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Supernatural Boys


Chapter 8- Parker's Past




Previously on Supernatural Boys-

He began pushing back with his mind, but I realized he was not pushing me back; he was pushing his sister back. She flew off the bed, crashing into Ruben and hitting the wall.

Somehow, Angelo was locked onto me; I could feel him creating a bubble of energy around me.

I pushed out with all my might, trying to break the bubble, trying to hurl him with my mind.

"Not this time you fool, I've got you!" Angelo shouted.

The next thing I knew the bubble we had created was completely getting out of control, emitting the lightning and thunder.

I tried to release myself from it, but his bubble of energy was holding me.

Then next thing I knew, there was a flash of light, and I was being sucked into the ball of energy, before it exploded.

I found myself falling through the air, after what felt like a lifetime, I fell to the ground, and landed before Sam.

"Brody?" Sam said coughing up blood.

I turned around and waved my hand, sending Parker flying across the room.

Angelo came up behind me, and the next thing I knew I was being hit over the head and knocked to the floor. I tried to fight the unconsciousness, which was trying to take me over.

I looked into Sam's eyes.

"I love you Sam, I'm sorry!" I barley whispered.

"Thanks Brody, I love you too!" Sam said, as he laid his head down on mine.

"This must be my lucky day, Sam and Brody right where I want them. Dean is going to be crazy with anger, just the way I want it!" Parker said laughing and evil laugh.

"You son of a bitch, you better not lay a finger on him! Do you hear me?" Sam shouted at Parker.

"Your in no position to talk Sam, I'm the one with all the power here, and I've got you right where I want you!" Parker said excitedly.

I could not fight to stay awake any longer, everything went black, and while I knew, we were in trouble. Dean save us!


P.S Thanks Tomas, for the inspiration for the fantasy!!!



Now on Supernatural Boys-


The Roadhouse-


"What the hell happened? What the hell did that bastard do?" Dean shouted angrily.

"He opened a portal, and swallowed Brody through. Brody let their powers link, and Angelo used it against him. I don't understand, my brother's never been this powerful. That bastard, he's done something to Angelo, he's made him so powerful." Angeline said as she began to tremble.

"Tell me you have a lead, tell me you know where they are? Tell me we didn't lose Brody for nothing?" Dean demanded.

"I think so, the link we had with them is still there, and I can still feel it." Angeline answered.

"Good, cause I don't have much time. You've seen what they did to Sammy, who knows what they'll do to Brody, now that they have him. We've got to move quickly, we've got to save them. Ruben are you in, or are you out?" Dean asked turning from Angeline to look at Ruben, only to discover Ruben had left.

"Where did he go?" Angeline asked.

"Damn him! I told Sammy a thousand times, you can never trust a demon! No offense!" Dean said.

"None taken. My mother was human Dean, and she raised my brother and me, telling us our father was a demon who raped her. She loved us, taught us that with our gifts, we could help the world, rather than become something evil. It's why I fight so hard to help the human race, against the evil out there in the world. It's why my brother has spent his life, denying the demon part of himself.

Parker must have done something, found someway to control him." Angeline explained.

"It could be anything, a spell, a charm, I just don't know." Dean said.

"Dean, I know what he's done, but it's not his fault, you..." she started, but Dean raised a hand to stop her.

"I know Angeline, and I promise you, we won't hurt him, will just get Sam and Brody to safety, and try to find a way to save your brother." Dean reassured her.

"Thank you Dean that means a lot to me." she said, as Ellen, Jo and Andy came running in the door.

"We've questioned all everyone that was in the bar, nobody knows anything. Where is Brody, I thought you guys were coming up here to call Ruben?" Ellen asked.

"We did, and it worked, but Ruben took off while my back was to him. As for Brody, Parker's got him, but Angeline is linked to Angelo, and with that link she can lead us right to them." Dean explained.

"We don't have much time, if they realize the link is still there, they might be inclined to run." Angeline explained the urgency.

"I'm sorry Ellen, we've brought this trouble to your doorstep, but I have to ask, will you help us?" Dean asked pleadingly.

"Dean, you didn't do anything, this is all Parker's doing. Of course we'll help your family." Ellen said reassuringly.

"Thank you, thank all of you. Angeline and I will ride in my car, you guys follow from behind." Dean said, grabbing his bags.

"So what's the plan sexy?" Andy asked.

"We figure out where they are, do a little recon, find the best way to rescue Sam and Brody, and get out. We only take out Parker, if we have a clear shot. If not, our only priority is to get the boys out. Understood?" Dean order.

"And Angelo?" Jo asked.

"Look, I know this is going to sound crazy, but Angelo is a victim in all this, so he's not to be killed, just stopped long enough for us to get Brody, and Sam. Angeline, do you think you can stop Angelo, stop him enough to knock him out, so that maybe we can save him?" Dean asked.

"If I knew how Parker was controlling Angelo, I could break the connection, but without knowing what he's doing to him, the only thing I can do is try to stop hold him back while you save them." Angeline looked the other way as she spoke.

"Not to state the obvious, but Angelo kicked your ass last time you were face to face. What could you possibly to differently this time?" Andy asked.

"Andy, too much is at stake here, Parker is working his own agenda, and we need Brody and Sam to stop the apocalypse. I can't hold back this time, Angelo got the best of me, because he caught me off guard, this time I'll be ready." Angeline spoke with determination in her eyes.

"Then we all know the plan, let's go." Dean said, as they made their way out the door.

An ally not far from the Roadhouse-

"What are you waiting for, you stupid Bitch?" Ruben shouted.

"Oh come on, tell me this isn't fun? Tell me you don't feel the joy, of watching Sam suffer for betraying you?" Lilith asked.

"Betraying me? What the hell are you talking about?" Ruben asked.

"Oh don't be that way, don't think I don't know about you and Sam. Come on, your so in love with him you reek of that love. The bitch about love is, nine out of ten times, it's a one way love.

That's why demons don't have hearts, we see, we want, we take!

Your holding on to the human desires you once had, your letting those sickly human emotions cloud your judgment, control you.

Sam doesn't love you; all he can think about is Brody. Do you know, while Parker was torturing him, he created a fantasy world in his mind, to keep from feeling the pain. Do you know what he was fantasizing about? No? I'll tell you, he was fantasizing about Brody. Making love to him on a beach somewhere. He wasn't fantasizing about you, nope; you weren't even a thought in his head.

So tell me, why are you still chasing after him, like a love sick puppy?" Lilith asked, walking around him in circles.

"You don't know what you're talking about; Sam's a means to an end, nothing more, nothing less." Ruben said.

"And I'm an Angel, come to rid the world of evil! Ruben, I'm the first female demon ever created, do you not think I know anything about the passion you feel, when it comes to Sam Winchester?" Lilith asked.

"Have I told you lately, just how much I hate you? Fine, yes I'm in love with Sam, but you seem to forget that I wasn't always a demon, I was human. My human emotions are still strong inside of me, and sometimes I can't control them.

That doesn't mean I've ever lost sight of our plans, and nothing can get in the way of them, not even Sam Winchester." Ruben answered.

