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The Surreal Uprising Chapter Two
Author: J.J

"So" I said breaking the silence
"Oh sorry come in and have a seat" he said

     I walked in and sat on a couch and he sat in the one across from me.

"Okay so I assume Mark told about and offer?" he asked
"Yeah he told me something about performing for a show "
"Yeah well its funny actually because I was reading the paper and seen the add for the competition at the Hard Rock cafe so I sent Mark as a talent scout and well here you are" he said
"I know its really wierd how this all worked out''
"Yeah I know, but I take it you seen the add and tried out?" he asked
I laughed "No actually my friend played a trick on me and set me up for the whole thing"
"Oh so really spur of the moment huh?" he asked
"Yup, I didn't want to make my friend look bad so I went along with it and sure enough I won"
"Yeah and from what I hear you stole every vote?" he asked
"It was wierd but I am guessing they liked me"
"Are you kidding? They liked so much that the whole city is looking for you and they didn't didn't even get a clear picture" he said
"I know, I guess I am lucky they didn't. But anyways how did you hear me singing?" I asked
"Funny story. I was on the phone with Mark and he asked if I wanted to listen to you so I put on the handsfree mode through my car stereo" he said

     We sat there for a second in that wierd awkward silence and he kept smiling at me and it was kind of making me nervous.

"You knowyou have guts to have sang when your music cut out." He got silent again and I sat there blushing. It was a really nice compliment to hear from someone like him and then he shocked me "But I do have to say that you have an amazing voice" he said sitting up in the couch and staring at me seriously
"Thank you and oh my God when the music stopped I just about had a heart attack but I was too pumped up at the moment to stop there" I said laughing
"A true performer. Well anyways, I have a proposition for you" he said
"Alright shoot" I said quickly
"Okay I was wondering if you wanted to open up for my show?" he asked
     That really blew me away. I never thought in a million years that I would be asked that question by him, let alone to be sitting in the same room with him. I didn't know what to say but that didn't matter because my mind did all the talking for me.
"You know as much as I would say yes I have to I got to think about it" I said
"How come?" he asked sounding hurt and shocked.
"Well, no offense but I don't think I am ready for that kind of attention let alone the celebrity life. I would need my own song, and strategically I would need some public recognition before just getting up on stage. You wouldn't want to suprise so many of your fans and not know what the results were going to be" I said
"You know I never thought of it that way" he said again still looking hurt and down at the floor "But what if you did have your own song and people were dying to see you?" he asked still not looking up. I could tell he was disappointed but I didn't care.
"Well I would most likely do it" I said
"Okay fine, well I have another offer for you then if you don't want the first one" he said
"Alright what is this one?" I asked smirking
"Would you let me sign you to my new label and let you be your own artist?" he asked once again flooring me with such a hard question to answer
" is a very kind offer, But...." he cut me off before I could finish
"But what? You know being famous isn't that bad. All you need is self control and never give in to anything that people say about you in the media" he said
"You know to be brutally honest I don't know you" he flinched when I said that "And I see how many celebrities go through hell and end up falling out of the spotlight. Don't get me wrong it is everyones dream to be famous and I would love to do it but there are going to be sacrifices that I don't think I am willing to make" I said not knowing where the hell any of that came from.

     He sat there silent and he looked so shocked and crushed but I really meant everything that I said. He looked like he was about to say something but he didn't. I knew he had an ego but I didn't know if I could compete with that. He got up and walked over to the window and didn't say anything and he was just staring away outside.

"I am sorry Justin but its true. I do not want to give up my private life. I am still growing and I don't know what decisions I might make as time goes by" I said
"You know you should never stop chasing a dream" he said not even looking at me.

     That made me shut up. I knew I really must have given him a blow to his ego or seriously messed up some plans that he had made and that was making my mind over load and I was getting some really messed up emotions going on. I got up and headed for the door and stopped at it. I turned around and he didn't even budge away from the window.
"I am sorry I wasted your time. It was nice meeting you though and I wish you the best" I said and walked out the door.
     That was by far the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life. Walking out that door I knowing I refused the chance of a lifetime and hurt somebody really had me shaken up. I walked around the corner to go to the elevators and Mark was standing there.
"So how did it go?" he asked smiling
"You know I really don't want to talk about it" I said not even looking at him but I knew his smile faded.
What happened?" he asked since he could tell I was going to break down right way.
"Nothing, nothing at all" I said walking into the elevator.

     As soon as doors closed I lost it. I slowly slid down against my back and just started crying. There was just too much to handle and I couldn't deal with it. I stood back up and got out of the elevator on the main level and walked out on my shot.



