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The Surreal Uprising Chapter One
Author: J.J

     Have you ever felt that you wanted to be a part of something in your life? More so that you were meant to be a part of something special? Well thats what I felt like when I woke up from my slumber. It was a wierd feeling to experience on such a nice summer morning and it was really messing with my head. I actually couldn't really understand what I was thinking and I sat up on the corner of my bed just lost in the emptiness.
     Being sixteen didn't exactly help the way I was thinking at all. I had never once in my life had to seriously care about what I was thinking. Its only natural to be a young, care free kid and the maturity was starting to kick in quick throwing everything right out of whack. Don't get me wrong, I am a mature guy, but who really wants to be the thirty something sixteen year old. Last time I check it wasn't the best thing for a teenager. But above all that, the mental independence was a little overwhelming and I knew it was almost time for me to make all of my own decisions.     
     I shook off my nerves and made my way to the bathroom. Luckily for me I had one in my room so I can have some privacy and not get kicked out. When I stepped in the bathroom I stopped at the mirror and took a long hard look at myself. For once in my life I didn't look tired or dull at all. My nearly olive color tanned skin had a pleasant glow and my short blonde hair was getting more sun bleached since the beginning of summer. To me it was pure luck to actually look so energized and ready to go. So with that approval I turned on the shower and let it warm to the right tempature. I really needed to get refreshed and there is nothing better than a nice hot shower right in the moring, that is unless you enjoy cold showers.
     I took off my boxers and my muscle shirt and threw them into my laundry bin on the other side of the bathroom. When I stepped into the shower I let the water soothe my back and run all over my body. The hot water was such a nice bonus when I used my aroma therapy body wash and let the heat activated the wicked smells of vanilla and cinnamon. Even with all of these good sounding simple pleasures, I still wasn't 'washed' back into my normal self.     
     I turned off the shower and stepped out wrapping myself in my over sized green towel. I passed the mirror again and gave myself another double check and I still looked the same. I left the bathroom and made my way back into my bedroom to get dressed. When I was all dried off I decided to choose my outfit for the day. It consisted of blue low rise jeans, a white t-shirt and my baby blue and white plad hoodie to top it all off.
     When I was done getting dressed I went downstairs to go and get something to eat. After searching the fridge and cupboards I found my favourite breakfast meal. I made a bowl of mini-wheats and had a cup of coffee to give me that extra jump start for the day. While I was off in lala land (like everybody who daydreams in the morning) I realized I was home alone and that my mom must have been off at work.      Whenever she gets up that early and goes to work it means somethings up. It could either mean travelling or not leaving the office but all in all it really sucked to me.
     I was an only child and I only lived with my mother. My father left us when I was five for his alcoholic addictions and his new girlfriend I guess. It never really effected me because he was never home and I never really knew him as a dad. He was the biological father who would come home to sober up and sleep or either one and come sunrise he would already be long gone for work. It's unfortuneate but every family has a bad apple in my opinion.
     Anyways, since I now knew I was home alone and it was the summer I decided to give my best friend Chelsea a call. She is the best friend that anyone can ask for. She was always in the know of what was new and happening and she was also very popular in school and al around our neighborhood. She was a gorgeous, perfectly poportioned, brunette beauty. She always had guys chasing her around and alot of them backed off when I was with her, but little do they know that me and Chelsea are the most plutonic friends ever. I knew she was an early bird so thats why I decided to give her a call. It was still fairly early for any teenager but I knew she wouldn't mind. I grabbed the cordless phone off the counter and before I could even dial the first digit it began to ring and sure enough it was her.

"Hey" I answered
"Hey J. how it going?" she asked
"Oh not too bad, I was actually just about to call you but you beat me to it" I said
"Thats wierd, but anyways what are you doing today?" she asked
"Yeah that is wierd, thats what I was going to ask you. Uhm not too much I can think of" I said
"Good, get dressed and make sure you look good" she said
"Already done" I said
"Okay well I have plans for yo....I and its kind of a suprise so meet me downtown in exactly an hour and a half." she said
"Uhm alright thats cool with me, but uhm were exactly am I supposed to meet you downtown?" I asked
"The Eaton's center, and make sure you meet me at the Queen street subway entrance" she said
`'Okay not a problem, but uhm why can't we go together?" I asked
"Because I am already down here" she said
"Oh, okay. Well I am going to get going so I can beat the morning rush hour" I said
"Great see you soon" she said and hung up.
     I wondered what kind of suprise she had in store for me. I personally thought she was just a little stranger today but I didn't really care because that was part of her charm. If she was pulling something on me I don't think she would have been able to cover it up that good let alone talk without letting any hints slip. But all in all I was excited because a suprise is awesome as long as its a good one. I was willing to do anything really just to snap me back to normal. I quickly booked it up to my room and put on my new Calven Klien cologne and grabbed my wallet so I was good to go.
     I ran back downstairs and made sure everything was turned off. When I was down doing my quick check around the house I locked up the house and ran down the street and caught the bus just in time. Getting downtown Toronto during rush hours was no easy task for anyone, especially when you are running on a certain time limit. I could have easily taken the street car and not have to transfer vehicles but there are certain areas that I wasn't really willing to travel through. Parkdale is like one of the worst neigbhorhoods to go through. There are alot of drug dealers and users, but mostly wanna be gansters who think they run the world. I didn't want to get robbed or anything so thats why I decided to take the subway.
     So anyways, after a long bus ride I finally arrived at the subway station. I knew I had exactly eighteen stops to pass through before I could make it downtown. It wasn't going to take long at all but stopping every two blocks does get annoying. I was just glad that traffic didn't inerfere with the subway because it would have been a headache....So I got on the train and we began the trip to the Eaton Center. It was only about fifteen minutes and I was at the shopping center. When I checked my cell phone I realised I was early so I decided to go and look for Chelsea because she wasn't were she was supposed to meet me. The first place I even thought of looking was the shoe store because when that girl shops she always stops at a shoe store. I was guaranteed to find her in one of them since she couldn't refuse to shop or browse.......girls......need I say more?
     Before I decided to go on my hunt for Chelsea I stopped at a Yogen Fruz in the food market and picked up a frozen yogurt then I walked over to the escalator and went to the main street level of the mall. I didn't even have to go far because I spotted her in the first store I seen on that level. I walked into the store and followed her around for a minute. She was in some sort of utter bliss with some wierd looking shoe and she totally didn't notice me. I made my presence known though when I walked over and tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned around she didn't seem suprised at all but more so like she was caught for doing something guilty.

