Supernatural: Outer Beings




"Do we have to go to the Bayou?" Martin pouted as he sat in the back seat of 1967 Fire Bird. He had gotten bored on the long drive to Louisiana. I, on the other hand, was excited! I mean this was Louisiana! New Orleans! John seemed totally indifferent, but only because he'd only been there before. He said it was alright. I was on a very good high and even they weren't going to bring me down! I had, however, been ignoring Sam and Dean's calls. It was just rough there, with those relationships. I had been called by Ruby, but she wasn't exactly the person I wanted to see. I was just ready to solve another unsolvable mystery. Martin sighed in the back, "Why do I have to ride in the back?!" he asked angrily. My cell phone buzzed on the dash and I grabbed it, seeing Sam's name on the phone. I silenced it and sat it back on the dash. Both guys were now staring at me, but I just ignored them.




Chapter 39: Voodoo

As we walked down the giant street, I took in the sights. Louisiana is a beautiful place with large houses and...just so many sights! I wanted to take everything in before we had to head to the bayou where the local voodoo priestess

As we got to the little shack deep inside the bayou, we all hesitated. I saw John check for his gun and Martin shiver a little bit, but we all continued. I waited for Martin and John to enter before I did, but something happened when I tried to enter.

"Why'd you stop?" John asked, turning to me.

"I don't know...I...I just can't move." I said.

"Witches cannot enter." A dark, sensual voice of a woman came as she stepped into the light. Her hair was wrapped in cloth and her clothes were very loose, like a gypsy or...voodoo priestess would look. She was a beautiful woman, no older than John and her dark skin glistened in the light of the candles, which were spread all around the spacious room. There was a table with a crystal ball and a light buzz.

John and Martin turned to her.

"You've brought a witch to my parlor." The woman said.

"Madam Levau." Martin started.

"Madam Jeanette Leavue." Leavue said.

I looked at the pouch on her neck, "Gris-gris." I said.

"What?" John asked.

"It's a Gris-gris." I said, "Pouch for evil..."

"Or bringer of luck." Leavue said, "You are the one."

"The One?" I asked.

"You've come to combat the darkness." Leavue said.

"We thought you were the darkness." Martin said quickly.

Leavue looked a little shocked, "I am no darkness, honey." She said.

"So, who is?" John asked.

"A local priest, he let the power consume him, declared himself God." Leavue said.

Suddenly, there was a pecking noise at the window. We looked over to see a huge crow, pecking the window.

"He knows you are here." Leavue said quickly, "You must be protected."

"I...What sort of things have been happening?" I asked.

Leavue sat down at the table, "Blood in the river, Frogs, Gnats, Hail, Boils, Locusts, and..." she stopped.

"And..." Martin said.

"The dead walk this Earth again." Leavue said, "But I knew you would come."

"How?" I asked.

"The spirits told me." Leavue said.

"You commune with the spirits?" I asked.

"Talk about your dead end jobs." John said.

I looked at him oddly, "How do we stop him?" I asked.

"It is too late, he already knows you're here, his spies have certainly gather your personal belongings." Leavue said, "Hair, pictures...anything that would help in his curse."

"Holy crap." Martin said, "I knew one of us should have stayed with the stuff."

"How could he have gotten this?" I asked.

"There is no way he..." John said, thinking.

"I am sorry." Leavue said.

John, Martin, and I looked around as we felt a minor quake. When we looked back around to see that Leavue had gone.

"Where'd she go?" Martin asked.

John advanced toward a large painting, to which I thought only contained a picture of dolls. Now there was a portrait of Leavue holding the dolls.

"You don't suppose..." Martin said slowly.

"Voodoo." I said, "Something is scaring her."

"Big bad voodoo daddy?" John asked, his gun in the air.

Martin cocked his shotgun, "Do I get to shoot stuff?" he asked.

"No." I frowned, "Maybe."

"We need to get out of here." John said, walking towards the door.


