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Supernatural Boys

Chapter 3- Ghosts, Bobby, and Demons, Oh My!


Previously on Supernatural Boys-

I heard him scream, and began running towards the sound of his voice. I crept into the lit room, and saw a bloody beat up Dean Winchester.

"I'm not impressed!" Dean said.

"No? We'll, I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve. You always seem to be thinking with your dick, as any other human male. That's what got you into trouble in the first place, let's see what happens if I take care of your manhood!" Meg said, excitement gleaming in her eyes.

I could see the panic in Dean's eyes now, that was one thing I'm sure he didn't want her to break. I needed to move, and I needed to move now.

I figured a head on approach was the best solution. Hit her like a mach truck, send her flying, get Dean out of there.

I took off running, and headed straight at her, as soon as I collided with her, instead of her being sent flying, I found myself lifted into the air by my neck.

She was holding me up, as if I was a feather.

"We'll what do we have here?" Meg asked.

"Leave him alone, this is between you and me!" Dean shouted.

"Ahh, but things just got a whole lot interesting." Meg said.

"I swear to you, if you harm one hair on his head, your going to wish you'd killed me already." Dean shouted.

"Will just have to see about that!" Meg answered.

This is the point where I piss my pants, she was strong, Dean was chained up, and I had no idea how I was going to get out of this.

And Now-

"What's so special about this boy, Dean?" Meg asked.

"Apparently a lot, just ask your father." Dean said, trying to buy time.

"My father, huh! We'll to bad for daddy, I got to the kid first!" Meg said, squeezing my throat tighter. It was at that point, that I remembered I had Ruben's knife. I began struggling, to take away from Meg noticing what I was doing.

"You don't want to hurt him Meg, it's not only your father who wants him, it's also Lilith. She won't care that you have Daddy issues, if you kill Brody, she'll be sure to make life a living hell for you." Dean tried to convince her, but she didn't look to be buying it.

"My father didn't avenge my death, or my brothers. Your family has been a thorn in our side for far to long now, it's time for some pay back. I'll start with him, before I move on to the main event. Who knew revenge could be this sweet, and I just won the lotto with this kid coming in, now I get to watch you squirm while I kill him. Knowing there is nothing you can do to save him, say goodbye Dean." Meg began to laugh.

"NOOOO, BRODY!!!" Dean shouted.

I moved my hand behind my back, and pulled the knife out, I stabbed it right into her chest. She began screaming, a light emanating from her chest, where the knife stabbed into her, and then black smoke began to shoot out of her mouth. I fell to the ground, as the body of the girl Meg took over fell to the floor, dead.

I began rubbing my neck, and coughing, gasping for air. She sure had a grip, when suddenly Sam and Ruben came running in.

"Oh my God, Dean, Brody, what the hell happened?" Sam asked.

"Where the hell where you, and what the hell is Brody doing here alone?" Dean demanded angrily.

"Hold on, wait a second Dean, it's not Sam's fault. I had a dream you were in trouble, and I had to be sure you were okay. So I snuck out, while Sam, and Ruben were talking." I lied, but I didn't want Sam to get into trouble. It was the least I could, after Sam took such good care of me.

"Wait, what do you mean you had a dream I was in trouble?" Dean asked.

Oh great, I didn't think about having to answer that part of the question. Would I sound like a crazy person? Would I make a fool of myself? I walked over to Dean, and grabbed one of the chains and pulled ripping it out of the wall. I then did the same with the other chain, buying myself time to think of an answer.

"Dean, I can rip chain's out of a wall, do you really have to ask?" I tried to sound convincing, hoping he bought it.

"Nice try Brody, but really, did you have a vision?" Dean asked.

"I don't know what it was, I had a dream, saw you here at this warehouse, being tortured by the whore, who I told you I had a bad feeling about. But no, you didn't want to listen, you just wanted to get your rocks off, and look where that got you!" I only meant to answer his question, I didn't know I was going to go off on a rant.

"Quit trying to change the subject, Brody! Ruben what does it mean that he has visions? Is that one of his powers? How many powers does he have?" Dean demanded.

"I don't know Dean! Sam has psychic abilities, so it's very possible Brody does too. Either way, don't start yelling at everyone, cause you can't keep your dick in your wants!" Ruben said nastily.

I started laughing, I think it was a nervous laugh, but I wasn't sure. I knew I had enough drama to last me a long time already, I didn't want Dean to start fighting with Ruben again.