"Now that wasn't so hard, was it?"

"No Lilith, it's probably the closest we've ever come to having a conversation. The point here is, we need Sam, and he's the key to everything. If we lose him, everything falls apart. So were do I find Parker, I've got to rescue Sam." Ruben asked.

"Just Sam, or are you after Brody as well?" Lilith asked.

"Of course I'll save Brody too, what difference does that make?" Ruben was beginning to get annoyed.

"I haven't forgotten how you threatened me, and I still want to know why?" Lilith demanded.

"We haven't time to argue this again, just tell me were I can find Parker, so I can kill him with my bare hands!" Ruben punched one fist into the other.

"You can rescue Sam, and Brody, but you will not kill Parker. Parker still has a purpose to serve, and he has yet to fulfill it." Lilith stood in front of Ruben staring him eye to eye.

"I don't know what your agenda is with Parker, but he kills one of the Winchester's, I'm coming back to kill you!" Ruben promised.

"You threaten me on a regular basis, why should I take your threat seriously?" she asked.

"Because, you only know half of what we're doing, I know the other half. If your plans interfere with the Master's plan, either way you die, catch my drift?" Ruben asked pushing her against the wall.

"You're such a party pooper! You're just not as fun as you used to be, has anyone told you that lately? As for Parker, he's twenty minutes south of the Roadhouse, in an abandon warehouse." she finally gave him the answers he was looking for.

"They better be alive, when I get there!" Ruben said as he started for the door.


An Abandon Warehouse-


I had wakened up to find myself naked, except for my underwear. Not again, I thought to myself. My wrists were chained up, gosh wasn't I just in this position before? I could feel my blood dripping down the side of my head, while my body ached all over, like I had been beaten with a baseball bat.

I turned to right to see a passed out Sam, hanging there, bruised and bleeding. My heart ached at the sight of Sam; I couldn't believe what those monsters had done to him. I wanted to reach out and touch him, to hold him in my arms, to comfort him.

"Sam, oh Sam, are you alright?" I asked, he slowly turned his head, his eyes barley being able to open, as he lightly smiled at me.

"Brody, I'm so glad you're alive. Your head was bleeding so badly, I thought..." Sam began.

"It's okay Sam; I'm alright, but what about you? You look terrible, I'm so sorry Sam, and I ruined everything." I said.

"What are you talking about Brody, what did you ruin?" Sam asked confused.

"Angeline and I were linked with Angelo, we were trying to locate you, and we almost did, but when I saw what they were doing to you, I lost control, my anger took over. Angelo sensed me, and well somehow he sucked me into some sort of bubble, that brought me here." I explained. A smile formed on Sam's face, which made my heart fluttered.

"Brody, it's alright, you couldn't have known. If I had seen what Remy was doing to you, I would have lost control of my anger as well." Sam reassured me.

"Sam, I love you, I was so worried about you." the words came before I even thought them.

"Wow, thanks Brody I love you too!" Sam's face was surprised, and relieved to hear those words spoken to him.

"Dean does too, he's going crazy with worry over you, and he's ready to kill Parker." I had to down play what I had just said, I knew saying I love you to Sam, wasn't the same for him, as it was for me. I could see the disappointment in his eyes, which in turn broke my heart.

"I know he's worried, and angry, but that's what Parker wants. He wants Dean, this was never about us, and it's always been about Dean. I don't know why, he's never said, but I know for sure that Dean is his primary target. We have to get out of here, before Dean finds us!" Sam's voice was filled with concern, for his brother's safety.

"I'm not up to full strength, as a matter of fact, I feel weaker than I ever have. Ever since I drank..." I stopped dead cold, realizing what I was about to say, my eyes bugged out, Sam looked into them intently, as if something registered within him, as if he know new.

"Brody you didn't? Brody tell me you didn't?" Sam's eyes were filled with anger.

"Sam, I'm sorry, it was the only way, Dean and the others were going to die. The bomb was going to kill them, if I didn't drink the blood, I wouldn't have been able to save them. I couldn't let him die, just like I can't let you die, the two of you mean more to me than life itself!" I tried to explain, but he held his scowl at me.

"Brody, you must never do that again, you can't. It the most dangerous thing you could ever do, and the most addicting. It's like heroin, once you use, you can't stop using." Sam's voice was filled with such anger, but somehow I knew it wasn't all towards me.

"Trust me Sam, I didn't want to do it the first time, and I don't plan on doing it again. But when it comes to you and your brother, there is nothing that I wouldn't do. So I'm sorry I can't make that kind of promise, and I know you understand why. But when we get out of here, you and I are going to have a serious conversation, about your nocturnal activities." I said adamantly.

"I can't believe he made you suck his blood, and I still can't believe he told you I did it!" Sam said angrily, more to himself than to me.

"Sam, who's he? Angeline was the one that told me, and the one that helped me save Dean and the rest." the plot thickens, who is the HE, he was talking about?

"Oh, um, never mind then. Just don't do it again, it's to dangerous." he answered still not answering my question.

"So you're not denying it, but your not going to admit it to me either? Fine, but like I said, this is far from over Sam, we will talk about this later, whether you want to or not. Now, let's find a way to get out of here." I said as he looked away, embarrassed. I began pulling on the chains; I may have been weakened from using my telepathic powers, but not my strength.

I pulled hard, as if our lives depended on it, and our lives did. I could feel the chains loosen, right as I was about to give it a final tug, Parker and Angelo walked in.

"Finally, I thought you two would sleep forever. Not that I was going to let that happen. So, are you guys comfortable? Do you need some food? Water?" Parker asked condescendingly.

"Let him go Parker, he's not a part of this!" Sam ordered Parker, but Parker waved a hand at him, blowing off his words.

"Why would I do that, when Brody is a prize falling right into my lap? He's just made this, the best game ever." Parker said excitedly.

"Since you have me right where you want me, why don't you explain to us, why you have such a hard on for Dean?" I asked, ready at any moment to free myself from the chains.

"I guess we have time enough for that story, and since I'm going to kill you anyway, you might as well know why! Now, were to begin?" Parker started to think back.

Flash Back-


Dean and his father had driven to Phoenix, to go see an old friend, Peter Rudolph. Dean was filled with such excitement to finally be on a mission, alone with his father. One were he didn't have to sit around, babysitting Sam.

Peter had called John, because he was having problems dealing with a Shape shifter. John owed Peter, and so was all to willing to help his friend.

"Dean, be on your best behavior please, Peter has his hands full already with his own son, Parker." John admonished.

"Dad, since when haven't I been a little angel?" Dean said with a smirk.

"My belt to your ass is all I need to keep the devil from taking over the little angel!" John smirked back.

The pulled up the drive of Peter's farm house. Peter was waiting at the door, with a smile on his face. He came out to greet them, as John and Dean got out of the car.

"John Winchester! How are you, you old son of a bitch?" Peter laughed.

"Old, who you calling old? Last time I checked I still had a full head of black hair, while the little hair you have left, is all white!" John laughed, as Peter hugged him into a manly hug.

