Supernatural: Outer Beings




Timber Lane walked down Brick Avenue, whistling to himself. When the day had started, he had no idea what would occur, how could he? It was just a normal day. Nothing had changed. Nothing was different. The night was different. Timber continued to walk down the street, a few fields and he would be home. There was a rustle of leaves and the moos of the cows in the field, then a noise that sounded like a can rattling in the distance. He felt extremely out of body, like his spirit was being tugged at. Then there was nothingness.




Chapter 29:          Disturbia

"Why are we heading to Texas?" I asked, "I could have easily solved the last one."

"You did." John said, "You took on Peter Pan."

"And I did it with a half frown, half grumpy face." I said.

John laughed, "You should trademark that face." He smiled, "You make that face a lot?"

"Lately." I said.

"Is it when you do spells?" John asked.

"If it was, would you want to know?" I asked.

John looked at me from the driver's seat, "What's so wrong with me worrying?" he asked.

"It's weird." I said, "Plus I know you're not really into magic the way I am, so it seems dangerous to you."

"But it is dangerous." John said, trying to mask his anger.

"You've known me for a while, right?" I asked. He nodded, "Do I strike you as the evil witch?"

"Neither did that cute lez from that show about the Slayer." John said.

"Lez? Lesbian." I said, "And no. I'm not cute and quirky, I'm weird" I said.

"That's not even a true sentence." John groaned.

"Do you ever miss your parents?" I asked.

John looked at me oddly, "Umm, I guess. They're not really gone, but I do miss them." He said quickly.

"So, you wouldn't think it was weird to, I don't know, miss my parents?" I asked.


"I'm an optimist, so I have to believe that me having to set my mother's soul free was the right thing, but I hate myself." I said.

"You hate yourself?" John asked.

"My dad died." I said blatantly, "She was the only thing, besides Winchesters, I had in the familial area."

John stared at me for a second, "This is going to sound so ga...umm, listen, you have me." He said.

"That's the gayest straight thing I've ever heard." I smiled, "Thanks."

"No problem." He chuckled.

There was an intense pain in my head, like something sawing its way out, then a clear vision. A man, walking along the street, then he was snatched away!

"Are you okay?" John asked.

I shook my head, "I think we're on the right path." I frowned.


We stopped in at a record store on the way, just so we could have something to listen to when we were tired of talking. I found some great mixed tapes to combat John's blatant gangster rap. Don't get me wrong, I love some gangsters...I mean, gangster rap, but sometimes, I want to listen to RnB and Pop or something. I went to the front of the store with my cds and was about to check out when this guy bumped into me and all the cds flew across the floor.

"Dammit." The guy said, "Just fucking great!"

I bent down to pick up the cds in front of me, "Nice language." I said quickly.

"Fuck!" The guy frowned, "I'm having a bad day and you bumping into me..."

"Me bumping into you?" I asked, standing with my cds, "I didn't see you watching your step."

"Look, all I meant."

"I know what you meant." I said quickly, "Look, it's all good." I said, walking to the counter.

The girl at the counter chuckled, "I know my opinion doesn't count for much but you should cut him some slack." She smiled.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"His sister just died and he just lost his job." The girl said.

"Oh...Oh," I said, turning around, but he was gone, "Any idea what his name would be?"

"Martin Litman." The girl said, "It's been a hard year."

"So, he's not just a jerk?" I asked.

"Nope."  The girl said, "Is this all?"

I nodded.



"There's something creepy about this." John said.

"What? We're just breaking into someone's house so we can tell him that I'm sorry for being such a jerk." I said, thinking, "Okay, maybe a little weird, but we deal with weird every day."

John smirked and looked over the gate, "There's a dog." He said.

"How big is the mutt?" I asked.

There was a low growl, then the fence jumped a little.

"Pretty big." He said.

"I could put him to sleep." I said, gaining an uneasy stare from John, "Okay, no magic, but how do we calm the beast?"

"Beast?" John asked, "You've been submerged in magic too long."

"Submerged?" I asked, "Quite a big word."

"Oh suck it." John groaned.

I smirked and looked at the gate. I wondered how I could get the dog out of the way without using magic and it hit me...I just had to keep my magic use from John.

"What's going on in that head?" John asked.

"Nothing." I said, closing my eyes and concentrating hard on the dog. He was getting tired, he needed to retreat to his house, to sleep and soon, he did.

"Did you..." John stopped, "Your nose is bleeding."

I wiped my nose, "No biggie." I said, walking over to the gate and opening it and going up to the house.

"Are you going to knock?" John asked, "Please say you're going to knock."

"Of course, I'm not some intruder." I said, knocking, "What was your favorite Disney movie?"

"What does that have to do with anything?" John asked.

I knocked again, "It's just a question." I said.

"The Fox and the Hound." John said.

I scoffed.

"What's yours?" John asked.

"Pocahontas...I mean, gotta love the symbolism and stuff." I said.

"Yeah." John chuckled.

"Anybody ever tell you that you look like Rockmond Dunbar?" I asked.

"No." John said, "Pocahontas? Really? Didn't you say something about Alice in Wonderland?"

"Well, seeing how the whole Peter Pan thing popped up, I did some Disney movie watching, and Pocahontas was this girl with the gift of sight and...well, I can relate." I said.

"You know, the real woman didn't have that." John said.

"That's why it's a Disney movie." I frowned, "Plus, animated John Smith is way sexy."

"This guy's not coming to the door." John said.

"Alohomora." I said, causing the door to creak open.

"Did that really work?" John asked.

I shook my head, "No," I panted, "It takes concentration."

"Are you okay?" John asked.

"Door's open isn't it?" I smiled.

"I thought we agreed..."

"Shhh!" I said, listening to the faint voices. I could hear whispers not too far away, "You hear that?" I asked, walking down the hall.

