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Chapter Two-Meet Lillith

I pulled in to the Roadhouse with Jo right on my tail. Before I managed to get out of my jeep Ellen was already at the door.
"About time, I was about to send in the cavalry."
Jo opened the door to the impala and greeted her mom with a hug.
"How's Dean and Sam?" I asked Jo
"They're still unconscious."
I left Ellen and Jo to their talking while I walked inside the Roadhouse and filled a pitcher with Water and came back outside. Jo was so wrapped up about telling Ellen about the hunt that neither of them notice me pulling Sam and Dean out of the Impala and dumping the water over their heads.
"Morning Pretty boys," I said with a smirk on my face.
Deans eyes began to flutter open followed by Sam. "Thanks for getting me wet, douche" Dean said, "Thanks for the rescue...again" Sam added.
"Yeah," I replied "what is this rescue four or five?" I added with a huge grin on my face.
"Shut up Asshole and help us up" Dean said extending out an arm to me. I held out both my hands and helped Dean and Sam up simultaneously.
"I'm going to go get changed and then grab some grub, are you coming Sam?" Dean said
"Yeah." And with that both the Winchesters walked inside the Roadhouse followed by Ellen, Jo and myself.
When Sam and Dean were out of earshot Ellen turned to Jo and said "Hey Jo, can you excuse me and Trey for a second?" Jo turned around and walked up the stairs without saying a word.
"What's on your mind Ellen?"
"I need to talk to you about possibly joining Dean and Sam on their hunts"
"I don't think that's such a good idea, I mean Dean and Sam hardly know me and Dean doesn't seem to keen on the fact that I'm gay."
"Trey, I'll talk to them but I really think it's a good idea, the boys have gotten more and more reckless ever since their dad died. I mean Dean is running around with his plans half cocked and Sam has been using his demonic power to exercise every demon he sees, its just not good for them, you on the other hand are so detailed in your work and I've never seen you use the power you got from Azazel."
"To Sam's defense his power is offensive he can control when and where he can use his power, All I do is see the future, and that's only when its something the demons want me to see. Its completely different."
"Just promise me you'll sleep on it."
"Ellen, I'll do you one better, if you can get them to ask me themselves then I'll go with them, I mean its not like they are ugly or anything"
"Thanks Trey, that is a relief, I'll go talk to them right now."
"I'll be outside."
I took this downtime to organize the mess that is my Jeep, sleep seems so far out of reach at this point. Half-way through my Jeeps cleaning Jo came outside.
"Hey Trey, what are you doing? I though you would be asleep by now."
"That was my plan but then you're mom asked me if I would go on the road with the Hardy boys. So to make a long story short she is upstairs talking to them now and I keep getting further and further away from sleep."
"Oh, well I whether or not you go with the Winchesters I just want you to know that I've missed you around here so don't be a stranger okay?"
"I'll try but I cant make any promises. Who knows when Dean's going to want to come around here again. Speaking of this whole thing, catch." I said, tossing Jo the keys to my Jeep.
"What's this?"
"well since Dean will most likely be hell bent on taking the impala I might as well give you the keys to the Jeep, take care of her."
"You are not gone yet Trey," Jo said passing me back my keys and walking back inside.
"I guess we're done talking then..." I said to myself.
At this point I was completely fed up with cleaning my car so I just sat down in the drivers seat, reclined the chair all the way down and let my mind start to wander. As my mind started to wander I got the eerie feeling associated with one of my visions, and then WHAM! This vivid, future event popped into my head.

The first thing I saw was these green brilliant eyes staring down at me, the strong arms of another wrapped around me, and the feeling of a cock in my ass. My hands were roaming against the arms of my mystery lover, moving down his side, grasping his ass, and then pushing him further into me. I looked into the face of my muscled Adonis and it was Dean. Dean withdrew from my ass and pushed back into me reaching his lips to mine as his arms held me close. "You are so amazing" he whispered into my ear.

I was then pulled out of my reverie in an instant, my cock throbbing against my jeans and my head spinning with questions. Why Dean? Was this a real glimpse of my future or just a fantasy? Why would Demons even show me this? I would be lying if I said that I didn't think Dean was attractive, or Sam for that matter, but I've never had a fantasy about either of the Winchester boys before. Nor did I realize just what an awesome body Dean has. As my cock started to settle back down against the tight fabric of my jeans Sam and Dean came outside, Dean just walked straight to the impala and got into the drivers side but Sam stopped to ask me a question, "Hey Trey, do you want to come eat with us? We need to talk to you."
"Uh Sure," I replied and hopped out of my jeep, following Sam to the impala.

We arrived to at the closest diner about five minutes later, I sat on one side of the table while Sam and Dean sat on the other, The sunlight was streaming through the window illuminating the Winchester boys faces in a light that I've never seen them in before. It was in this light that I realized just how hot both of the boys, or should I say men, are. I easily got lost into the same eyes I saw in my vision five minutes earlier, the scent of the men flirting with my nostrils intoxicating me.
"Dude, What are you staring at? I know I'm hot and all but that's no reason to stare" Dean said.
"Haha, you wish. Actually, You've got some crap in your hair" I said quickly, thinking of anything in the spur of the moment.
It was then when the waitress, "Debbie," came by for our orders, being overly friendly. I pretended not to notice Dean following her ass with his eyes as she walked away. Talk about staring.
"So, I guess Ellen talked to you guys about me hitting the road with you" I said, snapping Dean out of his reverie.
"Yeah," Sam answered eagerly "and we think it's a great idea, so will you, go hunting with us?"
"Um yeah sure thing." I replied, trying to seem indifferent while my mind went crazy with all the possibilities of `Dean time.'
"Cool, just don't touch the radio," Dean said.
"So what's the next case you are working on?"
"Bobby called to tell us about some killings that are going on in Northern Iowa, so I that's where we are headed next."
Dean continued to go on about the case throughout lunch while I just sat there and watched his lips move. When we were finished eating we paid the check and drove back to the roadhouse in complete silence.

We walked back into the roadhouse and found Jo and Ellen levitating in the air.
"Jo! Ellen!" I yelled as I ran towards them.
"Take one more step and I will snap both their necks" said a melodic-voice coming from the staircase.
The voice belonged to the same little blond girl I ran into at the gas station on the way to the roadhouse only now here eyes were pitch black.
"The Name is Lillith" the little girl said. Dean and Sam ran up to my side, being oddly protective over me. "You three have proven to be a severe pain in my ass, first killing henchman after henchman and then killing my general Azazel. You know, you really should think twice before fucking with me because I will stop at nothing to make sure that I can torture your souls in hell for the rest of eternity, and make my words, I will! Because the fact of the matter is, it takes a lot more man power to kill me than what you all can dish out. But don't worry I'm not going to kill you yet, because I still need all of you take carry out my plan. But as for these two..." Lillith gestured to Ellen and Jo and with a bone crunching noise the life drained from their faces and their bodies fell to the ground with a thud and Lillith disappeared into thin air.

End of Chapter Two

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