"You found me" she said
"Well it was a given. You to shoes is like the bun to a big mac, so in other words....complete" I said chuckling
"Ha ha very funny. Oh is that frozen yogurt? Let me try some" she said
"Yeah its good, I got raspberry, its the bomb" I said as she took a couple of spoons of my treat. "So whats the suprise?" I asked
"Well you will just have to wait and see. Besides I am shopping so it will have to wait" she said smirking
"Oh God that could take hours" I said laughing
"Shut up. At least I am not as bad as you and you fascination with cologne" she said
"True, and speaking of which what do you think of this one?" I asked
"It smells good. What is it?" she asked sniffing my hoodie.
"Its that Calven Klien in to you stuff" I said
"Wicked I am going to go and pick up a womens bottle later." she said
"Totally go for it. Actually they are on sale right now at Sears" I said
"Yeah we can go over there in a minute" she said as we both went throughout the store checking out shoes.



     Hanging out in his hotel suite, Justin had alot on his mind. He was scheduled to perform at the Air Canada Center in Toronto for two nights in august and he wanted to really spruce up his show and do something different. He tried the grammy performance with an un-signed musical artist and it wasn't really all that great and the worst part was that it was only open to Americans. He loved Canada and always visited when he had some free time and he felt that he wanted a Canadian to sing at his show to ruin the previous rumor of him not liking Canadians. He walked over to the dresser and picked up his cell phone to call his show manager and discuss the whole idea.

"Hey Justin, whats up man?" his manager answered.
"Hey man not too much just got something on my mind" he said
"Oh really well tell me the details man"
"Well I have an idea to spruce up the show at the A.C.C" he said
"What exactly do you have in mind? Because you know alot of your ideas are sheer genuis and I bet this one will be too"
"Well I want to have another performer open up the show before Alicia and possibly do a duet of some sort for the closing" he said
"Like the grammy contest?"
"Oh heck no. I mean I want to find someone totally unknown and suprise the public. But theres a catch. I am up in Toronto right now and I want to find someone here to do it" he said
"Dude that is a good idea. It would spark a media frenzy and you would get some wicked publicity"
"I know and to tell you the truth I know the perfect place to look already. I was reading the paper this morning and I seen that the Hard rock cafe downtown is holding an in house singing competition for people who want to get signed or get noticed. It says that there is going to be talent scouts and some media there" he said
"Well it all sounds good to me. I can fit an extra performer in and it would give the audience more of a bang for their buck. So are you going to be doing this search in person?"
"Oh God no. I am going to send Mark as a talent scout and he is going to report to me on if he finds anything. I would go but the paparazzi are nuts up here and I don't need the headache." he said
"Well it will all work out perfectly. I am going to book this performer as soon as I get off the phone. So when you find somebody just give me a call to make sure its one hundred percent good to go"
"Will do. Okay well I am going to talk to Mark and get him ready to go because this talent show starts right away" he said
"Okay talk to you later"
"Yup bye" he said and hung up.

     When Justin hung up the phone he quickly became really excited with the whole idea. The buzz would definately score him some points and it would end alot of rumors. Just as he was going to go and get his personal assistant Mark he came up with another idea. He was opening his own record label right away so why not sign who ever he finds to get off to a good start. It was a great idea. There had to be someone out there with enough talent to hit the top of the charts.
     He left his suite and went down the hallway to Mark's suite to fill him in on the whole idea and what was going down. He knocked on the door and Mark answered.

"Hey Justin, what can I do for you?" Mark answered
"Hey and yeah I need you to do something for me" he said
"Well its my job. So what do you want me to do?"
"I need you to go down to the hard rock cafe. Its on Younge street next to a big shopping center. There is a talent show today and I need you to be a scout for me" he said
"Oh big plans?"
"Yeah I need to find somebody to perform at my show and to sign to my label" he said
"Sweet okay I will do. When I find somebody I will call you" Mark said leaving his room
"Okay talk to you in a bit" he said.