"Chalis." John whispered, following.

Down the hall, I found myself looking in behind a door. Martin sat in the center of a pentagram, chanting, "Il signore di tutti i sogni, mi assegna il regalo di comprensione e di vita all'interno dei miei incubi pił selvaggi!" he repeated.

"What's he saying?" John asked.

"I don't know." I said, "Italian and Latin aren't really my second and third tongues."

"But you say spells like that all the time." John said.

I looked at him, "I don't really notice most of the time and the other half of the time, I'm just reading." I said.

"So, you have no idea what you're saying?" John asked.

"Yes, and no." I said, "It's complicated."

John yawned.

"What was that?" I asked.

"I feel sleepy all of a sudden." John said tiredly.

I looked at him oddly, "Are you okay?" I asked.

"I'm fi..." he said, passing out.

"John!" I said.

"He can't hear you." Martin said, coming out of the room.

"What did you do?" I asked nervously.

"He's gone."

"Well you better bring him back or you're going to have one pissed off witch on your ass." I said.

"Aren't you the guy from the store?" Martin asked, "He said you'd come, good thing too, cause otherwise I would have needed sacrifices."

I grabbed Martin, who was considerably larger than me, by the collar, "What did you do!" I asked angrily.

"You can't save him now, he's in the Dream." Martin said.

"How do we get there?" I asked.

"We can't." Martin said.

I shoved him backwards and used my powers to hold him against the wall, "I'm not going to ask again." I said angrily.


John wandered through the dilapidated house. All of it was happening so fast! One minute he was talking to Chalis and the next minute he was wandering around this creepy house. He could swear something was following him. There were faint whispers that were inaudible to him. He listened but couldn't make out what the voices said. There was a noise like scraps on metal and four claws came into sight on the burnt skin of what appear to be half man, half wolverine. John reached for his gun, but found nothing.

"Oh shit." John said, breaking into a run.

Outside his dream...

Suddenly, there were scratches on John's stomach. I watched as the scratches deepened and I got angrier, "Hurry." I said as Martin sat in the pentagram.

"There is no rushing this." Martin said.

I punched him and held my hand as it ached, "Ow." I said, "And...and there's more where that came from! Now, do it!"

Martin held his bleeding nose and began chanting.

I felt light headed, "King of Dreamers, here my cry! You cannot have him, just bring me inside!" I shouted.

Back inside the dream...

The monster stopped tearing at John's skin at the disturbance of the dreamscape. It flew into the air and out of sight as Martin and I made our way across the foyer of the dilapidated house. It reminded me of Nightmare On Elm Street.

"What's this demon's name?" I asked.

"The Dream Demon." Martin shrugged.

"Any relation to Freddy Krueger?" I asked.

"Where do you think he came from?" Martin asked.

"Anybody ever tell you that you're a creepy little asshole?" I asked.

"You're here." John said, holding his stomach, "I was lost."

"No, you're dreaming." I said.

"So, I'm not hurt?" John asked happily.

"This is kind of Freddy Kruegerish." I said, "So, you are screwed, but good news is that I'm a kick ass witch."

"No magic." John said.

"How do you think we're getting out of here?" I asked.

"After we get out of here." John said.

"If." Martin said.

"Oh yeah, Martin, this is John. John, this is the son of a bitch that put us both in here." I said.

"Hi." They both said.

"Any idea on how to kill that mutant thing?" John asked.

"A few." I said, "Gonna need some time, though."

"Alright." John said, reaching for his guns, but there wasn't any there, "Problem."

"Two." I said, "No powers."

"Everyone has powers in here, it's a freaking dream." Martin commented.


"Okay, so, this is dream world, who are you in your dreams?" I asked.

John thought for a minute, then he changed into something that looked to be the Terminator.

"Really?" I asked.

"Hey, at least I have a gun." John smirked, loading the guns.

I concentrated harder than before and suddenly, I was wearing a golden robe, "Hells yeah!" I shouted.

There was a roar.

"I need time to get a good spell going, stall!" I said.

"I'll be back." John said, walking forward.

I thought quickly about my surrounding and candles appeared.

"You dream you're a witch?" Martin asked.

"Something like that." I said, sitting in between the candles and crossing my legs. There were gunshots in the distance and I had trouble concentrating.

"So, if you kill him, will it undo all the bad he's done?" Martin asked.

I opened my eyes, "You really mean will it undo all the bad that you've done and the answer is I don't know. Nothing can undo death."

"Are you sure?" Martin asked.

"Well, there's this contract with demons, but I don't advise it. Any other way and I don't know how." I said, "Now shut the hell up."

"Sorry." Martin said, shutting his trap.

"L'impulso di alimentazione, Onyx della terra, chiamata di tutta la magia, si trasforma in in una e fonde con me..." I said, opening my eyes to see John fly over my head.

"Better hurry." Martin said.

"Venuto a me che denomino il thee, liberili da questo sogno interno!" I said, opening my eyes again, "I did it!"

"Yeah, but..." Martin said, pointing at the gigantic monster before us! Before I could do or say anything, there were four gunshots and the beast had fallen down dead!

"Thanks." I panted.

"No problem." John said, his guns still in the air.

"You guys are freaking awesome." Martin said.


"We can't." John said, "We can't take him with us!"

"Why not?" I asked.

"He almost got us killed." John argued.

"Yeah, but he was trying to take care of the dream demon by himself." I said quickly, "He was being controlled."

John frowned, "So, he's susceptible to magic, sorry, we deal with magic every day." He said.

"He knows a lot about curses and stuff, he looked it up." I said, "John, please, he's a good guy."

"But we have enough good guys." John said, "You and me, on the open road."

"Fine but you gotta tell him." I smiled.