     Justin was still standing by the window not knowing what to do. He didn't know where he went wrong and how his offers got turned down when anyone would die for what he proposed. He tried shaking his mind back to normal but no matter what he thought it kept firing back to J.J.     He didn't want to give up though. He knew that J.J had to do alot of thinking and he at least wanted to get to know him more so he would be more comfortable. He seemed so down to earth but severly hurt near the end of their conversation and Justin knew he needed to do something but he didn't know what.
     He ran outof his room and darted to the elevators. When he almost made the corner he bumped into Mark.
"Where are you going?" he asked
"To get J.J"
"He looked really hurt and I heard him starting to cry. Did something bad happen?" he asked
"Shit......oh shit........god......Not now Mark I will be right back"
"Your going out and people are going to see you" he said as Justin went to get in the elevator.
"I don't care" Justin said as the doors closed.
     Of course the elevator just wasn't moving fast enough but when he got to the main level he quickly went out to the lobby and there was no sign of J.J. He walked into the lounging area and there was still no luck and Justin was beginning to panick. Just as he went to go back to the lobby he thought he seen him out on the street and without thinking he ran out of the building.
     Luckily he seen him just across the street and he was heading for the subway station. He called his name but there was no answer so he ran through the slow moving traffic and finally reached him.
     When he called his name again and he turned around Justin was certainly not ready for what he saw. J.J's face was full of tears and it made him feel like shit for pressuring the kid.

"What do you want?" he yelled
"Look I am sorry I didn't mean to pressure you like that"
"Well guess did, I need to get out of here" he said turning away
"No wait!" Justin yelled
Turning back around he said "Wait for what? I only knew you for like two minutes and you act like you care all of a sudden?" he yelled back
"Because I do okay!!!" Justin yelled without thinking
"Oh Mr. Big shot who would use my success for his own benefit, give me a break, you are not God so don't even think for a second that I am going to change my mind just because of who you are'' he yelled back blowing a huge whole in Justin's ego and made him feel like shit.
"Thats not my intention and I don't want to see you leave upset like this." he said
"You know what? I thought you were a half decent guy and for a minute I thought I liked you but really all you care about is yourself and I was stupid to even think of coming today and thank your for offically ruining my life because that paparazzi guy over there just got his story and now he is gone" he yelled pointing at the paparazzi driving away.

     J.J turned and flagged down a cab and he had the door open to get in.
"Wait a minute you liked me?.....why are you doing this?" he asked as J.J was half way in the cab.
"You know save it for somebody who cares" J.J said and left in the cab.

     Justin stood there dumbfounded. He really didn't know what to do and now some papaazzi asshole had a great story to sell. The whole thing backfired severly and now there were consequences to suffer. He quickly ran back into the hotel and went back up into his suite. Mark was sitting on the couch waiting to hear about what happened.

"What did I do?" Justin said to himself
"Are you alright?" Mark asked
"No man I screwed up big time. The poor kid is awreck and a paparazzi bigot got the whole thing"
"Shit man I am sorry it all went down this way" he said
"I will never forget the look on his face" Justin said to himself again.
"Well call him and leave a message" Mark said
"You have his number?" Justin asked
"Yeah its on my cell phone"Mark said handing Justin his phone.
"I am going to go, I will be in my room if you need me" Mark said and left the room.

     Justin stared at the phone contemplating on what to do. He dialed the number without second thoughts and left a message......




     When I got home I was a total wreck. I went upstairs into my room and collapsed on my bed again and just let it all out. Just when I was ready to pass out my phone started ringing and it was Chelsea.

"Hello?" I answered
"Hey oh my God are you okay?" she asked sounding really concerned
"Yeah I am fine what's going on?" I lied.
"Turn on the damn t.v and you will see, you have some explaining to do and I will be over in a minute she said trying to sound angry.

     I left my room and went downstairs to the living room and turned on the television. I was certainly not ready for what I was about to see.


<Welcome back to Entertainment tonight I am Mary Heart. Before the break we looked at what Paris has been doing lately since she has been out of jail. Has she changed? We will let you decided that one. But now we have breaking news from Toronto Canada with ET Canada's Reported Cheryl Hickey..........Cheryl>
<Thanks Mary........Superstar Justin Timberlake has been spotted outside of his hotel and only ET can bring you the news you need. He was seen having a dispute with a troubled teen who ended up fleeing in a taxi. In these photo's the singer is seen following the teen from his hotel and actually trying to console the boy in his time of stress. No such luck though as the boy is seen clearly speaking his mind through his tears and getting in the taxi. We are uncertain of the boy's identity..............................................>

     I turned off the the t.v and sat back on the couch in disbelief. 'There is no way this is happening' I thought to myself. I was so angry and the worst part of it all was that the broadcast was shown between Canada and the United States of America. Both Nations got a clear exposure of me and I just wanted to die.
     It was only a matter of time though before the connection from the hard rock cafe made its way into the story. Whether if I liked it or not I was becoming famous but for all of the wring reasons. Shortly after sitting there for a couple of minutes Chelsea came bursting through my doors.
     She came right into the living room and flopped on my couch next to me and gave me a hug. She wouldn't let go either.