"It's good to see you old friend, thanks for coming." Peter said.

"You've saved my ass enough times, I owe you. Peter this is my son Dean, I figured it was best to keep Sam out of this." John introduced.

"Nice to meet you son, I've heard a lot about you. Your dad don't ever stop talking about, what a great Hunter your becoming." Peter said shaking Dean's hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you sir, but if you don't mind, I'd like to hear how you had to save my dad. He never tells me stories, of him needing help." Dean said excitedly.

"Now that son would be my pleasure. Come on in, I'd like you to meet my son Parker, he's your age." Peter said excitedly.

Dean grabbed his dad, and his own bags, to bring them inside. The house was old; each step Dean took caused the floor to creak below him. The placed looked like he needed a woman's touch, dust claimed the house. The walls hung, with heads of animals that had been hunted and stuffed. The house smelled of burning wood, from the fireplace.

Parker walked out of his room, to great them, when he saw Dean. Parker couldn't help but get an erection, at the sight of the hot teenager standing before him.

"Parker, this is John, and Dean Winchester!" Peter introduced.

"'m Dean...I mean John...I mean Parker...shish...Nice to meet you." Parker's red face could have lit a room.

"Parker's not use to company, don't pay him no mind. Parker why don't you show Dean to his room, he'll be staying with you. John and I need to talk, privately." Peter explained.

Dean looked at his father, and when John gave him a nod, Dean reluctantly followed a nervous Parker.

The room they entered wasn't much, for a shack. A run down bed, with a cot set up next to it, with no posters on any walls, no heirlooms, only a beat down dresser, and desk with a missing leg, held up with a phonebook.

Dean couldn't help but notice the cum stained rag, under the side of the bed. He couldn't help but laugh to himself that was second to being caught red handed.

" sleep...on bed if you want?" Parker asked nervously. Dean didn't want to be in that bed, judging from the cum stained rag, he was sure the bed had seen a lot of one man fun, so thought grossed him out.

"No thanks, I'll take the cot. So, are you always this nervous, around people that is?" Dean asked, enjoying the fact that he made Parker so nervous.

" don't get very come through here. that's all." Parker couldn't look Dean into Dean's eyes, and instead lowered them to Dean's crotch. Dean saw this and smirked.

Dean had a devilish side to him, and couldn't help but take advantage of the moment.

Dean started to take off his clothes, while Parker stood there, with his mouth hanging open, unable to move.

Dean slowly lifted his shirt up, revealing the beginnings of a chiseled body. Dean slowly unbuttoned his jeans, and began lowering them, and finally stepping out of them, standing in only his tight red boxer's briefs. He stood there staring at Parker's reddened face and smirked to himself. Dean loved the feeling of control, and he was in completely control of Parker.

Deans limp cock hung down, the right side of his of his thigh. Parker stood there staring at the large lump, unable to move. Parker began taking rapid breaths, his heart pounding in his chest. He wanted so badly to move, to move in front of Dean, fall to his knees, and swallow his limp cock till it turned rock hard in his mouth.

"Catching flies? My eyes are up here, what you staring at would be my cock, you little pervert!" Dean's smirk never left his face, but his eyes bore into Parker intensely.

"'ve...just a...never seen...I mean I've seen...but I mean it''s just so big!" Parker stammered nervously.

Dean turned around, rummaging through his bag pulling out a change of clothes. He slowly took off his boxer briefs, revealing his bubble butt to Parker. Dean bent down, the crack of his ass parting, his low hanging balls swinging between his legs, as he pulled on a fresh pair of boxers, and teasingly slow, got dressed.

"Look all you want, but don't ever think to touch the merchandise, understand?" Dean's voice was filled with authority.

"Yes...yes...I understand...thank you...thank you." Parker nervously wringed his hands.

Dean laughed at him, and then walked out of the room back to join his father, and Peter, with Parker slowly walking behind him.

"It has to be shape shifters Peter, it would explain their strengths." John said.

"Shape shifters, that's easy, a silver bullet through the head or heart will kill them." Dean said as he walked into the room.

"Very good Dean, your father has taught you well. Wish I could say the same for Parker, he's scared of his own shadow." Peter said, as tears began to well in Parker's eyes.

"Peter, not everyone is cut out for this line of work. I have just as much problems with Sam; he hates everything about being a Hunter. I can feel myself losing him, with each day that passes." John said, putting a comforting hand on Parker's shoulder.

"Parker doesn't have a problem so much with being a Hunter; it's that he's to sissy to be a hunter. Isn't that right boy?" Peter asked Parker.

"Y-y-yes d-da-d." Parker stuttered embarrassedly.

"Peter, knock it out, leave the boy alone." John ordered.

"Maybe Dean here can teach Parker, how to be a man, that's all I'm saying John." Peter was relentless, not caring that he was tarring his son apart.

"Peter that's enough, your hurting him more than you're helping him. Sam hates this life, he hates everything about being a Hunter, he hates that a demon killed his mother. I push him hard, and hearing you talk to Parker, you're making me realize what an ass I've been. Dean is a natural as a Hunter, not just because it's in his blood, but because he made the choice himself to fight, to rid the world of Demons. Can we really begrudge our children, if this isn't what they want?" John said, still keeping his hand on Parker's shoulder.

"Maybe your right, but he's all I got, and one of these days he's going to get me killed, because he was too much of a sissy to kill a demon. At least you have a son like Dean, who you know will have your back. The only part of having a back Parker wants, is for some boy to be fucking his! The good for nothing, little queer!" Peter spat on the floor in front of where Parker stood, humiliated. The tears began streaming down Parkers face, he ran out of the house.

"Peter I ought to kick your ass, three ways to Sunday! Don't you understand, I'm trying to tell you Sam hates me, not being a Hunter, he hates me! The rate you're going, Parker is going to hate you, if he doesn't already. I'm going to go talk to him, but you and I are going to have a major talk when I get back, and you will do as I tell you." John lectured him, before turning around and chasing after Parker.

"Dean, you old man is something else, you know that?" Peter asked.

"That I do sir that I do. I also know him well enough to know, that when he threatens someone, he means it. I also know where you're coming from; I know that when I'm with my father Hunting, I know that everything that I love is at stake. That if I make one mistake, it could be the difference between my fathers life, and his death.

Since I was young, and found about us being Hunters, I've done everything to learn, to fight the demons, to save innocent people. I've been diligent in learning everything I can, because I know I'm all he has, I know that Sam will one day leave, the second he gets a chance.

My mother was killed by the Yellow Eyed Demon, and we've sworn vengeance on him. My dad loved my mother more than life itself, and he will never rest till he has the Yellow Eyed Demon's, head on a pike.

Vengeance can be a deadly thing, not just for the one you're after, but the one seeking to give it out. Vengeance can make a person blind, can make a person reckless, and I cannot let my father die, will not.

So I do, and learn everything I can, to make sure he comes home to Sammy and me, every time.

I can't lose him, I won't lose him, it's not an option, neither can Sam, but Sam hates this life, he doesn't understand it, it terrifies him. That doesn't make Sam less than me; it just means that we're two different people.

