Supernatural: Outer Beings



Marcel Debeaurveduax and Jenesea Kochron were so in love. It was their dream to marry each other, a dream that was coming true today. Jenesea was in her wedding dress, standing before her friends and family and declaring her love to everyone! Her veil draped over her face, she exchanged her I do's happily and Marcel was just as happy, crying in fact...what a pussy. I sat, watching this vulgar display of love and affection. Even the family members were happy. Some were crying and others were watching intently, with stupid smiles on their faces. The world had gone to Hell, pure and utter chaos, and these jokers sat here, watching a useless event that history wouldn't remember. It had been a year since Sam had fallen into the pit. It had been a year since Dean had watched and fell into his depression, shacking up with Lisa and her son. Don't get me wrong, Lisa was a nice girl and Dean was good at normal life, but it was artificial. The boys had made enemies...they were targets. They weren't the only ones. It had been a year since I died. I died a painful, agonizing death. After all I'd already been through, you would think that would be the end, right? I'd get to go off with my mom and dad and...But somehow I'm back here. What's more painful than death? Life.

"Chalis?" Sam asked.

I looked away from the wedding and up at Sam, "You got my message." I said monotonously.

"You're alive?" Sam asked.

I turned back to the wedding, "Apparently." I frowned, "Take a pew."

"What are you?" Sam asked, "I buried Chalis a long time ago."

"You, of all people, should know that nothing stays buried." I said quickly.

"How..." Sam asked.

"I assume the same reason you're back. The same reason your grandpa is back..." I said.

"How do you know about Samuel?" Sam asked.

I sighed, "I watched." I said.

"Watched?" Sam asked, "How long have you been back?"

"Do we look like Sam and Dean?" I asked testily, "You're asking me all these questions, but what does it all mean?"

"What?" Sam asked.

"You should sit." I said, watching the newlyweds kiss. It was the end of their wedding.

Chapter 46: Requiem

"Come on, you're coming with me." Sam said, grabbing my hand.

I yanked away from him. We were outside after the Bride and Groom had gone and the rice was thrown. We were all alone now, with nothing to inhibit us from talking...or shouting.

"So I can go and be a Campbell like you?" I asked, "Or better yet, I can live with a guy and his son and we can call us a family!"

"How do you know about Dean?" Sam asked.

"Everyone knows about Dean." I frowned, "I've been back for a long time."

"Then why'd it take you so long to contact me?" Sam asked.

I laughed, "So, then what? We could have a happy life and hunt together?" I scoffed, "I work alone."

"You're mad?" Sam asked.

"I am pissed." I frowned, "I died and you buried me. You should have burned my body to a crisp after decapitating me!"

Sam stared at me, trying to comprehend what I was saying.

"I didn't want to come back. I don't want this to be a long, drawn out thing. I want you to know exactly what I'm thinking. Because Sam, when I say that I'm going to make Hell seem like the Bahamas for you...I want you to know that I mean it." I said angrily.

"I didn't know you'd come back. I'm sorry...what am I saying?! I'm not sorry you're back! The world's different now. We're not alone anymore." Sam said angrily, "There's an actual team for us now."

"You are poison." I said, "You should have stayed dead! You should have bought realty in Hell because the sight of you sickens me."

Sam looked hurt.

"I don't love you." I said, "I hate you."

"You don't know what you're saying." Sam frowned, "Something's wrong with you. You're not the same."

"You're right, I'm not the same." I said indifferently, "My humanity was left bleeding on the floor while I watched. My heart was left in a bed while I bled from every hole in my body. My mind was left in a hole in the ground."

Sam turned to walk away from me.

"It's here, Sammy." I said, causing him to stop, "You think that it's all over, you think that everything you've been through has been leading you to this point...You have no idea what's about to rock your world, baby."

"You?" Sam asked, "Is it you?"

"You're gonna wish it was me." I said, "I couldn't help you if I wanted to." I said, walking in the other direction.


Dean checked on Ben, who was fast asleep and then on Lisa, who was also fast asleep. Dean smiled to himself and went downstairs into the study. He was still shocked to see his brother...and his grandpa...and all this was kept a secret from him. It was a little crazy how all these things happened to him in one day, not to mention the fact that they all wanted him back into a life he wasn't sure he wanted to go back to. He was drinking his beer when the lights began to flicker. H stood from his chair, looking around. He then sat his beer back on the table and began towards the door to come face to face with me.

"Hello, sexy." I smiled.

Dean's eyes almost bugged, "Chalis?" he asked, looking me up and down.

"You...You really surprised me." I chuckled, "I mean, come on...Dean Winchester being a hard-working, dad and husband-type? Who would have thought?"

"Did I get infected again?" Dean asked, rubbing his eyes.

"The Djinns?" I asked, "Classic. I couldn't have come up with a better torture. Let me guess, you saw Mommy Winchester?"

