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Supernatural Boys

Chapter 6- Demons and Prophesies

Previously on Supernatural Boys-

We weren't walking for very long, when I heard fighting up ahead. I put my hand on the boy's shoulder stopping him from walking any further.

"Stay here!" I said.

"Don't go, please don't leave me here!" he begged.

"Don't worry, I'll keep you safe but that's the only way out of here, and I have to go see what's happening." I tried reassuring him.

I carefully walked towards the fighting, seeing a light up ahead. That's when I heard the voice of an angel shouting.

"Sam, look out!" Dean shouted as someone hit Sam in the back of the head knocking him out.

"Sam!" I shouted, running over to help.

"No Brody, get out of here! Run!" Dean shouted.

But I wasn't going anywhere, not while they were in trouble, not when I just found them again.

"This must be my lucky day, not only do I get the Winchester's, but Brody as well." the man who hit Sam in the back of the head spoke.

I held my hands out, sending him flying into another man, just as Dean hit another guy, sending him flying to a man laying on the ground.

Dean ran over to Sam, and started to lift him up.

"Come on, we've got to get out of here!" Dean ordered.

"Your not going anywhere! Try that again Brody, and Dean dies!" the man said.

"What do you want?" I shouted.

"To kill you, and make the Winchester Boys suffer, like never before." he said.

"Over my dead body!" I said.

"Your wish is my command!" he said, as he raised the gun and fired it at me.

Everything happened in slow motion, I watched as he shot the gun, I saw the bullet leave the barrel, I saw Dean's eyes wide with fright, then suddenly everything stopped, no froze was more like it.

The bullet just hung there in the air, right in front of my eyes. I looked at Dean, but he wasn't moving, nor the man holding the gun.

What the hell was going on?

"Sorry, but I just can't have that!" came the voice of a girl from behind me. I spun around to see a blond haired woman leaning against the cave wall, shaking her head.

"How did you do that?" I asked.

"A little trick I picked up in the hell, no big thing, but it only last a few minutes." he answered.

"Who are you?"

"The name is Lilith, and I'm here to make you a deal." she answered walking towards me.

"A deal? What could I possibly have, that you would want?" I asked confused.

"Only your soul, nothing to valuable. Now, time is ticking, so let's make this quick, shall we." she said.

"My soul? I don't think so lady! Why would I give you that?" I asked.

"To save his life." she answered, pointing to Dean. I raised my hand ready to send her flying back.

"I'm not here to fight you, if I were you'd be dead already. It's a simple trade, your soul for his. You see Dean already made this deal with me, to save Sam's life. Only we didn't know about you before, so now the rules have changed. Dean has six months before we take him to hell, so you can watch him die, or you can go in his place! It's up to you." she said.

That's what the ghost was talk about. Dean's secret is that he's going to die in six months, I couldn't let that happen.

"How do I know your telling the truth?" I asked.

"You don't, but like I said before time is ticking. That bullet can hit you now, killing you dead. While Dean and Sam get shot by Parker, either way, I get Dean's soul, it'll just be sooner, rather than later. So what's it going to be Brody? Dean, or you?" she said looking from Dean to me.

I didn't have time, I didn't know what to do, or did I. Dean was willing to trade his soul for Sam, couldn't I do the same for him?

"If your lying to me, you will regret it!" I said.

"A deal is a deal, your soul for his. By the way, nice work in there, I didn't think you had it in you to kill Remy. I would have stepped in sooner, but I wanted to see how it played out. I can see now, why your so special." she said as she circled around me, she put her hand onto one of my open wounds and took some blood wiping it on a paper that appeared out of thin air.

"The deal's signed in blood, there's no going back now. Six months from now, I'll be back to collect. Tell Dean and Sam I said hello." she said as she turned to walk away.

"Wait, what happens now? What about this Parker guy?" I asked.

"You still have a few seconds, use your head. Knock him out or something, and get the hell out of here. Oh, and don`t stand in front of the bullet." she answered.

I turned around and moved out of the way of the bullet, I held out my hand bringing the gun to me. Then sent Parker flying against the cave wall. Suddenly time was moving again.

"Brody noooo!" Dean shouted, still thinking the bullet was going to hit me.

He stared at me stunned, then turned around to see Parker laying on the ground unconscious.

"How?" Dean began.

"Later, get Sam, we've got to get out of here." I turn around and ran back getting the kid.

I got us back to Dean, and the four of us made our way out.

