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Supernatural Boys




Chapter 9- Darkness and Light--Life and Death--Child of Light--Or--Child of Darkness



Previously On Supernatural Boys


"I'm nothing like you; you're a sick, twisted, deranged psycho. You stood by, staring at the sight of naked men, while your father was shot. You're probably the reason your mother was killed, yeah, that's right, you probably brought a demon into your house, just so you could be his whore, and then he killed your mother. You love to take advantage of people, but only when you know their tied up, or asleep. Because your too damn ugly, to damn sick in the head, to get someone willingly. Why your own father could not even love you, I bet your mother did not love you either. You do not even know what it means to be loved, and you never will. You don't even love yourself." Brody shouted.

Parker, spun kicked me in the chest, sending me flying against the back wall. I had purposely angered him, looking for one strong push, to release me from the chains I already loosened. I had to save Sam, and I had to do before Dean found us, I didn't know how I was going to do, I just knew I needed to, and that I was counting on my powers to kick it, as they always seemed to when Sam, or Dean's lives were being threatened.

"Angelo, get him you fool!" Parker screamed.

Outside the abandon warehouse-

Dean, Angeline, Jo, Andy and Ellen pulled up.

"You sure this is the place?" Dean asked.

"I can feel them, they're inside. Brody's in trouble, I can sense Angelo using his powers on him." Angeline said.

"Come on, we've got to hurry." Dean said getting out of the car.

As they got out of the car, Ruben walked up.

"Took you long enough!" Ruben said.

Dean grabbed him, spun him around slamming him against the car, holding Ruben's knife to his throat.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you, right here, right now?" Dean asked angrily.

"Because you're going to need my help to save Sam, and Brody! I was not gong to waste time arguing with you, back at the Roadhouse. I took off, to find out where they were being held. I was told you were on your way, so I waited." Ruben answered quickly.

"Dean, we need him! Angelo has a lot of firepower, and we don't know what else Parker has up his sleeve." Angeline said.

"If Sam or Brody gets killed, I'm going to hunt you down, and skin you ass alive Ruben. Do I make myself clear?" Dean asked, still holding the knife to his throat.

"Crystal clear! Now, if you'll let me go, I've found a way in." Ruben said.

"Fine let's go." Dean said. I am coming Sammy, Brody, just hang on a few seconds longer. I will not let anything happen to you two. I love you, I love you both. What is happening to me? I just said I love Brody. Dean thought, as they followed Ruben.


Now On Supernatural Boys-


My head hit the wall, harder than I expected. I began seeing spots, and knew I had to fight to stand consciousness. My head throbbed so hard, it felt like a jackhammer was being used inside my brain. Angelo was light on his feet, and heading my direction, while Parker was moving closer to Sam.

It was time to use what my birthparents and Angeline were trying to teach me. Focus on positive, happy, thoughts. The thought of them, my real parents, meeting them. Hold on to that, and take the strength that usually came from a place of rage, and instead used the happy thought to control my power. I did not know for sure, but maybe I would be even stronger, using positive energy, rather than rage filled energy.

I focused on the look in my mothers eyes, my eyes, her touch, her feel, his touch his soft words, as well as his warning to protect Sam and Dean.

That is what I was going to do, even if it killed me.

I pulled the vision into my mind, and began to let the strength flow through me. I could feel a different kind of power flowing through me; I could see a white light glowing from every part of my body.

I was being raised from the ground, floating in air, a power unlike the one I was used to from the rage, which usually trigged my powers.

Parker had reached Sam, and began slicing a knife across his chest, while he stared at me laughing, the whole time

I fought the rage, and held onto the beauty, and peace of my real parents.

The light around me brighten into a blinding light, the powers full force was at my will, and command I unleashed a lightning bolt at Angelo, sending him crashing into the wall 30 feet behind him.

"Angelo, get up, kill him! Damn you kill him! Men! Men, get in here right now, one of the demons has escaped!" Parker shouted, cutting more of Sam's chest, draining him of blood. Sam's face was completely ashen, ghost like, as the blood drained from him.

"'m going to die...just escape, save yourself! Save Dean. Please!" Sam struggled to speak.

"Brody, you have no power over me, I will enjoy crushing you, draining the blood from you body, and drinking it absorbing your powers." Angelo said, as got up and dusted himself off.

"Bring it on player, bring it on!" I said cockily.

"Kill him Angelo! Just kill him! While I destroy, what means more to Dean than anything, on the face of the planet, since he does not know he will be losing more than he could have ever dreamed of, with both Sam, and Brody dead. Vengeance shall be mine, I can feel Dean getting nearer, kill them, kill them all you fools!" Parker screamed.

"Your turn is next Parker, don't go too far!" I said.

With a smile on his face, Angelo came towards me, beginning to float up to be level with me. His eyes were black, while my green eyes glowed showering the room with lights of emerald green, and the white light emanating from my body.

He held up his hands sending black lightning at me, hitting me in the stomach, the black lightning went straight through my body. It knocked me to the ground; I could feel the blood flowing out of me, the pain that should have been killing me, was doing absolutely nothing. I felt nothing; my power was the only thing I felt.

" BRODY!" Sam screamed, between sobs.

"That's it slave, please your Master, destroy him!" Parker shouted.

Parker drove a knife through Sam's side, cause him to scream out in pain. Blood began draining from his wound, slowly.

"I don't want you to die just yet, I need you awake for when your brother arrives. I want him to witness your death, and the death of your other br..."Parker almost said brother, but Dean and the others walked into the room at the same time, stopping Parker from saying another word.

"Well, well, well, this party just got a whole lot more interesting. Kill them all, but leave Dean to me!" Parker orders the men.

I held out my hand, sending Angelo flying through the ceiling of the warehouse. I raised myself back into the air, as gunshots began shooting; Parkers men began shooting at Angeline, Ellen, Jo and Andy.

With just a thought, I raised the guns out of their hands, they looked around in shock. I lifted them up in the air, spinning them in a vortex. I could hear their screams, as they spun faster and faster.

