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Authors Notes: Ok, after this chapter, you will know everything your going to need to know about Trey. From this point on, the story can be written in the perspective of either Dean, Sam or Trey. I usually don't like changing the perspective but there are so many different aspects to not only the sex scenes but also the story line.

Chapter Five-Like Riding a Bicycle


"Hey Sammy, shut the damn door will you?" I said Turning around and coming face-to-face with Trey, not Sam., and then Trey lunged at me.



"Hey Andy! Where are you? I hope its okay that I let myself in." I said as I walked into Andy's bedroom and spotted him sleeping under his covers so I went and joined him wrapping me arms and pushing my cock against his body...his really cold body.
"Hey Sammy, how does it feel to have your arms wrapped a dead body?" I heard a familiar voice say from the doorway, I turned to look at who it was coming from and I was face to face with Nick.
"What the hell did you do to Andy you demonic scum?"
"His real name wasn't even Andy, its was John, I've been living in his body for the past five months, ever since Trey banished me from hell."
"How else was I supposed to know when Trey came back from hell?"
"So you've been using me to get to Trey?"
"No shit Sherlock, isn't that what I just said?"
"I don't understand why you would go through all the trouble."
"Sam, Trey is dangerous, he will BRING on the apocalypse, no matter how hard he tries to prevent it. With the first seal being broken its just about time before all other sixty five fade away."
"How am I supposed to believe you?"
"Sam, that was me living in Johns body, that was me who you were falling in love with, just like I was with you."
"Sorry, but I cant be with a Demon.."
"But you can drink his blood? anyways that's not what I'm getting at, we need to stop Trey before he gets way too out of hand"
"I'm sorry but I just can't..."
"Whatever, I'll be in touch Sam, and here take this," Nick handed me a knife with strange markings on it, "it will kill a demon, take care Sammy.. and by the way, I miss being with you" and then he was gone.


"Dude what the fuck, get off of me!" Dean shouted after I managed to cop a feel me jumping at me, after I got a really good handful of his cock he managed to get me off of him. "Seriously Trey, what the fuck are you getting at?"
"Chill D, I was just coping a feel," I said as I winked and walked out of Deans room. I decided that I might as well spend the night in Sam's room, considering that fact that one: he wont need it tonight and two: it used to be my room until I moved out of here. I was out astonishingly fast considering the fact that my body has been resting for the past six months.
I woke up to Sam shaking me awake.
"Dude, you are in my bed."
"Chill Sam, there is no other beds, and definitely nothing wrong with sharing."
Sam reluctantly climbed into bed next to me and I rolled over and wrapped my arm around him. Expecting some kind of response from him, like why he and his boyfriend are not fucking like rabbits but instead I got nothing.
"Hey Sammy, what's up?"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean why aren't you at your `boyfriends' house?"
"Well, lets just say me and him are over."
"Sammy are you just trying to make me jealous?" I said jokingly.
"No, why? are you jealous?"
"Hell no Sam, I don't really see you in a relationship kind of way...don't get me wrong, you are hot and now that I'm definitely not a virgin anymore I would kill to get you to fuck me, but that's really it."
"oh..." Sam said, showing nothing but indifference, clearly not what I was expecting. "So, if you don't mind me asking, why have you saved Deans and my asses so many times?" He said, expecting an answer, and when he didn't get one he jumped to his own conclusion, "Oh..Dean." Now, is when small signs of grief showed on his face.
"Well," the words finally found me, "DEAN, and the fact that Ellen and Jo ask me too,.." I said, then adding "and it never hurts to see your hot ass," in hopes to lighten his mood.
"You are so DAMN confusing, Trey! And anyways, you are definitely barking up the wrong tree with Dean, he is just a womanizer, he will never fall for a guy."
"I am fully aware Sam, and frankly, I am capable of taking care of myself, and tomorrow we are leaving on a hunt, so frankly, I really don't want to start this off this new team with awkwardness, so I'm sorry that I offended you. Now can we get some sleep?"
Now, it was extremely unbearable to lay on Sam's chest anymore, so I turned around and gave him the cold shoulder.
I was asleep for about five minutes before I started to here the unmistakable sound of a cock being pounded, and I knew for sure that no one else was in the room with Sam and I so he was obviously jerking off, he must have thought I was asleep. All of a sudden, Sam stopped jerking off without a moan escaping his lips, there was no way he could have finished, his body was still and he was only pounding for about a minute. Sam's body weight shifted and he pressed his naked body against my body, his rock hard cock radiating heat through my shorts and my back heating up quickly from Sam's body heat. Sam wrapped an arm around me and an arm over me and pulled me tighter against him, resting his head in the crook of my neck.
"Are you awake?" he whispered, then kissing my neck gently.
"How can I not be? You are man handling me."
"Sorry, you just get me so... hot." He continued kissing up and down my neck, causing my own cock to start to rise.
"Sam seriously, we just talked about this."
"No, you said, and I quote `I don't really see you in a relationship kind of way...don't get me wrong, you are hot and now that I'm definitely not a virgin anymore I would kill to get you to fuck me' so, I was thinking...no relationship...we can just be fuck buddies." At this point, I needed to turn around and see just how serious Sam was being right now. When I turned around I was face to face with Sam's gorgeous face and a crooked smile reminiscent of Dean planted on his face.
"Are you serious?" I asked
"Deadly Serious" he said and moved into kiss me.