"What's so funny?" Dean demanded.

"I'm sorry, it's just so funny, all of this, it's really hysterical..." I couldn't stop laughing.

"I think he's losing it!" Ruben said.

"Brody, are you okay?" Sam asked.

"I'm fine, I promise. I just can't believe this is my life now, one second I'm growing up on a farm, milking cows, and now I'm dreaming of some chick getting revenge on Dean. Superpowers, Demons, visions, brothers, this is seriously sci-fi craziness. How could anyone not laugh, at all of this?" I said, after which they all started laughing.

"So what happened here?" Sam asked.

"We'll it turns out the hot chick from the bar, was none other than Meg!" Dean answered.

"Meg? As in Azazel's daughter?" Sam asked, shocked.

"Yes, she came back from hell, to get revenge, and if it wasn't for Brody, I'd be dead right now. He came in here, charging at her, then stabbed her with Ruben's knife, sending her back to hell, where she belongs. So thanks Brody, but I'd still like to know how Brody snuck out, with both of you there?" Dean asked. I looked at Sam, with pleading eyes. I didn't want him to say he wasn't there, I really didn't want them to fight. I grabbed Dean's hands roughly, and broke shackles apart, freeing his wrists.

"Dean, I fall asleep, while they were talking. I had the dream, and I didn't want to look like a crazy person, so I said I was going to the bathroom, and I jumped out the window. Can we drop it now, I'd really like to get back to the hotel if you don't mind, I'm really tired after all this excitement. Your sex life is warring me out!" I said giving me a nasty look.

"Find, let's get back to the hotel room, unless there is anything you want to say Ruben?" Dean asked.

"No, I'm good, I'm headed out anyway. Take care Brody, and I'll see you later." Ruben said, giving Sam a look, and walking out.

Dean started walking out behind him, leaving Sam and me at the rear.

"Thanks Brody, but you didn't have to lie for me, I know how uncomfortable that was for you." Sam whispered.

"Sam, you took care of me, made me feel safe, something I was beginning to think I was going to feel again. I don't mind returning the favor. So you want to tell me where you really were?" I asked, curious.

"'ll...I was in the parking lot of the, with Ruben." Sam stammered. His nervousness told me there was something far more going on in the parking lot, then just talking.

"Talking huh? Do you always go all red in the face, over talking with someone?" I teased.

"How much do you really want to know? How deep do you want to go with us Winchester boys?" Sam asked.

I thought about it, for half a second of course, cause I already knew the answer. I wanted to go as deep as the rabbit hole was going to take me, with the Winchester boys.

"I want to know it all Sam, as deep as I can go. I feel a connection with the two of you, I don't know what that connection is, but I'd like to find out." I answered, and he smiled at me.

"When he came to the room, and I opened the door, he saw you laying there in only a towel. He thought we had, you know...done it, and we'll he got really jealous, which is a sexy look on him. Obviously I'm gay, and so is he, getting that out of the way. He said he wanted to talk, so I followed him to the car, and we'll he wound up giving me a blow job. I'm sorry I left you, I shouldn't have, but I got caught up in the moment with him. I should have stayed with you, then you wouldn't have ran off half cocked to rescue Dean alone." Sam explained, although I knew there was more to the story then he was letting on, none the less, my mouth hung open at the information he did give.

Sam was gay, one of the two hottest brothers I've ever seen is Gay! But if Sam was gay, then there was no chance that Dean could be gay, but I already knew the answer to that, hello, he was going to have with that demon!

"I can't believe your gay! That's just crazy, pinch me cause I think I'm dreaming." I said.

"But your dreams come true!" Sam said laughingly.

"Not all of them. But, wow, I can't believe this, I'm finally meeting another gay guy, or at least one who isn't a weirdo. This is unreal, I thought I`d live the rest of my life, never meeting another gay guy. I mean, it`s like I was going to tell Ma, or Pa, about me being gay. I mean what would Pa think? I can hear him now, I didn`t raise no sissy boy, I will not stand for this kind of malarkey in my house. But now, meeting you, and finding out your gay, I can know what it's like, to finally have a friend, who get's it." I babbled on and on.

"Ha, ha, ha... you get excited easily don't you? You're acting like you just won the lottery, or something." Sam laughed.