"Brody, don't do it, don't kill them! Do not become the monster, which is what they want. Once you do, they'll have control over you!" Angeline shouted.

"I don't intend to kill them Child, I only intend, to round them all up, and make them forget everything Parker has brainwashed them with." my voice was calmed, filled with a knowledge of my power I never had before.

I spun them around, faster and faster, taking from their minds all that Parker had filled them with. When I could feel that I had taken enough from them I fed them new memories, memories that Dean, Sam and I, were true Hunters, that Parker was the real threat, the real Demon. I left a message within them, that anyone of the others Parker brainwashed, that they came in contact with, a spell would be released, and they would have the same memories I gave these men.

Dean moved in front of Parker, Ruben's knife at the ready, held out in front of him.

"I don't think so Dean, one small step closer, and your already dying brother will not be able to speak final words to you. Do not look at me like that, you brought this all upon yourself, you started this war, the day you came in to my life, and took everything away from me. Now it is my turn, you reap what you sew. You killed my family, now I kill yours. Angelo, its time, release your full fury on Brody; kill one of the two most valuable things to Dean." Parker said angrily.

"Brody look out!" Dean shouted, causing Parker to turn. Dean jumped Parker, and they rolled to the floor, Ruben's knife flying into the air in front of them

They began fighting, tumbling over each other on the ground. Parker pulled out a short blade, and jammed it into the right side of Dean's chest. Parker twisted it, while Dean howled in pain. Parker threw Dean off him, and then straddled him, sitting his ass to Dean's cock.

I went to make a move, but Angelo floated back into the room, dark lights dancing all around him. As if Parkers words, released the full fury of Angelo's powers.

Ellen and the rest of them started to run towards Dean, and Sam. Angelo Turned his left, sending them all flying against the wall, frozen five feet above the ground, unable to move.

"Angelo, don't do this. Parker is controlling you, this is not who you are. Look at me, I am your sister, remember me. Remember everything we have been through, remember how we took care of one another. Please Angelo; fight Parker's control over you!" She begged.

"An-Angeline?" Angelo said, as she was breaking through to him.

"No, Angelo is mine, you are my slave, and you belong to me! Kill them; kill them all, I command you!" Parker shouted.

Parker began wailing on Dean, stabbing him again in the gut.

When Parker spoke, I saw a medallion on Angelo's chest glow. I realized Parker was controlling him, through the amulet.

Sam was losing consciousness, while a pool of blood formed beneath him. Dean was in no shape to fight off Parker, the damage had already been done. However, Dean, was not a quitter, he continued to fight Parker, with everything he had left in him. He got Parker off him, and tried to dive on top of him, but Parker raised his legs, kicking Dean in the chest sending him flying back, landing on his stomach. Parker grabbed the knife and stabbed Dean in his lower back. Dean gave an ear-piercing scream.

It was now or never, to much was at stake, everyone would die, I had but one chance. Get the medallion off Angelo's neck, freeing him from the bind Parker had over him.

I flew straight at Angelo, dodging his black lightning strikes. I crashed right into him, sending us both flying to the ground below his sister and the others.

"Please don't kill my brother, Brody!" Angeline begged.

He began fighting me with his fists; he was stronger than I thought, even without his supernatural powers. However, I was strong too; I fought him, as if my life depended on it, and the lives of everyone else. I just needed one chance, one chance only to get the medallion off his neck.

He used his right hand to punch me; I grabbed it in my right hand. He used his left to punch me; I grabbed it in my left hand. I pulled him closer to me, and pounded my head into his, harder than I could have thought possible, rendering him unconscious.

I grabbed the medallion, and ripped it off his neck.

"No! If you break that Brody, I will kill Dean! I will slice his neck, and you will be left with no one. Sam is seconds away from dying, and Dean will be dead. Which will it be Brody? Dean, or alone?" Parker gave me an ultimatum. Under normal circumstances, I would have chose Dean. However, with the lives of everyone in this room, I had but one choice.

Save them all!

I took the medallion, and crushed it in the palm of my hand, turning it to dust; I blew it out of my hand into the air, letting it fall to the ground, in little dust like sprinkles. Angelo snapped up, eyes wide, like he was waking, from a walking nightmare. Angeline ran to his side, clutching his hand. I had to move quickly now, I could see the rage in Parker's eyes.

With just a thought from my mind, the knife in Parker's hand flew into the air, hovering above him. Parker's face went pale; he knew he had lost, he was not expecting what I could do, or that I would even know how to do it.

I lifted Parker into the air, and sent him flying against a wall. I sent the knife at him, stopping it inches in front of his heart.

"You've hurt the last people you will ever hurt, this ends now. It's time for you to die Parker!" I screamed.

"Wait! Wait Brody! Don't you want to know the rest of the story? Don't you want to know the secret, the one that has been eating away at you all this time? The one secret no one was willing to give to you, the one not all the people who are supposed to care for you, will say! I will tell you the truth, just let me go, and you will never see me again! You know, you need to know the truth." Parker begged.

"You'll never stop coming after Dean, you've made it your life's mission. You have said so yourself, even if you do tell me, you will be back, and next time you might succeed. I can't take that chance, you must die!" I answered, moving the knife until it was cutting into his shirt, pressing against his chest, at the heart.

"Brody please, you have to know who you really are, you have to know why the demons want you, and I can tell you all of it." he pleaded.

"Tell me, and I will see if it is worth your life! But if you think to trick me, you will know true suffering, and wish that I had killed you quickly with this knife." I answered.

Suddenly, a flash of light appeared in the room. Everything and everyone was frozen in place.

"Lilith!" I said, knowing it could only be her.

"I couldn't let him spoil all the fun sexy. Although I love to see you, using your demonic powers. It fills me with such pride, and makes my mouth water, for what you will one day do with them." she said seductively.

"Are you afraid Lilith, that if I know the truth it will ruin all your plans?" I asked.

