Supernatural: Outer Beings




"Ya know, for someone...are you a one? Or a thing?" I asked, my foot on Castiel's chest, "Anyways, for someone who's been promoted, you sure get taken down easily."


Castiel grabbed my foot and threw me backward across the field. He got up and dusted himself off, "I don't know what you are, but whatever you are, I will smite you." He said stoically.


"The Stoicism is murder! Can't we ever have a lively chat?" I laughed as I stood, "What do you mean what I am? And who honestly smites anyone anymore?"


Castiel was silent.


"Besides, cupcake, I don't think you have a weapon strong enough to kill me." I smirked, "And, to add to that, I don't think you will kill me."


"Why, pray tell, do you think that?" Castiel asked.


"Because I'm awake now." I frowned.


"The grief you feel from his death is understandable." Castiel said, "Joh..."


"Don't you say his name!" I shouted, "Don't you dare speak a syllable of it!"


"John." Castiel said, "You miss him but he died. You didn't."


I looked at him indignantly before chuckling nervously, "Somebody must have earned a backbone up there on the Heavens." I smirked.


Castiel stood, blinking his eyes at me. He must have been trying to come to any realization he could.


"You could do whatever you want to me, true, but you can't kill me." I said, walking away.


Castiel just stared as I walked away.





Chapter 47: Killer In Me



The Winchesters drove down the long street. Neither one of them said much. Their reunion was short-lived as they were back on the job again. They were driving down the road, like old times. Sam was happy to have Dean back, who was still apprehensive about returning and leaving Lisa and Ben alone. Especially with...


"So...have you seen Chalis?" Sam asked.

Dean looked over at him, surprised that Sam had mentioned it, "So you've seen him too?" he asked.


"Seen him? Of course I've seen him. What is he?" Sam asked, "I'm thinking he's a demon."


"Yeah, he didn't want to get hit with Holy Water." Dean said, his hands on the steering wheel, "Learned that the hard way."


"He fought you?" Sam asked.


"Yeah," Dean said quickly, "No, he threw me across the room, but not before quipping. Whoever this demon is, he's actually kind of funny."


"Yeah, I'm laughing on the inside." Sam chuckled sarcastically, "What'd he say to you? Was it all hate and torture?"


Dean looked at him quickly, then back at the road, "No. He kept coming on to me." He said, "He did say he could kill Lisa and Ben in their sleep...that count?"


Sam was a little upset, "He came on to you?!" He asked, "Seriously?"


"Yeah, what'd he say to you?" Dean asked.


"It's not important." Sam said, turning the radio up.

The guys travelled down the road, not speaking again. Sam really wasn't in the talking mood at the moment and Dean picked up on it. They were heading for a job, something both of them craved. As they were coming around a large bend, a figure appeared to them in the street, causing Dean to smash on the breaks and skid to a stop a few inches away from the figure, whom they identified right away. The boys hopped out of the car, angry.


"What in the Hell's your problem?!" Dean shouted, "We could have killed you!"


I stood with my head tilted, "Kill me? Get real." I said.


"What do you want?" Sam asked.


"I've come to end you." I said quickly and with a particularly wicked smirk.


Both boys drew their guns.


"Relax, it's just a joke." I said casually, "You would really shoot me?"


"Last time I saw you, you said you could kill my..." Dean trailed.


"Not sure what to call them?" I asked, "I'd say they're your rebound."


"Shut the Hell up!" Dean shouted.


I rolled my eyes, "Take it easy, Dean-sicle. I'm here on a friendly visit." I said.


"What happened to the Bahamas?" Sam asked.


"It can wait." I said.


Dean looked between us, trying to comprehend, "Bahamas? Seriously?" he asked.


"You two take stuff so literally!" I sighed, "It's not that I want to kill you, I just really want you to suffer."


"Again, what do you want?" Sam asked.


"Have you noticed that the world is in the toilet? Heaven's a mess, Hell's a mess...Earth is a war zone." I said, "You've met the Alpha, right?"


"How did he know?" Dean whispered to Sam, who shrugged.


"He said he watches." Sam answered.


"He also hears." I frowned.


"You want us to trust you?" Dean asked, "Tell us what you are."


I chuckled heartily, "Why does everyone keep asking that? A guy gets invulnerability, super strength, and host of other abilities and suddenly he's not human?" I asked.


Sam and Dean watched me, contemplating what I'd just said.


"Think about this, Hunters. I'm not just a witch and not just a human." I said, "I'm supernatural, babes. I am eternal power. I'm..."


"Extremely annoying?" Dean asked.


"Dean..." Sam said.


I disappeared and appeared behind Dean, grabbing his neck.