We took the kid to his house.

"Thank you so much, for what you did back there. If you hadn't killed him, he would have killed me." The boy said.

"I'm sorry I couldn't do before he hurt you. Just take care of yourself, okay!" I said giving him a hug. I turned back around to see Dean and Sam staring at me.

"Brody, what happened?" Sam asked.

"Can we just get out of here, I'd really like a shower, before I go into it all." I answered, looking away from their eyes.

"I'm sorry Brody, I'm sorry we couldn't get to you sooner." Dean said.

"But you did come, and that's what matters most to me." I said.

And that did matter most. They were looking for me, they really did care, the same way I cared about them.

Dean's Soul, for mine.

I must really care.


Now on Supernatural Boys-

We had been driving in the car for a long time, none of us saying anything. The silence was deafening, you could cut it with a knife. But I really couldn't complain, after I explained everything that really happened in the cave Dean's head nearly exploded.

And that was before I got to the part about Lilith, when I mentioned her and the deal I made, lets just say cardiac arrest, well it went a little something like this.

"YOU DID WHAT?" Dean shouted, making me flinch. I moved back on the bed, wrapping my hands around my legs, pulling them to my chest. Sam saw this and gave Dean a look, before moving next to me and wrapping his arms around me.

"Dean, relax, he's been through enough!" Sam said heatedly.

Dean turned his head up looking at me, realizing I was shivering, but couldn't stop himself.

"Good! He should be scared! Do you have any idea what you've done? Do you understand that she tricked you, that she got you to sign away your SOUL? Do you have any idea what's going to happen to you? Don't you realize what's going to happen to you in HELL? What Remy did to you will seem like a vacation, compared to what's going to happen to you down there!" Dean continued shouting, the veins in his temple throbbing as he spoke. I couldn't help myself, tears welled up in my eyes. No matter how hard I tried to fight them back, the came, rushing down in a torrent.

"I...I did what you did...I did what I thought was right! Surely dying in the place of another, someone you love..." I started, but the not formed in my throat, and I could no longer speak.

"Is what? Nobel? Is that what you were going to say? Well it's not Nobel, it''s..." Dean couldn't even finish his sentence he was so angry.

Did I really think it's Nobel? Did I do it to be honorable? Did I make the right choice?

Did I really just say some you love?

"You did it for Sam, I did it for you, what's the big deal? Okay, so I don't mean what's the big deal, cause I know it's a big deal. I just mean, what's the difference between you doing it for Sam, and me doing it for you?" I said standing up, finally getting angry. Angry was good, angry felt great, angry was what I needed right now.

"He's my brother Damn it! It's different, I mean nothing to you, nothing! You don't even know me, or anything about me, and you want to go to hell in my place?" Dean still wouldn't back down, but I was not going to back down either, I was tired of getting bullied.

"You know, I'm tired of you shouting at me all the time, telling me how stupid I am, how weak I am, when you couldn't even be man enough to tell me you were going to die in six months, in place of Sam! What makes you the savior of everyone else?

What if that's the whole reason why I've come into your lives, to take your place in hell? To die for you Dean, what if I'm supposed to save you?" I shouted back, getting in his face. Sam moved from the bed to get in between us.

"This is getting us no where? Let's just find a way to break the contract?" Sam said.

"How Sam? How? Don't you think I know you've been trying to find a way to save me, but you couldn't could you? So how are we going to save Brody? Tell me Sam, how are we going to save him?" Dean was spitting fire, he pushed Sam as he shouted at him.

"Your angry with me Dean, be angry with me, leave Sam out of this!" I shouted pushing Dean, I sent him flying back on the bed. I was truly grateful the bed was behind him, I didn't mean to push him that hard. He looked up at me stunned, Sam turned to look at me, only he had a smirk on his face.

"I'm sorry, but that serves you right! Dean, if you had told me about Lilith in the first place, maybe..." I started, but realized it wouldn't have changed anything.

"You would have what, been prepared to say no? Look, I'm sorry, again, I'm sorry again, but I'm freaking out here. We've been charged with taking care of you, and all we've managed to do is get you from one trouble situation, to another. We're falling! I don't know what they want with you, I don't know why she would take your soul instead of mine? We don't know anything, and I...I just wish dad was here!" it was the first time I'd heard Dean mention his father, which only gave me a million more questions that I wanted to ask, but stopped myself, saving it for another day.

"Dean it's going to be alright, don't ask me how I know, but I just know." as I spoke the words, I realized I believed them.

