Supernatural: Outer Beings



"I'm sorry, you have a brain tumor and it's inoperable." Doctor Morales said.


As he explained, my eyes hit the floor. I felt numb and as he rambled on about what I could do to fight it and how it would affect me, I drifted away. I was somewhere else.


"Mr. Gordon." He said.


I looked up at him, shocked that he knew my real name, "I've got to go." I said, breezing past him.


"Wait, you..."


I didn't wait to hear the rest, I was gone before he could say anything.



Chapter 42: Curs-Ed


I stood in the middle of my motel room in a daze. I looked over at the bathroom door and it swung open, slamming against the wall! I felt my head begin to burn. I turned the water on cold and hopped in, clothes and all, letting my head fall as the water dripped off my face. I shrieked, trying to make sense of it all. Compared to this, Lucifer wasn't my main concern anymore. I could feel it. I knew something was wrong but I buried the feeling because I had to. I couldn't help if I was...sick. How could I help. Ever since Martin, my life was in a downward spiral and now I was so deep that I couldn't see my way out. There was no way out. Suddenly, Lucifer's words made sense. I didn't have long. How was I going to explain this to Sam and Dean? To Bobby? To John?! I walked over to the table, there was a newspaper on the table. As I reached the table, my phone began vibrating. I looked and saw it was Bobby.


"Yeah, Bobby, I...They what? I knew they were going after the colt,'s suicide. Bobby...Oh my God." I said quickly, "Are they...Are they okay? Well phone me when you know anything. I'll be in Washington. Vampires, a big coven. Wooded area and no real sun. It's like Twilight. I think the chick that wrote that book was Bella. Okay, bye."



As I stood out a high school in a small town in Washington, somewhere as far in the boonies as I could find. That's where all the attacks were happening. I stood in the parking lot of the school in the middle of night. It was a bonfire party for the school. I figured if it was dark and there was little to no parentals or authority figures around, it would be harder for me to be found out. I walked across the lot to the fire and stared into it. It burned brightly and I could see my whole past through it. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I moved past the bonfire and past a group of girls, who giggled as I passed. I walked further into the party and found myself surrounded by hormonal teens trying to get drunk, high, and sexually active very quickly. I'm nineteen, but I was never like them. I smirked at them. All of them, oblivious to everything going on. I walked out of the party and into the woods. I thought I could do this, to take this job, but with everything on my mind...


"Can we help you?" A pale man said, standing not too far into the distance with a girl. They looked to be arguing. Some alarm shook my body and when he looked at me, my body shook with knowing. His eyes stayed on me, transfixed.


"No." I said quickly, "No!"


"Wait..." he said, his voice as melodic as I had ever heard one. He was beautiful and blonde and what a vampire was supposed to look like. Okay, vampires are usually not blonde or anything, but he, "Who are you?"


"I'm nobody." I said quickly.


"What?" the girl, a petite brunette, asked.


"He's a witch." The vampire said, "I can smell him."


I looked at him, scared to move.


"Can you...can you read him?" the girl asked.


"No, Audrey, I cannot." The vampire said with ease.


"Why? You've read witches, right?" Audrey asked her lover. It was obvious by the way she looked at him.


"Yes." The vampire nodded, "But he's...different."


I wanted to use my powers, to disappear or something, but I knew that I couldn't, not without having a really bad headache.


"He's sorta standing right here." I frowned.


"Sorry." Audrey said.


"No problem. I should be gettin back to the party." I said, turning to see the man standing in front of me.


"I think you should stay." He smirked, punching me in the face.




When I woke up, I was tied to a chair in the middle of a lofty living room. I looked around and noticed the very plush living room. I sighed to myself, trying to figure out what was going on.


"He looks so fragile." A woman said, standing not too far off. Her voice was sweet and simple.


"Can't you feel it?" The vampire from the woods asked.


"Where in the Hell am I?" I asked.


"Fiesty, isn't he?" An older guy said. He must have been in his mid-twenties. He was a gorgeous red-head.


"Yes, dear, he is." A woman said, standing close to him. She was just as gorgeous and a brunette.


I sighed and rolled my eyes, "Please don't tell me I got captured! What am I, a newbie?" I frowned.


"You're a hunter?" The older guy asked.


I looked around and noticed the first girl was hugged up with a blonde woman, the older guy was holding the older woman, there were another couple, a boy and a girl, and then there was Audrey and the man from the woods. They were all gathered around. You could pick the girl from the rest of the group. She was less gorgeous but still very pretty. And her skin was darker, though she herself was pale. I tried to move my wrists but the rope cut deeper into my wrists.


