Supernatural: Outer Beings

Chapter 26: All Around Me

I kissed him and kissed him and kissed him again. As I laid on my stomach,

I arched my ass and I could feel his hard 8' cock on my back as he leaned down and kissed me again. I giggled as he licked my back, all the way down to my ass crack, then licking it gently. When I began to moan, he stopped

and I felt air slide through my crack and he inserted one finger, then

another. I knew that I had to be quiet, so as I moaned, I stuffed the

little, satin pillow into my mouth and moaned into it as he fingered me. He

then inserted two or three more fingers, but by then I was deep into my

sexual daze and I moaned louder. Sam seemed to enjoy it as he chuckled

as he did it. I felt his fingers slide out and he laid flat against my

back, licking my ear. I wanted to turn and see who my mystery man was, but

I couldn't. I felt something slide into my ass and there was pain, but

suddenly there was pleasure. The pleasure spread through my body and I

moaned even louder. As I moaned, he nibbled at my ear, then stood on his


"You're so fuckin hot! You ready for me fuck that nice ass you got here?"

He asked aggressively.

I smirked, " Only if you can handle it." I smirked, liking this odd

change. It wasn't something I would have said, it just wasn't.

Sam smirked and pulled me up and began to slide in deeper. As he slid

in deeper, he slid out, then in again. I moaned louder than I had moaned

before and this turned him on...I could feel it. As he felt it more and

more, he went faster and faster and suddenly I was in pure ectasy and

Before I knew it, two hours had passed and I could hear him now panting and

moaning and as his 8' dick slid in and out of me, I felt him tighten up and


"Oh Shit! Oh, fuckin yeah! I'm cumin!" Sam moaned as I bounced on his

dick. He grasped me and moved faster and faster until a warm feeling

bursted inside me. I felt it leak out of my asshole and down the back of my

leg as he continued to move in and out of me, then we collapsed on top of

me. The hot, stickiness made me so hot that I came, too.


-          -     -           -           -           -           -           -           -                       -           -           -           -           -           -      -           -           -           -           -           -           -


A few months later...


"It's not working." I said testily. I sat on the floor with my legs crossed, elbows on my knees and my eyes closed. I was trying to project my astral form from my body. It was so much harder than it looked.


"You need to be patient."  Missouri said superiorly.


Psychic know-it-all


"I heard that." Missouri said quickly.


"You know I don't like you entering my mind." I said, opening an eye to catch her watching me, "Ma'am."


She smiled, "It takes time." She said, "You have raw powers, if you would only embrace them and train more..."


I put my hands at my side, "I don't have time." I said.


"You have nothing else to do." Missouri said.


"I'm taking classes over the internet while I track down monsters." I said.


"Lately, your mind has been elsewhere." Missouri pried.


I looked at her quickly, then away, "He needs me." I said, "What else does he have?"


"He needs time, time to adjust." Missouri said softly.


"I can't believe we failed and he's gone." I said.


"I am confused, which are you talking about now?" Missouri asked.


"Dean." I said, "I failed."


"You defeated evil." Missouri said.


"But I lost someone to a greater evil." I said, "We all saw it coming, but..."


"You were not alone. You failed but it wasn't your fault. He knew what he was doing when he made the agreement. He made the agreement willingly." Missouri said, heading to the kitchen.


"I would like to thank you." I said, "You have been so generous, letting me stay here and taking care of me."


"It is my pleasure." Missouri shouted from the kitchen, "Where else would you have gone?"


"I don't know. Sam left me, the bastard." I growled, "Sorry, it slipped. He left me to go...I don't know, play with himself."


"He is dealing with the death of his brother the only way he knows how." Missouri said.


There was an eerie wind and the screen door creaked.


"Miss?" I asked, standing, "Missouri?" I called.


"Get out of here!" a yell came from the kitchen.


I turned to run away, but stopped. I tip-toed to the kitchen and saw that the door wide open. I ignored the lack of evidence that something had come in. I hoped that I was exaggerating and it was just my power, but the thing was Missouri, why would she yell that? The questions one asks when things like this happen ran through my head as I headed past the kitchen, trying to find Missouri. I could feel something in the room, some type of energy. Sam had slept with me and left so quickly, I barely had time to roll over and see his blur. I know how it felt to lose Dean, but on top of the hurt that came from knowing he was in Hell, add the hurt of being slept with and the guy leaving and not writing and not calling...It felt as if I had failed more than just Dean. Dean was the one person who I thought was as strong as John had been. John. My protector, John. He had lived up to that name and died to save his boys. My summer had started off with Dean's death and Sam taking what virtue I had left and was continuing to suck until Missouri, who was training me to be a stronger Psychic...a better witch. With the book, I was unstoppable, but the books were safe now. I had put the magics I borrowed back into the now giant book and they were safe. I reached the back room and stopped just as I turned the corner. Missouri stood, folding clothes and seemed fine.


"Is everything alright?" I asked.


"Yes." Missouri smiled, looking up to see me, "Are you alright?"


"I thought I heard you yell." I said, not taking my eyes off her.


Missouri shook her head, "No dear..." she said moving toward me, but I took a step back, "What is it?"


"You're not Missouri." I said, sensing her distress. Missouri was still in there, but suppressed.


Missouri's concerned look turned to a smirk and it creeped me out, "What gave me away?" she asked.


"The fact that I can sense you." I replied.


Missouri waved a hand and the door closed.


"I Demon liberazione da questa nave!" I shouted, causing the demon to be forced from her body and I flew backwards and through the door and landed on my back. As I looked up, I saw a familiar face.


Sam stood, holding a book and chanting. He smiled a bit as he continued to chant.