"You just don't understand Brody, you haven't seen what we've seen. You don't know what we know. I'm scared for you, I'm more scared for you than I ever was about myself. You don't know enough to have the real fear you need, and I can't even start to tell you, I wouldn't know where to begin. Your just a kid, you have your whole life ahead of you, and it's over in six months! Just like that, Lilith is coming for your soul, and we have no idea how to stop it." Dean said getting up from the bed, and began to pack his things. A shiver ran down my spine. He was right, I had no idea what hell was like, what was going to happen to me there. If Dean was right, and it was worse than what Remy did to me, than I was in headed into a whole world of pain, the likes of what I've never known.

That was all that was said in the hotel room, we packed our things and headed to the car.

Now here we are, miles and miles away, and still not a word, it was diving me crazy.

"I can't take it anymore! Will somebody please say something!" I shouted. Neither one of them said a word, which only made me even more angrier.

"Fine, then let's talk about Parker, shall we? I saved your life back there, want to fill me in on why?" I demanded.

"I'm not ready to talk to you yet!" Dean finally spoke.

"Dean, come off it already! I've only got six months, you sure you want to waste time being mad at me?" it was meant to be a joke, but the look he gave me in the rearview mirror, took away the smile on my face.

"That's not funny, you don't get to joke about that! Ever!" Dean said heatedly.

"Okay...fine, I don't want to fight with you anymore. Can we please be okay now?" I pouted.

"Don't give me that look, it's not going to work!" he said, while staring at me in the mirror. Sam started laughing, which caused me to start laughing, and Dean was not far behind.

"I thought you wanted to talk about Parker?" Dean said, trying to stop laughing.


"How the hell did that happen? How the hell did they do that?" Parker asked angrily.

"I don't know, one minute they were there, and the next, poof they were gone!" one of Parkers men said.

"It had to be a demon, they don't have that kind of power! But who? Why?" Parker said more to himself, then to anyone else.

"How are we going to find out?" the men asked.

"It's time to make a trip to Nebraska, see a woman about some answers!" Parker said looking out the window.

"Nebraska? What woman?" the man asked.

"Ellen Harvelle, she's the woman with all the answers, and she's going to give them to me, one way or the other." Parker said with an evil smirk growing on his face.


The Roadhouse-

We pulled into the parking lot, a little after 12 am. I had no idea what to expect, but I was hoping for answers. I could feel the uneasiness coming off of Dean, and Sam, but I wasn't sure if it had to do with coming to this place, or Lilith.

We slowly got out of the car, I was waiting for some kind or orders from Dean, as he usually has some orders to give, so I had to ask.

"Anything I should know, before we walk in those doors?" I asked.

"Yeah, try to stay out of trouble! I'm really not in the mood for you to get kidnapped, or any other kind of trouble right now!" Dean said sarcastically.

I stuck out my tongue at him behind his back, Sam chuckled. As we started walking towards the door, a guy comes walking out. He looks to be a couple of years younger than me, just about my height, not quite as built as me, but not far behind. He had a cute boyish face, his hair hung longer than mine, almost down to his shoulders, a nice strawberry blonde.

I didn't like him, I don't know why, but I had a bad feeling about him. But it wasn't the kind of bad feeling that told me there was trouble, it was the kind that said he was going to annoy the hell out of me. The type of person that just gets under your skin, and knows how to rub you the wrong way, just by looking at you.

He saw Dean and Sam, and stopped cold in his tracks, only a giant smirk grew on his face. The kind that told me, I was right.

"I'm the luckiest boy in the world! You can't began to know how lucky I see I wasn't suppose to be here tonight, I was out on a...well a little mission if you will, but it ended early, and here I am, and here the two of you are." the kid spoke with a lisp, and talked with his hands so much, it was hard to stay looking at his face, but I guess that was the point, he kept his hands in front of his tightly packed jeans if you know what I mean. His long cock hung down the left side of his pant leg, I was sure he didn't wear underwear.

"Little Andy how you've grown! I was sure you'd grow out of talking with a lisp...but I guess it works with your limp wrist problem!" Dean said with smirk on his face.

I was just about to open my mouth to say something to Dean, when the kid walked up and grabbed both Dean and Sam's cock. My mouth hung wide open, anger building up in the pit of my stomach. I had never wanted to hit someone harder in my life, who did he think he was touching their cocks like that.

(Jealous much!? Yes I was!)