"Chalis!" Sam said.


I snapped out of my anger and let him go and appearing back where I was a few seconds ago, "Did I mention I've got a very, very bad temper?" I smiled.


"How are you doing that?" Sam asked.

Dean was still massaging his neck.


"You're...impossibly fast now?" Sam asked.


"Stop reading Twilight, chere." I said, "Have fun with the demon hunting boys."


"Why did you come?" Sam asked.


"Maybe I missed the old times. We should get together more...Dean can break some seals while Sam drinks up on the demon blood and we can throw a hip party." I said, "And we should invite Bobby. He could bring his old wheelchair."


"You're a dick." Dean spat.


"That almost broke my heart, sexy." I winked, "I'll be seeing you really soon." I said, disappearing.


"After this job is over, we have to find out what's going on with him." Dean said, walking back to the driver's side.


Sam walked over to the passenger side, "Did you hear what he said, though. He misses us." He said, "There's still some `Chalis' in there."


"I think you're right." Dean said, "But we've got other things to do.


Both guys hopped back in the car and continued down the road, both trying to figure out what Chalis was.





"I get it, you want the demon. But getting an Alpha is going to take some time and major resources." Samuel argued on the phone, "Yes. Fine. Bye."


Outside, there was the sound of guns and fighting. Samuel grabbed his gun and headed for the door, but there was a banging on the door. Suddenly, the door flew off the hinges and I entered the room. I smiled and turned to the door, waving my hand and causing the door to fly back up and hinge itself.

"You!" Samuel said, aiming a gun.


"Me." I smiled, "You're balder than I imagined. I've been watching you."


"We all thought you were dead." Samuel said, his gun still aimed at my head.


"Ditto." I smirked, "What's with the gun?"


"You just took down some real good hunters." Samuel said, "You were once a real good hunter."


"I was the best." I chuckled, "Then I was a witch, then I was dead, and now I am a..."


Samuel was listening closely.


"...You can shoot me if you want. It might want to make me rip off your head, but hey, that could be fun too." I said, turning away from him and surveying the room, "What a base of operations. Maybe's it's cause I'm black...but this seems like white trash heaven. You know, teenage years were awkward for me. I was all gay and whatnot. I guess it was destined or something. I had this incredible crush on Jesse Bradford. Still kinda do. I guess what I'm trying to say here is..." I turned to him with an evil expressionless face, "I know what you're doing."


"So what, you're going to tell Sam and Dean?" Samuel chuckled, "Who said they'd believe you."


I waved my hand, causing the gun to fly out of his hand and smash against the wall. I used super speed to throw him on top of a desk and hold him there, "No, shithead, I'll kill you." I frowned.


"You think they'd ever forgive you for killing me?" Samuel asked.


"Who said I even care?" I asked.


"Because if you didn't care, you wouldn't be here." Samuel said.


I smirked and held out my hand to the gun, causing it to fly to my hands and I aimed it at him, "Tell me, do you think it'll hurt as much the second time?" I asked.


There was a gun cocking behind me, "Put the gun down, fella and nobody gets hurt." He said. It was Sam and Dean's cousin.


I tossed the gun to the floor and picked up Samuel by his collar, "What in the last twenty minutes has given you the idea that I'm afraid of a gun?" I asked. I tossed Samuel at him and they collided, both of them crashing to the floor! Before either could recover, I super sped over to Samuel and whispered, "You're not going to make it through this alive, Grandpa. I've seen your's not pretty." I then left as fast as I could.




I walked into the penthouse where I've been staying and tossed my keys on the end table. I needed a nice bath, so I headed to the bathroom. I stopped when I felt something odd. Someone was watching me.


"Hello, Chalis." Castiel said, stepping into my sight.


I smirked and rolled my eyes, "Didn't I already kick your ass today?" I asked.


"You have to tell me how you did that." Castiel said.


"Why should I tell you anything? You can't make me." I said quickly.


"How childish." Castiel said, looking up, "But I have found a way."


I looked up to see ancient symbols above me, "Clever. Really," I clapped, "But this doesn't change anything."


"I have eternity." Castiel said, pulling up a chair.


"You're so sexy when you want something. I'm definitely going to miss you." I said.


Castiel looked at me, trying to comprehend, "Miss me?" he asked.


"Nothing lives forever, sweetie." I frowned, "That's rule #1."


"What are you?" Castiel asked again.


"A supernatural social worker." I said quickly, "Next."


"Why are you back?" Castiel asked.


"Why are any of us here?" I asked.


"Where were you and how did you keep yourself concealed?" Castiel asked, "Why didn't we know about you?"