Parker just needs to understand the seriousness of what it is we're doing, that your life, as well as the lives of the innocent people we're trying to save depend on what we're doing.

I don't envy your situation; Hunting is dangerous enough, without having to worry about your son, or worrying about if your partner has your back.

So let's hope my dad, can talk some sense in Parker, and show him the seriousness of what we do." Dean spoke confidently, not know that Parker was standing outside the door listening to him speak. Parker's blood was boiling; Dean was everything he was not. Dean was everything his father wanted in a Son, and Parker was not. Parker turned around and walked away, not wanting to hear anymore of their conversation.

"Parker's a good kid, and he's my son and I love him. I not only fear that he's going to get me killed, I'm afraid he's going to get himself killed. He's all I have left, and although I don't approve of his life choices, I want him alive, not dead." Peter said passionately.

"If anyone can talk some sense into, it's Dad!" Dean said enthusiastically.


"Parker! Parker wait, I want to talk to you for a minute." John said, finally finding Parker.

"Just leave me alone, go back to your perfect son!" Parker said nastily.

"No can do son, we need to talk. Parker, your dad is hard on you, because he knows the evil that is out there, ready to jump out and kill without a second thought.

He might make it sound like he's worried about himself, but really he's worried about you. I'm a father, I know, everyday I pray that today wont be the day my son's die. It's the same for him, it's just as men we have a problem talking about our feelings, and we have a problem saying the simplest thing, such as I love you.

That's why your father can't come out and tell you, he's afraid for you. That's all it is son, he's just scared your going to get hurt, and he's scared something is going to happen to him, and that you'll be left alone.

I know in your mind it makes sense, even if your heart tells you different. Don't forget he loves you, don't ever forget that. We can all learn a lesson from this, I know I have, I'm going to try and give Sam a break, try to be more excepting of his choices, although I know that it won't be easy. I'm a stubborn SOB, and when it comes to Hunting, I'm afraid I'm blinded by rage.

Just try and be stronger, and try to remember that no matter what your father says, know it truly comes from a place of love for you, and not from a place of hate." John felt good finally being able to comfort Parker, the way he wished he could have comforted the son he gave up, Brody, as well as his sons that were with him.

"No offence sir, I appreciate what your trying to say, but you don't understand. My father hates me because I'm Gay, his only son, the one that has to watch his back, is Gay. He thinks because I'm Gay, I'm going to get him killed. He thinks because I'm Gay, I can never be man enough to get the job done. So forgive me for saying this, but everything you said might be true for your boys, and you.

But for me, my father can't stand to look at my face, because if there is anything he hates, even more than Demons, its Fags!" for the first time in Parker's life he admitted that he was Gay. To a stranger no less, to a man who kills demons, even demons in human bodies. To a stranger that could easily kill him, but nonetheless he confessed his secret to this man. For the first time in his life, Parker felt liberated. He felt like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders, and for the first time since his mother was killed by a demon, he felt like he could finally take a breath of fresh air. He felt free. Tears freely ran down his face, but these were tears of happiness. He felt as if it wasn't John standing in front of him, but as if it was his mother. That she was speaking to him, through John. Parker was finally free.

John gave Parker a manly hug, while parker held on tight to John; he could feel his mother all around him.

"I'm sorry Parker, there is nothing I can do about your father's feelings toward homosexuality, but what I can do is give you my number, and any time you need to talk, just call me." John continued to comfort him.

"My dad will never accept me for who I am, but what you did for me right now, I will never forget. I felt like I was talking to my mother, and for the first time, I feel free. I've never said those words out loud, and I never thought I would, so thank you, thank you for this." Parker said with a smile on his face that could have lit up the world.

Later that night, John and Peter returned, from following the shape shifter. Dean was pacing the kitchen, while Parker openly checked him out.

"Dad! Your okay, what happened? What did you find out?" Dean asked excitedly.

"It's definitely a Shape Shifter, but not just one; it's a nest of them. We're going to have our hands full, because tomorrow night, we destroy the nest." John explained.

"Yes!" Dean shouted excitedly.

"Hold your horse's son; it's not going to be that simple. There are only four of us, there are nine of them. We can't just go in there guns a blazing, we need a plan, and the two of you are going to have to do exactly as I say. The two of you are also going to have to learn to work together, that means your going to have to get along, work as a team.

So get to bed, we have hunting to do tomorrow." John explained.

Dean reluctantly went to bed, with Parker following close behind him.

Parker was all to excited to get another chance at seeing Dean take off his clothes, while Dean was all to glad to show off his body.

Dean found pleasure in the stares of others, not having the normal childhood of going to school, being captain of the football team, basketball team, hell even the swim team. Where he could have showed off his exquisite body, to all those that wanted to admire him.

Dean was confident in his looks, his beautiful blue/green eyes, his perfectly full lips, his sweetly full bubble butt, his six back abs, and the forming of his muscular body.

So there was nothing he enjoyed more, then the stares of others, woman or men. It wasn't because he was full of himself, but it somehow put away the sadness of what he missed out being a regular kid in school. So Dean had to make a choice, feel sorry for missing out on school, and all that it could have offered him, or accepting his responsibility to being a Hunter, and just using his looks to seek the fun he was missing out on, allowing him to still feel like a kid, as well as living up to the standards his father has set.

Dean began to take off his clothes, only this time he remained staring at Parker. A wicked grin on Dean's face, enjoying the frustration growing within Parker. Parker's mouth hung wide open, as drool began to slide down the corner of his mouth. Dean began to unbutton his jeans, slowly pulling his pants down, revealing the huge lump in his boxer briefs. Parker fell to his knees, inching his way closer to Dean. Dean pulled off his underwear, allowing his eight inch flaccid cock to hang down, on his low hanging balls. Parker crawled the rest of the distance, and found himself face to face with Dean's cock.

Dean looked down, and with a wave of his finger, telling Parker NO, Parker froze in place, longing to just swallow his cock.

"I sleep in the buff, don't get any ideas. I've already told you, you can look, but don't even think about touching. For I wouldn't let you touch me, to scratch me." Dean said, turning around and heading towards his bed. Parker remained on his knees, feelings of anger, and lust filling his entire being.

Dean lay atop the covers, since the room was already hot enough. He absentmindedly fumbled with his cock, while Parker finally removed himself from the floor and sat on his bed. The moonlight shown through the window, cascading on Dean's body. To Parker he looked like an Adonis, but at the same time his own personal demon comes to torture him.

Suddenly the voices of Peter and John could be heard arguing, from the next room. Both Parker and Dean listened intently.

"John, don't you realize, Sam is infected with Demon blood. The Yellow Eyed Demon fed him his blood. To what purpose you don't know, know of us know. The one thing you can bank on is that Sam is a danger to you, and everyone else. When the time comes, the demon will come for Sam, and he will have full control over him." Peter argued.

"Peter, he's my son. I won't kill him, not when we don't know the effect of the blood will do to him. Not when he don't know if Mary stopped it, before Sammy drank enough blood to be damaged.