"We're sorry we had to tie you up." The man from the woods said, "We had to ensure that you couldn't escape. We..."


"Put the whammy on this rope?" I asked.


"My name is Jack and this is my family." Jack said.


"So, you're the vampires who've been killing all those people?" I asked.


"No." the eldest said, "We do not kill humans."


"Right, so now you're Angel?" I asked.


There was a silence.


"Do you know that you talk in your sleep?" The bubbly girl from before asked, "You dreamt about Martin."


"Shut up!" I yelled, "Don't you dare say his name."


"I'm sorry." The bubbly girl said, "I didn't mean..."


"Bite me." I said, then I thought about it, "Nevermind."


Jack chuckled.


"If you're innocent, let me go." I frowned.


"Only if you promise not to try and hurt us." The eldest woman said.


I thought about it for a minute, "Fine." I said, "Then what's killing those people?"


"We don't know." Jack said.




"Are you hungry?" Jack asked.


I looked at him sideways, pursing my lips.


"The elder is Matthew and his mate is Terri. My bubbly sister is Rachel and her mate is Donna. My brother is Gackson and his mate Laurel. And I am, as I said before, Jack and my..."


"Lover?" I asked.


"...mate is Audrey." Jack said, watching me.


"Are you trying to read my mind or something?" I asked.


He looked at me oddly.


"Vampires can't do that sort of thing." I frowned.


"I wasn't always a vampire." Jack explained, "When I was human, I was a psychic."


"How long ago was that?" I asked.


Jack smirked.


"I need to find whatever's doing this." I frowned, "You've got a human girlfriend?"


"Do you have a problem with that?" Jack asked.


"What happens when you want to eat her?" I asked.

"I won't."


"Really? Cause living off livestock can't be exactly filling." I frowned.


"It's disgusting," Jack frowned, "But I will never become a monster!"


"Take a look in the mirror, it's a little too late." I said.


"So, if you were dying and you couldn't save yourself and being a vampire was the only way..."


"No!" I said immediately, "No offense, or maybe some offense, but how can you still have your soul?"


"I don't know that I do." Jack said, his face full of angst.


"I know that not every `evil' is definitely evil, but...something evil is going on here and I don't exactly trust your nest." I frowned.


"My family." Jack frowned.


"Whatever! Whatever this is, I don't care." I shouted.


"Your eyes." Jack said.


I covered them, my whole head in fact, "I know." I frowned.


"I will help you." Jack said, "And Audrey and the rest of my family."


"I don't need your help." I said, standing, "Thanks for the hospitality but I can do better by myself." I said, leaving.




It was early in the morning, very early, around two. I was walking through the forest, strapped with weapons: My knives, my guns, and some degree of magical powers. I was uneasy knowing a nest of vampires was not that far away and even more uneasy that a young girl was with them. It seemed like a bad accident waiting to happen. I got the impression that he loved Audrey but the thirst was, I assumed, too strong to fight. I knew it was all too good to be true. I also knew that someone was following me.


"I thought I told you I work alone." I frowned, stopping in the middle of the forest.


"I heard you when you said it." Jack said quietly.


"Then why are you here?" I asked.


"I I should be protecting you." Jack said nervously.


"Don't. I can protect myself." I sighed.


"I have no doubt that you can but humor me." Jack smiled.


"Why are you so worried about me?" I asked.


"I've met witches before." He said, "But I have never..."


"No." I said quickly.


"No what?" Jack asked calmly.


"Audrey." I said as quick as my brain could.


"Is my soulmate. But there is something about you. Something that compels me." Jack frowned, "It's why I feel protective of you."


"I could stake you and not feel the least bit bad." I said, hoping that he still couldn't read my mind. My face must have shown exactly how I felt.


"You wouldn't." he said, sure of himself, "I'm not saying I'm sexually attracted...I feel a connection. Deeper..."


There was a rustling behind us and I turned quick and waved my hand in the air, "Stop." I said quietly.


Gackson and Laurel stood, frozen.


"Gackson? Laurel?" Jack asked.


"They followed you." I said, looking to him.


"No, they didn't know I was gone." Jack shook his head.


"What?" I asked.


"They think I'm at home." Jack said.


"Then why..." I stopped. They were coming for me.


"No! They must have been doing the same thing I'm doing." Jack said, stepping over to them.


"Do your mind thingy and I'll do mine." I said, walking over to them.


Gackson <Dammit, he's with him! How're we supposed to get to him now?>


Laurel <I can smell his blood. It'll almost be as good as Audrey's.>


"NO!" Jack shrieked.