As we sat in the hotel room, Martin tapped away on his laptop while John cleaned his guns and I read up on some of the various curses in the mega-sized tome. That's what I was calling it now. I figure it beats the big book of spells. BBs. I was a little worried about being known. How could we be known already? We had just gotten here ourselves and under the impression that Leavue was the one pulling the strings, but now something else was pulling the gigantic strings.

"You think we can go to the Rising Sun?" Martin asked.

John stopped cleaning his gun and I stopped reading to look at him.

"Hey, I just want to see it! It inspired a kick ass song by Pink Floyd!" Martin said, typing, "And the Animals...Man, they were kick ass."

I sighed and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" John asked.

I shrugged, "There's air out there somewhere." I said, "Just need some."

John stood, "Don't you think you should stay close?" he asked.

"It won't help if we're all cramped in here like sardines." I said, "Besides..."

"What." John asked.

"Did you hear that?" I asked.

"What?" Martin asked, now looking at us.

There was a rustle.

"I heard that." John said walking over to get his gun but before he could, the window smashed and midget sized demons crashed through! John reached his gun but there were too many of them and he couldn't get a good aim.

I stood, frozen, kicking them away from my feet and trying to throw them off my shoulders and I did! Once I was free, I looked over to see Martin convulsing on the floor and I ran to him. There were none by him. John began firing randomly, hoping to hit a few, which he did, but he was almost out of ammo and his supply was downstairs in the car! They began throwing something at him and whatever it was hit him right across the temple, causing him to fall to the ground! I breathed in just as a rock was about to hit my head and it stopped. I opened my eyes to see them coming towards me again and I raised my hand. A jet of blue light flew from my hand, causing me to fall to the floor. I gasped for air as the creatures died away, but I could feel the blood dripping down my nose and I fell over before I could identify the creature as Backoo.


John walked through the very damaged streets of New Orleans, wondering had he missed Armageddon. He called out for Chalis, but there was no answer. Then he called out for Martin, but again, there was no answer. John took note of the debris, there was very little water damage, so no hurricane. There were pieces of house everywhere, fire raining from the sky, and people running around frantically. He tried to stop the people, but they couldn't be stopped, they were looking for any way out of the broken city.

"It is over." A calm voice said behind him.

John whirled around, "What's over?" he asked.

"The world." The man said, "After all the care put into it, it was easily torn apart."

"What happened here?" John asked, shielding his eyes from the bright flames all around him.

"We were unsuccessful. The Seals have been opened." The man said.

"Who are you?" John asked.

"My name is Castiel." Castiel said, "Those you are looking for are no more."

John took the time to register what Castiel was saying, then he began shaking his head, knowing that this couldn't be true.

"We have lost and those who we have fought against have arisen once again." Castiel said.

"They can't be gone." John said with disbelief, "They..."

"The people you know are no more." Castiel repeated.

"Lucifer is on Earth?! How long was I out?" John asked.

"Too long." Castiel said.

"How can you be so calm when this is happening?" John asked.

"Those who were good were saved."

"What about those who tried?" John asked.

Castiel was silent, "He was not saved." He added.


Martin sat in the corner, rocking back and forward. Martin woke up to find himself surrounded by bodies, two of which he felt especially bad for. Martin couldn't process anything. The last thing he remembered was that he was blacking out and suddenly he was here! There was blood all over the room and on him and his clothes! He had it on his hands. Martin had done some incredibly selfish and incredibly bad things in his life, but he'd never been faced with this type of...this was horrible. There was a stirring and he looked up. Someone was moving.

"Chalis..." Martin said hopefully.

"No." A dead voice said. The body of Timber Lane, one of the dream demon's victims stood, his head leaning to one side and his decayed body limping toward Martin, "You don't even remember me?"

"Timber." Martin said.

"I was your best friend. You fed me to that demon!" Timber frowned.

Martin slid backwards, against the wall, "What did..."

"You did this. You just keep killing! You'll never be anything other than a killer!" Timber shouted, "They're dead because of you!"

"No, No, I'm helpin..."

"They're killing demons, you on the other hand, are watching. You're not useful at all!" Timber shouted, "And now you'll pay."

