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Last Time:...............
"Good" I said
"Whats good?" he asked nervously
"Its good because I feel the same way" I said
"You do?" he asked
"Yeah" I said stepping closer to him
He was funny but I didn't laugh
"And I want you to feel every inch of my body" I said stepping closer.
"'' he asked
"Yeah" I said stepping closer until I was right in front of him "Do you want me?" I asked seductively
"Ya ya ya........yes"

The Surreal Uprising Chapter 3
by J.J

     I put my hands on Justin's chest and pushed him on the bed. When he was down I slowly crawled up to his face and kissed him passionately. I couldn't believe any of it was happening, but it was, and I had no idea of what I was doing. I felt him put his arm on my back and it started to slowly go down towards my waist. I kind of panicked and broke the kiss.
When I got up off the bed he had a lost look on his face but then he seen mine and I guess I must have looked scared or something.

"Are you okay?" he asked
"Yeah I'm fine its just...." I couldn't finish
"Your not ready" he said
"Not at all" I said
     He sat there silently for a second and his expression was hard to read.
"I'm sorry. Are you mad?" I asked
"No not at all. Its okay, I really really like you and I know we don't know each other very well and yeah I can understand" he said
     I sat down on the bed next to him and looked at him and laughed.
"Well thats a turn off" I said
"Yeah but hey that means next time will be so much better'' he said
"You think?" I asked sarcastically
"Well yeah I mean I have to teach you some moves" he said
"Ugh you ass, I thought I was doing good" I said
"You were" he said leaning over and kissing me again. After the kiss he looked at me for approval.
"Hey I never said I wasn't ready to kiss....besides I taught you well" I said
" did" he said in between kissing me.
"So could you imagine if my mom just walked through the door" I said
     He looked over so fast, just making sure.
"God that would suck" he said
"Why's that?" I asked
"Well because she would come home and there would be some man in bed with her son" he said
"Pssh. My mom would probably ask you for an autograph and then tell you to make me pregnant somehow" I said
"She loves me that much huh?" he asked
"Oh you don't even want to go there" I said
"Well good because I can't wait to meet her" he said
"I think it will go over well" I said
"But thats enough about your mom, lets talk about you" he said
"And what did you want to know?" I asked
"Well everything of course. But really, are you ready to start your career?" he asked
"Yeah of course, I can't wait actually" I said
"I swear to go your mind changes like the wind sometimes. First I had to hunt you down and now you want it" he laughed
"Well lets just say I had some sense talked into me" I said
"Okay so what do you want to stick with?" he asked
"Like what genre of music?" I asked
"Yeah" he said
"Well, I don't really want to stick to one thing. I want to be versatile" I said
"Okay so anything in mind you want to start with to get a good push" he said
"Well the whole hip hop scene is cool but nobody is really buying into it anymore" I said
"You know what I have a really good idea" he said
"Oh yeah whats that?" I asked
"Lets go to sleep and figure this out in the morning" he said.
"You know that is the best thing that I heard all day" I said

     I got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face, and of course, put some light deodorant on. I was going to put my pjama's on that were hanging next to my towel rack but I decided to just strip down to my boxers. There was no shame and really its not like I wanted to be overdressed for bed. So I threw my clothes in the laundry hamper and walked back out into the room.
     Justin was already stripped and laying in bed with the covers pulled up to his chest and it looked so damn cute. I walked over to the light and turned off the switch. The whole time I was walking Justin would not take his eyes off of me. It made me feel a little bit wierd, you know seeing as nobody has never looked at me like that before. It made me blush but regardless I jumped in bed right next to Justin but we weren't touching.

"You okay?" I asked
"Yeah never been better" he said
"You know I could have given you my camera, pictures last longer" I said making Justin blush
" I don't need a camera, that image is permanently burnt into my head" he said and then looked at me seriously "You are absolutely gorgeous"
"What? me. No I just think your crazy" I said
"No I am not crazy I mean wow you are like the boy version of everygirl that every guy dreams about" he said
"And said all in one breathe, well done" I said
"So time to sleep?" he asked
"Why? You tired?" I asked
"NO" he said
"I am such a tease.......goodnight" I said
"I am going to get you one day" he said
"I know and it will be so hot" I said
"Okay stop" he said
     I laid over on my side with my back facing him. I felt the covers move a little bit and then I felt him cuddle up against me. It was a new feeling but I liked it. He draped his arm around my shoulder while his other went around my waist. So I pushed back into him so his chest was on my back and wow.....I really liked cuddling. Before I knew it I was out like a light.


     When I woke up the next morning Justin was nowhere to be found. I rolled over in bed and even his clothes were gone, including one of my hoodies. I figured he was downstairs snooping at all of my pictures. So I got up and used the washroom of course and then headed downstairs and he wasn't there. I was a little bit puzzled but I didn't really think anything of it. So I sat down on the couch and heaven forbid I turned on the news.
     Of course I was the talk of the town, and the past the border in the states. So I changed the channel to another news broadcast and lone behold I was on that one too. It was really beginning to bug me but thats when I noticed Justin's suv pull up in my driveway. I seen him get out of the vehicle with the whole get up on sunglasses and all. I found it funny though since nobody was really out and about around six o'clock let alone if anyone cared but I guess when you are a high profile celebrity anything is possible.
I heard him come in through the door and put something on the kitchen island. I got up and snuck up behind him and didn't say a word. He brought home two cups which I am guessing was coffee from starbucks and a wierd bottle of water. When he noticed me there he didn't even jump or act shocked at all, he just smiled with a huge grin on his face.
"Good morning" he said
"Good morning......mhm smells good what is it?" I asked
"A tall coffee for me and a tall pumpkin spice latte with whip cream for you" he said handing me the cup