You know what we did with our other, with the other one. I won't lose Sam; I'll do whatever it takes to protect him. I won't let the demon find him; I won't let them turn him into a monster. I'll save him, if it's the last thing I do." John said.

"I know what Mary, and you have lost, I know what you've given up, and I know that's it's killed the both of you. But you need to be prepared to do, whatever it takes when the time comes. Because the day will come when the demon will come after Sam, and he gets him, well let's just say, you know what the prophecy says. You know what will happen, how they'll use Sam, and what Sam is the key to. It will be the end of the world as we know it, and no one will be fine." Peter said.

Both Dean and Parker, sat there stunned at what they were listening too, but unable to speak. Silence fell in the next room; Dean tried to wrap his head around what he had just heard. Too many questions filling up his mind, what did his mother and father give up that killed them to do? What did was his father mean by, `you know what we did with our other, with the other one.' who was he talking about. Too many questions, and not enough answers. Dean know all to well, asking his father about this, would be like talking to a brick wall, his father only answered questions he wanted to answer, and never gave more than what he felt was enough.

Dean finally drifted off to sleep, while Parker sat staring at his body, in the moonlight. Parker was filled with rage, as well as lust. His rage came from the conversation he overheard, his dad had the nerve to preach all there was about being a Hunter, being a man, and protecting innocent people. Yet here he stood, protecting John's demon son, while Parker's father hated him just for his orientation. What kind of double standard is this, allowing a demon, like the one that took his mother away to live, while he couldn't stand to look Parker in the eye, because he's Gay.

Parker was filled with anger, his blood boiled. He wanted some kind of justice, revenge. He turned back to look at Dean, just who does he think he is, showing off his body, his cock, knowing I was lusting after him. Just another person who thought nothing more of Parker, like he was the dirt beneath their feet.

A thought formed in his head, a way to seek his own pleasure, do something evil to Dean.

He grabbed his cell phone, and turned on the camera part of the phone.

He listened intently to Dean's breathing, making sure he was in a dead sleep. Parker lightly crawled over to Dean's bed, Dean had made it easy enough, sleeping naked onto of the covers.

Parker lightly ran his fingers over Dean's cock; it lightly stirred, under the touch of his fingers. Parker listened closely to Dean's breathing, making sure he remained sleeping. Parker grabbed Dean's cock and held it pointed towards his face, at the same time holding the camera phone ready to snap the shot needed. The feel of Dean's cock growing thicker, longer, in his hands.

Parker could no longer resist, he slid it into his mouth, and began swallowing, as he worked his mouth up and down the lengthening cock, soft moans escaped Dean's lips, but Parker made sure he was still asleep.

He began working Dean's cock, harder and faster, searching for the release he wanted to capture on camera. Dean began moaning louder, showing Parker, Dean was close to shooting his load.

Parker used every trick he new, to work Dean's cock, seeking his load out. Dean began to thrust his hip up, forcing more of his cock into Parkers mouth.

When finally Parker could feel Dean's cock throbbing, he knew any second now Dean was going to explode.

He brought the camera phone up, and to record, and finally Dean began to explode, Parker kept his mouth opened, allowing the loud to shoot inside his mouth, and be caught on video, before he went back to swallowing Dean's cock, working out the rest of his sweet load.

Suddenly Dean woke up, looking down at the site underneath him. Anger flared through ever fiber of his being, he couldn't believe Parker would stoop to such a low level. He jumped from his cot in a rage, grabbing Parker by the collar of his shirt, and began beating him.

"You sick mother fucker! How could you do something like that, are you that much of a sick pervert that you'd seek so low to swallowing someone's cock while they were sleeping? What you can't get a man while they're awake; you have to resort to this! I'm going to kill you, you sick bastard!" Dean shouted.

Dean began beating Parker to a bloody pulp, before his father, and Peter came barging in the room. John grabbed an angry Dean, holding him back as he tried to get back to beating Parker.

"What's going on here, Dean? Why are you beating Parker?" John asked.

"That sick little fuck! I should kill him; I woke up to catch him giving me a blow job! He waited till I was asleep, and then took advantage of me. What kind of lowlife would do something like that, you better stay away from me punk, or I swear I'll kill you!" Dean shouted angrily.

"Parker, I have never felt such disgust, such disappointment, I'm so ashamed of you, and I have no respect for you! This is the last straw; I can't even look at you anymore. My son is dead, do you hear me, and you're dead to me!" Peter yelled at Parker.

"That's right dad, I'm dead to you. John's willing to love his demon son, while you say your gay son is dead to you! I thought Hunters lived by a code, it looks more to me like you live by your own rules that you make up as you go alone. I can't be dead to you, because the way I see it, you've been dead to me my whole life. Since mom was killed by a demon, a demon like Sam Winchester, you stopped being a father to me. The day mom died, you died along with her!" Parker shouted, before running out of the house in tears.

"Dean, I'm so sorry for what Parker did to you, I had no idea he would do such a horrid thing. Can you ever forgive me?" Peter asked.

"It's not your fault Peter, and I'm sorry if I got carried away. It was just a shock to wake up, and find Parker doing what he was doing. I lost control; I should have just shoved him away. I shouldn't have hit him like that, forgive me please?" Dean asked.

"I don't blame you Dean; if it was me, I would have done the same thing, hit first, ask questions later." Peter answered.

"Sir, it's just that Parker has issues, people don't just do those types of things for no reason. He's dealing with his own person demons, and I think he needs your help to work through them. I'm just saying, we say and do things in anger, but I hope you can find it within yourself to work things out with him, and help him deal with all his anger." Dean pleaded.

"John, you raised a wise young man here, you're very lucky to have someone like Dean around. Dean, I promise you I will think about what you said, and see if I can't help my son work through his issues." Peter said, turning and heading out to search for Parker.

(This part of the story is not being told by Parker, to Sam and Brody. But for the purpose of understanding things as the reader, I had to include this scene for you. I hope you understand, and if you don't feel free to email me and ask any questions. Thanks..Mouudy)

"Dean, son, its moments like this, that you remind me of your mother so much. I really am proud of you, and I really am sorry you had to go through that. I at least hope the blow job was worth it, no teeth at least." John laughed, trying to lighten the mood. Despite himself, Dean laughed too.

"Thanks a lot Dad, you always know how to ruin a sweet moment, with a crude comment. I like reminding you of mom, so I'm glad you said that. But did you really have to remind me that, I just got a blow job from a guy, which if we're being honest was the first blow job in over a year, so at least I was asleep and was imagining it was a woman." Dean laughed, as well as John, before John hugged him.

"I love you son, I'm sorry, I know I don't talk about you mother much, its hard. But you do remind me of her, more than you could ever know. I know I don't say it enough, and maybe I should start. I loved her, and love you boys, and everything I do, I do it in her memory. I know your lives haven't been easy, I know I push you guys in ways that seem harsh, but you have to understand, I do everything I do, to make sure the two of you live, and will have a chance at a long life. I don't want what happened to your mother, to ever happen to the two of you. I might seem like a dick, but know I do it because I love you, I love you both more than words." John said passionately.