I smirked, "You're the angel, you tell me." I said.


"Why are you so cold?" Castiel asked, "This isn't you."


"And who am I, Castiel?" I asked with a smile.


Castiel was silent.


"All those years, I just thought I was getting more powerful and more...comfortable." I said, looking away from him, "I never thought I was meant for something more."


"Something more?" Castiel asked, intrigued.


"I resigned myself to death. Boy was I wrong." I said, "I'm the opposite of death."


"Are you evil?" Castiel asked.


I frowned at him.


"Are you Chalis?" Castiel asked.


"I've never been Chalis. That isn't my name." I spat.


"So, you're possessing him?" Castiel asked.


I chuckled, "You're not listening. I'm me. But I've never been Chalis. That was never my name, not truly." I said, "I would have thought that your bosses would have told you this one."


"What? What do you mean?" Castiel asked, "My superiors know what you are?"


"You're asking the wrong question, chere." I said slowly.


Castiel walked closer, "What is the right question?" he asked.


I stepped outside of the circle and smiled, then disappeared and appeared behind Castiel and whispered, "The question is...who am I." I said, heading for the door.


Castiel looked shocked from the circle to me, "How did you..." he asked.


I scoffed, "I'm not a demon. I'm not a witch. I'm not an angel," I smirked, "I am annoyed."


Castiel looked at me, unsure how to take what I just said.


"Next time you want some extra time with me, just ask. I enjoyed our little talk." I said, turning to walk out.




Sam was working out, something he had began on his alone time. He was sweaty and half naked. Dean had gone out for coffee or breakfast or something.


"Wow, Sam bulked up." I said, sitting in a chair across the room, "And when did you get the tattoo and when do I get to lick it?"


Sam got to his feet quickly, going for the gun.


"Relax, it's just me." I said watching the whole thing.


"What are you doing here?' Sam asked, "Last time I saw you, you weren't exactly friendly."


"I was pretty friendly." I frowned, "As friendly as I can get nowadays."


Sam studied me.


"I'm not going to kill you." I said, causing Sam to sigh and close his eyes, "I was."


"What changed?" Sam asked.


"There's a family in trouble." I said.


Sam chuckled "Okay, then, why were you going to kill me in the first place?" he asked.


I appeared behind him, "You're not Sam." I whispered.


"What? Then who am I?" Sam asked, annoyed.


"I don't know but you're not the Sam that went into the hole." I said, walking around in front of him, "There's something twisted and different about you."


"Why would you say that?" Sam asked.

"You let Castiel inflict torture on that kid." I frowned, "You know that's not right."


"Have you been talking to Dean?" Sam asked.


I grabbed him and threw him on the bed. He looked up at me with a confused look on his face. I unzipped his pants and slid my right hand down and began to play with his hardening cock. I smiled up at him as he looked at me, confused, but in ecstasy. I grabbed slid his pants down and folded back his underwear, causing his penis to flop out. I smirked to myself and took it in my hand, licking the shaft. He quivered a little and I chuckled to myself...this was easy, just like riding a biker. I put my whole mouth around his cock and he shivered and moaned something inaudibly. I jacked it up and down as he moaned and I sucked at the head. I increased my rhythm, picking up more and more speed. This went on for a few minutes before he tightened up and I withdrew my mouth.

"Sammy?" Dean asked, standing at the door with Castiel.


Sam opened his eyes, cum all over his muscled chest, "It's not what it looks like." He said, quickly grabbing a towel and cleaning himself.


"It looks like...well..." Dean chuckled.


"Humans." Castiel said stoically, looking elsewhere.


"No! Dean..." Sam said.


Dean shielded his eyes, "Dude, put some clothes on, I don't wanna see your junk." He chuckled.


Sam fumbled with his underwear and pants. He looked around as he did it. Castiel and Dean looked around too.


"What are you looking for?" Castiel asked.


"Chalis...he was here." Sam said, "We were...umm..."


"He was here?" Castiel said, astonished.


"And you slept with the big bag of crazy?" Dean asked, "Just like old times."


Sam blushed, "Where'd he go?" he stammered.


There was a gust of wind and I appeared in the corner.


"I gotta admit, that was pretty funny." I laughed.


"You knew that was going to happen?" Sam said angrily, "Dick."


I smirked to him.


"What are you doing here?" Dean asked.


"Maybe he's going to tell us what his secret is." Castiel said slowly.


"No such luck. I'm just your average guy." I said.

"How did you come back?" Castiel asked.


"Sorry you had to leave the family life Dean, I know how much you were enjoying it. I mean, you'd have to be insane to miss this life, right?" I asked.


