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Chapter One- A short reunion and lots of dust.

I am in my jeep wrangler, with the top down, hauling down I-80, going 30mph over the speed limit, on my way to the Harvelle Roadhouse in Lincoln Nebraska. Ellen Harvelle, the owner of the Roadhouse, called me this morning.
"Trey, I need you to get your ass over here as soon as possible. Dean and Sam went missing three days ago while checking out a Vampire Nest and you're the only other hunter who is an expert at taking down Vampires," Helen said the Minute I answered the phone.
Helen is like my mother, she was the only parental figure in my life for as long as I can remember, my mother and father was killed by a Demon when I was a newborn. I don't know much about Dean and Sam, I do know that their Mom was killed by the same demon that killed my parents. I also know that Dean and Sam were lucky enough to have a dad to teach them the tricks of the craft. Dean, Sam, Helen and I are Hunters. A hunter is someone who fights supernatural forces like demons and ghosts. Helen taught me everything I know, she showed me how to kill a vampire, to exorcise a demon, basically how to beat anything without a human heartbeat. The last thing I know about Sam is that he is just like me, he has some kind of supernatural power that makes our job that much easier, a gift from the sick bastard parent killing demon, Azazel. The only time that I have spent with Dean and Sam was a year ago, following the death of their Dad when their visits to the roadhouse got more and more frequent, when we went hunting for Azazel and killed him, for good.
"I'm on my way Helen," I said and hung up my phone.
I had just finished a job in Boston Massachusetts, 1490 miles away from the Roadhouse and a 19 hour drive, good thing I was going back to the roadhouse anyways. Now, I am 80 miles away from the roadhouse and my eyes are closing but its no time for sleep, I have to get to the Roadhouse before daybreak so that I can take out the Vamps while the sun is still out, So I pull off the highway somewhere around Underwood Iowa and stop at the first gas station I see. I filled up my gas tank with one of the many fake credit cards I have and go inside the Gas Station and buy a five hour energy shot. On my way out of the gas station I notice a young blonde girl in a white dress staring me down, I just ignore her and continue walking to the Jeep and get back on my way.

An hour later I pull into the drive way and shut off the engine, Helen is already outside and she starts walking towards the jeep, its 6:37 AM and the sun is starting to peak out over the horizon.
"Where the hell have you been Trey? We were expecting you over an hour ago"
"Helen, I was going 30 over as it is. Now are you going to tell me where this hive is so I can rescue the hardy boys."
"You know I hate it when you call Sam and Dean the Hardy Boys, knock it off. Anyways, the hive is about five miles east of Utica, take US-34 and keep your eyes peeled for a dirt road when you get close, it's on the left hand side of the road you know your in the right place when you see Dean's Impala."
"Ok Helen, I should be back in about three hours, if I'm not send Bobby," I said as I turned my engine back on.
"Do you have any stakes on you?"
"Of course I do Helen, and yes I have holy water too, don't worry, I'll be fine, and I'll bring the Hardy Boys back safely"
"Trey, please just watch your back" Helen said, she then turned around walking back into the roadhouse as her daughter Jo came running out.
"Jo, where are you going?" Helen asked, stopping Jo in her tracks.
"With Trey Mom, there's no way I'm letting him go into that hive by himself."
"Is that okay with you Trey?" Helen asked me.
"More thank Ok, I could use the help" Jo started beaming at me and continued her sprint to my car.
"Trey, be careful with my daughter" Helen said and continued walking back into the Roadhouse.
Jo has always had a school girl crush on me, but she knows that I'm gay and has never tried to make a move on me, it's a good thing too because even if I were straight I look at Jo as a little sister, nothing else.
"Hey Fruitcake," Jo said. She's the only person that can get away with calling me that, anyone else gets my size twelve foot up their ass.
"Hey Jo"
Jo put her head on my shoulder as I made my way for Utica. The good thing about our relationship is that silence is never uncomfortable. it's the company that we enjoy, not the dialogue.

We arrived at the nest an hour later after turning down so many dirt roads that I lost count. Helen obviously isn't aware how many dirt roads there are five miles west of Utica. Dean's 1967 black Impala was a sight for sore eyes after I almost gave up all hope on finding the nest. The nest was larger than I envisioned, it was about 1500 square feet with sheets covering all the windows. There was absolutely no telling how many vamps were in there, it could be two, or it could be twenty.

