Supernatural: Outer Beings



"Dean, over your left soulder!" Sam shouted.

"Sam, right in front of your face!" Dean shouted back, shooting a ghost with his shotgun.

"Thanks." Sam said, but what happened to the other ghost?" Sam asked.

"Don't ask, let's just thank whoever and get the Hell out of here." Dean said.

"You're welcome." I smirked, tilting my head the slightest bit.

Chapter 42: Coming of Lucifer

"So, Bobby's in a wheelchair? And Lucifer's come to Earth?" I asked before bursting into laughter, "No seriously!"

Sam and Dean looked between one another.

"I felt major dark energy but I thought it was just gas."

"This really isn't funny." Sam said.

"Lemme guess, you broke the last seal." I asked.

"How'd you know?" Dean asked, eyeing me.

"Killing Lilith? Who else could do it?" I asked, "Besides me."

"Sorry, I'm not that trusting anymore, especially after what just happened." Dean said.

"What about now?" I asked.

"There was this he-witch..."

"He-witch?" I sneered at the muddily derogatory remark.

"Sorry, keep forgetting you're a sorcerer supreme now." Dean said, "He gyped me and Bobby out of years of our lives."

"You'd never be able to tell. Except that spot on your face." I smiled.

"I undid it." Sam said.

"What spot?" Dean asked.

"And I'm not a sorcerer supreme." I frowned, "I can't save anyone close to me."

"Your friend." Sam said, "We're really sorry to hear about that."

"If I were a sorcerer supreme, I'd find a way to bring him back or at least find his body." I frowned.

Sam put a hand on my shoulder, "I'm really sorry." He said.

"Enough of this touchy feely crap." Dean said, "I think your ovaries are starting to show."

"This He-witch, was he cute?" I smirked.

"Not sure he was into guys." Sam smiled.

"I've been reading history and most witches, depending on how long they live...well, immortals actually, don't really care about gender." I said quickly.

"He was nine hundred." Sam said, "Way too old for you."

"Geez, Sammy, can you be a little less obvious?" Dean chuckled.

"Dean!" Sam warned.

"Where is John?" Dean asked, "Isn't he supposed to..."

"Protect me? He's on a case." I frowned, "We're trying to find...well..."

"Did we mention we're kinda famous?" Dean asked.

"How so?" I asked.

"There's a book, called Supernatural. A prophet writes it. It's about us." Sam explained.

"People write fanfics and have conventions about it." Dean smirked.

"Cute." I said, "The world's literally going to Hell and you're making guest appearances at geeky conventions? So, the angels are going all rogue. This may be a dumb question but where is God?"

"The angels think he's dead." Sam said quickly.

"I don't believe that." I shot at him, "He's friggin God."

"I know." Sam said, "But if the angels think so..."

"They're wrong." I frowned, "Is there something you're not telling me? Anything else?"

"No." Dean said quickly.

Sam looked as if he wanted to say something.

"Sam." I said.

He and Dean exchanged glances. I could tell that Dean didn't want me to know something.

"Ruby was working for Satan." Dean said quickly.

I was shocked, "I'll be damned." I frowned.

"I know, I was stupid for trusting her." Sam said, looking away.

"Sam, she tricked us all." I frowned.

"Not me." Dean sighed.

"Okay, not you, but she had me snowed over." I said, sticking my tongue out at him, "That's not what you're trying to hide."

Sam and Dean, again, exchanged glances.

"Did I mention I could just go into one of your minds and get what I need to know?" I smirked.

Dean smirked too, "If you could have, you would have. Besides, when did you get that much power?" he asked.

"Well, it could go bad." I said.

"How bad?" Sam asked.

"Heads could explode, memories could be wiped, and consciousness could be lost." I sighed, "Any number of things. That's what they don't tell you about magic, it's all glitz and glamour on tv."

Dean and Sam looked at me wide-eyed.

"Don't worry, I've nearly got it down." I smiled weakly.