     Mark left to the elevator's and made his way to the hard rock cafe.


"The hard rock cafe?" I asked
"Oh yeah, drinks are on me" Chelsea said
"Uhm okay so it will be a choice of pepsi or coke right?" I asked jokingly
"Oh shut up it will be fun, it looks like something is going down today" she said
"Okay whatever you say. I trust you" I said

     She grabbed my hand and we quickly crossed the street before the traffic came after the next stop light. The hard rock cafe looked pretty cool and I was actually pleased with Chelsea's idea to just get out and have some fun that didn't require much shopping. When we got to the front area there was a huge line up from the doors to the side of the building. I seen some of the people in line and they looked as nervous as hell and then there was a few people doing practice vocals. I personally thought they were a bit nuts because they didn't sound very good and it was just plain wierd to see something like that.      
     We got to the front door in front of the whole line and went up to a bouncer who had a clip board in his hands. It must have been something really cool going down and I didn't really think too much of it because I just wanted to go and sit down. He asked us for our reservation name, which I found odd because I didn't think we needed a reservation to go in and sit down. The wierdest part was that Chelsea gave the guy my last name and he let us in with a big smile on his face. When we got inside it was insanely packed and there were people everywhere. Chelsea grabbed my hand and walked me near the front and we took a seat at a table that had my last name on it. It obviously was reserved and that just made me beging to wonder on what was going down and just how exciting it must all be.

"Well this is definately cool" I said
"Yeah it's awesome I just didn't have any idea it was going to be this packed" she said loudly over the crowd
"I wonder whats going on" I said
"Well its sodas and a show" she laughed
"Sounds good to me but how and why did you get reservations under my name?" I asked curiously
"Just spur of the moment" she said smirking

     As soon as I seen that smirk I knew something was up. A red flag popped up because nothing was fitting together and she did a bad job of covering up whatever she was hiding. I looked around the room and took in the setting. The 'suprise' dawned on me really quickly and there was hell to pay. The people practicing their vocals in line, the reservations, the stage, and now that smirk on Chelsea's face. I knew she had set me up but I remained calm rather than freaking out in a crowded public space.

"I can't believe you set me up to sing something, and don't even dare deny it because you gave me the smirk and I caught you" I said angrily.
"What? Oh come on J. You know you have to sing and it could be your big break" she said
"Yeah right Chelsea. People don't just get their big break thier first time" I said quickly
"Well for starters some people do. But for your information I know a girl who works here and she told me that there are going to be some talent scouts in the place and a couple media cameras but nothing too big so don't worry about it" she said
     I just sat thier quietly staring her down but I could never do a good job of that because she would always crack first and smile and then I I would follow suite. She looked at me and she gave the smile but I actually managed to hold mine in this time.

"Come on. You know damn right you can sing. Why whenever someone tries to help you with a good future you turn it down. This isn't some little school talent show that your mom use to put you in. You are sixteen for crying out loud and you have the most amazing voice in the world and you are wasting it by being a chicken" she said
     That was it. That was all it took to get me to do it. I am no chicken and besides it was only singing so its not like the end of the world or anything.

"Well......" I sighed "I am not going to be an ass and back out from what you put so much hard work into. I mean just next time give me some warning because if all you wanted for me to do was get up, sing, and have fun then I probably would have agreed" I said
"I did give you warning you just never took any of the hints that I was throwing at you let alone any of the signs." she said
"Are they aware of the fact that I am sixteen or if I can even sing?" I asked
"Relax, I have connections. The entry age is sixteen and I kind of used..." I cut her off
"That recording you got of me on you iPod?"
"Yep" she simply said
"Oh my God Chelsea.....I can kill you sometimes you know that? Do I at least even get to pick my song?" I asked frustrated
"Nope its already set up and I know it will go over good. You've been working on it, or at least I heard you" she said with that evil smirk.
"Oh my God you suck so bad right now" I said with mixed feelings but trying to sound angry.
"Oh yeah that one" she said

     I was a little pissed off to say the least but I sat there silently just wanting to get the whole thing over with. If I had the choice on going on stage next then I would have because waiting for your turn in any kind of line really isn't the best thing in the world. I looked over at Chelsea and she was absolutely loving the whole ordeal so I snorted in frustration. I looked aroun the room and sure enough there were friggin posters for the event that I was too blind to see and I also seen the line of musicians off the side of the stage and I knew it was going to be ruff.

     From bands to solos they were either half decent or they sucked pretty bad. The majority of the people were singing thier own songs an they weren't very well thought out so it killed the mood for alot of the audience. It was pretty funny though when this one girl got booed off stage because she sounded like a sea gull getting choked. I got a good laugh out of that and then a waitress came over to our table and and took our order for some drinks.