"I am so sorry I set you up" she kept repeating
"Its okay really, I will live"
"So what the hell happened" she asked sitting up and looking me dead in the eyes.
"Well I went back upstairs when you left and saw Mark.....the guy who gave me the card......and I seen him get into this really nice Denali" I said
"Okay" she said
"So then after that I went to get ome lunch and I seen the news story about me. So I cabbed home and then called the number on the card" I said
"Okay"she said
"So I met the guy and he actually introduced me to Justin, so we were talking and he kept making these offers for me to become famous and a singer on his label. So it all went bad when I refused and left the hotel" I said
"Why were you crying?" she asked
"Well it was way too much pressure for me so I broke down and then Justin followed me out of the hotel and chased me down the street and begged me to come back so I told him to save it for someone who ares and I left in the cab. There was a paprazzi guy there who snapped the whole thing" I finished.
     We both sat there and Chelsea started laughing.

"Whats so funny?" I asked shocked
"Well think about it. You are an unknown celebrity and Justin Timberlake chased you and begged you to come back and even wanted to sign you to a record label" she said laughing hysterically
     I sat there silent and let it all sink in.
"Holy shit" was all I could manage to say
"This is so not happening" she said laughing then she hit me "Are you fucking stupid, why did you refuse"
"What was that for?" I asked
     she smacked me again
"Because you turned down the chance of a lifetime you idiot" she said
"Holy shit I did" I said
"Duh, I would kill to be in your shoes" she said
"You would?" I asked seriously
"Yeah you can always bounce back from a bad episode. Think about it J. Its everyone's ream and you are being begged to do it. Smarten the hell up" she said
"You know what Chels? I can always count on you to talk some sense into me"
"Thats what best friends are for, but besides that call him back and try to work things out" she said

     I pulled out my cellphone from my pocket and there was a new voice message, I dialed my voicemail and listened to it.

"Hey J.J its Justin. Look I know you are probably really pissed off at me but I just wanted you to know that I am really sorry. I shouldn't have put so much pressure on you and I really feel bad about the whole thing. I want to make it up to you but I just don't know how. If there is anyway you can forgive me please find it in your heart to do so. I want to know if you are okay and I don't even know what to say about the fight that is now on t.v. I want to get to know you and I hope I can see your face again, especially without the tears. Please call me, I don't care if it is even to call me an asshole........just me...........bye"

     Holy shit. After I heard that message I was totally lost. I didn't even know how to call him back after that. I let Chelsea listen to the message and she was going off the wall like a turkey on crack or something. I knew it was not such a good idea but hey she diserved to hear something.

"Oh my god you have to call him" she yelled.
"I will but it is way to soon don't you think?" I asked
"Well I guess you are right, so wait for a bit and call him back" she said
"You do realize its personal between me and him right? I mean yeah you are going to meet him but it's not right to have you listen in on it you know" I said out of nowhere
"Oh I see whats going on here" she said smirking
"Oh no not the smirk, what are you thinjking?" I asked laughing
"I think you like him" she said in a childish voice
"What?" I asked "Chelsea have you gone off your rocker? Why the hell would you even say that?"
"It's okay I am not judging you, just make sure you fill me in on all the dirty details" she said laughing
"Okay now I am sure that you are smoking crack"
"Oh whatever you have never been with anybody before so who's to say you know what you want" she said
"Yeah okay you can keep thinking in your magical mind there"
"Okay, well I have an idea to kill some time" she smirked "Lets watch t.v"
"I'd rather not, how about we watch a movie" I said
"Sounds good how about Happy feet?" she asked
"Okay thats not a bad one" I sad.

     Chelsea got up and put the movie on. The whole time throughout the movie I wasn't paying attention at all. I was really thinking about what Chelsea said earlier and I was scared to even think of that as a possibility. Even if there was a slim chance of liking him, then there was a chance in hell of anything happening at all.
'What am I thinking?' I thought


'"What the hell am I thinking?" Justin thought out loud.

     The words J.J said earlier kept replaying in his head. He didn't quite specifically know what he meant when he said he liked him and that was turning into a major cliffhanger.
Even if Justin knew what J.J meant he wasn't too sure at all himself. It was like he had no control over how he felt when J.J was near him and it was all new in this way because it was a guy making him feel this way.
     When he first seen him he knew something was up. The kid was the epitamy of perfection. Natural short blonde hair and the tanned almost olive skinwas like a magnet that demanded physical attention and then his eyes....... The were such a light blure and probably one of a kind or very rare.