"Dude, blow me." Dean groaned.


"I already did that, remember." I smirked.


"Yeah, wasn't memorable." Dean said quickly.


I threw my hand in the air, "Wow, that one kind of hurt." I said, "You should watch that whole wrath thing I got going on."


"Wrath?" Castiel asked.


"Quit trying to figure me out...or, on second thought, don't." I said, "It's fun to watch you try."


"Why are you here?" Sam asked.


"It's funny you ask that." I said, sitting on the bed, "You didn't get any cum on this bed, did you? I mean, I forgot how much you cu..."


"Dude!" Sam said.


"Yeah, I don't really want to hear about my little brother's load." Dean said.


"I'm averse to hearing that too." Castiel interjected.


"Right." I nodded, "Sam. I came to apologize to Sam. I shouldn't have said that little thing about killing him or maiming him or flaying him or ripping off his penis, which by the way, tasted as good as it used to," Dean and Castiel cringed while Sam blushed and put his hands over his penis, "I saw Sammy working out and couldn't resist."


"This doesn't make sense, first you want to kill me and now you want to screw me?" Sam asked.


"Kinda makes sense. It is his personality." Dean shrugged.


I looked over to him with a sinister grin, "I'm thinking maybe I should put you in Hell." I said darkly.


All three of them looked at me.


I smirked, "Relax, I wouldn't do that." I said.

"You couldn't do that." Castiel said, "You don't have the power."


I put up my index finger, "Didn't. I didn't have the power." I said.

Castiel looked to be concentrating.


"Don't try and read my mind. There was never much in there anyways." I frowned, "I think I need a couch with servants and grapes and giant fans."


"What?" Sam asked.

Castiel was looking at me with realization. Dean and Sam noticed.


"What is it, Cas?" Sam asked.


"I must go." Castiel said, disappearing.


"What..." Dean asked, looking around, then at me.


"Finally one of you found Oz and a brain." I said, "What do you have to eat around this hole?"


"Wait, you want us to hang out with you? You're borderline psychotic." Dean said.

"I don't want to say this, but Dean's right." Sam said, "How do we know you won't kill us?"


I got up and walked to the mini fridge, "I would've told you by now." I chuckled.


As I ate, voraciously, Sam and Dean watched with fascination. I could feel them watching me. It was like old times, sort of.


"Slow down, you act like you haven't ate in..." Dean started.


"Six months." I said between bites, "I take that back, it's been about seven."


"How can you go without eating for seven months?" Sam asked.


"Yeah, that's impossible." Dean said.


"Stop looking at me like that." I said, not looking up at them.


Sam and Dean shared a puzzled look.


"Like what?" Dean asked.


"Like I'm a freak." I said, looking up at them, "I may not be the same, but I'm not a freak."


"What are you?" Dean asked.


I sighed and rolled my eyes, "Again with that question?" I frowned, "If I told you, you wouldn't believe me."


"Try us." Sam said.


"Yeah, we want to hear the story." Dean said.

I groaned, "I woke up in a grave. With new powers. Right where Sam buried me. I was confused when I woke up, there was this voice..." I said.

"Not psychotic at all." Dean mumbled.


I frowned and stood, "This was a bad idea." I said, heading for the door.


Sam raced over and shut the door just as I opened it, "Ignore him, you know how he is." He said softly.


"He just called me psychotic, just because I hear voices and threatened to...kill you...and Ben...and Lisa. Holy crap, I am psychotic." I said, lost in thought.

"You're not psychotic." Sam reassured me, "Finish the story."


"Fine." I said, moving back to my seat, "The voice told me it wasn't over for me. I have been roaming the country, trying to find out what I am."


"You don't know?" Dean asked.


"I didn't. I do now." I frowned, "Worst day of my life. You don't know what it's like, to wake up in a hole and find out that everyone you love...John. Martin. That thing that attacked me and killed John wasn't Martin, I know that now." I explained.


"What was it?" Sam asked.


"Evil." I said simply.


"Why come after us?" Dean asked.


"I came back and everyone moved on. I didn't expect you to mourn forever, but something would have been better than nothing." I said quietly.


"I'm sorry if I couldn't just mourn you, I thought I'd just lost my brother!" Dean said angrily, "I was told to protect you and Sam and I thought I had lost both of you! I was a mess, so excuse me if I didn't build you a shrine."


"I missed you every day." Sam said, "Do you know what it felt like to bury you! It felt like I was burying a piece of me."


"Dude, I never asked either one of you to build me a shrine! But...did you even have a funeral for me?" I asked.


"Hunters don't have funerals." Dean said.