"I feel like I just did, you don't know what it's been like...We'll actually, you probably do. It's just been so lonely, I've been so lonely. All these feelings, and no one to talk to about it. It's been so confusing, and hard. Like this whole side of me, I didn't understand, or know how to understand. A side I always had to hide, afraid of what my parents would think, what anyone would think.

Never meeting anyone, having to always settle for my right hand, and lube. Rather than the feel of another man, did I say how lonely it's really been?" once again I rambled on, and on to Sam, finding it easier and easier to let my guard down with him.

"We'll Brody, that's all about to change, you have me now. I'm here for you, you can talk to me about anything, you can ask me anything. I'll help you any way I can, you can trust me." Sam said sincerely.

"I think I already do trust you, I just said things to you, I've never said to anyone in my whole life. I don't know what it is, and I don't care, but I feel like I can tell you anything, and you don't know how amazing that feels. Thank you Sam, with all my heart, thank you!" I said hugging him. I didn't realize Dean had walked back toward us, and was listening. How much did he hear? Would he be okay with me being gay? Did he know Sam was?

"If you ladies are finished, can we get back to the hotel now. I feel dirty after that bitch had her way with me, I need a shower!" Dean said.

We walked to the car, and drove back to the hotel. Dean took a shower, while Sam, and I laid down on a bed together. I laid there staring at the ceiling, not saying a word. I was so filled with different emotions...Sadness, relief, happiness, fear, longing, comfort, scared, uncertainty, and many others. It was Sam who finally spoke, which I didn't mind, I was hoping to stay awake and catch a glimpse of Dean coming out of the bathroom, sad I know, it was a hopeless desire, but what's a horny boy to do?

"Are you okay?" Sam asked.

"Would it be so wrong for me to say I'm happy, after everything that's happened?" I really needed to know, he turned over on his side and looked at me, then took his hand, and moved my hair from my face.

"No Brody, there is nothing wrong with that. To find relief, for things that have weighed you down for so long. I'm glad that you can find relief, especially after everything you've been through. Has anyone ever told you, how amazingly beautiful your green eyes are? It`s like they glow!" he said smiling.

"Not unless you count my parents, but even they hadn't put it so sweetly." I smiled, turning red the whole time.

We heard the shower turn off, and knew Dean was going to be coming out. Sam turned over on his back, as Dean came walking out, unfortunately he had a towel around his waist. He smiled at me, winked and walked over to his bed.

"You guy's comfortable on that bed? Cause I know, I`m going to be sleeping like a baby on mine, all alone." Dean asked sarcastically.

"Alone being the operative word Dean! That's twice tonight, that you struck out! But that's okay, you can hug your pillow, for comfort!" I shot back at him. Dean laughed at me, I'm sure it wasn't with me. I could feel the bed shake a little, as Sam silently giggled.

I turned over and looked at Dean once last time, only to find him dropping his towel, revealing a beautifully tight bubble butt, that only left my mouth watering. He bent down, and I could see a pair of low hanging balls dangling, tantalizingly between his legs.

My cock instantly went hard, my pulse began to race. I knew I should look away, but I couldn't resist, I was transfixed on Dean. He turned his head around, and saw me staring, a dark smirk forming on his face. It was then that I realized, that he had preformed that little show, purposely. That made my blood boil, for two reasons, one, he had heard Sam, and I talking, and two, he was using that information to toy with me.


I turned over in my bed, beat my pillow a couple of times, and tried to go to bed.






I finally gave up trying to sleep, and went into the bathroom to take a cold shower, brush my teeth, and put on some clothes. I walked to the door, and opened it, about to walk out.

"Where do you think your going?" Dean called from behind me.

"To get some fresh air. Do you have a problem with that?" I asked, annoyed.

"Yes, I do. It's not safe for you to be alone, out there. What time is it, anyway?" Dean asked, groggily.

"Argh! It's after 7 in the morning. Look, I'm not going far, I'm just outside the door. I'll screaming really loudly, if someone tried to kill me." I said darkly.

"What the hell are you up at 7 in the morning for?" he asked.

"I'm a farm boy! I'm up at 5am everyday, just go back to bed. I'll be fine Dean!"

"Right in front of the door, not a step further." Dean ordered.

I closed the door, and took a giant breath of relief. I needed some time away from Dean, I didn't understand these feelings I'm having for him, and I didn't like them either. It was useless, pointless even, Sam was the gay one, not Dean. Now Dean knows about me, and he seems to be the type of person to get off using that kind of information, for his own personal amusement.