I gave the evilest look I could possibly give another person in my life, and the kid just looked at me and laughed.

Dean cleared his throat as he looked down at the kids hand...the kid looked at me, and I gave him the expression that if he didn't remove his hand, I was going to remove it for him.

"Oh your no fun...but I swear I felt your cock swell Dean, maybe it's time you give the Handy Andy a try?" the kid asked cockily.

"If I were to go that way Andy, you wouldn't be man enough to handle me!" Dean shot back.

"Oh well, you can't blame a boy for trying. I've only had the biggest crush on the two of you since I first I saw you, and I know Sam wouldn't go there, but I'm still hoping you will, one day...At least the two of you still get to star in my favorite jack-off fantasies." Andy teased as he gave Dean and Sam a hug.

"How are you kid?" Dean asked...But he called him kid, I know I hated him calling me that, but it was my thing, something he called me...I thought it meant something special...There I go again, living in a fantasy world.

"I'm good, things could be better...I know Jo will be happy to see you, as I'm sure your going to be. She's gotten hotter then the last time you saw her, and she's legal now." he said, making my blood boil. Who's Jo, and what does she mean to Dean? I knew I wasn't going to like this kid.

"Is your sister here?" Dean asked with a shit eating grin on his face.

"Not yet, she should be here soon. It's really good to see you guys, mom might not be to happy about it, but you know I am. New fantasy material, and all that. So who's the angry, brooding boy over here?" Andy asked, walking in front of me, ready to put his hand on my cock.

I was breathing fire...seeing black...

"If you want to keep that hand, I'd advise you not to try that!" I said spitting fire.

Dean smiled my favorite crooked smile, only I wasn't sure he was smiling cause he was happy with what I said, or happy that Andy was going to try to put his hand on my cock.

"Easy tiger, I wont bite...well, unless you want me too! So who put sandpaper on his toilet seat?" Andy asked.

"Andy this is Brody, he's with us, and just back off will yea!" Sam finally spoke...I got the feeling Sam felt the same way about him, that I did.

"He reminds of you Sam, same personality and all...oh well, Brody you're a hot guy, anytime your ready to lose your virginity, you just let me know!" I lunged at him, when Dean got in between us.

"Okay, okay, boys, simmer down now, simmer down...back to your corners." Dean said pushing me back with all his might.

"And what makes you think I'm a virgin?" I demanded, fuming. He laughed.

"Please, I could smell your virginity a mile away. Plus, the look on your face when I put my hand..." he started, but I interrupted.

"Okay, okay, I get the point. Just back off if you know what's good for you." I stammered, turning away from them, as my face was burning red.

"Alright, let's go inside already, we've got work to do, remember?" Sam said.

"I'd go back in with you, but I'd rather not see mom's head spin when she sees you guys." Andy said.

He walked away, leaving us standing there. Dean looked at me, gave me a little wink, and then turned around and walked towards the door.

We walked inside the Roadhouse, the place was filled with people drinking, some dancing to music from a jukebox. Behind the bar stood a dark haired woman, handing out drinks.

Dean and Sam looked around the room, then headed over to the bar.

The lady behind the bar looked up, and quicker than my brain could process, had a shotgun pointed at Dean.

"You have a lot of nerve walking in here Winchester!" she said angrily.

"Good to see you too Ellen! You look good, and business seems to be booming." Dean said nonchalantly, as if she wasn't holding a gun to his face.

I didn't know what to do...I mean if Andy was her son and he was cool with Sam and Dean, then does this mean that Ellen was playing around? Should I use my powers to take away the gun?

Suddenly everyone in the room was pointing a gun at us, and now I knew this wasn't a joke. Could I take out this many people, did I have that kind of power?

"Do all your friends want to kill you?" I said under my breath.

"You have two minutes Dean! What the hell are you doing here?" Ellen demanded.

"Bobby sent us, he said you have answers to some problems we might be having. Is all this really necessary?" Dean asked waving a hand around the room.

"Maybe we should just go Dean?" I asked, worrying about their safety.

"I'm sorry but who the hell are you?" Ellen asked finally looking at me, when our eyes met, she had the same expression Dean and Bobby had when they looked into my eyes.

"OH MY GOD!" she said putting her shotgun down on the bar.

"What is it, do you know who I am?" I demanded.

"It cant be, it just can't be!" she said looking me up and down.