"You've been trying it?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, the headaches aren't nearly as bad." I explained, "Besides, if I'm ever going to be useful, I have to learn my powers."

Sam looked concerned, "Maybe you should stop." He said, "It's dangerous."

"It's like Sammy and the demon blood." Dean said.

"It's nothing like that!" I frowned, "I'm not addicted to magic. It's the normal progression."

"It's still dangerous." Sam said.

"Living is dangerous." I said, "I could get hit by a bus or bitten by a vampire. Anything really."

"We're the vessels." Sam blurted.

"Sam!" Dean warned.

"The vessels? As in Angel vessels?" I asked.

"Not exactly." Dean said, "How much do you know about...the upcoming battle."

"I know it's going to be angels and demons. So...wait, you're both vessels? How..." I said, trying to think of how they could both be vessels. I went over what I said again and it hit me, "One of you is going to be...a demon's vessel?"

"More than that." Sam said, "Lucifer's vessel."

My eyes must have showed my shock.

"I'm going to be Lucifer's vessel." Sam said, "Or I'm supposed to be."

"And lemme guess, you're God's vessel?" I asked, "No...not God. An angel."

"The archangel Gabriel." Castiel said, appearing from nowhere, "The time is fast approaching."

"Anybody ever tell you that you're incredibly sexy when you're dire?" I joked.

"This is serious." Castiel said, "And thanks." He said nervously.

"I know. Why aren't you...ya know, fighting with the angels?" I asked.

"He's looking feels weird to say it." Sam said.

"He's looking for God, isn't he?" I said, excited, "He's not dead. How can he be dead? He's friggin God."

"I must move quickly." Castiel said, "The war is..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." Dean sighed, "It's comin. Any news?"

"Nothing, I just came to see how the search for the colt is going." Castiel asked.

I looked at them, shaken, "The colt?! You're looking for the colt?!" I asked.

"Yes." Sam said.

"Why didn't you ask me to help?" I asked, "I could do a spell don't want me doing spells, do you?"

"That's what we came to talk to you about." Dean said, looking to Sam, "We think Satan might come for you."

"We think you might be safer with Bobby or hiding." Sam said.

"I noticed that being with you guys wasn't an option." I said quickly. Before Sam could say anything I began, "I'm not running and I'm not hiding."

"He could use dark magic to...I don't know, do something to you." Dean said, worry coming from somewhere deeper, "You're like a brother. We want you safe."

"I'm not safe. None of us is safe." I argued, "I know I've been getting more powerful and...but I can do this. I can use these powers to fight for us."

"That's what I said." Sam exhaled.

"But I'm not you. I'm not gurgling in demon's blood. This power comes from somewhere good, from me." I said, looking at Castiel, "Cass, tell them!"

"I'm sorry, but the more power you accumulate, the faster you'll pop up on Lucifer's radar." Castiel said, "Harnassing dark magics for a good reason doesn't make the magics good."

I looked between all three of them, "You're wasting your time." I frowned.

Sam watched me, no doubt wanting to say something.

"What does John say about this?" Dean asked.

"My powers have saved us so many times..." I said.

"He doesn't like it." Castiel said, "He tolerates it because it's you."

"About the colt...How're you going to get it from Lil? She's dead." I said quickly, "We're not going to hold a sťance are we?"

"No, Bella didn't give the colt to her, she gave it to some other demon." Dean said.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"It was in the books." Sam said, "The Supernatural books."

"How are you going to find this demon?" I asked.

Sam and Dean stood.

"The old fashion way." Dean said, "It was a slice." He said hugging me and leaving.

"He's mad." I muttered.

"Yeah. I think it's about you being as stubborn as he is." Sam smiled.

"And you're not mad?" I asked.

"I'm worried." Sam said.

I looked to Castiel, who disappeared, then back to Sam, "You don't have to be worried." I said, "I'm tougher than I look."

"You're powerful enough to invade people's minds." Sam said.