"I've got to stop thinking like this" he said aloud

     He couldn't control it though whether if he liked it or not and a very suprising incident happened when he looked down and seen that he was hard. It had been ages since he genuinely had an erection for someone he admired.
     His countless relationships with several women were very short lived because he was not truly in to them whenever it came to sex. Britney was another story though because he really did love her except for the fact that she commited adultry. Since then every girl that he was with was more of a friend than a lover. The thing that scared Justin the most was that he was having the same feelings he had for Britney all over again with J.J and he only knew him for less then a day.
     The thoughts were too much for him. He was thinking of a guy and a sixteen year old to make matters worse. He got up and went over to is laptop to check his emails. Timbaland (Thomas) sent the new song that was meant for J.J. He opened it up with the media player and listened to the music.
     It started with a violin and the symbols came in quickly and they both transitioned into a pause. Suddenly the hip hop bass came in and it was such a sick beat. Three double beats and four singles and it repeated over and over with the violin in the background.
     He knew beats like that would strike it in the mainstream but he had to have the right vocals to match them. If only there was a way to bring J.J back into the picture then everything would be fine. He grabbed his cell phone but couldn't dial the number. It didn't seem right because he hadn't heard from J.J yet. It was so awkward not knowing what to do.
     He was about to go go back on the computer but before he could his phone began to ring.

"Hello?" he answered



"Hey" I said
"Oh hey how are you?" Justin asked
"I am alright, how are you?"
"Good" he said
     Akward silence.
"Look I am sorry for saying what I said earlier, you didn't diserve any of it"
"No thats okay sometimes its good to get smacked back to reality" he said
"Okay well I got your message and to be honest I didn't even know how to call you back, but we are talking now"
"Yeah I meant what I said" he said
"You know I have an idea are you going to be busy tonight?"
"No actually but its going to be dark soon" he said
"Exactly can you meet me somewhere?" I asked
"Yeah sure were do you want me to meet you?" he asked
"The place is called Humber Bay park. Its on Lakeshore" I said
"Yeah I know the place. I did interviews there back in the day" he said
"Okay well how long do you think it will take you?"
"Maybe twenty minutes" he said
"Alright sounds good, Iwill be in the parking area in the back"
"Okay I will see you soon" he said
"Okay see you" I said and hung up.

     As soon as I hung up the phone I had to think of ways to tell him that I would accept his offer. It was no easy task but I had to think of something. I looked over at Chelsea and she was passed out on my couch. If it wasn't for her none of this would have happened to me. I thought hard about it and I knew it was m time to shine.
     I wanted this more than anything now and I kept thinking that nobody could get in my way. I got up and put on a black hoodie and track pants and went out the door. My was was only a block up from Humber Bay park so I was lucky I didn't have to walk much.

     I went down into the park frequently to go for walks or to just sit amongst the maple trees. It was neat how the park branched out in small paths over a small fraction of Lake Ontario. It was the perfect place to relax and resolve the issue at hand.
     I so I left my place and made it to the park within minutes. and walked through the paths to get to the parking lot at the back. It was already dark and the park was pretty much deserted which made it even better.
     I grabbed my iPod and listened to a few tunes sitting there all alone. It was probably going to be one of the last times I could dress normally and walk into a public park unoticed. After a few more minutes of waiting I seen Justin's Denali pull in. He stepped out in the far corner of the parking lot were he parked wearing a black hoodie as well and a baseball cap covered by his hood since it was up.
     I got up and took out my earphones and put the iPod away in my pocket. I looked over at Justin and he was still standing beside his SUVso he must not have noticed me. Finally he looked into my direction but he still didn't budge so I walked over to him.

"Hey" I said as I got closer
"Hey" he said back
"Don't worry I have been here for fifteen minutes and the coast is clear"
"Are you sure?" he asked
"Yeah, not a soul lurking around here and its dark anyway" I said
"Okay so whats the plan?" he asked
"Well for starters its safe to leave the SUV for now and then I was thinking maybe a walk" I said smiling.
"That sounds nice to me" he said
"Actually if we walk up there to were the trees divided from the shore there is a ton of paths"
"Whats wrong with the beach?" he asked
"Well the water is dirty, there is garbage on the shore and there is always lots of people there having parties"
"Oh" he said
"Besides there is a clean beach at the end of these trees" I said
"Oh okay, we have a thinker here" he said
"What I practically own this park. I know where every grain of sand is" I said smirking
"Wow, come here alot?" he asked
"Every night, its a great place to relax" I said

     We made it to the split in the park and walked down the path to get to the small beach.
"Its awesome here, its like total wilderness" he said
"I know the mini beach is the best part" I said
     We walked a good minute to the end of the path and walked into the mini beach area.
"This is the spot" I said as I sat on the bench
"Its awesome" he said sitting down next to me
"Well behind you, you have the wilderness and in front of you there is the best view of the city stretching over the lake" I said
"Its beautiful" he said
"Yeah its the best of both worlds" I said
"You know things like this are a nice break" he said
"Good things like this are always passed up for something else. Life goes quicker as we grow and we missed all of the good things for what we think makes us happy. I would rather sit in a park than play any x-box just so I can relax and be happy" I said
     He sat there silently looking at me.
"What are you thinking?" I asked
"I don't know really, its just you talk with so much maturity" he said
"Well it is all coming from experience" I said
"How? You are so young" he asked
"Well I've had to go through alot in my life. Don't you remember when you were sixteen?" I asked
"Well yeah but times have really changed" he said
"I wouldn't really say I know" I laughed "But everybody is different. There is something unique about every person and to me people are so blind to see that"

     He sat there staring at me again. He looked into my eyes and I could tell he was searching for something and it was beginning to make me feel wierd. He stood up and walked to the edge of the shore and looked at the city. He really had a nack for doing that I noticed so I decided to break the ice and say something.

