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Authors Notes: This chapter contains one of the hottest sex scenes I've ever written. Just thought I'd give you all something to look forward too. SADLY, it doesn't involve Dean or Sam.

Chapter Three-Crossroads

Standing in the middle of the roadhouse, after that evil bitch Lillith killed the only family I still had left I knew there was only one thing left that I could do. I turned around and walked out of the roadhouse, leaving behind the woman who raised me and my best friend. It wasn't long until Dean and Sam caught up to me.
"Trey! I know you are hurting right now but don't even think about it!" Dean yelled while grabbing my wrist.
"Don't you fucking touch me!" I screamed, all my anger boiling in my veins, my adrenaline had gotten the best of me. I turned around and Dean and Sam went shooting 20 yards across the parking lot. As far as I knew, my demon power has always been defensive so I had no idea how I managed to send them flying but now was not the time to worry about that. I turned back around slashed the tires of the impala so that I cant be followed and then got into my jeep. I drove to the nearest isolated crossroads I could find, about five minutes from the roadhouse. I got out of my jeep and dug around my equipment for the box that I made just in case something like this were to happen. There's no point in being a realist right? I shoved that box so far into the ground I'm pretty sure I broke it with all the force in my hands. Demon folklore says that if you travel to a crossroads, and bury a box with a picture of yourself inside along with other satanic items the crossroad demon will appear and make you a deal, anything in the world that you want, in exchange for your soul.
"Get out here you piece of shit! I swear if you are not down here in five seconds I make you wish you were never spawned you piece of demonic scum!"
"Woah easy tiger," called a voice from behind me, "I had to find a suitable `vessel' for you." I spun around and was face to face with one of the most gorgeous men I've seen. He was half naked, wearing only a pair of low jeans and biker boots. His abs defined and his muscles bulging. He clearly knew how to do his job.
"Ok Crossroad Demon-"
"Please, call me Nick."
"Ok Nick, here's the deal: I want Ellen and Jo, alive, and I'm here for a trade. If that's not obvious."
"Trey Montgomery...Why should I make this deal with you? I mean, you didn't even know my name. But, yes, I know your name. EVERY DEMON knows your name."
"That's exactly my point, bring Ellen and Jo back to life and soon, you'll be able to reign me in, show off to all your little demon friends that you brought in Trey Montgomery, Lucifer's biggest pain. Then, you can be Lilith's bitch for the rest of eternity, because we all know who's running the charade down there and its not Lucifer, its Lilith."
"Kid, don't cry your heart out to me, Lilith already told me that if you come to me for a deal I should in now way let you walk. So just how soon are we talking?"
"6 months."
"6 months, ha! Lilith said not to give you any longer than one month. Seriously kid, what do you think this is?"
"Ok, fine, one month. Deal?"
"Kid, you misunderstand, a month is what Lilith wanted to give you. I want you down there in the depths of hell, with me, in two weeks."
"I'll do you one better, if you get me a way to track down Lilith, I will let you take me down into your hellhole just as soon as that bitch is dead, for good. I'll even start right away, after checking on Ellen and Jo of course."
"You make a good deal kid, just one more condition, I get to fuck your virgin ass right before I take you down into the depths of hell, where I will fuck you everyday for the rest of eternity. I cant let a hot boy like you die a virgin now can I?"
"Then lets seal it with a kiss." I puckered up and moved my behind Nicks head, pulling him in for a kiss that will seal my fate. His breath made me weak, it smelled so fresh and sweet, I was expecting the complete opposite for a demon. His soft lips pushed against mine spreading my lips so that he could force his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues touched and sparks flew. Then he pulled away. I opened my eyes and he was still standing in front of me.
"Aren't you supposed to be gone?"
"Sweetie, you are looking at your one way ticket to Lilith, so play nice." The look on my face was one of astonishment as I walked back to the jeep with Nick on my tail, I climbed in and Nick sat down in the passenger seat. "Why are we wasting our time with these mundane ways of traveling?" Nick asked as he placed his hand on my arm.
After a quick dizzy spell I opened my eyes and I was standing next to a half naked Nick in front of a very much alive Ellen and Jo and a surprised Dean and Sam.
"What the fuck is going on Trey?" Dean asked.
"I don't have a lot of time. I am just making sure that Ellen and Jo are okay. Now I've got a demon bitch kill."
"Trey?! Just tell me what is going on, please!" Jo pleaded with me. So I filled them all in on my deal, Ellen and Jo sobbing throughout my whole speech.
"So now, I've got to go kill Lilith, if you will excuse me. Ellen, you've been great to me. Jo, my jeep is five minutes out from here, headed south, its yours now."
I put my hand on Nicks shoulder when Sam yelled out, "Wait, Dean and I are coming with you, the least we can do is make sure this all works out."
"What the fuck Sammy, its his grave."
"Come on Dean," he said picking up the colt from the bar and walking over to Nick and I, Dean was not very far behind him. They both grabbed onto me and I was overwhelmed with another dizzy spell. This time when I opened my eyes I was face to face with Lilith in a empty warehouse, Dean, Sam and Nick were all at my side.
"What are you doing here? Do you want me to end your life sooner?" Lilith said. Her voice made my blood bubble I wanted nothing more than to rip her apart limb from limb.
"No Bitch I'm here to kill your skank ass." Now I heard her ear-piercing scream as her bones began to crack, I was actually, tearing her limb from limb, with some help from demonic power of course. Soon a cloud of black smoke started to erupt from her mouth. "Nu-Uh Bitch, get back in there!" I said and then forced the cloud of black smoke back into her `vessel' with the power of my mind.
"Sam, shoot her with the colt, I want to make sure this bitch dies."
Sam aimed the colt and Lilith's deforming body and pulled the trigger. Her body flashed as if it was electrocuted, the black faded from her eyes, and then her body erupted into flames. She was dead, she had to be dead. Rather than a surge of pride or accomplishment my actions had caught up with me. I just sold my soul to some demon, to bring back the ones that I loved; but rather than just be happy with that and be able to live with them happily for the next two weeks, I want all vengeful and gave up everything on killing this bitch, I gave up everything on vengeance. I turned to look at Dean and Sam, their eyes swelling with tears as they vanished, courtesy of Nicks demonic transportation system. My body was depleted of its adrenaline and exhausted from my overuse of its powers, and so I began to cry as wave after wave of emotion hit me. I turned to look at Nick through my tears and was greeted by the crooked smirk on his face, a smirk only someone truly evil can wear. Nick is very attractive and if he wasn't a demon I really would have any problem with him taking my virginity, well if I loved him. But the fact of the matter is he is a demon and his piercing black eyes make it impossible to pretend that he is not a demon. My body was turning against me, I was weak and there was no way to fight him off. I began to inch my way away from him, any chance to escape and I'd take it.
"Stay away from me." I said as I began to walk away faster, closer and closer to the exit. I was almost out when Nick appeared right in front of me.
"Oh, don't be the way, you know you want this body," I turned around and started to run away from him, there was another exit on the other side of the warehouse
"You're a demon! I don't want anything to do with you!" I yelled. My body was getting weaker and weaker, and I wont be able to get away from him much longer. I was almost out the door when Nick appeared in front of me once again.
"A deal is a deal, stud," Nick said and then he grabbed my wrists. "Anyways, if you did manage to get a way, Ellen and Jo would be as good as dead and Lilith would be alive and kicking. So just come to terms with it, accept that you are as good as dead and kiss me. Accept this gift that I'm giving you, hell could be way worse than you just having to be my slave. You could be at the mercy of countless other demons. So give into me, say okay so I can take your virginity and then you can be mine for eternity."
He is right, I am as good as dead. I did this for the people I love. Lilith cant hurt them anymore and they're all alive. This had to happen someday, I just did not think it would be so soon.
"I promise, I'll start off nice and easy on your hole. I'll make sure you like it. Just say okay."
He said he is going to be easy on me. He said I'll like it. This is for the best.