     When she came back there was a virgin strawberry daquiri for Chelsea and a bottle of water for me. I knew I should have stuck with water because any kind of juice with acid in it would kill my voice up on stage and I really didn't want that to happen. I only got to take a couple of sips if my water because the stage manager came over and asked me to wait off on the side of the stage because my turn was coming shortly. When I was in line there was only one person ahead of me and I also noticed that I was the last person in line to sing. I shook off my nerves and played he song I was singing over in my head to make sure I had everything down packed.

     After a minute of going over the mental ques my pocket started vibrating from a text message on my cellphone.. I pulled out my phone and it was a text message from Chelsea and it said to "knock the bitches out"....That really calmed me down and I didn't feel so nervous so I looked over to her and I waved to her at the table.


     Justin got out of the shower and called Mark to find out if there was anything good yet. He was hoping there would be something but since Mark didn't phone he was a little worried that the whole idea wouldn't work out at all. Finally after about four rings Mark answered his phone.

"Hello?" Mark answered
"Hey its Justin. Did you find anything yet?"he asked
"Well there have been quite a few people but not one of them was good enough"
"Okay call me back when you find something" he said
"Will do okay bye'' Mark said and hung up.

     The plan wasn't turning out to be so great after all. He got up and went into his room and got dressed so he could meet his show manager to discuss some details on any kind of back up plan just incase all was to fail. He left the hotel room and went down to the parking lot.
     He walked up to his Yukon Denali and got in. When he had his hat and sunglasses on he was ready to go. He didn't even get far before his cell phone rang. Driving downtown and talking was no easy task so he put his phone on handsfree through his speakers and took the call.

"Justin" he answered.
"Hey Justin its Mark"
"Oh hey buddy whats up? Any good news?" he asked excitedly
"No actually there is one performer left and its a kid I think so I am going to head out as soon as he is done"
"Shit that sucks. So none of them even were close to being par?" he asked
"Not even close I mean the best one so far was a band and they gave me a headache and thier timing was way off"
"Geesh you sound like a professional Mark" he said
"Yeah I know I have to have the knowledge you know or else I wouldn't be great at my job"
"Your job has nothing to do with being professional in the music industry" he said laughing
"Yeah I know but it makes me better.....oh the kid is coming on do you want to listen for yourself?"
"Sure why not.....Just let me pull over here and park" Justin said

     He pulled his vehicle over in an empty parking lot and turned the volume up on his speakers so he could get a good detailed listen. He heard some guys voice come over giving the kid a warm welcome and some applause and then everyone was shushed so the kid could start.
     There was a piano that came on and it sounded vaguely familiar but Justin couldn't put his finger on it at the moment and then he heard the music cut out. It was then that he thought the chances of getting anywhere with his idea went dead. He listened to the guy come back on and say that they were having some difficulties with the music but the kid cut him off to say something...




"It's okay I can do the song without the music" I said confidently into the mic
"Are you sure?" the stage manager asked
"Oh yeah piece of cake and the show must go on" I said
"Okay folks here is the young brave J.J singing acapella........give it up" he said
     The crowd was applauding loudly and the stage manager went off to give me my space to perform. It was now or never and I may as well have given it my all just to get it over with. The lights went dim and the lighting above me was fairly poor so it wasn't like people could really see my face that well anyway. I walked up to center stage and the applause stopped. I quietly cleared my throat and took in a deep nervous breath and the rest of it came naturally

"Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face.........
You told me how proud you were......but I walked away
If only I knew.......what I know today

ooo ooo oh ooo

I would hold you in my arms.......
I would take the pain away
Thank you for all you've done
Forgive all your mistakes
There's nothing I wouldn't do.....
To hear your voice again
Sometimes I want to call you.......but I know you won't be there

(Whoa oh ooo)I'm sorry for....blaming you....for everything....I just couldn't do......
And I've hurt myself hurting you

Some days I feel broke inside but I won't admit
Sometimes I just want to hide 'cause it's you I miss
You know it's so hard to say goodbye when it comes to this

(ooo yeah yeah yeah)

Would you tell me I was wrong?.......
Would you help me understand?........
Are you looking down upon me?..........
Are you proud of who I am?
There's nothing I wouldn't do.......
To have just one more chance.........
To look into your eyes.......and see you looking back

(Whoa oh ooo)I'm sorry for.....blaming you......for everything.....I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself.............oh oh ooo oh oh
If I had just one more day, I would tell you how much that
I've missed you since you've been away

Oh, it's dangerous
It's so out of try to turn back...........time

I'm sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself

By hurting you"

     When I finished I slowly lowered the mic and closed my eyes for a second and then I walked off stage. It was totally dead silent for a couple of seconds and then I heard the first clap. I looked around the curtain and seen it was Chelsea who was out of her seat and slowly clapping like they do in those retarded scenes in movies. I turned back away from the curtain and to my suprise it was like thunder when the whole audience applauded like I have never heard before and they were roaring.
     I walked around the curtains and there were even more roars and cheers. I was incredibly over whelmed and embarrassed at the same time. I went back to my table quickly and sat down next to Chelsea who's jaw was nearly hanging off because it was dropped so low and she was seriously freaking out.