"Ellen, do you know who he is? Do you know who his parents are?" Dean asked pounding his hands on the bar. A guy took a step closer when Dean did that, the fear in me turned to rage. Dean was in danger, and I was not about to let anything happen to him.

I could feel this power rising inside me, something more powerful then I'd ever felt. My body began vibrating, I could feel the power coursing through my veins, the rage in me felt good, felt strong. It was like this power was demanding blood, demanding the death.

I began to float up in the air, a wind blowing all around me, my hands raised up, I let the power flow out of me, lifting all the men with guns up in the room. I closed my hands into fists, the men all dropped their guns and raised their hands to their necks. I was using my power to choke them, I wanted to crush the life right out of them.

"Brody! Stop this, your going to kill them!" Dean shouted.

"Brody this isn't you, take back control, your not a killer!" Sam shouted.

"They want to kill us, they want to hurt us, and you just want me to let them get away with it? I wont!" I shouted.

Suddenly a woman came walking down the stairs, she took a look at all the men hanging in the air, then turned her head towards me.

"You will put them down now boy!" she said angrily.

"Or you'll do what?" I asked. She raised her hand, sending me flying against the wall, causing me to lose my hold on the men, they all fell to the floor, coughing and gasping for air.

With all the rage inside me, I pushed my self off the wall flying to the center of the room, the rage inside me completely taking over now.

I raised my hand and waved it sending her flying from the stairs across the room, but before she hit the wall she stopped in midair.

She turned herself around, fighting my power. She was faced to face with me.

"You don't know what your doing Brody! If you give into this rage, the yellow eyed demon wins! You've got to fight this power, you know who you really are, find that goodness inside yourself!" She said.

"You don't know me, you have no idea what's inside me!" I shouted, pushing against her power, trying to push her against the dear antlers hanging on the wall. Some guy picked up his gun, and pointed it at me.

"No don't!" she shouted.

"Brody, please, we know you, it's me Dean and Sam, we know who you are, and this isn't you. Listen to her, this isn't what you want, I know. I know what it feels like Brody, to have that kind of power inside you, and wanting to give yourself over to it. But you can't you have to fight it, or it will consume you." Sam said.

"You can't began to know the kind of power I have, it makes what you can do look like a parlor trick." I shouted. I pulled on more of my rage, willing my power to do my bidding. I held one arm towards the men in the bar lifting them back up in the air, choking the life out of them. At the same time pushing the woman in the air towards the antlers.

"KID YOU GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW! I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T WANT ANY TROUBLE FROM YOU TODAY, AND I MEANT IT! NOW GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW!" Dean demanded, I'd never heard his voice so angry before. Even when he was yelling at me about Lilith.

"Why should I listen to you? Because you called me kid? You called Andy kid too, so that word doesn't hold weight with me anymore. I'm tired of giving in to everyone trying to kill us, I'm tired of being pushed around, it's time to let the real me out!" I turned to look at Dean, taking my eyes off the girl, big mistake.

She sent me flying back through the air, crashing through the bar window. I went crashing into the ground, the air being knocked out of my lungs.

Now I was really pissed off!

I raised my body off the ground, floating back towards the bar, but she was already making her way out the window.

"Brody, your heading down a dangerous path, if you don't stop yourself now, you won't be able to help Dean and Sam when they need you most." she said.

"What are you talking about? What's going to happen to Dean and Sam?" I demanded.

"If you just calm yourself down, take back control of your power, I'll tell you." she said trying to calm me down.

That only made me angrier, I screamed waving my hand down sending her flying into the ground.

"Tell me how you like it! Now that I have your attention, your going to talk to me and tell me everything you know, or I'm going to kill you!" I said, turning her over on the ground.

I began choking her, as I floated down towards her.

"Now, nod to me if you understand?" I asked, she nodded, and I released my hold on her.

"So tell me what your talking about, what do you know?" I demanded, when suddenly I was heard a shotgun go off. I felt this pain in my back, and I went flying face first into the ground. I lifted up my head to see Dean standing there with a shotgun, smoke coming out of the barrel. I blacked out.

An abandon warehouse-

"Just what the hell do you think your doing Lilith? What gave you the right to trade Dean's soul, for Brody's?" Ruben demanded.

"I have my orders to you know! Brody's more dangerous than Dean Winchester will ever be to us!" Lilith answered.

"I have moved every piece of this chess game, in exactly the right order, and in one fall swoop, you've managed to throw the whole game!" Ruben shouted.