"Wha...what're you going to do?" Martin asked.

Timber pulled a blade, "Oh, a little o' this an a little o' that." He smirked.


I stood at Sam and Dean's tombstone. I frowned at the tombstone. It was unreal, unthinkable thing. I didn't cry. I don't know if it was because I couldn't or I just wouldn't. Somehow I didn't think it would stick. I had glimpsed myself in the mirror, but I could feel something different in me! It was like a feeling that I couldn't shake. There was something about the rain. It wasn't right.

"Who are you?" An oddly familiar voice asked.

I turned to see myself, but in leather.

"What in the holier-than-thou hell!" The other me said.

I just stared.

"Who are you?" the other me said.

"You." I said slowly.

The other me frowned, pulling out two handguns, "Not gonna ask again." He said angrily.

I put my hands in the air, "Hold on, don't get crazy..." I said, "Look, I'm you...or...I should be."

"I'm me." He said, "So who are you?"

"Look, I'm Chalis Gordon. Magic-doer, good guy." I said.

He cocked his gun, "I'm Chalis Gordon and I don't do magic." He said.

"Are they really dead?" I asked.

The darker me lowered his gun, "Yeah." He said.

"How'd they...did..." I stammered.

"Lilith." He said, "Bitch got them both."

"Dean didn't come back?" I asked.

"Come back?" He asked, "Once you're dead, you're dead."

"Not really...The angels..."

"Don't tell me you believe in angels." He smirked, "No angel would dare come down here."

I stared. He was so cynical and what's worse is that it wasn't sarcasm.

"How'd you get here?" he asked.

"I'm hoping this is all a dream...Like,"

"Biggie." We both said.

"So we do still have a sense of humor." I said quickly.

"This is trippy." He said.

"That's my life." I said.

"Where's Castiel?" I asked.

"Who?" He asked.

"Cas, the angel." I said.

"What is it with you and angels?" He asked, "There's no such thing."

I looked at him, shocked, " need a nap." I said quickly.


"You're the angel, how can this happen?" John asked.

"The world as you know it is gone." Castiel said, "The seals were broken. Hell has come to Earth."

"Where are all the other angels?" John asked.

"We are leaving. This place cannot be saved. We are obliterating it." Castiel said.

"Where are my friends?" John asked, "I need to find them."

"Those who were wicked are stuck here." Castiel said, "Even if it was for a good reason."

"How can you...just obliterate..."

"I've come to receive you." Castiel said.

"I won't go."

Castiel looked stunned, "The world is coming to an end." He said.

"I'm not leaving without him." John said.

"You love him." Castiel said, "You wish to stay with him."

"Love him? Yeah, I mean I never thought..." John thought about it.

"All hope is not lost." Castiel said.

John saw the lightning and noticed that Castiel was gone, "Great. I'm in apocalypse and down an Angel."

There was more than a few screams in the city as John made his way through. He took out his gun, wanting to shoot anything that moved, but he just moved on. There were too many demons, he couldn't face them all, not in one shooting. Plus he was alone, something he had relished in the days before he met Chalis and Martin. Chalis. His mind flew back to Chalis. He had just realized that there was love there. Love that was...freeing. John hadn't really been all that lucky with girls. He hadn't ever thought of anything with a guy. Castiel's comments made him think about his feelings. They were there. There was a familiar scream and John raced inside the empty shack, gun in front of him. Martin's screams came from downstairs. John slinked downstairs, trying to be as quiet as he could until he stepped on a creeky stair and finally just went into the basement. He was shocked to see bodies everywhere! Martin was lying among the bodies, cut up and shivering. He was in shock.

"Martin...what the..." John asked.

Before John could move, he was sent flying across the room and smashed into the wall! His gun was picked up by a hand.

"Nice toy." Timber said, walking into the light to show him. He then aimed the gun and shot John, causing Martin to go into a seizure.


