Supernatural: Outer Beings



"You fell." Castiel said, "Now it's time to get back up."

"I fell too far." I said.

"I can bring him back, but you will have to make a choice."

I sat up, "What's the choice." I asked.

"Alice, Kyle and the rest of this town for Martin." Castiel said.

I stood there, watching him, hoping I had missed something, that he had said something and I just ignored it.

"That's the trade, the entire town for him." Castiel said.

"What kind of choices are those?" I asked.

"It's the choices you have to make." Castiel said, "What will it be?"

I stood there, trying wait him out, wondering if I waited long enough would the decision would dissipate and I could have what I wanted. It didn't.

"I need your answer." Castiel said.

I closed my eyes, "You know I can't put his life before everyone else's." I frowned.

"Yes." Castiel said, "The final fight is upon us."

"What if I don't want to fight?" I asked.

"To get Jonathan back, you must." Castiel said cooly.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"I do not know. Wherever he is, they have shielded him." Castiel said.

"How can I find him?" I asked.

"That is for you to decide." Castiel said, turning to walk away.

"Stop dammit!" I shouted, "You can't just blow in here and give me an ultimatum, and then leave like nothing happened! I watched my friend die and..."

"You are in the middle of a war." Castiel said.

"I never asked to be."

"None of us did." Castiel said, "Now you must deal with the repercussions." He said leaving.



Chapter 41: Wiccan Rule


I walked out to the car and popped the trunk and looked into it. I saw a shotgun, two pistols, a machete, a funky looking dagger, and a tazer gun. There were also holders for all the weapons. I grabbed all of it and strapped the guns on chest in the holders and slid the machete and dagger into my leg holders. I strapped the tazer to my waist and slid a jacket over it. I was about to get in the car when my phone started to ring.

I looked at the caller i.d. and answered, "Sam." I said.

"Where are you?" Sam asked.

"Dean said you got away." I said quickly.

"You an Dean talking behind my back?" Sam asked.

"No." I said quickly, "I pretty much talk to your face. Sam, I know what's going on. I know how extremely dumb you've been and I know what happened between you and Dean."


"I've gotta say Dean's not wrong." I said.

Sam frowned through the phone, "So, you won't help me?" he asked.

"I wish I could." I said quickly, "Martin's dead."

There was a silence.

"John's missing." I said, "I've already lost one John already and I'm not doing it again."

"Is he...umm..."

"I'm going to find him." I said quickly, "It's going to be like Kill Bill, only a little less ninja."

"Is there anything I can do?" Sam asked.

"Pray." I said, hanging up the phone. I climbed in the car and stopped when I saw a note hanging from the rearview mirror. I opened it up and read it, "Holy Crap." I said, speeding out of the parking lot.


When I made it back to Alice and Kyle's house, I found myself just sitting, watching for signs of demon activity, but I couldn't find any. I watched for a good thirty minutes before deciding to move into the house. I approaching it like a burglar would, cautious and alert. I stopped at the porch when the lights flashed on. I looked through the window to see a couple going at it on the couch, I mean actual sex! A man and woman were having sex on the couch while a man was sprawled out on the wall! The man was John. I felt my anger rise until the front door swung open and I lifted off my feet and hovered through the open door. The two stopped having sex and looked over to me.

"Damn, and I was so close." The woman uttered.

"Don't worry, I'm about to finish you off." I frowned, hovering just above the ground.

"It's a trap!" John shouted.

The male demon stood and made a gesture that seemed to cause John extreme pain, "Don't worry you'll have your turn." He smirked.

I looked around the room, noticing that the bodies were still there, then I looked at the floor, which was covered with blood and I looked back at the demon and realized that he was the man from before.

"I've been waiting a long time to meet you." The male demon said with a very twisted smile.

"Was good for you, too?" I asked.

"It's getting there." The demon said, "I suppose you'll want my name."

"Doesn't really matter." I said quickly, "Omnium duos qua alamante deparsete!"

Suddenly, the lights flickered and house began to shake.

"The pain you caused you know will know, feeling, writhing from the place below. I banish you. Entechidue Omni Sumon Di..."

Before I could finish, a mirror was hurled at me, knocking me to the ground! I rolled over onto my back and looked up at him.

"You are as powerful as they say." The female demon said, sounding impressed, "That's some firepower you got there, chief. Too bad it's about to flicker."

"Blow by blow, you will feel my wrath!" I said, lifting myself up telekinetically and hovering just above the ground again, "Aduam Chysfu La Mort fininite Orem..."

The demon stopped me once again, this time by holding a knife to John's neck, "If we go, he goes." He said.

"That other guy was a nice touch." The female said, "I only wish it were me that killed him."

"It felt great. He was a little spit-fire." The demon said.

"Magunum tempest aro..."

"Stop with the chanting already!" The female sighed, "You're driving me insane."

"I've only just begun." I said, pulling my shotgun from behind me and aiming it at the woman, "Say hi for me." I said, shooting her in the face.

The other demon looked stunned, "You don't use weapons." He said.

"No?" I asked, aiming it at him!

The demon slid across the room as if he were the Flash, swiping the gun from my hand and kicking me in the gut. I fell to the floor in pain. I kicked at his legs, causing him to fall to the floor! I slid the pistols out of their holsters and immediately began firing into him! Once I saw that they were having no effect on him, I slid them back in and reached for the machete! I swung it at him, but he ducked it with super speed, snatching it from me.

"I'm going to enjoy this one." He said, wielding the machete.

I held out my hand, "Dolmechese!" I said, causing the machete to flail wildly while I pulled out the dagger in one hand and the tazer in the other. I tazered his ass and then slid the knife into him and pulled it out, "I expel you demon!"

"You think you're so different, but your eyes say differently." He said, causing his eyes to go black, "Regent." He said, disappearing.

I looked around, trying to find him, but he was gone and John lay a few feet away, bleeding onto the carpet. I ran to him and hugged him.

"Not too hard." John said, exhaling.

"Sorry." I said, "Are you okay?"

"All things considered? Yeah." John smiled, "You saved me."

"Yeah, you owe me one." I smiled.

"It's not over." John said as I helped him to his feet, "They'll be back."

I walked over to the house phone, "We'll be gone." I said.

"They got Martin." John said slowly.

"I know and they're going to die for that." I frowned.

"No," John said, "They took his body."

I looked at him, "They...took his body?" I asked.

"I was...I couldn't move."

"They took his body where?" I asked.

"I don't know." John stammered.

"Of course you don't. How could you?" I asked, "We gotta..."

"No." John said, "We have no idea where to even start looking."

"We start at the beginning." I said, "Now let's go."