Supernatural: Outer Beings



"So, Sammy here hasn't got a soul?" I asked, looking him over, "How's that possible? I don't get it. Crowley can now bring people back from the pit, but he chose to leave Sam's soul in?"

"Exactly, is there a way we can do a spell and get it back?" Dean asked.

I looked between them and chuckled, "This is really not funny." I said seriously.

"It's not meant to be." Dean frowned.

"So...I was right. Something's been wrong with you and Samuel and...I deserve a pie." I said, still looking at him.

"What?" Sam asked.

"You don't feel anything when you look at me?" I asked.

Sam shook his head and looked way.

"We don't have time for this." Dean frowned.

I threw him a pissed look.

"Look, at best, I feel lust." Sam sighed.

I looked to Dean, "Displacing souls is tricky, with magic, you take the risk of damaging the soul." I said carefully.

"Well, we'll be careful." Dean said.

"Dean, do you know what you're asking? My soul..." I said, watching face search mine, "The last thing you need is a pissed of demi-god walking around."

Dean nodded and leaned into me, "I don't trust him." He said quickly.

I looked at Sam, who eyed us and put my lips to Dean's ear, "You shouldn't." I said quickly.

"I know you're talking about me." Sam sighed.

"Samuel has been working for Crowley. Makes sense." I shrugged, "And all these Alphas walking around...Did you know I have followers?"

"What?" Sam and Dean asked at the same time.

Chapter 49: Pretty, Soulless Things

"You know, you should probably be afraid of me." Sam said, snapping back into reality.

Dean had gone out to get some food and Sam and I were still sitting in the same spot he left us in.

"I'm a demi-god." I smirked, "I don't think you can hurt me."

"But you can be killed." Sam said.

I looked at him, "Question or reassurance?" I asked.

Sam looked puzzled, "What? I'm not trying...I just..."

"I can smell it." I said.

"Danger?" Sam asked.

"You, being soulless. I can see it. Taste it. Feel it." I said, "On your skin, writhing and screaming. The taste of it lingers and it smells like hopeless, angry..." I stopped when I realized he was watching me.

"I don't know what I should do. I don't feel anything." Sam said, "I don't know what he'd do."

"He?" I asked.

"Sam." He said simply, "Me and Dean decided I'm not Sam."

"You and Dean are kind of stupid." I said, "You're Sam, you just have no moral compass. You don't have his touch or his..."

"Love...for you?" Sam asked.

I looked at him, then away.

"He loves you." Sam said, "This is confusing."

"This is life." I said, "How funny is it that you came back without a soul and Dean was completely intact?"

"Sorry if it's not that funny to me." Sam smiled, "Left my humor in Hell."

"Of all the pretty, soulless things on Earth, you're my favorite." I chuckled.

"Am I?" Sam asked, moving closer.

I leaned in and kissed him, pushing him back against the wall. I kissed him hard, fighting for dominance! I touched his skin and paused. There was nothing there.

"You're not him." I said, staggering back, "You really aren't."

Sam composed himself, "I know." He frowned.

"The hooker. Sam would never...he wouldn't have to." I said slowly.

"I'm just his shell, remember." Sam said, walking out and slamming the door.

I closed my eyes and sat on the edge of the bed, my hands holding my head up.

"It gets easier." Castiel's voice said.

"I really, really hate you." I said simply.

"I'm sorry." Castiel said.

"You go up there, to Heaven, and you watch and then you come and tell me how screwed up I am. Why should I trust you? Why should I care about any of this?" I said angrily, "How can I please not do this anymore?"

Castiel looked at me.

"You're not used to being around when this happens?" I asked.

"No, it's not that." Castiel said calmly.

I chuckled angrily, "He doesn't have a soul. He sacrificed everything to send Lucifer to Hell and he lost his soul for it." I said, "I'm sitting here, not doing anything and you're telling me that it's what I'm supposed to do."

"You were meant for more. And you know it!" Castiel said.

"How could I possibly know anything? I'm a walking contradiction!" I said, "I'm losing bits of myself. Is this supposed to happen? The old me would never have kissed Soulless Sam!"

Castiel stared at me.

"You know, don't you? You knew, somehow, that I'm losing myself." I said, "It's meant to happen or something?!"

"Sometimes, you'll never know what you lost until it is, in fact, lost." Castiel said.

"I want to get out of here. Nothing's the same. Sam's not the same, Dean's not the same...I'm not me." I said quickly.

"What you need is to see how other people are suffering." Castiel said.

"Perhaps..." Suddenly, Chalis disappeared.

"Chalis?" Castiel called.


A month later...

I fell to the ground, gasping for air. I was in the barn again and surrounded. I stood again, looking around at the people. There was more this time. Reid, Rose, and Toby stood at the front with Nattie. Nattie looked disheveled and her glasses sunk around her nose. She stood with a book in hand.

"Chalis?" Nattie asked.

My eyes, which had been scoping the whole place, landed on her and my head tilted, "That is not my name." I frowned, "I am called many names...that is not one of them."

"Ummm, okay. What do we call you?" Nattie asked.