"You know I've been thinking" I said
"About what?" he asked looking back at me
"About the offers you made me earlier"
     Long pause
"You know I over reacted badly but to tell you the truth so much was happening to me at once and it was alot to handle. But when I had some time to relax I knew what I wanted" I said
     I walked up to Justin and stood beside him. He turned and looked at me from top to bottom.
"Justin I would love to perform on your show and it would never be too much to ask" I said
"Are you serious?" he asked me way over excited.
"You should never stop chasing a dream" I giggled.

     Just then he grabbed me by my sides and lifted me into the air. He spun us around but then we fell into the sand. I stopped laughing when I realized he landed on top of me and he stopped laughing and he stared down into me with the 'look'
"Justin" I said
"I feel like I've known you for ages" he said
"I feel the same" I said back

     We sat there like that for a second and something was happening. His face was getting closer to mine and I wasn't doing anything to stop. 'This can't be happening' I thought over and over again. Just when his lips were about an inch away from mine I got nervous and sat up quickly from underneath him. When I did that he sat back and burried his head in his hands.

"Whats wrong?" I said sitting up next to him thinking I did something wrong.
"I don't know, I don't know what I am thnking. Its seems so right but so wrong at the same time" he said
"What are you talking about? whats wrong?" I asked
"Tell me the truth. When you said you thought you lokes me earlier, what did you mean?" he asked staring at me.
"I...........uhm.........I don't know really. I was not sure about what I said earlier" I said

     He sat there looking at me as if I was supposed to say something different. I looked at him confused and then I felt it coming. I put my head down in my hands and amy emotions were taking over.

"I don't know I keep thinking these crazy thoughts and I am so confused. There is something about you that I can't figure out and it won't leave my head. I only met you today but it feels like it has been I lifetime." I said
"I feel the same way about you and I can't figure it out either. Its such a wierd thing" he said
     I almost started crying but I held it back. I leaned over and put my head on his shoulder and we sat there for a while in silence. The whole thing was a mess and I knew I needed to fix it. It was all happening was to fast and it was because of me so it was my responsibility to fix it.

"Okay I have an idea" I said cheerfully
"That was a big mood switch, whats going on?'' he asked laughing
"Life is too short to mope around. Lets go back to your place and work on that song'' I said
"What song?" he asked
"My single of course. I am going to need one if you are going to sign me to your label." I said
"Are you serious?" he asked "But I want to stay here."
"You ask that way too much and we can always come back" I said.

     We both got up and began to walk back to the vehicle. This time the whole walk was chitter chatter.
"So what kind of music do you like?" he asked
"Anything really. Its all respectable because it is different and many different talents" I said
"Good answer but now the trick question. Do you like my music?" he asked
"Pfft you call that music?" long pause, I laughed " Yes Mr Timberlake I like your music"
"Good" he laughed
"Could use some help though" I mumbled just loud enough for him to hear me
"What was that?" He tried to ask seriously but chuckled
"Oh nothing" I laughed

     We got into his vehicle and began to drive back to his place. It wasn't really that far if you knew the proper ways to go which is were I came in handy. We sounded like a married couple arguing over going left or right. It was pretty funny but Justin always took the way I said and for that we made it there in no time.
     He drove to the underground parking zone and flashed his security card to the scanner and the door opened for us to go in. Luckily we came in the back way that not too many people know about in order for us to avoid the paparazzi if there were any.
     They were really starting to become a nuisance. Anyways we got into the lobby and got in the elevators to get to his room. When we stepped in and the doors closed he said something unexpected.

"Sorry about earlier" he said
"Sorry for what about earlier?" I asked
"That........uhm..." he couldn't finish
"Moment at the beach?" I finished
"Yeah that one" he said blushing
"Oh don't be sorry and I am flattered you are blushing" I said making him blush even more.
"Okay well now thats cleared up" he said
"Oh it will never be cleared up" I said seductively and walking out of the elevator ahead of him

     I looked back and he just stood there with the funniest look on is face ever. The doors almost closed on him and he would have ended up on another floor if I didn't snap him out of it. We then walked around the corner to his suite and went inside. I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch and he took off into the kitchen area.

"Do you want something to drink?" He asked
"Do you have bottled water?"
"Yeah sure" He said walking out of the kitchen with two water bottles.
"Thanks'' I said taking the water bottle from him

     He walked over to a desk and grabbed a cd.

"So anyways I had this song made today andI wondered if you wanted to check it out?" he asked
"Sure, is it something new for you?" I asked
"No actually before you even came over I had it made with hopes that everything would work out" he said
"Okay so I can use this as a single?" I asked
"Yeah, well thats if you like it" he said
"Cool well lets listen" I said

     He put the cd in a stereo and pushed play. It started with a violin and some symbols and the it paused. Right after the pause there was a wicked hip hop beat and bass with the violins still in the background.
     The rest of the song went mostly the same way and at the end there was a long violin solo single cord and then the double beat bass and then it was over.