Nick took his hands off my wrists and put them on my ass cheeks, using his muscles and demonic strength to pull me into him. If I was at full strength and he didn't have any of his inhuman strength I might be able to overpower him, his muscles are only slightly bigger than mine, but there is no purpose in what-ifs anymore. I am his. Nick pushed his jean covered crotch into mine, pushing into my groin harder and harder, his hands massaging my ass through my jeans. Nick inched his face closer and closer to mine, his breath dazzling me once again. His lips brushed up my chin and teased at my lips until his breath had my mind drawing a blank and a parted my lips for his tongue to explore. His tongue entered my mouth with a swiftness as his lips pushed against mine, the moment our lips touch the familiar spark rushed through me, and it was as if something switched on completely altering my state of mind, I AM HIS FOREVER, I thought, and I was happy about it. Nick pulled off my shirt, exposing my abs to him and breaking our kiss. Once the shirt was over my head, however, his assault on my mouth continued.
At this point I was the one grinding my jean trapped cock against his while my hands held on tight to his face. Nick released my ass cheeks and moved his hands around on my back, tracing the contours with his fingers, feeling the scars of numerous battles. I wanted him so badly. I broke our kiss, removing my hands from his face. I began to kiss is chin, then across his jaw line while my hands roamed over his back. Nick moved his hands to behind his head as I started to kiss his chest, nibbling on each nibble before worshipping his muscles.
"Hold on" Nick said. He backed away from me, allowing me to take in half his glory while his jeans covered the over half. He laid himself down on the concrete floor of the warehouse and tucked his hands behind his head. "Okay" he said as I was staring down at him "come get it." I straddled one of his legs and continued to bite on his nipple. His cock was straining against my chest, and I wanted to taste it so bad. I kissed down his abs, following the curvature of his stomach until I found myself at eye level with his groin. I began by kissing his cock through his jeans, his cock responded by flexing for me. For the first time, as my tongue was tracing the outline of his cock did I get an idea of how big his cock is. Now is when I got nervous, I am a virgin, I have never even taken a dick before, let alone a cock this big. There's no turning back now I thought, as I moved my mouth over to his button, trying to undo it with my mouth but to no avail. "Let me help you" he moaned using one hand to undo his button as the other hand pushed my face further into his crotch. He moved his hands back behind his head and I used my teeth to pull down his zipper. My hands were roaming his chest, feeling every crevice as my mouth became insatiably close to his cock. His head was peaking out from the waistband, glaring at me as I moved my tongue across the fabric of his underwear soaking them in my saliva. My mouthwash salivating profusely and I couldn't wait any more. I wanted to taste him. I wanted as much of his as possible in my mouth. So I stood up and completely take off his jeans and briefs. His dick was standing straight up while I took in the sight of all his glory. I climbed back on top of his leg and licked up his shaft, tasting his sweet sweat and his cock. I moved my mouth over to his balls and began to lap at them, taking the walnut sized testicles into my mouth. He was moaning so loud, "put it in your mouth" he whispered. So I moved my mouth to his head, lapping at the pre-cum that was spilling out of it. "Fuck this" he said pulling me off his dick. "I want to fuck you already, you're so damn hot."