"The headaches are worse than I mentioned. I didn't want Dean to worry." I said.

"And you want me to worry?" Sam asked, confused.

"I trust you not to." I said.

"I don't want to see you go down the same road I did." Sam said.

I hugged him hard, "I'm trusting you here." I smiled.

"I'll do my best." Sam said, "Be careful. If you need us, just call."

"Ditto." I smiled.


I stood in the middle of the hotel room, trying to figure out my next move. There was a knock at the door and I hesitated. It was late in the night and I wondered who, or more likely what, was knocking on my door. I cautiously opened the door and stopped. A cold shiver went down the back of my spine as I realized that there was no one there. There was something there, I could feel it. It was evil, whatever it was. The shiver didn't go away and before I could slam the door I was spiraling through the air and I crashed into a mirror! As I collapsed to the floor, I felt a sharp pain in my side and realized a large shard was sticking out my side. Something snatched the shard from my side and I looked up to see a man standing before me. I immediately knew.

"Chalis Gordon...I have been waiting to meet you." Lucifer said calmly.

I gasped for air, trying to call out for anyone to help.

"They can't hear you." He said just as calmly, "No one can hear you."

The door slammed shut and I grabbed my side to put pressure on it. I looked up at him. He was insidious. He might have looked like a human being but there was something he caused fear in me. The power was feared it. I tried to edge toward my gun but it slid away from me.

"That's not nice." Lucifer said, "I've been watching you, kid. You got some real talent."

"Thanks?" I said.

"I've always envied wit." He said, "Not that I envy anyone, especially humans."

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I want your body." Lucifer said, "It can sustain me until I get to my vessel."

"Sam?" I asked, "I'll never let you have Sam."

"It's not really your choice." He said, "He will surrender."

"Bite me." I frowned.

"Do you know about your family? A long line of witches." Lucifer said, "Many dark witches. Few witches of light."

"Witches of light? How about you hop into this century." I chuckled.

He grabbed me by the throat and held me up, "Such fearlessness. Why do you attempt to thwart me? I'm an angel, you know. Cast out for loving God too much."

"I know your story." I frowned.

"Do you? Can you really feel my pain?" Lucifer asked.

"La..La..." I choked, "La-in-dochma!" I said, causing him to fly backwards and slam against the wall!

Lucifer straightened back up and smiled at me, "I could use your power." He said, "Too bad you don't have long for this world."

I stared at him, "What?" I asked.

He just smiled.

"You came here to scare me...You came here to make me afraid of you. I'm not." I said.

"I know." Lucifer said, "I need a favor. I need you to help Sam realize his potential."

I stared, trying to figure out what that meant. When I finally did, my mouth dropped and the was too much.

Lucifer smiled, "How do I already know what your answer is?" he asked.

"I can't help you take him over."

"Can't or..."

"Won't." I said decisively.

"Very well." Lucifer said, lifting his hand in the air and causing me to be pinned to the ceiling, "It's a tragedy. Such a tragedy."

Suddenly, there was a pain in my head. I tried to reach for it but I couldn't move! My head was on fire and I could feel blood running from my nose.

"Please stop!" I panted.

"That is not me." Lucifer said quickly, releasing me to fall to the ground.


When I woke up, I was at the hospital. I looked around, pulling the wires and things from my arms. I groaned in pain, trying to find my mind. The last thing I remembered was Lucifer and my head burning was all too much. I heard the machine beeping, but ignored it.

"I wouldn't advise it." An Indian man in a white coat, who I immediately realized was the doctor, said, "I'm doctor Shakti Morales."

I looked at him uneasily, "Where am I?" I asked.

"The hospital." Dr. Morales said, "I have some bad news."

I stared at him.

"Have you been experiencing headaches? Nausea? Has your nose been bleeding?" Dr. Morales asked.

I nodded.

"I'm sorry to say this, but you've got a tumor growing on your brain. It's inoperable." He said.