Dean frowned, "This isn't happening." He said, "First Sammy, then Granddad, and now you?"

"Trippy, ain't it?" I smirked.

"Sam and Bobby knew you were alive, didn't they? I am going to kill them!" He said, cursing under his breath.

"Listen Stifler," I said quickly, "We're not talking about either of them. Did I forget to tell you that fatherhood is really sexy on you?"

Dean chuckled, "So, how' ummm..." he stammered.

"Aren't you going to offer me a beer?" I asked.

"Oh, sure, umm, do you want a beer?" Dean asked, still a little in shock.

"Sorry, I can't drink." I said mischievously.

"What are you? An angel?" Dean asked.

I smirked, looking at him over a very nefarious expression, "You wish."

"So, what are you?" Dean asked.

"Good question, sexy." I said, "I envy you. You get to do something normal. No matter what I am, I'm always going to be something supernatural."

"Sammy and the Campbells can help you." Dean said.

"I trust them less than I trust them about as much as I trust that bitch Ruby, who if I ever see again, I'm going to make her drink holy water." I said angrily.

"Quiet down, Lisa and Ben are sleep." Dean said.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, "Lisa and Ben, Lisa and Ben, Lisa and Ben! You do know I could kill them while they sleep, right?" I asked loudly.

Dean looked at me seriously, "What?" he asked.

"Sam never told you how I died, did he?" I asked, "I bled from every part of my body just before I convulsed and felt my body get set on fire. And the head trauma alone is enough to kill ya."

Dean inched toward the desk.

"A gun, Dean?" I asked, "If natural causes can't kill me, what makes you think you and that pathetic gun can kill me?!"

"I think you need help." Dean said, "Severe Psychological problems."

"And while we're at it, what's up with guys and pussy? I mean, I sorta get it. All the cute guys are either ugly or married, which doesn't really matter much anymore." I rambled, turning away from Dean, "In my dreams...I have dreams. Curious. But in my dreams, I'm a college student. I meet John and my life changes, but not because he's a hunter, because he turns out to be the love of my life. We live happily ever after, dogs, kids, marriage. The whole nine, and then I wake up and realized that I murdered him."

"You didn't murder your boyfriend." Dean said slowly.

"I murdered him. And your dad murdered me the day he rescued me." I said into the air, "I've been dead for years now."

Dean was doing something behind my back.

"It's cute, you know, that you have family that you never really heard about. It's nice to have someone who's related to you." I said slowly. I turned around in time to catch his hand before he could spray me with holy water, "I wasn't done talking, Deany."

"Super strength!" Dean struggled, "You must be a demon!"

"Maybe I just don't like it when someone throws holy water on me." I said angrily, "Hey Dean, one of us can fly...know which one?" I smirked, throwing him across the room so that he crashed into the wall! I walked over and threw the holy water on him, "See, it's kind of insulting."

There were footsteps coming down the stairs and I smiled to myself.

I walked over to him and kneeled before him, "Hmmm, so cute. Looks like our time is up, babe. I'll be seeing ya...real soon." I said, standing and disappearing just as the door opened and Lisa burst into the room, Ben at her side.

"What's going on down here?" Lisa asked, looking around, "Why are you wet?" she asked.

Dean didn't say anything. He just looked around, spooked.


"They know I'm alive." I said over the phone, "Why are we using the phone? Isn't there a cooler, more magical way we could do this?" I asked, "It's all new-fangled technology, nobody takes the time to observe the niceties anymore. Yes, I understand. They must die. `The Earth must be cleansed of them and such', I get it. It's going to be hard though, you know. Seems a waste. Sure I'll think about it, I hardly sleep anymore, so what else am I going to do? You know, you're sexy when all authoritative. Just a question...why do I have to be way out here in the middle of nowhere to talk to you? I mean, I'm standing in the middle of a cut down cornfield. What am I supposed to be waiting here for?" I asked.

"Hello, Chalis." A calm voice said behind me.

I smirked, "I'm going to have to call you back." I said, flipping off my phone and turning to the voice, " have you been?"

Castiel sized me up, looking at me oddly.

"I know, I know! I look great. You're not looking so bad yourself. Something about being back, my body is always in heat. You know what I'm saying?" I asked. I chuckled, "Oh yeah, you don't have a body."

"You're different." Castiel said slowly.

"I am fabulous...possibly the most gay thing I've ever said, but...You're not the same either, are you sexy?" I asked.

"Sexy?" he asked.

I chuckled, "I'm leaving." I said.

"No, you're not." Castiel said.

I rolled my eyes, "Oh Cas, I love it when you're all authoritative." I said, "Didn't I call you when I first `woke up'?"

"Where have you been?" Castiel asked.

I walked up to him, "Well, I'll tell ya..." I said, pushing my hand forward and causing him to fly backwards a few feet, "...I've been waiting for you."