"Ok, Jo, listen up, this is the plan: I want you to go out and find as many big rocks as you can while I collect the arsenal, then when were both ready I want you to throw the rocks at as many of the windows as you can, hopefully taking down the sheets that are blocking the sunlight from coming in while your doing that I will walk in through the front door, and kill more of the vamps. When you're done with the windows take some bottles of holy water and a stake and go in, do not look for a fight, just find Sam and Dean, defense is your best option. Are we clear?"
"Crystal Clear bro" Jo answered and she jumped out of the jeep, collecting any big rocks she could find.
I began rummaging through the back seat of the jeep looking for as much holy water as possible, I found ten bottles, so I took eight leaving two for Jo, I then pulled two stakes from them glove compartment as left one of them next two the two bottles of holy water on the passengers seat.
"JO!" I yelled out, "are you ready?"
"Yeah Trey, lets kick some ass."
Jo waited for me to get in front of the door before throwing the first rock through the window, taking the sheet down. I then kicked down the door and saw hell break loose.
The Vampires were running around with chickens with their heads chopped off, just trying to stay out of the sun, they did not even notice me entering their nest, five seconds later the seven vampires I saw in the room were reduced to a pile of ashes, when I entered the next room sunlight was already streaming through the broken window and all I saw were piles of dust, I continued my way through the house finding piles of dust all over the floor but no sign of Dean or Sam. Eventually I made it into the kitchen, the last room in the house, still no vampire ass to kick, or any sign of the Hardy boys, I then noticed another door next to the door that I came in through, it must have lead to a basement. It was now when I realized the deep shit Dean, Sam, Jo and I were in. There could be dozens of vampires down there feeding off Sam and Dean that I would have to take down without the help of any sunlight.
I made my way back through the house looking for Jo, I found her back in the first room of the house.
"Jo, there are no more vampires up here, but there is bad news."
"what now?" Jo asked
"There is a basement, and I'm betting that's were Dean and Sam are, along with dozens of vamps."
"Well what are we waiting for? Lets take them down."
"Ok Jo, just be careful, spray any vampire that gets too close."
Jo and I made our way back through the house, and we stopped right before the basement door. "Jo, It might not be pretty in there, the vampires can be feeding off Dean and Sam as we speak but we cant run in there like a bull in a china shop, chances are the vamps are sleeping right now and the element of surprise is our best weapon, so please don't overreact." The look on Jo's face was solemn but she nodded her head.
I opened the door to the basement and saw my self face to face with about Thirteen Sleeping Vamps on tattered mattresses and an unconscious Sam and Dean chained to a wall, their clothes ripped up and completely covered in blood. I looked back at Jo and she had a complete look of disgust on her face.

"Holy water," I whispered and uncapped the bottle of holy water I had in my hands, Jo did the same and we began our descent into the basement.
When we reached the bottom of the stairs I indicated that Jo should take the right side of the basement.
"NOW!" I yelled pouring stream after stream of holy water onto the vampires as Jo did the same. In an instant all those vampires who did not got hit by the holy water were up and in fighting position while their peers we're screaming in their beds, turning into a pile of dust. The good news is only four vampires remained, three for me and one for Jo. One Vampire came straight for me and I staked him before he was able to lay a hand on me. The next two were smarter and attacked me at the same time. I was fighting these two vampires at the same time as I heard the vampire Jo was fighting scream as Jo forced the wooden stake through her heart. I managed to gain the upper hand against one of the vampires I was fighting as the other vamp was distracted by the death of another one of his peers. I staked this vampire as the other tackled me from behind laying his fangs into my neck, luckily Jo was behind me in an instant and staked the last vampire before any major harm was done to me.
I moved my hand up to my neck to put pressure on my neck as I turned over onto my back and offered my other hand to Jo to help me up.
"Thanks Jo," I said, "that was a close one. "
"I'm just glad your OK," Jo said on the verge of tears, wrapping her arms around me.
"Jo, I'm fine, go check on Sam and Dean while I cover up this bite."
Jo stopped hugging me and moved over to Sam and Dean while I took off my shirt and ripped off a strip of the fabric to tie around my neck.
"They both still alive, they have pulses but its weak. How are we going to get the out of these chains?" Jo said as she turned to look at me, very obviously staring at my exposed six packs, rock hard pecs and defined biceps.
"Stay right there Jo, stake anything that moves, I'm going to go get a saw from the Jeep. Stake anything that moves." I said and ran up the stairs back to my jeep.
When I came back down Jo was standing in front of Dean and Sam in the process of wrapping Sam and Deans neck wounds with extra material from my t-shirt.
"Stand back Jo," I said as I starting sawing away the lock to the chains. The lock busted open, loosing up the chains which resulted in Dean and Sam falling on the floor. Even after landing with a third both Sam and Dean we're still unconscious.
"Couldn't you have been more careful?" Jo said, scolding me.
"I was just trying to wake them up" I joked
"Well you're in a better mood"
"Yeah Well the pressures off now, everyone's safe. Can you do me a favor and check for the keys to the impala in Dean's pocket while I carry Sam outside."
"Sure thing 'boss'" Jo joked.

10 minutes later We had Sam and Dead safely packed into the impala which Jo was going to drive back to the Roadhouse following me in my jeep.

Everyone was safe and I would be sleeping in an hour. Thank God.

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Chapter Two is on its way.