"Dammit, Dean!" I covered my face, "You don't get to say that kind of thing to me! I lost everything! I hunted demons for the last few years and sacrificed my body doing all kinds of magic to help people out against demons and all I got was a tumor!"


"I'm sorry you lost everything, but you're not the only one." Dean said, "We all lost something."


"God, I hate you! If it wasn't bad enough that this world took my body, they took away my afterlife! I wanted it. I wanted to die, to be with them again. They broke me...They made me want to die and when I finally did, they took it away from me!" I shouted.


Sam and Dean looked at me sympathetically.


"You can call me a psycho and maybe you're right, but they put me back here to suffer." I frowned.


"They gave you another chance." Sam said.


"Don't you understand this yet?! I can't love! I can't have a baby! I can only do what I've been doing and I don't get an end." I said.


"What do you mean, you don't get an end?" Dean asked, leaning in, "And you can't have kids, is this a gay thing?"


"I am sterile." I said, "I'm immortal. And I'm sterile. I have to live forever with no one..."


Sam and Dean exchanged looks and looked back at me.


"Ask me." I said, wanting to break.


"Ask you what?" Dean asked.


"What you've been asking me for months now." I said quickly, averting my eyes.


Dean was silent, not wanting to know anymore.


Sam gulped, "What are you?" he asked.


There was a gust of wind, "A God." Castiel said, causing Dean and Sam to look back at him.


"What?" Dean asked.

"When you say a God..." Sam asked.


All three men looked to the chair where I once sat, but I wasn't there anymore. I was already gone.




Mychal Denton was a wealthy business man with a wife and two little girls. He was negligent of all the women in his life and verbally abusive, but that wasn't his big secret...


"What did daddy tell you?" Mychal said to his oldest daughter Terra.


Terra was crying as she pushed her dress back down over her knees, "Mommy can't know." She cried.


"No one can know." Mychal said, zipping his pants.


Terra continued to cry. Mychal stood up and began walking to the door before he looked up. He stopped a few feet from the door where I stood with a knife in hand.


"Wh-who are you?! How did you get in here!?" Mychal asked.


I was stone-faced as I took a step toward him, "You're a bad person. What you did to your child was unforgivable. What you did to the rest of those children was unforgivable. You deserve to die." I said, stopping, "Cas, get out of here."


"What are you doing?" Castiel asked, shocked.


"He's a bad man." I said, "He deserves to die."

"You're their protector? Am I right?" Castiel asked.

"Who are you?" Mychal asked, looking between us.


Terra was curled up in her bed, watching the scene.


"You're right, sugar." I said, not looking at him.


"You don't have to do this." Castiel said, "You were not brought back for this. The thing instructing you is not the force that brought you back."


I twirled the knife.

"God would not want you to take justice into your own hands." Castiel said, "This is wrong."


"Wrong? Like taking the body of husband and father?" I asked, "I am his hand, now."


"Blasphemy." Castiel said, "He may have brought you back, but this is not what your destiny is."


"How do you know?" I asked.


"Because you're not evil." Castiel said.


"Do you love me, Cas?" I asked.


"I love all humans." Castiel said.


"Do you love him?" I asked, pointing to Mychal.

"Even him." Castiel frowned, "And especially you. I've seen your destiny, and your `tumor' was the mastermind of someone else."


"Don't lie to me, Cas!" I shouted.


"I am not lying." Castiel said, "You are meant to do go with your powers. Not this."


"I have to protect them." I said quickly, throwing the knife and impaling him through the forehead, "It never feels as satisfying as it should."


Castiel looked from me to Mychal, "It shouldn't feel right. You were once human. I'd guess that's why you were chosen." He said, "But this isn't the way."


"It's too late, Cas. Dean's right. I'm psychotic." I said, finally turning to him, "Kill me."


"I don't know if I can, if I'm allowed." Castiel said, "I don't know if I want to."


I walked past him.


"We've been watching you since you were born." Castiel said.

"Creepy." I said.


"Come with me." Castiel offered.


"I think it's too late." I said, "Do you even know my real name?"


"Patrick." Castiel said.


I nodded.


"What will you do now?" Castiel asked, "If you will not allow me or the Winchesters to help you?"


"What would you have me do, Cas?" I asked.


"Regain yourself." Castiel said, handing out his hand.

I turned and stared at his hand.


"You were always meant to be a God." Castiel said, "The Father made you to be one, to help people. Let us help you."


I chuckled, "I don't think I can go back." I said, "Well, that's a lie. I can totally go back in time...but I can't go back to being me."


Castiel moved closer, his hand still outstretched, "No, you can't, but you can be better." He said.


I smirked. I grabbed his hand and we both disappeared.