"So what did you think?" he asked
"That was awesome, I get to use that?" I asked
"Yeah man I didn't get any lyrics yet but......" I cut him off
"Don't worry about lyrics I got that part covered" I said
"Are you sure?" he asked
"Yeah sure. I use to write songs for out school plays and since I already have the music it will be easy " I said
"Okay so when to you want to start working on it?" he asked
"Uhm, whenever its up to you"
"Okay well do you have any ideas right now?" he asked
"Uhm kind of but I want to make sure I get it right" I said
"So what were you thinking?" he asked
"Well uhm, do you have a discman?" I asked
"Believe it or not I do. Why?" he asked
"Well give me the discman and ten minutes and in another room and I will have the lyrics." I said
"Okay whatever you say" he said


     Justin let J.J o into his room and he actually ended up going out on the balcony. He went back into the living room and flipped on the t.v. Suprisingly there was nothing on about him or the incident earlier.
     He flipped the stations and there was nothing really good on. So he turned off the t.v and went into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of chips and some soda.
     He sat bakc on the couch and watched the needle on the clock waiting for J.J to finish. he was in there for a good ten minutes already and still didn't come out. A couple more minutes later Justin heard the patio door open and close.
     J.J came out of the room with a shit eating grin on his face.
"What are you smiling about?" Justin asked
"Oh nothing, I am finished" he said
"Okay well lets hear it"
"Alright but promise you wont laugh" he said
"Okay I am promise"
"Good" he said

     J.J walked over to the stereo and put the c.d back in and stood infront of the stereo. He told Justin to hit play so he could start with good timing so Justin hit play.

     The violin and symbols started and after the four single beats J.J started.
"I am over and done with all of the rumors behind my back ,
If you got something new about me then you better pick up the slack,
Cuz I know you trash talkin,
and you thing I'm walkin and it aint gonna come back.
(cant stand those words you say)
So don't think I'm gonna run and for you I got somethin to say

I am here to stay, and you can't do nothing to change whats going down.
don't like those games you play, cuz you keep on thinking I'm gonna hit the ground
better watch what you got to say, cuz when I bounce back I'm gonna come around.

(triple beat>violin>pause.hip hop beats)

Better watch what I do, and everytime I see you I think your gonna know
That everytime you hurt me I got it easy cuz I know you are a

(triple hip hop bass) HO!!!

So keep on playin what your goin round saying,
and remember that I told you so.

(I am here to stay)And you can't do nothing to change whats going down
(Can't stand those games you play) cuz you keep on thinkin I'm gonna hit the ground
(Better find your way) cuz when you need me I aint gonna come around

Oh oh come around

(beats continue <pause> and violin goes slow with string base)

(It hurts when I told you so) When I told you (music pause <big vocal> Sooooo
uh oh oh uh oh
(music continues) Just remember I told you
(music stops) Go


     I stood there catching my breath and looking at Justin's unreadable face. It wasn't a strong vocal song but there were some strong notes and it was catchy. I looked down at my feet and back up to him.

"So?" I asked
"You wrote that within ten minutes?" he asked
"Yeah did you like it?" I asked sill catching my breath
"Dude that was awesome" he sad
"Really? I know it will sound better when its recorded" I said
"Yeah man it was was hot........people are going to dig that" he said
"I hope so" was all I could say
     He got up and held his soda for a toast so I put my water up and toasted his soda....haha toasted his soda.....
"Well you are offically signed to my record label" he said
"Thanks alot and the toast was really corny" I said laughing
"Yeah I know but hey you gotta start somewhere" he said
      I sat down next to him and looked over at him and laughed again
"What is so damn funny?" he asked smiling
"Nothing I just can't believe this is happening" I said
"Well it is and so far it is amazing" he said
     I looked him in the eyes and did some serious thinking. I was beginning to feel he way I was when we were at the beach.
"What?" he asked
"I don't know" I said
"Okay" he said with a smirk

     Just then his phone rang. He got up and grabbed his phone and walked into the kitchen. 'Great timing' I thought to myself but suddenly I had a wicked idea.
     I could hear him talking in the kitchen and he was writing something down when I peeked around the corner. So before he got off the phone I quickly went into the living room and layed face down on the floor. I made it look like I was on my way to the bathroom and I played dead just to get a rise out of him. Yes I got the idea from his video what goes around comes around and it was sheer genius on my behalf.
     I hard him close his cellphone and walk back into the living room.
"Hey I got good" he stopped
     It was too hard for me to not move because I really had to laugh. I gained control and stuck with my plan.
"J.J? he called. "Oh shit" I heard him say and come running over to me.
"J.J!!!"he yelled again

     I felt him grab hold of my shoulder and he flipped me over on my back. He was holding the back of my head in the crook of his arm and the other was under my back.
"J.J!!!!" he yelled "Wake up, wake up!!!" he yelled again shaking me lightly "Oh my god" he said
     I couldn't take it anymore, my humor got the better of me and I burt out laughing with caused his to kind of drop me back on the floor which only made me laugh harder. I sat up and looked at his face and it was priceless. That made me laugh harder as well
"Are you crazy?" he asked

     I stopped laughing and looked him dead in the eyes. I couldn't hold back the smile though. I took him a minute but I think he finally got the picture. He smiled and just about started to laugh but he didn't give in.