I got to my feet and focused my energy on the room, "Keep chanting, chief." I said, sitting Indian style and closing my eyes, trying again to focus on the room. I saw it with my eyes closed the room as it was. I felt the room. I felt the energy. This demon was powerful, but this power was being rerouted. The spell had taken physical form and I could feel it. I tapped into the spell! I could feel it and it wasn' didn't feel like the demon. The demon's taste was kind of burnt, but this taste was sweet. And suddenly, I was in Sam. I tapped into Sam and I stopped. I opened my eyes and slumped over to the floor! I rolled over to see a cloud in the room as the demon vanished.


"Are you okay?" Sam asked, helping me get to my feet, "I felt it, whatever you did."


I smiled, panting from my lack of breath, "Sam..." I said, looking at him with a moony expression. And in a sudden, I punched him in the face, "You asshole."


Sam looked at me in disbelief and ran his hand across his mouth, "Okay, I deserved that." He said.


"Oh you deserve much worse, but I'm having a good day." I said, "Why are you here?"


"I heard you were here." Sam said.


"Oh, after you left me I needed somewhere to go." I said quickly.


"I'm sorry, I just had to get myself together." He said.


"You slept with me, and then left me." I said, "You're like a walking after school special."


"I know." Sam said, "But I came back."


"If you can tell, I'm not jumping for joy." I said, walking into the bedroom, "Missouri are you alright?" I asked, helping her up.


"I'm fine, a little headache..." she said, looking over to Sam, "Sam Winchester?"


"Hello, Missouri." Sam said politely.


"It's good to see you again." Missouri said.


"Not to everybody." I sneered.


"Thank you, I saw what you did." Missouri said graciously.


"I helped." I said, "I just don't know what I did."


"Oh?" she said with an odd anticipation, "I saw this."


"The demon?" I asked.


"Us standing here." She said, "I just didn't think it'd be this soon."


"Us I can deal with," I said turning to Sam, "Why are you here?" I asked.


"I thought you might need my help." Sam said, "I guess I was wrong."


"Nope. I'm good." I said.


There was an awkward silence.


"Sam, would you like some tea?"  Missouri asked.


"Umm, yes." Sam said, smiling at me, "I'd love some." He said, prompting Missouri to leave.


I sighed, "Why can't you just go away?" I asked.


"You don't want me to go away." Sam said, "Look, I just need time."


"Okay. Then go, be by yourself." I said.


"I can't." Sam said, "Not until we're okay."


"We?" I asked.


"I want to be with you." Sam said, "I just can't now."


"Then it's settled." I said, "You just came here to say that, now you can leave."


"When are you going to stop being angry at me?" Sam asked.


"When you stop using me." I said.


"I didn't..." Sam started.


"You did! You used me to take out your frustration and then you left me." I said, "So, forgive my bitterness."


"I'm sorry, okay?" Sam said.


"No! Not okay. Don't you get it?" I asked, "I love you and you used me."


Sam stared at me, "He saved me and I couldn't save him." Sam said.


"No, you couldn't." I said, "He's gone."


"Gone?" Sam asked, "He's in Hell."


"So are we." I said, "His is just more final. Damn stupid guy! I hate him for doing that, but I love him for doing the exact same thing! He...he saved his little brother but he sacrificed himself and I...I don't know how to not be angry at"


"Me?" Sam asked.


"I'm sorry." I said.


"Don't be." Sam said, "I blame me too."


"All this magical potential I have, but not one spell to bring him back." I said, "Something like that can kill me."


"You've tried?" Sam asked.


"To reach him, yes." I said, "John finally got tired of me almost dying and left."


"He just left you?" Sam asked angrily.


"No, he's on a hunt right now." I said, "It was too much for him."


"You've been trying to, what?" Sam asked.


"Reach Hell." I said, gaining a shocked look from Sam, "If my astral self can reach to him, maybe he'll know a way out."


"Or maybe you'll get a stay in Hell." Sam said.


"Maybe?" I asked, "But I have to do something."


"This isn't the way, sacrificing yourself like Dean did." Sam said.


"I was always the one who needed rescuing. The one Dean or you saved and now that I'm powerful I can't even save you. What kind of witch am I that I can't save one person?"


"You took out a powerful demon and now it's my turn to find a way to get Dean out." Sam said.


"What are you going to do?" I asked.


Sam thought about it, "I don't know." He said.


I threw myself in his arms, "I love you." I said, "But I'm not going to wait forever." I whispered.


"You won't have to." He whispered back, "But I have to go."


I nodded, "Be safe." I said, kissing him, "You don't come back and you won't be able to hide from me."

Sam chuckled, "I'm coming back." He said.


I nodded and watched him leave. Missouri came from the kitchen and I quickly noticed that she didn't have any tea. I smiled to myself.


"He didn't stay?" Missouri asked.


I shook my head, "He couldn't." I said, "I have to try one more time."


Missouri looked at me oddly, "Are you sure? This could be..." she stopped.


"Yes." I said, "I just need to."


"Very well," Missouri said, "I'll leave you to it."


I sat down and closed my eyes. I felt the power and tapped more into it and concentrated on what I envisioned Hell to look like, Fire and Brimstone with a slight chance of fiery rain. No luck. I cursed and tried again, this time using Dean as the vision. I felt it deeper and deeper and suddenly, I was in a dark place and in front of me was Dean, strung up on a bunch of lines and screaming. His black eyes darted towards me in a quick jerk.


"Chalis!" Dean shouted.

I tried to shout, to say anything, but before I could, I was thrown to a room. Johnathan was moving towards a room and behind him was something...the something moved slowly.


"John!" I shouted.

He turned in time to shoot whatever it was before it threw him and he sank to the floor. Whatever had attacked him retreated. I was violently thrown back into my body and I fell to the floor.


Missouri hurried in, "Are you alright?" she asked.


"I need to find John." I said quickly.