I pushed back against Sam's lips, fully taking in his cool breath while he pulled me closer against his lean body, his strong, muscular biceps not hesitating to show just how strong they are. this is something I can get used to, I thought as Sam's tongue darted into my mouth and he moved his hands behind my head. A small moan escaped my lips and Sam got even more aggressive with me, as if my moan was egging him on. Sam shifted me under him and continued his assault on me, grinding his cock further and further into my shorts. Sam slipped his hand under the waistband of my shorts and slipped them down while managing not to break our kiss. With my shorts around my ankles, Sam began to rub his hard cock against my hard meat stick. Now, with his cock pushing against my own I accurately got a mental picture of Sam's cock, it seemed to be somewhat bigger than Nicks already huge 9 inches but not as thick, but still definitely not thin. Sam moved his mouth onto my neck and he began to suck while adjusting his cock so that it was pushing against the my ball sac and occasionally hitting my hole. Sam was making my body feel so good and I was moaning without end.
"ready for my penis?" Sam whispered into my ear.
"Yes, oh yes!" I shouted excitedly.
"Keep it down" Sam added before sitting up and scooting up my body until he was straddling my pecs with his cock resting against my lips. I opened my mouth and took his shaft into my mouth, as his pre-cum stimulated my taste buds, tasting so sweet. Sam rested one hand behind my head and lifted my head off the pillow as he slowly started to grind his cock in and out of my mouth.
"You feel so good" Sam said as he swiped his hand across my forehead to move my sweat filled hair off of my forehead and then rested his arm on the pillow behind as he quickly leaned down, sliding further down my chest and therefore taking his cock out of my mouth. When his lips reached my mouth he gave me a quick peck on the lips and moved off of my chests, kneeling by head so that his cock was right by my cheek. I adjust my head so that I can easily wrap my lips around his engulfed, wet cock and he moved a hand over to my cock and began jerking me off. As Sam's cock began sliding deeper and deeper into my mouth in my unsuccessful attempt to take his whole cock into my mouth Sam began to push me further and further towards my climax with no indication that he was even close to coming. Finally, my senses took over and I ejected torrent after torrent of come into Sam's hand and Sam withdrew his cock from my mouth. He gave me a quick kiss on the mouth and laid back down next to me without getting himself off.
"That's it?" I asked
"For now"
As Sam began to drift into a deep sleep beside me, I was excited at the possibility of this happening again.

The next morning I awoke up with the smell of come permeated through the room and was alone in the bed that Sam made me squirm in. I took a shower to wash off the dry come, got ready, I made my way downstairs and saw the whole gang waiting for me; Sam, Dean, Bobby, Ellen and Jo.
"Sorry, no time for chit-chat Demon boy, we got a hunt that needs our attention A.S.A.P. You can talk to Ellen and Jo when we get back" Dean said. I looked over to Ellen and Jo and almost cried on the spot, it feels like so long ago that I gave up my life for them, I could tell that they were both on the verge of crying as well.
"You're bag is by the door, we got it out of the jeep this morning.." Ellen managed to get out, after a what seemed like a minute of the three of us just staring at each other she added "Go-on, the sooner you go the faster you will be back."
With that Sam, Dean and I headed toward the door, grabbing my bag on the way out. That's why I love hunting, it's the one other thing you can do without ever forgetting how, just like riding a bike.

End of Chapter 5

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