Supernatural: Outer Beings

Chapter 27: Found-ed

Jonathan made his way through the dilapidated, old house, he had his gun in front of him, along with a flashlight. He made his way through the old house, just as he had the town, which seemed to be abandoned. When nightfall hit, he had heard a town bell and assumed there were more people out there. He stopped as he felt something move behind him and turned to see some lopsided silhouette moving towards him, a sharp instrument at its side. Suddenly, there was a gunshot and the silhouette fell to the floor and another silhouette moved towards him.

"Stop." John said.

"Why," I said moving into the light, "It's just little ole me."


"What are you doing here?" John asked, lowering his gun.

"Hi to you too." I said, moving towards him.

"Stop." He said quickly.

I looked around, "What?" I asked

"I thought I heard something." John said, looking around, "What're you doing here?"

"Looking for you," I said slowly, "You just disappeared and..."

"You thought you'd come and rescue me?" John asked, "What're you really doing here? You see something?"

I sighed, "Is that why you left?"

"Is that why you're here?" John asked, "You see me taking the big plunge? Came here because you couldn't just stand by while I died? Something noble like that?"

I was silent.

"Look, I'm sorry." He said.

I nodded, "No, the last time you saw me, I was pretty deep in the dark arts." I said, "I found salvation."

"Salvation? Did you join a cult?" John asked.

"No, Jonathan, I found a psychic that can help me with my abilities. And to answer your question, I did see something really bad." I said, "We were friends; I did unspeakable things and you left."

"You were trying to reach Hell." John said.

"Again, unspeakable things." I said.

"I don't pretend to understand your witch-stuff, but I'm a hunter. You're doing things that I have sworn to protect the world against." John said, "That's why I'm in Hellsville."

"You're in Hellsville because I scared you." I said.

John looked at me angrily, and then his expression changed. Before I knew what happened, I felt a sharp pain across my back. I fell to the floor and looked back to see some big monster behind me. The monster was buff and carried a big axe, but he now wielded a smaller instrument, which had my blood smeared across it. There were tattoos across its face that made a checkered pattern. John fired a couple of rounds into the guy's stomach, but it only slowed him. I got to my feet with John's help and we fled the Mansion. As he flung my arm over his shoulder, we descended the steps, we noticed that there were other things on the street.

"Go." I said.

"Those things..." John said.

"Gaia blinds the unclean things." I said, "Go."

John guided us through the streets, still weary of the things. They weren't exactly zombies, because they were disfigured. As we made our way down the street, hoping for anything or anybody that could help us, ahead of us was a church.

"Go for the church." I said, panting.

"Are you okay?" John asked.

I nodded, "The spell, it's...fading." I panted.

John noticed at the same time I did that the spell was wearing off and bolted up the stairs, pulling me with him. As we closed in on the church doors, the disfigured zombies lashed out at us, running towards us.

"Dea, benedite il mio cammino!" I shouted, causing the path to be cleared so that we could make a dash toward the church and before I knew it, I was out cold.


As I awoke, I looked around to find myself surrounded by people. These people were terribly dirty and ranged from just older than me to old. John stood a few feet away, talking to some. I felt my back, there were stitches and my back was killing me.


"You're awake." A girl just older than me smiled.


"Yeah." I said, "So are you."


"My name is Lucinda." She said, "And this is the Cherry Mill First Church."

I looked around at the worn and dilapidated surroundings, "Hi Lucy."


"This is my brother Allen; mother Sarah, Cousin Joseph, and father, Brighton." Lucy said.


"I don't care." I said quickly.


They all exchanged puzzled looks.


"Ya gotta excuse him, he's just a little testy." John said, pulling me aside, "They stitched you up and opened the door."


"Something's not right with all this." I said, "This town...something straight from Silent Hill and I've seen the movie and tried to play the games."



"And the people who lived there were the reason for Silent Hill going to Hell." I said, "How much you wanna bet this is the same?"


"It's not." Lucy said, "For years, we've lived in agony for the outside world. I don't know the exact story because the originals are gone."


"Originals?" John asked.

"The people who originally know what happened." Allen answered, "It all started with kids missing. Then adults and livestock."


"Lady Herion, a locally known witch," Sarah said, "We worshipped her greatness and she had an heir."


"That's who created this distorted reality." Lucy said.


"So, an evil witch did this? Stereotypes." I said.


"Are you part of the dark forces?" Lucy asked.


"No. I'm all for light." I said.


"We saw what you can do." Sarah said suddenly.


"Here goes..." I said quickly.


"You survived the darkness." Sarah said.


"Point being?" John asked.


"He is filled with the darkness." Sarah said, "You must be punished."

"Mom." Lucy said quietly.


"Wickedness cannot be tolerated!" Sarah said.


I looked at John, who was already going for his gun, "I'm so not in the mood for this." I said.


"Look! Look at his eyes! He is wicked!" Sarah said.


"Yup." I said, floating off the ground a little, "I'm the big bad wiccan."


"Get him and his friend!" Sarah commanded.


"La pelle sporca che striscia dentro, libera lo spirito che abita in profonditą con il sin, porta la giustizia ed il wrath delle nostre parentele caro partite!" I said calling the dark energy and spirits to rise from the walls and floor of the church, which was ironic because, hello, a church, and they swam around and swam through certain people. Those people had to be the wrong doers.


"Mom!" Lucy shouted as her father and mother were stripped down to the skeleton.


"Come on, let's get out of here." John said, pulling me away.




"What?" I asked.

John just stared at me, "Can you fix your eyes?" he asked as we drove away from the diseased town.

I blinked, "That do it?" I asked.

John looked into my eyes and just stared, we both did, and then snapped back into reality, "Yeah, yeah..." he said, "Do your eyes do that all the time?"

"Nowadays." I said.

"Where you headed?" John asked.

"You're the second John that I've hunted with." I said, "I'm starting the think I attract Johns."

John stared at me.

"I mean..." I paused, "I know magic scares you."

"Not magic, you." John said.

"Why me?" I asked.

"You're losing yourself in it." John said, "It used to be a part of your life, now you're adept. I'm worried."

"Whoa, adept, you've been studying." I said.

"I'm being serious." John said.

"I'm sorry, but us being separated isn't a good idea." I said, "I was attacked, luckily Sam was there."

"Sam..." he said, "Sam was there?"

"We're better as a team." I said.

"Did you and Sam..."

"Talked." I said, "Argued. We argued for a while and he left. Then I left."

"Doesn't answer my question." John said.

"Which one?" I asked, "I'm going with you."

"Okay." John said.