"You're not ready to know, when you do find out, you will be like a time bomb ready to explode. The timing is not right; I cannot have you, my prize position, exploding, when you still have work to do. Now, time is a ticking, remember this only last for a few minutes. You have a choice, save the ones you love now, or find out the truth of who you really are. Tick tock!" she laughed evilly.

"I'm going to kill you Lilith, for everything you've done to my parents, my friends, to Dean, and Sam. I am going to send you back to your master, piece by bloody piece. You win this battle, but the war is far from over!" I said angrily.

"My juices are flowing with excitement, at the very thought. Till we meet again Brody!" she said, as she touched a hand to Parker and disappeared.

Ellen, Jo and Andy fought with everything they knew, to round up the rest of Parker's men. I had no need to worry about them; it was just Sam, and Dean's life that was hanging in the balance.

As I floated towards Sam, I raised Dean's body and floated him closer, laying him on the ground next to were Sam was strung up.

With one flick of my hand, Sam's hands and feet were released, and he fell right into my arms. I laid him down next to Dean, looking at the two beautiful men, their bloody and beaten bodies; I knew they were close to dead. I could feel it, I did not know how but through my powers I just knew.

I held the palms of my hands, to each of their foreheads, I let the power flow through me, from my heart, and into my hands, and my body began to glow. The light now emanating from me grew to blinding depths, I was sure the light blinded the whole room.

I felt each of their cuts, the bruises, their pains; I took it all into me. Feeling their pains, the abuse, the stabbings, everything, in every order that it was given to them, I now took it into myself.

My body hurt in the ways theirs must have felt, with each hit, each use of the blade. Somehow, I knew this was the only way to save them, Sam barely could take a breath, and Dean had lost the use of one of his lungs, they both were losing enough blood that they could be taken away from me at any moment. I willed more healing powers from within myself, taking everything into myself. I could feel the bruises, the cuts, the stab wounds forming on me; I could feel my body begin to drain of my blood, from the cuts they had received. I could feel their slipping life force, start to reenter their bodies. I could see their bodies began to magically heal, as I took it all into myself.

Ellen, Jo, Andy and Ruben, moved closer, having knocked out all of Parker's men, they stood there trying to see through the blinding white light, they began to gasp as the realized what I was doing, and how the damages done to their bodies, were forming on me instead.

With sudden coughs, and gasps for air, both Dean and Sam, woke up. The light began leaving my body, as the healing process I had just given them, and the need for it, was disappearing.

Sam, and Dean both looked up into my face, each smiling my favorite smile, that I knew was only ever meant for me.

"You did it Brody, you saved our asses again!" Dean said.

"I never doubted you could for a second." Sam said, before they both fully turned around and hugged me for dear life. I could feel every part of their body, pressed tightly against mine, I could sense the pleasure they received from it, and I could feel their packages pushing against me.

"How? How did you do it? How did you save us, I know Sammy was at deaths door already, and I was stabbed repeatedly. How did you save us and what happened to Parker. I heard him talking, I heard him begging you not to kill him. I heard him telling you he had a secret you needed to know, to know who you really are. The next thing I knew he was gone, and here I am waking up. Did you make the deal with him, did you set him free? I'll understand, I know you need to know who you really are, I know it's important to you." Dean asked.

"No, I didn't make a deal with him, I learned from my last mistake with Lilith, not to trust someone hell bent on revenge." I answered.

"Then what happened to him, and how are we alive?" he persisted.

"Didn't you guys see what happened, or at least hear what happened?" Ellen asked.

"You mean you saw her, you saw what she did?" I ask, shocked.

"Yes, so did the rest of us." She answered, and the rest nodded.

"Then tell us already, damn it!" Dean asked anxiously.

"Lilith came, as much as she enjoyed the battle, and the torture, she wasn't done with Parker yet, and wasn't going to let me kill him. I believe she was testing me, seeing just how much power I have, and how much I am learning to control it. Before I sent the knife flying into him, she appeared. Right as Parker was about to tell me who I was, but she said it was not time yet, that I was a ticking time bomb that would go off the second I learned who I really was. Which makes no sense to me, I met my parents tonight, my real parents back at the Roadhouse, and I could not be happier. What's in a name, a rose by any color is still a rose. Knowing their names isn't going to change who I am." I answered.

"Will talk about that later, what I want to know now is, how are we healed then, why aren't we dead?" Dean demanded.

"My powers, my gifts aren't just to take life, my gifts can give life too, and I took away your wounds, and healed your bodies, so that you would live. I need the two of you to live; innocent people need the two of you to live. Somehow I just knew what I had to do, and I knew how to save you." I said, as I started coughing up blood.

Dean, and Sam's eyes, filled with panic, they looked me over clearly for the first time, and realized, in taking their wounds from them, I took them into myself. Blood began oozing out of my body, in the same places, Dean was stabbed, and in the same places, Sam was beaten. No longer being able to hold myself up, I fell into Dean's arms, my strength completely drained from me. My body weaker than, I had ever known it to be.

"No! No! This can't be happening, by saving us; he took what was done to us, into himself? Now he is going to die, just because he was saving us. DAMN YOU, DAMN YOU, WE SACRIFICE EVERYTHING, TO RID THE WORLD OF DEMONS, MONSTERS, AND YOU JUST KEEP TAKING EVERYONE THAT MEANS SOMETHING TO US! WHAT KIND OF JUSTICE IS THAT? I SWEAR TO YOU, I SWEAR IF HE DIES RIGHT NOW, ITS OVER, I WILL NO LONGER BE A HUNTER, I WILL NO LONGER DO YOUR WORK. THIS IS THE LAST PERSON YOU WILL EVER TAKE AWAY FROM ME. SO GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS, AND HELP US FOR A CHANGE. SAVE BRODY, OR SAM AND I ARE OUT! DO YOU HEAR ME? SAVE BRODY!" Dean shouted into the air. Everyone staring at him, knowing whom he was talking to, shocked that he was saying what he did, mostly because they knew he meant it.