"I knew you could sing J. but not like that.....Holy shit that was.......amazing give me a hug" she said
"It was nothing" I said with a smirk and gave her a hug. "You told me to knock the bitches out and nobody calls me a chicken"     
     Suddenly the clapping stopped when the stage manager came back on with an unreadable face. He hushed others down and asked for everyone to take thier seats.

"Thank you everyone and no that was not lip singing. Okay no-w if you in the audience would be so kind to check your favourite performer on your score cards then we can count the votes and decide on a winner. When you are finished you can hand the to your waitress or anyone at the bar area.....Thank you"



"Did you hear that?" Mark asked

     Justin sat there in disbelief. He couldn't believe what he just heard over his speakers. He was a celebrity superstar singer and this kid could sing way better then him and even did the version of hurt better than the original. He knew right away he found who he was looking for and he knew he had to get to the kid before anyone else could.

"Justin!!" Mark yelled back into the phone
"Hey sorry.....Get me that kid and I don't car what you have to do" He said and hung up his cell phone.




     After a few minutes of waiting the manager came back up on stage and hushed everyone quiet and back to thier seats.

"So folks the votes are in and there is a definate shocker" he said
     I sat there nervous as hell. While people were voting Chelsea told me that there were a few prizes t to be won. A shopping spree gift card to the Eaton Center and front row seats to the Justin Timberlake concert and V.I.P backstage passes.
     I looked over at Chelsea who looked more nervous than me. She obviously wanted to go to the Justin Timberlake concert really badly and maybe get me to buy her some stuff with a shopping spree. It made me laugh inside just knowing how selfish some of your true friends really are. I also thought about how cool it would be to get front row seats to Justin Timberlake's concert let alone meethim backstage. I had a feeling it was going to be a good day after all and then the manager spoke up.

"For the first time, by completely unanomous vote for such a large crowd..............................................................the acapella singer the sixteen year old J.J" he yelled into the mic.

     When I heard him call my name I thought my heart stopped and or I shit my pants, either way I was so shocked. Chelsea immediately jumped up out of her seat screaming like she won the lottery. I sat there and stared at the table in shock. The crowd started roaring though and that snapped me out of it and I had to go up on stage to accept my prize.
     I got up on stage and people were just going nuts. I looked over at the manager who seemed to have been getting quite the headache from the screaming. I walked over and shook his hand and he put the mic back up to his face and began to hush everyone back down to normalbut it didn't work all that well...

"So you win V.I.P backstage passes to the Justin Timberlake concert and front row seats. Also included in tha package is a pass to the after party exclusive yacht on Lake Ontario and lets not forget about a two thousand dollar reloadable gift card to the Eaton Center. So how are you feeling right now?" he asked
"Pretty darn good. I want to thank you and everyone here for everything and my friend Chelsea for making me do this" I said
"Oh no problem, don't forget you tickets for the Justin Timberlake concert" he said handing me the actual tickets.
"That is so awesome, thanks again everyone" I said and the crowd went nuts.
"Well best of luck to you in the music industry if you pursue it and as for that, well thats all folks" he said putting the mic back on its stand.

     I shook his hand again and walked back off of the stage. The crowd would just not stop roaring and it was beginning to get irritating. I wanted to get out of there really back so I grabbed Chelsea and we stealthly snuck out past everyone. When we made it to safety across the street in the mall it was just non stop chatter from Chelsea and she couldn't control herself.

"Oh my god!!!!!" she screamed
"I know that was crazy huh? a unanomous vote? like that means every person that voted voted for me" I said in shock still
"I know lets get out of here before some angry band guys come and kick our asses" she said leading me into the lower level of the mall.
     When I got downstairs all I could stare at was the Justin Timberlake tickets in my hand and I was soooooo happy. I couldn't believe that it all happened to me and I was definately not pissed with Chelsea anymore. She looked over at me and smiled.

"What?" I asked her
"I just didn't know you could sing like that" she said
"Neither did I to be honest. For some reason I do better in a crowd but Jesus when the music cut out I just about died but for some reason I still went with it" I said all in one breath
"A true performer" she said

     Just before I got a word out of my mouth I heard someone yelling my name. Chelsea and I both looked but in a packed mall we did have much luck finding the person.

"Fans already" I said jokingly
"Paparazzi I bet, lets go" she said to go along with my joke.

     We both turned around and started to walk down the mall. Not even ten steps away we heard the person call my name again but this time it sounded frantic. This time when I looked I seen a guy that must have been in his early twenty's. He had a bag and a note pad. I thought it was some sort of talent scout or something so I decided to be nice and just talk to see what he wanted.