"Dad, please answer this, can you tell me, what were you and Peter talking about earlier. What were you guys talking about, when you were talking about Sam?" Dean asked, with pleading eyes.

"Dean, that's a hard one, one I had hoped to never have to say. The Yellow Eyed Demon, that killed your mother, killed her for a reason. When your mother and I were younger, right when I had asked her to marry me, Yellow eyes came to us, and he killed me. Snapped my neck, before you mother could do anything.

He told her, if she was willing to make a deal with him, he would bring me back to life.

Your mother knew better than to make that deal, but she was so in love with me, the same way I was so in love with her. He told her, he would come to her one day, and he would collect something, something precious to her. He told her, if she would not interfere, he would bring me back to life.

I don't envy the position she was in, and she did the only thing she could, she said yes. The Yellow Eyed Demon, wanted your mother, she was something special to him. He wanted her just as much as he wanted to collect what at the time we didn't know, was Sam. He felt she was special, he had plans for her, what he wasn't counting on, was the love of a mother.

Mary heard someone in Sam's room; she woke from a deep sleep. She came to look for me; I was passed out on the couch. She heard Sam scream, and instead of getting me, she ran to check on Sam, yelling the whole time. She ran into Sam's room, and he turned and looked at her. He held out his hand freezing her where she stood, and told her, I told you I would come to collect. We had a deal; you cannot go back on it now.

He drained his blood into Sam's mouth, and your mother fought his grip on her, and ran to attack him. He waved his hand, flinging her to the ceiling and holding her in place.

He told her how he didn't want to hurt her, how special she was to him, how much he'd never wanted anyone more than he wanted her. But he had his orders, and he couldn't fail, to fail would mean eternal suffering for him. That as much as he hated to do this, Sam was what was needed, she got away with one thing that he could let slide, but this time, much as he didn't want to, he had to kill her.

The rest you know. I'm sorry I never told you before, but I wanted to protect you, so I thought it was best not to say." Tears streamed down John's cheeks, the same with Dean. As mad as Dean was, he understood his father, like he'd never understood him before.

He grabbed his father and cried into his chest, bonding with him like he had never before.

It was the most profound moment in Dean's life, but John couldn't let Dean know the truth; he couldn't endanger the many people who knew the secret, the secret about Brody. He hoped the questions would end there, but Dean pushed back to ask one more question.

"Dad, you and Peter said something about another, about losing another. Peter said something about he knew what you and Mary lost, and how much it's killed you. What was he talk about, and please dad, don't lie to me. Please dad, trust me, I can handle it, whatever you have to say." Dean begged.

"Dean, you have another brother, a younger brother. The Yellow Eyed Demon got to him, through your mothers womb, he fed his blood for 9 months. Your mother and I had one choice, we had to decide to keep him, and take the chance that the demons would be after him, to their own purposes, purposes that will destroy the world. I'm talking about the end of days. We had one choice, save him, give him a chance at being raised by good, God fearing people, who will teach him to be a great man. That would be the only chance he would have, at fighting against the demons that will come for him. If he stayed with us, he would have been raised killing demons, knowing the loss of his mother, and have a hunger for the kill. That's the most dangerous thing we could have ever thought, if he tasted that, when the time comes and he has to make a choice, to do the right thing, the only way he'd be able to make that choice is being raised in a family, that taught him family values, gave him love, and understanding, taught him compassion, taught him to be a good man.

They would give him the tools to help him when the time comes, to help him be strong enough to fight whatever the Yellow Eyed Demon did to him. It was the only way, and it's killed us, I think about him everyday, wondering if he's okay, is he happy.

I think about all that he's missing not knowing his two brothers, the two greatest young men, I'm proud to call my sons. I know this is a lot, but I hope you can forgive me, and I hope you can understand why we had to do it, why we had to keep him safe.

I hope you will agree with what we done, to keep all of us safe." John explained.

Dean's felt like he was going to throw up, his whole world crashing in on him. He had a brother, and knew nothing about him.

But his father's last statement weighed heavy on Dean's heart, and Dean couldn't let his father see the anger he felt. He felt his fathers pain as well, the loss, after loss he's had to endure.

"Dad, I want to be angry, I want to yell, and scream. I want to know who my brother is, I want to go to him and find him, and tell him he has people, if he's not happy were he is.

But I understand, I know some of the things you do, you do them to save the lives of the ones you love, while the whole time they're eating away at your insides. That your pain is more than I could ever imagine, all the loss you feel, all that you have had to sacrifice in the name of family. You don't ever have to ask my forgiveness, but from this moment on, I hope we've grown, I hope you've learned that you can trust me with anything and everything. I hope you finally know you can trust me, and that maybe if you keep letting me in, I can help you with the burden you carry." Dean's voice was filled with pain, and sincerity.

"Dean, I do trust you, I trust you with my life. I couldn't tell you, it's the only way to keep you, and everyone that knows safe. A lot of people risked everything to help Mary, and I save your brother. I couldn't take the chance with their lives, after everything they did to help us. I had to keep Sam and you safe, and there isn't anything I wouldn't do to protect my family.

I feel so honored that you've become a man, that I can trust you, and know that you are big enough to forgive a foolish man, for doing what he thought was right, to save his family. I love you Dean and I'll never forget this moment for as long as I live. I love you." John said, hugging Dean for all he was worth.

John pulled a ring out of his pocket, and grabbed Dean's hand.

"This is for you son, it's been your Hunters family, handed down for centuries. Today is a day that I believe this belongs to you now. Don't ever take it off, no matter what." John said.

"Thank you dad, I'll never, ever, take it off. This means more to me, than you'll ever know." Dean said.

He held out his finger, and his father put it on. Dean's eyes glowed blue and he suddenly felt dizzy, John grabbed onto him.

"Dean! Dean, are you alright?" John asked.

"Yeah, sorry, I don't know what happened. What were we talking about?" Dean asked.

"What do you remember last?" John asked.

"We were driving to come see your friend, Peter. Is that where we're at, are we here? I don't understand, maybe I'm just over tired." Dean said.

"That's probably it, don't worry about it. Come on, get your stuff, we need to get out of here." John said.

Without a second thought, Dean collected his belongings and got in the car.

Picking up his phone, John called Peter, before he entered the car.

"Peter, I've got to take Dean and get out of here. I'm going to put him up in a hotel, and I'll be back by morning. The plan is still on, but I can't have Dean be apart of this. So, I'll see you in the morning." John said before hanging up the phone, and getting in the car.

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The Next Morning-

John left Dean sleeping, and went to meet Peter, armed and ready...

Peter came outside, upon hearing John's car.

"For a second there I thought you weren't gong to come." Peter said.

"I'm sorry we had to leave, but Dean learned more than he should have, he heard us talking and asked too many questions. I put the ring on him, to make him forget everything. What about Parker, did you find him, and talk to him?" John asked.

"I did, he's still angry as all hell, but he's still going to help us." Peter answered.

"I'm sorry Peter, I know what its like, and it's never easy when it comes to your kids." John said.