I need to get these feelings out of me, take them and throw the out the window.

I was pacing back and forth in front of the door, not know what the hell I was doing, when a man suddenly appeared in front of me.

", sorry, I wasn't paying attention where I was walking." I said nervously, hoping this wasn't a bad guy.

"Hello Brody, I've waited a long time to meet you." the man said, smiling at me.

"Wh-who are you? Ho-how do you know my name?" I asked, backing away.

"Don't be scared, I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to help you, and I only have a little bit of time. God you look just like your mother, her eye's glowed the way yours do." he began.

"My mother? You knew her? Who were my parents, what were their names?" I begged.

"Whoa buddy, slow down. First thing first, we need to talk business. There are dark times ahead, and you need to be ready. You've already made the right first step, you trust the boys in that room. Smart man! They're good, good to the core, and they will have your back no matter what.

But you need to know something's, some of which I can't tell you. Things that you need to find out, by asking them. The boys are going to need you, just as much as you need them." he further explained.

"I'm not understanding you! What do I need to ask them, what's going to happen to them? Is it Dean, or Sam? Is one of them going to die? Your scaring me, and you never even said who you are! Or how you know anything." I said angrily.

"Brody, like I said, there are things I'm not permitted to say. I'm only allowed to give you some guidance." he answered cryptically.

"By who? Who sent you?" I demanded.

"A higher power, someone that wants you boys to succeed. Your dealing with good, and evil now Brody. The evil is real out there, and the three of you are right smack dab in the middle of it. You've got to talk to the boys, and you need to know what's going to happen, in six months.

But that's not all, you also need to get Sam to talk to you about...his...nocturnal activities. He's heading down a dark road, and has no idea where that's going to lead him. He's being played, and he doesn't even realize it. He plays a bigger part in the apocalypse, then he even realizes.

So do you, if you aren't prepared..." he couldn't finish his sentence, so I did it for him.

"I'll die?"

"Brody, I can't have that. You can't die. You have to fight this, you to fight everything that's thrown at you. Being sent away, to keep you safe, it was the hardest thing..." he stopped again, which only drove me insane.

"The hardest thing? What?" I asked angrily.

"That doesn't matter, it's in the past. You need to worry about the present, and the future. A few more things, Ruben did things to protect you, acting out of loyalty. But...that loyalty only stands for you, it doesn't hold for Dean, and Sam. You need to watch Sam's back, he won't listen to Dean on the matter, so it's up to you.

When you go to meet Bobby later, he's going to attack you, be ready for it. When he see's you, he's going to be seeing a ghost, so forgive him, he reacts without thinking sometimes. He's very trustworthy, you can count on him. But you need to say something to him, something only he'll understand. Tell him, the wind chimes blew on a stormy night, leaving broken hearts and devastation in it's path." the man said cryptically.

"Cryptic much!?" I said staring at him like he was crazy.

"Sorry, but he'll understand, and he needs to know. I have one last thing for you, it has sentimental value." as he spoke he held out his hands, and a guitar appeared out of thin air. I gasped in shock, and stepped back further.

"Don't be scared, it rightfully belongs to you. I know you love to play, and you didn't bring yours with you. This one has been in your family for a really, really long time. Brody, I can't tell you how much respect I have for you, and how proud of the young man you have become. Your destined to do amazing things, you'll never be ordinary, but I can promise you, you'll be extraordinary!" he was filled with such passion when he spoke to me, and his words blew me away. No one had ever spoke like that to me before, and his words sent shivers up and down my spine. How did he know me so well, and sound like he'd been watching me my whole life. He sounded like he truly cared about me, like I meant something important to him.

Why? Who was he?

"Your speaking to me, like you know me, like you've known me my whole life. Your speaking to me like you love you're my father. Is that the case? Are you my real father? Please tell me, I have to know!" I begged.

"Brody, I'm..." he began, but the door opened behind me.

"Who are you talking to?" Dean asked. I turned from Dean back to the man, and he was gone. I looked to the left, and to the right, but he was no where to be seen.

"Nobody, I guess I was talking to myself." I sounded as confused as I looked.

"Where did you get the guitar?" Dean asked.

"Oh, um, it's a family heirloom." Or at least I think it is, but I wasn't going to say where I really got it from. He didn't say, but I'm assuming I wasn't supposed to say anything about the conversation I just had, with a disappearing man.