"Dean, Sam, its okay, maybe this was my destiny, maybe I was just here to save the two most important people, I've ever known. I do not regret a moment of time with you guys, and this is the honorable death we talked about before. Dying in the place of someone, you love. I love you Dean, and Sam Winchester. You have given me more than you will ever know. Take care of each other, and always remember me." I held their hands, as they began to sob, Sam laid his head on my chest, and Dean laid his in the crook up my neck. It was a dream come true to feel them this close to my body, and it did not matter to me that I would never feel more. I saved them, and that was all that matter to me. They were alive, and I did it, I controlled my powers, like my real parents told me, and in turn did the greatest thing of all, I saved the two people I loved most in this world. I could feel my hands loosen from their fists, and fall to my sides. Everything became a blur; I could no longer see them, just shadows. Each breath was harder to take than the last; I knew I was slipping away, but what a way to go, with the two of them right on me. Slowly, I began to pass out, listening to their screaming sobs of tears and pain.

"No, Brody, don't die, we need you, we need you!" I could barley hear Sam say.

"Yeah, come on Kid, we've been through worse, there is still so much I want to show you, teach you. We are the three musketeers remember, without you, I will have no one to drive me insane. Please don't die on me Kid, I need you too, I love you Brody!" Dean said.

However, it was too late; I saw the shinning light at the end of the tunnel. I saw two figures standing in front of me a male, and a female. I knew it would be them, I knew my parents would be waiting. With every bit of strength I had left, I raised a hand to each of their faces, looked Sam, and Dean in the eyes, and wiped tears away, and smiled meekly at them, before my hands fell to my sides. My eyes closed for the last time. I heard their final wails, as I began to enter the light.

"Brody, no Brody...don't do this to me...don't do this to us...we need you! We were supposed to protect you, instead you risked you life repeatedly. I don't understand, I just understand, why did he have to die? He was so young, he was just a kid, and yet here he is dying, saving us again." Dean cried holding Brody's head in his lap; Sam wrapped his arm around Dean's shoulder, hugging him closer into him.

"Dean, he saved all our lives, he died saving us. He wanted to die in the noblest way possible, and that's the way he did." Sam tried to rationalize, to him self, more than to just Dean.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better, give sense to this kid's death, which we're suppose to protect? What about you Ruben, he is just as much your responsibility as he was ours! What happened to you? Why were you standing there with your finger up your ass?" Dean shouted angrily.

"I...I...couldn't move, I was somehow frozen in place...I swear... I couldn't move...I couldn't do anything...Oh, Brody, I'm so sorry, Brody, this is all my fault, I was suppose to protect you, save you from this life, keep you from this living hell. I have failed you; I have failed your parents. Everything is ruined, everything is lost with you, and you were the only one who could save us all. The only one to save Sam, and Dean.

I watched your birth; I watched the light shining from the heavens as you were born. I watched your parents, the smile growing on their face, the sadness forming in their eyes knowing that they had to give you up, their own child, to save you. You were a miracle in so many ways, a light in the darkness.

You do not know anything about your parents, so you probably do not know that your mother could not have any more kids, so much violence in her young life. All her demon fighting, left her body damaged, so damaged she would never bare any children again.

To her utter surprise, she found herself pregnant with child, a miracle, one her and her husband new meant something far more than just a miracle, they knew you were not only a gift from God, but that you would be used by the Demons, that they help to bring about your birth for their own agenda.

That is why your parents gave you up, to give you a chance to be free from this world of evil, and at the same time give you the love of good people to prepare you to fight the demon inside, and save the world in the battle to come.

I swore to protect you, I swore my life to keep you safe, and I have failed. I watched you, when you never knew I was looking, I was always there. Watching you sacrifice the life you could have had, sports, football, baseball, basketball, you were great at them all. You could have gotten scholarships to any university you wanted to, you could have been the best at anything you wanted to, but you did not. You were the hottest person in your school, I watched as every kid in school watched you, people envied you, girls wanted you, you could have had any of them, but you did not.

You gave up all those things, and every possible future you could have had, to live with your parents, to help them, to keep their farm afloat, to sacrifice your young life, to sacrifice the fun kids are suppose to have, just to be with the people you loved.

Your mother looked into your eyes when you were born, and she saw the love in you, she saw the light in you, she saw the good you would do, she saw that you would one day be dragged into the family business, and she wept, tears of happiness for your birth, and sobs for the destiny you would one day face.

I am sorry Brody, I am so sorry, I should have done more, I should have did something more to keep you safe from this life. However, I was selfish, I wanted to keep Sam safe, and a part of me slipped, because a part of me wanted to save Sam. I did not realize it at the time, but now I know; now I know I failed you, to save Sam.

Forgive me, this is my entire fault." Ruben cried, cried as he never cried before. Dean gently set Brody's head down on Sam laps, and ran and dove for Ruben; he began beating him, beating him to a bloody pulp. Ruben did not even try to defend himself; he wanted Dean to beat him, because nothing could hurt him more, than the beating he was giving himself inside his head.

"Dean cut it out; this isn't helping anything, or anyone. We need to know what Ruben knows, we need real answers. We need to know what Brody's real parents really knew, because whatever they knew is the reason they hid Brody to begin with. We need answers Dean, and Ruben is the only one who can give them to us." Sam shouted.

"I'm sorry as well, Parker found me, when I came to help my sister, he said she sent him, I had no reason not to trust him. I mean how he would know I was arriving, if she had not sent him. He told me she gave him that amulet to wear, to shield me from demonic detection. Only once I put it on, I was completely under his control, it was as if I was there, but I could not stop myself from doing his bidding. I swear to you, I never meant to hurt any of you; I abhor my demonic powers, I choose long ago never to use them, for this very reason. I am truly sorry for your loss; Brody was a brave young man, whose heart was pure. I could sense his love for the two of you, his overwhelming need to protect you. He knew he could die, and he welcomed it, if it meant saving your lives.