"Look, I don't know why your so emotional over this, it's just business. Move on Ruben, the next part of the plan is going into play, and weather you like it or not, Brody dies in six months!" Lilith said getting in Ruben's face.

"Dean needs to go to hell, not Brody, I wont let this happen! I'm warning you Lilith, if you do this, I'm going to make you regret the day you made that trade!" Ruben said angrily.

"Are you threatening me? You, who plays both sides of the fence! Why are you protecting this kid? What's this kid mean to you Ruben?" Lilith was truly curious.

"I have plans for him, that's all you need to know!" Ruben answered turning away.

"I don't think so, your protecting this guy, your emotional over him. A demon being emotional over a human, especially one that can kill all of us. You made some kind of deal with John Winchester! What is it?" Lilith would not give up.

"Don't push me Lilith, I'm warning you! I will find a way to break this contract, and believe me when I say this, you've changed everything by making him sign that contract, and now your going to pay the price. If you don't change this back, rip up this contract and take Dean, I swear to you, you will die!" Ruben said angrily before storming away.

"Don't you walk away from me! I'm not done with you yet! Come back here damn you!" Lilith shouted, but Ruben kept walking away.

The Roadhouse-

My head was pounding, and my mouth has the strangest taste of sulfur. My back burned with a searing pain, feeling like I'd been hit with a baseball bat. I fought hard to open my eyes, the pain I was feeling helping me along. I could hear the sound of voices talking around me, and I wanted so much to open my eyes, to even open my mouth and speak, but my I couldn't find my voice.

So I tried to clear my mind of the pain, and focus on the sounds of the voices I heard, hoping it would wake me out of this nightmare I was in.

"Who are you, and how do you know what's happening to him?" Sam demanded.

"I am Angeline, and instead of having attitude with me, you should be thanking me!" She said getting in Sam's face.

"Your right, I'm sorry, thank you for stopping him from doing something, I know he would have regretted." Sam's tone softened.

"Ellen, what's going on here? Why did you attack us that way?" Dean asked.

"I'm sorry Dean, it was the only way!" She started.

"What do you mean the only way?" Sam asked.

"Dean, so much is going on, and you three are at the heart of it. Parker Rudolph has banded Hunters together, with one goal in mind, they're coming for the three of you.

That's why I had to make it look like you were enemy's to us, as well. It's the only way we can spy on what Parker is planning, but that's not all.

Angeline is half human, half demon. She's fighting on our side, and she has certain knowledge of things only the demons know.

She knows certain things about Brody, and things needed to play out the way the did, so she could see just what Brody was capable of." Ellen said, looking toward the floor.

"You mean to tell me that you set that whole thing up, just to test Brody! Just what the hell gives you the right? He lost control back there, he almost killed everyone in that room! We don't even know what damage has been done to him, or what you've unleashed!

If he doesn't wake up the same way he was before we got here, I swear to God, I will kill you myself! How could you go along with this Ellen, your supposed to be our friend?" Dean shouted, looking straight at Angeline.

"I had no choice Dean, the only way we could figure out just how far along Brody really is, for that matter he needed to know for himself as well.

Dean, things are happening faster than you could ever have imagined. Things you don't even understand, and I don't know if you ever will." Ellen started but turned away, a tear running down her cheek.

"Don't get cryptic on me Ellen, I had enough of it with Bobby. I don't know what secrets you guys are holding, but it's time to start talking. What the hell is going on, who is Brody?" Dean demanded.

"Dean, I can't tell you that, I'm sorry. A long time ago, a few of us vowed to Brody's parents to protect him with our lives. We can't ever go back on our word, and that means never revealing who his parents really are.

I'm sorry, this is just as hard for me as it is for you. I want so badly to tell you, I want you to know. But I'm sworn on a blood oath, never to tell." Ellen said.

"Who his parents are doesn't really matter, what the demons plan to do with him, does!" Angeline said.

"Does that mean your going to tell us, or should we just keep going in circles?" Sam asked.

"I was just waiting for you guys to stop bickering. Now, if your ready to get down to real business!

There are prophesies that speak that speak of three boys that will together face Lucifer himself!" Angeline began to explain.

"Lucifer? As in the Devil himself?" Sam said laughingly.

"Just what makes you think this prophesy is about the three of us?" Dean asked.

"And it is written, that the first seal shall be broken, when a righteous man sheds blood in hell, as he breaks, so shall it break! Does that mean anything to you?" Angeline asked.