Parker came out, carrying a bag of arsenal, loading it into the truck. He never spoke a word, and looked down, although his face was filled with rage and anger.

Parker felt such rage for how his father embarrassed him, and rage towards Dean, and the problems he caused, just to turn around and leave. John Winchester might have tried to comfort him, but how could a man harboring a demon son. Not only that he loved his demon son, while Parkers father, hated him for being gay.

"Remember, a bullet in the head, or chest that's the only way to kill them. Don't hesitate, if you have the chance take the shot. We need to get in, and out of there, as quickly as possible. If they back us against a wall, we're dead, if they surround us, we're dead." John ordered.

"Parker, this is serious, we're one man down, and it's up to us. Keep your head in the game. For once do as your told, try not to screw up." Peter said.

"That's me, the big screw up. I'll try not to get you two killed, if I'm feeling up to it!" Parker said sarcastically.

"Parker, I'm not in the mood for your bullshit right now, you've already put all of us at risk." Peter said angrily.

"Why, cause I scared mister big shot himself, Dean Winchester?" Parker shot back.

"What you did was sick, wrong, grossly disturbed. I can't stand to look at you right now, so why in the world would you think Dean, would want to look at you again?" Peter asked heatedly.

"Look, enough, both of you. Dean isn't here, because I wouldn't allow it. Not because of Parker, not because of what happened, but because of me. Just forget all about Dean, we have a mission, and we're going to follow through with it, and we're all coming out of this alive." John said.

"John, I have a bad feeling about this, I mean at least with Dean, we stood a chance. Now...well, now I just have a bad feeling." Peter said.

"Don't worry PETER; I'll do what needs to be done. I'll take care of what your precious Dean, the son you wish you had." Parker sarcastically reassured him.

They arrived outside a run down farm house, keeping well hidden from sight.

John signaled that he would was going to do a perimeter search, and left. Parker and Peter pulled out all the artillery, making sure they were all filled with silver bullets. By the time the finished John had returned.

"Their all in there, all nine of them. They're feeding, on some bodies. Now's our chance, they'll be so occupied, they wont hear us coming. It's not or never, Peter you take the south entrance, Parker the north; I'll take the front door. I'll say this one more time, shoot first, and ask questions later. They out number us, and we've only have one chance. So let's make it count, shall we?" John order, more than he meant the last part to be a question. Inside John, wished that Dean could have been here, he would have felt safer knowing Dean had his back. He knew he couldn't count on Parker, the way he could with Dean.

"Since Dean's not here, my back wont be covered, so I know I don't have to remind you Parker, the sooner you get in and kill the Shape Shifters, the sooner you can have my back." Peter said bitterly.

"Whatever Peter, I'll show you what I can really do, and why Dean would never have had your back the way I can!" Parker said, as he was on the verge of exploding.

They each went their separate ways, carrying their arsenal. After each one arrived at the door they would break into, there was no turning back.

John busted the door in, he ran into the room, filled with nine Shape Shifters, feeding on two bodies lying on the floor. Panic filled John, as he realized they walked into a trap. There was only supposed to be nine of them, and he saw others in each of the other rooms. If he was facing nine, how many were the others facing?

John had no time to waste; he had to take out these nine to back up the others. John held up his two Magnums and began shouting. Since, the Shape Shifters were caught off guard; John was able to gun down four of them before they had a chance to move.

The five others ran towards John, with seconds to spare, John jumped out of the way, taking down two more. Before he could, shoot another one, a Shape Shifter came up behind him and threw him clear across the room, crashing through a glass table. A large gash across his head, along with cuts up and down his arms. John knew he had to move quickly, a feeling of dizziness was washing over him.

John turned over quickly, as he was about to be jumped by one, John raised his gun, and shot him in the head.

The last two left, grabbed John from behind, lifting him up and throwing him up against the wall. John kicked his legs up, kicking them in the nuts. As they slouched over, with John's now free hands, he pointed the guns at the back of their heads, and blew their brains out.

With all nine dead, John made his way to help out the others.

Parker broke threw his door, to find three Shape Shifters feeding on a human body. A smile grew on Parker's face, while he thought to himself, I'll just pretend they're all Dean, this wont be that hard.

"Hey Asshole! Its Avon calling!" Parker said while laughing. He pointed his gun, and began shooting, killing the three Shape Shifters. Shooting them in the head, and chest, laughing the whole time.

"I'd like to have seen Dean do that." Parker said to himself.

He left the room, seeking out his father.

Peter was being held by two demons, against the wall.

"You have two seconds to talk, before my friends come and kill you, so speak." Peter demanded.

"This information will cost you, our freedom." the demon said.

"If it's worth it, agreed." Peter said.

"Oh it is, for you as a Hunter that is. The man you're working with, John Winchester, is protecting the key to the destruction of this world." the demon started.

"I don't get it, isn't that what you want as demons?" Peter asked.

"No, no it's not. If this world is destroyed, then we will be destroyed with it." the demon answered.

"Alright, go on then I'm listening." Peter said.

"His sons have demon blood flowing through them, the reason being that Azazel has plans for them. Plans to use them, to bring about the end of days. If they aren't stopped, we all die. Lucifer will rise, and the end of the world will be upon us." the demon explained.

"I know about the blood, but what makes you think that Azazel is planning to destroy the world?" Peter asked.

"We know things, demons talk in small circles, we know of the prophesies. The Winchester's, are the key to the destruction of this world, believe it or not. John Winchester knows, that's why he's done the things he's done, to try and divert the prophesies. Giving up his son, his third child. Why, he pushes Sam away, hoping to get him out of this life, before Sam can go down the path that will lead him, to break the final seal, releasing Lucifer. I know you don't believe me, but I also know that things are starting to add up in your head. Seek out this information, and you will find all you need to know we speak the truth. Now, we've told you, it's time for you to keep up your end of the bargain." the demon said.

As Parker made it to the room his father was in, He wasn't ready to see what he found waiting for him in the next room, for four Shape Shifters stood naked, two of them holding his father against the wall, while one of them lay dead on the ground.

One of the Shape Shifters jumped toward him, just as John came running into the room. John shot the demon in the head, just as he was about to grab Parker.

Another Shape Shifter jumped on John, bringing him down to the floor, rolling with him. Parker ran towards his father, pulled his gun out on the two, and was ready to shoot.

"You made a deal, you lied; now you will die!" The demon told Peter.

Parker stood dumbfounded, as one of the demons grabbed Parkers hand, and the struggled with the gun. The Demon holding Peter spun him around sending Peter flying into the wall face first. As Peter hit the wall, Parker was trying to get his gun hand free of the demons hold, when the gun went off, shooting Peter in his back, hitting him right in the spine. Peter fell to the floor. Parker stood there, his face pale white. He thought to himself, this was his entire fault, and now he shot his father.

John knocked the demon off of him, shot him in the head killing him. Then ran to Parker, as the last Shape Shifter lunged for him, John shot him in the head killing him.

"Parker lets move, we've got to get your father to a hospital!" John shouted.

Parker finally was able to move his feet, and helped John get him back to the car.