"So, are you guys almost ready?" I asked, hoping the change in conversation, would stop the questioning.

"Yeah, we're getting our stuff together now, you'd better hurry up kid." Dean said, turning around and walking back into the room.

We collected our belongings, with little to no conversation at all. We made our way to the car, and began the journey to meet Bobby.

A few hours later, we arrived at auto salvage yard, in South Dakota.

I was starting to get nervous, remembering that the mystery man said, Bobby was going to attack me when we first meet.

Dean, parked the car, honking his horn, signaling our arrival. A man came walking out to meet us, I assumed it was Bobby. He was wearing a truckers hat, and a flannel shirt and jeans.

My heart fell, my palms began to sweat. But the mystery man said Bobby was a good man, trustworthy, could he really be as bad as he looks?

"Dean, Sam! How the hell have you guys been?" Bobby said, hugging Dean, then Sam. I was just a little jealous, but I shook it off, need to get my head in the game. I could feel him looking at me, I kept my head down, my hair covering my face.

Okay, here goes nothing.

"Bobby, this is Brody. Brody this is the famous hunter, Bobby!" Sam said.

I raised my head, and ran my fingers nervously through my hair, pushing it out of my face.

"Hi!" I said, but he stood in shock, staring at me. His mouth hanging open, once again it was the same look Dean gave me, the first time he laid eyes on me. Only, Bobby's ears turned red, his eyes becoming wide, his hands began to tremble.

"What in the Sam Hell is this? What kind of demon are you?" he shouted, as he rushed me. I fell backward onto the ground, but I grabbed him by the collar, while raising my legs, sending him flying over me, landing on his back.

Sam, and Dean came running over to us, Sam helping me up, while Dean grabbed Bobby.

"What the hell is wrong with you Bobby, what the hell did you do that for?" Dean demanded.

"Who are you?" Bobby asked angrily, his nostrils flaring.

"Bobby, why are you so angry?" Sam asked.

"The wind chimes blew on a stormy night, leaving broken hearts and devastation in it's path." I finally said, hoping the mystery man wasn't playing me. Sam and Dean stared at me confused. But Bobby's expression changed, his eyes grew sorrowful, his hands falling limply to his side, he took a deep breath of shock.

"What does that mean?" Sam asked.

"Sorry, it's something I say when I'm nervous." I lied, thinking it would be better for Bobby to say something, if it meant anything to him, rather than I.

"Then why is this the first time I'm hearing you say it?" Dean demanded.

"Dean, why you giving him such a hard time. I'd be nervous too, if someone attacked me the first time we met. So Bobby, you want to tell us, what that's all about?" Sam defended me again, and I was grateful. Bobby on the other hand was still staring at me, a pain filling his whole being. I wanted to reach out to him, to comfort him. For the pain I saw in his eyes, told me he knew my true story. The story of my real parents, and how, and why they had to give me up. I wanted to ask him, I wanted answers, but I knew that now wasn't the time.

"Hello, earth to Bobby! What's up with you man?" Dean said, waving a hand in Bobby's face.

"Oh...I'm's just this case I'm working on, it's got me all wound up, I'm seeing ghosts where there are none. Look, Brody, I'm sorry, I'm really, truly, sorry." his sincerity was overwhelming, more so because he was saying his sorry for my past, and not for attacking me right now. I could feel it in my bones, Bobby had the answers I needed, the answers I wanted.

"Anything we can help you with?" Sam asked.

"No, no, I've got this one. So you want to tell me what this visit is really all about, or am I suppose to guess?" Bobby asked, still not able to look away from me.

Dean, and Sam filled him in on everything that's taken place, I cringed when they mentioned my parents. Not that I was forgetting, or trying to forget, but information was being flooded into me, my mind was working over time. My emotions reeking havoc, with every breath I took.

"I'm sorry Brody, I know what it's like to be plunged into this life. But you couldn't have asked for two better people, to have your back. The Winchester's are the best kind of people, they'll take really good care of you. Dean, Sam, you have a duty to protect this boy, with your lives. I'll do everything in my power to help you, I'll start researching at once. Something bad is coming, and I'm afraid you guys are smack dab in the middle of it." Bobby said, shaking his head.

"Bobby, I need to talk to you...alone." Dean emphasized the word Alone.

Sam and I walked to the car, leaving Dean and Bobby alone.