"Brody fell into some kind of trance, his voice become demonic, and he spoke those same words. Does that mean something to you?" Sam asked.

"Of course it means something to me, aren't you paying attention! Things have been put in motion a long time ago, by the first demons to walk the earth, sent by none other the Master himself.

That versus he spoke, is about the first seal being broken. When 66 seals have been broken, Lucifer will once again walk the earth.

A big battle has been brewing, and now it's going to boil over into our world." Angeline continued.

"So what Vampires, Windlows, Ghouls, aren't enough, now Lucifer wants to walk the earth! We didn't sign up for this, how could we even began to stop Lucifer?" Dean asked, looking at Angeline like she was crazy.

"One of you will bare a mark, a mark I haven't quite figured out yet, but I'm working on it. You will need to find the Gospel that is written about the three of you! Without it, I wont be able to give you any more details on this. But, the signs are all there, it all leads back to the three of you. You will find the way to stop him, it`s your destiny." Angeline went on.

"This is crap! I don't believe in any of this stuff, not after everything I've seen in the world. You've got the wrong guys, not only that, we just met Brody a few weeks ago." Dean huffed.

"Dean, whether or not you believe in any of this, it's still going to happen. And the three of you, will have to face your fears and come together." Angeline spoke as if the world depended on them, and it does.

"What about Parker, what's his deal?" Dean asked, trying to change the subject.

"Parker is out for revenge, as to why, I don't know. I was hoping you would have the reason for that." Ellen said.

"I have no clue, we've never even met him before. I mean we've worked with his dad before, but nothing more than that. When we met Parker, he sound like he was hell bent on some kind of revenge on Sammy and I, but he didn't see why!" Dean explained.

"The most I can gather of this, is that he knows about the demon blood, he knows about the prophesies, and he's using that to gather Hunters to come after you guys. You can't trust anyone, Parker has been working at this for a while now, he's gotten a lot of Hunters backing him now." Ellen went on.

"So it's not enough that we have to worry about Lilith, Azazel, and the rest of these monsters, but not we've got Parker and the rest of these Hunters coming after us too!" Sam said angrily.

"For guys, you complain a whole lot more than woman! Get over it, this is your life, it's what you were meant to do. Lives depend on you making the right choices, and having self-sacrificing lives. I'm sorry, that's just the way it is. You know when you were getting into these lives, that you would be giving up normal lives." Angeline spoke as compassionately as she could.

"Thanks, but we already read the fine print, before our lives turn to becoming Hunters. Alright, so what about Brody! What do you know about him, his demon powers, what's happening to him?" Dean asked.

"What happened to Brody is much different than Sam. Sam was fed blood after he was born, where as Brody was fed blood throughout the whole pregnancy of his mother.

Sounds like a far stretch, I know, but it's not. Azazel knew well what he was doing, this was a part of a bigger plan. I don't know what that plan is, but I know it has to do with Lucifer.

As for what's happening to him...Sam needs demon blood to become more powerful, where as Brody already has all the demon blood he needs..." she started, when Dean interrupted.

"What do you mean Sam needs demon blood to become more powerful?" Dean asked angrily. Angeline looked from Dean to Sam, but Sam wouldn't meet her gaze.

"Sam understands, but that's not the point here. The point is if Brody can't find the control, to stop the demon in him from coming out, we're all going to be in a world of hurt.

Your...I mean, his parents knew what Azazel did to him, so to protect him, and give him a chance to keep at bay the demon they knew would be growing inside of him. They did this by giving him a loving family, that would teach him love, morals, what it means to truly be human. So that the monster in him could be controlled, so that he could have a fighting chance.

They knew if he stayed with them, he would grow up in a life filled with evil, they would never be able to give him what he needed to fight the monster inside.

He's got more power than half the demons out there, and he doesn't even know it. If Azazel, Lilith, Lucifer, get there hands on him, there is no telling what they'll use him to do.

Trust me when I say, the devastation he can create is greater than you could possibly imagine. It took everything in me to fight him, and believe me I have a lot of power, but he was kicking my ass, and he wasn't even using a tenth of his power.

If he knew how to use his powers, those men down there, and myself would be dead." Angeline explained.

When I finally opened them everything was blurry, I had to continue to blink again and again before I could finally see straight. Hearing what she just said, sacred me half to death. Everything just flooded back to me, the bar, the men, that girl and being shot by Dean.

Which explained the pain in my back, only now there was a pain in my heart. I have a monster inside me, and it's trying to claw its way out. If I didn't find a way to control it, I would be the one to hurt Dean and Sam, as well as everybody else.

