Supernatural: Outer Beings



"Who are you to command such a thing?" The Keeper asked. The keeper was a shriveled old demon, wearing a cloak. His nails were long and his face was worn and wrinkled. The Keeper kept guardianship of very special souls. He was short-tempered and had no personal skills.

"All I want is to talk to her." I said testily.

"Hold your temper, mortal." The Keeper spat, "You shall not pass!"

"Oh, I pass." I said.

"No." he said.





"No." I said

"Yes." He said, "Darn!"

"You said it." I smiled.



Chapter 33: Passage of the Dead

"Well, I'm sorry, but he's not exactly a kid." John said, "He disappeared."

"You let him disappear! God, I knew he should have come with us." Dean raged.

"Dean." Sam warned, "Any idea where we start to look?"

"We almost found him." Martin said, "We went to this lady's house, then to this cornfield, where some sort of fight took place."

"Are you on Ridalin?" Dean asked.

"No." Martin said sheepishly.

"So, where do we start?" John asked.

"We need to think like him, where would he go next?" Sam asked.

"If I were in his mind...I don't know." John said, "Nothing's going on."

"Nothing? Angels are coming down to face demons, so yeah, things are happening." Dean said.

"What's your problem?" John asked.

"My problem is that you keep losing my friend." Dean snapped.

"I don't think that's it! I think you're jealous or something." John said, "You don't get to be around him as much. You went to Hell and came back and he resents you."

"Shut the Hell u...wait, he resents me?" Dean asked.

"Just an observation." Martin said.

"He planned on bringing you back." John said.

"By diving head first into the dark arts?" Sam asked.

Dean looked at Sam, "You kind of did the same." He said.

"Maybe, but he's deeper than I ever went." Sam said, "It all started with that book."

"Before the book." Dean said, "We should have gotten a hold of him before the book."

"My sister, Nat, is tracking him." John said, "So, we've got a pretty good start, but after that..."

"Well, looks like we'll just have to wait and see." Sam sighed.

"Anybody wanna play Parcheesi?" Martin said optimistically.


"EGO precor thee, desparatus of barathrum seer of fata, opus thy mos!" I chanted. This was triple my limit of mojo. I would most likely have headaches and nosebleeds for a while by doing this, but I had to find the answers.

"It's not going to work." The Keeper said.

"EGO precor thee, desparatus of barathrum seer of fata, opus thy mos!" I chanted louder.

"One wrong word and you could end up in oblivion." The Keeper said.

"All I want is answers; can I not get the answers?" I asked.

"You shall not penetrate this gateway, tis forbidden." The Keeper said.

"I am not above breaking down doors to get what I want." I said.

"You could damage what lies beyond. Are you prepared to spread such pain? Such unbelievable disaster?" The Keeper asked.

I looked away solemnly, then back at him, "Yes." I said, throwing my hands into the air and blasting the Keeper backwards into the door!


"Nat, are you sure?" John asked, "Okay, thanks."

"What's the diagnosis?" Dean asked impatiently.

"The last place his cell phone was somewhere near Kansas." John said.

"You thinkin what I'm thinkin?" Sam asked Dean.

"Yeah, he's heading home." Dean said.

"I don't think so." John said.

"And why not?" Dean asked.

"He has no reason." Sam said, "So, if he's close to Oklahoma, then wouldn't he be in Oklahoma by now?"

"That's the thing, that was days ago." John explained, "It's like he's disappeared, no phone traces at all."

"He's gone?" Sam asked, "What does that mean?"

"He's off the map." John said.


"I'm off the map." I said quickly, walking down a dark tunnel. The tunnel was long and though I could see the light at the end, the closer I got, the farther I was away from it, "Oh valde phasmatis ostendo sum thy ego!"

There was a subtle wind, then nothing.

I sighed, "I came all this way for nothing." I frowned.

"No." My mom said.

"Mommy." I said innocently.

"What are you doing here?" Mom asked.

"Haven't you heard? I fell of the wicca wagon." I said quickly.

"I saw." She said, "For you to be here is forbidden."

"I need answers." I frowned.

Mom looked at me slowly, realizing why I had come, "None of this was supposed to be this way." She said, "Your father and I had you and planned on raising you together, to be a happy family, but nothing is perfect. No one is perfect."

"But they said I'll fall, hard and fast. I don't want to fall." I said, "I shouldn't have to fall."

"But you're giving them the destiny. You've isolated yourself from your friends and went off for vengeance..."

"It's the only thing I know." I said, "Why can I see dead people?"

"To help those in need." She said simply.

"Those you hear yourself? You sound like them."

"Them?" She asked.

"All this divinity's not becoming of you!" I said, "The Holier than thou crap is getting old."

"Watch your mouth, I'm still your mother." She said.

"I'm evil. Haven't you heard?" I asked.

"You're not evil." She hissed, "You are not evil!"

"Then what am I?" I asked.

"Breaking laws." Castiel said, causing me to turn to him, "No living mortals are permitted here."

"You here to throw me in Hell?" I asked.

"You are truly disrespectful."

"Maybe. But what's to respect? I'm an evil thing." I said.

"You are not an evil thing, you just take a dark path." Castiel said.

"You said that I lose control, that I..."

"Yes, and that is true, but you will save them. And in turn, they will save you." Castiel said.

"Cryptivity." I said.

"They are searching for you." Mother said.

"I don't have anybody left. No dad, no mom..."

"You still have family." She said.

"Are you sure they can't save me first?" I asked.

"I'm sure." Castiel said.