"Catch your breath and how can I help you" I said to him
"Oh thank goodness I caught you" He said panting
"Okay what can I help you with?" I asked
"Well actually my boss sent me as a talent scout and when I heard your preformance I knew we found the performer we needed" he said
"Well I am flattered, and what do you need a performer for?" I asked
"Well we have a show in here in august at the Air Canada Center and we would like for you to open the show" he said
"Who's we?" Chelsea asked a little rudely
"My boss and the other person thats opening the show" he said
"Thats a really kind offer but I am going to have to refuse, this was a one time deal" I said
"I can guarantee you wont say no" he said
"Oh and why would that be?" Chelsea asked rudely again
"Because Mr. Timberlake insists that you perform" he said
"Okay whoa hold on a second. Mr Timberlake as in Justin Timberlake?" I asked chuckling
"Yeah right" Chelsea said
"No really I am his personal assistant, he heard your performance over my cell phone and...." he was cut off
"You know that is very hard to believe and unlikely so I am still going to have to say no" I said
"Well if you change your mind" he handed me a card "Call this number, besides he will probably come looking for you" he said
     I sat there for a minute and contemplated on what to do. I wasn't sure if it was true or not but I took the card anyways.
"You have talent and you shouldn't waste it" he said and walked away


     Justin had finished setting everything up with his tour manager and began to drive back to his hotel suite. He was only a couple of blocks away when his cellphone began ringing. . He looked at the caller i.d and it was Mark.

"Hey buddy give me the good news'' he said cheerfully answering his phone
"Well there is a problem" Mark said
"Oh don't tell me you lost him" he said
"No I caught him its just he refused and once I mentioned your name he didn't believe me"
"Okay playing hard to get I see, I like a challenge. Where are you now?" he asked
"I am at the Eaton Center on the Younge street entrance"
"Okay I will come and pick you up, be there in ten" he said
"Alright see you soon" Mark said and hung up

     Justin made a quick turn and programmed his navigation system to direct him to the Eaton Center. He had a feeling the current situation was going to happen. All he had to do was let the word out and he would find the kid.
     No matter what he wasn't going to give up. He wanted to meet the person that sent chills down his spine from the voice. He needed some fresh new talent for his upcoming record label and for his show. It wasn't selfish he just didn't want talent to be wasted.
     He was getting close to the mall and he had thoughts of just going in the mall and finding the kid but he knew if he couldn't. He was on his break and he didn't want paparazzi to ruin his plans.



     I walked Chelsea down to the subway station because she said she had to get going home. I gave her a quick hug and went back into the mall to do some shopping. I reached in my pocket and and the first thing I pulled out was the card that that guy gave to me.
     I really debated on whether or not if I should call the number and I decided not to. I put the card back in my pocket and went back back up to the level were the guy stopped me but he wasn't there. I walked up to the front entrance closest to where I was and I seen him standing just on the outside of the doors talking on his cell phone.
     I kept a low profile and watched him to see what he was doing. He just stood there but a minute later he ran across the street and jumped into this white Yukon Denali with really tinted windows that pulled up. I walked outside and watched as the S.U.V drove away
     I was kind of confused but at the same time that guy could have been a creep. I headed back into the mall and made my way to a couple of stores and did some shopping. I grabbed a few pairs of jeans and some more cologne to add to my collection. I didn't really care about how much cologne I had, I just never wanted to not smell good. I was on my way back to the food court area when I stopped at the gap and picked up some nice summer t-shirts and jeans for my mom and I put the gift card back in my pocket. I didn't wantto spend it all in one day and I would have liked to use it again later before I ahd ot reload it.
     When I finally made it to the food court I ordered a big mac from Mcdonalds and sat down to eat. The thoughts of the hard rock cafe kept popping into my head and I just couldn't shake them out.
     As much as I was happy I was also confused. When Chelsea said it could have been my big break I really didn't think anything of it. I was young and I didn't really know if fame was something that I wanted. There is always drama in a celebrity's life and the gossip always got out of hand.
     Then the guy from earlier popped into my head. I began to have second thoughts on if he was for real or not. It was all so confusing and I really didn't want to think of throwing a chance of a lifetime out the window. But unfortuneatly for me I was snapped out of my chain of thoughts as I sat there finishing my Mcdonalds when the television had something interesting to report in the food court.

"Welcome back to city news at noon. We have some breaking news from earlier this morning. It seems the whole cityof Toronto is on a hunt for a mysterious teenager with a big voice. Our reported Gina has more for you from the Hard Rock Cafe ........Gina"
"Thanks Kevin, I am here at the Hard Rock Cafe on Younge Street next to Dundas Square were a scheduled event had an unlikely outcome unfold just recently..
     This morning there was an in house singing competition that has unleashed a new talent among the music industry. There was a sixteen year old boy that belted out a tune that everyone is talking about. His name is J.J and everyone seems to be on the look out for him. We have a recording of the song he sang earlier and it is just too goodto not go public."

     I just about shit my pants when I heard all of this. I had no idea that this wa soccuring and then they played the recording of the song I sang. I put my head down low and listened to the rest of the broadcast.

"The young new sensation won V.I.P passes to the Justin Timberlake Concert and a shopping spree to the Eaton's Center. He left before any of the media madness went down and nobody knows where he is now but we all hope to hear from him soon. This is Gina Thompson reporting for city news back to you Kevin."

I grabbed my bags and quickly left the mall to get home. I went outside and flagged down a taxi to escape whatever was to come.