In the process he saved my life, I owe him a debt, you can count me in, I will repay my life debt to him, by serving to protect the two of you." Angelo said. Angeline, tears in her eyes, hugged her brother, and cried onto his chest. Dean's phone began ringing, but Dean did not move to answer it.

"Dean answer it, it could be important." Sam said.

"I don't give a crap; I don't care about anything right now. I told you I give up, if he dies, I quit. It's over, you hear me it's over!" Dean shouted.

Sam walked over and grabbed Dean's phone, and answered it.

"Damn it, what took you so long to answer the damn phone?" Bobby shouted.

"Bobby, its Sam, not Dean. What's wrong?" Sam asked.

"What's wrong, what's wrong? Brody's dead, and you're asking me what's wrong!" Bobby shouted into the phone, the others could hear he was screaming so loud.

"Bobby, how could you possibly know, it just happened? Where are you?" Sam asked.

"I'm at the Roadhouse; the Seers told me what happened. Now listen to me, and listen well, bring Brody's body to the Roadhouse, and do it now. Do you understand, do it? We don't have much time if we want to save him!" Bobby commanded.

"Why, what will that do?" Sam asked.

"Damn it, can't you ever do what I say, without the questions. Look, long story short, using his powers as he did, drained him of his life force. He is not dead, but he will be if you do not get him here, and I mean now. Right now, he is vulnerable to the Demons entering his mind. If they take control of him, they will be able to use him to do their bidding, and there will be no coming back for him. Our only chance to save him is for the Seer to work their magic on him. Now move your asses, and move them now!" Bobby ordered.

"We've got to get Brody to the Roadhouse, Bobby is there, he's with some Seer's, and they have a way to save him. Brody's not dead, the demons are after him, they have a way to control him, and if the Seer's don't save him, we'll lose him forever to the Demons." Sam said, rushing over to help Dean lift him up.

"Just hang on Brody, just hang on, I promise you we will save you!" Dean said carrying him to the car.

In the Ethereal Realm-

"Mom? Dad? Is that you? Why can't I see you?" Brody asked.


"There isn't much time Brody, you've got to listen to me. Evil is here, and its coming to take you over. You cannot let that happen, you have to fight it. Do not believe anything you see, do not believe anything they say. Fight it Brody, or Sam and Dean will lose you forever." my Dad shouted, but I could barely understand. "Why can't I see you, I don't understand what you're saying. What's happening, am I dead?" I asked. "Brody! Fight them Brody, fight them..." the sounded of his voice faded into nothingness. The light completely disappearing, leaving me in total darkness. I was left wondering what my father was trying to warn me about. It had to be a warning he sounded so frantic. I cannot understand if I am dead, or not, but I remember dying, I remember being in Dean, and Sam's arms. Death is not as bad as I thought it would be, I pictured something more painful, scary even, but it is just dark, and confusing. Wait, I'm already forgetting, my Dad, he was warning me about something...I...can't's on the tip of my tongue...But I'm suddenly just feeling so warm... It is like lying on a beach with the comfort of the sun shinning on you, warming you all over. A good feeling, like all my troubles are melting away. I closed my eyes holding my arms stretched out, as if basking in the sun. I could feel sand under my now bare feet, but I barley remember taking off my shoes. It all seems so distant, like a former life. A light warm breeze, blew against my now naked flesh...I could not help but open my eyes now. I wanted to see, to know why I was suddenly feeling the way I was, why I was suddenly naked, standing in the rays of the sun, on what must have been a beach. I opened my eyes, to find myself in a familiar place. I had been here before, but I could not have. It was as if it was a fantasy, but one that did not belong to me. To my utter surprise, I found Sam standing naked, in the ocean, what a sight, his firm buttocks, the strong muscles in his back, his medium brown hair blowing in the wind. "Sam!" I shouted, but he did not even turn around. It was as if he could not hear me. "Sam!" I tried again, to no avail. To my utter surprise, there I was walking towards Sam, wrapping my arms around him, and hugging my naked body to him. What was going on? What am I seeing? I must be in heaven that must be it. Being with one of the two sexy Winchester Boys... I watched as Sam spun me around, sweeping me off my feet, laying me on the sand. Caressing my body, pressing his body tightly to mine. He began kissing my up and down my neck down my chest, on my nipples, working his way down to my virgin territory. I could almost feel the sensation, as if it were really happening to me... Is this hell? How could it be heaven, if he was making love to another version of me, while I suffered watching, gaining no pleasure? This is hell, this has to be. Doomed to die a virgin, and never know the feel of a lovers caress. I watched as Sam buried his large cock deep inside me, my head thrashing from side. I could hear my other self moaning, and truly felt this was hell.

Then I began hearing everything, seeing, but not feeling, it was as if someone was telling me everything that was happening, like a play-by-play, while I watch the whole scene unfold.

Sam's cock felt amazing, as a light breeze ran over his cock. Brody took Sam's cock into his mouth, and began working his cock over. First playing with the head, moving his tongue all around, then slides his tongue down the length of Sam's nine-inch cock.

Sam moaned repeatedly, as Brody took his cock into his mouth and swallowed it down to the base. Brody's eyes never left Sam's face, as he moved his head up and down Sam's cock.

Sam grabbed Brody's long hair and started ramming his cock, in and out of his warm mouth.

"Fuck Brody, your mouth feels so good on my cock. You're driving me insane!" Sam moaned, as he rammed his cock harder into Brody's mouth, causing him to gag.

Sam's hunger for Brody's was insatiable; he flipped him over, and began kissing him. He moved his lips down Brody's body, stopping to bite on his nipples, before he moved down to Brody's cock.

He took one look at the eight-inch cock before him, and opened his mouth swallowing it whole. He used his hand to work over Brody's cock, while he worked the cock in and out of his mouth.

With Sam's slick finger, he worked it into Brody's hole, causing Brody to moan beneath him. Brody spread his legs further apart, allowing Sam easier access to his goal.