"Plinith." Reid asked, "Plerbane. Perciel. Paul."

"To name a few." I said indifferently, "How did I come to be here?"

"You've been missing for about a month." Rose said, "No one could find you, not even your angel friend."

I remembered everything. It had only been a month here, but the Hellish nightmare I'd been living in had lasted millennia. I had become the ruler of a nightmare and was never safe from being overthrown.

"We knew you weren't dead." Toby said, "We just couldn't find you."

"How...did I come to be here?" I said impatiently.

"Castiel came to me and told me and I found a spell." Nattie said with a weak smile, "Where were you?"

"I walked in a world shadowed by this. I ruled it. Bathed in it's luster I felt the drain of a thousand betrayals and lived many lives and squeezed the life from which I used to create it." I said with a glorious pride.

"You sound different." Nattie frowned, "What happened to you there?"

"I was decompressed from this body. Freed so that my full wrath could continue my legacy!" I said, looking around, "I was free from rooms and contaminated air. I was air to all those who I ruled."

"That sounds like you." Toby said, "I mean, being totally kick ass and ruling."

"You sound carefree." Rose said.

"Care? What is there to care for? What is the meaning of the word and why does it sting the very insides that bind me to this Earth?" I asked, "Is it fortune."

"Something's wrong." Nattie said, "He's...soulless?"

"I curse this mortal image. It incurs that I shall allow such petty insults. To have such a thing...filth." I frowned, "Is it not what I'm made of, power, yet staggered with flesh and bones? Is this skin not weak?"

"Welcome back." A voice said, causing me to turn. There were three angels standing a few feet away.

"An apocalypse rains on the just as well as the unjust." I said quickly, "Do you think of me that I shall be just another human at your disposal?"

"What's wrong with him? He's..."

"Married to this mortal soul, to sicken. Must I see and feel and touch and taste? It's all so bitter now, so tasteless. This dimension is void of the things that matter: Betrayal, Reign, and Power." I said, "Must this be? Must you wait for me?"

"So, I take it we're doing this the hard way."

"I find you unimpressive." I said, "Your betrayal stings, whereas normal betrayal is expected of such lower life forms as humans."

"We're doing what we were made for. You are a demi-God, only to do the bidding imposed upon you."

"You dare to impose upon me? I am power. I spit fire! I wade through oceans." I said angrily, "To trample you will be nothing short of mediocrity."

"How did you know he was here?" Reid asked.

"One of you has betrayed me." I said earnestly, "One of you will not survive."

Reid and Rose denied their involvement and looked to Toby.

"Okay! I did it, but these are freakin angels!" Toby said, "If the frickin angels want something..."

"Treachery. I can't decide if what you did was noble or treason." I said patiently.


"I'm sorry, but seriously..."

"Silence." I frowned, "Does fear drive your every motivation?"

There was a long pause.

"Then you are of no use to me." I said quickly.

"Enough!" An angel said, throwing one of those daggers at me.

I quickly pulled Toby in front of me, effectively stopping the dagger.

"Toby!" A lone girl said, running to him as his cold body hit the ground.

I stared down at him. Nothing felt, nothing but a twinge of guilt. I walked toward the angels as they ran to me. I ducked a blatant attack and kicked one of the angels back! I grabbed the dagger of one of the angels and slid it into him, throwing it, along with him, to the ground! The two angels came at me, but I slid by one and grabbed him by the neck, snapping it! The angel fell quickly. The other angel looked at me before grabbing the fallen angel's dagger and disappearing.

"You killed Toby!" The girl cried.

"He was a chink in the chain." I frowned, "I tire of this lowly unworth."

"You sonuva..." The girl said, standing.

I grabbed her by the neck and raised her high, "You dare hurl insults? I should wear your bowels as a warning for those to trespass against me!" I said angrily.

"Please..." Rose said, "She's my only child."

I looked to her and back at the girl before throwing her to the ground. Rose ran to her.

"Your friends..." Reid began.

"Friends?" I asked, "I've lived many lives. Lives that I seldom remember."

"Sam and Dean Winchester." Nattie said.

I paused. It was one single pause, but it seemed to last an eternity.

"You remember them?" Reid asked.

"No." I said quickly, "Should I?"

"What about my brother, John?" Nattie asked.

"Are names supposed to bear meaning?" I asked.

"Yes." Nattie frowned, "He died saving you."

"He was my subject?" I asked.

"He was your friend." Nattie frowned.

"I don't understand." I tilted my head. Images flooded me. I held my head with a level of agony forced upon me that I couldn't stand.

"Are you..." Reid said, walking over.

"Stop!" I shouted, "Stay away!"

"What's happening?" Nattie asked.

"Utter agony beseeches my being." I frowned, "It is a reason I did not expect and a...a..."

"We should get you back to my place," Reid said, "Everyone is dimissed.

As they poured out, they looked worried. A genuine human emotion. I felt him for the first time in...

"What is it?" Rose asked.

"He's...Felt...I felt him." I frowned, walking away.

"Where are you going?"

"Winchester." I said softly.