I looked to him, to the hurt of his eyes and I didn't need to read his mind.


"I have to get..." He looked at me, "Your nose! Are you alright?"


"I'm fine. Get to Audrey!" I said quickly.


"What about..." Jack began.


"Go!" I said, causing him to disappear in a blur! I turned to the vampires, who had suddenly unfrozen. They were smiling.


"Where's Jack?" Gackson said, looking around.


"He's gone, baby." Laurel smirked. She looked as if she smelled something appetizing.


"So, what, you're going to kill me?" I asked.


"No, we're going to eat you first." Laurel said.


"What was all that about not eating humans?" I asked.


"Jack's not like us. He wouldn't understand." Laurel said.


"It's harder for us." Gackson said, "Being around people and not eating them is just too much to bear."


"What about Matthew and Terri?" I asked, inching my hand toward my gun.


"If you wanna keep that arm, I suggest you chill." Gackson smirked.


" go. Stake to the heart...hard to do. effect. But beheading is fun." I mused.


"I almost forgot you're a hunter." Laurel said, "It's overpowered by you being a witch."


"I smell blood." Gackson smiled, looking at my nose.


I wiped my nose, "I'm probably really going to regret saying this, but seriously dude, bite me." I smirked.


There were two growls and I knew this was going to be a long night. I saw their teeth and I immediately grabbed my Kukhri knives and raised them to eye level. I felt a pain in my head but ignored it. It was danger. Pure and dangerous. I ducked as the huge, male vampire jumped at me, causing him to smash into a tree! The woman grabbed me from behind and swung me around and I flew through the air and smashed into a boulder! I grabbed my head when I felt that familiar wetness against my forehead! I got to my feet and pulled out my guns, firing as quickly as I could. Most of the shots caught the female vampire, who flew backwards and skidded across the brush! By this time, Gackson had gotten up and was growling louder than ever. He disappeared in the darkness. I looked around, trying to find him but I couldn't. I walked over to my knives on the ground and bent down to pick up one. I had one but before I could get the other a foot slammed on it and grabbed me by the throat! I gasped for air, trying to get as much as I could. My head was pounding and I couldn't breathe and I wanted it all to stop and I was at the breaking point! I felt myself slip away and Gackson began choking and I stumbled backwards. I saw his head twist all the way around and his body slumped to the ground. I could feel everything around me and I could feel something speeding towards me. I turned and waved my hand in her direction and she slowed. I cracked my neck as I picked up my knives and walked over to Laurel and hacked away at her neck!




I ran around the forest, not lost for the first time. I could feel a headache, but I didn't let it stop me even though it was the worst pain. I raced back to the house, scared of what was happening. The door was open, off the hinges in fact, as I raced through it and found Jack kneeling next to Audrey, who was lifeless. I looked over to see the rest of the vampires beheaded. I stood there, not sure what to do. I wanted to put a hand on his shoulder or say something, but what was there to say? Just then my phone rang and I walked outside.


"Hello? Bobby? The boys are okay. Thank God. I'm glad everyone's...what? Bobby, no! Jo and Ellen?! Oh God, no!" I said into the phone as tears formed in my eyes. It was then that the pain hit me and I fell to my knees, "No! I'm not okay! I'm sick. I can't tell you over the phone. Sam and, they don't know. Soon, I swear. Okay, I will, bye."


"Your friends are not alright?" Jack's cool voice asked.


"No." I said, "they're not."




"I'm sorry about your family." I said quickly.


"They were my nest." Jack said, "We were just a nest."


"I don't blame you. I know you thought you were doing good and you were, but they weren't." I said, "You've just got to move on."


Jack smiled, "I don't want to live without Audrey. I've lived too many years without her. To live another day..."


"Is possible." I said.


"You know the worst part?" Jack asked.


I looked at him, anticipating an answer.


"She's not here anymore and I am." Jack frowned.


"Why can't you read my mind?" I asked.


"There's something wrong with it." Jack said, "It's broken and distorted."


"It's called a tumor."


Jack looked at me, worried, "I am sorry." He said sincerely.


"You know the worst part?" I asked.


He stared at me.


"The first and only person I've told is already dead." I said sadly, and then I smiled, "Plus there were no hot male werewolves around here. I musta missed my Jacob."


Jack chuckled, "I wish it was like the books. The vampire guy always gets the girl." He said.


"I think I'll have nightmares about this job." I said, and then I chuckled too, "It'll be nice to have nightmares about something other than what I already do."