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Authors Notes: Ok, after this chapter, you will know everything your going to need to know about Trey. From this point on, the story can be written in the perspective of either Dean, Sam or Trey. I usually don't like changing the perspective but there are so many different aspects to not only the sex scenes but also the story line.

Chapter Four- Changes

48 hours later


It was four a clock in the morning when my phone went off
"Hey Dean, its Bobby."
"Bobby, what the hell, this suns not even out, call back in the morning."
"Wish I could, kid, but we got bigger problems, I'll be at the roadhouse in ten minutes. Be down stairs. Wake up everyone else."
Ten minutes later I was down stairs with Sam, Ellen and Jo. I was groggy as hell and had already fallen asleep at the bar twice, luckily I wasn't the only one looking like shit, both Ellen and Jo`s eyes were puffed up like an overweight nutrition and wellness teacher.
"Ellen, Jo sorry to hear about Trey, but the good news is I don't think he'll be gone for long." Bobby said walking through the door of the Roadhouse.
"What are you talking about Bobby?" Jo said.
"Last week, I got my hand on a book of prophecies, this morning, I deciphered one, it said `When a righteous man, born and raised under different circumstances than the rest of humanity, is delivered to hell and crawls out as a powerful, but yet righteous demon, so shall the first seal be broken, and sixty-four more, and with the final seal a man, more righteous than the first, will shed the blood of the righteous demon, releasing Lucifer from the pits of hell and allowing him to roam earth as the fallen angel of hell.'"
What does this have to do with Trey?" asked Ellen
"Think about it Ellen, Trey was raised with Demon blood coursing through his veins-"
"How is that any different from Sam?" I interrupted.
"Well, Sam was only fed demon blood at six months, Trey had demon blood in him while he was still in his womb, Treys mother was a child of Azazel as well, the only child of Azazel to have a child, and now that Azazel is dead he will be the only one who is fed demon blood. I'm telling you, it makes perfect sense."
So what do we do now? Just sit around and wait for Trey to go all night of the living corpse?"
"No, we cant wait for the first seal to be broken, I say we torch the body"
"Bobby, No offense but if Treys coming back as a demon it doesn't matter if his body is intact or not, the only one that can prevent this seal from breaking is Trey," Sam added.
"So then what do we do? Let Satan come rising up from his cage?"
"No, I say we un-bury his body and wait for him to come back. And once his alive, we don't let anyone try to harm him, if a righteous man doesn't bleed him then Lucifer cant walk free."
"Till When? Forever? No one can protect him forever."
"No, just until we can find another way to stop this shit from happening."


I've been fucking chained up over Nicks bed for what seems like forever, he just comes in fucks the shit out of me and then chains me back up. Days have blurred into months that have blurred into years, I can feel my self changing and don't know what to do about it. The worst part is, Nick doesn't even look like the hot crossroad demon that I made this deal with, he is disfigured, discolored, and even more evil. At least Nick allows one of his friends to come and see me, Alistair. Alistair says I have a lot of potential.

I can hear the tortuous screams just outside my door, I guess things could be worse.


3 Months after Trey

"Ellen, how long are we supposed to keep this fucking corpse sitting out like this? Its fucking disgusting."
"Dean, look at the body, it hasn't decomposed at all, that means SOMETHING! If you have such a problem, then why don't you and Sam pack it up and go, do what you do best."
"What is that supposed to mean? I would get out and leave if I was sure that what's supposed to be coming back, if anything, is really Trey, if not you could be dead in a heart beat and all of this would be for nothing, so its just a DAMN waiting game."
I walked out on Ellen before she got another chance to open her mouth, this shit is so infuriating not knowing when or what is going to happen, if anything. I cant go hunt, all I can do is sit around and wait with Sam, listening to the stories the other hunters have to tell about the bad shit that is going on out there. At least Sam gets to go queer it up with this dude Andy, I mean how pathetic is it that I am sitting here, getting jealous over Sam's relationship with another dude!


I am getting stronger everyday, Nick is long gone, I freaking got away from that bastard the first day that Alistair showed me how to hold my own with these new demon powers of mine. I am so close to being able to get the fuck out of this hell hole, literally, and then I can kiss these fucking demons good bye and hopefully, these pitch black eyes as well.


6 Months after Trey

Sam seems to be always hanging out with this "Andy" dude now, I hardly ever see him, except for now, I called him over now that something is going on with the corpse. Treys body is starting to find its color again, I'm pretty sure that something is about to jump back into that body, hopefully its Trey, but we have to prepared for anything, that's why I drew a devils trap on the floor and put Treys body square in the middle of it. Yes, something is coming back but we cant be sure what it is.

An Hour Later

"Dean, let me out, its me, I fucking promise its me, ask me anything."
"Now, there is no doubt in my mind that its you, Trey, I'm just not sure what team your playing for anymore."
"Besides the Gay team?" Trey said flashing me a grin.
"Cut the Crap Trey, you know what I mean, your eyes are pitch black, how do I know you are not working for demons?"
"Dean, we know he is not working for the demons, the prophecy said that Trey would come back as a "powerful, but yet righteous demon" and the prophecy hasn't been wrong yet, just let him out and go to sleep."
"Fine Sammy, you want him out, you do it. I'm going to sleep." I turned around and walked up the stairs to my room.


I scraped a line of the devils trap of from the floor and Trey came up to me and embraced me into a tight hug, his impressive bulge against mine.
"Woah, easy," I stammered "just take it easy."
"Hehe, Sorry Sam." Trey said, backing away.
"Yeah, no problem, just do me a favor and try to do something about your eyes, Ellen and Jo are on the way back from Bobby's, I had them stay with them until we were sure what came back was really you, and if they get a glimpse of those eyes they will be freaked."
"Yeah, I really didn't think about that."
"Okay Trey, I'll see you in the morning. I'm going over to Andy's"
"Whos Andy?"
"My boyfriend." I said, and walked out of the Roadhouse.


About Twenty minutes later, my door creaked open, allowing the light to streak into my room.
"Hey Sammy, shut the damn door will you?" I said Turning around and coming face-to-face with Trey, not Sam., and then Trey lunged at me.

End of Chapter 4

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