"What's going on Dean?" Bobby asked.

"What do you know? What aren't you telling us?" Dean demanded.

"I don't know what your talking about, Dean."

"Bobby, don't bullshit me. You know who he is, you thought he was a demon, or ghost. He looks like mom, doesn't he?" Dean asked angrily.

"Dean, he does remind me of your mother, but anyone with those glowing green eyes would. Dean, it's easy for any of us to long for the loved ones we've lost, we spot them walking down the street, in stores, even in the people we save. It's nothing more than a deep desire, to have our loved ones back, in some way, shape, or form." Bobby explained.

"I don't buy that, I don't buy that at all. The look on your face, the anger you had, as if someone was betraying the memory of your best friends wife. You wanted to beat him to a bloody pulp, but then he said that phrase to you, and your anger disappeared. Sadness over took you, and I want to know why?" Dean demanded, getting in his face.

"I'm not going to lie to you, it threw me for a loop when I saw him. It was like looking into your mothers face, and I just lost it. But when I saw the fear in his eyes, I snapped out of it, that's all there is to it. I made a mistake, I'm just glad I didn't hurt him. The kid sure knows how to protect himself." Bobby hoped he had convinced Dean.

"Then why did you say we need to protect him with our lives, what's that all about. Since when are you willing to throw our lives away, for a perfect stranger?" Dean asked heatedly.

"He's an innocent Dean, and he reminds me of your mother, like I already said. You can't tell me you don't feel protective over him, more than you've ever felt protect of some stranger?" Bobby shot back.

"Your right, I do feel protective over him, and that strikes me as odd. I could say the same thing, that I feel that way because he reminds me of mom. But there is more to it than that, there is a connection between us, something I've only ever felt with Sam. I'm not buying that you don't know anything about him, but I know you, and your not going to say anything, even if I tried to beat it out of you. Your just like dad, two peas in a freaking pod. So keep your secrets, just like he did. I'll find out on my own, just like I always do." Dean said angrily.

"Dean, don't be like that, we've got bigger fish to fry, then fighting with each other. Something bad is coming, and you need to be ready for it." Bobby said.

"I don't have much time Bobby, my days are numbered. You and I both know that, and what am I going to be leaving Sam to deal with, when I'm gone? What trouble am I inviting into my house, letting the kid stay with us?" Dean demanded.

"Hope! That's what your inviting into your house, that kid will be the glue that keeps your family together. Trust me Dean, that's the one real thing I know." Bobby answered.

"You mean, the only thing you'll tell me. If I didn't trust you, I'd bitch slap you. So where do we go for answers, in the mean time?" Dean asked.


"Ellen Harvelle?" Dean asked.

"There's a woman staying at the Roadhouse, she has certain abilities that might help to understand what's coming next. It's time you paid Ellen a visit, she may have answers herself." Bobby answered.

They walked back over to the car.

"I always wanted to play the guitar, but my fingers didn't feel the same way." Sam said, as I played him a tune.

"Pa taught me how to play, when I was just 4 years old. I've never stopped since, it's a part of who I am." I said emotionally.

"So where did you get the guitar from, cause I don't remember you bringing it with us from your house." Sam asked, I gulped. How was I going to explain this?

"Um...Sam, you guy's need to get ready to roll. You have places to be, it was good to see you guys. I will catch up with you soon." Bobby said, covering for me. Which just confirmed that he knew information, that I wanted.

"I'm sorry, Bobby, can I talk to you for a minute?" I asked. Sam, and Dean looked at me suspiciously.

"Stop looking at me like that, I'd just like to reassure him, that you guy's are safe with me. That I'm not a demon, or a crazy person, well maybe a little crazy. But not deranged." they didn't buy it, but they gave us space.

"You probably have a lot of questions for me, but you shouldn't have done that. They're going to be suspicious, or more suspicious then they already are." Bobby started.

"I can't walk away from here, knowing you have answers to things, that I need to know. So are you going to be like the rest of the people holding all the secrets, or are you going to talk?" I demanded.

"Someone came to you today, gave you that guitar, didn't he?" Bobby asked.

"Yes! Was that my father? Was he a ghost? How was he able to give me something, if he was a ghost?" I meant to only ask one question, but the rest just followed.

"That was a ghost you saw today, and I don't know how he was able to give you something. But the powers that be, allowed him to come to you, I don't know why, and I don't know how. I wish I had more answers for you, but I don't." Bobby said, looking away.