I had drawn a pentagram and was sitting inside it. The other me had his shotgun ready for anything that might come out of the woodwork. I could hear moans and other creepy sounds and I was glad I wasn't by myself. I looked up at him and smiled, but he only managed a half a smile. I lit the candles that we had got from a tomb not far from where we were now.

"So, is this like a charm?" The other me asked.

"A charm? We did dive into the magic pool, right?" I asked.

"I was just hoping this wasn't dark."

"It's not," I said, standing, "Think of it as a GPS. I'm trying to find my friends."

"Friends?" he asked, "The only person we have is us."

This time it was I who only managed half a smile, "Sam and Dean would want us safe. I'm not sure what in the Hell is going on in this..."

"Hell. On Earth." The other me said, "Seals were broken, Lucifer walked."


"I killed her." He said.

"Really? How?" I asked.

"Maybe you should try astral projection?" He asked.

"How did you..." I asked.

"I sold my soul." He said, "I gave up heaven."

"Just to beat her?" I asked.

"It was worth it, to torture her. To watch her watch her squirm just like..." He broke away.

"Don't worry, I'm going to undo this." I said happily, "I'm going to fix it all."

I sat in the middle of the pentagram.

"Be careful, if I remember right, this spell could have one helluva backfire." He said.

I smiled, "Thanks." I said, concentrating on the memories of John. I felt the memories over again, our first meeting.

"Well..." He asked.

I opened my eyes.

The other me aimed the shotgun at my head, then put it down, "Sorry, the black eyes things still haunts." He said.

"Not a problem." I said, "I know where they are."


As I stepped into the dank, dungeon-like basement, I felt a twinge of wrong. We had made our way across New Orleans, trying to find my friends and we had come upon this place. The world had gone to Hell, literally. I thought about what I had learned: Lilith was gone. Sam was gone. Dean was gone. The angels hadn't prevented the seal from being open, as unlikely as that sounded and I couldn't go to Heaven because I gave up my soul to send that evil bitch back to the dark pit she had come from...and from the looks, I had one Hell of a leather fetish. As I moved into the rooms, there was a very bad smell emanating from deeper within the maze-like basement and I found an entire grouping of bodies in a room and in the corner of the room, I saw Martin rocking back and forth on the ground. I walked over him, looking over my shoulder.

"Martin." I said.

He didn't respond.

"He's in shock." The other me said, shotgun ready.

I turned back to Martin and grabbed his face in my hands, "Listen to me, we've got to get out of here...what happened?" I asked.

"I killed them." Martin said.

I didn't have to look back to know that the other me was aimed the gun at him, "What's he sayin?" he asked.

I ignored him, "What do you mean?" I asked Martin.

"I fed them to the dream sorcerer." Martin said.

"Yeah, you did." I said.

"You did what? Yo, is he serious?" The other me asked.

"Yeah, but..."

"No buts." The other me said, "Step aside."

I stood and looked at me, "It's hard to explain." I said.

"He said it himself."

"But it's different." I said.

"Doesn't sound real different."

"You haven't given me a chance to explain." I said.

"Then do it, explain how him sacrificing people is..."

"I'm a bad person." Martin said.

"Yeah, dude, you are." The other me said, cocking the shotgun.

I closed my eyes and raised my hand, "Hold on," I said, "He's..."

"Look, he's our friend. I got it, but does that make him good?" The other me asked.

I stood there, trying to interpret what he was saying.

"John..." Martin said.

I looked down at him, so did the other me.

"Winchester?" He asked.

"No," I said quickly, "Where is John?" I asked.

"Timber...t-t-t-took him." Martin stuttered.

For the first time, I could see all the blood that was splattered all over Martin. I couldn't help but think that it was symbolic at best.

"Whatever happened to the Voodoo lady?" Martin asked.

"What voodoo lady?" The other me asked.

"Madam Leavue." I said, "Do you know her?"

There was a smirk, "Big bad voodoo mama? Yeah. Faced her once, she was vain. Wanted to be known as the greatest voodoo practitioner, and she was a really powerful person, but her vanity got to her." The other me said, "She had this handle, pretended to be this big voodoo man."