Day's Later-

The Hospital-

"I'm sorry Peter, if I'd only known there were more than nine; I'd never have taken us in." John's voice was filled with sadness.

"You couldn't have known John, and it was me who asked you for help, remember?" Peter said.

"Peter, if you need anything, anything at all you know how to get a hold of me. I'm sorry, but I have to get back to Sam." John explained.

"I John, don't worry about me, I'll be alright. Take care of yourself John, watch your back." Peter said.

"You too old buddy, you too." John said as he walked out the door.

"Dad, I'm so sorry, if I'd have moved sooner, you'd still be able to walk." Parker said.

"Forget it about Parker; we have more important things to talk about." Peter said, looking more serious than Parker had ever seen him.

"What is it dad?" Parker asked.

"The Winchester's, they need to be stopped. You're the only one that's going to be able to do it, after everything you've done to me, you owe me. My last wish to you is that you kill the children of John Winchester!" Peter started into his son's eyes, making a pact with him, with unspoken words.

Parker, was suddenly filled with happiness, he hated Dean. He wanted to make him pay, and now is father was ordering him to kill him. He felt it was his birthday.

"Are you going to tell me why?" Parker asked.

"I'm going to tell you a story, and you need to listen to every word I say. Then I have a mission for you, your going to have to retrieve a prophesy, that will explain everything to you. Now, sit down, and get ready to hear a mind blowing story." Peter said, with a glint in his eyes.

Parker sat with a smile on his face, this was the greatest moment of his life.

End Flashback-

"So now you know the story. Now you know why I hate Dean so much, why I hate the Winchester family. Why it's my duty to fulfill the promise I made my father, so long ago." Parker said.

"You really are pathetic, do you know that. You suck Dean's cock while he's sleeping, take advantage of him, and wind up getting caught, and somehow you think you're justified in wanting revenge on him? Are you deranged?" Brody asked.

"He teased me, made me want him, and flaunted his body, tempting me. He wanted me to do it, and then beat the crap out of me for giving him, exactly what he wanted.

Embarrassed me in front of his father, and mine. Then chickened out of helping us kill those demons, because he's a demon lover, and what happens, my father gets put in a wheelchair because of him. Your family took away everything from us, your father didn't even show up when my dad begged him to help save my mom, no, he was to busy taking care of one of his bastard children.

I'm going to make Dean pay; I'm going to use his body for my pleasure, before I gut him alive. The two of you are going to watch, and then your next.

I'll save the world, while getting revenge for everything you Winchester's took from me, and did to me." Parker shouted, as he began beating Sam, while Angelo beat up Brody.

"What do you mean he wouldn't help your mom, because he was busy? You never said anything about that before?" Brody asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know? That's something I can't tell you, my father made a pact, and because of it, I'm bound by it too. I know the Winchester secret, and that's a pleasure I get to keep, that no amount of beatings, or using your body's for my sexual pleasures could ever top. It's probably the most important secret, you'd ever wish to know, and now your all going to die, before you ever find out." Parker laughed.

Sam and Brody looked at each other, confused, and curious beyond words.

"You won't get away with this, I promised you I would hear your scream before you died. I intend to keep that promise." Sam said confidently.

"And as for me, I'm going to make you regret the day; you laid a finger on Sam. I going to strip this skin off your body, for all the lurid things you've done to him. Plus, I won't let you touch a hair on Dean's head. I'll break everyone of your fingers, and feed them to you; before I let you harm him. I'll gauge out your eyes, before I even let you look at him again. You may have me now, but you can't begin to comprehend the power I have inside, and when I unleash it, I'm sending you on a one way ticket to hell!" Brody voice was filled with rage, his eyes turning a bright red.

"Must be hard Brody, being in love with brothers, not knowing which one you want more, not understand what being with either of them would really mean. Not knowing, what would have happened if you had lived long enough to have sex with either of them, just to find out the truth in the end? You should really be thanking me, for saving you from the horrific nature of what you would have done. You should kiss my feet, for killing you before you had your heart ripped out, knowing the real truth, the real reason why it can never be, why they will never love you.

They're going to hate you, they're going to hate you so much, that they`re going to cast you out, like the dog you are, they`re going to leave you broken, and alone, and you`d have been wishing for death, or rather they would have, but you'll all be dead, before ever know the truth.

I'm your savior, see you remind me of myself, when I was younger, so stupid, and blind. Thinking anything was possible, thinking love was a real thing, meant for everybody. Dean used me, turned me on, got me to suck his cock, and shot his load in my mouth, just to making me feel like a whore.

But you, once you would have had sex with either of them, they were going to do far worse things to you, than you could have ever imagined. You think you lost everything, losing you parents, and your life. You would truly find out what losing everything means, if you had, had sex with them, and then the truth came out." Parker laughed, thinking of the secret he knew.

"I'm nothing like you; you're a sick, twisted, deranged psycho. You stood by, staring at the sight of naked men, while your father got shot. You're probably the reason your mother was killed, yeah, that's right, you probably brought a demon into your house, just so you could be his whore, and then he killed your mother. You love to take advantage of people, but only when you know their tied up, or asleep. Because your too damn ugly, to damn sick in the head, to get someone willingly. Why your own father couldn't even love you, I bet your mother didn't love you either. You don't even know what it means's to be loved, and you never will. You don't even love yourself." Brody shouted.

Parker, spun kicked me in the chest, sending me flying against the back wall. I had purposely angered him, looking for one strong push, to release me from the chains I already loosened. I had to save Sam, and I had to do before Dean found us, I didn't know how I was going to do, I just knew I needed to, and that I was counting on my powers to kick it, as they always seemed to when Sam, or Dean's lives were being threatened.

"Angelo, get him you fool!" Parker screamed.

Outside the abandon warehouse-

Dean, Angeline, Jo, Andy and Ellen pulled up.

"You sure this is the place?" Dean asked.

"I can feel them, they're inside. Brody's in trouble, I can sense Angelo using his powers on him." Angeline said.

"Come on, we've got to hurry." Dean said getting out of the car.

As they got out of the car, Ruben walked up.

"Took you long enough!" Ruben said.

Dean grabbed him, spun him around slamming him against the car, holding Ruben's knife to his throat.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you, right here, right now?" Dean asked angrily.

"Because you're going to need my help to save Sam, and Brody! I wasn't gong to waste time arguing with you, back at the Roadhouse. I took off, to find out where they were being held. I was told you were on your way, so I waited." Ruben answered quickly.

"Dean, we need him! Angelo has a lot of firepower, and we don't know what else Parker has up his sleeve." Angeline said.

"If Sam or Brody gets killed, I'm going to hunt you down, and skin you ass alive Ruben. Do I make myself clear?" Dean asked, still holding the knife to his throat.

"Crystal clear! Now, if you'll let me go, I've found a way in." Ruben said.

"Fine let's go." Dean said. I'm coming Sammy, Brody, just hang on a few seconds longer. I won't let anything happen to you two. I love you, I love you both. What's happening to me? I just said I love Brody? Dean thought, as they followed Ruben.