"Tell me more, tell me who he was? The way he talked to me, it was like a father talking to his son. Please Bobby, I need to know?" I begged.

"He didn't tell you who he was, that means he has reasons for that. I can't tell you, but I promise you, you will find out in time." I could see in his eyes, that he wanted to tell me more, that it hurt him to deny me what I wanted.

"So you do know who my parents are, can't you tell me anything? How you know them? Did you know me when I was born? What were they like?" tears began welling in my eyes.

"I can answer some of those. Your parents were wonderful people, amazing selfless people. The hardest thing they ever had to do, was give you up, in order to protect you.

You have to know, they never wanted to give you up, your mothers heart broke the day she said goodbye to you. She broke down, cried for days on end. It nearly broke they apart, but she was murdered shortly after.

God, you look like her, not just a little, you're the spitting image of her. Your eyes, there her eyes, when I saw you, I almost lost, I did lose it.

Yes, I knew you, I held you in my arms when you were born. I saw the happiness in your parents eyes, the second they laid eyes on you. I also saw the fear in their eyes, the fear of what was coming for you, the fear of the life they didn't want for you. They did the only thing they could, the only choice they had, which was to send you away, to keep you safe.

I'm sorry, that's all I can tell you about them." I broke down in sobs, hearing what they went through to protect me.

"How did they die? I need to know!"

"You don't know what your asking!" he answered.

"Bobby, I need to know." I said bitterly.

"Azazel! Your mother caught him off guard, he was in the middle of feeding his blood to someone, and she caught him. She tried to stop him, but he had powers, powers enough to send her flying against the ceiling, then blew her up in a ball of fire, that burned down your house. Your father tried to save her, but he was to late, he watched her burn on the ceiling, and got out just in the nick of time.

As for your father, he died saving someone important to him. Azazel was going to kill this kid, and your father made a deal, his life, for the kid. That's all I'm going to tell you, I've already said to much.

I'm really sorry kid, more than you could ever know." his voice cracking as he spoke.

"What were their names Bobby, please, what were their names?" I begged. My sobs could be heard all around, I began hitting his chest. He grabbed onto me, trying to hug me to him.

"It's okay Brody, it's okay. I'm so, sorry. I'm so sorry." Bobby said comforting me.

Dean and Sam came running over.

"What's wrong, what happened? What did you say to him Bobby?" Sam was shouting, his voice filled with concern.

"You told him, when you wouldn't answer me?" Dean said angrily.

"Don't start with me Dean, not now, not today!" Bobby looked at Dean, with an intense look.

"He didn't tell me anything, we don't already know Dean. It was just hard hearing it again, that's all Dean, I swear. Thanks Bobby, thanks for everything." I hugged him, and turned around and walked to the car, getting in without another word.

"Bobby, if we didn't have to leave, I swear I'd rip you a new one." Dean said angrily.

"Just get out of here, you have no idea how hard that was. How much pain that kid is dealing with right now, just go, we have work to do. Protect him boys, take care of him." Bobby said.

Sam, and Dean walked back to the car.

We drove for a while in silence. Dean continued to look in the rearview mirror, again and again.

After a few hours had passed, Sam finally broke the silence.

"So why don't you play us something, on your guitar Brody?"

"Why?" I asked.

"Come on kid, let me hear if your any good!" Dean said, smirking in the mirror.

If he was trying to rile me up, it worked.

I began to play the first song that came to mind, and if I was going to blow him away, I was going to have to go all out. So I began to play and sing.

"I have climbed the highest mountain, I have sailed across the sea. I have wrestled with my demons and woke up with only me. I have been around the block, three times, maybe four, but I think I deserve just a little more! In front of total strangers wont you kiss me, flowers for no reason but you missed me. Oh, oh, oh, I want to be in love!

Your standing on the door step in the rain, cause you couldn't wait to see me once again. Oh, oh, oh, I want to be in love!

I have made some big mistakes, and paid a heavy price. I found a little peace between will and sacrifice. I have watched as all my dreams went walking out the door, and I think I deserve just a little more! In front of total strangers wont you kiss me, flowers for no reason but you missed me. Oh, oh, oh, I want to be in love.

I'm looking for a heart of gold, I'm looking for a hand to hold, a happy end, strong and kind, somewhere to rest my trouble mind.