I looked at Martin, who shared the same look of bewilderment, "That bitch just screwed us royally!" I frowned.

"So, she did this?" Martin asked.

The other me nodded.

"What exactly did she do?" The other me asked.

"There was these little creatures..." I started.

"Were, not was, and they were Backoo." Martin said.

"...And we were in this Hellish world." I said.

"Thanks." The other me said.

"Sorry, but this place is..." I shuddered, "Creepy."

"John, this John, he a hunter?" The other me asked, "I could use another hunter."

"Hey! I'm a hunter." I said.

"You're a witch."

"We have to save him." I said.

"Where'd he go?" the other me asked Martin.

"Leavue's." Martin said, "I don't know how I know, but..."

"You just do." I said, "Let's go." I said.

"They disappeared." Martin said, "I think we might be sleeping."

I thought about it, "Did he disappear right after she shot him?" I asked.

"I don't...can't remember..."

"Try." I said.

"Yeah, yeah, he did." Martin said.

"Dreaming." The other me said, "Your life must suck if you dream this shit hole up."


"You crazy bitch." John spat as he sat in the middle of Madam Leavue's little shop. He was tied to a chair, struggling to break free, but he couldn't. Madam Leavue sat at her crystal ball, flipping tarot cards. John had been shot just before and was still bleeding. He had awoken when he'd been shot and noticed that two bodies were slumped over on the floor.

"The people `on't wan no real voodoo." Leavue said, "Dey wanna know how dey will die an how dey gone meet da man of dey dreams."

"What did you do to my friends?" John asked.

"That voodoo man dat Leavue mentioned, he wan ta save you. He wan be doin dat again." Leavue smiled, "Dat pouch in ya room...tha was to help you."

"Bitch." John said, struggling.

"Watch ya tone, wouldna wan ya friend ta die in his sleep." Leavue said, walking over to the portrait of herself. The portrait looked as if something was missing, as if it were paler than before when she had gone, "Dat was me a hundra yeahs ago."

"You don't look a day over a thousand." John smirked.

Leavue frowned, "Dat mouth of yours gone be da end of ya." She said.

It was then that John realized that there was a cut on Chalis and Martin's arm and the blood ran down onto the floor!

"Ya friends a' in real danga, boy." Leavue smirked, turning to look at the painting.

Martin slid over, holding his arm, trying to get to John.

"Martin, watch out!" John shouted causing Martin to look up just as Leavue threw something that exploded under his feet. Martin flew back, sliding underneath the table with the crystal ball on it, causing the crystal to fall and roll across the room! Madam Leavue walked over to John, but fell on her face. John and Leavue looked up to see Chalis with his hands outstretched.

"You!" Leavue said with contempt.

"Deus ex ma inflammo!" Chalis said, shouting out the painting of Madam Leavue, "Vanity sucks."

As the painting burned, Madam Leavue started to melt. As she was melting, Chalis ran over and untied John. Martin joined them. They all looked at the puddle that used to be Madam Leavue.

"She...she melted." Martin said.


John stood outside on the railing, looking out onto the parking lot. He hadn't been able to sleep all night, so he figured he'd just watch space. It wasn't like he was scared of how he felt or anything, he just was afraid of being rejected. He wasn't the perfect catch. A hunter, so not really making a lot of money or much in stability. Sure, he was sexy and had great abs and a great body, but what else did he have to offer? He didn't know. All he knew is that he had feelings for Chalis and he hoped Chalis shared those feelings. All that he could think about was Chalis, when he was tied up, he worried about Chalis. And, of course, Martin, but Chalis.

"Hey." Chalis said, stepping out into the cold morning, "What are you doing out here?"

"I could sleep." John said, "We're in New Orleans."

"It's beautiful." Chalis said, "It's like you have more on your mind."

"I do." John said. I should say it.

Chalis stared at him, "John..."


But before he could finish, Chalis' phone went off and Chalis answered, "Hello? Dean...wait...what. He what? Lilith...and...Yeah, we'll be there."