sires three children; please do not let TJ be the third child.


End Chapter

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