Sam grabbed Brody's legs and lifted them up, revealing his puckered hole, and dove in. Sam tore apart Brody's hole, fucking him with his tongue, all the while sticking one, then two, then three fingers in and out of his hole. Brody began thrashing his head back in forth, while moans escaped his lips.

"Fuck me Sam! I want to feel your huge cock inside me! I want you to pound my ass hard, no scratch that, I need you to pound my ass hard!" Brody begged.

Sam was all to willing to comply. He turned Brody over on his belly, and then pulled his waste back, so that Brody's ass was in the air.

He spread the thick mounds of flesh, and worked his tongue in some more, making it nice and wet.

Sam rubbed the head of his cock, up and down the crack of his ass, paying special attention to his hole. As Brody started moving his ass back, begging to be fucked, Sam finally took and slid the head of his cock in.

Brody groaned as Sam pulled him back by his hair, turning his head and kissing him, as he slid more of himself into Brody.

"You want this big cock? Tell me how much you want my cock inside you! Tell me how much you need it, I want to hear you!" Sam whispered into his ear.

"Please Sam, I'm begging you, slide that cock deep inside me. I need to feel your cock throbbing inside my ass. I have never wanted anything so bad in my life. Please Sam, don't deny me any longer, give me what I need!" as Brody said this, he pushed down hard onto Sammy's cock, sliding it the rest of the way in, down to the base.

Brody moaned with the pleasure of having Sammy's cock, buried deep inside him. Sam held onto Brody, with both hands pulling hair, as he began moving his cock slowly in and out of his hole.

Each of Sam's thrusts was met with Brody pushing back hard on his cock. Sam's head went back, as he started moving in and out of his hole, with harder, deeper thrusts.

"Fuck me Sam! Pound my ass hard...faster...harder...faster!" Brody begged.

Sam was all to glad to pound Brody's sweet hole. He grabbed onto his hips, and pounded his cock home, into Brody's wanting ass. Sam slapped Brody's ass cheek repeatedly; causing Brody's hole to tighten around his cock, giving him the desired effect.

With sweat running down Sam's body, continuing to fuck Brody's ass as hard as he could, he knew he was going to blow his load sometime soon.

He did not have the strength to hold back much longer, his low hanging balls were inching their way up, begging for release.

"I'm so close Brody; I'm going to fucking blow my load! Tell me where you want my load, here in your sweet ass, or down your throat? I want to hear you say it!" Sam voice was rough.

"I want to taste your load in my mouth Sam; I want you to feed me your sweet Winchester nectar! Please Sam; shoot your load down my throat!" Brody begged between moans.

Sam pounded his ass harder, holding back the urge just a little longer, edging himself as best he could, and trying to build up a huge load to feed his lover.

He reached around and grabbed onto Brody's steel eight-inch cock, and began working it hard as he thrusted in and out of his ass.

"Oh fuck, I'm coming Sam, I'm shooting my load right now!" Brody shouted.

Brody was slamming his ass back down onto Sammy's cock, as Sammy worked his load into his left hand. Brody moaned louder, as he shot spurt after spurt into Sam's left hand.

After Sam felt the last of Brody's cum, shoot into his hand, he brought some up to his mouth and licked his hand. Tasting Brody's sweet load then took the rest and held it to Brody's mouth letting him devour his load right out of Sam's hand.

This was enough to send Sam over the edge; he pounded his cock a couple more times in and out of Brody's hole, before he let his cock slip out, leaving Brody feeling empty inside.

He moved around and stood in front of Brody, and began ramming his cock in and out of his mouth.

"That's it Brody, I'm going to give you a huge load of Winchester goodness! Get ready to swallow, or your going to drown in my load!" Sam ordered him.

Sam grabbed Brody's hair, pulling his head back some, while he stared into his glowing emerald green eyes. He rammed his cock a few more times, before he pulled out to watch Brody take his load.

Brody's mouth was open, his tongue out, Sam beat his cock a few times, and began moaning in pleasure, as his cock erupted a massive load into Brody's mouth. Fourteen spurts of Winchester special sauce flew into Brody's mouth, while two shots purposely landed on his lips and chin.

Sam lifted Brody up, pushing his head back a little, and began licking up his load off Brody's chin and lip, moving his tongue into his mouth, sharing the load together.

They continued kissing; tasting each other's load in Brody's mouth, before Sam reluctantly stopped kissing Brody.

"I love you Brody!" Sam said with a smile on his face.

"I love you too, Dean!" Brody said.


How could I have said I love you too, Dean? The pain in Sam's eyes would haunt me forever. I could see the pain on his face, as well as almost being able to feel the pain in his heart.

Is this what it is like for Sam everyday? Is this how I make him feel, even though I do not know who I want, Sam or Dean! Hello? Remember Brody, your dead, there is no longer a choice to make. I would never have that choice again, and now I had to suffer through seeing Sam make love to me, and then watch as I broke his heart.

This is my own personal hell. However, why, why am I in hell?

"What did I do wrong? Why am I here? Somebody answer me!" I shouted into the air, closing my eyes as I screamed.

When I finally heard a reply, but it was not the one, I was expecting.

I opened my eyes to find myself in a motel bed. Confused as to how I got there, I turned my head left and right, searching to see if anyone was here. Much to my surprise, there sat Dean and Sam.

"What? How? I'm dreaming, right?" I said shocked.

"You're not dreaming, we found you. You're safe now!" Sam said.

"But how? How did you guys find me?" I asked.

"It wasn't hard. Dean followed his heart, and there you were." Sam said.

"Followed his heart? I don't understand?" confusion washed over me, what was Sam talking about, and why was Dean staring at me like that? Dean suddenly got up, and walked over and sat down next to me. He took my face in his hands, forcing me to stare into his eyes. He held my gaze, staring into my soul, and then leaned in ever so slowly, and began to kiss me.

Stunned as I was, I could not help but kiss him back. He ran his finger through my hair, and grabbed a hand full of my long hair, pulling me tighter into him. Soft moans escaped my lips; fireworks began exploding all around me. When suddenly I felt another set of hands pull me away from his sweet lips, and turn my head to another set of wanting lips. Sam pulled my tight into a hot passionate kiss, sending shivers up and down my spine.