"I can't stay here, I can't stay with you guys, I'm a danger to you, I'm a danger to everyone!" I said, trying to push my self up on the bed.

"Hey, Brody, just relax, don't try to get up." Sam said.

"I'm fine, just stay back." I said.

"Brody, you don't know what your saying. You can't hear apart of a conversation, and think you know what we were really talking about." Sam said.

"I heard enough, I have a demon inside me trying to claw its way out. My parents were so afraid of me, they had to give me up. I lost control trying to protect you guys, and I almost killed a room full of people to do it." I stammered, tears welling in my eyes.

"First of all, your parents gave you up to protect you, not because they were afraid of you. Secondly, you didn't kill anyone, that's all that matters." Dean finally spoke, walking over to me and putting a hand on my shoulder.

"I didn't kill anyone, because you shot me! You shot me!" I said shaking his hand off my shoulder, realizing how absurd that sounded. Dean shot me, I should be pissed, I wanted to be pissed, but I knew he didn't have a choice.

"I shot you with rock salt, not a bullet. I'm sorry, but I had no choice. The point here is, together we can keep you in control, separated your in danger. Now, more than ever, we have to stay together Brody." Dean said putting his hand back on me again, probably to show me that he wasn't scared.

"He's right Brody, a lot of people have sacrificed their lives to protect you, if you going running off from these two, they will have sacrificed their lives for nothing." Angeline said.

"You really don't like to sugarcoat things, do you?" Sam said.

Her words did ring heavy in my mind, she was right, and right now Dean and Sam were the only two I had. I need them.

"No, she's right. I know better than to feel sorry for myself, I was raised better. I'm sorry about earlier Angeline, I really am. If you could forgive me, I'd really like to know what I need to do to take control of the, okay, sorry, my parents raised me to believe me my powers were a gift, they told me I was meant to do great things with my abilities.

So, it may be demon blood that gave me these powers, but I'll be damned if I let myself become a demon because of it.

So just tell me what I need to do, and I'll do it." I demanded.

"You already know, you just gave yourself the answer. Your powers are a gift, and if you use them right, for good and not evil, you will do amazing things." Angeline said excitedly.

I did know the answers all along, my parents were chosen for a reason, to teach me how to be the man, a good man. They gave me everything I needed, most importantly they gave me love, true love, selfless love, unconditional love.

"Are you okay?" Sam asked waving a hand in front of my face.

"Yes, sorry, I was just thinking about my parents. I don't need to know who my birth parents are, I know who my real parents are, and that's all that matters. They gave me everything, all I needed to face the rest of my life.

So we have a prophesy to fulfill, stopping Lucifer. Where, do we begin?" I asked.

"I like this kid! He doesn't whiny like the two of you, he deals and moves on. A total business kind of guy!" Angeline

"First things first, you need to stop Parker, before he stops you." Ellen said.

When the door busted open, and Parker came walking in with a gun pointed at a Blond haired girl, another man behind him, holding a gun to Andy's head.

"Somebody say my name?" Parker said, pulling the blond haired girls hair harder.

"Jo, Andy, leave my children alone, you son of a bitch!" Ellen shouted as she started crying.

"Try anything Brody, and a shot a bullet through this pretty little girls head. Understand?" He asked, pulling harder on Jo's hair, cause her to scream.

"Yes, I understand, you stupid, spineless little boy! You can't even be man enough to fight your own battles, you have to hold a girl at gun point? Are you that scared of me?"

"This coming from the bitch boy, that belongs to Remy? I know all about you being his little whore, all the things he did to you. Don't talk to me about being a little boy, when we both know how much you want to take it up the ass! How much you really want to be Dean and Sam's little bitch boy!

So, just back off, while I get what I came for!" Parker said, sending me into a rage like I'd never felt before.

I could feel the blood rushing through my body, my eyes being filled with blood. The rage inside me was more than I'd felt down in the bar.

"Don't do it Brody, your not ready! Fight it Brody, just fight it!" Angeline shouted.

But I was beyond reason, the need for blood was all I felt now!

Parker's blood!

I moved my head sending Andy and Jo, flying out of their hands! I raised my hands at Parker and the man with him, and sent them flying against the wall.

Their backs hit with a loud smack, I pulled them off the walls and pounded them again and again, till they started coughing up blood.

I was going to kill them, and no one was going to stop me.