     Justin sat on his couch and did not like what he was hearing at all. The media had found out about the kid before he could even talk to him. This was both good and bad. If the kid didn't want to take the offer and perform then it would be bad., but if Justin was successfull that meant his show would rock and he would have a great artist for his new label.
     He didn't know what to do to get a hold of the kid but he had to find a way somehow. Mark knew what he looked like so that was a startand he knew his name was J.J or at least thats what people called him so there was another bonus.
     All he really had to do was wait to hear something and he really did have the patience to do that.

"Mark do you thing we can find this kid somehow?" he asked
"I don't see why not, why what do you have in mind?"
"I don't know really, I guess we could just wait" he said
"Well he has the number and we can see him at your concert anyways"
"Yeah thats true" he said
"Well hopefully he calls before that"
"I hope so, I really hope so" he said



     The ride in the taxi was quiet. I was thinking of a million things at once again and it was really starting to give me a headache. The taxi driver turned on the radio and made it to the express way that goes towards my house.


"This is Madd dog and Billie on Toronto's number one hit music station before the break we had Christina Aguleria with Hurt.
<Speaking of that Billie what do you think of this J.J character?>
<Well come on what more is there to say? The whole city is after this kid and he is an amazing singer and I've heard of fifteen minutes of fame but never fame in fifteen minutes. And wow who really wins every vote in a competition?>
<I know and hes got guts to sing without music in front of such a big audience>
<Well yeah, to think it all happened within an hour and he has the whole city buzzed. We've had callers asking if we could play the recording of him over and over, and to think nobody knows where he is>
<Well I think he should turn himself in and put an album out, nevermind that, all we want is to see his face>
<J.J if you are out there then please give us a call>

((Radio off))

     The taxi driver turned off the radio and he looked in the rearview mirror at me and then back at the road.

"This J.J character sure is making a buzz" he said
"Yeah I know" I said and sighed
"I heard the recording and I got to say it was amazing" he said
"Thats what everyone seems to think" I said and sighed again
"You know I think he should go public and at least tell everyone he isn't interested" he said
"Who said he isn't interested?" I asked
"Well its obvious by the look on your face" he said looking at me in the mirror again
"What do you mean?" I asked nervously
"I saw you leaving the Hard Rock Cafe and you were the only kid other than your friend that came out of there. Don't worry your secrets safe with me" he said
"Thanks but I don't know what to do" I said
"Well just go home and think about it" he laughed "When I saw you come out of the mall I drove up because I figured you needed to get out of there" he said
"Well thanks I really appreciate it, oh some guy came up to me and said he was a talent scout for Justin Timberlake....I mean can you believe that'' I laughed
"Are you serious? well you know his show is in August so he could be here setting things up, as a matter of fact he will most likely be here because there is alot of work setting up a concert" he said
"A month ahead of schedule? Thats a bit early" I said
"Don't be suprised, just never turn down a good opprotunity" he said

     It was quiet after that. He pulled up to my house and I paid the fare and went inside. I walked in to the kitchen a grabbed a pepsi out of the fridge then went upstairs and dropped the bags on my bed and collapsed right next to them. After a short while of just laying there I got up and checked m phone for any messages and sure enough there was alot.

"Hey J.J its mom, call me when you get this"
<message erased>
"Oh my god, Oh my God call me" Chelsea said frantically
<message erased>
"J.J its mom again, Chelsea called me and wow, you are on the news"
<message erased>

     I deleted the rest of the messages since they were all from my mom asking me to call her. It wasn't very often I could call her because she is always busy. She is a lawyer for some big firm and she is always on somebody's case or in the courtroom, but since she gave me the okay I called her.

"Johnson and Carter this is Susan speaking" she answered
"Hey mom its me" I said nervously into the phone
"Hello son, how are you doing?" she asked calmly
"I'm okay, I take it you know already?" I asked
"Why wouldn't I? Everybody knows. I just want you to know that I am very proud of you" she said calmly
"Thanks mom" was all I could manage to say
"I have to get going though, recess for court is over and I am on my way back in, just do me one favor would you?" she asked
"Whats that mom?"
"Make a name for yourself. Don't be afraid to get noticed" she said
"Okay" was all I could say
"Alright I love you and I will see you at supper'' she said
"Love you too, bye mom" I said and hung up.

     The conversation with my mom was enough to convince me. She was a tabloid junkie and I knew if fame was ever an option for me that she would have my back. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the card that the guy gave me earlier.
I looked at it for quite some time and just decided to dial the number.'What the hell' I thought as the ringing started.

"Hello?" a guy answered
"Okay you win, what do you want from me?"
"Who is this?" he asked
"I met you earlier at the mall, you gave me a card"
"Oh right is this J.J?" he asked
"Yeah, I thought I would give you a call"
"Right, thats good, you are quite the unknown celebrity that is really hard to find" he said
"Yeah I noticed" I said "So what was that offer you made?"
"Okay, uhm if you aren't busy I was wondering if there was a way we could arrange a meeting" he said
"It goes against my better instincts but I don't have a problem with that"
"Okay I am not some petafile or creep so you don't have to worry about that, besides my boss is the one who wants to meet you" he said
"Okay well give me the time and place"
"Alright say an hour at Union station" he said
"Okay I will see you in an hour" I said and hung up

     I wasn't ure if this was the best idea but I knew my mom worked around the corner so I had a safe place to run to if things got bad.