I was in seventh heaven! I had been scared to make a choice between Dean and Sam, and now I was not going to have to. They made the decision for me. They both wanted me, and they both had me.

Dean started ripping my shirt off, while Sam continued to kiss me. Hands were roaming all over my body, and nothing had ever felt better. My cock throbbed inside my jeans, begging to come out to play.

I reached my hands up and began to unbutton Dean's shirt, finally being able to run my hands up and down his muscled chest. With so many hands on my, I was unsure whose hand was on my enlarged cock, but I did not care, I just never wanted the feeling to end.

"Come on bro, my turn! Sharing is caring!" Dean said, before grabbing my head and turning me toward him, sucking my lips into his warm mouth. He began kissing me with a hunger, I have never felt before. He truly wanted me as bad as I wanted him, and I could not be happier. However, Dean was sucking the air out of me, I was getting so dizzy, if I was not already sitting down, I would have fallen to my knees.

"This is the most amazing thing that could ever be happening to me, in my life. I've been in turmoil over the two of you, and now I'm having you both." I finally was able to speak. I looked from Sam to Dean, there was a hunger in their eyes, I had never seen, and it made my cock throb harder, with excitement.

They stood up and the same time, and ripped all their clothes off, while I watched biting my lips. They stood before me, with their cocks jutting out straight at me. Their low balls sliding from side to side, I licked my lips hungrily. Dean grabbed my head and forced me down on his cock, making me gag as I tried to swallow it down. From behind me, Sam grabbed my waist, and pulled me back onto the bed. Dean's cock never leaving my mouth, as I was on my hands and knees on the bed. Sam began to work my hole over with his tongue, as Dean continued to work his cock in and out of my mouth.

I had never sucked a cock before, but I was learning very quickly, for Dean moaned a moan, that began to make me wild for working his dick over.

Sam began working fingers into my hole, while licking and spitting onto it at the same time. The sensation made me moan around Dean's cock, forcing more and more of him down my throat. I began pushing back on Sam's finger, fucking myself on his digits. Moaning the whole time, in pure ecstasy.

"It's time to switch spots, little brother!" Dean said.

"Oh come on Dean, I was working his virgin hole! I want to be first!" Sam whined.

"I'm older; I get his sweet ass first, sorry Bro! Now, move, and don't worry, he sucks cock like a Hover Vacuum!" Dean said hungrily.

Dean pulled his cock out of my mouth, and bent down and began kissing me, before moving behind me. Sam made his way over and began moving his cock, in and out of my mouth. Then pulling out and kissing me, before shoving his cock back in repeatedly.

"Get ready Baby, the Deanster is about to rock your world!" Dean said, while sliding his cock up and down the crack of my ass.

"Please be gentle, it's my first time!" I moaned, as he slid his cock, teasing my hole.

Sam grabbed my long hair, and began ramming his cock in and out of my mouth, as Dean slid the head of his cock into my ass. I moaned loudly as he slid more and more of himself into me.

"Brody, Brody, Brody, this has got to be the tightest hole I've ever had the pleasure of sliding my cock into." Dean said, while pushing his cock the rest of the way into my tight hole. He held his cock inside me for some time, before he finally began to move in and out, slowly at first, before his rhythm began to speed up. The pain was intense, but then began to turn to pleasure.

The pleasure made me swallow Sam's cock hungrily, causing me to pound my ass back onto Dean's cock. Dean began slapping my ass, with each thrust he pounded into me.

I could not believe what was happening, how all my dreams were coming true, with the two men I could not decide who I wanted more.

I could not have been happier.

Dean continued to slap my ass, suddenly his slaps became harder and harder on me.

"Take it easy Dean, that's starting to hurt me!" I shouted, letting Sam's cock slide out of my mouth.

Sam grabbed my hair harder than I ever would have thought him to do, as he was always so gentle with me. He began slapping my face, hard. Tears running down my face, I tried to break free, but Dean held onto my waist, while Sam held tightly onto my hair.

"Come on Brody, take it like a man! Don't be a little whinny Bitch!" Dean said angrily.

Dean began pounding his cock violently into my ass, while continuing to smack me.

"Take it you crybaby! Your nothing but a little bitch, all you do is cry. Poor me, poor me, waa, waa, my mommy died, my daddy dad. Waa, waa, I do not know who my real parents are. Waa, waa, I am scared, there are monsters, and their after me. It's time to make you a man, no more being a whinny little bitch!" Dean said, spitting onto my back. He began punching me in the back, as Sam began punching my face.

"I'm ready to shoot bro, how bout you?" Sam said.

"Oh, I'm ready!" Dean said.

Sam began to pound on his cock, until he shot his load all over my face, taking it and wiping into my mouth. Dean pounded his load into my ass, while continuing to beat me senselessly.

I began sobbing uncontrollably, not believing how ugly this had become, after starting so beautifully. They began laughing at me, mocking me. I felt disgusting, dirty, and scared.

"Did you really think we could want you? Some little brat, who's been nothing but a thorn in our side, since the moment we met you?" Sam asked.

"Really, you little bitch! Do you think someone as hot as me, who can have anyone he wants, would waste his time, on a little crybaby like you? Look at you! Look at me! Come on now, I am so above you, you are less than the shit on my shoes. Get out of my face, before I beat you senseless. Go find someone else to baby sit your pathetic ass! Now!" Dean shouted.

I grabbed my clothes, crying the whole time; I could not look up into their faces. As I was bent over picking up my things, Dean kicked me in the ass, sending me flying face first onto the floor. They both began laughing, and spitting on me.

I got up and headed for the door, running out.

When I finally realized I was not moving at all, that I was still standing in the same place, I opened my eyes to find myself standing in completely darkness again.

"What's happening to me, why am I seeing these things? What's this all mean?" I asked myself, not realizing I was speaking aloud.