Nick got up and pulled me to my feet. "Bend over, I need to get your ass nice and wet." I listened to him eagerly, I was so ready for his 9" cock to spread my cheeks and brand my hole. He started lapping his tongue at my hole, mixing in some of his pre-cum. He had my hole nice and slick before he even inserted one of his fingers in there. It hurt more than it ever did when I fingered myself. He didn't waste any time before he inserted another finger. Soon he was ramming my ass with two fingers, and I was loving every minute of it. "Beg for my dick in your ass."
"Oh Nick, please fuck me," I moaned, "Stick your shaft up my ass and brand me."
"Oh, you're a horny little virgin."
Nick took his fingers out of my ass and lined up his cock against my hole. My hole was easily penetrated by Nick's monster cock but I was crying out in pain, waiting for my ass to adjust to the large tool inside of me.
"Ok, fuck me" I said once my ass was not in so much pain.
Nick slowly began to thrust in and out of me, rubbing against my prostate every chance he got. Something told me that it wont be long before I would cum, only it would take much longer for Nick to finish up. Nick sped up his pace, making my testicles fill with cum, getting ready to burst at any second. He started to pull on my hair to get me further down on his cock. After about five minutes of his mind blowing thrusts I couldn't hold on any longer, I started to release my load all over the warehouse floor, ejecting torrent after torrent of my spunk. Nicks rough assault continued on my ass for about 15 more minutes, causing me to cum one more time before Nick approached his finish line. "I'm going to fill your ass with my demonic cum and then I'm going to snap your neck, you are such a hot little fucker, I cant wait to fuck you every day!" Nick tensed up behind me and then let out torrent after torrent of cum into my ass. That was the last thing I felt before his hands cupped by head and jerked my head sideways. Then everything went black.

End of Chapter 3

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Ok, so this is NOT the end of the series, I don't really want to give up what is happening next but I do want you all to know that Trey will be back. When Trey gets back the bonding between the Winchesters and Trey begin. They start hunting, together, and sparks fly between Trey and one of the boys. Then comes the 66 seals and the introduction of the Angels, Lucifer, and God. The next chapter deals with Trey in hell and The repercussions of his deal on earth and it will end with his return to Earth. These first four chapters is just a little prologue that points out the differences between the actual show and my story and it will get the ball rolling on the current supernatural story arch. The next portion will be more true to the characters, Dean will be witty and dominant, Sam will be kind, compassionate, and a little moody.
Also, I like to allow my readers to envision their own version of my characters (not any that are part of the show already) its for this reason that I don't include character descriptions. If any one wants to see what I envision one of my characters to look like go ahead and email me and I'll either describe him/her to you or send you a picture.