"This is very good" Mark said as he walked into the main room in Justoin's suite
"Whats very good?" Justin asked
"J.J just called me and he is going to be here in an hour" he said
"Thats great news" Justin said excitedly
"Yeah I am going to meet him at Union station across the street and bring him over here" he said
"Good I finally get to meet the face behind the voice and hopefully he wont refuse to perform"
"Well I think when he sees you he wont refuse" he said
"Lets hope so" Justin said sitting back down on the couch

     Mark left shortly after that back to his room and Justin sat there thinking of ways to convince the kid to agree to the offer. He knew if it was all going to work he had a potentially huge star for his label. It made him feel good knowing he could make someones life so surreal. He quickly picked up his phone and called Timbaland to get a single written for the kid to record.

"Hey man hows it going?" Tim answered
"Good man, listen I need a huge favour" he said
"You need a favor? Okay what is it?" he asked laughing
"Well believe it or not I found a kid to sign to my label"
"Yeah right a kid?" he asked
"Yeah, and hes sixteen, but I need a single for him to record"
"Okay what kind of genre are we looking at?" he asked
"Hip hop of course. I need a sick beat and some lyrics"
"Anything for you man, hey is this kid a rapper or a singer?" he asked
"Singer and I need something with some big vocal parts"
"Alright man give me say, and hour, and I will have something hot to sample'' he said
"Good thanks alot man"
"No problem man, if you say the kid is good then you are right, talk to you in an hour" he said
"Okay I will talk to you later" Justin said and hung up

     He was becoming more and more eager and he almost couldn't contain himself. To him it was like winning the lottery. He quickly went online to check his emails and later grabbed a pepsi out of the fridge. There werent any emails of importance but he opened one from his friend Wade. There was going to be a party in New York next week and Jay-Z was hosting it. He thought it would be a great idea to break J.J into the celebrity life a little bit and it would be a good opporotunity for him to meet new people and possibly open some doors for him.
     That was of course with his parents permission and his own consent considering he agreed to become a recording artist. Justin was thinking way to far ahead of himself and he was beginning to get nervous if nothing was to work out.


     I was as nervous as hell when I got to Union station. The whole thing could have been a very bad idea or it could have been good. I waked up to the main level from the subway terminal and waited by the front doors on a bench that wasn't too much out in the open. I sat up a minute later and walked out the front door because I was a little bit early and I wanted to see if the Mark was out there.
     Ten minutes went by and I seen Mark come out from the hotel across the street. grabbed my cellphone out of my pocket and dialed his number.

"Hello?'' he answered
"Hey its J.J I am across the street" I said
"Okay good do you have a pair of sunglasses?" he asked
"Yeah why?"
"Put them on and your hood and come across to the entrance" he said
"Okay but thats odd"
"Yeah I know but I see a paparazzi guy in his car by the entrance here, better safe then sorry "he said
"Alright I am coming over" I said and hung up.

     I checked for a gap in traffic and made my way across the street. I looked to my right and sure enought there was a guy in a car with a camera sitting on his dashboard. He looked at me briefly and continued back to his newspaper.
     When I turned around Mark was inside of the building waiting for me. I walked in and took off my hood and suglasses and went over to shake his hand.
"Hi Mark" I said
"Hey, I am glad you came okay, well lets go upstairs" he said

     I knew I was taking a major risk but I had a gut feeling that everything was going to be okay. We walked from the lobby over to the elevators and got in one. Mrk pushed a button or the top floor. The ride was quiet until he looked over at me and smiled.

"We had a hard time waiting for you to call, let alone finding you" he said
"Well I wanted to get home and escape the madness"
"Understandable, okay so you need to remember no screaming like a crazy fan, and just be yourself" he said
"I planned on doing that. I mean he is just a normal person"
"Oh he is going to like your attitude" he said "Do you like his music?" He asked and there was a pause
"Uhm its okay" I said
"Oh don't say that to him, way to kill someones ego" he laughed.
"Okay well if you are telling the truth and the Justin Timberlake is in that room than I guarantee everything will be fine"

*ding* we made it to the top floor and walked down the hallway to this double door room. Mark swiped the card and opened the door for me. "Good luck'' he said and closed the door behind me.

     I walked in a little and was kind of in shock by the room. 'Talk about luxury I thought to myself. I went to walk back over to the door when I heard a noise around the corner.

"Is that you Mark?" the voice asked
"Uhm no this is J.J" I answered
"Oh okay just give me one second" he said
"Okay" I answered

     I stood there for a minute and he started to talk again.
"I am so glad you called and showed" he stopped when he walked around the corner. It was him and Mark was telling the truth. Justin Timberlake was really there standing in the room with me. "up" he finished his sentence.
     He stood there for a second and stared at me. It kind of made me nervous so I reached my hand out.

"Its nice to meet you" I said with my hand extended and waiting for him to shake it.
" be.....uhm meet you too" he said

     I stood there for a secondand I cleared my throat. As soon as I did that he reached his hand out. When I touched his hand to shake it I felt like I got this shock and it kept surging through me. I looked at him and he looked to be affected in the same way



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