"You are being showed the evil of your ways. All this time, you thought you were helping them, when clearly you were destroying them." the booming voice vibrated through the air.

"What are you talking about, who are you?" I demanded.

"You are in no position to ask me who I am, you are now mine, and you will listen to what I have to say, and do as you are commanded." The booming voice sent shivers down my spine.

"What do you want with me? Why are you saying these things to me?" I asked.

"SILENCE! You were destroying the bond the Winchester Brothers had. Soon, you would have to choose between them, and in turn cause them to separate. Cause them to hate each other, over losing your love, to the other. All the lives that they would have saved will be lost, due to your selfishness.

Your hungers for Dean, to have him in your bed, to have him take your virginity away. You forget that Dean is Straight, and yet you willing to turn him out. To take him to the dark side, just for your own selfish pleasure.

Sam, where to begin, he has given you his heart, he wants to give you his soul. He wants to love you, show you what it means to be truly loved. Yet, you know Ruben loves him, and the two of them are together. Yet you are willing to be a home wrecker, your willing to break Ruben's heart. Ruben the one who spent your entire life, keeping you safe. Risking his life, day after day to protect you. How is it you repay him, you try to steel his true love from him.

What kind of a person are you, you thought you were an honest person, and you thought you were a virtuous, honorable young man.

However, all you are is an evil, life ruining, threat to everyone and everything you come in contact with.

You have been lied to, repeatedly, the evil inside you, is the most powerful form of evil. You were born of two demon parents, yes two demon parents. You have always known, you have always had the answers.

The signs were all there, all around you, but you buried them, because you could not bare to handle the truth. Ask yourself, why would all those that knew who your parents truly were, never shared that information with you? I will tell you, because, I want you to know the truth, I need you to know the truth, if I am to stop you from destroying the world. You mother is none other than Lilith, and your father is none other then Lucifer himself." his booming voice rang violently in my ears. My heart fell into my stomach; I had to fight to hold back the bile that rode up to my mouth. Tears began forming in my eyes, because no matter how much I did not want to believe what he said, something deep down in the pit of my soul, told me he was speaking the truth.

"You're lying, that can't be true, and I met my parents. I saw them with my own two eyes. I spoke to them, I felt it, and I trust that they are who they say they are. I am not the son of that evil, vile, ruthless Lilith, and the Devil himself! If you speak the truth, then why would Lilith, if she were my mother, have me sell my soul to save Dean? Why would she want me dead? If I'm to believe anything you say, why are you hidden from me, why do I only hear your voice, but I can't see you, or even know who you are?" I asked angrily.

"I'll allow you that out burst, only because I know your mortal ways can't help but allow your emotions to get the best over you, especially when it comes to the truth. Lilith is your mother, and her reasons for the contract, is none other than her love for torture, and mayhem. It is her motherly way of giving you, your birthright.

Teaching you through the pain that awaits you, in the pits of hell, what it truly means to be the son of a demon.

As for your father, I know him to be your father because it is my blood that runs through your veins. I am none other than Lucifer himself, I have spawned many a child, but you are the most special, most rare, most precious child of all my children.

You Brody, are mine, you are my son, and much to my displeasure, Lilith's. It is time, for you to take your rightful place at my side, where we will rule he world, above as well as below.

Reach down deep into yourself, and you will know what I speak is the truth. Deny I all you want, but whether you like it or not, you belong to me, we are bonded, blood, to blood, you are mine, now and forever!" the sound of his voice brought me to my knees, the sobs escaping me, were unlike anything I had ever done before. The truth hung there, overwhelming me, consuming me, burning me.

"I don't care, I don't care, you can rot in hell, where you belong, and take that bitch Lilith with you. I hate you, I renounce you, I will never do anything to help you, and I will never stand by your side. I will burn in the fire pits of hell, for eternity and beyond, before I ever work in your service. Do you hear me; you can go screw yourself, and that Bitch Lilith right along with you!" I shouted, between sobs.

"Say what you want, think as you will, but you are mine, to do with as I please, and you will serve me, or the two people you hold dear to your heart, will suffer a suffering, unlike anything your mind could ever conceive of. Here's a sample, my son, you need a lesson, and you will kneel before me, and bow humbly to your father, now and for eternity." his booming voice made the hairs on the back of neck stand. Fear had a new meaning to me, but I could not let him see it, I would let him see it. I rose to my feet, and I stood there with the most defiant face I could muster.

He laughed a heart-wrenching laugh that made my insides quiver.

My body was struck, with a pain that went through every fiber of my being. I held back the scream that was burning to come out.

The next thing I knew, my body was on fire, literally. From head to toe, the fire consumed my body, there was no holding back the screams, no matter how much I fought to hold them back, they roared out of me. I rolled onto the floor, trying to put out the fire that surrounded my body. The more I screamed, the more he intensified the fire.

He laughed, enjoying every second of my pain. I wanted to die; again, if this was hell, I was doomed. He was in control, I could not hang back any longer, and I could not take it anymore. The more I fought, the more he intensified the pain, and the burning of the fire.

"Now my son, kneel before your father, and swear your loyalty to me! Do it now Son, and I will no longer have to make you suffer, kneel, kneel before your father!" he commanded.

The pain was blinding me, I had never felt, or imagined anything could be so horrible in my life. However, I held onto the picture of Dean, and Sam, and the two I believed to be my real parents.

"NEVER! DAMN YOU! NEVER!" I shouted, as the pain intensified.

"So be it, as you wish my son, it will be my pleasure to break you. You will kneel willingly, and you will swear your loyalty to me! Now, it's time to know true pain, to feel your very flesh burned off your body repeatedly, then your skin will grow back, and I shall do it to you, again, and again. Let it began!" he said.

The torture began, and all I could think of was, Dean and Sam, and that fact that no matter what is happening to me, they are alive. I saved them, I do not care what happens to me, and they are alive.

Then he burned the flesh off my body, and I screamed as I had never screamed before.

God help me!