     I took a sip and I mean wow. It was so good that it almost tasted orgasmic. I loved the looked he gave me when I savored the first sip of the hot beverage and I really felt great having Justin in my life now, even if it was just a couple of days.
"You really know how to win me over, thanks babe" I said
"No problem anything for you. So this is for you for later" he said handing me the strange bottle of water.
"What is it?" I asked
"Its an Aloe Vera water. You are going to need it for the studio today" he said
"Your kidding, its actually going to happen today?" I asked sounding a bit too over excited
"Yeah of course. We need to get moving soon so put something comfortable on and we can get out of here" he said
"Okay cool" I said
     I put the latte down on the counter and ran upstairs to my room and grabbed a basic track suit. White fleece paints and matching sweater and ran back downstairs. I seen him waiting by the door with his keys in hand and an anxious look on his face.
"I swear to god you must be more excited then I am" I said
"I just might be. I really want to hear whats gonna happen" he said
"Me too"
     I grabbed the latte off the counter and the house keys and we made our way out the door. We both jumped in the Denali at the same time and looked at each other for a brief moment. I didn't know why but we just looked. I watched him start the vehicle and turn on the navigation system and that just made me laugh.
"Whats so funny?" he asked
"Where do you want to go?" I asked
"As if you would know its top secret" he said
"Try me" I said grinning
"1560 Harbor front" he said
"So when you leave here go up lakesore east and take the Gardiner Expressway and get off at Bay street, hang a right back on to lakeshore and you will find it" I said
     He just sat there and looked at me in shock.

"What? Is it a crime to know the city you live in?" I asked
"No not at all its good" he said
"Yeah I know.........okay lets go" I said

     We pulled out of the driveway and went down lakeshore until we hit the expressway. Lucky for my sense of knowledge it wasnt rush hour and traffic was flowing. Thank god, sometimes its like a parking lot on some highways. So we went all the way down town and drove past the C.N tower, which Justin wouldn't stop looking at, and took the cut off on to Bay street back on to lakeshore. He programmed his navigation system to the exact number of the unit and the little voice popped on through the speakers.
"1560 Harbour front......five.....hundred......meters on the right" it said
"Okay I have to hand it to you, you know this city" he said
"Yeah I know, lol I love harbour front its a great place to walk down during the day" I said

     Justin made a left on the street and I knew which place it was right away. There were a few beemers and some mercedes parked out front of what looked like a small warehouse. He pulled into the lot, sure enough, and parked next to this really fancy beemer. I got out and stretched as he got out and locked his doors.

"Put your hood on" he said
"Why?" I asked
"Because paparazzi like to swarm this place" he said
"So much for being top secret" I said putting my hood on
"I was testing you" he said
"Yeah sure you were" I said playfully punching him in the side.
     I put my hood on and walked around the side of the building with Justin to the front doors. He entered some secruity code on a pin pad and let us in. It was a weird place sinced it looked like an old used building from the outside, but the I couldn't stop staring at everything, it was all shinny and new and like the studio version of Charley and the Chocolate factory without leaving the bounds of reality if you catch my drift.
     Justin would occasionally look back at me and smile but his smile soon faded when we rounded the corner and there were some guys there in suits and a couple of other people. I was kind of nervous and these people were looking at me as if I were trash or something so I just put my head down. I am guessing that Justin noticed this because he stopped in the hallway and I kinda ran into his hands that were out to stop me. I looked at him and I knew he understood how nervous I was because of the look on his face. He lowered his head down to my level,

"Are you okay?" he whispered into my ear
"Yeah I am fine, just nervous" I said
"Its going to be alright, we get to be alone anyways" he said
"We do?" I asked
"Yeah right after we talk to the site manager" he said

     I followed him into this room or more so an office and we sat down on these couches in a lounging section. After about two minutes of Justin telling me that everything will go fine a man walked in with a suit. He walked right over to his desk and grabbed some sort of a folder and came and stood infront of the table by the couches. Justin got up and shook his hand so I followed suit. We all sat down and the site manager who's name I learned was John was smiling.

"So are you excited to record the single?'' John asked me
"Of course. I was nervous at first but now I feel alot better" I said
"Thats good. So Justin here phoned me this morning and he filled me in on who you are and how you sound" he said
"And?" I asked sarcastically followed with a small laugh
"Well I must say it's a pleasure to have you in my studio, let alone record your first single here. All of Toronto wanted you and against the craziest odds you ended up here" he said
"Thank You" said
"So" John said standing up. "The studio is all yours, I got to run some errands" he finished
"Alright man thanks for everything" Justin said standing up shaking his hand again

"Yes thank you" I said shaking his hand as well

"Yeah no problem guys. Have fun, relax and I know it will turn out great" he said shaking my hand again.

"See you later" Justin said as he left.

     When the door closed Justin pulled out his cell phone and turned it off so that nobody would disturb the session that was about to par take. He bent down and picked up the folder that was on the table and opened it up. The were a few papers while I imagined were for working the equalizer board in the recording room and there was a cd that was blank and was covered in black. He grabbed the c.d and put the other stuff back and motioned for me to follow him into the recording studio.

     It was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be some teeny ass room with a mic so close to your face that you might get stuck against the all. Boy was I wrong. We first went through the control room which was huge itself and Justin was about to show me how the panel boards worked but it was all to confusing for me so I walked into the recording sound room. Justin followed and watched me sitting there in complete awe. I felt him put his hand on my shoulder but he didn't say anything.

"I'm ready" was all I managed to squeeze out.

"Okay" he said letting go of me shoulder and heading back into the control room.

     I walked over to the mic and headphones and got myself ready. I seen the recording light come on, took in a deep breath................



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