"Very clever, Very clever, but remember what goes around comes around so watch you back" he said chuckling
"I couldn't help it. I had to do it" I laughed
"You totally suck" he said
"But you are forgetting one thing" I said

     Before I could even finish he came in so quickly and kissed me. It was like a giant shock went through my body and to my suprise after a while I was kissing him back. It was my first kiss and it was definately an unforgettable one.
     What was scary was the fact that we were full out making out for a while and it was pure tongue and biting action. It all quickly stopped though when I felt his hand touch my back. I kicked back into reality and pulled away but in a good way you know what I mean?

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to...." I cut him off
"Yeah uhm its okay, I wasn't exactly all there with it" I said
"You know that was a bad move. I thought you wanted me to...." he stopped
"Justin its okay I just wasn't ready for that, I knew I should have watched myself playing dead and all but yeah" I said
"So" he said
"That was my first kiss and.......uhm............yeah I won't kid anybody it was awesome. I got bragging rights now" I laughed.
"You aren't going to tell anyone are you?" he asked nervously
"Relax, I am not going to tell it was a figure of speech." I said
"Okay" he said
"Yeah no worries, actually" I laughed " I am not even sure of myself. I have never been with anybody before let alone the thought of even being intimate so yeah I might need sometime" I said
"You know" he paused " I never felt the way I do when I am around you. I totally understand were you are coming from and I want some time as well. I need to think long and hard about the way I feel" he sad
"Its so confusing eh? So whats going on with this song?" I asked changing the subject
"Well when are you done summer holiday?" he asked
"Soon, unfortuneatly but I want to record it a.s.a.p. But really its okay because I am going into my last year of school this year" I said
"Really you will only be sixteen when you graduate? And yeah that would be nice to do it right away" he said
"I would like that" I said
"Okay well then we have to promote you to get people knowing who you are and your upcoming album" he said
"Sounds like fun but do you know what funny?" I asked
"Whats that?" he asked
"We are still sitting on the floor" I said

     He looked around and laughed. He got up and helped me up. He grabbed my hand and he slowly walked me out to the balcony. I was out there earlier but I never realized how nice it really was. It was a small roof top section with some funky modern sofas and a wicked view of center island and the rest of downtown Toronto.

"So before you played dead" he said smirking " I got a call from my friend Wade and I have some good news" he said
"And what would that be?" I asked
"Well there is a party that your invited to and it's in New York." he said
"Sweet what kind of party?" I asked
"Just a regular get together nothing special" he said smirking
"Sounds good to me" I said

     We both sat there looking out to the lake. It was beautiful there too. I looked over at Justin who was once again staring at me.

"So when can we hit the studio to record the single?" I asked
"Well we can go tomorrow if you want" he said
"That would be awesome we can get it done tomorrow right?" I asked
"Well you had the song done it ten minutes so I think it will go quickly" he said
"Cool" I said

     I looked down at my watch and seen it was already two in the morning.

"Crap I didn't know what time it was. I have to get home or else my mom will kill me" I said
"Well I can give you a ride" he said
"That would be great" I said
"Okay just let me get changed and we can go" he said

     Justin uickly ran into his room and got changed. He had n a pair of track pants and a muscle shirt which made me go gaga but I resisted. After much of my staring and holding back not jumping him right then and there he grabbed his keys and we left.
     We drove out the back and mad our way to my place. The traffic wasn't busy at all so that was a good thing and when we got to my place my mom's car wasn't there.
     Justin parked in the driveway and I went inside. All of the lights were off and Chelsea was gone. I walked into the kitchen and turned the light on. Nothing in the house indicated that my mom was home but then there was a note on the fridge that caught my eye. I went over and read it.

"Hi Honey, I hope you are alright.
Chelsea told me you must have went out.
I want you to be carefull and responsible because I have some important news.
I found out today that I have to go away again for work.
I have to go to British Columbia for a couple of weeks and I was going to bring you but you werent home. I know you can handle yourself as you have done before so have fun and make sure you clean up after any parties. I can talk to you everyday but knowing your schedule now it might be difficult. I love you and please be safe
Love Mom.........oxoxoxoxoxo"

     I put the note down on the counter and I was a little dissappointed. If I needed anyone at this time of critical decision making it would be my mom. So that meant I had to deal and I knew I was fully capable so I sucked it up and went back out to Justin.