In front of total strangers wont you kiss me, flowers for no reason but you missed me. Oh, oh, oh, I want to be in love.

On Tuesday light the candles, bring me wine, Wednesday morning I wont get to work on time. Oh, oh, oh, I want to be in love.

Ya, surprise me as I get off the plane, take my hand as they play our song again, oh, oh, oh, I want to be in love.

In front of total strangers wont you kiss me, flowers for no reason but you missed me. Oh, oh, oh, I want to be in love. In love, in love, in love. In lovvvvvvvohhhhhve.

Your standing on my door step in the rain, cause you couldn't wait to see me once again. Oh, oh, oh, I want to be in love!

I want to be in love!" I finished playing, and singing. Dean's eyes were bugging out, in shock. His mouth hanging open, I knew I surprised him, but someone I think I touched him. Sam had a huge smile on his face, like he was expecting nothing less from me, that felt great.

"Brody, dude, that was the most amazing thing. You have such an amazing voice, the way you played that guitar! Wow, dude, you're a rock star!" Sam said excitedly.

"It was alright, I've heard better. Your voice was out of tune, you really shouldn't quit your day job." Dean said.

My mouth dropped, I couldn't believe he just said that, I poured my heart out singing that.

"Bite me Dean, just bite me!" I said, staring him down in the mirror.

"He's kidding Brody, he loved it, otherwise he wouldn't have had his mouth hanging open the whole time." Sam said, punching Dean in the arm.

"Fine, your not bad, but what do you know about love, being in love, what you want from someone you love, WHEN YOUR STILL A VIRGIN!?!" Dean said, condescendingly.

"Just because I'm not a slut like you, doesn't mean I don't know what I want!" I said heatedly.

"Your jack off fantasies don't count, kid! What do you even think love means? What do you think you know about being in love?" Dean asked seriously.

His question threw me, did I really know the answer to that, or do I just think I do?

I mean Sam has comforted me, shown me that he cared. While Dean on the other hand, toyed with me, pushed me, but was irresistible to me. But was I in love with him? Or just in lust?

"I know what love means Dean! Loving someone so much, it sucks all the air out of the room, when your around that person. It makes you weak in the knees, just to see that person. It fills you up, makes you so high, you feel like you can never come down, or that you never want to. Giving yourself completely to someone, not being afraid to let that person in. Throwing all caution to the wind, and being free. Free to love, free to be happy, free to truly become one with someone.

Not wanting to ever be apart, waking up with the thought of that special someone, and going to bed and dreaming of that same person. That kind of love consumes you, takes you over, burns inside and out, showing you a whole new world, you never thought possible..." once I began I couldn't stop, all these thoughts and feelings coming out. But Dean interrupted.

"Whoa, whoa, kid! That kind of love burns and consumes, until there is nothing left, but heart ache and pain. That kind of love, doesn't exists. Why get your heart broken, with jealousy, and betrayal, insecurities, and lies, controlling, manipulative, game playing, and plain and simply pain, and loss. You don't know what your talking about, you haven't experienced the harsh reality, kid!" he may have been playing around in the beginning, but he was serious now. Dean had been hurt, and from the sound of it, hurt really bad. He was afraid, afraid to let him self go there again. That's why he's just into one night stands. Dean is scared to love.

"So that's It, your just afraid! Afraid of being hurt again, you shut your emotions off, because your scared of the pain they can cause. Well let me tell you something, if you never felt pain, you wouldn't know pleasure. If you don't learn from the past, you can't change your future, to find what you really need, who you really want. Dean, your going to miss out, on the greatest love of your life, because you've been hurt before. That's wrong, your only hurting yourself, and dooming yourself to a life filled with loneliness." I said passionately.

"He's right Dean, for a 'Kid', he knows what he's talking about." Sam said.

"You're just agreeing with him, because your into all that touchy feely crap. You lost your virginity, in collage, so bite me!" Dean said angrily.

Something was happening to me at that moment, it was like I was being taken over by something really powerful. I started gasping for air, my body convulsing uncontrollably. Dean swerved, then pulled the car off the road. They both turned to look at me.

"And it is written, that the first seal shall be broken, when a righteous man sheds blood in hell, as he breaks, so shall it break!" my mouth was moving, but the voice was not mine. It was like a demon voice, and it was taking me over. I started to black out.

"BRODY! BRODY!" Dean shouted, it was the last thing I heard.