"Is anyone home?" he asked
"No my mom left a note. She went to British Columbia for work for a couple of weeks" I said
"Are you going to be okay?" he asked
"Oh yeah, this isn't the first time" I said
"Why don't you come back with me?" he asked
''No its okay I don't want to impose" I said
"Nonsense, I don't mind at all. At least you wont have to travel in the morning and you wont be alone" he said
"Are you sure?" I asked
"Yeah go get your stuff it will be fun" he said
"Okay but come in with me" I said knowing I could change his mind.
     He turned off his vehicle and came inside with me.
"This is a nice house, what does your mom do for work?" he asked
"Oh shes a lawyer, sometimes she leaves the province for clients rather then them come down here" I said
"Thats cool and what about your dad?" he asked
"He's not in the picture" I said
"Im sorry to hear that" he said
"Pssh don't be sorry, he aint dead. He is an alcoholic and I haven't seen or spoken to him in eleven years." I said
"Well thats still unfortuneate" he said following me up the stairs.
"Yeah but every family has a bad apple so to me its no big deal." I said walking into my room.
     He stopped at the doorway and I gathered my clothes and put them in a backpack.
"Wow your room is so clean" he said sounding suprised.
"Yeah, I can't sleep at night knowing my room is dirty. It's not something I like to wake up to" I said
"Awe is that you as a baby?" he asked picking up one of my baby pictures.
"Yeah" I said blushing
"So cute and wow you managed to keep your blonde hair" he said
"Oh yeah both of my parents are blondes and besides blondes have more fun. I've dyed it before but the color fades fast" I said
"Well it's nice the way it is" he said

     I walked into my bathroom and grabbed my tooth brush and tooth paste when I heard Justin laughing back in my room.

"What so funny?" I asked
"Oh nothing I just noticed your cd collection" he said
"What about it?" I asked going back into the bedroom.
"Just the fact that you have all of the Nsync albums even the christmas ones. But there is no backstreet boys so thats good" he said
"Cut me some slack I was a die hard fan of yours when I was younger" I said
"Really so where are my ablums?" he asked
"My generation doesn't own new cd's we believe in a thing called an mp3 player or more commonly the iPod but if you really want to know my mom stole them and they are in her car" I said
"Nice excuse" he said
"Well my mom's nick name is crib robber because she is absolutely obessed with you" I said
"Well she's in for a shock" he said
"Yeah no doubt, on New Years she was singing and dancing to sexy back with her hair full of curlers, a green face mask, and he robe in front of all my friends" I said laughing
"Now way" he said
"Oh yeah way she is a friggin nut" I said

     I looked at him and he was checking out all of my pictures on my wall. He looked fascinated to see me before he knew me. I always thought it was neat to see pictures of your friends before you knew them or your family before you were born. The pictures tell a story and a good story is something to indulge in.

"I see you like my pictures" I said
"Yeah they are cool" he said stopping to look at one in particular.

     I looked over and he was looking at one of me looking into the camera with the sun shining behind my head and you could see the rocky mountains in the background. It was a nice picture that Chelsea took when we went skiing there last year in British Columbia. It looked like an add out of one of those wellness magazines or inspirational spreads. Justin was there staring it and I had to tap his shoulder to get him to snap out of it.

"Do you like that picture?" I asked
"Yeah I do alot, its are amazing, I mean wow" he said
     I laughed at his attempts to make sense
"Well you can have it" I said
"Really? Thank you" he said as I took it off the wall and gave it to him.
"Justin I have an idea'' I came out and said seriously.
"And what would that be?" he asked
"Why don't you spend the night here?" I asked
"Are you sure?" he asked
"You ask that alot. Yes I am sure whats the point of going back if its late and we both go to the same place tomorrow?" I said
"Your right its a good idea" he said

     I don't know if he caught on or not but I had a total change of mind and a plan. Having him in my room was literally driving me crazy and I couldn't take it anymore. It was such a turn on. My hormones were raging and I was going to jump him at any second.

"Are you okay?" he asked snapping me out of my state of thought
"Yeah never been better" I said staring at him
"Okay, you looked a little funny there are you tired?" he asked
"No not at all" I said still staring at him
"Okay somethings up. Are you sure your okay?" he asked
"Yeah I am fine honestly" I said "Can I ask you something?"
Sure you can as me anything" he said
"Okay well here it goes. Do you have feelings for me or are we just confused and sitting here wasting time?" I asked quickly
"Uhm" he said
"Be honest. And don't say anything you don't mean" I said
"Uhm well yeah" he said
"Yeah what?" I asked
"Yes I have feelings for you and I know for certain I want to be with you" he said...........not the answer I expected but it made me happy.
"Good" I said
"Whats good?" he asked nervously
"Its good because I feel the same way" I said
"You do?" he asked
"Yeah" I said stepping closer to him
     He was funny but I didn't laugh
"And I want you to feel every inch of my body" I said stepping closer.
"'' he asked
"Yeah" I said stepping closer until I was right in front of him "Do you want me?" I asked seductively
"Ya ya ya........yes"



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